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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 29, 2019 4:00pm-4:49pm EDT

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heritage. "first at 4:00" a consumer alert about the take-home kits. >> i'm not entirely positive t that i'm thaish. >> and we begin this hour with yet anothermu american cty devastated by a mass shooting. >> yesterday hundreds of families were out enjoying the annualroy garlic festival in northern california when a gunman opened fire. >> three young people are dead. morezethan a do injured, and now the big question is why did this? happen 6-year-old stephen romero is among the dead. his mother and grandmother were also shot, but they are expected to live. let's go toim handley to get the latest. what with are we learning about the suspected gunman. >> reporter: police have identried that shoote as 19-year-old santino legan. he lived within walking distance that have festival. he was shotnd killed after engaging oflsers in a gun battle. according to police leganga
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y purchased that miautomatic rifle heused elier this nunts inpo nevada. ce believe he bypassed the metal detectors and seurity points by cutting his way through an exterior fce. he randomly fired into the crowd firing more than 40 rounds. some people were trampled runs to safety. again, that 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl and a man in his 20 oz were all killed. the police chief spoke earlier today about the young victims. >> well, i think any time a life is lost it's -- it's tragedy, but when it's young people, it's evense. and it's very difficult. i don't know that there's -- i don't know what, if any, associaon there is. seems that this was a random act. >> now nbc news has confirmed this afternoon that before th
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shooting the 19-year-old suspect posted on his instagram accounta about racist manifesto. investigators also said they were looking into reports that legan mightavead an accomplice, but that has not yet been confirmed. leon, back to you, and pat. >> terrible story. >> yeah. >> thank you, jim. >> we'll have a live report from gilroy. we'll get an update on the investigation coming up later in the hour. da now we turn to new developments t in the case of a local teenager charged with murdering his father. >> the 17-year-old was in court today when judge denied him bond. last friday police say the teen stabbed his father in bowie causing him to crash his suv. today the suspect refused to remain silent in cou. news 4's meagan fitzgerald was there. meagan what, did he have to say? >> reporter: pat and leon, first i have to say that the judge and even his attorney was trying to stop the 17-year-old from
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speaking, warning him about his rights to remain silent and reminng name there's a courtroom full of prosecutors but he decided to speak anyway, telling the judge that his father was controlling his mind, and he says because of that he decided to kill him. reporter: the teen's mother seen here walking out of court in the long tan skirt moments after hearing h son confess to killing his father but shortly he spoke his mother decided to address the court telling the judge her son lived withis ather the last few years in bowie and that's when she noticed behavioral changes. she encouraged hisfather to be evaluated. the suspect's mother says the teen wasas evaluated week and one day later he was arrested for stabbing his father to death inside his suv. investigators say that vehicle thenollided into a fence in
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allen pond park before the teen dragged his father's body into a wooded area. the prince george's county state's attorney was also in thh courtroom en the dramatic events unfolded. >> we understand th this is a family situation. it's tough, but we also know that the judge determined based on all that she heard that a mentalalth evaluation was appropriate in this matter are and we certainly support that had. >> reporter: also in courtleoday we ned that the 17-year-old was a student at bowie high school, and he would have been entering his junior year. back to you. >> megaan fitzgerald reporting live. >> reporter: police in prince george's county need yourelp in solving a murder. someone shot a man multnle times aleft him on the sidewalk to die. officers found him sunday afternoon on 21st place in temple hills. the victim has been identified as 31-year-old kirk lyles. detectives are working now to identify suspects and the moves behind this murder.
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pat. >> today a d.c. mother did something most parents can't even imagi. she laid her 11-year-old son to rest. karon brown was killed in a shooting in southeast d.c. earlier this month. hundred attended the funerals today. news 4's family and friends. as she was helped into her son's private funeral, katherine brown was surrounded by the community that loved him. him. hundreds of people came to the church to say a final good-bye to karon brown, many of them wearing a shirt with his face on it, his smile just as bright asm everyone rembers. >> for me i'm in disbelief. >> reporter: since brown's murder on july 18th emotions in this community have teetered between despair and anger. >> just so sad that they are dying at a young age. >> i'm just tired of coming to funerals, especially loved ones, you know, people we grew up with. i'm just sad. >> reporter: if there's anyone who kws what the brown family has been through and the healing
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still to be done it's yoedy baker. this time last year she was burying her cousin makiyah wilson, another child lost to the district's gun violence. >> my cousin was 10, and she just turned 11, and i'm still grieving about her, too. >> reporter: like baker, numbery this communihought makiyah's death was a turning point. here they are again watching another mother bury child, small kids burying their friends. >> when we start losing kids, that means it'sd. b it's really bad because we need to put down the guns. there has to be a change. >> reporter:sadly, changeill come too late for karon brown, but if his friends expect to see their teens and 20s, these adults know it's up to them to ma tsu pkeointrehat in the on going fight to stop the violence. >> how do you change? how do you fix it? >> by sticking together as one. >> reporter: a community once again ripped apart by a gun but still united in the hope for a
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better future. in southeast, corey smith, news 4. >> the tireless effort to make sure 9/11 first responders is getting their medical bills paid for finally was signed off on today. 9/11 first responders surrounded the president wh he sign that had bill into law. it extends the fund through 2092, essentially making the funding perment. activists including comedian jon stewart championed this cause leading to congress passing the bill in a bipartisan legislation effort last week. >> today we come together asne nation to support our september 11th heros to care for their families and to renew our eternal vow never ever forget. >> more than 40,000 people have applied to the fund. it covers illnesses related to the attacks on the world trade center, the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. even as the president spoke
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about coming together at that earlier event, he spent much of the wnd using divisive language about elijah cummings baltimore. y of >> the longtime maryland congressman becomes the latest target to become the series of racist attacks by the president on social media. >> we have n reaction from cummings' congressional district. >> let's start with craig boswell following the latest craig? >> reporter: pat and leon, president trump again today attacking a minority member of congress and expanding on a twitter tirade today. president trump expanding attacks on prominent black leaders that began over the weekend today calling reverend al sharpton a con man wh hates whites and cops and sharpton fights back. >> he's thin-skinned and not reallyture that had well, but hehas a part venom for blacks and people of cole snore in a barrage of tweets the president attacked democratic congressman elijah calling his esstrict in baltimore a rat and
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rodent-infested ms. >> shouldn't think about it like that. everything else that i say. everything else is based on ignorance and race snimp congressman cummings poo chairs thrful house oversight committee linked the tweets to doing his job as he works to subpoena top trump administration offic dls includighter ivanka and son-in-law jared. tweeting it's my executive duty to rp provide oversight on the executive branch. he president not letting up, criticizing the oversight duty. the white house insisting the pr ac comments are notides t. >> the president is pushing back about what he sees as wrong. >> reporter: and now this controversy overshadowing the last one whens the preent told four women of color to go back to where they came from. >> the racially charged rtoric doesn't seem to be affecting him with their base whileriving
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democrats off message. >> larry hogan called the resident's comments outrageous andinappropriate. this as we're also hearing reaction from citys. news 4's derrick warddent contii our team coverage now. you're live in derrick. you've talked of this?o >> reporter: well, yknow, the comments kind of run the gamut. if you look behind me here, you can kind of get a composite of the seventh district. there's some old and new and what you don't see it a lot of industry, going away and cities are in trantion, butf you're quiet enough can you definitely hear the buzz and reaction from the president's comments regarding this city as specifically the seventh congressional district. the fallout from the president's remarks have drawn a rebuke from maryland's governor larry hogan. >> the comments are just outrageous and inappropriate. >> reporter: han points to some of the improvements. >> project corps, we've torn down 4,000 blighted buildings. we've invested $5 billion into the city of baltimore. i mean, we're doing a lot of
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ings, but we sure could use some help. >> reporter: the reaction is reverberating through the streets of charmed city and herh in theeart of congressman elijah cummings edition tricket. >> i thought what the president said was absolutely disgusting. i live in the cummings district and will vote for him every singleptime. >> rter: and there is a sense from at least one person that no ene isven free of some ridicule for she state ofme things in some parts of the city and some parts of district. >> his district should best in the city. i feel strongly about that, and it's not being taken care of because he has no opposition when heruns. >> reporter: the improvements are obvious. as obvious as the challenges and we did find beyond outrage and instlult insult, there's a notion that they might be able to bridge the gap opened by racial animosity. they want to work lowering the price of prescription drugs.
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>> lowering the price for drugs that really need it. i feel like he was doing good but why should people who are doing bad already suffer some senator. >> reporter: rhetoric aside. what do facts and figures say. look, the median income here is just over $50,000, higher than the national median in, and this is the second most educated district in the country with 37% of the people here having a he baclor's degree or better, so those things have to factor into this debate as well. we're live in baltimore. derrick ward, news 4. pat, back to you. >> there's a lot of good that's going on in bal.more city thank you so much. folks, you may want to be careful and watch what you say around your iphone. >> still ahead on news 4, apple admits its voice assistant sirio listens in your conversations. we'll share a response from the company. and adve on how to protect your privacy. 5- -colofdco gof o tennis phenom
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marks another career milestone right here in d.c. plus, right now on storm team 4radar, i'm tracking some isolated showers, one out around the fairfax-year and some along the top of thenc beltwayding lle heaton and the vans area. i'll let you know how long they last. last. i'll be i switched from dodge. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy.rd.
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back now with a look at our cuerent teures, and it's boiling out there. amelia says this is our sixtha wave of the year. she's going to join news two minutes with a look at how long this is going to last and we'rem expecting s strong storms to move through, too. >> she sold her spotlight beating her idol venus williams and now tennis superstar coco goff is would you go crowds here at the city open here in the district. she will play her first round match tomorrow. our own james handley caught up with her duringrm wa practice and asked her about hes mee to up-and-coming tennis players. >> reporter: you are a role model now to sany young girls and women. what message do you have for them if they are thinking about gettingnto tennis or any sport for that matter? >> just keep working hard and dream big. don't let anyone limit you because the possibilities are endless. >> nco goff plays round three of the women's doubles
4:16 pm
tournament later today. >> she is something else. she so composed. >> yeah. >> just seems to have it all together. >> the sky is the limit. >> why so many folks are rooting for her because she'snspiring young tennis players really all sper the world and eenin a uniq partnership that's helping budding players reach their dreams. >> reporter: i'm hereh my friends from the washington teitnnis and education foundati. oh, my goodness. they all love tennis. it's what like to >> amazing. >> reporter: pretty amazing. ireny says she's good, really good. how good are you? >> good. >> reporter: you got it. you got it. okay. you guys play tennis, how often? >> every day. >> reporter: and you love if? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: you really love it? >> yes. >> reporter: and what have you learned? >> i learned how to do better my backhand and forehand.
4:17 pm
>> backhand and forehand. >> reporter: we're inside the ho clube and i've got some work going on here. they play for the washington education and tennis foundation. how do we get them to beelite hat let's? they are working on anility drill. if i can interrupt you for a second and ask how do we make all that happen? how do we get from there to here? >> a lot of education and hard work. >> reporter: working out all the time. >> all the time. >> reporter: how often are you working mouth in the. five times a week. >> reporter: that what it takes. >> reporter: that what it takes. working on your fan choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. and realize you can ge you . you know when you're at ross oh, yeah. yep. yes! t feel lik e a evbongi that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off spealty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. i'm jim handley. if you're just now joining us at 430, here are four things you need ft know thisnoon. today a d.c. community came together to say good-bye to brown.-old karon he was shot and killed earlier this month in southeast d.c. >> when we start lose kids, that means it's bad. it's really bad, because we need to put down the guns. >> hundreds of people attended today's funeral for brown. they also called for an end to the gun violence in d.c. today in court, a local
4:20 pm
17-year-old admitted to stabbing his father to death inside an suv in bowie. a judge ordered the teen to undergo a psychological evaluation. karma said he killed his father after his father had an accident. his dad ended up crashing his vehicle in allen pont park. marylandied governor is weighing in on the dent's series of attacks aimed at saaking today, ly hogan said the president's comments were quote outrageousnd mr. trump referred to baltimore as a sgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. three people were shot and killed at food festival in california. ar-old gunman started to - shoot at randa om at the gilroy garlic festival yesterday. n he was killed ia shootout with officers. back to leon and pat now with
4:21 pm
re on thisshooting. >> the santino legan. he's from the gilroy area lived within walking festival. he was dressed a innd tactical and used a semiautomatic rifle. let's go to nbc's jennifer bourque land. what did they say about a possible motive in this case? did ell, pat and leon, they have a little news conference hours ago and investigators say they swarmed the house a mile, mile and a halfeway from th shooting scene to see what happened and they have no idea why that kunman opened fire. >> reporter: gunfi at gilroy garlic festival. crazy. is actually >> confusion and terror rippling through the crowd and witnesses say as many as 40 rounds fired.
4:22 pm
>> there was like a pop, and we both turned andsaw and standing him there. he was reloading his gun. >> reporter: police engaging in killing the suspected gunman identified as santino legan. >> there absolutely would have been more bloodshed i believe. with the number of people and the --nd the small area that they were in. it's very fortunate they were able to engage him as quickly as they did. >> reporter: even though the ess ce response was fast, than a minute, three innocent people were killed and another 12 wounded. a 6-year-old boy among the dead. stephen romero's mother and grandmother were also shot but willsurvive. romero's father in shock. >> my son had his whole thrive live. he was only 6. >> reporter:ch massive sear for a sd possiblere igunvnesma tryi to determ who that
4:23 pm
tential suspect is and what that . >> reporter: a volof gunfire that in less than a minute ended three lives and changed this community forever. police say the weapon, an ak-47 eype of rifle was purchased legally three we ago in nevada. pat? >> all right. jennifer, it's another heartbreaking day in america and heartbreaking day for all those families. thank you so much. tw men have been arrested for sexually assaulting two underage girls in the mt. veon area. 22-year-old andrew collins was arrested and 21-year-old kevin caldwell this past the ast took place inside the bathroom of a wing stop on cooper road back in mate. the girl went into the restaurant to e thebathroom. the suspects allegedly followed her inside and sexually assated herthere. both suspects are being held in jail. we're learning more about
4:24 pm
the cause of a deadly crash in maryland this morning. chopper 4 capturing the aftermath of a crash on talbot road and police say the cyclist made an unsafe lane change and hit the back of a trialer. the motorcycle veered off the road and hit a tree. the impact threw the required off the bike killing him. he's been identified as christopher whisman jr. no one else was injured. today crews are working to rebuild a damaged transform their plunged thousands of d.c. residents in the dk this weekend. the massive power outage lasted for hours affecting many businesses in northwest. the problem involved equipment florida sub station. they said they are bringing in another spare transformer from u another station as a precaution now. most of the customers do have their power back on. >> pat? >> megan markle s getting candid seethoki w michelle obama.of
4:25 pm
f suss exlady about parenting, detaili some of h malia and sasha. can you read all ofes thit in t september issue of "british vogue." markel is serving as a guest itor and the forces for change issue highlights the accomplishments of four w including new zealand's prime minister. well, welcome home, big papi. david ortiz sharing his first social media post since being shot in the dominican republic. ortiz confirming on instagram he's been released from hospital with a trio of photos showing some pretty good looking grub there. the former red sox slugger said being home is priceless and added, quote, too bad i can't crush fo that's why he's showing you this. more than a dozen people have been arrested ti connec with shooting. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. cracking down on crime and using cameras. theistrict promises to rim burst anyone who puts a security
4:26 pm
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back-to-school time is one of the busiest times of the year for families. fairfax county is trying to make it easier b ysicaland ccinesyofrifereng f t who don't have health insurance. the free clinic is open this summer and put on by nursing students from george mason university. >> i just got a new job so i don't have health insurance yet, so that's why i came to this clinchic. >> there are eight free clinics. they are located all around northern virginia. so far they have provided almost 2,000 free physicals. the f barryms neighborhood of southwest d.c. has a long history especially in the african-american community. now residents areu ping to get the community named a historic site. the designaelon could hp protect the neighborhood from future development. news 4'sderrick ward explains. >> reporter: not much left of the barry farms dwellings now.
4:30 pm
the land is silent but this area is steeped in the african-american culture. >> when land was allocated for emancipation and they bought the lot and built their private residences. barry residences, it stretched from rfield heights all the way down to the anacostia river. and there are few buildings in the neighborhood that reflect what you would have found on the river, and even after that there was a sense of community here. >> we had a wonderful ball together. i like my back porch. we'd get on my back porsche and we would. talk it was such a nice neighborhood. planners say it will be a nice neighborhood when they are done, but there are those who don't want to seat history here buried beneath the rubble. >> reporter: among the
4:31 pm
suggestions being put forth, redo the thousandings along stevens road keeping an open feel for the ones that have been there. >> create a level of museum and articles that people can -- it's a beautiful layout. >> d.c. preservation review is voted to designation the dwellings as an historic landmark. er is vir coleman liked that yes. >> the preservation review board meeting takes praise on thuwoday. a ing for you consumer alert coming up next. you know the popular dna testing kits. san hogan explainswhy your hysults may change over time and will tell you w that's actually a good thing. >> apple admits its voice assistant siri can listen in on youonversations without you knowing it. how to protect your privacy.
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if you're just joining us at 4:45, we're centering our fifth heat wave of the year. amelia is back in three minutes with a forecast, including an updated storm forecast. meanwhile, a consumer alert today about the dna test kits that promise to tell you where you've come from. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working on you on your ever changing dna. it's not supposed to change, is it? >> well, it's so interesting, so i never knew it. my husband is a bigan of it. he's been doing it. i've yet to do it, so if you think about it, right. you swab your cheek or spit into a tube and weks later you find out you've got ancestors living in liberia or ireland, but what you may not know is those results can quickly be out of
4:35 pm
date. >> ever look in the mirror and wonder who do i look like? >> i have a pretty good idea that i'm european but i really had no idea from what part. >> reporter: like millions of otherrldwide, jennifer decided to hunt for her heritage so she swabbed her cheek and sent off her dna to be tested and waited. >>aged those ads on today that guy is dancing in a kilt or he's a zulu warrior. >> it came back at europe west with 60%nd scandinavian rush, ireland on scotland 27%. >> reporter: 27% irish. that a big surprise to jenniferk >> i was le, honey, you know, my husband, maybe we should go to dub our nextvaatn, ofon irish may not be on herld rtl s. several months after her first round of dna results sent heran an update.
4:36 pm
her irish roots dropped a fewr pentage points. >> what i came away with i still want to go to dublin, but i'm >ot positive that i'm that irish. reporter: and jennifer gained two new surprises. >> 5% france, voila, and then 2% norway so that was kind of a lot of changes. >> reporter: the eason for the change, well, dna testing companies are constantly updating their algorithm. think about it. your dna test results are only as accurate as the data behind them, and in this case that data is other people's dna,o as more people take these tests the ethnicity reference panels growth. ancestry says if your earlier result claims you were scanned knave cran they can break it down to norway andweden which would explain jennifer's newly discovered norwegian roots. >> my husband and i were just in norway. they are nice people and some look a little like me.e it didn't mak go oh, i'm norwegian. it was little bizarre. >> reporter: while jennifer
4:37 pm
still isn'100% sure of her ancestry, she says it's fun to have a clearer picture of her roots and woernsd where her next na update will take her. >> so bottom line,our dna never charges but the methods these testing companies are using is evolving every single day, and they will automatically send you these updates. real neat, isn't it? >> did you pay for the updates? ou don't. she just got it out of blue. look at that. this is omething that they are doing as a service and it's really kind of cool. at first you were thinking oh, they must have made a mistake. they are evolving just like, you know, as more and more people are doing this, that's where the reference panels are coming from and that' why they areable to make it a little more narrow. >> they are becoming more precise. >> exactly. >> i've got to think that every time you see that envelope in the mailbox uh-oh, now what am i? >> i've changed. >> all my husband cares about, he wants to wear a kilt and not
4:38 pm
sure if it's fndm irelaor scotland so he's trying to narrow it. i just gave away too much >> he >> iw. kno dancing. >> right. >> thanks, susan. >> christmas is right around the corner. >> right. >> how about a gift of some cooler weather. s we're aboutck of this heat wave stuff. >> this isr fifth heat wave so far thiswyear. e're in the midst of it, including today we' hit 90 degrees or higher. 34 days so far this year, and in additn to that, i'm tracking some isolated showers right now on storm team 4 radar. quickly as these are bubbling u p, they are fizzling out. i've been timing them. they are lasting 20 to 30 minutes at the most. some down in prince george's county, headed north of fairfax and south to 66up and into parts of prince george's and anne arundel corynty. one tg to move into the city of fairfax south of 66 out around the clifton area. very heavy rainfall but i'm starting to see signs of this
4:39 pm
diminishing. there's a better chance that you're dealing with showers and thunderstorms tomorrow later in the day. 8:00 a.m., it's dry and it's a mild start. we're starting off in the 70s. w once hit 3:00 towards the i-8 is corridor. 5:00 p.m., notice where the storms are and where they are not. they contue to favor areas back around the mountains and re the still dry. area is think as the down at about 8:20, we might see some areas of rain moving into the metro region. here's 9:00 p.m., so most us are going to be dry during the day, but by the late afternoon and especially the evening hours se'll start to some areas of rain moving in. talking about that mild start. 7:00 a.m., we're already in 76 degrees, a hot lunch break 90. feels more like 100. at 4:00 i'm tracking storms west
4:40 pm
of the d.c. metro area. by 7:00 p.m. there's a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms area wide and hospital it's still 91 degrees tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., and with a 95-degree day in the forecast tomorrow, concrete during the afternoon is going to be 140 degrees. asphalt warming to about 155, so make sure to keep your pets in mind and top the ground with the top of your hair if you can't ke it there for five to seven seconds, too hat for the dog. probably want that extra large ice tea the dog tomorrow and then we'll see that diminish each day through the workweek and stays a little bit humid porough the entire week. the pollen has not chandaed since fri trees, grasses, wooerksds all coming in low. mold spor continue to come in moderate, and here's the storm team 4 four forecast. risk of wind tomorrow an especially during the evening hours is at about 0%.
4:41 pm
nats have another home game tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. so can't rule out oain there in nats park. pack the poncho. 59 tomorrow and feels like 100. 90 on wednesday l feels moreke 59 with the humidity. best chance for storms out of the workweek is going to be on wednesday with a front at % ance on wednesday, but that front kind of sticks around. we see some t shrtoughms, so i n thego fore thursday, friday and saturday as well. right now your sunday is looking dry. any storms this week really confined to the afternoon and especially the evening hours. notice after wednesday we're in the 80s. we don't warm back into the 990s until next wednesday so a bit of a break. unfortunately, just kind of the nuisance thunderstorms that pop up. >> summer has been the same. >> it's been summer, and it's been hot. that's for sure. >> thanks, amelia. a teenager may have just proved that his -- to his parents that video games aren't a waste of time because the
4:42 pm
video games he can now pay for college without their help. >> yeah. this is 16-year-old from pennsylvania named keels giersdorf. with that trophy he takes home a whopping $3 million prize. >> 3 million. 99 other people were beaten to win the title. >> he can pay tuition for his entire graduating glass, buy his parents a new house. >> rings you neve thought they used to. video game wins you $3 million. >> a kid has a good reason to t up and play video games all night. >> good for him. >> do your homework. at's whati'm doing. i'm doing my homework now. >> what's come up at5:00? afternoon. coming up, the unusual scenet a local hospital. pat collins reports on an attack on a paramedic as he whled a patient into the e.r. why theeuspect says h doesn't
4:43 pm
even remember what haps,ned. plu we've got a story you'll see only on news 4 this evening. the new campaign beingd launche to make sure you stay in safert hos while cutting down on the issue of human trafficking. our consumer reporter susan hogan takes a look at what'si be done. be done. those stories switched from dodge. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to evy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy.
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if you're just joining us, we're in the middle of y another heat wave. storm team 4 is tracking just how long this one is going to last. plus, a lok for next chance for severe storms. amelia is back here next coming up at 5:00 >> we're not the only ones dealing with a heat wave. a sweltering heat wave also gripping toronto. temperatures have stayed at 100 deges there since the weekend. a number of regions in southern quebec are under severe thunderstorm watch as well. environment canada is suggesting children and pregnant women avoid staying outdoors because of the air quality. the nexthu a time siri something, someone else may listening. in a bombshell report by a whns and your appleer iphone. nbc's liz mclaughlin has what you can do to protect yourself. >> because atth apple we nk privacy a fundamental human right. >> reporter: apple has long touteits commitment to protecting customer data. but according to a new report from "the guardian" humans are
4:47 pm
listening in on conversations with apple's voicent assista siri. >> a lot of companies often have folks monitoring the content just to see howhe voice assistants are, woulding. >> reporter: according to anonymous whistleblower apple contractors regularly hear recordings with medical information, drug deals, even intimate moments. >> i think it's something that folks have to understand, like this to do happen to you. >> reporter: apple hasn't denied the allegation but emphasizes siri recordings are anonymized and only a very r smallndom sub set, less than 1% of daily siri utterances, are used fora ansis. >> there may be enough information in t recording itself to be able to identify you. >> reporter: avoid accidental or unwanted recordings by making adjustme s to the features apple watches or home pods or ipods that make siri easy to activate. >> what's the weather? >> reporter: in iphone settings you canning tole off the option for siri to listen when the screen is locked. >> by minimizing the number of
4:48 pm
ttiggers to acte your voice assistant you protect yourself. >> reporter: as you realize the voice assistant may not be the only one listening. >> okay. l >> reporter: mclaughlin, nbc news. >> amazon has also come under fire. they rethaled that sand of employees listen to alexa recordings in order to understand alexa's human eespc your data will be deleted, they say. "news 4 hat 5:00" starts right now. >> hi, everybody, first up at 5:00 tonight, a new racially charged controversy for president hrump. i'm jndley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. today the president expanding his attacks on prominent black leaders after a weekend of tweets aimed at baltimore and its congressman elijah cummings. >> those comments coming in a flurry of tweets in which he
4:49 pm
calledcummings' district disgusting and ss edayaanvernoraid st enenroough dis enofeugh.t-in >> people are jtd of nonsense. why the are we not focused on solving the problems and getting to work instead of who is tweeting what and who is calling of names? w reporwhteor: tonigh shatrotn reaction from baltimore residents as their city becomes the center of a national debate. news 4's derrick ward is live now in baltimore. what are folks there saying. >> well, you know, folks are talking about it efinitely, and this city finds itself thrust into the racial politics of character. it's something that they didn't ask for, but we talked to people here about the president's remarks and no one seems to like it and a lot of people have come to the fence of their representative from the seventh congressional district. reaction to the president's
4:50 pm
remarks were severe in some quarters of the city and tempered in others. ust couldn't find any that were favorable. >> acting like archie bunker on a bar stool unfortunately. i'm very disappointed. it's unnecessary. it doesn't really relate to the challenges facing baltimore. >> i thought what the president said was absolutely disgusting. i live in elijah cummings' district and will vote for him every single time. >> instead of saying that baltimore is a terrible place it makes people don't want to come here and baltimore is aau beful place to be so all it needs is some help and support. >> reporter: there is a hope among some baltimore residents tt the attention could garner this help and support but it remains to be seen. this debate willikely continue r a while. and, you know, there is a tale of theigures for this seventh cogr


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