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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 29, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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ed among those kill in a mass shooting at an outdoor festival in cathfornia. >> at is just one of the new developments that broke overnight. good morning, everybody. it is 4:00 a.m. now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we have a lot to get to and new information on the terrible shooting out west. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffck and lauryn ts is in for chuck bell this morning with a look at the weather. >> mild side and 77 is our temperature right now. we will fall a little bit as we go over the next couple of hour. they will start heading in the right direction.00 by the temperatures in the 80s and have a little bit of that humsoity around. t will be a little warm out there today. as far as your monday outlook goes the commute is looking dry. we could have a stray shower later on tonight but that is about adtv 10% chance.
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most of us looking dry for the evening and morning commute. hot and humid as well and each day we get more humidity out ere. outdoor lunch not looking too ouabby. temperatures ard 90. a warm day out there. plus we have got rain on the way. nothing out there right now. a frontal system will sweep this weather pattern away and we down at the end of this week. let's talk about the roads with melissa. good morning. >> good morning. springfield outer loop left lane by that work zone. a tiny bit of delay on the map. 66, 95, no complaints on either of those. 270 looking good from frederick. aaron? >> melissa, thank you.
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breaking news this morning innorthern california. overnight we learned four people were killed, including one suspect following a shooting at a i garlic festival gilroy, californe. th one suspect is hurt and search is on for a second suspect. jummy olabanji is here with more. >> the festival rned into a deadly shooting that sent people running for their lives. police say a gunman opened fire yesterday afternoon at the gilroy garlic festival in fo calirnia. that is located just south of san francisco. the gunman was shot and killed in the shooting. a massive manhunt on the way for possible second suspect. police say they don't know right now whether that person also fired into the crowd or was in a support role on. we doknow, unfortunately, a ea 6-yr-old boy was shot and killed. hi g mother andrandmother were
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hurt. witnesses describe a chaotic scene as people were running for their lives. >> he just took his gun out and started spraying out rounds. long sleeve, tactical shirt, cargo pants, boots. he was ready to do some damage. >> shot got closer so i saw some of my coworkers bend down and hide and i thought this is real. >> gilroy's pice chief spoke a time agors saying officehot that gunman. investigators believe the suspect cut through a fence to get into the festival. we will continue to monitor the situation happening o west and update you with new details. >> the shootinghappened during a huge and very popular community event in georg called the gilroy garlic festival.
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the event is family friendly. the exclusive features california-grown garlic and organized by community volunteers and raise money for schools, charities, and nonprofits. this was the 40th year for the festival. we will stay on top of this this morning throughout the morning and update you here on air. nbc an check out the washington app for?3rupdates an it will send you new alerts to your phone. detectives areng searchifor a cooler wsuspect. darcy spencer spoke to a witnesh who heard the chaos. >> reporter: human show many sh you hear? five. >> reporter: neighbors heard gunfire that saw a young man on the sidewalk suffering with gunshot wound. >> my granddaughter, i told her to 911, i sen a body across the street. after that i went into a little
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panic cause i wasscared. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted at 2:30 in the afternoon on 21st place as many were enjoying a quiet, but hot sunday. >> i heard the shots it sounded like three shots. pop, pop, pop. i told my niece, it sound like somebody is shooting. >> reporter: was it pretty quiet here? >> yeah. i've been here 40 year and no problem. >> reporter: police are looking for any s homeecurity camera video that may have captured the murd darcyne spencer4. karon brown was shot to death in southeast washington earlier this month. police have chared 29-year-old tony mccclam with murder. the boy's coach was killed weeks
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before that. the team say they will play in honor of both of them this week. there were eight shootings over the weekend. most were centered in southeast and northeast washington and p multipleeople were shot at one scene. officers found four people shot early sunday morning outsideowo the hard theater. we are learning how the victims with doing this morning. a saturday afternoo gunfire left a man and a juvenile hurt. officer found the man nearby. eight shootings from yesterday afterno to early this morning. some in northwest washington, are enjoying air-conditioning over the weekend after equipment with a substation left 39,000 customers without power.
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a show in lincoln theater were suspended. fire department tweeted pictures from the scene. the investigators tell us the flames damaged at least six homes on warren way. we are working to learn how the fi started and whether anyone >>was hurt. today, president trump will sig a bill giving long-term funding to survivors of the 9/11 terror attacks inc first responder. the funding will help the victims and their families through the year 2092. including one man who died shortly after testifying before congress. comedian and advocate jon stewart helped put the issuee i thnational spotlightt5lç"z his testimony. this morning, we are hearing from people in baltimore after president trumpontinued to attack maryland congressman elijah cummings and his congressional district that
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includes parts of baltimore city. some are calling the attacks racist. the president beganar tting cummings congressional district on saturday, describing it as a, quote, disgusting rati>6r and t infested mess. onunday he stepped up his twitter attacks saying, quote. people of baltimore came to the defense of cummings and the city. >> the president is really not being the man he is supposed to be. the things he said about ltimore back to the rats and everything, if he feels that concerned about it, why don't he do anything about it? >> theweekend tweets from the president comes as congressman iy investigations into the trump
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administration. cummings say quote. tomorrow, president ump will visit williamsburg, virginia. because the president will be there, several democrats will boycott that in a statement, the democratic leader of the virginia legislature said, quote, ther cunt president does not represent the values we would celebrate. jamestown was the first representative democracy in america. democratic9zé lieutenant gover justin fairfax said he will attend tuesday's ceremony. they have proven their soccer skills so, tonight, two world cup champions will take a crack at baseball. ros laveller and anoth player will be there to throw the ceremonial pitch at the nats game. they will meet with national players and tour the park as
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well. something tells me this will be a good first pitch. >> next on "news4 today," a surfer survives a;éelc shark at. hear him desppibe what ed in the water. >> plus, pool parasites. the invisible danger that can ruin summer fun. we are working with you for tips to protect your family. and a mom buys all of the shoes at a local payless shoe before it ose. we will tell you what she plans to do with them all. it's warm outig there r now wait until you see the numbers this week. the humidity is coming back. n.e heat is with us.
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lyles can finish. >> ran into problems. noah lyles hastest man of all time in this 200 meter national champion! >> over the weekend, alexandria's own noah wiles won his first 200 meter. he finished the race at the usa track and field after second.ships in 19.78 he is all the way done there! remember his name as we gear upu for the 2020 smmer olympics in tokyo! >> less than a hundred days now? >> one to watch. can you believe that? right around the corner. >> i love him already! a florida surfer came face-to-face with a shark over the week. >>s the rk bit]vmsñ his arm at jacksonville beach. the surfer managed to paddle back to shore. his arm was bloody but the
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injury was not serious enough osfor him to go to the hpital apparently. the man says he has seen a lot f sharks in his 20 years o surfing but never one that close. >> i was in shock, like i said. i said what is going on?th en it swam away own lu ily i was able to swim away and get on shore. that was definitely intense. >> so frank says he plans to ay out of the water for a few weeks until his wound heals but not keep him from surfing altogether. >> he probably won't be all the way healed. is ready to go out. >> a nice big scar to show people. we are working 4 your h lth morning with a look at the leading causes of brain injuries in kid. new study featured in the pubonc publicatibrain injury" found the following. beds and stairs were the most common injury for children under
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10 and children above that werek most lely to have injuries from playing sports. more deaths in black infants according to a stanford university study. it showed african-american women receiv half as much care as white women in hospitals. black premies were less likely >> get referral for follow-up care. if you have a loved one with dementia you know it takes a big stress on the family. one is trying to make those easier. through the through dementia friendly mpgn. they will will spread word about available sources. >> the whole idea is to end the isolation and to bring people out into the community to feel comfortable whoever they are s that is the basic mission.
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>> training is already under wa toke herndon, leesburg and arlington dimensiementia-friend environments. "news4 today" jummy olabanji is working for woat you need t know to keep you safe at the pool. >> reporter: when it comes to the pools you never know what kind of germs or paasites may be lurking below the surface. the most common culprit that causes swimming-related illness is a crypto for ort. a small amount could contain millions of germs. >> if a child has an accident in the pool we have to treat it right away. >> i know it a little early to hear but the truth. regular levels of chlorine went kill crypto which can survive in well-maintained pool up to ten
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days. th carbon dioxide says swallowing a mouth of water of crypto could lead to weeks of nausea and diarrhea and vomiting. everyone should shower or rinse off before they enter the pool. we see those showers out th e and a lot of people don't use them but they should. >> important information. thank you. pretty soon, payless shoe ll stores wie be a thing of the past. one woman took advantage of the deals at the closeout sale by buying out the entire store for her community! the woman from arkansas picked up all 1,500 pair of shoes in the store and made the decision her daughter wanted buy a not sure what size t girl wore, she asked what it would be to buy the rest of the shoes in the store.
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>> that is what it's all about. this is abl tiny but if it continues to grow, it makes you do onent(=h&ittle thing for tak student to go back to school, then it matters to that one kid. >> good deed spread. the family has so many people taching out and wanting to donate andhey decided to throw a back-to-school bash before classes begin. a split-second decision to help others and it's going to turn into a big deal for so many people and pay it forward. >> love that story! how are you? >> hi! >> welcome from vaca! >> welcome to the show again. >> thank you so much. >> great to have you. >> i love being here. it's so early morning. do you have someting good for us? >> dry weather today and humidity. one more dry day out there today. maybe a stray shower. kind of ;]=át deal yesterday. we saw a stray shower or two pop up. same deal today. humidity will increase.
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ou probably are feeling that as soon as you head out this morning. tomorrow, we have some storms west of the area and then we start this pattern, especially on wednesday where we will start o see the thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon and a frontal sysm pushes through the region. we area in the 60s nd sevena70s. ittle cooler out to the shenandoah valley. 64 in winchest the next 12 hours expect sunshine and few cloud into the .fternoon and eveni another chance of isolated shower out there. sun coming up about 6:06 this morning. as far as radar is concerned, nothing happening out there right now. keep an eye on the sky later on this afternoon for a stray shower or two pushing through the area. spotty shower possible as we get into your tuesday, we will have that rain to the west. shenandoah valley really west of the blue ridge mountains and all bets are off for everybody as wednesday's frontal system edges
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through our area and close before it pass thrgh a thursday morning and stalls out. tomorrow a degree or two warmer. more humidity tomorrow and storms to the west. spotty shower is possible later on this afternoon throuni this eveg. a 10% chance, that is it. tuesday morning, dry out there. the tuesday morning commute, okay. similar to monday morning. as we head into tomorrow afternoon a little disturbance well to t west and that is thunderstorms. heading to tuesday night, we will keep that chance continuing into the late evening. wednesday morning, we are looking fine.n suine on wednesday morning but muggy on wednesday morning and we will have some fog. wednesday afternoon the frontal system will pass through and expect shower and thunderstorms strong throughdnesday
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afternoon through wednesday evening. that front will stall to the south and look at his. rain chances each and every day. shower mainly in the afternoon and chance of raininto the early next week. let's take a look at the roads with melissa. >> good morning. clarksburg northbound 270. now the right shoulder is blocked by the crash there as you approach clarksburg road. i'm still seeing a blip on the screen but looks like thald shoube wrapping up soon, if it hasn't already wrapped up. aaron? >> thank you. 4:21. next on "news4 today," going
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meatless. >> diets are popular right now but is that lifestyle right for your family? dietitian gives the advice shes teer clients when she say they are ready to give up meat. if you're at home tharis afternoon, don't miss "ellen" at 3:00 and then the news at 4:00.
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welcome back. duchess of sussex is a new mom with a new job. mean is highlighting accomplishment of 15 women. the trail blazers include new zealand's prime minister, among others. it is aig fat issue that >> okay. >> it has big articles. >> you just educated me on "vogue." >> it's the fashion bible, aaron. >> i thought itas just picture. living a healthy balanced life is a goal for many us.
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>> to achieve it many are turning to plant-based diets. the food industry is tappingto inhe trend with meatless products but is it really healthy? >> we help you decide if you're going plant-basized right for alur family. >> reporter: hey living is a goal for many. one trend gaining in popularity is switching to a plant-based diet emphasizing fruits, veggies, seeds and ts. studies have shown the health ri two diabetes include heart health and weight loss. >> this is what i recommend to all of myen patis. 8:00 planted-based whole food dude. >> reporter: ahley jarvis is a registered dietitian. when switching to a plant-based diet, she urges people to foc on food as close to their te natural sta as possible, so-called whole food and you'll find vitamins and minerals and fibers and antioxidants. >> think about not just plant-based but whole food.
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they are the actually food, right? the broccoli, the pea, the soy bean. it is the whole food. it's not some part of it been isolated or processed out. >> reporter: plant-based product that taste like real meat have become all of the rage. >> i thought it wasy. tast very good. >> reporter: the beyond burger and impossible burger can be found on menus and grocery stores around the dmv. jarvis says they are good observe and often low in cholesterol but they are processed and can be hier in sodium. >> these aren't thingswezk you to rely vllmon. these are things you want to have in moderation in place of a real hamburger or real meat. >> reporter: if you are going plant-based, do your research and look what you're eating and ma sure your diet is balanced. plan for fruits and veggies a other nutrition whole food. megan mcgrath, news4. > we are starting off on the right foot. the sun is comin a little after 6:00 a.m.
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77 is ourp tature. 90 today.
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