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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 29, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we will have theatest for you here. it's about 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >>'m eun yang. we have a lot of information from the horrific shooting out west. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffic and lauryns rickettn for chuck bell hot day. >> it will be warm out there. you can feel the humidity starting toilbc bu out there compared to yesterday morning. sunrise we beautiful are getting ready to see and witness. sun coming up seven minutes from now. pure sky and now shade of pink and beautiful loing sunrise there. 75 out there right now. southwest winds will bump up that humidity a little bit and we will continue to see an increase in that humidity througut the day. if you're heading to the city open, one of the big things in d.c. during the summer, we will have plenty of sunshine.ld there coube a spotty shower but i think for the most part we will stay dry. we will have a 10% chance o
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seeing spotty showers out there oop we will let you know who they by will see them and when the heat and humidity will break but first, here is traffic with melissa. look atloathian. a bad situation near talbott road. ride.e getting by on the looks like a fatal crash investigation involving a motorcycle. you do have dela headed inbound everything down. the folks you seero moving thh on the ride have been sitting thcee for quite frankly sin the crash happened. there is your closure point inbound for near talbott road. u can't get in further than that. closure with the purple on your screen. norerbound bw parkway aft 197 ff accident southbound 95 near would 216 truck o the ride of the roadway.
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aaron? >> melissa, thank you. breaking news in northern california. overnight we learned that fur people are dead, including a suspect after ashooting at at garlic festival in gilroy, california. >> at least 15 are hurt and search on for thecond suspect now. news4 jummy olabanji is at the live desk with the latest. >> reporter:his annual weekend festival turned deadly and sent foany people running their lives police say a gunman opened fire yesterday afternoon at the gilroy garlicfestival, that is south of san francisco. the gunman was shot and killed but a massive manhunt is under way for aco possible send suspect. we don't know whether that is a second shooter or someone who was supporting a lone gunman.ta we are sing to hear more about the victims this morning. a 6-year-old boy was shot and killed and his mother and grandmother were injured. witnesses describe a chaotic
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scene as people were running for safety. he just throws his gun up and started spraying out round all around. he had vest on, long sleeves, tactical shirt and cargo pants and boots. he was ready to do some damage. >> shots got closer, so i saw some of my coworkers bend down to hide and i thought this is real. >> gilroy's police chief said the suspect cut through a fence to get into the festival and te avoid metal deors.t siuation from the live desk. back to you. >> jummy, thank you. the shooting happened during a huge and popular community event in central california called the gilroy garlic fesval. the three-day affair is family-filled and live with entertainment and cooking and rn features califoia grown eyrlic.
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it raises mon for charities and schools and nonprofits. this was the 40th year for the festival. we will stay on top of this story throughout the morning and update you on air and once you leave for work, check the nbc washington app for updates. the app will send breaking news alerts to your phone. anothereekend of deadly gun violence in our area. >> police say a mawas shot dead in the middle of the afternoon and found his body in a sidewalk in temple hills, maryland. >> news4 justin finch joins us live from the prince george's county police headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning on. you ask neighbors who live on thatá2$ñ block where the shooti happened, they will tell you ohis is simply not something they are used t(d!b and why th and prince george's county police want to know why that bh uin that shot and killed in their otherwise community. it happened in broad daylight on sunday, close tovh 2:30 p.m. sa pr1snce george's county on place in temple hill. if you know that area, you know
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it's very quiet. the homes have been there for ears. neighbors have been on that block for years as well. they say this is not a plac here violence is all that common. so when they heard those shots fired on sunday and saw a man lying on their sidewalk, neighbors quickly called for help.erbz >> i went in panic. i was scared. the police are working to track down a motive and suspects in this case. justinfinch, news4. a local mother will bury her 11-year-old child today, a victim of gun violence. the funeral for 11-year-old karon brown will be held today. he was shot earlier this month.
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police have charged 29-year-old tony mcclam with murder. days after he died, his football coach was killed in an unrelated separate shooting. the team says they will play in honor of oth of them next season. the gun vilsno violence i slowing down it seems. olence is not eiowing down it seems. there were ght shootings over the weekend. most were centered in southeast and northeast washington and multiple people were shot aone scene. officers found four people shot early sunday morning outside of the howard theater. we are learning how the victims with doing thi a saturday afternoon, gunfire left a man and a juvenilhurt. officer found the man nearby. the juvenile walked to the hospital forh p. some in northwest washington, are enjoying air-conditioning over the weekend after equipment with a petco substation left 39,000 customers without power.
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it happened saturday evening. a show at lincoln theater were ncelled. petco was able to restore power to everybody on dawn on sunday. fire in maryland at a house. fire department tweeted pictures fm the scene. he investigators tell us the flames damaged at least six homesn warren way. we are working to learn how the fire started and whether anyone was hurt. wioday, president trump ll sign a bill giving long-term funding to survivorsthe 9/11 terror attacks, including many first responveers. many haeen diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses. the funding will help the victims and their families through the year 2092.d lawmakers vo pass the bill after intense lobbying from 9/11 responders, including one man who died shortly after testifying before congress. comedian and advocatejon stewart alshelped put the issue in the national spotlight with his testimony.
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this morningwe are hearing om people in baltimore after president trump continued yl attack marand congressman elijah cummings and his congressional district that includes parts of baltimore (42ç city. some are calling the attacks racist. the president began targeting cummings' congressional district on aturday, describing it as quote, disgusting rat and rodent infested mess. on sunday, he stepped up his twitter attacks saying, quote. people of baltimore came to the defense of cummings and the city. th >>president is really not westbound being the man that he is supposed to be. the things he said about baltimore, about the rats and everything, if he feels that concerned about it, why don't he do anything about it? >> the weekend tweets from the president comes as congressman cummings is leading multiple investigations into the trump administration.
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cummings responded to the es prent saying he wakes up each morning and fights for his neighbors. he s it's his constitutionalbs duty to conduct oveight of the ecutive branch. tomorrow, presient trump will visit williamsburg, virginia. last week, the white house confirmed he will attend an event marking the 400th t niversary of jamestown. because the presidll be there, several democrats say they will boycott that celebration. in a statement, the democratic leaders of the virginia la legre said, quote, the current president does not represent the values we would celebrate. jamestown was the first representative democracy in anerica. democratic lieutengovernor erstin fairfax said he will attend tuesday's cony. hey have proven their soccer skills so, tonight, two world cup championsill take a crack at baseball. rose lavelle and mallory pugh will be at nationals bark and throw out the ceremonial firstt pi in the game tonight against the brave
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they are returning after bringingeam usa their fourth u.s. title in the world cup.ry >> ve exciting! >> washington spirit have a game augt 24that home. 6:10. next on "news4 today," poor parasites. the visible danger that could ruin summer fun. we are working withou for tips to protect your family. a savvy shopper buys all of the shoes from her local payless shoe before it closed. we will tell you what she plans to do with them. we have got a warm day out there. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we could have a stray shower as we head through the afternoon. mostly just hot wth increasing humidity. let's talk about more rain chances and more heat coming our way before big changes. th is coming up inat
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lyles can finish. >> ran into problems. noah lyles hastest man of all time in ren0 noah lyle is now the 800-meter champion! alexandria's own noah wiles won his first 200 meter. he finish the race at the usa track and field championships in 19.78 second. remember his name as we gear up for the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo. we will root for noah for sure! >> less an year away. there is a bit to look forward to, now, look at that signature! check him out! >> love it! >> cool stuff! you know what? the dog days of summer are here and many are cooling off in the pool but even i the pool looks clean, there could be parasites that could make you and your family sick.
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>> news4 jummy olabanji is working for you. >> when it comes to pools, which everyone loves, you never knowi what k of germs or parasites 7 surface. the most common culprit that causes swimming-related rylness is a co for short. a small amount could contain millions of germs. id>> if a child has an accent in the pool or any kind of elimination in the pool, we have >> regular levels of chlorine will not killypto which can survive in a well-maintained pool up to ten days. the cdc says swallowing a mouth of water of crypto could lead to weeks of nausea and dvrrhea and iting. you can protect your family by not allowing anyone who has been sick in your pool. everyone should shower or rinse off before you get inside the pool. over to you.
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>> definitely sething you don't want to think about, especially in the morning but it's important to remember. w >> especiallyhen you have kid. hose them downr something. >> thank you, jummy. city is open in the district. coco gauff and other young tennis players are dreaming big. >> molette green is there to help the young players dream big and achieve thosedr ams. a lot of players out there on the court with you already. >> reporter: all of the kid from ward 7. they are loving the sport of tennis. we are on stadium court here at the city open facilities and they are getting a wonderful opportunity to learn and get educated by tennis and have opportunities thrgh the foundation. all of the folks participating can join in and help out and spour t support the programs that make this possible.
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christine is here to talk about how important it is. welk ta to rebecca in the 5:00 hour. christine, talk about the activities you're doing this week. >> thank you f coming out this morning. it's been a real privilege to be the sponsor of the city open. washington tennis andio educat foundation is the beneficiary of this fantastic tournament a we ray money in a lot of different olys. one of the co ways is the kid can come and kids and adults and pros can come and serve and a portion of the -- depending on the speed of the serve, a portioof the money goes to wtn. >> we need people to come out? s> absolutely. if this weekend he any indication of what this week is going to be like, it's the best tournament ever. >> i love that. love it is so ical to be able to -- we talk about access and tennis is an expensive sportas
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you know. we need to make this possible for these young people to be able to do. this is important. we have coco gauff and the williams sisters. everybody. but we need more players like this. >> we do. that is why this tournament specialty city open is one with of a kind in the united states because being in a national rk, it's open to everyone. wtef iss℠z a really unique organization that provides opportunities for kid of all income levels. >> reporter: i love it. christine, thank you. we will take advantage of this. i got a kids racket in my hand. the kid are important to make this program grow and keep it fun. in t 6:00 will talk with a tennis pro coming up. >> big fan. y t. pretty soon, payless shoe stes will be a thing of the
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past. one woman took advantage of the deals at the closeout sale by buying out the entire store for arr community! the woman from nsas picked up all 1,500 pair of shoes in the store and made the decision after her daughter saw a pair she wanted to buy for a friend at school beicuse she not his shoes were too small for him. not sure what size the friend wore, she asked what it would be to buy the rest of the shoes in the store. >> that is what it's all abou in the grandf scheme o things of everything that is going on in this country, this is a tiny blip. but if it continues to grow, it makes you do one little thing for that student fixing to go back to school, then it matters to that one kid. >> it really does. one pair of shoes could make a difference for a family. d e family has so many people reaching out annting to donate and they decided to throw a back-to-school bash before classes begin.lrfnu what way to pay it/dk÷ forward. >> teaching valuable lessons for the kid. >> yes. >> love that.
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the suntd!h' is up. >> welcome back. c. hot and humid. >> welc[;> it was like 100 and some odd degrees one day. >> youssdidn't mi the heat wave two weeksgo when we had t oppressiveemperatures and humidity out there. en last week, not too bad. then we are he nothing a heat wave right now. heat wave if you're in the d.c. area is three or more consecutive days at or above 90 degrees. nextcoupled in the 90s. u sun came just about 12 minutes ago at 6:07. i love this graphic. this is our legend. this will show you how humid it will we are a ttle humid out there wz astoday. then e head into your tuesday, wednes y, and thursday, the humidityeally starts tore e. we are going to continue with this humidity building through today and tomorrow. then all bets are off as we get
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into wednesday pretty much through next weekend. current temperatures out there right now in the 60s and seventh. 75 in the district. you walk outside, you'll notice a little uptick in that y. humidit good news is we are dry out there this morning. plenty of sunshine. we will have a spot shower possible later on this afternoon through tonight. for the most part, we will be dry and why i'm keeping thets na game dry that start at 7:05. i b doelieve one or two shotty shower and hard to pinpoint where they will be. temperatures in the 80s as we take on the braves today. we are dry outht there r now. looking good. of some storms mainly w t of thec. area for tomorrow afternoon. there is spotty showers out ere. 20% tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning is dry. mainly west we will seer he showeop up tomorrow afternoon. a frontal system is closing in on the system on wednesday.
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let's talkbout the roadways with melissa. >> good morning. crash investigation here in loathian 4 near talbott road. chopper 4 is showing you this diversion point. both directions are stopped because they are pushing people on to the access road on southern maryland boulevard to get around there. a twotwo-mile backup so allow ea time. southbound i-95 near ibacklck road a crash on the right side of the road. next on news4, going
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meatless. don't miss llen" today"e
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welcome back. living a healthy balanced lifestyle is goal for many of us. >> to achomve it, se are turning to plant-based dooiiets. the food industry is tapping into the trend wiro meatless pducts but is it really healthy?ga >> memcgrath helps you decide if you're going plant-based is right for your family. >> reporter: healthy living is a goafor many. one trend gaining in popularity is switching to a plant-bas diet, emphasizing fruits, d1+w and nuts.seed studies have shown the health two health and weight loss. >> this is what i recommend to all of my patients. it's a planted-based whole food diet. >> reporter: ashley jarvis is a registered dietitian. when switching to a plant-bas diet, she urges people to focus on foods that are as close to
6:26 am
their natural state as possible, so-called whole food, and you'll find vitamins and minerals and fibers and antioxidants. think about not just plant-based but whole food. rithey are the actual foodt? the broccoli, the pea, the soy bean. whatever it is. it is the whole food. it's not some part of it has been isolated or processed out. >> reporter: plant-based products th taste like real meat have become all of the rage. >> i thought it was tasty. very good. >> reporter: the beyonburger d the impossible burger can be[g found on menus and in grocery stores around the dmv. jarvis says they are good options and often low in cholesterol but they are processed and can be higher in sodium. >> these aren't things yo want to rely on. these are things you want to have in moderation in place of a real hamburger or real meat. >> reporter: if you are going plant-based, do your research t what you're eating and make sure your diet is balanced. plan with fruits and veggies and other nutrition gole foods. me mcgrath, news4.
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lo still head ahead a ok at null reports detailingcu serity concerns at d.c.'s union station. breaking news in california. seven people killed and more than a dozen wounded at an yo door festival. the latest when wen. retur we have got rain chances increasing as we head through this week. also the humidity and heat levels are increasing as well. we will talk about th
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6:30 the time right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with fst 4 traffic and lauryn & ricketts is in for chuck bell to let us know what to&dyhñ exp today. >> a beautiful sunrise that was just about 20 minutes ago. 23 minutes ago to be exact. 6:07 was the official sunrise in d.c. a beautiful looking morning. a beautiful day.ou if yiked yesterday, you'll like today as well. plane on cue right now. mperatures out theren the 70s. 75 in our temperature.
6:31 am
you can see the southwest wind and that will continue to bump up t humidity levels. one thing if you haven't stepped outside, you'll notice the ttmidity. a li bit more present than it was yesterday. 93 will be our daytime high today. yesterday we topped out at 90. the day before we topped out at 89 so we are getting into the heat wave which is three or more consecutive days at 90 or above. talk more about the big changes coheng our way as weather comes to an end coming up. a let's talkout your commute. >> traffic alert inour first 4 traffic. we are talking about inbound near talbott road. chopper 4 is showing you this area. we are busy throughout tharea. inbound on 4 through this area through an extra hour. i know there is wonderful alternate.
6:32 am
allow a lot of extra ti for that. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major problems. >> we are staying onop of breaking news out of northern california. >> four people are dead, including the gunman following a shooting at a garlic festival. our sister station in the bay area is joining us live from the scene. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that manhunt is taking place here in gilroy. we are 80 miles south of san francisco. we can tell you that while one shooter is dead, police still acting sure if he was alone. so they are in the process of searching for a second possible gunman. we did recently talk to one witness who was selling items at
6:33 am
the festival and shextad she was neto two of her coworkers when he this were shot. she then managed to run for her life but not before actually watching the shooter reload his rifle. >> lookj0ú straight on. saw the side. if we would have screamed, he could have turned and shot us. he was perfectly lined up with wo. why uld somebody want to do this? doesn't me sense. y somebody would want toco me naed anill people, we still have no idea. >> reporter: law enforcement tells us the shooteras able to cut through a fence along a creek in order to get by security and enter the l.festiva we are also learning that the 6-year-old boy is among those who was killed in the shooting. >> bigad aban, thank you. a tragey. >> 17-year-old admitted to
6:34 am
stabbing his father just before a fence near allen pond park on fray. bowie police officers found the father this a wooded area nea the crash. officers say they saw the teen walking out of the woods and he ital where hea ho was treated for minor injuries. the mother can't believe what has happened. >> he was going to take him to the library to do his homework because he is in summer school. >> karoma told detectives he stabbed his fatherd and draggem into the nearby wood. anhe has been charged as adult with first and second-degree murder and is in jail without bond. a gun rights group is rrchallenging maryland'sy law. a group that calls its myland shall issue has faulediled a la saying the laws are unconstitutional. tryland is one of theen states that requires a permit to carry a concealed weapon. local authorities have a discretion on whether to grant
6:35 am
those permi or not. the amtrak o inspector general is warning about security concern at union station. a recently released report says a car was able to drive onto the platform and right on to the tracks earlier this ye r. you see thoto here. the inspector general says passengers and staf were put at risk because of broken surveillance cameras and lax monitoring of entrances. amtrak released the following statement, quote. developing morning. d coats is stepping down.4ñn dan coats, the director of national intelligence, top intelligence chief n the country is stepping down. jummy olabanji joins us with more on this. dan coats is leave in two weeks. two and a half years on the job
6:36 am
he oound himself at odd with the president on fiscal year's weapons program and russian election meddling. wasting no time, president trump has selected the man he wants to replace him in. in a tweet last night the president plans to nominate texas congressman don ratcliffes who impred the president in the mueller hearing last week. coats plans to stay in the position until august 15th. to yo >> thank you, jummy. federal investigators remain on the scene of a passenger train collision in illinois.en happ on saturday afternoon south of chicago. the train derailed after the crash. nearly 300 passengeere on board at the time but no one was hurt. investigators say the vehicle that was struck by the train was empty whe they arrived on the scene. still ahead, old scam sees a comeback. how you can keep your cash safe. is live molette gre
6:37 am
in the community this morning. ahat are you working on today? >> reporter: we at the open. we have moved inside inside the gym. i've got the trainer and my nn college te player and we will talk more about what it takes to workout and become
6:38 am
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6:39. welcome back. iyou enjoy a glass of wine, you may have to pay more. president trump is threatening to put french tariffs on french wine. it impacts companies like facebook and google. last year, france exported.6 million dollars of wine just to the u.s. we are working for you to protect your money. s an om is make ago comeback. >> experts say if you're
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looking to buy something online, you should look out for fake money orders. con artists will send you a cashier's check and ask y to cash it and then send them money. more than often yo bank will t catch it until it's too late. jason pritchard has been writing about scams like this for years. >> the main red flag is all of these is you're -- right? in ae ost every case you'r supposed to be receiving money but somehow they convince you to send money and they are very good at that. >> experts say if you are unsure about a checor money order, have your bank take a closer look at it. it's a good time to fill up your gas tank. e price is down two cents a gallon according to a lundberg survey. load crude oil reasons are the price for thedecrease, experts say. good morning. i'm frank holland. quentin tarantino notching a career best opening weekend. it raked in $40 million at the
6:41 am
north america box office but not enough to top disney "the lion king" which is days away from crossing the $1 billion mark at the global box office. disney has notched 7.7 billion in ticket sales all around the world so far this year. eclipsing the industry record it set back in 2016. disney stock 1% away from hitting a fresh all-time high. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. i'm lauryn ricketts. akwe are tg a look at those temperatures out there right now. 60s and 70s and up tick in the humidity this morning. humidity only increases throughout the day. low 90s today and another chance of a spotty shower. let's talk about the rest of this workweek. changes are coming our way. . first 4 traffic alert. inbound 4 and somebody outbound lanes shutdown. a fatal crash investigation hi other tngs happeni and
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
g > what is going on? what is goin? >> shock and confusion at an outdoor festival in northern california. a gunman opened fire yesterday, kiling three people and wounding more than a doz others and it happened in
6:45 am
gilroy, south of san francisco. overnight we learned police shot and killed one suspect. the search is on for a second possible suspect. be sure to check out the nbc washington app for the latest on this m shooting. 15 before the hour now. closer tohome. police in prince george's countf are searchingor a motive after a deadly shooting i broad daylight. thihappened yesterday in temple hills. >> news4 justin finch is live at prince george's county police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. disturbing close to the week for many neighbors and many home with their families when they heard a series of shots right outside their front doors. one neighbor telling us that she heard as many as five shots close to 2:30 sunday afternoon. she live off 21st place in temple hills. if you know this area, you know it's fullof older homes and residents within those homes for several decade. many saying they have never heard or seenli anything this in their neighborhood. some say they were shaken by the
6:46 am
lying their sidewalk where children play and where they walk. that man fighting for his life, left for dead after being shot there. police are now looking for lead in this case. >> this neighborhood has been pretty quiet and pretty quaint. sunday afternoon it's pretty cold conduct such a cri in the middle of the day. >> reporter: as you heard, even police saying it was bold to fire shots like that at a man in broad daylight in a neighborhood. neighbors say don't believe the man is from their block. police are hoping clues will come in and th s canve this case and find out why the man was shot an;j k led where they live. live in palmer park, justin finch, news4. developi this rning, president trump begins the workweek standing by some controversial criticism he leveled at marynd congressman
6:47 am
o elijah cummings over the ekend. >> attacked his district as well. ed that baltimore was a rodent-infested mess. were joined by hallie jackson on capitol hill. the chair of the powerful oversight committee is elijah cummings. people are criticizing the president's tweets aimed at at cummings and his district that includes the district of baltimore. district as a rat and rodent-infested mess. he is now flipping the script accusing cummings being racist. last week, hehe blasted t acting homeland security secretary in a hearing that something caught the president's attention.
6:48 am
he says elijah cummings has done a terrible job for hisdistrict. nick mulvaney says that is not motivated by race and we will have more coming up on the "today" >>show. hallie jackson, thank you. you can see her report next on "today" show. a jud will hear arguments on a lawsuit filed by president trump which hopes to block a house committee from seeing his new yo state tax return. lawsuit was filed inst d.c. l week. the president's attorney calls the request to see his tax returns presidential harassment. in response, the house committee filed its own lawsuit against the treasury department and the irs which refused to turn over hits federal tax returns. update from puerto rico rnis g. the woman in line to replace the island's outgoing governor saysn she doesn't wt the job. wanda vazquez hopes that governor ricardo rossello will
6:49 am
appoint a secretartate this saturday. the present secretary of state resigned. rossello allegedly criticized people during an online chat was leaked and led to protests across the island. funeral for 11-year-old karon brown are be held today. he was killedn i a shooting earlier this month in southeast washington. 29-year-old tony mcclam has been charged with second-degree murder. days after he died, his new football coach was killed in an unrelated shooting. the team will play in honor of both of them next season. thousands of petco customers now have power. 40,000 people were in the dark over the weekend. show at lincoln theater was cancelleds and another show wa s shut down. thousands of residents and
6:50 am
for hours. six homes were damaged by ae fire on war way. no word on injuries this morning. is expected to sign a bill that will fullye fund 9/11 victims compensation fund today. the funding will help ane victims d their families through the year 2092. the bill recently passed a votei coan and advocate jon stewart helped put the issue in the national spotlight with his testimony. traffic alert. chopper 4 over this problem lothian dunkirk area. three mile backup because of a fatal crash investigation involving a motorcycle and truck and near talbott road so everything unbound is shut and pushed on 260 and southernludñ
6:51 am
maryland boulevard. 2 is jammed as well. if you're heading to that area, allow an extra hour. outer loop and inner loop no major issues a a relief. remember to listen to .5wtop 10 fm when you hop in your car this morning. hazy morng out there right now. look at the live city camera. looking over the potomac, a ta beautiful s to this week. we will have more humidity today. that humidity will continue to increase. spotty shower out there. today storms mainly west of d.c. tomorrow. then more widesprea coverage wednesday.
6:52 am
we could have rain on a thursday. temperatures out there right n in the six and 70s. 75 rear in the strict. if you're heading to the city open this afternoon, it' a hot one. plenty of sunshine. could have a stray shower but i'm thinking abou10% chance. into the looking too bad out there today. tuesd rain west in the afternoon and evening. wednesday afternoon looks like we will have a good chance of rain for everybody. no rain now. we are dry. here is the spotty rain chances this afternoon. similar to yesterday. tomorrow morning ake up and dry and more humid. there are the showers to the st and trough to the west so why enhance rain chances west of the blue ridge mountains. wedn day, a frontal syst approaching the system and that kicks off a few shower and thunderstorms. wednesday, they could be strong d could also be slow-movers sove ha to watch for that floo ng threat.
6:53 am
frontal sysm stalls to the south so we have rain chances daily leading into early next week. city open is under way in the district. sightings of coe coco gauff hote rs dreaming big. she is awesome. >> molette green is live with details on the partnership details on the partnership árñ! >> reporter: good morning. we have moved inside the sport and health players gym. you can see there is a trainer aherv dein hi alexander working on agility drills. what is it like to plaamtennis? >> ing! >> reporter: these guys have followed me from the court from ward 7dwr(t with the washington d[ennis and education $ufoundat. i got a whole bunch of fun kid
6:54 am
here. ian miles and you're ready and the whole gang. how often do you play and are you good? >> yes. yeah. and i play every day. >> reporter: every day. >> i think it's good. it's good for your exercise and for your agility and you get a good education. >> reporter: yes. this foundation brings the game what have you learned? >> i've learned how to, like, play tennis and to get betterw ith my backhand and forehand. >> reporter: i love it! we are gettingr. bette part of that is a lot of training. devin is a trainer here and he'll talk to me about how you ove from where they are to where alexander is. making it all happen, what do you think? o it to a lot of dedication and consistency and a lot of support. >> reporter: support from the community as well as your ty lot from the community. >> reporter: alexander is in collcsabnd she is going to work on her
6:55 am
are you good at? z my backhand. z good backhand over here? see? they have good back hands over here. they have so much fun talking to these guys and about the sport ff tennis at city open. a lot of stufill happen and we will watch it all play out. thank you for joining me this morning, okay? >> okay. >> back in to you. l t progrhere at wtef. now 6:55. 4 things to know before go. overnight four people are ng dead includine suspect following a shooting at a garlic festival in gilroy, california. at least 15 people are hurt. the search is on for a second suspect. stida around for "to show for the latest. bowie teen could make an appearance in court today after confessing to killing his father. he said he stabbed his father as he drove near allen pond park on friday and said after the card
6:56 am
crase dragged his body into the wood. hear from his family in the nbc washington app. president tru is expected to sign a bill today giving long-term funding to survivors in the 9/11 terror attacks and meant to help first responders diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses. the funding will lasthrough 2092. two wor cup soccer champions will take a crack at baball as they will throw out the ceremonial first pitch the braves. the two washington stars are returning to d.c. after bringing usa the first world cup title. >> you can support the washington spirit all the time. >> we need to geteut thernd do that. low to mid-90s today. tomorrow. spotty shower today and more chances west tomorrow. wednesday, scattered showers and thunderstorms daily chance of
6:57 am
rainte af that. >> first 4 traffic alert. lothian 4 near talbott road is shut down. a motorcycle looked like it has a trailer on it. it is a mess in that area.  news for today. appreciate you waking up with. >> "today" is show next. see you in 25 minutes. >> have g areat day, everybody. i switched fm dodge.
6:58 am
we switched from ford. i switched fm ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. fotechnology. for the muscle. and just look at it. adios, lexus. bye, bye, ford. we switched to chevy. and i couldn't be happier. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. or add another chevy to your driveway. rrent gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp ons equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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wh, i was diagnosed with ms the firstwas my about i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress the medicinealas progressed right ongside it. trying to make medications more affordable is important,n' the medicinealas progressed but if washington careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope,
7:00 am
anand the last thing you wto lose in life is hope. good morning. breaking n chs in california. gunman opens fire at a crowded food festival, killing at least three people and wounding 15 others. >> people were just screaming, and you kn, crumbling on top of each other. >> this morning, walt we're learning about the victims. one just 6 years old. and the search for a possible second suspect as two women who re just feet from the gunman join us to share their story. >> behind bars two american teens under arrest in italy, accused of murdering o poliicer there. what they're now saying about e case against them, and now fallout over this disturbing image appearing to show one


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