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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  July 28, 2019 11:30am-11:52am EDT

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we are sisters. and we jsa why alisnd aleah chose fios. we stream so much.
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a lot of t tes alissa is watchingv on her laptop using her phone, also using her ta i am really good at a little. gee first month of youtube tv on us when you switch now. only on fios. w pevent e offrom progre we'reo to show you some
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tips from empowering yo phone, the apps you can downlo now to kisyi lung getting of tng i so eisthitn now. >> welcome to "news 4 this weend eveharris. experts saarngrase recently on , doreen gentzler asked the ways to prevent the summer brais somens thieep y kids mental mmer brain
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drain, as kids unwind from scol settle into suo. >> research shows th kids c lose up to 2 1/2 months of progress in language, arts and math if they anneormer fairhe tutoring. ogram motivated to b adks they yoe a reluctantauo are y. nd heaasul r b and teaching youw be winapcerorthporapyte ignat. to bringe your home >> a tiou cwianthla shavedcars.
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part to learning and not just reciting facts, you are more likely to cement it into your memory. . l>> how about beach ba >> the way you play i throwyour. whenever thr left thumb lands t. 3 times 3 is 9 an more when they're rher thanp aheady return to it until minute, which is often what haenread a bo about that m packet that's due at the be teachers spend to eight weeks reviewing materiaat th students have forgotten over the summer. speakinof brain drain, the
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digital devices can cause plenty of it. but if used the right way, all the screens kids use can help avoid the summer learning slide. doreen shows us four different apps to keep your kids's minds moving and teach them a few tngs you didn't know. >>s a parent, we want to find a balance between trying too hard, asking your kids to do worksheets every day, and then doing nothing at all. >> letting your child tune out ads to summer brain drain. . >> you have to spend a tremendous amount of time ntviewing because stud who come back without a foundati are lost at the beginning. >> that's where technology can come into play ann dolan runs educational connection. she says those digital devices your kids love can be used strategically to learn a new skill and inspire their curiosity. >> la nina.
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>> it helps kids learn a foreign language. she said sure 5-year-old is obsessed with learning german because of lingo. he does it independently. it is soin engaging a video game format, kids love using it. >>or middle schoolchildren, skillshare. it teaches them how to coer dit recipes, photography. there are thousands of courses on this app. some of them are free. another app called skyviewra encous kids to look up and learn by gazing at the stars. . >> this is fascinating, especially for kids that love science or if you want your child to be interestedin astronomy. they take their iphone or ipad and point it the sky. it can identifya star perns, satellites or constellations. kids can learn just by shooting and pointing and learning abt ro
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astno astmy >> and it is backed by bill andeth melinda gates associati. kindergarten through early collegyes fromoding, music, math d >> parents should set limits when it comes to how much time kids spend on their screens. make sure devices are all turned off an hour before bedtime. when we come back, our brain drain special continues with a look at summer sleep schedules. is it okay to let the kidsin slp past noon? how much sleep should they reallety gtbe? surprising new research o bed times. plus, summ weightgain and why kids are more likely to pack on the pounds this time of year. who is most at risk and what you can do to keep it from happenin
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welcome back to weome back to our special edition of news 4 this week. oreen begins her is taking us
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through the many different things you can do right now to make sure your kids are ready for school in the fall. and it shouldn't be a big surprise that sleep has a lot to do with how much you learn when you're awake. but you may be surprised to learn it's not how long you sleep but what time your kids g to sleep a wt mehewa . doreewas through the new research which may have you rethinking the bedti routine. to the clocks in your body tell us when to go sleep. >> it is so easy to get off schede in the summertime when you don't have a routine. it can throw off the internal alarm clock. >> there is a strong ten ten i did for them to want to go to bedrlier and wake up earlier. putting a young child to bed late is not fit . >> dr. danny phr ewin is associate director of sleep
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medicine at children's national hea system in d.c. he said it's not how long your children arey're going bed. arning,:hildren's national o ab is part of aup about to optimal times based on a child's age. it builds off recommendations that many parents already use from the american academy of pediatrics. it calls for babies to sleep from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. with several additional hours factored in for should 1 once kidsar school, try bed should avoid taking naps.
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8 to 12-year-olds may not be ready until 8:00. teenagers aren't wired to go to sleep until 9:30 and 10 colon 30, aiming for 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. the doctor says the key is consistency. even on weeken and the summer, or it can lead to social jet ee by three or more hours, it's like they're living in california on the weekend and theckhave to come pa to the east coast for school mond appetite and trouble concentrating. >> our metabolism isn'tale. functioning optly. lew okay to
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let teenagers sleep inormal nwe
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america has an education problem.
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week speci on preventing that summer brain drain. s mrthmum months they probably also mean eating a little bit more than normal and a little bianless healthy th normal as well.hs kids are more during the aican-american and. but there are simple thing wihout tippo doreen begins ry for you, the first response is yuck.ti get kids to eat healthy can be challeg with summer camps, vacations, long days at the pool. there are simple things you can do to encourage smart decisions. it starts with where you keep your food. >> placement is critical. studies show if they are visible
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and grabable, that's when children and adults are more likely to eat something. >> a registered die dietician and author of "diet simple". try to keep meal times consistent even on vacation. >> that's one of the reasons people in weight with when they're not at work or school.ip when you breakfast, that's going to make you hungrier later and less particular perhaps about your choices. , if you're hitting the ro try to plan ahead to avoid stopping at fast food oustaurants that line all the exits on yr way to the beach. >> we have gone out of the habit of packing food. put peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yogurt and fruit.
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>> even though ice cream can be very hard to resist in the summer. . >> so this is made with cherries. >> look for healthier alternatives like fruit parfaits. focus on how good in tastes. . >> you're eating a cherry and you say, oh, my god, this tastes like candy. oh, these bluehe berries t the best i've had. and the child says, hey, what about me? you can roast veggi to perfection so that even carrots tasri like french fs. >> now, that may not work as well with teenagers, but young kids can't afford to start bad habits. >> nutrition is especially important when you'regrowing, developing. all your organs are developing. t.your brain, your hear >> and it's important to stay
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hydrated during the summer. en courage kids to drink lots of water. eat more meals at home since restaurant dishes tend to be o aded with extra calories matter how healthy they look. if you don't exercise, you're not going to get too far. when we come back, the four exercises you can do on the go to keep your familyit sum z35wdz z16fz
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16 y35wdy y welcome back to ns 4 this vo
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ummer brain drain this alady tat wha body is doing that on vacation, t? doreen spoke with a personal trainer who is a mother of three and she has four easy exercises stay summer long. regularnd we're, t eating te tounwind.
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he les can wreakfamily's a new sar more likely weight summer break. it hnarviinia. >> when kids it is hard to ha e. vr activity. day for childr hr clients to fam exercises you can do frf the comfort o your own home or even on vacation in a hotel room. and they don't quire any equipment or machinery. . >> stepgo upslow. ksnywhere at any exercise is
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pushup with a ld demonstrated t. >> i'm worng chest rightbeh. a air. something. >> your family can try a luesidn hit the squat.challengin e walls as close to the possible. and you're going to the keeping your arms as close to the wall as possible. it's way harder than it looks. but you'll really feel a good stretc in your upper back and
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shoulders. >> and for 10 to 15 reps of each exercise, four times each, the best advice, set aside each time for family walks or bike rides to help everybody burn off engy and be teens consume moreoo j if they are spending hours at homeo in front a screen. stay why staying active is so rp, look back at preventing summer brain drain. we posted all our website and on our us news, that is.rt wee g e ng to all back soo veeateek.
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we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why we stream so much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop using her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at multi-tasking cause i'm awesome. o'll love. plus, the first month of youtube tv on us when you switch now.


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