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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:49pm EDT

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representative from the seventh congressional district. reaction to the president's remarks were severe in some quarters of the city and tempered in others. ust couldn't find any that were favorable. >> acting like archie bunker on a bar stool unfortunately. i'm very disappointed. it's unnecessary. it doesn't really relate to the challenges facing baltimore. >> i thought what the president said was absolutely disgusting. i live in elijah cummings' district and will vote for him every single time. >> instead of saying that baltimore is a terrible place it makes people don't want to come here and baltimore is aau beful place to be so all it needs is some help and support. >> reporter: there is a hope among some baltimore residents tt the attention could garner this help and support but it remains to be seen. this debate willikely continue r a while. and, you know, there is a tale of theigures for this seventh congressional district. ver median income is just
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$60,000 and that exceeds the national median income. it's the majority black district. it's the second wealthiest black majority district in the country nd second most educated. so a lot of other factorsin this debate as it continues. dash ward, news had. as the battle over balti aunchedmorehe president l another feud today, this time with the reverend al sharpton. in series of tweets the president called sharp theon, quote, a con man and trouble-maker going on to say that sharp theon, quote, hates whites and costs. speaking just hours later, sharpton fired back calling t this is race baiting at its best and it's donald trump plight race card and is a shame and
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a sham. >> sharpton called president trump's tweets aimed at elijah ummings and baltimore absolutely horrible. we'll have complete coverage. just such baltimore. >> the head of the naacp just ne resig kofi annan reported on facebook saying while, quote, many are provide equity, i no longer believe that the overall organizationalstructure of the naacp prioritizing that goal. he also says his resignation is du to a recent confrontation with a branch series and a series of text message were -- they will continue to find ways to promote financial equity and empower the afcan-american base. pat? >> now to the heartbreak in
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california. another mass shooting in this countr this time at a food festival that left three people dead. nbc's bobiddell joins from us gilroy, california, with the latest on the victims including a young boy. >> the gilroy police chief delivered some horrible news, that another child, a 13ear-old girl was among three people shot and killed at the gilroy garling vest value, the second man in his 20s and the third one stephen romero. he cam out and wanted to less everybody know. e boy's grandmother and mother were also shot d are expected to survive. regular patrols at the festival engaged the suspect within minutes. the suspect fired his assault-type weapons and the three officers responded with their handguns and killed him. wenton was and legally in
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nevada back on july 9th and ect and apolice coty of ie shooter, a 19-year-oldnt mif wdho ldeived here inlr gi. >> reports have been going out potential suspect, and i will confirm that the several news media have been inquiring about. he was yersh nameithsome 19 recitation because i don't believe somebody like this and recognition, but i also understandl that you a you know, want to have some con rmation of that. >> reporter: the fbi is also investigating and looking into what motivated santino legan to carry out yesterday's shooting and trying to determine whether or not he had certain ideological leanings of the right now they don't know. here in gilroy, bob riddell, nbc news. nbc news is working to learn more about the shooter's background ande victims.
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we'll another update coming up at 5:30. >> outpouring for support and love. hundreds of people from attended the funeral are. the boy was killed atas g station earlier this month. news 4's core smith spoke to his fami and friends. >> reporter: sass she was helped into her son's private funeral, katherine brown was surround by the people who loved him. hundreds came to say a final good-bye to karon brown, many of them wearing shirts with his face on it, his smile just as bright as everyone remembers. >> to see him have to go through this trauma for one of their ds frien it turts my heart. i'm just tired. >> for me heim indisbelief. >> reporter: misha surprs ised
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by the selfless little boy that everyone got fed before he did. >> he was like, no, i want to make sure that everyone else is >> reporter: hardy runs an organation called guns down friday. like many in this community her emotions have teetered between despair and helplessness. >> how can i tell the kids to put the guns down when people are shooting at them? buoh her 10-year-old cousin makiyah wulson, this is the >> how do you fix it? >> 's about sticking together as one. that's the only way we're going change. >> reporter: sly change will come too late for karon. before the friends he leaves behind there's still hope, hope for a safer and brighter future. >> you'vego to -- police have
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charged 29-year-old tony mclam in second degree. >> next week we'll experience another ht wave. amelia is in the storm center. here we go again. >> right, pat, this is the fifth heat wave so far this year. hit 90 degrees or higher 34 out eof th yjuly. right now it's not just the heat that we're dealing, but some isolated showers out there. here's a look at stormrada pretty ce g the fires t 4m ov metbo b rao.nd p wiun seeing some rain up around the reston some verge so a
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few isolated showers the interest this evening and the nats game tonight will be fine. i can't rule out a few sprinkles, the exception not the rule tonight. the game gets under way at 7:00 and temperatures at the start of the game will be in the low 90s. as the game wraps up, weave fallen into the mid-80s. sunset at 8:22. a better chance for thunderstorms tomoa-ow ade and more on thatoming at 5:25. jim. >> we'll see you then. thank you. learning that unfolded at one of our city's biggest hospital. police sea -- news 4's pat collins is live at gw hospital with details for us.
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>> jim, these are the court documents they read like a move script. the scene gw hospital and the time yesterday afternoon. a paramedic is pushing a patient into the emergency room when a su conlguyupheme y s parndamedic r his wall set missing from his back pocket. he yells hey, stop that guy, he's got my wallet. the suspect keeps running and falls down. the wallet falls out, a good samaritan picks up the the capt. runs into the emergency room. >> when police -- make a -- smoke that ffstu, can.
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he doesn't why no, and according to his, didn't have any cries on and. 49-year-old david jean lucas d chargeith robbery and held tonight without bond in this most unusual case. pat, back to you. >> most unusual. incredible. pat colls, thank you, pat. a solemn duty to our nation's first responders. up next, the bill raced to ground zero after the attacks thatidat leesv phe twin fours. >> plus, with the city's murder count on the rise, d.c.'s mayo puts a spotlight on a program that she says may help stop some of the violence. and only on news nut campaign being launched to makel your hot stay safer and
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your hot stay safer and
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>>ly on news 4, more than 25,000 u.s. hotels are about to make your stay a lot safer. >> hotels a takinghe issue of human trafficking very seriously. the eve andf lodging association sits down exclusively withson cumeranou campn. > san tereo now with details. susan? >>ryhis is big news for eveone who stays at the major hotel changes. last year, us a may remember, we reported on accusions of horrible crimes against children happeningn many soft big-name hotels for you and your family's stay. the vicms telling us hotels are turning a blind eye to human trafficking. now, the hotel industry is responding in aig way and launching a new campaign
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appropriately titled no room for trafficking. >> reporter: in hotels and motels nationwide, these two victims of human trafficking told us something dark is happening. a. >> reporter: for nearly two years both girls say they were shuttled from one hotel to another by their traffickers. the girls said it was as if they were invisible. >> sometimes it's difficult to face ugly things, recognize them and be willing to deal with them, and we as an industryare that point where we're willing to deal with it. >> reporter: rogers says the hotel i they play a major role in human trafficking. there were more than 3,300 cases
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ofi ing in hotels over a ten-yearperiod, a number of anti-trafficking agencies say it does not even come close to representing the full scope of the problem. >> up until recently ee asleol cctivel is ewing crimes in america. >> reporter: tuesday the hhla is launching a new industrywide campaign called no room for trafficking. >> and also making sure it's a uniform effort, that there isn't justne organization doing it the right way and another organization doing it halfway. we want to make sure that everyone is engaged and that we're solving the problem. >> reporter: turns out that law enforcement got involved. >> some hotel chains like the marriott have already been mp training eyees on how to spot traffickers. news 4 got rare access to one of those training sessions.
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now the hhla's goal is to makeha sure t all of its ,000 members, which includes large and small hotel chains, have the sa access to resources. the no room for traffic campaign includes training on how to ne interveetween a trafficker and victim and how to connect with law enfcement to report a crime and learn how to provide support to the victim.n bottom the hotel industry says it's got to send one clear message to traifickers. >> ou see on my button where word.s no, that's the big no room, like there won't be at hol where can you go to a trafficker and feel comfortable. that's our ultimate goal for make sure that we're ing o part. >> s io i af at oneri thenotice new signs outo the cries and how can you sutually report something that appears to beicious, but other than that though, just notice all the hotel camera
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program. and continuing coverage. what we're now learning about the victims of the latest mas
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members called for an end to the violence that has plagued d.c. recently. >> police tell us a paramedic noticed a man bump into him and take his wallet as he pushed a patient into the e.r. at g.w. hospital. that man ran off and later tripped and dropped the wallet. rather than running off, that suspect went right back into the hospital and laid down on a stretcher like a patient naked. well, officersal eventuly tracked him down and pced him under arrest. >> we' learned twohildren are among the three peop killed our nation's latest mass shooting. those gunshots ringing outs hundreds of families were out enjoying the annualoy gilr garlic festival in northernca lifornia on sunday. this evening we're also learning more about the suspected shooter. leon harris joins us now with more on this. >> pat jim, police have aleon?
5:21 pm
identified the gunman as 19-year-old santino legan. t they s ak-47 rifle that he used was legally purchased just a few weeks ago in nevada.ol pe say they believe he bypassed the metal detectors and security chkpoints at thl festivaby cutting through an exterior fence. more than rounds were fired taking the lives of three people in just a matter of minutes, an' tonight w learningmore about the victims who police say were a 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl and a man in his 20s. family members tell nbc news e young boy was at his festival with his mom and grandmother, and they were also shot.n >> my so had his whole life to live. he was only 6. >> wow, i think any time a life is loss it's -- it's a tragedy, but when it's young people it's even worse. >> the gunman was shot and killed by police. nbc news has learned he recently waded into the world of white supremacy and they are still
5:22 pm
looking into a motive for that shooting. pat, jim, back to you. >> leon, thank you. now to a surprising development in court today when localeenage murder suspect ignored advice to remain silent. >> 17-year-old pha c roe moma admitted to stabbing his father to death. he victim of the same name crashed i his suv into a fence bowie shortly after the attack.w ne4's meagan fitzgerald explains why the teen killed his father. >> reporter: new detailsrg emeg as to why a 17-year-old says he murdered his own father, an accomplished man whose family man say supported and loved his kids. barba koroma ignored warnings not to speak and told the judge his father ctrolled his mind and mother and said, quote, because what have my father has done to me, i committed the murder. the rteen's mothe seen here walking out of court in the lono
5:23 pm
tan skirt als addressing the judge. she said her son lived with his father in bowie for the last year and that's when she noticed behavioral changes. she said she asked koroma's father to take him in for an evaluation. his latest appointment wasast week, but one day later she says he was arrested for stabbing his father to death inside his suv. investigators say thatehicle hen collided into a fence in allen pond park before the teen dragged his father's body into a wooded area. theprince george's county tate's attorney was also inside the courtroomen the dramatic events unfolded. >> reunderstand that this is ait's tough. we also know that the judg determined based on all that she heard that a mental health evaluation would be appropriate in this matter and we certainly srt that. >> reporter: we also learned that the 17-year-old was entering his junior year at bowie high school. reporting from prince george's
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county, meagan fitzgeral news 4. now to some eaking news right now. we want to show you live pictures from chopper 4. a man is stabbed in a an alley near blake lane near lee highway in the vicas been seriously injured. the attacker took off running on lee highway. fairfax county police are looking for him right now. stay wit us. we're going to stay on top of this story for updates. >> as the numberf murders and gun violence rise in the district, city leaders and police are pleading with residents and busi owners to do their part. today mayor muriel bowser put the spotlight onheir ance cameras program that provides aeill financialsu in entive. news4's mark segraves has more on the push to catch crimesn camera. >> they are just about everywhere, surveillance cameras. sometimes they capture the unusual like a bear on your patio, but more often they
5:25 pm
capture crimes, like this shooting in the d.c. nightclub. the recent beating of a man outside a hilton hotel by a group of teens or the gang shooting that killed a 10-year-old girl. today mayor muriel bowser pleaded with district residents and businesses to take advantage of the district's rebate program that will pay you to install outside security cameras. >> this is one very easy way, affordable way, that you can contribute to the public safety of our communities. >> in the three years the secamity camera progras been running, the district government has rebated citizens $2.25 million ich adds up to more than 15,000 cameras districtwide. amanda kelsey took advantage of the rebate program saying it's eeping with the community theme of the neighborhood bar she owns. >> that community, however,n' ca truly prosper unless those within it feel and are safe. >> reporter: while more than 6,000 homeowners have taken advantage of the camera rebate program, only 121 businesses
5:26 pm
have signed up. bowser said many businesses already have cameras so they didn't need the rebate, but sheo says t businesses could use the rebateo upgrade their systems. >> so we're asking our business owners to think about their security, front and back, inside their establishment. >> reporter: and you do not have toive police access to the cameras in order to get the rebate. while the dunstrict has fded cameras in all eight wards, ward two which includes the dupont circle neighborhood, has r fewer people signing up for the rebate than any other parts of the district. mark segraves, news 4. more than halfway through metro's summer shutdown on the blue and yellow lines, and we're learning more about's how it impacting the commute aund northern virginia. transportation reporter adam tuss breaks down the numbers, and when commuters will begin te se little relief. >> plus, crammed with calories
5:27 pm
and full of t, a new report finds the unhealthiest meals sometimes are pretty tasty on restaurant menus across the u.s. > and on storm team 4 radar'mta and rumbles of thunder. back into the panhandle of west virginia. most of us stay dry tonight. there's a better chance for storms tomorrow and that threat increases on wednesday. i'll have the latest timing, so if you're trying to get out in the garden and maybe cut the grass.
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she stole the spotlight beating her idolvenus williams in wimbledon and now superstar coco goff is wowing are crowds at the city open in rock creek park. >> everybody is behind her. while lots of eyes were on come dwayne haskins at train camp he was one of two first round drafts picks. montes sweat is getting rave revws and while sherree bruss tells us he's developed a bond with his fellow fir rounder it's another relationship that's driving him to succeed. >> you were a first round pick with dwayne haskins. what kind of revelatiship have you with with him over the past couple of months? >> weere doing the rookie skitp coming u during camp and me and duane have developed a
5:31 pm
relationship, the first teammate i actual met when i got drafted here. >> i was reading you have a great affinity for your gr tdparents. ishat a reason that you go out there and compete every day? >> most definitely. my grandparents is definitely my reason why. the reason -- i wouldn't be other without them today soit definy a reason why i go out here and do what i do. >> are we going to see them on the shrines or stands in week one? >> yeah. >> my grandparents definitely were there week one. >> are we going to hear them? will they hear the 90erseys yelling? >> they are grandpas so they can't get that loud. they will definitely be very enthusiastic and proud to see me do what i do. both of these tattoos are based off of grandparents. the stop from my grandfather value life because you can never t it back and the bottom one is my nana, do what you need to do before youdoant to >> how old were you when you got those. ? >> in college. >> they wouldn't let me get a
5:32 pm
tattoo when i was in their household. >> i like the words of wisdom, do what you need to do before you do what you want to do. > the redskins had a day off today down at camp. sherree will be live in richmond tomorrow as the team resumes practice in the morning. pat? >> up next, it is promoted as one of the best ways to improve your overall health. >> and is a plant-based diet right for oyou though your family? a dietician shares what she tells her clients when they say they are ready to give up meat. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss no. metro on the blue or yellow line means traffic has been stacking up quite a bit in one pa of rtt you got your homework? yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. announcer: what's the role of a car company? [ kisses ] announcer: to take your kids to and from school? don't forget your scienceroject. announcer: we think it can be something bigger.
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two months down and just about a month to go, tro's summer shutdown on the blue and yellow lines has caused all
5:35 pm
sorts of commuting troubles, and many now say they are ready for this prject to finish up. transportation reporter adam tuss is live now in alexandria where a new report shows how the shutdown continues to cripple traffic. adam, how bad is it? >> well, not good at all, pat. as a matter of fact, we'reg gettin serious look at that. the traffic in this area right now it's moving at rush hour, but a lot of cars out here tonight us a take a look down duke street. stretch all the way down, and that's the problem. these roads here, they are saturated. >> traffic is crawling at times because of metro's blue and ye sow lineummer shutdown. >> the traffic has increased because it put the trish our on more people to have cars. >>i travel ts have gone across the city, but here's the kicker. travel times usually drop during the suer. they don'ttro riders like ashle
5:36 pm
are getting fed up with all of it but says she won't drive just in gridlock. >> i think it's caution the gsue. i've beening through this nearly all summer. >> it is inconvenient. no doubt about it, but our alternatives are very feke platforms were in, and seion nd whyhe t work is necessary, and in many cases riders were standing on platforms that were literally crumbling becse they weren't maintained. >> and the taxpayers money so it's disgraceful. do your job or quit. >> we should say the platforms are looking much, much better at the moment and the commuting struggle that still continues and many are still taking the shuttle service as the best way around. over 1 milaon trips h been taken on them since the shutdown started at the end of may, but in this kind of heat with shovels not already around patience can wear thin. >> it's inconveniencing everybody. the tourists get messed up. i mean, it's just unacceptable at this point and for so many
5:37 pm
ds, three months. that's crazy. >> back here now as you look at the traffic in alexandria down it street and even got coming and blocking the intersection here. there is some good news in all . of this the city have found that some people are finding other ways to get around. for instance, bike commuting has doubled in parts of this area. guys, back tyou. >> all right, adam. summer will soon be over. hopefully that work will be, too. >> thanks a lot. >> well, th hado be a new one for tsa officers. screeners found a missile launcher in a man's luggage today at bwi airport. now, the military-grade weapon was in a checked bag otd was n a live device. the tsa tells us the man care seg an active duty personnel coming home from kuwait and wanted to keep it as a souvenir. now the device had to be handed over to fire officials for safe disposal. as a reminder, military weapons
5:38 pm
are never allowed in checked or carry-on bags. note to self. > the 2019 extreme eating awards are out highlighting what the center and science for blic interest calls nutritional nightmares and the report looks at the unhealthiest on the list. the doe youth holes that are 1,900 call raise, equivalent to four double cheeseburgers from burger king and a large coke. the cheesecake factoryn cinna roll pancakes clock in at 2,000 calories and 33 teaspoons of sugar. a statement was issued that in part many guests wa to celebrate and not be concerned with calories. others want to share their dish, and there's plenty there to share. it's not just eets. jimmy john's 16-inch gargantuan sub has more than 7,000 milligrams of sodium. oh, my goodness. the other restaurants have not
5:39 pm
yet comment about their spots o thelist. >> i'm not sharing anything but maybe we shoul living a healthy balanced a lifestyle is al for many of us to. achie it some folks are turning to edplant-bas diets, none of what you saw right there. the food and drug is tapping into a trend with meatless od ts, but is it really healthy? our meagan fitzgeral or mcmegan mcgrath talks to a dietician to help you decide if going plant-based is right for your family. >> healthy living. it's a goal for many. one trend gaining in popularity is switching to a plant-based diet, emphasizing fruits, veggies,seeds and nuts. studies have shown the health benefits, reduced risk of type s ii diabetnd improved heart health and wsght >> this is what i recommend to all of my patients. it's a plant-based whole foods diet. >> reporter: ashley jarvis a dietician. when switching to a plant-based
5:40 pm
diet she urges people to focus on foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, so-called whole foods. that's where you'll find vitamins, minerals, fiber and ts anti-oxidan >> you want to think about not just plant-based but whole foods so there's thectual food, right, the broccoli, the pea, the soybean, what it is, it's the whole food. it's not some part of it that's been isolated pore processed out. >> reporter: plant-based products that taste like real meat have become all the >> i thougt was tasty and very good. >> the beyond burger and the impossible burger can be found on menus and in grocery stores around the dmv. arvis says they are good options, often low in cholesterol but they are c processed and be higher in sodium. >> these aren't things you want to rely on, hav in moderation in place of a real hamburger or real meat. >> reporter: if you are going plant-based, do your research. look at what you're eating and make sure your diet is balanced
5:41 pm
with a blend of fruits, veggies and other nutritious whole foods. megan mcgrath, news 4. >> a new push tokeep you safe on the beach this summer. today new jersey senator bob menendez asked the government to the hep prvent wind-swept beach umbrellas from hitting you. meneez asked the consumer product safety commission to improve its regulations by properly ople how to stake their umbrellas in the sand. last month a mother was recording as anumbrella nearly hit her that haped in south ca. that was close. >> they can be weaponized and some are pretty darn heavy. >> whoa. w what, a day i we were at the beach today even though ra's a h one today. high temres generally in the low 90s. tomorrow, maybe a little hotter. > okay. n our way back up? this is how many heat waves. >> >> this is our fifth heat wave this year. today was e 34th day that we've hit 90s degree or higher
5:42 pm
so 34 days,e the averag for the entire year in our area which is 36. we sould hit that by wednesday, the last day of july and then we have all of august sot's other hot summer around here. right now on storm team 4 radar i'm also tracking some showers out there. one shower passing over the potomac in the $a baigon r now moving towards cabin john with lightain and sprinkles falling in betts dampt elsewhere across the area we're mainly dry, aside from soun thrstorms back into the mountains in west virginia. here's your rain outlook through saturday. ce how every day i have scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. now tomorrow those are mainly e west, thest chance that you are dealing with rain is going to be on wednesday as a cold front moves through the area. that being said though, we're looking at plenty of dry time this week. tharse storm chances like the pop-up shower and chances where you might be dealing with something in thefternoon hours hand the next day you notice the thunderstorm clouds but don't see any rain.
5:43 pm
that's kind. flaherty wet they are week. here's the planner forrr tomo. if you're getting out in the garden and you want to gut the cass, the earlier the better, not on is it more comfortable but we're worried about rain. 76 degrees. but lunchtime already hot at 0.h a hi tomorrow of 95. going to feel more like 100 degrees with the humidity out there and some scattered showers and thunderstms as early as about 3:00 p.m. best chance for rain tomorrow is west of the metro area. now theat experts merrifield garden center tell us to consult with a landscape designer now about glldening projects. yes, with ear already talking about fall. times for making plansto add new plants and garden beds to your landscape. keep in mind that on a 59-degree day, the asphalt is at is 55 degrees and the concrete at about 140, especially if it's just sitting in the sun, so if the area that you're lking your dog too hot for the top of your hand for about five to seven seconds, it's too hot for
5:44 pm
your dog's paws.he withheat and humidity tomorrow, it's definitely an extra large ice tea kind day, but we see our temperatures fall a few degrees each day through thursday and friday so can you size that drink down. by wednesday it's a large and thursday and friday we'll cool it a medium. the pollen report today has not changed since friday. trees, grasses and weeds coming in low. mold spores continueme to co in moderate. now, check out your storm team 4 ten-day forecast. 509% chance for storms a 70% chance on wednesday and pretty low on thursday and it's still there at 30%. some storms arou on friday for the weekend and a chance for storms on saturday and keeping sunday dry. lower humidity on sunday wihi s in the upper 80s on
5:45 pm
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back to school is closer than you think. with just a few weeks of summer, fairfax county is offering free physicals and vaccines to kids without insurance. >> george mason's school of nursing runs the program. news 4's aimee cho has more on how it's working to keep kids healthy. ♪ >> reporter: inside the waiting room at registration center. >> don't drop. >> reporter: this little one is almost ready for kindergarten. already got some snazzy>> they . they are pink. i love pink. they are my favorite color.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: but before she can go to clasas she h to get a physical first. she and her family just moved here from florida. >> yeah. >> reporter: mom nadia trying to get everything done before the start of school. >> i just got a new jobo i don't have health insurance yet so that's why i came here which is amazing. >> the clinic hoping to take some pressure off the parents. >> put your feet flat on the ground. >> reporter: from checking vaccinations and doing eye exams, the program is put on by the george mason school of >> our kids are in schools with other kids. we want everyone to healthy and want everyone to be thriving. t real makes a difference for these families. >> reporter: it can take up to two months to get a doctor's appointment. these clinics can see student much faster. >> are you going to play a sport? me. ot vacation anymore for >> reporter: and as her summer break comes to end ronnia sayse sh excited start reading
5:49 pm
and this little one is ready to measure up to success. aimee cho, news 1. > tonight a new attack focusing our attention on racial division in politics. ood evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm leon harr a. no 6:00 the president not backing down from attacks on black lawmakers or the city of baltimore. tonit a look at the pattern that dates back to his inauguration. >> no words to heel one community's grief. a 6-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl. ong the people killed in a mass shooting ias california lt night. police say overs prevented even morebloodshed. >> and another day in the 90s keeping us on track for sizzling month of july. amelia is tracking the end. our latest heat wave and why it could include some severe storms. >> we begin tonight with the racist remarks by the president
5:50 pm
on social mediarg taing longtime maryland congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. >> it's the second time in just over a week thatr mtrump has used divisive language while talking about minority lawmakers. >> the attacks drawing a rebuke from republican governor lay hogan. >> reporter: we have team coverage including reaction from cummings' district. let's begin with craig boswell who is at the whiteouse this evening. craig. >> doreen and priden trmpaginttacng ainorty n, member of coongresles and expang on a twitter tirade today. president trump expanding betacks on prominent black leaders that an over the weekend today calling reverend al sharpton a con man who hates whites and cops.rp shaon fired back. >> he's thin-skinned and not really matured that well, but he has a particular venom for blacks d people ofcolor. >> reporter: in a barrage of ee


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