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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 28, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, a prince george's county woman's husband is dead and her son behind bars. the grieving wifeea revls if she saw any warning signs before the deadly stabbing. ki brea right now. yet another big shakeup in the trump administration. the country's spy chief is out. and more fallout from president trump's attacks on baltimore ana minority congressman. who's defending the president and why some are going after maryland's governor. >> news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. that breaking news is a deadly shooting in prince george's county. here's what we knowt this time. officers found a man lying on the sidewalk in the 4000 block
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of st place this afternoon. he later died at the hospital. investigators are working to learn what led up to this incident. we've got a crew that's headed to the scene. we'reegoing to have m information on this breaking news as it comes about. all right. thank you for being with us tonight. i'm erika gonz and our following story, a family tragedy unfolding in buoy. a wife and mother suffering an unimaginable loss. her husband murdered. allegedly by her own teenage so . she spoke with news 4's derrick ward this afternoon. >> reporter: 62-year-old barbara koroma was a firm believing in education and achievement since coming here fm sierra leone, through studies in america and abroad, he earned a ph.d. and recjnition, places like ohns hopkins and nih where he was a scientist. >> he loved life. >> reporter: and his wife, patricia, says amid all of her husba husband's achievemts t
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family and three childn were his priority. >> he was a loving husband, caring father. he can do it -- he go the extra s le for anything. >> reporter: thipast friday, the elder barba koroma was found stabbed to death near the wood's edge in buoy's allentown park. his crashed infinity suv was nearby. police were first called to the scene for the report of an aunident. they the damaged vehicle and shortly after that the 17-year-old koroma emerged from the woods. police found his father's body nearby. after questioning, barba koroma was arrested. police say he stabbed his father while he was driving causing the crash and then dragged hisfa er into the woods nearby. his wife can't understand how a routine errand involving a father and a son could end so tragically. e there was no problem between them because hs going to take him to the high brlibrary his homework because he's in summer school. >> reporter: authorities are piecing together just what happened in ths rk. and ended in these woods.h while's going on a family is facing its own quandary.
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>> i'm still in shock, and in. deni >> reporter: in buoy, derrick ward, news 4. >> police say the teenager is being held without bond on first- and second-degree murder charges. all right. we go to more breaking news this evening. director of national intelligence dan coats is stepping down.r president tp tweeting the news this afternoon. saying that he would leave his post august 15th. coats has served as president trump's dni since 2017. during his tenure, mr. trump has publicly criticized coats over policy issues. president trump also tweeting thatom he will be ninating congressman john ratcliffe as his replacement. the texas republican making headlines this week for his grilling of former special counsel robert mueller. presidenkstrump's attac on longtime maryland congressman elijah cummings i onlytensified today. yesterday, mr. trump, if you remember, slammed part of ummings e which represents calling it rodent
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infested. today, the president cald cummings a racist. nbc's jennifer johnson explains how the white house is defendinp mr. tr latest attacks. >> reporter: another showdown between president trump and a member of congress. the president now attacking the powerful chair of the house oversight committee. congressman ejah cummings. president claiming while cummings constantly investigates him and trump's immigration policies, hisaltimore district has become a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. a top white house aide, once a congressman from south carolina, d defending>>the tweets. if i had poverty in my district like i had in baltimore and spent all of my time in washington, d.c., chasing down this mueller investigation, this bizarre impeachment crusade, i'd get fired. i think the president is right to raise that. has absolutely zero to d with race. >> reporter: baltimore residents who have long battled poverty and crime reacting. > as much as it hurts to hear things about our city that we love and cherish dearly, our city has been -- is in need for
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hel g. >> it's aat city. we got great energy. and, yeah, we've got some rats but not as big a rat as the one we got in d.c. right now. >> reporter: this latest firestorm and charges of racism coming on the heels of another controversial trump tweet aimed at four junior congresswomen of color telling them to go back to the countries they came from, three of four were born in the u.s. including representative rashida tlaib. >> our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. that's what he falls down on. >> reporter: the president issuing no apologies but s claiming democrats alway the race card. jennifer -- >> and maryland governor larry hogan is beiniticized for his response to the president's attacks. in a statement, he said baltimore is the heart of the ate, but he also seemed to assign some blame to congressman cummings. saying attacks between politicians are unproductive. city leaders and a lot of social media commentators felt theve gornor should have condemned mr. trump's tweets. and mr. trump'sbe tweets have blowing up on social media.
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we've posted a larger story in our nbc washington app. just search "trump's cummings comments" to read more on that story. okay. let'snotake a shift w. turn to our weather. did you feel it today? it was even more humid than it was yesterday. storm team 4 meteorologist clay anderson iin the weather center. and he says even more heat is on its way. hi, clay. >> good evening, hi, everyone. yes, the heat will continue to build. it's summertime in washington, d.c. no sprise. it will sotart to get rather muggy and start thinking about the heat index as we go back to work tomorrow. outside right now, a beautiful sunny day across our area right now. no problems. folks, if you had an opportunity to be on the water, a great afternoon and evening to be on the temtures as i said, the bermuda ridge is the culprit. we'll talk more about that in a moment. 92 degrees in towns down to our south. temperatures are already in the low 90s. you factor in the heat, what does it feel like outside right now
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quantico, virginia, already feels like 96 degrees and it's 6:00 p.m. we'll give you all the details unrstos's cp l calpe, t a heatwave. erika, we'll ta in a bit. all right, clay, see you then. more breaking news. there is more turmoil in puerto rico. the u.s. territory thought it was getting a new governor on august 2nd. why those plans are now in flux.
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breaking news. the woman in line to replace puerto rico's governor says she doesn't want the job. puerto rico justice secretary wanda vazquez says she ho governor ricardo rossello will appoint a secretary of state before he resigns this friday. former secretary of state luis marin would be the next in linee but he signed. rossello allegedly insulted en wom, members of the lgbtq communi , and victim of hurricane maria during an online chat. that has led to weeks of protests across the island. leading to his re>>gnation. a surfer in florida is lucky to be alive after coming face to face with a shark. that shark latching isonto h arm. miraculo miraculously, habget away. at're going to say or put out a
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warning first he photo we're going to show you is a bit graphic. we can also tell you that this man actually refused to be taken to the hospital. the surfer manages to paddl back to wore. his arm bloody there. but, again, his injuries weren't too serious. he said he didn't want to go to the hospital. the attack unfolding saturday acksonville beach. the surfer says he's seen a lot of sharks in h 20 years out on the water but never one that up close and personal.s >> i wan shock, like i said. i'm like, what is going on? and then it let go. luckily. so i was able to swawim a and get onshore. but, yeah, that was definitely, finitely intense. >> you can say that again. he says he plans to stay out of the water for a few weeks to let his wou a heal but thetack is not going to keep him from surfing he says. stay with us. news 4 ato6:00 is cing right back. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> a gun rights groups challenging maryland's concealed carry law. according to the "fderick news post" a group called maryland shall issue filed a lawsuit in the state's court of special appeals. the tsuit says laws are unconstitutional. maryland is one of ten states that requires a permit to carry a concealed weapon. local authorities have the discretion on whether or not to permits.ose whale, you can bet a lot of folks in one part of d.c. will not be taking their
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air-conditioning for granted this evening. petco restored power to customerin northwest. there was a great hallelujah heard everywhere. equipment at the florida avenue substation affected power to 39,000 customers. so, you know, yesterday we were checking in, different parts of the city, there was a show at the lintooln theater that had be canceled. bus boys and poets at 14th and v had to close. the massive power outage left thousands of d.c. residents and businesses without power for hours. making for a very uncomfortable evening. darcy was interviewing this young woman who was saying that she had just moved in t t district like yesterday was her first day in d.c. welcome to the district of columbia. >> good it wasn't two weeks ago we were talking heat indexes -- >> no kiing. dding. itwas still hot today. >> no air-conditioning is no joke for anyone. we're glad everyone has their power back on. let's look outside and show you it is warm. some people would say 92 degrees
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is hot. some people say 92 degrees is warm. i guess it depends, some folks told me, well, this is -- it's not texas heat. well, we're not in texas. we're in washington, d.c. so 92 degrees currently is the temperature outsidright now. we have some southerly breezes and the wind is calm. so the humidity, the heat index, is not a factoryet. but as you noticed there's some clouds in our graphic here. keep an eye o b the skyause things will change over the next 24 to 72 hours. fo. things you need to know number one, humidity makes a comeback. tuesday, heat index near 100. we'll tell you why in just a moment. wednesday, and even more wednesday, storms, possibly some strong storms, for wednesday. temperature at 92egrees currently in town. to our south and west, 93 degrees. down to our south, 93. so it's still hot, everyone, as the warm, muggy, air comes in from the south, particularly manassas 94. quantico, degrees. respectively. up and down the eastern seaboard, the bermuda ridge as i
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alked about, it's warm in washington, warm down to our south. but this is late july. no surprises here. as far as the atmosphere is concerned. with the high pressure that dominates our area, it's hard to break through that ceiling as fars bringing convection or thunderstorms across the area. so even across areas of the appalachians to our west, no real thunderstorms to think of. we'll show you the radar across our area. so for tonight, a very pleasant evening for us. speaking of evening, let's talk about temperatures if you take the final evening o and enjoy your ieekend, this is wha looks like for us. 9 90 degr denng yoar op 83 degrees. sunset, 8:22. degrees. no storms. you can't beat that. 10:00 p.m. tonight, 79 degrees. rather tranquil evening across the washington area. forecast for tomorrow, as i said, we're going to bump up the temperatures, bump up the humidity. a cnce of an isolated shower but more into tuesday, into wednesday. take a look, everyone, as you can see, tuesdaynto wednesday,
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we're going to call this hot because when you talk about temperatures in the mid 90s, heat index close to 100, if you have pets, you have the elderly, they'll definitely consider it hot. thureray, a chance for show as well. we continue to take a preview of next weekend. i know it's unsettled for the next severaldays. we'll root for dry weather for saturday into sunday. does look like we're going have not a heatwave. >> okay. >> we'll call this a hot spell. >> a hot spell. >> yeah. >> a hot streak. not a heatwave. okmi. congup, we check in with the burgundy and gold in richmond. plus here in d.c., wt causnats manager davey martinez to do this? >> say what? >> get em, davey, get em. . we switched to chevy. for dependability. for technology. for thmuscle. and just look at it. adios, lexus. bye, bye, ford. we switched to chevy. and i couldn't be happier. see ler yourself why peop are switching
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> all right. kerry joining us. era hot one out th >> it was a hot one. >> how's the weekend been for you guys so far? >> it's beengood. >> it doesn't matter. >> why? >> that was basically what happy.ed at nats park toda >> oh, my gosh. okay. i was like, what? that looks very reminiscent of avey. oh, w. i see what you did there. i see what you did >> sometimes when -- >> i see what you did there.
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>> when the weather is too hot, clay, you give us weather that's too hot, sometimes you want to finish sports -- >> i mean, do the whole thing. dust the plate. the whole thing. >> exactly. what happened at nats park, precisely, what happened attsna park, davey -- have what happened was -- >> davey martinez was like, yo, 's too hot, i'm done. last time he was ejected, may 23rd. since then the nats had the best recordban ba. who knows what kind of goodness awaits? nationals trying to avoid the sweep on this beautiful day for baseball. a game adam eaton and davey martinez would not see a whole t of. first inning eaton facing walker buehler. takes the ball -- starts heading first. no. umpire says not so fast, pal. next pitch, he's gone. strikes out. he's got some words. guess what, gets martinez comes in to defend a player and he's on. so here's the thing. davey is going to get his money's worth.
6:23 pm
kicking dirt. >> second at-bat, if i'm goini to go down, going to down teething. >> tantrum like my teething 7-month-old. brian dozier unloads on this one.ho two-run st. puts the nats on top. put on your dancing shoes. that's right. nats kept scoring. i told you when davey gets booted, that's good news.rg strasn the place. base knoc. rbi single. he went seven innings, onerun. nine ks. picks up win number 14. the most in all of baseball. the nats dominate this one 11-4. here's davey on his ejection. >> always say this, i don't like, you ow, arguing about balls and strikes, but i'm not going to protect their players. i am. adam turned around. that's what really iited everything. he was walking away. and, you know, he started coming after him. so that was my cue. >> pvey justotecting his
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guys right there. what can you say? all right. ay four of redskins trainin camp and the team still missing one of their best players. offensive tackle trent williams. although according to cbs sports the meseven-tiro bowler has no desire to ever play again for this team. >> ow. >> that said, hisy jerseade a cameo today. lur sherree burruss has more from richmond as as the stars of the day. >> reporter: portion of practice we can't shoot the offense showed up. one position group had their best outing this training camp. the wide receivers grabbing the spotlight. >> way to go, man. way to go. >> they got us today. so we got to get webetter. got to start making more plays. especially myself. i got to do a lot better. >> oh. >> yeah, we definit the red zone. we take pride in that. got toe physical, come down with catches and get a touchdown. >> i respect him saying that because the end of practice went well but guys are competing. the defense kutcked the ball o today. they got some stops in the red
6:25 pm
zone. stuf s that we need toee. i respect him saying that. they been doing ll, man. they catch the ball a lot. got to respect it. it'so ging to get us better. >> they win some, we win some, you know, that's how it is when both groups are very good, you know, so today we got the better of them. >> reporter: in the afternoon a number 71 sighting. trent williams is still holding out and not at training camp but fellow offensive lineman morgan moses making a stateme at the podium wearing his jersey. >> my most-wanted shirt wasn't ready yet, so i had to opt out forhe jersey. >> i expect him to come back, you know, he loves football, you know, just like every one of us does, i'm pretty sure h to be here. you know, obviously, he has to figure out some things and they have to figure outome things. it's above my pay grade. and once they figure that out, he'll be here. when he gets here,goan, we're g to welcome him with open arms. he's our brother. we love him. when he gets here, we'll rock out. >> reporter: yet, this all remains the same. williams isn't here. camp goes from rimond, sheree burruss,
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news 4 sports. all right. let the coco d.c. takeover continue. coco gauff advnced to the m draw of the city open at the rock creek tennis center. won in the final round of qualifying 6-1-6-2. she lost nine games in her first two quifying matches. she's the youngest to reach t fourth round at wimbledon since 1991. city open action continues tomorrow. how's this for a weird scene, huh? patriots coach bill belichick spotted next to elvis a the st. jude invitational this afternoon? but wait, that's not bill. nor elvis, i should say. but look at this guy. loo just like the super bowl champion coach bill belichick. got the sweatshirt cut off. sunglasses. >> doppelganger. >> i had to look at that guy a few etimes, i was lik wait, are the patriots in camp or not?
6:27 pm
he just looks just like him. lo and behold. >> he may or may not get paid for what he does. i don't know. >> all right. >> weird thing we wanted to show you, that's all. >> all right, thank you, kerry. okay. hot one out there. >> yeah. the heat's going to build over the next couple days. as u see, monday intotuesday, we're calling tueay hot because not only 95 degrees, dew points in the 70s which means heat index close to 100. >> okay. we'll make sure that kerry gets it together befox we see you time at 11:00. good night. role of a car company?
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tonight, breaking news. the country'sntelligence chief is stepping down. dan coats, the director of national intelligence, who has often clashed with president trump on major policy issues involving russia, iran, and north korea. the president now nominating a republican congressman and trump loyalist to replace him. the american teens held in the killing of an italian police officer. court documents say they blamed each other for the murder. a disturbing image. why was one of them bound and blindfolded. the army and air force now involved in rugged terrain where even polar bears roam. >


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