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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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maybe getting to do a comedy club, and now i'm going to the live shows of "america's got talent." oh. - [giggling] oh, i'm so proud of you. we're going to the le shows! oh, oh, it's a package deal now, is it? - where you go, i go. - got it. [dramatic music]
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new 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> oh. what's going on? what's going on?ak teeing tonight, people running for recovery afr reports of an active shooter in a california festival. there is chaos in northern california tonight reports of a mass shooting at one of the largest outdoor festival in the country. good evening, i am erika gonzalez. the scene at the gilroy festival
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is still active. witnesses say they saw a man in camouflageithe. a rifl as many as 10 or 15 bangs. there were reports of 11 people hurt. police have not said if they ve the shooter in custody. there is more than one shooter. here is howne o person describes the terrifying scene to our ster station in the bay area. >> i saw someone that was shooting and i also saw him reloading andks loo like semi automatic pistol or gun. when i came ba, i saw two individuals that were shot. there were two shooters and that's when they told everybo to get dn d t e. of holice have not confirmed if there is more tan one shooter. stay with news 4 on air and
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through our nbc washington app. we'll bring you another update a little later in our broadcast. we are going to bring the focus back here at home in our area tonight, polices are searchiho for a killer w gunned down a man in the middle of the afternoon today, officers found the mansh on the sidewalk on 21st place on temple hill. we spoke to a witness who eard the chaos. >> reporter: howany shots did you hear? >> five. >> reporter: this nborhood shatted by gunshots. neighbors saw gunfire and saw a young man on the sidewalk suffering from gunshot wounds. >> i told m granddaughter to call 911 and after that i just luke went in a little panic you know because i was scared.r: >> reportethe gunfire erupted at 2:30 in the afternoon on 21st place as many were enjoying a quiet but hot sunday. >> i heard the shots. it sounded like three shots.
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pow, pow, and i told my niece, that's somebody shooting. >> reporter: it is very quiet? >> yeah, i have been here for 40 years. >> reporter: officers told it s too soon to say if the vicks werege tared or what the motive may have been. >> reporter: a couple told me they were able to see the victim. they did not recognize him from the neighborhood. police are looking for any home secuty camera videos that may have captured the murder. >> this neighborhood seems pretty quiet. it is a sunday afternon. broad daylight and bold to nduct such a orime. >> rr: darcy spencer, news 4. in d.c. a city dealing with eight shootings from yesterday afternoon into early this morning. the shooting took place in southeastand northeast d.c. some of the gunfire have left
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multiple people. four people shot on northwest early thismorning. we are working to learn more on how the vick is doing. yesterday afternoon police sayi gunf on kennedy street left a man wounded. officers foundan as m near ingram street. the juvenile walked to the hospital for help. the country's intelligence chief is stepping down. dan coats. he often clashes with president trump. the two not seeing eye to eye involving issues on iran and russia. hansth nichols has latest from the white house. >> reporter: he's often at odds with president trump over issues of north korea and russia. >> the white house announced on twitter that vladimir putin iso coming the white house in the fall. >> say that again?
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[ laughter ] >> vladimir putin is coming -- >> did i hear you? >> okay. >> yeah. >> reporter: coats contradicted the president on kim jong-un's willingness to gve up his nuclear weapon. north korea will seek to retain its capabilities andt is unlikely to completely give up its production capabilities. >> reporter: the president announcing coats' congran john ratcliffe who impressed him during the mueller he he heari. po the president is sending divisive politics on twitter, today doublindo elijah cummings, calling him racist. ming is getting support from
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his town. the chief of staff tried topl exain the point-to-point's attacks were not racist. >> it had absolutely nothing to with race. >> the president's attacks is generating a lot of buzz on social media. let's take arn tu onto our weather. time to get a check on our forecast after a warm and sunny weekend. things are about to geter hott and stormier. clay anderson joins us with a look of how our workweek is shaping up. erika, after the weekend. the workweek where we are going totart once again as temperatures rise in the 90s and the heat index. signs of things to come, outside right now at the 11:00 p.m. hour, 81 droes in town and still warmer to our south, quantico coming in at 82 degrees.
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things you need to know for the upcomin days. heath returns and heat in declaration near 100. wednesday some storms and thursday possibly more storms. eeika, we'll talk about the rest of the ws forecast. >> yes, sir, we'll see you then. >> reporte a family tragedy. a wife and mother suffering an unimaginary loss, her husband murdered by her own son. she spoke with news 4's derek ward this afternoon. >> reporter: the 62 yrs old was a firm believer in education and achievement since coming a here fromoad. he earned a phd and recognition. heih wre he was a scientist. >> reporter: his wife says allo his achievement. the family were his priorities. >> he was a caring father.
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he went the extra miles for everything. >> reporter: he was found dead, his suv were near by and police were call toed to the scene. vehicle, d the damaged after that, the 17-year-old was found in the woods. he stabbed his father while he was drowning and dragged his father into the woods. his wife can't understand how a routine errand involving a a father son could end so tragically. >> he was going to take him to the library to do his homework because he's in summer school. >> reporter: authorities a piecing together what's happening. >> i am still in shock and in denial. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> the teenager is being held
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without bd on first and second degree murder charg. northwest d.c. are enjoying the nice air-conditioning inside their home. a luxury they did not have this time last night. we were kind of looking throu the neighborhood last night. we learned that a show at the lincoln theater had to be can l cancelled and there were bust boys and poets, they had to close. it le thousands of residence and businesses witut power for hours. ns two american tee charged with killing an italian police officer. what authorities now admit to doing. the suspects before he interrogated. >> they ar billinuilding a big
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surveillance enomy that makes its money on you and me. >> voice assistance listening in. meghan markle making history again. the move that's turning heads and expected to turn pages. we'll reveal her big plans. tonight on "sportsna fils," we are going camping with the redskins, to the burgundy and gold. the student intervie the teacher. we give derrs guice the mic. that's all on ""sport finals." breaking news out of california, multiple injurie after seo opened fire at a major food and music festival
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> back to our breaking news out of california, an active shooting at the gilroy garlic festie l. policy this is still an active situation. witnesses say they saw a mandr essed in camouflage with a rifle walks across the field and just start shootiopg. heard as many as 10 or 15 shots. the near by medical center says they are expecting five victims. already reports of 11 people wounded. multiple witnessesay they saw two shooters.
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again, police have not confirmed that bit of information. this is still a fluid scene. stay with news on the airnd online as we continue to tra this breaking situation. all right, back here at home, flames raced through several homes in frederick county. the pictures of the scene. all new tonight at 11:00. take a look, frederick county tweeting out these pictures, investigators telling us the fire damage at least sixhomes. crews responded to warren way wo and we are rking to learn how the fire started and if there were any injuries in this. there is a new twist in what's shaping up to be italy's most watched murder trial since the mamanda knox's case. two americ teenagers stabbing the police to death. there waone pictuf the teen blindfolded and his hands
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tied back. >> reporter: two americanw teen e arrested in the killing of an italian police officer. officials there now are investigating this newly surfaced photo showing one of the suspects,ab gel christian hjork bounded. officers don't know how this photo got out. >> reporter: on friday police arrested hjork along with lee elder. >> i hope to god there are some m sing leaks andme pieces of the puzzle have not come out. >> reporter: the pair confessed stabbing mario rega in a drug deal that went wrong. in a 911 call, a witness claims the suspect fled the scene saying how did they esce, on a
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motorbike or on foot? elders' fami el fha not spoken on we plan to go ome as soon as the state department assures us we'll be able to see our son. a solemn tribute. mario tribute. a thousand shows up to pay their final suspect. his grieving widow preparing his funeral onmonday at the same church they were married last month. under italian law, anyone who participates in the killing can be charged with murder. a lot is at stakes here. >> t teens are being held from isolation and considered a flight rk because they are foreign citizens. also in italy tonight, mount aetetna is spilling a lot of la.
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the volcano erupts often and shooting lava and ashes. a last major eruption in 1992. the next time you ask siri for help on your iphone, it may not be the only one listening in ton our conversation.e the ideand siri is that she's always there and always listening to you. and sometimes maybe this is happening to you. she's accidentally activated. a whistle blower tells the guardian news paper that when computers do not understand what you said, apple has workers who take over and they can hear everything from confidential medical information that's in d discussed or recordings of couples having sex.
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>> this question whether the are liste to you or recording you, all of that is secondary on my mind to this larger issue. there are surveillance syste t built to to predict what you like and what you are going to do next so they cancel you this i thinks. >> apple says only a small portion of sirirequests are analyzed to improve siri and dictation. all right, let's take a turn into our weather. it was a hot o out there today. >> y >> after several dry days, g ready to get themb urella handy again. >> it is going to from hot to steamy across ou area and after that, the stormve will mo through by midweek. outside now, we are showing you a beautiful view the evening of washington area. the temperatures are cooperating across the region temperatures are warm and in late july. no surprise there. temperatures now 81 degrees. the winds are light.
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from the south at aboutes 8 mil per hour. rather warm for your sunday ooer 5 evening. 8grs f napa. 85 degrees at the 11:00 p.m. hour. plenty of 70s to go arwind so heat continue to build across the area. we are going to discount the 93 for indianapolis there. the rest of the tempetures again 70s and 80s and mid-80s and across the area,urrent temperatures again. the dominant feature is the high pressure system notice the bermuda high. the good n of bermuda high is a stable system. there is no irunstablep and down the eastern sea board. it is warm and dry and we'll remain dry into tomorrow until we start to see the change coming in about 24 to 36 hours. we talked about the evening er planner earl and by 10:00 p.m., it was about 79 to . 80 degrees 94 degrees, warmer and more
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humid and isolated chance of a shower. as we show you tuesday and wednesday, this is where the heat will start to build for monday, 94 to 95. it seems like one degree difference, we'll see th midity for you on tuesday so the heat index for tuesday is going to be closer to 100 degrees everybody. with that,e know when we have a heat humidity. it is going to take some storms to cool down shows temperatures o wednesday into thursday, still on the warm side actually. wednesday into thursday everyone rather unsettled saturday and sunday, still we have some rain showers in the forecast, they'll start to cool down as far as the onmperatures are crned. the low temperatures, you are going to keep that air conditioner going through the next seven or ten days acros the area. it is only going to do gown to the 70s and we are warm up beuse the average high temperatures for this time of the year as we close out july, going into august aboutor 87 88 degrees. it will drop down to where it
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should be where temperatures in the mid -80s. clay, thank you very much. the duchess of sussex is balancing her duty with her new m job and also a mom. >> the trailblazer including a teenage climate change advocate new zealand pre ministerand the dance of the royal ballet. the issue has a candid on conversati between meghan and the former first ady, michelle obama. >> coming up in sports. david martinez shows his attitude. and a local track star hopeful comes up big. kerry is here toabell us all t it next in sports. you try hard,
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taking over the baseball, all of baseball league and the most recent dominance, he has more rbis than earned runs alo allo allowed. ts goo this week is sharks week. this shark is up to no good. nats and dodgers. feeling some sort of way about that, telling jer.y that he gets tossed so david martin x martinez, comes in. strasburg doing it on the mound. one-one, picks upnumber 14.
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the most of baseball. nats win 11-4. orioles going for the sweep of the angels. we go to theot btom of the 9th, michael gibbons, already one home run in this game. just one. maddox. the orioles fell to get their four-game sweep since 2017. cocoa gauff advanced to the main draw at the city open at the center. 6-1 and 6-2. if u recall coco was the youngest to reach wimbledon since 1991. up next, round 32 for coco on
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tuesday. he went to tc williams high school. he's going to make sure you remember this tan. lyles, the fastest man in the world in the 200 meter in the past couple of he's pull away on the straight away win, his fir us, 200 meters title in 19.78 seconds.he t world championships in september. one > nsins, l laon collin coming up in "sports final," we have some interesting things about his team. collins has reached a new levelh since won't say the team's
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name. >> i am just tired of being asked about the giants. it is not the giants. it is just one person. other than that, it is nothwig the giants organization or the team. >> he's referring to the general manager there. that's pretty interesting level of pettiness .there >> i would say he's our g now. >> stay with us, we'll be rht back.
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we are back here updating the situation that's unfolding. an active situation in california at the gilroy garlic festival. one of the largest food festivals in the country. th is still an active shooting scene where "the new yo times" reporting at least three pveopl been killed in is.
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at least a dozen have been injured as well. "the new york times" citing city councilman with those latest details emerging. still aluid situation at this hour. still unclear of how many shooters there and whether or not they have anybody in custody. closed captioning brought to you boo i belfort. belfort. belfort. . . .
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