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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  July 28, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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obviously not very good >> the bill is passed. >> we have been waiting for this for so long. ♪ zoo good morning. welcome back after a weeo off "sunday today" on this july 28th. i'm willie geist. president trump has spent a good portion of the summer weekend including this morning on twitter attacking a prominent member of congress in a series of tweets. house speaker nancy pe is calling them racist. the president going after
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congressman elijah cummings writing that cummings' city ofs baltimore i a, quote, disgusting rat and rodent-id mess. we'll get into it with chuck todd and discuss this week's next round of democratic presidential debates. plus, another sharkttack in florida. this one caught on camera. we'll check in to see how the victim, a professional surfer, is doing this >>morning. > and later a sunday sitdown with one of t stars in hollywood, jake gyllenhaal, on his latest stop on broadway. his current role in the billion dollar spider-man movie, and reflections onou the breaking r. weid like brokeback mountain i was like, what's going on? this is a level of focus and attention that hits a certain nerve that you are like this is bigger than me. >> a sunday sitdown withake gyllenhaal. plus, hair long isla smith and life lived later in the show. > rants against the city of
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baltimore and the drac congressman who represents it. the president back at it this morning. mike is at the white house for us with the latest. mike, good morning. >> r good rning to willie. president trump is once again attacking a leading person of color in congress, igniting another firestorm and bringing more charges that he is using race ty to divide americans for polical gain. president trum elijah cummings ha for days after cummings grilled the acting homeland security secretary over conditions at t southern border. you feel like you are doing a great job, right? is that you are saying? >>e are doingur level best -- >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower. come on, n. a trump supporttory shoot this video in west baltimore, part of cummings' sprawling distri, depicting trash
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straughn proe video appeared on fox, trump launched an attack. representa elijah cummings is a brutal bully shouting about conditions at the southern border. cummings' district is a disgusting rat ande in baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place. cu district is majority black, is leading one of several house committee investigations into the trump administration. he answered mr. trump with a conciliatory tone. mr. president, i go home to my district daily. each morning io and fight for my neighbors.s my constitutiona conduct overght of the executive br, but it is my moral duty to fightor my constituents. trump's attack racist. democratic presidential hopefuls returned fire. it's what this president loves do and is wrong for this
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country. >> rep and evidently the president thinks this is working out for him. he is tweeting early this morning. a tweet this morning, someone please explain to nancy pelosi, who is recently called racist by thos in her own party, there is nothing wrong with bringing out the very obvious fact that congressman elijah cummings has done a very poor job for his district and the city of baltimore. >> the president continuing now to attack nancy pelosi. thanks. chuck todd is nbc's political direct and moderator of "meet the press." good morning. the president obviously knows when he is on toomhing or thinks something, burrowing in on this attack on elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. wh is he up to here? >> it' deflection. remember in this case, i think there is two par to this. deflection is the biggest one. this is about tryingo almost distract from that elicuh ings is investigating. the horrible conditions that the children being kept in these
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immigrant camps. also, by the way, the oversight committee is looking into more than what's going on at the border. there are a lot of things that elijah cummings' committee is looking at about the president, jared kushner, ivanka true. thresident is taking that personally. tht let that get lost. th is about him. the president sparks a race, you know, does this racial division busines which is what he does quite a bit. he knows it serves two purposes. one, it distrats from the story he doesn't like, and that's what cummings is investigating, and, two, his base likes it. it stokes the base. he thinks it's a >> an impo point, which is that the oversight committee is looking for jed kushner, ivanka trump's private emails and the connection with the saudi arabia prince, for example. also mueller week, chuck, robert mueller sitting before two committees for about six hours,
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ving his testimony after he was called there. what is your takeaway as we walkway from now from that chapter in this story that robert mueller has testified. we heard the report from his mouth now. the question of impeachment now opens another question that nancy pelosi is grappling with her own caucus. >> when the president attacks elijah cummings, extraordinarily popular, by the way, in congress, bipartisanly so, at least used to be. will see if his republican co up for him thehe way t used to speak up for him. i think that those attacks could unite the democrats e in that d. obviously, they are not there yet. and pelosii thi they may end up of a half measure, which is formally open the i give them stronger standing to get the documents they want, to do the oversight that they want, to do the investigation that they want, but we may never actually see the article of impeachment voted on, voted out
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of the house. we could have that half measure at the end of the day. i think that the idea of democrats telling their base they didn't even open an inquiry, i think that's for them to sell politically. >> you will be hearing all of this of course during the debates this week. a second round of democratic presidential debates. two nights. 20 candidates in detroit. a lot of eyes, chuce in he once agaill be on stage next to senator kamala harris. >> and look, they are anticipating ioming. i think secretly they are hoping for it. it's a fascinating moment for joe biden. while we are extraordinarily early in the process, it's also getting late early. and so a strong performance where he shows that he can handle the incoming, because it isn't going to be just harris. she may not attack him this time. everybody else on the stage may do it. if he handles it, look how resilient in the polls after
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five weeks of what i would call mediocre toad press. imagine if he has a good debate. what will his poll numbers look like? so i think it's a real opportunity for biden. i think s team knows there is an opportunity here. ie, he end of the day, wi it's how the vice president him. on he is telegraphing that he is ready and ready to fight back. e chuck, in the divided times one thing we can all agree on, you are killing the beard, my man. >> thankveryone loves the beard. from the moment you came back on tv a couple days ago, the beard is working, buddy. >> it's tell everyone was done with the goat. >> there may be some of that. looking good, chuck. "meet the press," as always, when chuck discusses what's nexr afte mueller with the house intelligence chairman adam schiff of california. this morning two american teenagers are charged in italy with a shocking crime. the killing of a policeman after
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a drug deal gone bad. nbc's sarah harm >> reporter: two american teens waking u behind bars in rome after police say they confessed to fatally stabbing aner offic there. italian police say 19-year-old finnegan lee elder and 18-year-old gabriel krishristia california were arrested in rome friday. inside the room police say they found a large knife hidden in a g panel. aon deten order describes elder repeatedly stabbing the officer as he and a fellow officer cfronted the americans over a drug deal gone wrong. have yet to s, who be charged, are now accused of murder and attempted. extorti elder's family saying in a statement we are shocked and dismayed but have very little independent information about thesves. wove not been able to have any
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communication with our son. 35-year-old more yeah rega, a newly wood who just returned from his honeymoonhi s funeral will be held at the wsame church he married in june. amanda knox was charged with the 2007 murder of her roommate all e she was cleared o charges. a lawyer who represented her and other americans imprisoned abroad urginution. >> we must press the collective pause button, not render a premature judgment, and wait until all the evidence is brought forward. ng>> reporter: this morni italy faces a growing legal drama, whileourning a painful loss. sarah harmon, nbc ws. a professional surfer in florida is recovering this morning a day after he was attackeda shark in a that was caught on camera.
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nbc's morgan radford is here with more. good morning. >> good morning. as you know, today is the start of shark week on television, but for that surfer this wasn't tv. it was r. >> oh, my god. so gnarly. >> reporter: this morning a professional surfer in florida feeling lucky to be alive after his encount with a shark. >> i am happy to be here and alive and well. >> reporter: franklin o'rourke was suracng inonville when a shark bit his arm, holding on, nearly pulling himff his board. >> literally latched on to my arm and i have never felt force like that from any animal or anything into my life. i was in shock. >> r y surfer as he struggles to get away. he escaped without any m or injuries, treated by lifeguards on theid beach. does have the largest number of shark sightings in th. u. attacks are relatively uncommon, though nationwide there have been at least 24 unprovoked
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year.attacks so far this surfers face increased danger in the water, on their boards they ca look like ae seal. >> a l splash. >> reporter: in 2015, a shark attacked surfernn mcfan while competing in south fought off a managing to eape unharmed. owe roark plans toeturn to surfing. he feels grateful his injuries weren't more severe. >> i went and bought a lotto avoruse the odds are in my now. >> incredibly, this wasn't the only shark attack off the east coast of florida on saturday. a booing gie boarder was bit. he was able to drive himself to the hospital. >> glad everybody is okay. thanks. see you in a t minute or highs and low of the weekend throughout ts overnight here in new york city. a shooting at a block party in brooklyn has left at least one person dead and 1others
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wounded. the new york city police say the shooting may have been gang related. thes cse for lebration in boston this morning. not just because the red sox are a game away from a sweep of the yankees at fenway. the team announced on saturday legendary slugger david ortiz is out of the hospital e he has undergone three surgeries in the ses since he was shot at bar in the doln republic. and this f morning disnes are mourning the loss of theho woman w is the voice of minnie mouse. >> oh, mickey, i can't believe you gave up what means the m yt to from me. >> russi tsa waylor was t voice for 30 years, earning the job in 1986, long after childho meeting with wal disney inspired her. it felt right when taylor married the voice of mickey
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mouse. he passed away in 2009. russi taylor was 75 years old. let's turn now and get a quick check of your local weather. we temperatures out there right now in the 70s. 76 here in the district. annapolis 79 degrees. so again it is a little on the warm side outut there, b plenty of sunshine. very pleasant. very comfortable. sunshine all throughout the day. maybe touches of humiditys well. we'll have an isolated shower possibly mainly north of the district throughout maryland as ghwe go throu the afternoon and evening. it's g to be a beautiful and pleasant day, a few degrees warmer thaes yrday but another delightful d,traight ahea the highs and lows of the weg e story behind the persistent teenager who becere an intt star as the world cheered for him to stick that landing. plus, national treasure shaquille o'neal in the mosh pit at a belgian musicl. festiva need i say more? and later from the sidewalk
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to new york city to the world's biggest age, the street art of breakdancing becomes an olympic sport. i think there is some people who we concerned because they are worried about like the a and the culture of it being appropriated. it's all coming up on "sunday today." as we head to break, our photo of the week. comedian and activist jon stewart embraces 9/11 first responder john field after the united states senate 97-2 vote to reauthorize the 9/11 victimsf compensationd until the year 2092. stewart has been a long-time advocate for the first responders who have had to fight again and again for congress to fund their care, but now will not have to oo - i like to plan my activities before i take trip, so be time i get there i can just enjoy the ride. with tripadvisor, it's easy to discover over 100,000 bookable things to do,
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that's what you get .en you've got wayfair so shop now! morgan joins me for the highs and lows of the week. fo our first bann persistence inspired the >> jump up on that box now. !do t again. fo right here. jump on it now! >> ooh! yeah! >> yeah, buddy. ms,who was born without nailed that 20-inch box jumwi th the encouragement of his coaches at the camp for young people inllinois. ol freshmanhigh sc
8:20 am
became a viral superstar this week with millions of views of that effort across social media. and now tim has another goal. triathlon.chicago i could watch that video all day. that's hard enoh to do with your arms working with you. 14 years old. >> they knew he could do it. >> all those coa have limb different disabilities. cool. our first low from fabulous las where today's 110-degree fisecast ant second on the list of outdoor concerns for visitors behind a full-on invasion by srms of grasshoppers. the video out of vegas this weee has wild, bordering on biblical, while oblivious gamblers sit inside pulling slots, hoards of grasshoppers wait inside forming flying mobr undehe city's bright lights. a state insects expert says the
8:21 am
grasshoppers are migrating north and making a stopover in vegas, presumably to catch the cirque e them beaming off the top of the pt the luxor hotel. they are harmless and will move on in the next few days. famous last words if i ever heard them. you have to check this out. the national tather service p their -- look at this graphic. all that greenve or vegas, those are grasshoppers. >> y heknow, i read tre are grasshoppers in some parts of the city than -- >> i believe that. it's not rain on your radar, guys. those are brass hoppers and they ain't leaving. our next high basketbl hall of famer shaquille o'neal who just keeps reminding us why we love him this time for being seveneet tall and rocking out on the front row at belgium's
8:22 am
"tomorrowland" music ♪ >> go get it, shaq. the festival performing under his stage name d.j. diesel. the highlights ofatching him music.o other people's watch as the big fella dominates the belgium mosh pit, bouing that 300-pound fme off of delighted concert-goers. i can't get enough of shaq. >> i do not want a 7'1" bro in front of me at any concert. >> he surprisely didn't mow down as manyht as i thoug he would. right. our final low goes t member of the chicago cubs grounds crew whope disaped briefly during a rain delay at wrigley field. as the rain subsided and the tarp ustled to pull the off the field, my man is slipped and swallowed up in the thing. his business buddies don't break stride, dragging him alongside as they rushed to get wrigley
8:23 am
ready for the cubs and padres to resume play. the more you look at this, it looks like a high for that guy. essentially a sl aslide. u get a ride across wrigley field while e others fix the field. morgan, thank you. see you i a second. coming up next, a sunday sitdown with jake gyllenhaal on stepping into the marvel universe for tht firsime in this summer's spider-man movie. looking back at the breakthrougb keback mountain" and the criticism his big sister maggie gave him about an otherwise acclaimed performance in h new broadway play. then harry smith with a trip to a famed summer music venue wherelihe p you to can sit in with the masters. and mo and i are ready to answer yourn questions o live tv. send us your best and weirdt questions on facebook, twitter, instagram, and we will dig throug. what to name your dog...
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this is a news4 newsbrea >> 8:26 on this sunday, july th. some of the top stors this morn we a working to identify the names of the two people killed
8:27 am
in a car crash that happened yesterday morning r alongte 30 in charles county. marylay pedro garcia was driving near mount air rd when he rear-ended another car. a woman and girl in that car scenen the no word whether dpagarcia will e charges. d.c. place say three people wereho s overnight on t street in northwest. this happened near the howard theater. all three victims rushed to the hospital. police are heir conditions looking for a white audi car with d.c. tags in connection to this case. >> power has been restored to thousands of d.c. residents after that massive outageer yey. about 39,000 pepco customers were affected. the problem was traced to ln electrical equipment at a substation. > it will be agt and warm ain today. a look at your f .
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let's check in with lauryn who says it's going to be hot and warm today. n't give me grief for that. >> i'm glad we can have both, hot and warm. it's warm outhere right now. hot later on today. temperatures are in the 70s out there right now and we will continue to see those te teratures rise right around 90 degrees. low 90s will be our daytime high today. we will have a chance for s as w head into nd the amp and evening, but mainly district.he then we have a 20% chance of rainn tuesday. better chances come as we get into your wednesday and thursday for some scattered showers and thunderstorm t so againt's when a frontal
8:30 am
system comes through. but it's going it become hot and humid, especially starting after tomorrow. >> all right. thank you very m we are back in with 90 minutes of news and weather in 25 minutes. now back to "sunday today." have. i like you peter, you are a good kid. there is aart of me what's at stake? i'm gladou ye here. >> that is jake gyllenhaal playingys mrio in this summ" which this week passed the billion box office milestone. thatnd a big budget superhero movie was the first toren a oscar nominated gyllenhaal who has earned his place among hollywood's best actors. the block esthebeg buster ban w
8:31 am
e debut of something on ther othe end of the entertainment spectrum. a broadway play with twoea acto. perform ago long intense monologue about life and death. jake and i got togher at the hudson theater here in new york days before previews beganhis weekend for his play "sea wall/a >> in the final days before the curtain goes up on jake gyllenhaal's latt production crews at the hudson theater are hustling to get the place in shape. al it's falling apart. >> literly caving in? >> yeah. in -- >> reporter: the money pit? >> yeah. >> reporter: shelley long. >> that's great. >> reporter: gyllenhaal brings "sea wall/a life" to the bigger broadway stage after the acclaimed off-broadway run at new york's public theater. what's that being to feel like to have moved this from the public to broadway?
8:32 am
>> man, i don't know what it is. you e going to make me cry. i feel really respons to my author and his wo, and what he has given me and how vulnerable he has been in sharing what he gyllenhaal co-stars with tom chsturridge. perspective a separate monologue. sturridge begins wit seawall. gyllenhaal follows with a life. >> we're smiling. >> it's a show about faith and family and the mess and comedy of life, you know. it's about really actually about two fathers. >> reporte how are the two acts related? >> i think they are linked because they are about love and loss and the idea that in order to love anything, the there.bility of loss is that's how we love and why we love and why we cherish it. you know, i am a father.
8:33 am
i do hope to be a father one day. >> repor gyllenhaal calls the shownc an exper unlike any othern i theater. i have been to a lot of theater and i have never seen the two stars, i don't think, stand at the stage and take questions and listen after they have been through this emotional and exhausting experience. why is that part something you and tomt do? >> it's the reason we are coming to broadway. i don't think we realize the impact these s would have. >> reporter: are you a review reader of your work? >> at ti the quotes are on the poster. so that's a u walk in the theat them. >> reporte i saw you standing i outsid greatest actor of his generation, pointing up at it. >> i desperately am trying to let people know, y know. obviously. i have taken a thousand selfies in front of that. no. >> reporter:e jakwas born and raise rais mom and director dad with older sisteren maggie
8:34 am
gyllal who, of course, is an actor as well. and maggie has offered some helpful notes on her little brother's performanc there is a show where io backnd forth between time and i'm actually playing at one point my wif and myself while she is in labor and now she gives birth. my sister afterwards like we need to talk about the labor part. you didn't quite get it, you know? >> repor you mentioned your ve your parents seen it? >> yeah. everything my dad and i have, my mom and i have, good and bad gether, was set aside. it was very like a lot of love. for lack of sounding like really, you know, just a lot of love. h>> repor jake made film 10 t in 1991 at the age of playing billy crystal's son in "city slickers." was there any chance you were going to be anything other than actor?
8:35 am
>> i mean, my love for acting, storytelling, is pretty deep. the truth is you are an actor because you have no idea what you want to be or do and we will leave the real jobs t much stronger and much more courageous people. >> reporter: leading role came in the 1999 film "okt sky". >> i think i auditioned 13 times. when i got that le, that fel like oh my god, i'm starring in a movie. it was a little overwhelming, hone then gyllenhaal has made a career out of playingerffbeat charact in films like "donny darko," nightcrawler and zodiac, while diving into big budget movies like the day after tomorro and jar head. m sir, yes, sir. >> reporter: theovie that likely jumps to mind when you hear jake gyllenhaal's name is the groundbreaking
8:36 am
his 2005 performance alongsided heath le learned gyllenhaal an oscar nomination and changed his life. >> when we didik le "brokeback mowhoa, what's going on? this is a level of focus and attention tt hits a certain nerve that you are like this is bigger than me. to be 26 years old and toe like at the academy awards, you know, you are like, whoa. doors.ned tons of it was like amazing. it was crazy. it was a. and it has, and it's defined mr in different ways. >> i wish i knew how to quit you. >> i seeeople who have joked with me or criticized me about lines i say in that movie, you know. that's the thing i loved about heath. he would never joke.d someone wante to make a joke about the story, he was like, no this is about love. at's it, man >> reporter: gyllenhaal's latest " is something new entirely. fst trip for the actor into the marvel universe, playing
8:37 am
mysterio in the billion dollar blockbuster. you don't want any part of this. >> spider-man came almost the last minute. they cameo me like and they were like, hey, do you want to play this character? i said, yeah. i mean, yeah. i love tom holland. i love the first movie. ostume andng on a wearing a superhero suit was a whole other thing i had to get used to, and jumping from platforms and flying as a whole other thing. >> reporter: back in the broadway universe with norh supeo suits or special effects, gyllenhaal gets a different thrill >> it's so cool. ian't even -- >> it's my dream since i was a kid to be on broadway. i have been on broadway now three times, and every time it feels like the first time. >> reporter: congratulations, >> thank you. >> reporter: it's great. >> thank you. >> reporter: i will let you finish with the ceiling. >> i will let you know what's going obo does any have a broom? >> i can report the plaster has been swept up and the hudson theater is good to go as "sea
8:38 am
wall/a life" is in previews now with shows running from august 8th through september 29th. to hear jake talk about being bossed around even to this day by his big sister mckgie che out web cameras at subscribe to the "sunday sitdown"odcast to hear the entire unedited interview with jake gyllenhaal. find it on apple podcasts or wherev you get yours. and next week we revisit one of our favorite "sunday sitdown"s with oscar, tony, and emmy winner viola davis. an inspiring conversion about viola's rise from the depths of poverty to the top of her profession next week on "sunday today." co yng up, we will answerr questions. use the #sundaytoday on facebook, twter, or instagram. first, let's get a check of your local weather. well, today is going to be a little on the hot side outth
8:39 am
e, but we're comfortable. we have touches of humidity today. a little bit more humidity as we go through the d tomorrow. then we do have a chance for showers and thunderstorms as we get into your tuesday. even better chance for wednesda t temperatures out there right now, it's pleasant. temperatures are in the 70s right now. 76 i the district. you are headed to the pool day, perfect day to do it. maybe a stray shower north. plenty of sunshine and low-to-mid 90s for next onod "sunday t," get out that flattened cardboard box parachute pants for some breakdanci as the form of high way to the akes its olympic some break dancing. as the form of high street arts as the form of high street arts makes s way to the olympit ic that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commdocial? let's he eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very badger staring at me
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2024 paris games. breakdancing, or just breaking. the art form born on the streets of the bronx in the i 1970s now big business, and yes, a competitive olympic sport. nbc's steve patterson has our "sunday spot" ♪ >> reporter: like so many typical teens 15-year-old mia was often encouraged to put her be >> the energy, that mketality, i li when she is on the floor, she transforms into pebbles. bombastic b girl on san diego's cyprus city grew where break something in the blood and s practices all th he in great grandma's garage. pebbles is now considered one of the hottest young breakers in the cutthroat world of competitive battling. a one-on-one music duels where
8:43 am
combatants use every part of their body to rhythmically work. against somebody like a sporting event. reporter: at the core, breaking. part post-modern tdance, par stage performance, part martial arts. they use swag to prove once and for all who has the best moves. what is your style? >> i create a character and use samurai bn u pull out your sword, push it back in. >> reporter: that signature assassin style earned pebbles the top spot at a recen red bull sponsored event in los angeles. one of the world's b competitions. whet y consider it a sport or a dance, moderng break is now a multi-billion dollar business with an estimatedg0 sponsors with grand venues vying for top-tier
8:44 am
talent. it wasn't always that way. >> thet new thing in town is breakdancing. >> i get it. >> reporter: what used to be proudly part of the hip hop underground startede right her about 20 blocks of the south bronx. i never tught about breaking being anything other than something to do, you know? that's how we killed time. >> reporter: breaking legendsar richd "crazy legs" pallone is one of the pioneers, laying the foundation with the world famous rock steady crew in the late e70s. >> you see someone spinning fast back, i started that. this, i started that. >> reporter: now breaking's godfather is on the progressive side of what may be breaking'sg biest current ideological battle. >>w provisionally included in the paris 2024. >> reporter: as it takes a step
8:45 am
closer to the olympic stage. >> some peop beca te worried about the art and culture of it being appropriated. and crazy legs says that means more opportunity, why not? >> it goes back to like using hip hop as a tool to mak other people's lives better. >> reporter: until then, breaking will live where it always has. hands and feet. >> i will be breaking when i'm old, a grandma, you can call out rt grandkids. >> reporte and hea and soul. >> i want to do it as long as i live. >> repor of the battles looking for n theirt big move. for "sunday today," steve patterson, nbc news. >> so cool. i am having flashbac '80s should next on "sunday today," harry smith met oneat o the gre summer music venues in the country to learn from master. >> it's for the singer, butt's al in a way to help the public unders and later a life well lived
8:46 am
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on any given summer evening in theer bhire hills of western massachusetts you can spread out a blanket or pull up a folding chair to hear some o the best musicians in the world at a place called tankle wood. the venue has been the summer home of the boston symphony orchestra for 80 years. it attracts big name artists across all genres of music. it also attracted harry smithr for "sunday closer". >> reporte the fabled tanglewood music festival. where thech aorestra members, mostly 20 somethings, rehearse under the baton of theto direc of the boston symphony. while casually atired, they are in serious pursuit of a career if music, often playing side by side with seasoned prosik le bassist todd receiver, mentoring dan carson. what is it like to sit with him, talk with him and say this is
8:50 am
what i know for sure? >> it's fun. i mean, thesereuys are players. so the just give them something and they jump on it. >> it's kind of a dd am. it's kinof milestone for me. this is the best music fintival the country. >> reporter: everywhere we went one soggy weekday the hols were alive with the sound of music this is a place where goo musicians work to become great. >> some people come, bring so much talent to t seem to just s into it, and some of us have had to work very hard to acquirehe t skills. >> repor rene fleming is the showlan owe who dazzled audiences around the world. ♪ seming's singing as good as it, gets yet she feels she is still aork in progress. >> i never see myself as a
8:51 am
finished product. to constantly trying improve what i do. >> reporter: fleming often performance at tangle. a master class. >> does anybody have a loss edge? put that on your tongue. >> reporter: she is giving matthew pane a voice makeover. she knowsll ahe tricks. >> oh, that worked. but you didn't want it to work. >> reporter: how much ends up being psychological? psychological. you have to get past our judgment of ourselves. we have to kind of put that aside. >>s are usually private, but for the first time at tanglewood the public is invited for a rare glimpse. >> it's for t singers to help th, but it's also in a way to help the public understa we do. >> reporter: emily helen brookl join the palm beach opera this fall. >> nice, nice, nice. try one more time and smile.y yeah. >> repor these two have own each other since emily was
8:52 am
a child. >> she is just the most warm and gracious person. kind of what you hope your idol is like. >> i have been coming here since i was ali julard student. >> reporte for fleming this master class is a way of paying it forward, not only for the young singers, but for the audience, too. ple that i the p really want to address and help singer, becausehe the more t know, the more they can appreciate it. >> reporter: forod "sunday tay," harry smit >> looks like fun.u thank ry much. hig another life well lived. we celebrated last week the 50th anniversar american astronauts landing on the moon. neil armstrong took the historic first step, but that famous giant leap for mankind never would have happened without a man named chris kraft. in 1958, the united states esblished a national aeronautics and space to nistration in response the soviet union's launch of the
8:53 am
sputnik satellite a year after. an aeronautical enginee named christopher columb jr. became nasa's first flight director. he developed mission control and as ground commander planned and overw nearly every historic mission of t next quarter century. under kraft's direction, project mercury made alan shepard the first american in space. in 1962, john glenn ort earth. in august of5, 196s america shot ahead in the space race, ra"time" magazine put kft on its cover. kraft was nasa's director of flight operations for the apollo 11 mission. th on jy 20, 1969 -- >> it's one small step forma n, one giant leap for mankind. >> the next year, kraft oversaw the risky an ingenious plan that
8:54 am
saved the astronautse crippled apollo 13 mission, bringing them t backo earth safely. in 2011 nasa named its mission control center in houston after kraft. neil armstrong once said of kraft, he held the success or failure of american human space flight in his hands. christopher kraft, the legendary architect of arican space exploration, died on monday in houston. he was 9 ican's space [upbeat music ♪] you got this. you got this. you got this.
8:55 am
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the sun mail. questions from twitter, facebook, and first from tony in st. peter,
8:58 am
minnesota.e a professional athlet sport wiould you choose in. >> easy. soccer. >> really nba but also golf. >> c see y being a basketball player from nice weather and ferm leisure time activities. next question. kim asks what was your favorite kid's book up? >> can't remember the title. i story on a little children's book and the do it in english and spanish. cool. all right. mine is anything with a fire engine. the fire b enginek was big for me. and today my wife has a bests selling children' book called sorry, grown-ups, you can't go to schoo that is your new favorite. more "sunday" mugsh thank you chris in raleigh, north carolina. ef and his dog t.j.. katelyn in cleveland and kelly an luca on instagram.
8:59 am
thank yor spending rt o of your sunday m with us. we will see back here next won saturday night shutdown. thousands left without power in the summer heat. the latest on the massive outage. >> tweeting into the night, t presidentrump kept you have his attacks on representative elijah cummings at his maryland congressional district well into the night. more on that backlash from the t preside latest set of controversial remarks. arer this? officials say they know how thin car got the train tracks and how to stop it from happening again. good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> i'm adam tuss. thank you so much for starting your day with us. it's going to be another warm one today, inching up higher towards possibly a heat wave. >> because yesterday was hot.
9:00 am
>> yeah. >> today going to be hotter. what we didn't have yesterday is the humidity. you are saying that coming back today a little bit? >> a little bit. you will feel touches out there today and then it will start to really seep in heading into your monday and then by tuesday all bets are off. the heat and humidity are going to be around. we will keep that humidity going all the way to the end of the work week and possibly into the weekend. let's take a look outside right now. beautiful view from our national harbor camera. you can see blue skies out there. pretty quiet, tranquil. it's delightful. it's pleasan right now. not feeling too terrible out there right now given the humidity at the low levels. temperatures are in the 70 78 is our temperature right now. southerly wind coming in at about six miles an hour. that will help increase that humidy little bylittle, especially heading into the afternoon and evening. also this afternoon and evening, if you are headed to the pool there so be a stray shower. we w a lonely shower yesterday, made it into upper mogomery county after passing through portions of the i-81 corridor.


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