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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 29, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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as soon as we tried to come out of the trailer, there were more rounds fired. so we went right back into the trailer and we stayed there unl it absolutely stopped. once it stopped again, we get out of theer trail i go outside of the trailer and there was a guy standing there, one of the vendors, and said, ma'am, you have a 4-year-old baby, the girl right there a please turn around don't let her see this >> horror in california, a day of fun at a food festival shattered by a mass shooting three people have been killed, including a 6-year-old one suspect is dead, and 15 more injured. we are live at the sceneith the latest from the
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investigation. breaking news as "early today" starts right now and good monday morning. i am phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. we start with that breaking ne ws an urgent search is underway in gilroy, california, for a possible second suspect. after three victims and one gunman were oflled at one the largest food festivals in the country. >> the vendor that was getting ready to serve me, she actuay said, get down that's gunfire there's a shooter! >> brought his gun up and started spraying rounds all waround he walking like a police officer, like he wanted to get stuff done and it was horrifying. >> and this happened at the end of the festival as it was rang ng up when the shots out. let's hear more from the police chief there on what they know so far. >> we have one suspect we know
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that is down we have some witnesses reporting that the may have been a second suspect, but we don't know if that suspect was engaged in anyhooting or whether they support role for the pn thatf we have accounted for. >> and the dficult part about this is we see this video here, the chaos th followed after, is that there wares ally strict their bags searched as they came into thees fval. one of the largest in this small town community buyet the gunman, according to authorities, was able to enter through one of theen fs, clipped the fences open,ame in reportedly wearing tactical gear, possibly camouflage before those shots rang out >> by all accounts, a day of fun,eople hanging out at the largest in the country and then you hear th, you know artomorrow morning people e going to be wakingp hearing breaking news, yet another trag mass shooting, still developing at thisas hour we continue to foow the latest
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developments and i believe we have molly hunter who is live from gilroy molly, what do we kn about the vestigation so far what can you tell us >> reporter: phillip, hey, good morning. that right, so you just heard from the police chief who says they're actually looking for a possible second accomplice or te supporr. and they're getting that information from witnesses right w the investigation is absolutely active. the entire scene is still active driving into town, a heavy police presence. not only are they looking for thsoe secondn, possible second person, we should say, but they're trying to figure out a motive they have not released the identity of the shooter and they have not offered up a motive they are asking anyone here in gilroy who was at the garlic festival to come forward with pictures, video, any information that they may have captured, seen, heard whe they were there. the actual attack, though, y guys, was just under a mute and a half so at 5:41 as the gunman apparently broke his we in through a fencth a tool
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apparently, because the actual perimeter was heavily locked down to get into the garlic festival you had to go through a metal detector and a bag search. police say the shooter broke through a fence and he shot at random he was prepared, they say, in a tactical vest, in some camouflage, some camouflage outfit, they say and he just shot at absolute random so the q bigstion tonight, you guys, going into tomorrow morning, who was the shooter, what w theotive, how did he get in, and, of course, they are looking for any other information. and if there is a second guy still out there. phillip, frances >> all right, a loof questions still. molly, thank you >> another weekend, another major shake up at the white house. dan coats is stepping down as director of national intelligence in august the president announced that he will nominate texas congressman john radcliffe to replace coats. nbc's tracie potts joining us with the latest. tracie, the president and coats have had aomhat rocky relationship at times.
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>> reporter: yeah, no question, phillip. it's clear they were not always in lockste who can forget dan coats sitting next to andrea mitchell when she announced to him that russian president vladimir putin had been invited to visit the white house. sided, sort ofed it off.nd then there w north korea where dan coats said publicly they had no intention of giving up their nuclear weapons in conflict with what president trump had said. now coats is leaving as of the middle of next month, augustin 15th, accordg to a tweet by the president. his replacement,t at lease nominee for his replacement, will be john radcliffe, a former u.s. attorney, former small town mayor in tex, and representing the northeast part of texas. northeast of dallas and fort worth. but it was in this hearing with robert mueller last week that radcliffe really impressed thewi president his comments. and so now it looks like he is going to be the white house's
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choice to replace the director of national intelligence the president tweets that there will be an acting director named for now. t o you. >> all right, tracie potts for us in d.c. with the latest thank you, tracie. >> meanwhile, esident trump is ramping up his war of wards with the city of baltimore. he doubled down on his insult against elijah cummings democrats decried as racist. nbc's jennifer johnson has more >> reporter: another showdown between president ump and a member of congress trump attacking powerful oveusr e committee chair congressman cummings his baltimore district has become a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess a top whe house aide, once a congressman from south carolina, defending thtweets >> if i had a poverty district in baltimore and i spent all of my time in washington chasing down this mueller investigation, this bizarre impeachment crusade
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said, i'd get fired and the president has the right to raise that and hasol aely zero to do with race >> reporter: baltimore residents who have long battled poverty and crime reacting >> as much as it hurts to hear that about our city that we love and cherish dearly, our city is in need of help. >> it's a great city, it's great yeah, we have somes, but not as big as the rat we have in d.c. right now >> reporter: this latest firestorm with charges of racism comes on the heels of another controversial trump tweet aimed at four junior congress women of color telling them to go back the countries they came from three of four were born in the u.s. including representative rashida tlaib. >> he doesn't have a policy agenda at's what he falls down on >> reporter: the president issuing no apologies, but claiming democrats always play the race card. jennifer johnsonws, nbc ne, washington >> we are learning disturbing new details about the american teens accused of killing an italian police officerol 18-year-gabriel christian natale hjorth and 19-year-old
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finnegan lee have been arrested accused of stabbing an officer to death in an alleged drug deal gone wrong we see disturbing images surfacing of one of the suspects in a blind fold. what more can you tell us about that >> reporter: good morning, phillip. yes, this is a picture that was leaked to italian media on sunday seemed to portray one of the two accused americans in this case, looks like gabriel christian natale sitting in the police station blind folded this is of course illegal in this country, illegal to blind fold detainees it caused outrage in the states and in italy authorities opened immediately an internal investigation which led to the identification of the police officer responsible for natalefoldin the police officer was immediately removed from his job, moved elsewhere to another non-operative office job but this picture also divided
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leaders of this country. while most politicians condemned the picture, one of them, the interior minister, de facto leader of this country, warned against the victimization of natale and said there is only one victim in this story, and that is the police man who was stabbed to death phillip? >> all right, claudio joining us from rome this morning thank you. >> a 16-year-old is scoring the biggest fortnight victory royale of allime. >> oh, my gosh >> bow down! fortnight world champiour >> he is the inaugural fortnight world cup solo cmpion winning the top prize of $3 million. 16,000 people filled arthur ashe stadium in new york and millions more watched online as t k teenagwn as booga won the largest prize in esports history. >> it's going to be hard for a lot of parents, right, to tell their kidsla to stop png video
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games. >> it's not going to get you anywhere >> fortnight wasn'l t as cooy more i don't have to jump in. i'm good >> 3 million, that's a huge prize. >> sounds pretty let's t into the forecast for the week ahead we're tracking this cold front with the rain and thunderstorms ahead oft. they're in iowa, northern missouri, it's going to sweep into areas of diana, southern missouri and arkansas late today. not everyone is going to get hit. there will be hid t anss showers and storms boston will be one of the hottest spots on the east coast today. kind of rare, 95 sunny and nice the high in this front. the great lakes the middle of the week the front will bring showers and storms, possible airport delays in the northeast as we go into wednesday. by friday the front kind of slows down it's hard to get through the southet this time of year. we'll get showers and storms lingering there. but the nice beautiful weather, great alexis, northern new england, looks like friday could be your day. that's a look at the big weather story of the day now urre's a closer look at yo day ahead. you can see that 95 there in
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boston today, new york, d.c., richmond, right down to the southeast. everyone should be in the low 90s few showers and storms will cool you off in central florida,s there's the showers and storms today in arkansas. we'll take a look at the timing of the storms for the people a little later. >> bill, thank you it was a big day for five penguins at the san francisco zoo and gardens this past weekend. the ten week old penguins graduated from fish school they were enrolled in the school when they were just five weeks old to learn howe o eat whol fish, to swim and socialize th their caretakers after their final day of classes, the penguins waddled their way to their new permanent home at the zoo. big day for the graduates. >> who knew? now we know, penguin school. just ahead, a roya undertaking. why meghan markle is in vogue d or never befe. anthe controversy over the new york giants golden tapes four game suspension. s,
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lined at theni beginng of the nfl season new york giantreceiver golden tate tested positive for performance enhancing drug, and now he's facing suspension but tate is fighting back because he claims he took the prescribed medication for a good reason here's nbc's kathy park. >> reporter: frances, good morning. new york giants wide receiver golden tate is hitting a rough patch even before the start of the regular season in a bold movember, , he releas statement saying he received a suspension for taking fertility medicine bolden tate signed a $47 million contract he announced to social media that he failed a drug test after taking fertility medication. i started the treatment prescribed to me and days later i discovered it contained an in greed yent that is on the banned substance list that list stretches seven pages.
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while tate didn't disclosewhat substance he tested positive for, he immediately discontinued use, adding the treatment didn't give him a competiti edge. >> the three big categories that are ban i had by tned by the nfe anabolic steroids, growth hormones and antiestrogen >> agents reporter: the nfl had no comment but referred us to the strict guidelines on performance enhancing drugs. players are responsible r what is in their bodies and a positive test will not be excused because a player was unaware that he was taking a prohibited substance it's not theim first te an nfl player has violated thpolicy by using fertility drugs in 2014, indianapolis colts defensive end robert mathis was suspended for four games after testing positive >> as physicians w e don't alwaysknow what the pers prohibiting. it's up to the person and physician to look that up and say you have a banned substance here we need to get permission beforehand
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>> reporter: tate is appealing the imminent suspension. >> for him it's business as usual, he's practicing getting ready to play. this is between him and the league at this point >> reporter: the nfl tells us that they have granted medical exemptio, in the pastt it comes with prior approval. however, they are not aware of any request for fertility asons. and going back to golden tate, if he happens to win his appeal, he'll no longer be facing that suspension frances? >> all right, kathy, thank you >> just ahead, woodstock 50 rocks as headliners roll out of the troubled music festival and a royal opportunity, why the w nejob as a magazine editoron you're watching "early today." wrinkles just won't. neutrogena®wr rakle repair's derm-proven retinolrk wos so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair®w
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♪ oh, oh, like that, yeah, come on ♪ ♪ bring the chorus in ♪ >> that's jay z reportedly out of woodstock 50. sean fogarty has also canceled sappearances in theuggling festival, leaving its lineup uncertain. in fact, less than three weeks away, little has beeconfirmed about ent. miley cyrus was rumored to perform, but no artist names appear on the woodstock 50 website. their newest reports out there the owncert will n take place in maryland as a charity benefit with free tickets. there you have it, lessons learned from fire festival >> what a mess >> the investors wanoud to pull t in april they released all of these artists from their contracts they're trying to make the best
3:50 am
of t. >> theyey literally had s to get their act together >> lessons learned at least in this case. nowimminpigs at some fancy island >> that's true they had that iconic name with them the 50th anniversary in '94, that was clearly big one -- '69. that's how far they've fallen. >> how tough it is to pull that off. >> america's favorite duchess meghan markle isn't just her mark on the british monarchy, but also inside the pages of british vogue markle has been tapped to be the guest editor in the september issue. e's putting other women front and center it will feature 15 women who broke barriers some big names including jane fonda, laverne cox, salma hayek and jacia ardurn it will hit news stands friday >> september issues are huge these days i don't know a lot of people who subscribe or buy
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. next on news4, three people are dead in california at a mass shooting at a popular outdoor festival. what we have learned about the victims. lauryn ricketts is in for chuck this morning. >> we have nice conditions as we continue through your monday but he humidity is amping up and
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. what is going on? what ion going ? >> breaking news this morning. ed now know a 6-year-old boy is among those kill in a mass
4:00 am
shooting at an outdoor festival in cathfornia. >> at is just one of the new developments that broke overnight. good morning, everybody. it is 4:00 a.m. now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we have a lot to get to and new information on the terrible shooting out west. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffck and lauryn ts is in for chuck bell this morning with a look at the weather. >> mild side and 77 is our temperature right now. we will fall a little bit as we go over the next couple of hour. they will start heading in the right direction.00 by the temperatures in the 80s and have a little bit of that humsoity around. t will be a little warm out there today. as far as your monday outlook goes the commute is looking dry. we could have a stray shower later on tonight but that is about adtv 10%


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