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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 28, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> yeah. >> today going to be hotter. what we didn't have yesterday is the humidity. you are saying that coming back today a little bit? >> a little bit. you will feel touches out there today and then it will start to really seep in heading into your monday and then by tuesday all bets are off. the heat and humidity are going to be around. we will keep that humidity going all the way to the end of the work week and possibly into the weekend. let's take a look outside right now. beautiful view from our national harbor camera. you can see blue skies out there. pretty quiet, tranquil. it's delightful. it's pleasan right now. not feeling too terrible out there right now given the humidity at the low levels. temperatures are in the 70 78 is our temperature right now. southerly wind coming in at about six miles an hour. that will help increase that humidy little bylittle, especially heading into the afternoon and evening. also this afternoon and evening, if you are headed to the pool there so be a stray shower. we w a lonely shower yesterday, made it into upper mogomery county after passing through portions of the i-81 corridor.
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a stray shower possible today. not likely. s i'd about 10% chance you will see that the mainly north of d.c. through maryland. you guys may have a stray shower thgh the afternoon and evening. perfect day to get out to the pool. not going to be like that each day this week. rain chces returning to our p ea. that's coming u the ten-day merecast. ntime, we are following breaking news out of thct distri this morning. three people shot on t street in northwest d.c. overnight. now, police sayhat this happened near the howard theater. all three victims were rushed to the hospital. to word on their condition right now, but policeay they are looking for a white audi car with d.c. tags in connection to this case. we do have some good news this morning. wer has been restored to thousands of people who were left in the dark in the district. >> that's right. news4's derrick ward is live in the newsroom with the latest on the overnight outage. what happened, derrick? >> yu know, it was about 2:45 yesterday afternoon when something went wrong at a pepco substation on floridavenue in northwest.
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that cut power to some 39,000 customers in northwest, areaske shaw, mount vernon square, around howard university. traffic lights, cashgi rers, and of course air conditioners were out for those customers. we hadelhone conference this morning with pepco's chief operating officer. he says they now know what happened. crews work overnight to restore the problem. it was a transformer blew with that substation and they got the first batch of customers,or 5,0 so, up by 5:00 p.m. the last of those customers were restored this morning. onow, pepc crews rebuilt some oa the tformers on site and brought in some backup units from del mar hamarva power and sources. now,in thabout transformers. they are the things that make the power, the voltage that power companies use to send the power out over the line safe to usein your home like when you charge your cellphone. that little block is a transformer. that helps voltage not burn your s happened on larger scale at that pepco substation and they are now working to find out what
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happeneom in the news derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> certainly a lot of people happy that the power is on. politics now. president trump spent part of his weekend attacking maryland congressman consulti congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimo w in a war ofrds. overnight the president tweeted, quote, so sad that elijah cummings has been able to do so little for the people of baltimore. statistically, baltimore ranks last in almost every major category. cummings has doing nothing but milk baltimore dry but the public is etting wise to the bad job that he is doing, end quote. this comes after i described cummings' west baltimore mstrict as a disgusting rat and rodent-infestedess. the president was apparently reacting to the grilling that cummings gave last week to acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan over conditions at detention facilities along the border. >> doing our level best -- >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child issi tting their owns? fece
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can't take a shower. come on, man. >> cummings responded to the president's attacks by saying it is his constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch. baltimore city leaders meantime and the governor of governor came to cummin' defense as well. all of these comments along with much more will be a topic on this week's special councili hearng on "meet the press." we will talk about special counsel robert mueller's testimon moderator, chuck todd, will join us in studio before the show with what all this means forhe white house moving forward. "meet the press" starts at 10:30 right here after "news4 today." we want to get to a tragic story developing in new york city. a father is charged for the deaths of his 1-year-oldtwins after they were left in a car on a hot summer day. police say juan rodriguez left his kids inside the car while he went to work in the bronx on friday. the l htle boy and girl been in the back seat for nearly
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eighturs. rodriguez told authorities he didn't realize what had happened until he arrived to his car after his shift. rodriguez has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and other charges. he is due back in court this thursday. meantime, we are working to identify the names of two people killed in a car crash that happened yesterday morning along route 301 in charles county. maryland state police say pedro garcia was driving near mount n air road whee rear-ended another car. a woman and a girl in that car died on the scene. the driv in the car was air rifted to the hospital. police say garcia refused to be treated at the scene. no word whether or not he is going to face any chges. now to some security concerns at union station. this is a ve look outside right now. the amtrak office of the highlights neral some safety risks at the traportation hub. o take a look at this. you'll remember this video you are about to see here. the report says this car was able to drive onto the platform
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ht on to the tracks earlier this year. the inspector general says passengers and staff are also put at risk because of broken surveillance cameras and lack of monitoring of entrances. amtrak says th agree with the report's safety recommendations. they released a statement that readsin part, quote, we have taken important steps for improvements such as creating a plan to document how we will address the vulnerabilities oig identified at the station and yard by9. september of 201 well, people who have paid their debt to society, they are getting a second chance at cleaning up their records. it's all thanks to a local church. the first baptist church of glenarden hosted this free expungement fair in upperma boro yesterday. they brought together judges and lawyers who gave the group free advice. they reviewed some records to see if they were f eligibleor expungement. people also got advice or
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getting their voting rights restored. we are weeks away from the first day of school. are your kids ready? >> they better be. >> some kids from our area received some essential back-to-school items. the ch ochrganized this event in alexandria yesterday. children and their families from d.c. and alexandria received coats, shoes, gift cards and supplies. >> this is the 16th yearof this annual event. we are so proud of it. it is one of our anchor events. >> such a greatv et. those supplies are expensive. >> yes. >> 15,000 low-income children and their families were preselected for yesterday's event. coming up next, flyer beware. the news4 i-team reveals how cyber thieves can access your thinformation. potential traps are hidden plain site. we will show you how to protect yourself and family coming up next on "news4 today." you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on!
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welcome back. most of us know to protect our cardinals, bank accounts our social security numbers. you have to be pretty vigilant. but there is a whole market out here for other information that makes you just vulnerable. >> that's right. and in the height of the travel season, you could be givingt away without even realizing it. here is investigative reporter jodie fleischer with this flyer beware report. >> reporter: you wouldn't leave the door to your hotel room wide open, handier wallet to a stranger or post your passports online. >> people who travel go to great lengths toprotect their credit card, but they don't think about this. what every hacker wants is your data. >> reporter: bersecurity expert james lee says they are constantly coming up with new ways to get it. screen names, email addresses, where you shop, and what you buy. andt the airport you keep it all in the palm of your hand until you are running low on power. >> when you connect up tf
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these power charges, you are connecting up to a computer you can't see. >> reporter: avoid the usb ports. the old fashioned port is safer. oh, no, you forgot your cord? beware. an identity thief may be the one who left theirs behind. >> some of the newer cords have chips in there, so you can add malware to the cord itself. >> reporter: it can steal your data like a direct connection to your computer. stored passwords and p.i.n. numbers are most valuable. tanya bonds loves to travel, but didn't realize her personal information could also be on the move. >> i always plug in my usb into the lamp. that's what i was told was safe. r: nope.t and those fancy hotel lamps and alarm clocks are convenient, aren't they? you never know who spent hours in that room before you did. >> it's easy to alt one of these kind of ports. >> reporter: which means the port in your rental car orsh rideare can also be risky. on board computer and bluetooths systean capture your data. >> you have now left your
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footprint from that phone in that car. >> reporter: the electronic privacy information center says hackers stealing your data shouldn't be your only concern. we all interact with legitimate businesses that are really after r data so they can sell it to >> they are collecting more informatiofothan is required your interaction with that company. that's part of the problem. >> reporter: have you tried these fancy new ipads to order your nch or a drink? while you are devouring that burger, the tabletli is globb up information about you. >> and when you swipe your card to pay, it marries that information with whayever else have done on that tablet. >> my gmail all the time. reporter: you log in on the ipads? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: even games you play prompt you to enter pefrm information. feeli social? enter your login and password. any posts can be scored. >> from a securityctperspee, there is not as much risk as
9:13 am
there is privacy risk. >> reporterthe privacy licy, which most users never read, clearly states we may build and store user profile preferences based op your use of the tablet program. even lists the ways they may share personally identifiable information with third parties. >> it makes it almost impossible to track down all the policies. >> reporter: plus you never know how that data will be used in the futurecauch. if the third parts fall victim to a data breach, you don't know what information they had. even when you scan your boarding pass to pay with miles or get flightve alerts, that connience also costs you. your frequent flyer data, rewards program, and trip information. >> you have to be savvy. wherever there is the ability for somebody to siphon off your data, they are going to try and you need to protect it. >> reporter: his best advice? flyer beware. if it isn't your device, don't log into it. >> the tablet privacy policy
9:14 am
says users can contact thepa com to review the personal information that's been captured and request it be deleted. >> so many s peopleare information. for more information visit our nbc washington app and click on flyer beware under investigations. >> a live look outside looking at the white house. crystal clear day, 78 degrees. 9:14 is the time. thank you for joining us. >> you soundte exci >> also going to be a beautiful day. >> and lauryn is going to tell us about it when we return.
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welcome back. your time now is 9:16. we are talking about something that sounds likeut of a movitu like g sck in quicksand mud. >> look at that. thse are notocks. this picture shows the predicament of an 87-year-old man from ppr area. thied near the potomac river in bethesda. aimee cho with the incredible story about how his dog helped bark dow help. >> reporter: this is a story about man's best friend. let'st mee blue and jax and their human, lamar neville. talk to him for five seconds and you'll see why he is popular with pets and people alike. and, yes, that is his name on his shirt. >> i just put it on so people know who i am. that's kind of nice. >> reporter: on monday, lamar thought it would be nice to take the dogs for aby walk the c and o canal. his wife was going see a movie.
9:18 am
she told her husband -- >> wait until we come back because if you fall oddown, nob will know where you are. >> reporter: did lamar wait? noot. he did n. and sure enough found himself in a sticky situation. >> i tell you, that mud was literly up to my knees and i couldn't pull my legs out. >> reporter: mired in mud. the more he moved, the more he sank. >> i was trying to dig it out with my hands, but it just oozed back over. and it made a mess. >> reporter: lamar stood there an hour yelling for helpful he wasn't loud enough to be heard, but these guys wey. >> if theadn't been with me, i don't know whether i would have gotten anybody. >> reporter: eventually, gtad samarins stopped by to lend a hand and the fire department gave lamar a lift home with the help of a hose he and his furry friends a good as new now and lamar says being stuck in the mud wasn't the worst thing in the world. >> if you want to try it, it's not that far. if you want to go see what it's like? >> reporter: i think i will take your word for it.
9:19 am
aimee cho, news4. >> nothing against cats -- >> hey, don't go there. >> that's why dogs are the best. >> puppies? >> nothing againstpu ies or cats. >> puppy would save me. >> you are stuckin the mud, pup puppy would be like, let's just hang out. >> did you not see pat collins' pet tricks things. cats can do things, too. >> yeah, but a dog won that contest, too. firefighters say if you get stuck in the mud, don't struggle. it only makes you sink faster. they have special gadgets to help you out. >> we're glad lamar is all rigt. listen to your wife next time, too. all right. listen, it's nice out there. >> today is the day to get outside. it's going to be hot? >> yeah. you were outside yesterday.
9:20 am
you were sitting in the sunshine. >> melting. >> i know. i mean, the july sun -- we were lking about the nats game. it's hot out there. and we don't have the humidity t outre today. that may fool some people. why are you smirking lke that? >> it's the end of july. >> you said it was august earlier. i was like, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> we are close. what is today? the 28t i guess we are close. spotty showers out there today and tomorrow. look at this. isolated cans of rain as we get into tuesday. scattered chances f your wednesday and thursday. so i know we had a spotty shower e yesterday. nely shower out of the eanhern paandle of west virginia. it floated all the way over tou er montgomery county. again make another chance today mainly we will keep a chance for tomorrow, a 20% chance of rain on tuesday, and then up it even more for awednesday thursday. conditions today similar to yesterday. if you liked yesterday, you are really going to like id showers and then
9:21 am
humidity starts to seep back in. ttyou will feel it a li bit today. definitely feel it tomorrow. and then by tuesday all bets are off. it's going to be hot and humid back around the area. temperatures in the 70s. annapolis on the water, low 80s. quantico 7 marine base right now. 70s and 80s for brunch. if you are headed out, sunscreen. i wouldsit you outside if you ka stand it, especially in the shade. temperatures this afternoon low 90s. depending how long you do brunch, you may experience some of those temperatures. it's going to be fairly comfortable comfortable out there, especially from now until the early portion of the afternoon. church services warm and dry. pool, definitely get out to the pool if you can. that's all sunshine. again with that stray shower chanceainly north and evening barbecue, a-okay, looking good for that. dry across the area right now thanks to high pressure in charge. as far as your monday morning commute, plenty of sunshine. temperatures top out in the low-to-mid 90s.
9:22 am
we could have patchy fog tomorrow morning, especially for areas th have a little bit of rain. again another spotty shower chance tomorrow. we will have that 20% chance on tuesday. by the catime we get into wednesday, a system pushes through. well keep a chance for scattered rain showers wednesday and thursday. frontal system stalls to the south, so we'll continue with those rain chances. unfortunately, all the way through next week, possibly even into next week. i'm mark murray with nbc news. >> special counsel robert mueller on wednesday answered congress' questions for his testimony on his russia investigation. here's what we learned. >> number one,ueller contradicted president trump's story on the russia probe saying it was not witch hunt or a hoax, and also emphasizing that he did not exonerate the president. >> number two, all that saiod the of trump's impeachment seem less likely now given a lack of another bombshell development and the math of
9:23 am
removing thepr ident from office. >> until three, mueller was the most animated when he was describing russia's inteinferene he 2016 election saying it deserves the attention of every american. >> number four, mueller was less animated about othermatters, including about whether the president committed obstruction of justice. >> number five, mueller was a credible witness. he lis afelong republican and he lis afelong republican and he carefull
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>>ews rescued all 700 passengers from a train after it got stuck in a monsoon in india. the country's disaster relief force launched a rescue operation and told passengers not to move unt they arrived. but get this. the trai was stranded for nine ours and it was surrounded by water. officials say all the passengers have been evacuated ande ar safe. >> safer to stay, right? here is a story some may find disturbing. a young mann caught ocamera setting a boy's hr on fire. the 19-year-old uses a lighter and aerosol, boom, right there. sets fire to the ba of the boy's head. look at itw. again. wo this happened last weekend east of tokyo. police say the man confessed. no word on then condition of the boy. we hope he is okay for sure. why would you do hat? seriously. hey, taking a live look outside on this sunday morning.
9:27 am
placid scene there at national harbor. it's almost 80 degrees. it's going to feel pretty warm today. we will check in witlauryn for we will check in witlauryn for e. i switched from dodg
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we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switche. for dependability. for technology for the muscle. and just lk at it. adios, lexus. by bye, ford. we switched to chevy. r.and i couldn't be happie see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. or add another chevy to your driveway. current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning. welcome in on this sunday morning. tis 9:29. thank you foroining us. we are starting the day a little
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bit warmer around here, but maybe a heat wave on the way? gosh, i know. >> hopefully not as bad as last week because that was opprtsive. that h was something else, lauryn. >> man, i know. those temperatures were at the century mark. agn that heat indix over 110. what con tuts theea hwave in the d.c. area, you have to have three or more consecutive days at or above 90 degrees. yesterday 89. today low 90s for daytime highs. so a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday. maybe a touch more humidity out there today compared to yesterday. but that humidity will continue to grow as we head into this work week. right now sitting at 78 degrees. not that bad out there right w. we continue through the morning, those temperatures are into the 80s. low 90s by this afternoon and into this evening. ethere so b an isolated shower chance heading into theno afteron and evening. again a very small chance. i thinkthat chance is going to
9:31 am
be north of the district if we see anything develop. as far as the humidity amvels go, i oing to step out so you guys can see this, the legend on the left sid of your screen, you can see comfortable out there today. i mean, we still have the heat,n but i terms of humidity levels it's going to be comfortable. monday and tuesday the humidity creeps back in an definitely going to feel it by , wednesda thursday, friday. in fact, the humidity continues into next weekend. rain chances. let's talk about whenyou could see rain in your neighborhood. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you very much. president trump continues to attack maryland congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore on twitter. overnight the president tweeted, quote, so sad that einjah cumm has been able to do so little for the people of baltimore. statistically, baltimore ranks last in almost ery major category. cummings has done nothing but milk baltimore dry but the to the s getting wise bad job that he is doing. this comes after a heated
9:32 am
describe coming from the west baltimore districtas, quote, a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. the president was reacting to the grilling cummings gave last week to acting homeland security secretary over conditions that detention facilities on the border. cummings responded to the president's attacks by saying he is in hisonstitutionalduty to conduct oversight of the executive branch. >> and as you can imagine the backlash is out there. the editorial board of the baltimore sun penning this one in response. in a blistering op-ed the pa said, quote, mr. trump sees attacking african-american members of congress as good politics, end quote. his column ended with quote. better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one, end quote. >> those comments along with much more on this week's special counsel robert mueller is coming up later this monday on "meet the press." moderator chuck todd will join us before the sw to talk about what the testimony means for congress and the white house
9:33 am
moving forward. of course, "meet the press" starts at 10:30 right after "news4 today." i want to tell you that this morning two people, including a boy, are recovering after being shot right in the middle of the day in d.c. this was the crime scene here on kennedy st in the brightwood park neighborhood yesterday. d.c. police finding a w man had been shot a block away on ingram street. he was conscious when rushed to the hospital. police say someone actually walked a boy here to the hospital. no word yet on any arrests. updates this morning on a stabbing in bowie that left a man dead. bowie police charged the vict 's 17-year-old son with his death. police released this picture of ba he is charged with first and second-degree murder of this -- of his father who is also named barba koroma. police say the vict crashed an suv into a fence on northview drive in the area of alan pond park. officers say the victim's son dragged his father out ofckthe trund into the wooded area.
9:34 am
the victim died at the scene. officers say the father and son got into some sort of fight inside the car. detectives say the teen admitted to killing his father. want to tell you that a manhunt is underway in canada for twoeenagers wanted in connection with three killings. the canadian air force joined the search for theswo suspect seen in this surveillance video in a saskatchewan grocery store. they are charged with murdering one man and suspected in the killing of two others, including a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend in british columbia. neighbors in that area are pretty nervous. >> two long days. life hasn't been the same. people are scared, on edge. hopefully they catch them soon. >> police are going door to door in that area now where the suspects were last spotted. now to a disturbing storey out of rome. two teenagers from california are facing charges for killing an italian police officer. here's what we know at this point. authorities say the 35-year-old
9:35 am
officer confronted the teens on friday allegedly ov a stolen backpack. the officer was then stabbed eight times. investigators say it happened right after a drug deal had gone wrong. police say the teens have confessedo the murder. the officer who died had just returned to work days after his honeymoon. his funeral is expect to be held tomorrow in the same church where he got married. closer to home, an update on a stabbing in springfield. louisiana pan man is facing charges after a woman was stabbed to getawdea in fairfax county. police say they found a man and man inside a hotel room there. the woman died at the scene. the man whose name is matthew cook was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. police say the two did know each other. cook been charged with second-degree murder. school is almost here, and some children in prince george's county are now prepared to head back to ass.
9:36 am
organizers at ebenezer church of god handed out 1,000 backpacks stuffed with school supplies for children. a number of people in underserveareas benefitted. they al here is a shocker. it costs a lot of money to live he if you or someone you know just moved here, then you know it is expensive to move into the district. ee ind washington, d.c. ranked as one of the most expensive places to move to into the world. that's shocking to me. the world. so san francisco comes out as s thengle most expensive city to live in in the world. no new york is number three. boston number eight. mbs angeles number 12. washington is 14. researchers looked at the cost of housing, moving expenses, including temporary houng and utility expenses. >> yeah, dublin ireland, sydneyu tralia, and geneva switzerland were in the top five
9:37 am
here. london, miami, and paris were the top 25. that's the list that you don't want to be near the top of. yeah, we are up there. >> i am surprised we are more expensive than london and paris. >> it is pricey around here. check this out. an idea developed then nurtured by a young girl inndmaryland a it's going international. coming up next on "newsn today," leorris introduces us to this week's harris' hero.
9:38 am
9:39 am
welcome back. most kids spend their weekends focusing on their hobbies or games. >> that's right. but not the seventh grader that you are going to meet right now. e spends her free time helping others. >> michaela west always wanted to help people. now her small ideaf helping the homeless has gone international. >>s leon harris reports, michaela and bundles of lovere this week's harris' heroes. >> reporter: she is shy until it
9:40 am
comes to doing things for others. from?did this idea come >> when i was 3 i always wanted to help the homeless, like give them money. and i wonderedwhy no one ever gave them anything. >> reporter: she came up with the idea for bundles of love when she was just 8 years old. you see, h birthday is close to christmas, and she felt like she was receiving too many gifts. >> so instead of my parents giving me gifts and my friends giving me gifts, i asked for stuff for the homeless. and then we bundled it. >> i said don't worry about what's in there. the most important thing is the love you are giving them with and she said, oh, i'm going to call them bundles of love. >> repter: that turned into a small after school club. how many joined you the first time? >> five or six. >> reporter: andhe next time after that? >> 20. >> reporter: and the next time after that? >> 44. >> reporter: now there are 15 chapters all over the country and two in canada. we asked michaela to bring a couple friends out to show us
9:41 am
how the bundling works. she brought out the entireoo s it starts with survival items like socks, soap, and toothpaste. students add in hand-made cards and wrap it up a in a blanht. >> tey enjoy delivering thees bundl my daughter is a part of it. we have a bundle in our car. >> reporter: tell me what you feel li when do you that, when you put yourself in their position and give them a bundle r . i feel sad for them. at the same time i feel like i know that people love them. >> reporter: this program has also had a big impact on the adults in michaela's life. >> when we delivered ontm chr day that first year, we got in the car. her dad and i thanked her because she gave u opportunity to see what christmas is all about. >> reporter: all this goodness, all this giving bause one little girl's birthd was too close to christmas. >> that was leon harris reporting. to learn more about bundles of
9:42 am
love you can search harris' heroes in the nbc washington app. >>ove it. time right now is 9:41. a live look at union station on this sunday morning. 78 degrees. already feeling pretty warm out there, but it's going to get a lot warmer as wetho rough the day today and tomorrow. we'll check with lauryn when we come back. come back. not all water is created equal. only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp andrefreshind deer park 100% natural spring water. born better®
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welcome back. time now is 9:44. a suspected thief went through a whole lot for it's allt on camera, too. the cameras capture just the struggle he went through to get a package of gatorade. we still can't believe this. but he repeatedly kicked in a locked door and so on and so on. >> finally, he was able to squeeze his body through that hole. i guess he really liked that flavor. news4's patcollins went to the store in southeast d.c. to learn more about gatorade man. check it out. >> reporter: this guy is giving a whole new meaning to the expression "doorbuster." call him gatorade man. you are going to see him steal a days case ofgatorade and make a getaway that is,well, something less than graceful. the scene this mobile gas
9:46 am
iastation on pennsylvanvenue southeast. if you steal something from this gas station store, they have an electronic lock they can activate to keep you from getting away, and it works. most of the time.e gatoradn had a special exit plan. first, he grabs a case of what appears toe b the fruit punch flavored thirst then he makes his way to the front door. but it's locked. he starts kicking that door like a rockette. no luck. he kicked it again. >> let me out! >> repoer: nothing. then he sets down that gatorade and goes atoo the dagain and again. finally, a hole in the door. the man picks up the case of gatorade, slips it through that hole, and then makes his getaway through the same opening.
9:47 am
then to a rideshare bike and off into the sunset. that gatorade in the front basket. >> the guy who put that lock in swor that lock will not break, and it didn't. the door broke before the lock did. >> reporter: thes dennis alloy. he is the gas ation owner. now, you might remember him. he is the guy who posts pictures of people who steal from his stores. he says that tactic has reduced thefts substantially. >> well, maybe with the exception of gatorade man. >> after putting videos, after putting the campposters up, signicant decrease. it's noticeable. it's part of the business. it's never going to go away completely, and i get that, but stuff like this, i just don't expect that to happen. >> reporter:olice now have that surveillance video from the gas station,ut so far no .rrests in this gatorade ca
9:48 am
in southeast, pat collins, news4. >> it's an eertly told story right there by pat collins. you know, the heat makes you do crazy things. >> troubling on so many levels. >> he wanted some gatorade. >> he needs that gatorade. and he needed 12 of them. >> he was this that heat wave last week, he needed a whole case. ride on the rideshare bike and off into the sunset. >> i think we probably need water, gatorade, all those things if you are going to be outside. >> i just love the story. i don't love what happened, but i love the way pat told it. >> just to go to those lengths to steal gatorade and then have a bike to put it in to get away, that just horrible. anyway. >> i know. back to the weather. like i said, it's going to be a hot day. you will need to hydrate. >> it is going to be a hot day. i have the notinats forecast. are you going today? >> i was in the shade yesterday.
9:49 am
meagan sat in the soon. it was a 4:00 game. nd even then it was hot yesterday. >> melting, self included. >> today's 1:35 me against the dodger. hopefully we can get a win in in this series. we will have that heat with us throughout the afternoon, and it is going to be just a little hotter than it was yesterday. but plenty of sunshine out there today. take a look at our national kirbor camera. beautiful blue s out there. thinking about getting your car washed on this sunday morning? well, today's the day to do it. we have an isolated chance of showers here and there, but mainly, mainly to the north today. so again small chance of a shower or thunderstorm, but for the most part i would say we are going to be a-okay. four things to know. hot and comfortable out there today. as adam tuss wld call it, warm and hot. still on that. he said warm and hot earlier. look, alleright -- > me ask you this. are both of thosei adjects
9:50 am
correct? >> yes, it's warm now. it's going to be hot later on. a touch of humidity going into your monday, and then tuesday we will have a chance for some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. now, wednesday is our transition day as a cold front pushes through the area. that means we will have a better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. as far as ourat temperures are concerned right now, not too bad. they are moseying up on to the 80 degree mark. it is going to be warm. we take on the dodgers this afternoon. fi1:35 is our st pitch. again it's going to be dry i think throughout the entire game. again that stray shower chance mainly north through maryland. but temperatures a going to be in the 90s. it is going to be brutal if you are sitting the sunshine. make sure you are hydrated there if you are headed out to the nats game. as far as what we are looking at on the radar, nothing. temperatures through the day tomorrow going to be inhe low-to-mid 90s. a little bit moreow humid tomorr than today, and today a little bit more humid thwe yesterday. eep amping up that humidity. tuesday, wednesday, you willef itely feel that humidity.
9:51 am
you may feel a few raindrops north of the area as we go through your afternoon and evening another chance of scattered -- isolated shafers tomorrow rnoon and better chance of scattered showers on your tuesday afternoon. a andain i don't think everybody will see them. the best chance of rain really comes on wednesday with that frontal systemil that w be pushing through and moving through on thursday. it stalls out. so we do have those chances of rain. i even keptce chanin on friday, although that may be far south on friday where we may be friday. i'll keep a small chance. so we just look unsettled after we get through wednesday. so enjoy the day today. it's going to be nice, but hot and humid through this we're the slowskys.
9:52 am
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welcome back. a tearful reunion to tell you about between a metro transit police officer and a 4-year-old boy. this picture right here, it actually went viral la weekend showing the officer whos who wa helping the boy who has autism. >> news4's mrk segraves has the reunion. >> reporter: tears of joy from a mother as she finally not a chance to say thank you to the metro transit officer who came to her rescue last week when her 4-year-old on, who isautistic, was having>>a meltdown. know i tried to say thank you a million times on the train, but it really did mean so much. >> reporter: officer dominic
9:55 am
case says he was just doing what any father would do, helping a mother and her young son who were in distress. >> having a 4-year-old myself, it's not something i haven't seen before. he seemed a little distraught. i just thought maybe i could help out a little bit. >> reporter: this photo of case boy's g the 4-year-old hand went viral over the weekend after the boy's mother posted the story of how officer case offered that hel wng handen andrew was having that meltdown. >> we were right by the tracks and he w t rolling inhe dirt, pulling my hair,icking me. it breaks my heart because there is nothing i can do about it. >> her son did suffer from autism. i just, you know, crashed down to his eye level and just tried to talk to him, explain to him who i was, why i was there. i thought maybe the next best thing to give him something from my vest so he could have and hold and kind of, you know, distract him a little bit from what was going oon. >> rer: case, who has been a metro transit officer for
9:56 am
about five years, not only helped to calm andrew down. he rode the train home with him, a 35-minute ride. >> he is a very sweet kid, very sweet boy. once he was able to calm down, you knowho the w train ride, you know, he wa calm, so po loy light, a ver kind kid. >> what a sweet story. i love that. and a few a days officer dominic case received a special board.rom the metro his mother were also there to say thank you. experts say children with autism can have negative interactions with police. they ho this story helps to change thatwa moving forrd. >> little things make a big difference. absolutely. ok taking a live lo at our front lawn he in northwest d.c. outside our nbc washington studios s a beautifultart to the day, but it's going get hot. wait until you see what's coming late other on this weeor your full fecast when we come
9:57 am
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only for a limited time. news4 starts now. saturday night shutdown. thousanan of d.c. residents businesses were left without power in the summer heat. the latest on the massive outage. eeting into the night, president trump kept up his attacks on representative elijah cummings and his maryland congnssional district late i the night. we are going to have more on the
10:00 am
backlash from the president's latest remarks. troversial and arer this at union station? months later officials say they know how the car got onto the train tracks and how they plan to make sure it never happens again. 10:00 is your time. thank you for joini on this sunday morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> i'mso adam tuss. elief from the summer heat today. >> it was hot yesterday. looks like it might be a little hotter today? >> yeah, a degree or two. we were 89 degrees yesterday. so here in.c. that didn't start the heat wave. we have to have three or more consecutive days at or abovefo a heat wave. but don't worry. just in case you were counting, i think we will manage to make it into the 90s the next several days, which will constitute a heat wave. hot as two weeks ago. but again it's going to be warm. we had a lonely shower to cool us off. same deal today, a


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