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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 27, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we are following two breaking news stories. first, lights out in d.c. power knocked out to tens of thousands, people getting stuck in elevators, and hospitals going dark. also breaking now, the baltimore mayor fires back at president trump after the president sa theity is a rat-infeftd mess that nobody would want to live in. and prince george's county police say a teen stabb his own father to death in a moving suv. find out what the 17-year-old did next. ahot and humid saturday made worse by a major power outage in d.c. good evening, i'm erika
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gonzalez. tens of thousands of customers lost power. news4's darcy spencer is live oi u street more on the folks affected and what areas. darcy? >> reporter: there is never a good day to lose power, but you defily don't want to lose it on a day like today. it is extremely hot out here. and you can't help but think about the people who are stuck inside without air conditioning. we are here on georgia avenue in n wthwest where power just restored to this intersection. there are many intersectionsfe afed by the power outage where there are no lights, and you have to treat that as a four-way stop. we want to show you a photo. this was a moment during the pou r outage. yocan imagine how frightening it would be to be inside an elevator when the power goes out. d.c. fire a ems were able to rescue numerous people who got trapped inde elevators when the lights went out earlier this afternoon. the outage is affecting also
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washington hospital center and howard university hospital. d.c. fire and ems says ambulances are being diverted away from those hospitals because they are on backup power. numerous intersections like i said do not have power, so no traffic lights are working. some of those have traffic controls. people out here directing traffic. but there are many intersections where no one is there. so again, you have to treat it like a four-way stop. the outages are generally affecting woodley park to shaw and many areas in between, including u street. we did speak to a resident who lost power earlier this afternoon. >> i came home fro i -- was out working, and then it's off. uncomfortable. >> reporter: what have you been doing ever since to try to stay cool? .nd you've got a d >> yeah. we're getting outside into the breeze. the building's staying cool so far. i'm worried later tonight it's going to be pretty warm.
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>> reporter: approximately 39,000 customers in the district of columbia. restore power o as quickly and safely as possible and are investigating the cause ofth incident. at the height of this, 39,000 people were without powerme. many restorations ha happened. the latest number is 21,000. they still have a long way to go. at this point there's no estimationah on w everyone will get the power back on. back to you. >> let's hope it's soon. thank u. we're going to go to more breaking news now. less than t an hour ago, baltimore mayor responded tode pre trump calling his city a ran-infested mess that nobody would want to live in. >> this president has a history of attacking minorities, attacked the congresswomen, she's attack -- he's attacked
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elijah cummings. >> the president launched what many are calling an rhercist attack against a minority member of congress. the president went after representative elia cummings and said cummings' baltimore strict is worse than -- rodent infested mess.mi if cums spent more time in baltimore maybe he could help clean up this dangerou and filthy place, end quote. cummings represents a minority black district as chair -- excuse me, jority black district as chair of the house oversight committee. he has led multiple investigations of the president. democrats and other critics accuse the president of racism and compared the controversy to the president's attacks on four minority congresswomen. >> we see the president continually going back polational y to rationally charged norms in itics. >> the congressman released a
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statement saying, quote, it is my constitutional duty to conduct versight of the executive branch. it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents. for more reacthon to story, open our nbc washington app and search "baltimore." we have an update for you now on a stabbing in bowie that left one man dead. bowie policerg cha the victim's 17-year-old son today with his death. police released this picture of barba caroma today. he's charged with first and second-degree murder of his father whose name is also barba caroma. yesterday police say theic vim crashed an suv into a fence on northview drive in the area of alan pond park. officers say the victim's son dragged his father out of the truck and into a wooded area. the victim died at the scene. officers say the father and son got into a f ightide the vehicle. detectives say the teen admitted to killing his father.
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two people are dead after a car rear-ended the vehicle they were riding in. this crash unfolding just before 7:30 this morningn one route -- excuse me, on route 301, i should say, narles county. maryland state police say pedro garcia was driving on 301 near mt. air road when he hit the other car. a woman and a girl in that car died on the scene. the driver in their car was airlifted to the hospitap ice say garcia refused to be treated on the scene. state police want to hear fanom ody who may have witnesd that crash. former boston red sox great david ortiz is out of the hospital this evening weeks after being shot at aar in his native dominican republic. doctors released him yesterday. medics few him from santo dough mingo to boston for treatment. he's become home where he's going -- he's back home where re's going to undergo rehab. 14 people have beested in
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the case. officers say a suspected drug dealer offered to pay $30,000 to shoot anoer man. ortiz was not the intended target in this.. all rig turning now to your forecast. we'll show you a live picture of our studios in northwest d.c. got a breeze going, sunny skies. gorgeous day. stom team 4 meteorologist clay anderson joining us to talk about the heat and how long it will continue. hi, clay. >> good evening. and good evening to all of you. yes, it is warm outside for your saturday. but fortunately not as oppressive as it has been in the past weekend or so. temperatures outside, closing once again on 90 degrees. 88 degrees currently at reagan national. we'll give you allthe details coming up about the rest of the weekend and beyond. >> all yright. tha, sir. just how secure is union station? this is a live look at the transportation hub.ew raisesroubling
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here's a live look at union station. a report is highlighting some safety risks at the transportation hub. our news partners at wtop first reported on monday's report by the amtrof office inspector general. so take a look at this. the report says this car was able to drive on to the platfort and rig on to the tracks earlier this year. the inspector general says
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passenrs and staff are also put at risk due to broken surveillance cameras and lacks monitoring of entrances. amtrak agrees withthe safety recommendations. amtrak released a statement and reads in part, quote, we have aken important steps for improvements such as creating a plan to document how we will address the vulnerabilities oig identified at the station and yard by september of 2019. people who have paid their debt to society are getting a second chance at cleaning up their records. it's thanks to a local church. first baptist church of glenarden hosting this free expungement fair today. they brought in judges and lawyers to offer people free advice. the group reviewed residents' criminal records to see if they were eligible for expungement. a peopleso got advice on getting their voting rights restored. we continue to follow our top story this evening -- power knocked out for tens of thousands of customers in the
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district. >> reporter: this may just look like a pile of rubble, but it could be the battground for the next historic preservation fight in the city. - you're heading to moose creek bifor aunt trudy's 97th hday party. - yeah, it's definitely a flat. - [man in safety vest] they said you'll never make it.
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the berry farms neighborhood of southeast d.c. has a long history especially in t african-american community. now residents are pushing to get that area named as a historic
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site, the designation could help protect the neighborhood from future development. news4's derrick ward explains. >> repor left of the barry farms dwelling now. the streets are eerily silent, but this land is steeped in the african-american experience. long before there was public housing here there was private ownership. >> when landas allocated for purchase by emancipated people after the civil war, and they bought the lots, built their private residences. >> reporter:arry farms that we're familiar with, the public housing part, is just a small portion of the original property. it stretched from garfield heights all the way down to the anacostia river. and there are few buildings in the neighborhood that reflectwh you would have found on the property before these structures went up in the early 1940s. long afr that change, there was a sense of community here. >> we had a ball together. i liked my back porch, and we would get on our back porch, she
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would talk to me, and i would talk to her. it was a nice neighborhd. >> reporter: planners say it would be a nice neighborhood when they're done. theae are those who don't wnt to see the history here get buried beneath the rubble. >> a plaque isn't enough. >> reporter: among the suggestions being put forth -- redo the housing along stevens road, keeping an open field. >> incorporate some level of museum and archives, but also have homes that people can reside in. you know, with restoration, these are charming home it's a beautiful laouyt. >> reporter: next week d.c.'s historic preservation review boardet is so vote on whether to sdieg night the dwellings as an historicld landmark which wou clear the way for the history of barry farms to be part of the future. sugar coleman likes the idea. >> this is where the free slaves farmed. >> reporter: news4. >> the preservation review board will be meeting on thursday. so we are weeks away from the first day of school. if you can believe that. seday children from our area received some esial
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back-to-school items for the new school year. the alfred streetaptist church organizing today's event in alexandria. children and their families from d.c. and alexandria receiving coats, shoes, gift cards, and supplies. >> this is t 16thear of this annual we are proud of it. it is one of the anchor events. >> e15,000 low-inc children and their families from the d.c. and alexandria area were preselected for today's event. hello, cutie. what a wonderful, wonderful deed they have done there to help get our kids off to a wonderful is start thew school year. >> man, i wish i could have been there. that's my home turf. >> is it really? that's sweet. they do a wonderful thing for the community. >> yes. ag boch ing eve that we are toward august. it's just a few days away, we've got the heat that goes with it. >> we have more 0-9gree temperatures, yes, as summer
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rolls on across the washington area. we're looking fserward to tho temperatures continuing to warm up. we'll show you what's going on outside now, temperature, 88 n degrees here itown. we've still got some 90s to show you for this saturday afternoon. winds are coming from the south which will start usher in the humidity, but not yet because for us temperatures continue to be in the 80s. about 90 degrees currently down ur south. in quantico, we continue across our area. here's what it looks like as we think about what's coming up for the upcoming weekend. sunshine will continue a flight chance of a stray shower will be on tap for sunday. otherwise, heat and humidity will return just in time for workweek. for tomorrow, enjoy once again we'll warm up, a few degrees wmer, 92 degrees. it settles down to a pleasant way to end the weekend. take a look at the spine of theh appalans. that's what meteorologists call that. looking at some rumbles of thunder, but so far from the washington area up and down t i-95 corridor. so for us, we don't have to
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orry about any rain across ou area. these popup showers, to the west, elkins, west virginia, that's as close as they're going to get tonight and possibly into tomorrow, as well. futurecast in motion shows again showers continuing to dry out across the regio so for us tonight into tomorrow, we will connue to enjoy july-like weather with temperatures should be like they should be, close to 90 degrees across our area. with tha the evening planner for this evening, out and about, enjoy it, everyone. temperatures will beooling own slowly. by 10:00 p.m., not bad. temperature about 80 degrees. we're just a few clouds to go around. e rest of the forecast, everyone, take a good look. we're looking forward to, as i said, the heat and humidit return monday into tuesday. ericka, 96, mid 90s. heat indices close to h100 wh means wednesday, showers, thunderstorms, lots of temperatures down. ayen we'll roller coaster back. >> ok so maybe the last good stretch of dry weather that we'll see
6:20 pm
maybe for the upcoming week. >> yes. doable humidity. >> thank you so much. you know, today marked the third day of redskins training camp. b it was the first day that the teams broke out the pads. we have more from richmond o we have more from richmond o the latesn t.
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z35wdz z16fz
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y35wdy y16fy
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august isoming around, that means football season is coming around. >> redskins training camp. trent williams feeling no show in richmond. but there's some good fu stuff happening. let's talk about that. >> all right. sound good. give us the good news. >> here we go. day three of training camp for the washington rskins marked the first day of practice in pads. a different level of energy according top layers. our sherriu brress has reaction about the first practice with contact. >> reporter: a little bit of an adjustment at camp today. the players in pads for the first time this season. >> gets your blood gog, man. gets your blood going because you know the guy across from you is going to bing it, you got to bring it yourself. a lot more physical. guys got a higher level of
6:24 pm
energy. your adrenaline is definitely pumpling. >> it's -- pumping. >> it's a different feel, everything starts to move a little faster, especially for the young guys, the rookies. they get to see how the game of football kind of speeds up once you get the pads on. and that's the part of our gamet that's jus being physical. so to be able to out and just knock each other around, it fees good, honestly. >> reporter: even though this was the first time contact was lowed, there wasn't much between the players. just the equipment. >> the thud, getting off blocks, using your pad level. make sure nobody's using too high. forces you to get the pads down which is good. watching people shed blocks, ich is, you know, most important thing in football for defense, shedding blocks. we're still going to run at the ball. we're still not going to take anybody to the ground. just a glorified thud which is good. >> everybody did a good job i t think of -- just being
6:25 pm
smart and taking care of the guys, you know. we don't need anythin crazy happening right now. and we're all professionals, so we know how to -- how to be physical but also be smart. >> reporter: if you were looking for a fight, day one in pads didn't getreit. re still nine more days and 14 more practices left in training camp. from richmond, sherree burruss. >> thank you. the nationals have one of best one-two-three pitching combos in the league with matt scherzer, patrick corbin at the top of the rotation. the first starte spot has a question mark all me teams have started to employ an opener, a relief pitc r who starts out thegame. td today for manager davey martinez,at man was matt grace. >> talked about using matt. i said, go as long as you can go. we'll keep an eye on you, and he was all -- he's all for it. he's excited about it. he's done it before.
6:26 pm
actually, i looked up last time he started he went 4 1/3 innings. >> he will start against the opener in the dodgers andegins two scoreless frames. facing clayton kershaw. after turnsingled, one ripped down the right field line. turner scores easily. eden hustles into third with the triple. he would be driven home later to make it 2-0 nats. the dodgers respond. now the 2-2 game with joe roth on the mound and corey seeger found the right center gap. another run driven in to make it 3-2. i andt's worth -- that's currently down9-2 in the seventh inning. in case you missed it, the orioles are 6-4 in their last . ten games and it has a lot to do with there guy. trey monsini hit the home run part of the 9-3 win. s 24 long balls on the
6:27 pm
year. the same number he hit in each of hisfirst two major league seasons. orioles and angels back at it tonight. first pitch at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >>wnba all-star game this afternoon in vegas. the captain -- team taking on asia wilson's squad early on. the mid range jumper for her first points of the game. she finished with sixpoints. it was a battle at the d. 126 -- 129-126. >> all right. >> city opener qualifier started today. coco gauff. >> remarkable -- >> i was not -- i shoulder to think ere i was at15.
6:28 pm
this is a story that's developing throughout the evening. we've been talking about the re s power outages that we seeing across the district. slowly but surely we're starting to see buildings and me intersections ack up. so be looking for the updates in our nbc washington app. >> and temperatures are dropping thrghout the evening, good for those struggling without power. >> absolutely. all right. that does it for us. you've got nbc's "nightlynews" next. we'll see you again at 11:00. good night. role of a car company?
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>> tonight, deadly nightclub horror. terrifying moments as a nightclub collapses in south korea. american olyleic athtes among the injured. >> everyone was trying to pull each other up. >> the investigation now into what went wrong. two american teenagers arrested in rome after a police officer is stabbed to death. what the police say they found in their hotel room. >> the settlement in a huge data ngeach. are you amo those entitled to be paid back by equifax? >> i wasd. impacte >> this is ridiculous. >> tre will be a lot of taxes for me. ou >> we'll show how to find out and how much you might get. theas invn in sin city so assive you can see it from spac what has brought on the assault of the gss


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