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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 27, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> tonight, deadly nightclub horror. terrifying moments as a nightclub collapses in south korea. american olyleic athtes among the injured. >> everyone was trying to pull each other up. >> the investigation now into what went wrong. two american teenagers arrested in rome after a police officer is stabbed to death. what the police say they found in their hotel room. >> the settlement in a huge data ngeach. are you amo those entitled to be paid back by equifax? >> i wasd. impacte >> this is ridiculous. >> tre will be a lot of taxes for me. ou >> we'll show how to find out and how much you might get. theas invn in sin city so assive you can see it from spac what has brought on the assault of the grahoppers in las vegas?
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and the woman who decided to foot the bill paying it forward by buying up a whole store full of shoes. it all began with a simple question from her daughter. this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz balart. good evening. it was a night of celebration, american athletes and others out late on a friday night in south korea whee floor literally gave out from under this is video from just seconds after the collapse, patrons struggling to hold it up. two people were killed, more than a doz injured including u.s. athletes there for the water polo worldio chahip. nbc's matt bradley is in hong kong tonight with the very latest. matt? >> reporter: jose, a night out became a nightmare for hundreds of patrons at a popular south korean nightclub earlier this morning when a balcony inside the club collapsed right under them.
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cell phone videos captured the terrifying moment when a balcony inside this nightcoub apsed, killing two south koreans and injuring 16 more. among the injured, four american water polo players including 27-year-old kailey gillcrest who requ fed surgery a laceration to her leg. the team out celebrating the u.s. women's water polo team victy in the world championship. celebration turned tragic as patrons are heard trying toy.ift the balc giving many a chance to escape. like team australia's captain whone who witnessed the slow motion collapse. >> we were dancing and holding each other and you just saw everyone trying to pull each other up. you never felt that scared. >> reporter: officials said the balcony simply couldn't carry the crowded dance floor. it was found out the steel structure wasn't -- we will
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acvate all measures to ensure healthcare and assistance is provided whenever necessary. the accident happened at a bar called coyote ugly in guangzhou about 200 miles south of the capital seoul. the city is hosting the world aquatics championship whereth me an 2500 athletes are competing from around the wod. tomorrow's closing ceremony now marked by tragedy. >> matt, do we now know anyab wrong?ics t what went >> reporter: josse, it's been reported that the owners of the club have been detained for gligence, whether the club abi abided by safety standards and while no one has commented publly yet. it's daylight in the region and we shod be learning more as the day goes on. >> matt bradley in hong kong. thank you. >> president trump has been criticized tonight about his comments about a well-known
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african-american congressman and the city he represents. the president calling parts ofe baltimor dangerous and rodent-infested.he tonight escalating are war of words. >> reporter: president trump picked another twitter fight with an african-america lawmaker calling representative e lieja cummings a brutal bully. the president reacting to the grilling cummings gave last week to acting homeland security candidate kevin mclean an. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower. come on, man! >> today the president touted conditions at the border. the border is clean, efficient and well run, just very crowded, mr. trump tweeted. before disparaging cummings issue as a disgusted rat and rodent-infested mess. cummings shot back.
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it is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch, but it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents. and the mayor of baltimore defended his city by questioning the president's motives. >> this person has had a history of attacking minorities, and attacking congresswomen. he's attacking elijah cummings. who else will he attack? >> reporter: he told four democrats to go back to their countries. >>mpo you believe donald tru is a racist? >> yes. no doubt about it. >> today house speaker nancy pelosi rallied to cummings' defense andade a similar charge saying we all reject racist attacks against him and supportis steadfast leadership. meanwhile, the president hadda i victory at there sup court last night. >> mr. trump can proceed with a
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plan to use $2.9 billion inpe agon funds to rebuild the wall. the president has been claiming for months that the wall is being built, he may not agree that the grand designs are subject to supreme court approval. jose? in rome two american teenagers are in jail held in the fatal stabbing of a police officer who had just returned from his honeymoon. nbc's sarah harmon has the details. >> reporter: two american teens behind bars over the fatal stabbing of a police officer there. italian police say19-year-old finnegan lee elder and h 18-year-old bf california were arrested at a-s fourtar hotel in rome fridayo ready t leave italy. inside the room police found a large knife hidden in a ceiling panel along with clothes the men allegedly wore during the attack. a detentionrder described elder as repeatedly stabbing policeman mario rega as he and a fellow officer confronted the
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americans over a drug deal gone wrong. an eyewitness saying he saw them running away both americans now accused of murder and attempted exportion. on saturday elder's lawyer says his client exeised his right not to answer questions during a detention hearing. the victim, 35-year-old mario rega, a newlywed who just returned to work after his honeymoon. his killing, sparking an outpouring of grief across the country. aman amanda knox spent almostour years in an italian prison for the 2007 o murderf her roommate before she was ultimately cleared of all charges. a lawyer who represented here and other americans locked up abroad telling nbc news -- >> these proceedings will beot prcted and lengthy and i anticipate this going on for a very long time. >> reporter: tonight, the two teens remain in jail in a country mourning an officer gone too soon.
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>> what could be next for these teens? >> reporter: jose, they bot remain in jail for now. that lawyer i spoke to said we have to remember there are two dy and nt people in cus the facts and ultimately their fates could be very different. jose? >> sarah yharmon, tha very much. a tragic story here in new york and a wake-up call to parents after 1-year-old twins were found dead in their father's car. they'd been lef there all day. it is just the latest heartbreaking example of a problem tt isll too common. here's kathy park. >> reporter: juan rodriguez in court tonight is charged with a manslaughter negligent homicide after polic say he rlft his 1-year-old twins in a hot car for nea eight hours yesterday. >> the babies areos psibly dead inside of a vehicle. >> reporter: police say the baby boy and girl had been in the backseat all day while rodriguez went into work heaid he told them he didn't
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realize what happened until he got back into the car after his shift, and bthe time first too onders arrived, it wa late. a witness describes a horrifying scene. >> i go looking and looking, two babies dying inside the car. i go back. >> you saw the babies? >> i can't say that. >> these types of tragedies happen every year as the weather war, warmarents and guardians unknowingly leaving them behind or assumingt a momen won't do any harm. >> she could have die >> even on a relatively warm day, with temperatures in the 80s it doesn't take long for the inside of the car to warm uppr ty quickly. >> it took just 20 minutes for t theperature to reach a dangerous 100 degrees. 52 hot car deathsere reported in 2018, rising temperatures
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impacting the young faster than adults. >> basically it's only a few minutes before they start seeing, experiencing issues, sweating and getting dehydrated. >> kathy park jns us now. it's easy to see how people get distracted, but what are some of the simple things we can do to avoid these fatalities. introduce new habits and you c consider opening the back door of your car every time you park it, also consider putting items r phone r work bag, y in the backseat of your car as another reminder that you have precious cargo back there. >> thank you very much. i> two major protests overseas today hong kong police fired tear gas as thousands of demonstrators took to the streets protesting an attack by a pro-government mob that injured dozens last weekend. and in moscow, a fierce crackdown by policn demonstrators protesting the exclusion of opposition candidates i a local election more than a thousand people were arrested.
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>> in this country, a heat warning in the west tonight. theseere the highs today. temperatures soaring above 100 degrees in many cities, and is expected to continue tomorrow. palm spring, 113 degrees. las vegas reaching 110. many cities reaching highs for the summer. in las vegas, the weather has been a factor in bringing on an invasion of gesshoppers. th insects so dense they can be seen on radar and by satellite. morg man chec morgan chessky. >> in sin city, the insect invasion is putting on a show no dne can escape. >> they poppe up out of nowhere. >> reporter: a 24/7 onslaught of grasshoppers that really sticks with you. >> what the heck? you're covered in locusts. >> i kw. you're covered in them, dude >> reporter: for many the first
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impression felt downright biblical. a hoard of bugs so big y can see them from space. >> plus a mild spring made conditions perfect for the wing winged grasshopper. >> there are so many of them around here. to make matters more they're attracted to bright especially white lights finding their match made in heaven on the vegas steep. >> i've sn people running around away from the grasshoppers. >> they're over the past 30 years and the grasshoppers pose moref a nuisance than ath at. either way, the krit earn takeover has those in sin city hoping for once. >> this kind of weird. >> what happens in vegas. oh! they're gross! >> doesn't stay here. rgan chesky, nbc news. >> still ahead tonight it'yb pak time for those caught up in that big data breach by equifax. more than half of all americans
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details. >> reporter: this week more americans discoveringrsor the fi time if they were hacked in a massive equifax data breach. it's really easy. you just put n your lase in here. report report we hit the streets to help people find out if they were affected. >> it's exteamely . you want to do it right now. >> it's pretty shocking to be honest with you. >> we didn'tknow. >> i guess i was impacted. >> are you surprised? >> i am. >> reporter: the federal trade commission making sure you weren't hacked with the social security number and part of what equifax is paying for exposing names, social security numbers, hdays and even driver's license information of 147 million americans in 2017. it's a number so big more than half of adult americans were affected. >> my husband was impacted. >> reporter: their offer a one-timeayment of $125 if you
6:47 pm
already use a credit monitoring service or ten years of free credit monitoring. >> i would rather get money than have my credit monitored for free by a company that already messed up. >> i don't think it's $125 will do it. hu it's $125 is change. i'm the loser no matter what. >> adding insult to injury the payment may notbe really $125 in the end. deep down in the settlement document the ftc says only $31 million will be set aside for individual cash payments. that means if there's more than $31 million in claims, payments for such valid claims will be reduced. if you have already signed up for credit monitoring then you should absolutely file to get that their 125 knowing that you might end up getting less than that. embasically it rds people that you have to be vigilant. >> jolene kent joins us now. good to see you. >> good to see you. if you want the money or protection what do you do right
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now? >> go to and direct you to the page where you can enter your personal information and you can apply for the payouts and you've got to do it before mid-january 2020. >> if, you don't do anything what happens? >> this is interesting. you waive your tegal rig take any action against equifax in the future. >> it could be less tn $125. itefinitely could be and may very well be. >> good to see you.s >> tha so much. new worries for active military members as the trump administration considers a big policy change that couldth put r families at risk. we'll meet a woman with a we'll meet a woman with a giant heart helpinge jardiancks: while managing your type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? because with my type 2 diabetes, i'm more likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke. lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabete of a fatal cardiovascular event. becausthtype 2 diabetes is mor a1c. wow-these are great answers! and thate why there's jardian-
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toony after two str earthquakes struck a group of islands in the northern part of the country. at least eight people were kill, 60 were injured. baseball legend david "big papi" ortiz has been released from a hospital in boston almost two months after he was shot in a nightclub in the dominican republic. the former red sox slugger will continue his recovery and rehabilitation at home in toboston. >> h will be made tomorrow if 22-year-old egan bernal stays on track in the tour de france. bernal will b fome thest man in colombia, the first south american to win the bicycle race. for family members in this
6:52 pm
country, a deployment is stressful enough, but now there is new anxiety for some as the trump administration considers roing back a policy that currently protects their undocumented family members. morgan radford has that story. >> reporter: as he prepares for a year-long deployment in afghanistan, 22r-old luis ramos is rea to serve his country. >> i had these for, like, basic aining. >> reporter: he's also hoping to secure future of the person he loves most. >> luis, what made you enlist? >> my mom always wanted me to do someing good and this is my way to make her proud, i guess. >> reporter: luis is a united states citizen. his mother rosa came to the united states from mexico 30 years ago and lives in constant fear of being deported. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: so you had to learn to live the majority of your life inside the home. now rosa is trying to apply to her green card thanks to a
6:53 pm
little-known policy called parole in place. it alo the immediate family of military members and veterans to stay in the country for one year while those enlisted. serve >> if we had walls up -- >> reporter: now the trump administration is considering ending this policy, putting thousands of families like the ramos' at risk. >> my mom loves the united states more than she loves mexico. she told me this is our country there' reason why we would now. go back and for her country to neglect her would be devastating. >> reporter: in emails seen by nbc news, immigration services officials acknowledge discussing plans to end the program, but when asked for comment, the agency would only confirm that it was under review. seral senators including tammy duckworth, an iraq war veteran sent a letter to the department of defense and homeland security saying that ending the program is cruel. >>t i think t anything that we do that jeopardizes the msion
6:54 pm
readiness of our troops who are currently deployed is something we need to be worried about. >> reporter: now as luis prepares to leave to keep his countr safe, he wonders if the n he loves most will be safe right here at home.[ eaking foreign language ] if you could speak to the president of the united statou what woulday? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: you wanpr the esident to know that if this country has triumphed it's because of the immigrants. morgan radford, nbc news, chicago. when we come back, we'll meet a woman who is giving a great new meaning to footinghe great new meaning to footinghe bill t . i knew my son could at risk of certain cancers later in life. great new meaning to footinghe bill t from an infection, human papillomavirus i knew widespread hpv is and while hpv clears for most, that might not be the case for him. i knew his risk incrs as he gets older. i knew a vaccine could help protect him
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finally tonight, it began with a simple request from a girl in arkansas to her mom. could she buy a pair of shoes for a boy in her class who needed them? how it turned intoer sole purpose. >> reporter: carrie has always been a bargain shopr. >> when walked in it had store closing sign. >> reporter: the mother of three was browsing the soon to be closed payless shoe store scooping upt- lasnute summer daughter 9-year-old harper wondered if they might pick up an extra pair for a classmate. >> i know he like avenger, and i saw some avengers shoes and i said hey, mom, could you buy
6:58 pm
these for my friend? >> for the president in alma, arkansas, the answer was easy. >> i jokingly looked at the clerk and i said how much for the rest of the shoes in here? just joking. >> reporter: joking ahead she got a call the few hours later thentire stock of the store and ers if she wanted it she did, leaving with 1500 pairs that day. >> reporte so where did you decide to give them away. >> we were going to give them away at the middle school. more donations had come in, and carrie and her three kids are collecting more shoes ahe of august 10th and a big bacsc to ol giveaway, the whole town invited. >> that's what it's all about. if it continues to grow and it makes y o done little thing for that student fixing to go back to school, then it matters to that one kid. >> reporter: for carrie and her kid there's one motto. >> harper, what do you hope the kids who come get the shoes
6:59 pm
feel? >> i hope they feel loved more than they did before. >> reporter: molly hunter, nbc news. >> and that's nbc "ity inialnig" for this saturday. tomorrow, a higher calling. savin saving redwood
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welcome to access. i'm scott evan as. what do you say we start off with the movie everyone's talking about, quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood. >> set during the manson family reign of terror, stars brad, leo and margot robbie. >> it feels good to get out of -- >> the excitement went through the roof when the heavyweigs arrived. >> it's got tod feel goovery once in a while to get out of a black suv and people be super excited to see you. >> ll,be it'er than hurlin


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