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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 29, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> >> eun yang. we want to beginou on yr commute and your forecast. and are dry out there could have a little bit of fog. 77 degrees and southerly wind b willst up the humidity levels throughout the day. nothing is happening out there right now. we are dry. not saying we couldn't see a stray thunderstorm thi b s,ci%9==9 similar to yesterday. they were highly isolated. same deal today. if you're thinking about getting that car washed, we have rain coming as we head through the rest of this week. today might be the day to do
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that. we will talk about that rain for today and for the rest of the week and time it out coming up. let's time out your commute. good morning, melissa. right now we have an issue here northbound 295 after the oxon cove bridge. work zone. everything is gone on the beltway no matter which way you're heading right now. really good it's just the shoulder there now. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. we are following some breaking news this morning from california. right now, four people are deade and mhan a dozen others are wounded following a shooting at an outdoor festival. >> this happened in northern california, south of san francisco. jummy olabanji is joining us now from the live desk with the latest. >> reporter: this is still a
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very active scene out there.ce poliearch for a possible secnd n who may have been involved. this is just a fewag hours out there. this all happened on the ground of the garlic festival in gilroy, california.: ñ overnight, we learned four people are dead, iluding one gunman. police say they shot and killed him. there is a massivenhunt happening right now for as posible second suspect. police don't ow whether that person was alsoot a or even played a support role. we know a 6-year-old boy you saw on your screen was shot and killed. his mother and grandmother also injured in the shooting. our sister station in the bay area spoke to his father and you can imagine he is just devastated. i lost my son. nothing i really can do besides try to be with him until i could put him in his resting spot.nv >> itigators believe that suspect cut through a fence to
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get into the festival grounds. holice have not released any details about whe shooter is or a possible motive, but we will continue to monitor this k.veloping situation from the live des back over to you. >> jummy, thank you. a routine err rand fans fore father. police officers found the father in a woode area near the sspár officers say they saw the teen walking out of the woods and he was taken to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. mrs. skaroma say she can't believe what happened. >> he was going to take him to the library to do his homework because he is in summer school. >> reporter: karoma told detectives he stabbed his father and dragged him into the nearby woeed. he has b charged as an adult
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with firs and second-degree murder and is in jail without bond. a gunht rig group is challenging thea the suit says the laws are unconstitutional. maryland is one of ten states that requires a permit tocary s concealed weapon. local authoritiehave a discretion on whether to grant those permits. the amtrak office of the inspector general is warning curity otential s concerns at union station. a recently released report says a car was able it drive onto the latform and right on to the tracks earlier this year. the inspector general saysss paengers and staff are also put at risk because of broken surveillance cameras and laxor monitg of entrances. amtrak released the following statement, quote.
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this morning federal investigators remain on the scene of a passenger train collision in illinois that happened on saturday afternoon south of chicago. nearly 300 passengers were on board at the time but no one wat hu investigators say the vehicle that was struck by the train was empty when they arrived on the thirteen people ar livalive and well. >> a housing building in chicago over the weekend caught fire. jaden s espinozatted the flames and quickly let everyone know. jaden's aunt smelled the smoke. >> i wlked in there and i seen flames in there t in kitchen. >> good thing he knew what to
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do. nobody was hurt here. >> a little hero there. coco gauff advanced in in final round of ualifying over the co recently made history as e youngest woman in the era to qualify in wimbledon and reach the fourth that is up the street where my kid have taken tennis clinics great to see coco here. seesill ahead, an old scam a comeback. how you can keep your cash safe. heads-up for iphone users. when you sawto siri others may be listening in so you have to be careful what u ask her. yo you got your homework?
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president trump is threatening to put french tariffs on french wine. it impacts companies like facebook and google. last year, france exported 3.6 million dollars of wine just to the united states. we are working for you to protect your money. >> if you're looking to buy something online, you should look out for fakeoney orders. con artists will send you a cashier's check and more than often your bank will not catch it until it's too late. jason pritchard has been writing about scams like this for years. >> the main red flag ise all of th is you're -- right? in almost every case you're
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supposed to be receiving money but somehow theyconvince you to send money and they are very good at that. >> experts say if you are unsure about a check or money order, have your bank ke a closer ook at it. ion't part with my money very well. are you sure you are j. kent? that is my son! you'll notice uptick in the humidity as you step outside this morning. plenty of sunshine out the today. another chance for isolated showers and tmonderstorms. rain and heat is coming up. a new week of new controversies for president trump. his weekend tirade against the baltimore congressman and the district he serves is receiving calls of
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where are welcome back. doubling down. president tru beginshe workweek standing by some controversial criticism he leveled at maryland congressman ijah cummings overhe weekend. >> he not only attacked the long serving democrat, had you business strictin as well s the city of baltimore was a rodent-infested mess. tie potts is joining us live nyom capitol hill. >> reporter: ma people in baltimore not taking well to problem and said what3xhñ the president is ignoring thee'p diversity that one of its strength.
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the white house said this is not a racist insult as nancy pelosi called ia racist attack you but justified because elijah cummings who represents baltimore and spend more time focusing on the mueller investigation and less time in focusing on problems in his own backyard in his disict. the president takes twitter as a vehicle once again to lodge wat many people consider an insult. not only to cummings,ut to that entire city that he represents. > tracie potts, live for us on capitol hill this morning, thank you. in the hours after president trump's tweet about congressman cummings anltimore, "the baltimore sun" editorial wrote, quote.
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a judge today will hear arguments on a lawsuit filed by president trump hopes to block a house committee from h seeing new york state tax returns. the lawsuit was filed in d.c. last week. the president's attorney calls the request to see the tax returns presidential harassment. in response the committee filed its own lawsuit against theea trry department and the irs, both who have refused to turn over the another member of the trump administration is stepping down. dan coats, the director of nati al intelligencep intelligence chief in the country, is resigning. the president is already working to replace him. jummy olabanji joins us wit more. >> more than two and a half year, dan coats overseen 17 different intelligence encies during the time he found himself at odd with the president on
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north korea and russia. coats doubted kim and said he believed he was lying to president trump. intelligence repo have since backed up that idea that north korea has not andoned its weapons program with coats leaving, president trump is already selected the man he wants to replace him, congressman john radcliftcliff been asked totep up. congressman ratcliff is familiar with matters of national security. coats will stay in his position until august 15e and we ar waiting to learn who confirmation hearings concerning ratcliff will be held. in puerto rico, the woman ne this li to replace the island's outgoing governor does not want the job. she hopes the secretary of state
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will be appointed. rossello allegedly insulted people of an online chat that was leaked. in moscow, oer the weekend, riot police slashed with demonstrators and thousands of arrests were made. russian s authorities the protesters are illegal but it's not clear what charges who have been arrested will face. heads-up for iphone users. when you ask siri for help, others may be listening in. a whistle-blower tells the paper that workers take over for siri when the program doesn't understand what you're asking. the workers can hear everything from confidential medical
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information and even private moments between couples. >> this questionf whether they are listening to you or recording you, all that have is sort of secondary to my mind tog this laer issue which is that there are these surveillance systems built to tryre to pdict what you like and what you're going to next so they can sell you things. >> apple ss only a small portion of the siri requests are analyzed t improvesiri and dictation. nfl player has been suspended for faili a drug test. thereon is ctroversy because a player says was undergoing fertility treatment. e nfl suspended super bowl champion golden tate from the new york giants for four games. tate says he failed a drug test after taking fertility medicine. he says he did not know he as taking a prohibited substance. once he learned he failed the test, he stopped taking the medicine. tate is appealing the suspens n
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suspension. lauryn ricketts is in for chuck this morning and helping usnd what is happenheg in the we >> it's not bad. >> this is summer in washington. >> you guys left and it was really jkbhot, right? >> then is broke in the middle of the week. >> itro b and now you're in time to experience another heat wave. or more consecutive degrees at 90 or above to constitute a heac.wave in d.nd i think today we are back in the low 90s and morrow. they we are on our way for a heat wave but not as hot as it was eks ago. a little more humidity around today and another stray shower chance around today and the heat and humidity amp up as we continue through the week along with rain chances. a spotty shower possible this morning. mainly shower and isolated storms west of d.c. we are thinking shena aoah valley blue ridge mountains.
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widespread rain expected on wednesday. the frontal system edges into the area andh pass thro on thursday and stalled to the south but unfortunately we have rain chances for thursday and friday as well. qurnt temperae 77 in washington. not that bad when you step outside. but you'll notice a little bit more humidity. a little bit warmer than yesterday but very similar to your sunday where we will have more humidityhin tat stray shower chance popping i upthe afternoon. if you're heading to the nats game i think you'll be fine. i do not believe for the braves game we will have any delays or hing like that. i believe we will have sunshine out there for that. temperatures falling to the 80s. a great night for a game. you can see we have nothing on the radar out there right now. i definitely keep that umbrella handy throughout the week because rain chances increase
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tomorrow and especially west of d.c. 94 wi be our temperature tomorrow and a little on the humid side. timing out the rain. monday, 4:30. pop-up shower here or there. we get into the nats game looking okay. i would say less than a 10% you'll see a shower later on this afternoon. tomorrow morning, looking good. maybe fog for anybody that receives showers. as we continue through tomorrow afternoon this is west. a little system out to the west so that will enhance some of those rain chances]i for our wi western suburbs. most of us along the i-95 corridor stay dry tomorrow. few showers may try to move over the blue ridge mountains late tomorrow morning. 30% you'll see rain west of d.c. wednesday morning we wake up and it's dry. the frontal system make its way through the area and cross through on thursday morning and bring showers and thunderstorms on your wednesday afternoon. it will be hot and humid onda wednesafternoon. so we are expecting a chance for some severe weather.
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rain chances linger in early next week. let's take a look at the road. good morning, melissa. >> good morning to you. this one is still ankhappeningi and let you know when thetr cotion clears. in and out of town, no worries. same situation 95, route 129, bw parkway everything is rolling along nicely. 66 and 95, no .worri it's a good time to fill up
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up your gas tank. e average price is down 2:00 cen two cents a gallon according to a lundberg survey. washington, d.c. has now been ranked as one of the most expensive places to live in the. world san francisco came out as the single most expensive city in the whole world to move to.s new york i number three. los angeles is number 12. and, washingtonc. is number 14 with boston at eight. that is surprising. researchers look at the priceso housing and moving expenses and rent expense and utility expenses. london, miami, pis in the top 25. we beat out london? >> apparently. >> that is pretty >> i think these places,
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everybody wants to bet there a the center of where activity is. you got to do something to weed people out. >> i'msryx not surprised by san. francisc everyone say it's really hard to live there. hit ur wallet prettyhard. >> a new survey saying parents feel pressured to spend money. they say scback-tool shopping can be asstressful as holiday shopping. this is true for millennial parents who feel the need to buy big ticket items like electronics. experts say it's important for each parent to set spending limits when you walk into the door. >> i don't feel pressure to spend a lot of money. >> do you think i need to buy this. oh, that would look good on my dhghter. >> te school typically send a list and i kind of stick to that. >> unless you go to targets and all bets are on%
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>> then have a shower curtain and lawn furniture along with back-to-school shopping. lawn!e doesn't have a >> i don't have a lawn! sorry. local parents and students were giv help over the weekend. organizers at ebenezer churchf god handed out 1,000 backpacks stocked full of supplies and health information for those who are underinsured. great >> wonderful. next on "news4 today," a local track and field star wins a big national title and now his eyes are set on the olympics. the latthst in healthy diet trend in going meatless but is it an option you should consider? we ask detitian for advice she gives her patients. a mom buys all the shoes in one stores and plans to give them away to needy children. how request from a woman's daughter inspired this act of kindness. stay with us. w
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e now know a 6-year-old boy is among those killed at a outdoor festival in virginia ca at a mass shooting. >> good morning, everybody.
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i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we have a lot of information fromhe horrific shooting out west. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffic and lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell this moing with a look at the day ahead. >> the day ahead not lao too a shy. if you like yesterday, you'll like today. similar conditions to yesterday. maybe a little bit more humidity and yore feeling that if you step outside right now. 76 is our temperature right now. stay in the 70 as we continue through morning. toping out in the 90s today. even by 9:00 a.m., that temperature already in the low 80s. we are dry out there this moroung. there c be patchy fog in some spots. we are heading into about 93 degrees today. listen. very similar to yesterday. it will be a little muggy. isolated chance of a shower and thunderstorm later on this afternoon. nothing out there right now.  to see this pattern change especially as we head into the middle part of this wllk. we wialk more about that and the changes you'll see coming up. let's talk abo


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