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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 29, 2019 6:00pm-6:49pm EDT

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racist remarks by the president on social mediarg taing longtime maryland congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. >> it's the second time in just over a week thatr mtrump has used divisive language while talking about minority lawmakers. >> the attacks drawing a rebuke from republican governor lay hogan. >> reporter: we have team coverage including reaction from cummings' district. let's begin with craig boswell who is at the whiteouse this evening. craig. >> doreen and priden trmpaginttacng ainorty n, member of coongresles and expang on a twitter tirade today. president trump expanding betacks on prominent black leaders that an over the weekend today calling reverend al sharpton a con man who hates whites and cops.rp shaon fired back. >> he's thin-skinned and not really matured that well, but he has a particular venom for blacks d people ofcolor. >> reporter: in a barrage of tweets, the president ed
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deracumocmimngs calling his bal disgust a disgusted and rat infested and rodent mess. >> he shouldn't speak about him like that. >> everything else is based on just his own ignorance and racism. >> reporter: congressman cummings who shareshe powerful oversight committee linkinghe tweets to doing his job looking into his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared. >> it's my constitutional duty to conduct oversight over the executive branch but it's my moral duty to fight for my constituents. the president not letting up, later called cummings rates of and also criticized the congressman's oversight duty and the white house insisting the president's comments not racist. >> he's pushing back as what he's seeing is wrong and what he soo done in the past. >> reporter: a new racially sensitive controversy overshadowing last one when mr. trump told c the fourgress women of color to go back to where they came from. >> the annual house republican retreat is scheduled to be held in baltimore in september.
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it was hosen back in april befo thepresident's tweet attack on the city and on congressman cummings. president trump has attended these in the past, leon. it's unclear if he'll attend this one. >> of course we'll watching. craig boswell at the white ouse, thanks, craig. the president said he's, quote, least racist person, but this is far from the first time that he's used divisive language talking about minoes in congress. his attacks on cummings comes just over a week after he told o grou fresh menifee mail house members to go back to where they came from despite the fact that three out of four of them were born here in this use crime-infested in an attack on civil rights legen john lewis of georgia. california's maxine waters is a frequent target who he calls crazy and low iq, and the president referred to florida's frederica wilson as wacky after she cadicted his account of a phone call with the fallen service members member.
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am all these attacks the congress is the most racially and ethnically diverse in history. st maryland's governor came out with a nger defense of baltimore city today. larry hogan called the president's comments outrageous and inappropriate. it came after some complaints of the governor's initial statement on saturday didn't go far enough. news 4's derrick ward continues our d am coverage with that an reaction from some of the people who call baltimore home. >> reporter: the fallout from the president's remarks have drawn a rebuke from maryland's governor larry hogan. hogan points to some of the improvement. >> project corps, we've torn down 4,000 blighted builngs d invested $5 billion into the city of baltimore. i mean, we're doing a lot of things, but we sure could use p. some hel >> the reaction is also reverberating through the streets of charm city and here in the heart of congressman elijah cummings's district. >> i thought what the president said was absolutely di usting. i love in elijah cummings' district and i'll vote for him le time.
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>> reporter: there is a sense from one person no one is free of ridicule for the state of things in some parts of the city and some parts of the district. >> his district should be the best in the city. i feel strongly about that, and it's not being taken care ofe becau has no opposition when he runs. >> the improvements are obvasus, obvious as the challenges. we did findhatbeyond outrage and insult there's a more pragmatic view. the pesident and cummings were supposed to work together on lowering prescription drug prices. that with a was before president's tweet store. >> lowering drugs for need, it e he was doing good, but why try to tell lepe reporter: while the presidente as been middle o st larger dentth i eof balthtimore that we spoke t said the president needs to keep something in mind when he attacks the places that people h love, good and the bad. >> it's my hometown, my hometown. derrick ward, news 4. today an entire california community is in mourning after a
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mass shooting in what's already been a family friendly event? >> three young people are dead and more than a dozen more injured. the youngest victim just six years old. n hisme was stephen romero. his mother and grandmother were also shot, but they survived. >> the gunman opened fire yesrday afternoon at the gilroy garlic festival. it's 0 miles south of san jose at northern california, and that is where nbc's jennifer bjork n bjorklund joins us live. in reporter: good even. the gates were about to close and the people were coming out here when the gunfire started. investigator this morning swarmed a house a mile, mile and a half from here looking for clues. it was the family home of the leged shooter, and they say even with all their investigation they are not very much closer to figuring out why he oened fire here.s >> someone' shooting. >> reporter: gunfire at gilroy garlic >> this is actually crazy.
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>> reporter: confusion and terror rippling through the crowd and witness say as many as 40 rounds fired. >> there was like a pot. we just -- we both turned and saw standing there and he was reloading his gun. >> reporter: police engaging and killing the suspected gunm fi en legan. >> there absolutely would have been more bloodshed i believe. the number of people and the small area that they were in, i think it'svery, very fortunate that they were able to engage in him as quickly as they did. t, reporter: even the police response was fas less than a minute.e three innoc people were killed and another 12 hurt. >> you got two more wound. >> reporter: a 6-year-old boy among the dead. stephen romero's mother and grandmother were also shot but will survive. romero's father in shock. >> my son had his whole life to live and he was only 6. >> reporter: a massive search for a possible second gunman
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turned up nothing overnight. >> we certainly are investigating all leads to try to determine who that potential second suspect is and what exactly that person's role was. >> report: a volof gunfire that in less than a minute ended three lives and changed this communityor fer. and police say the weapon and ak-47 type of rifle was purchased legally by that suspect in nevada just abekt three w ago. doreen? >> all right. jennifer bjorklund in northern california. thank you, jennifer. two american service members were killed today in afghanistan. the associated press reports tly were shot and kil by an afghan do't hvean modaiolsield surrounding the shooting. .he u military confirms two u.s. personnel were killed, but it won't release more information until 24 hours after the soldier's families have been
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notified. >> tonight police in prince george's county will be going door to door as they look for help solving a murder. officers are going to be heading back to the temple hills neighborhood where a man was killed yesterday. 31-year-old kirk lyles was found lying on a sidewalk and had been shotultiple times. detectives working to identify suspects and a possible motive behind this murder. today a d.c. mother did thi that most parentshat n even imagine doing. she laid her 11-year-oldson would karon brown, he was killed in a shooting in southeast d.c. earlier this month. >> hundreds of people attended t young man's funeral today. news 4's corey smith spoke to family and friends outside the service. >> reporter: as she was helped into her son's private funeral, katherine brown was surrounded by the community that loved him. hundreds of people came to allen chapel church to say e final good- karon brown, many of them wearing shirts with his face on it, his smile just as bright as everyone remembers.
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for me heim in disbelief. >> reporter: since brown's murder on july 18th emotions in this community have teetered between despairnd a anger. >> it's just so sad that they are dying at a young age. >> i'm just tired of cong to funerals, especially loved ones, you know, people we grew up .i just sad. >> reporter: if there's anyone who knows what the brown family has been through and the healing still to be done it's yoedy baker. this time last year she was burying her cousin makiyah wilson, another child lost in the digt tricket gunfire. >> my cousin was so and he just turned 11. i'm still grieving about her, too. >> reporter: like baker many thought that makiyah's death was a turning point a here they are again watching another mother bury child, small kids burying their friend. >> well, we saw -- wn bad. w it's r need to put down the guns.
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there has to be a change. >> reporter: sadly change will but if the friends expect to see the teensnd 20s tapes to the parents to change the communitye and th ongoing violence. how do you change it? how do you fix >>it? by sticking together as one. >> reporter: a community once t d inin apheag hopea forpp ri ed a better future. >> southeast, corey smith, news 4. >till to come tonight on "news 4 at 6:00," the program mayor buyers hopes will solve poverty shootings and violent crimes in the district giving you cash toib stall security cameras. mash segraves looks at who is take advantage of t program and who isn't. and a paramedic attacked in a local emergency room of all places. police say a suspect took a wallet and then eventually ran back to the scene of the crime. we'll tell you about it. and on tomorrow team 1 radar, i'm tracking isolated
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areas of rain mainly back into west virginia and some back into the metro area including into prince william and fauquieru coy around hey mark and just south of the warrenton areas, and these also lasting 0 minutes before fizzling out and a chnce when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought about was my family.
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i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress, the medicine has proe essed right tro make medications more affordable is important, but l washington isn't carefu we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the lase thing you want to lon life is hope.
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tonight the city is asking residents and busi owners to do their part to help fight crime. >> the city is dealing with the rise in murders and gun violence and todayd.c.ayor muriel bowser is shining a spotlight on a unique that ju may help. >> mark graves will catch crimes cameras., surveillance sometimes they capture the unusual, like a bear on your patio. more often they capture crimes. like this shooting in a d.c.
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nightclub. he recent beating of a m outside the hilton hotel by a group of teens or the gang shooting that killed a 10-yea iry mayor miel bwserr-ol l.pleaded with distr gict resid and businesses to take advantage programistrict's rebate that will pay you to install outside security cameras. >> the rucing crime is not just the mp's job but the district job. they have spt their 1.25 million which have added up to more than 15,000 cameras districtwide. amanda kelsey took being vast rebate program saying it's in keeping with the community theme of the neighborhood bar she owns. >> that community, however, can't truly prosper unless those within it feel and are safe. >> while more than 6,000 homeowners have taken advantage ofthe camera rebate program, only 121 businesses have signed
6:15 pm bowsiaid many businesses already have cameras so they didn't need the rebate but she says those businesses could use the rebate to upgrade their systems. >> i'm -- and so we're asking our business owners to -- to think about their security, front and back, inside their establishment. >> and you do not have to give police access to t cameras in order to give the rebate. while the district has fronted cameras in all eightards, district two has far fewer people signing up for the ywhere else in the district. >> open the nbc washington app and find out hour on how to advantage that have rebate prowsam. >> crere working to rebuild a damaged transfords of d.c. ivreents he power outage lasted businesses in the northwest. pepco say they are also bringing in a spare transformer
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from another sub station as a precaution. most of the customers had their power back on now. >>ward university hospital could soon be part of the juventus healthcare system. most recent hospital was run by palladin healthcare capital. juventus operatesmawo r hops, washington and vosnice hpital and shady grove medcality center, and it's about to open up a brand-new hospital in white oakes next month. >> a dramatic new development inside a prince george's countys father an suv inast father was time andie lost control and crashed. today the teen ignored his attorney's advice to remain silence. whe teen says he turned on his father. >> reporter: it was a dramatic day inside a prince george's
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county courtr on friday 17-year-old barba teroma admitted tom t cohert di repeated warnings he his attorneys he confessed again telling t judge hisr d sa me i committed the
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take a quick look at some ofe our other stop stories t 6:30. president trump doubled down on his attack against maryland's in elijah cumm and the city of baltimore. he tarlgtd cummings who chairs the house oversightseeries in a series of racially charged city rodent infested. couuplesot said it is his constitutional duty to conduct oversight and moral duty toht fig for his constituents. >> three young peoade are de following a mass shooting at a fotival in northern california. police say a 19-year-old gunman started shooting at random in a crowd at the gilroy garlic festivalsesterday. he killed in a shootout with police thee investigators ar
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looking into reports that the suspect had an accomplice but almost 24 hours later they have still not confirmed that. >> back here at home montgomery county is busting drivers over and over for illegally passing buses. data presented to a council committee today showed a dramatic increase of number of citations from school bus stopn sig cameras. in the 2016-'17 school16,000y drivers. the followingea rat nu3th3,000 during the school year that juse finished, poli issued more than 54,000 citations. police are still adding cameras the school bus fleet. in fact, nearly all of the 1,400 montgomery county school buses should have them by t.mid-augus montgomery county schools are also facing a problem with overcrowding. at a board meeting tonight school leaders will talk about plans to reopen charles woodward high school. wood crd wassed several years ago until the middle school took over the building
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and the current proposal calls on that site and also er hethrnoodndwo plan woodward reopen in the fall of 2025. >> they are trying to have an asy commute in a car is an impossible task around here, an shut down this summer and has forced thousand more drivers on to our roads. transpo aation reporteram tuss is in alexandria tonight with a new report that shows just how bad the traffic has become with service in parts of northern virginia. >> traffic is crawling at times because of metro's blue and yellow lines summer shutdown. >> e traffic has increased because it puts the pressure on more people to have cars. >> reporter: the city of alexandria just put out a report showing travel times have gone up 4% across the city but here's ker.k travel times usually drop during the summer. they don't increase. metro riders like ashley james are gelling fed up with a of it. she does have a car but says she's not going to drive just in
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the sitting gridlnkk. >> i thiit's outrageous and it's causing the issue. i've been going through nearly all summer. >>ubthere's no do about it, but our alternatives are very few. >> take a look at the condition these platforms were in, and you're remind why the work is necessary hand ias many c riders were standing on platforms that were literally crumbling because they weren't maintained. >> reporter: and the taxpayer's money, it's disgraceful. do your job or quit. >> we should say the platforms are looking much, much better at e moment, a commuting struggle that still continues and many still taking the shuttle service as the best way arnd. over 1 million trips have been taken on at the shutdown since h kind of heat patience can wear thin. >> it's inconveniencing everybody. theourists get messed up. it's up acceptable at this point and for so many days, three months. that's crazy. >> reporter: even though traffi
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program has been going on for quite some time, metro officials are confident that all of of this will be done in early september n.alexandria, adam tuss, news 4. >> if you take ether vre or mark, you probably notice some delays, but officials for bth say some of that is out of their control. the transit agency is telling "the washington post" the big contributor to a drop in on-time performance is csx freight train congestion. "the post"h says just month 65% of mark/camdenli ane vre ha their targets. date sax proprietary, but a erson didn't believe there had been a year-over-year increase in volume. >> well, siri spobz when you need something on your iphone or
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sometimes she's responded seriouy noorh someebody couldst actually li to what you're saying and potentially even private conversations? nbc's liz mclaughlin has more on the new privacy concerns. >> because at apple we believe privacy a fundamental human right. >> reporter: apple has long touted its commitment to protecting customer data. ♪ >> but according to a new report from "the guardian" humans are listening on conversations with apple's voice assistance siri. >> a lot of companies often havn folksoring content just to see how the voice services are working. >> reporer: according to anonymous whistleblower apple contractors regularly hear recordings with medical information, drug deals, even intimate moments. >> i think it's something that folks have to understand, like you. could happen to >> reporter: apple hasn't denied the information but emphasizes its siri record russia
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anonymized. there might be enough information in the recording itself to be able to identify you. >> reporter: avoid accidental or unwanted recordings by making adjustments to the features onp watches, home pods or iphones that make siri easy to activate. iree, what's the weather? >> reporter: in iphone settings you can toggle off the option that allows siri to wake wait fo the wake word or dislonely it completely. >> by minimizing the number of triggers to actitte you proect yourself. >> reporter: as you realizeour voice assistant may not be the only one listening. >> okay. ter: liz mclaughlin, nbc news. taking on hu in toe tells across the country. still to come on "news 4 at 6:00" our susanas hogan h an exclusive conversation with industry leaders about aew n campai gnt' temperature is now 88 degrees tomorrow through saturday.he here's t temperature trend. tomorrow will be the hottest day, feeling more like 100.
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now to a bizarre robbery at a busy >> police say it all started and came toagwl. ansp endhoit neity room. the victim in this case, a paramedic, and the suspect, a man who says hewoke up naked and doesn't remember any of it. news 4's pat collins reports. >>. >> reporter: george washington university hospital. sundayfternoon. a paramed sick pushing a patient into the emergency room when all of a sudden aes guy shovim in the back. the paramedic feels that his wallet is missing from his back pocket. ls hey, stop that guy. he's got my wallet. the suspect runs down the
6:28 pm
street. he trips. the stolen wallet falls to the ground. a good samaritan picks it up and then that suspect makes an unusual escape. in an apparent attempted getaway the suspect runs into the emergency room and flops down on a stretcher, like a patient. that's where the dops ficops fis now the sct told police earlier that day he smoked a dipper. a dipper is a jint dippedn pcp. smoke some of that, and it can have dire consequences. obviously it did here. the sspect said he smoked that tipper anhiit caused m to fall out and then he says he woke up in the hospital. didn't have any clothes on and was told hoe was under arrest. reaction now from the president of the firefighters union. >> his main focus is on that
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patient that he's transporting to the hospital. you're supposed to have situational awareness, but who would think when you're wheeling somebody into an emergency room somebodwould come roub. >> the suspect here 49-year-old david lucas charged with robbery and held without bond pending another court hearing on august the 1st. at g.w., pat collins, news 4. new developments in the case of two california teenagers accused of killing a police officer in italy. tonight we've learned one of the teens is claiming it was lf-def. the associated press reports 19-year-old finnegan lee elder told police that he stabbed the plain clothes ov after feeling pressure on his neck. he thought he was being strangled, he said, but in an order upholding the teen's jag the italian judge says there were no marks on elder's neck. theff oicer was stabbed 11 times. can you look for more on this story coming up next on "nbc nightly news." >> still a tonight,
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combating crime against women. only on news 4 the new campaign to stop human trafficking at hotels at how itwill make your stay safer. pus, making in the dv. amelia's got an update on ourat lest heat wave lest heat wave big health insurance, inc. how can i help you? lest heat wave hello, i'm calling bmoause i've been paying re for my medicines in medicare and i hear there may be discounts.or sure, we wk with middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers to negotiate discounts. oh, great! so, i can get those at my pharmacy?
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nope. that's not the way works. so, you get discounts on medicines, in but you're not passthem on to us? [hangs up] hello? hello....?
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only on news fou u 24,000. hotels are working to make your stay a lot safer. they are taking on the issue of human trafficking and tavng it y seriously. >> on the eve of world day against trafficking, the head of the american hotel and lodging association sits down exclusively with consumer the launch of a new campanaign. >> well, lastear we reported onccusations against children
6:33 pm
in some of the big-name hotels where you and your family stay, the victims telling us that hotels are turning a blind eye to human traffickg. well, now, the hotel industry is responding in a big way and launching a new campaign appropriately titled no room for trafficking. >> in hotels and motels nationwide, these two victims of human trafficking told us something dark is happening. >> i'd go and i'd rent these rooms in like very, very revealing clothing. >> for ly two years, both girls say the were shuttled from one hotelto another by their traffickees. thirls saidth it was as if ey were invisible. >> like you would pass the valet and pass the concierge desk and pass maids in the hallway and nobody says anything. it leaves you to wonder like do
6:34 pm
they care? >> sometimes it's difficult to face ugly things, recognize thee and willing to deal with them and we as an industry are at that point where we're willing to deal with if. >> rogers says the hotel industry is aware that they play a major role i hum trafficking. there were more than 3,300 cases of trafficking in hotels over a ten-year period, a number anti-trafficking agent says sayn don't evomb close to representing the full scope of the problem. >> up until recently, i don't think we were representing collectively, not as our individual industry is concerned but really as collectively as far as just any indtry of the fastest growing crimes in america. >tuayes> e ladunchinthg a new striwide campaign called no room for trafficking. >> it's also makrt that just or doing it exactly the right way and another organization doing
6:35 pm
it halfway. we want to make sure that evyone is engaged and that we're solving the problem. >> turns out that law enforcement got involved. >> some hotel chains like the maeniott have already be training employees on how toot sp traffickers. news 4 got rare access to one of those training sessions. now the hhla's goal is to make sure that all of its 25,000 members, which includes large and small hotel chains, hasa the access to resources. the no room for tracaicking paign includes training on how to intervene between a trafficker and victims and how to emnnct with law enforcent to report a crime and learn how to provide support to the victims. bottom line the i hotelustry says it's got to send one clear message to trers. >> if you see on my butt where it says no, that's the big word. no room. hotel ere won't be a where you can go to as a traefrd aeel comfortable. that is our ultimate goal for making sure that we're doing our part.
6:36 pm
>> so if you're staying in one of these hotels you might see some new signs that tell you about human trafficking and ways lyu can actual report the crime. other than, that know that all new employees now have a responsibility to make sure there is literally no room for trafficking. back to you. >> thanks, susan. >> good to know. amelia is back with more about when we might get a little bit of relief from this hee. >> we'roing to see the relief moving in wednesday especially rson into thuy and tomorrow 95 dsrees and feel like 100. >> yh. >> not heat wave. it's not going to be -- it's not a heat advisory, but it is a heat wave. we hit 90 something yesterday and we hit 94 degrees today ande 95 90 on wednesday. here's a look at storm team 4 radar wh the heat and humidity among other factors. i'm tracking some isolated areas of rain out there right now. these haveen be developing all afternoon. they fizzle out in about 30
6:37 pm
minutes, butracking one right now just to the east of warrenton, this is moving towards hay market, a lot of heavyrain. the cell is tiny but out there. we'll continue to see isolated showers until about 8:00 p.m. to trrow and aftert the sun starts to go down and then any rain fizzles out. heading to the pool tomorrow, wednesday or thursday you do a have chance for thunderstorms in the forecast later in the day so the earlier the better. tomorrow the best chance for thunderstorms is going to be west of the metro area. on wednesday out of all of the days of this workweek this is the best day that you're actually dealing with rain, so a heads up there.'l maybe wel have an alternativeol poplan on wednesday. thursday there's a chance for some thunderstorms later in tda and if you're leaving the pool by 2:00, 3:00 p.m. this week, you should be fine. a look at your planner tomorrow. it's already a parm start at 7:00 a.m. and we're at 76 degrees. mostly sunny skies throughout he day. running an errand on your lunch break and heading out on lunch 0
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and it's degrees and humid. definitely keep that in mind. you want the sunglasses and at 4:. storms are going to be west of i-95 but by 7:00 p.m. there's a chance for scattered thunderstorms areancide iding with a emit tour of 91 moto wegrllee ts.hat hive 95 it's important to remember that the concrete is at 140 degrees. asphalt is at 155. you want to touch the rface where you're walking your talk it's the top of your hand.nd if yo tooan hot for their pause. here's a lot how hot it okels this week when you f aact in the humidity out the. it is going to be humid this week. tomorrow it feels like 100 . degrees wednesday 90 feels like 959 degrees and on thursday 88 and feels like a temperature of about 93. so with that being said tomorrow is definitely an extra large ice
6:39 pm
tea kinof day. we'll bring it down to a large on wednesday and then a medium on thursday as well as friday. here's a look at your pllen report this. hasn't changed since friday, but mold spores continue to come in at moderate. we'd grass is in trees andng comi in low. hot tomorrow with a50% chance for thunderstorms later in the day. notice that risk bumps up to 70% on wednesday with a high of 90. 88 on thursday and only a 30% chance for some thunderstorms later in the day on thursday. friday, some areas of rain and thunderstorms are possible. really at any point butes cially later in the day. 86 for a high on friday of the right now the weekend, arelou making ps? there's a chance for thunderstorms later on saturday and i'm keeping sunday dry with lower humidity and lower s80n saturday and upper 80s on sunday. doreen and leon. >> you'll have to change that graphic to get us an ice tea big enough to climb into. we'll need an ice tea like that.
6:40 pm
>>coming up, the nats begin a huge series against division leading atlanta, but even before the game a big loss for the team. more on that next. next here's miguel almaguer on what he's covering on "nbc nightly news. request the. >> the tonight we're learning more information about the suspect who is accused of ting three lives at a mass shooting during a garlic festival in the city, but we're also learning about the victims including a 6-year-old boy who was at that festival with his mother and er grandmothand who were also shot. tonight on "nightly news you'll hear from his
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all right. in scherzer we trust. that's tot word in it's n the greatest news so far, but, guys, this is okay because it's just a loy and it's playoff in in
6:44 pm
october. >> here's the deal. the mlb trade deadline and the nationals were loong for bullpen help but do they need some scherzer insurce in the put ace max scherzer on injured list for the second time this month. before the season, thet-time cy young winner had only made o trips to the i.l. in his entire career. scherzer was placed on the ten-day i.l. with a mild rhomboid strain no. word on how long he'll be sidelined. that's a back injury fothe rest of us. the nats ace has been dealing with back pain since june 30th.l seti willely fill in for scherzer against atlanta n.20 starts scherzer 9-5 with a 2.4 is e.r.a. and n.l. best 19 strikeouts. the bester of e month in june after going 6-0 with a 1.00 e.r.a. here's davey martinez. >> hasn't thrown, so we just want to -- we back dated it so
6:45 pm
he'available to comeff the 5th, aat th's not by any means a target date, but we just want him to be 100%. we talked about it before so, you know, for me, it's just i told him wh you build yourself back up and th when you're ready to throat bullpen, we'll see how it goes and then we'll go from there. >> scherzer will miss this week's key divisional series against the brampts now the nats ail atlanta by 5:00 1/2 games for first plad can make a huge didn't in there. washington leads the season series 5-4. solid at home against the braves gong 33-14 in the last 47 gmes alternates park and 47 a really arbitraryis number. juan soto has been clutch at the dish hitting .317 and corbin getng the start against dallas keuchel. game starts at 7:> p.m. >> a lot of eyes on quarterback dwayne haskins at redskins training cam but let'sot
6:46 pm
forget he wasn't the team's o ry firstound pick. the 26th overall pick montez sweat has been getting rave reviews in richmond. the linebacker tells our sherree burress while he's developed a bond with aother first rounder it's another relationship that's driving him to succeed. >> you were a first round pick with dwayne haskins. what the kinof connection have you had over the last few weeks, couple of months? >> definitely got a big connection. we were just talking yterday about the rookiesin get comg up later in camp. the first teammate i actually met when i got drafted he. >> i was reading that you have a great affinity for your grandparents. is that for a reason that you go out there and compete every day. >> most definitely. that's definitely my reason why. the reason -- i wouldn't be here without them today so definitely a reason why i go out there and do what i do. >> am i gng to see them on the shrines or in the stands come week one? >> my grandparentsill definitely be there week o.
6:47 pm
>> will we hear them? will they hear the 990 jerseys yelling? >> they are grandparents so can't get thatoud. they are definitely going to be very enthusiastic and proud to see me what do i do. both of these tattoos is based off of my grandparents. the top is from my grandfather, at all sent most valued in life, can never get back and from my grana, do what you need to do before you do what you want to do. >> how old were you when you got those? >> i think was in c lege. they wouldn't let me get a tattoo when i was in their household so i had to wait until i got out. >> i'd have to do the same thing, i can 100% relate >>ther many iconic athletes have grced the covers of cereal box eds, but far fewer have reached that next level ofranular greatness, having the own cereal. some notable athlete cereals of the past,lue flakes for former nfl quarterback, gronk flakes for rob gronkowski, moss'
6:48 pm
magic crunch and t.o. for terrell owens, and let me ntroduce you now to ovos, yes, how perfect a name is that. the capitals star and d.c. hero alexander ovechkin has just gotten his own cereal. will be coming to giant food stores closer to hockey season. now the cereal is a quote, sweetened toasted oats cereal with honey and natural almond flavor. now the rumor has it that you get a special toy with cereal if you eat it in the georgetown waterfront. that's just a rumor. that's a rumor. cocktails. ew >> that got us thinking, i wanted to bring up possible serial names for this teen here. aper flakes, leon loops, doreen-is. doreen-is. >> that's on the menu i switched from dodge. we switched from ford.
6:49 pm
i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. dependability. for technology. for the muscle. and just look at it. adios, lexus. bye, bye, ford. we swihed to chevy. and i couldn't be happier. see for yourself why people are switching at the cusvy all-star open hoe. or add another chevy to your driveway. current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp on this eqnox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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breaking news tonight, new clues as police search for answers in the shooting rampage at a california food festival, videos showing the moments terror as shots rang out, family scrambling for safety. among the three people killed a 13-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. >> still can't believe that he's dead. he's only 6 years old, you know. >> police swarming the shooter'me removing bags of evidence. tonight the disturbing trail he left on social media and the hunt for his motive. another young ch d dying in a hot vehicle left in a van ou ide a daycare just days after a father was arrested for leaving his 1-year-old twins in a scorching car. president trump escalating war of words taking


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