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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 28, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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backlash from the president's latest remarks. troversial and arer this at union station? months later officials say they know how the car got onto the train tracks and how they plan to make sure it never happens again. 10:00 is your time. thank you for joini on this sunday morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> i'mso adam tuss. elief from the summer heat today. >> it was hot yesterday. looks like it might be a little hotter today? >> yeah, a degree or two. we were 89 degrees yesterday. so here in.c. that didn't start the heat wave. we have to have three or more consecutive days at or abovefo a heat wave. but don't worry. just in case you were counting, i think we will manage to make it into the 90s the next several days, which will constitute a heat wave. hot as two weeks ago. but again it's going to be warm. we had a lonely shower to cool us off. same deal today, a spotty
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shower. then tuesday better chance of isolated showers and storms. but it's a beautiful start out there. our view from our national harbor camera. gorgeous conditions out there. 80 degrees is thee. temperatur low-to-mid 80s before the hour is over. topping out in the low 90s today. shower f an isolat north of d.c. let's talk about rain for this keekend. also let's tal about the heat. i'llh show you tose numbers on that ten-day forecast coming up. meantime, we areeaollowing ng news out of the district this morning. three people shot on t street in northwest d.c. overnight. police say this happened near the howard theater. all three victims rushed to the hospital. no word on their conditions right now.po ice say they are looking for a white audi car with d.c. tags case. nection to this an update on other breaking news out of new york. one person is dead andle 12 peop hurt after someone opened fire near a playground last night. police tell our sister station in new york the gunfire started
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just before 11:00. witnesses say this happened at a block party in nsooklyn. sigt the scene said it was the annual old-timers day celebration. witnesses say the gunfire set off a lot of panic. >> well, when i heard the shots i actually thought it was fireworks. i didn't think for a tinutet that was happening at this type of event, but, yeah, people, it was like a stampede. people were running over each other. it's just unfortunate. >> so far no arrests have been made. keep one this breaking news throughout the morning and throughout the day on our nbc washington app. meantime, we have some good news this morning. power is now back to thousands of people who were left in the dark i the district. >> that's right. news4's derrick ward is live with the latest on what happened overnight. hey there, derrick. >> something went wrong at that pepco power station. a substation, actually, on florida avenue in northwest.
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that cut power to se 39,000 customers. in northwest in the areas around shaw, mount vernon square, generally that part of downtown. now, trafs,c light cash registers, and of course those air w conditionere not working. pepco says they know what happened. they think the crews have been working on the problem. it was a transformer. we heard from a pepco executive in a conference call earlier this morning. they now have a handle on things. take a look. >> the event resulted in multiple equipment issues that we had that impacted electric service toxi apptely 39,000 customers in northwest d.c. our crews were able to restore service through alternate switching to restore service to the majority of those customers impact 5:00 p.m. yesterday. >> and the last t ofse customers who were left in the dark were back online by this morning. early hours of this morning. now, pepco had to rebuild some
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of the damaged equipment right t.ere on the s they brought some other things in from other power companies and from storage. one of the burning questions had behan could this been some sort of attack, a cyberattack on the grid. that was one thing the pepco executive at this point says that they can rule out. that wasn't the problem. they are getting at the heart of what it was. live in thesr newm, derrick ward, news4. e ck to you. >> a lot of peoplppy the juice is back on. to politics now. president trump spent part of his weekend attackingan maryl congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore in a war of words. it's gotten heated.e overnight thresident tweeting, quote, so sad that elijah cummings has been able to do so little for the people of baltimore. statistically, baltimore ranks last in almost every major category. cummings has done nothing but milk baltimore dry but theti public is g wise to the bad job he is doing, end quote. this comes after he described cummings' west baltimore
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district as a disgusting rat and rodent-infereed mess. thedent was apparently reacting to the gnglling cummis gave last week to the acting homeland security director over tension of the t facilities ov barred. >>rd boer. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower? come on, man. >> cummings responded to there psident's attacks by saying it is his constitutional duty to conduct overght of t executive branch. baltimore city leaders and the governor of maryland have come o cummings' defense in this issue. and all of these comments along with much more on this week's testimony from former special ue counsel roberter coming up later this morning on "meet the press." moderator chuctodd will join us in a few minutes here in studio to talk about what the testimony means for congress and the white house moving forward. "meet the press" starts at 10:30, not too long from now, right here at "news4 today." now to a tragic story in new york city.
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a father is charged with the twins f his 1-year-old after they were left in a car on a hot summer day. police say juan rodr uez left his kids inside the car while he went to work in the bronx on frida b the little and girl had been in the back seat for nearly eight hours. atdriguez told authorities he didn't realize whad happened until he arrived to his car after his shift. rodriguez has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and other charges. he isur due back in coon thursday. we are working to identify the names of two people killed in a car crash that happened yesterday morning along route 301 in charles county. maryland state police say pedro garcia was driving on 301 near mount air road when he rear-ended anothn car. a womand a girl in that car died on the scene. the driver in the car was airlifted to the hospital. police say garcia refused to be treated on the scene and word on whether or not he is going to face any charges in this case. > now to some security concerns at union station.
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here is a live look from there. the amtrak office of the inspector general highligh some safety risks at the transportation hub. take a look at this. the report says is car was able to drive onto the platform and right onto the tracks earlier this year. the g inspectoreral says passengers and staff are also put at risk because of broken surveillance cameras and lax monitoring the entrances. amtrak said, quote, we have taken immer important preps for imements such as creating a plan to document how we will address the vulnerabilities oig identified attihe sta and yard by september of 2019. people who have paid their debt to societ they are getting a second chance at cleaning up their records and it's all thanks to a local church. the first baptist church of glenarden hosted this free expungement fair in upper marlboro yesterday. they brought together judges and lawyers who gave people some free advice. they also reviewed som
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residents' criminal records to see if they were eligible for expungement. people got advice on getting their voting rights restored as well. hard to believe, but we are weeks way from the first day of sc. but before kids head back to class some kids from our area received some essentials to head back to school. the alford streetaptist church organized this event in alexanderxa aler alexandria yesterday. children and families from d.c. and alexandria received coats, shoes, gift cards and supplies. very cool. >> this is the 16th tear ofs annual event. we are so proud of it. it is one of our ancor events. >> 15,000 low-income children and their families were preselected for yesterday's event. the smoke detectors never went off. no one smelled any smoke, but more than a dozeneople were able to escape this scorched home without getting hurt. ext you will hear from the 5-year-old boy who is now being 5-year-old boy who is now being called a hero.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. welcome back. the time is 10:11. there were tense momes in moscow. riot police clashed with demonstrators. people took to the street to protest political candidates barred from participating the city's local elections. hundreds were arrested yeste authorities said the protest was illegal beforehand. it's c notear what charges those who were detained may face. well, back here at home president ump is threatening to slap tariffs on french wine. the move is in response to the country's new tax affecting u.s. technology companies. the tax would impact tech giants like facebook and google that draw millions of dollars in revenue from digital services in france. last year fran exported $3.6 billion in wine though to the u.s. id president reportedly s
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that he likes american wines better anyway. interesting. crews rescued 700 passengers from a train after it got stuck in a monsoon in india.nt the coury's disaster response rce launched a rescue operation and told passengers not to move until they arrived. the train was stranded for nine hours surrounded by water. officials say allthe passengers have been evacuated and they are safe. >>here is a story that some may find disturbing. a young man caught on camera setting a boy's hair on it's an ang piece of video here. 19-year-old using a lighter and aerosol can right ther fire to the back of the boy's head. t happened last weekend east of tokyo. yikes. police say the man nfessed. no word on the condition of the boy. this morning a year-old boy in chicago is being called a hero. the boy woke up, he saw this building was on fire and he started to tell his neighbors. he also told his aunt we need to getut.
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his aunt said she never smelled smoke and the fire alarms never went off the boy describes what happened. darn. cute little boy. he a hero. sorry, we don't have that sound for 13 ople did get out safely and no one was hurt in the fire. >> glad that ended up in a good story there. taking a live look outside here at 10:13 on this sunday morning. the sun is splashing down on us here. 80 degrees ready. uryn says it's going to get hot. hot. stick aund for her full week
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well, it is a nice day out there. welcome back. we are talking about the beautiful conditions we have out there. a little on the hot side, but comfortable out there right now. oh, hello. id isappeared. it was magic o there. listen, it is a little touch of magic today because it's not feeling too bad. beautiful conditions. humidity comes seeping back in. monday, tuesday hot ath humidity wi a chance of storms, and wednesday is the transition day as a frontal through the area. a better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms on wednesday afternoon. take a look at the temperatures. it's a hot oneut there. temperatures around 90 degrees.
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perfect day to go to the pool. again a chance of a strayr. sho that's about it. mainly north of d.c. through parld we will have that chance of a stray shower. temperatures though topping out in the low 90s. a few degrees warmer than it was yesdarday. yestermade it to 89 here in the district. i know some areas made it into the low 90s. but again i think it will be a degree or two warmer ut there today with that isolated shower. so if you are in maryland, keep an eye to the sky. that's where you will likely see pop-up showers this afternoon. if you are headed out to church services, going to be warm and dry. same with the pool time. all sunshine, slather on that spf. as far as any barbecues this evening, we could have a stray orm out there. for the most part we are fine. as we get into the radar, high pressure in charge sitng over the carolinas. again we are dry out there. for your monday morning commute, dry. another chance of a spotty ower as we continue through your afternoon and evening on monday. temperatures are going to be one or two degreesar wer tomorrow than today. also the humidity going to be a
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little bit more and it's going to be a little bit more humid, there we go, tomorrow tan today. and definitely humid tuesday and wednesday. again the forecast for tomorrow 94 degrees. isolated shower possiblen the afternoon. better chances of rain come on tuesday and even better chances of rain come ago as we geet it your wednesday. that front is going to stall to the south. so not going to be a raining day each and every day towards the end of next week and the weekend, but it loos like will be unsettled at least. 90, dropping into the 80s through the weekend. >> thank you very much. robert mueller finally delivered his testimony on the russia probe, but one political expt saying democrats got what they wanted on substance, but on optics the hearing was a disaster. >> that polical ex poert was moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd who is here in studio. what do you mean by all that? the optics? >> well, the wholepoint ofhe
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hearing as adam schiff said last week was to oring the rep to life. the information we already had. and that's the thing. and instead the hearing was jst robert muellerng conf or reiterating -- not even reiterating, just confirming es yr-no type of things. it didn't have that wait until you hear it in mueller's words moment. ta >> more imporly, i thought democrats, frankly, failed in sort of getting him to -- and he obviously was going to refuse to answer. but they probably should have tried again, which is what did you mean? where didn why didn't you do? do you mean nor this to be an impeachment referral? there was a question about not interviewing the president. a little more oversight over the n'decisions made and didt make. i was surprised instead clearly they were using it to -- this was in the mueller report,
10:20 am
right? i think in that sense if they thought, boy, they can get the cancer on the presidency moment, you know, a quote like that, that maybe it would galvanize the issue and they didn't get thst. >> and a qon that could linger is if the president doesn't win in 2020, could he be indicted once he gets outf office? obviously something -- >> well, look, i thiat whhis legal debate is, a sittprg esident apparently we have decided can't be. i don't know if that's -- you kn , the constitution does not say th necessarily. that actually hasn't been, you know, are weaying that if a sitting president of the united states committed murder, you couldn't indict that person for rder? i don't think that's necessarily settled constitutional law. it's settled political law. >> and they tried to walk up to the line. >> they were getti there woot -- >> right. let's talk about baltimore real quick, the comments that are coming from the president in his latest tweet storm and elijah cummings and the back and forth and our area put in the middle
10:21 am
of this. >> you know, this is one of these things. this creates real dilemma for democrats because he is dropping a race bomb here, right? he is trying to do -- why is he ing it? because he wants to distract from what elijah cummings is doing. it his day-to-day job on the oversight committee. the president is feeding talkin pointto his base so the worko in rsight having to do with the border and how the unaccompanied minors are being tret tre ed and this committee is looking into the security clearance issue and what was done wth jared kushner, ionnka trump, hose fronts. they had just put in a request for documents from them. so it's clear this is a person vendetta of sorts from the president. the fact ihe knows how the press and, frankly, our political system works. you drop a race thing in there and, boom, it explodes. and then he has accomplished what he is distracting from this. i think that's the dilemma. he also clearly believes, he ev
10:22 am
either beli this is good for him politically because he believes his base likes this, or he believes it's good for him politically because it gets the democrats dtracted. but this is a clear pattern that he sees the ability to use race as a dividng line i this campaign. >> and seemingly trying to, i guess, spin it as if he's there to help black people. he was saying hashtag blacks for trump 2020. >> i mees, i gu the next question is, what have you done for west baltimore? you know, it is -- there is this -- the critiques come across as if he is not president of west baltimore and not president of san francisco. >> right. >> and this is going to become, i think, this is where the republican -- other elected lificials in the repuban party i think have -- because this is the president saying i'm only the presidt of>y people. right, right roorksight. >> i'm not the esident ofa.
10:23 am
amer i think that's what makes this so disconcerting. >>o much of his message is about attacking america and not attacking america, you know what i mean? >> you attack fellow americans. >> there is a lot coming up on the show this morning. >> i can't emphasize enough how he uses ra to distract us from another bad story and it's just, it's even more demoralizing that he does that and he knows how easy it is to exploit that. >> all right. p "meet thess" at 10:30 this morning. it's coming up in just about seven minutes. we are back after this.
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your time now is 10:26 on this sunday morning. 4 things you need to know. three people shot near the howard theater in northwest d.c. overnight. police say they are looking for a white audi with d.c. tags in connection to the shooting. no word on the conditions. in new york 11 people shot at a block party. witnesses say there was a massive panic when the g nfire started and hundreds cleared out of a park. check the nbc washington app for more information as it comes in. power rs beenstored to thousands of d.c. residents after a massive outage yesterday. we are told it happened after an electrical equipment issue at a substation. about 39,000 pepco customers were affected. keep it here for "meet the press." chuck todd and the panel will go over the fallout from robert
10:27 am
mueller's testimony on capitol hill this week. that's starting in just a few minutes at 10:30 right here after "news4 today." and a warm day ahead. the humidity it looks like? >> it's going to be hot out there. a chance of a stray shower mainly north of d.c. if you are headed to out to the nats game, it's going to be hot. the humidity stilln the low side. starts rolling in tomorrow. we will have rain chances starting tuesday all the way through the weellnd. >> aight. put on the sunscreen. >> stay hydrated. >> indeed. that's it for "news4 today." "meet the press" comi up next. ng>>
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on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. nothing, and i finally looked back to this entire procs, un-american. >> now democrats are opening impeachment hngs. >> we will concede what we


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