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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we will start with storm team 4 chuck bell and temperatures. >> they are rather high at 4:30 this morning. below 80 degrees. 79 in arlington county at national airport. 75 in gaithersburg and 74 dulles heairport. t are plenty of upper 60s in the shenandoah valley. mugginess and steamy today' turn into a hot handumid day. 94 was the high yesterday and i'm forecasting 95 today. there will also still be a slight chance for a shower or ceunderstorm. highest rain chan west of the shenandoah valley and west of the blue ridge. around town, can't guarantee there won't ab stray shower or two but rain showers are low. if you're heading to the nats taking on the braves, they won flist a st night. your ten-day forecast is coming
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up. massas westbound 66 prosecute the rest area a tiny dip on the map. the yellow color, left lane is getting by the work zone there. major delays throughout the mornhtng even overn because they had a full closure a short time ago. nortound and southboundn 95 no issues. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway nor consttion. prince george's county, everything is rolling long and same situation top of the beltway. ro 29, bw parkway and 95 just fine. data leakta at capi one, a seattle woman is accused of hacking into the company and stealing the names and other information from 100 million people here in the united ntates. that breach mai affects consumers and small business that applied for a capital one credit card from0 2 through early 2019. now the hacker obtained informatioabout credit scores and credit history and what capital one refers to as transaction data.
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capital oneirst learned about the breach on july 17th and contacted the fbi. 1io mill customers were affected and 140,000 social security numbers were, quote, compromised. 80,000 bank account numbers wer affected as well. capital one says no credit card account numbers or log-in credentials were stolen. i coming up our next half hour, "news4 today" justin finch will have a live report from capital one headquarters inclean. go to nbc washington app now and search capital one if you think you've been affected. update to a murder case. a 17-year-old who admitted to stabbing his father to death will be taking a psychological evaluation. a judge made that decision yesterday. it came after roma said in court that his father was controlling his mind. detectives say he stabbed his father as he was driving, forcing him to crash his suv near allenond park. we are following some developing news in northeast washington this morning. police are trying to find the
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person behind seal armed robberies. >> news4 jummy olabanji is int newsroom with details on the crimes and the people being targeted here. >> police say the an they believe is behind these robberies appears to be tar officers say he is targeting them gederovernight each time a about 2:00 in the morning. all of this trouble started around a week ago before 4:00 in the morning last monday. that incident happened on second street northeast. you see the map on your screen, a look at all three places these robberies occurred. the second and third robberies happened within 30 minutes of one another last wednesday near sixth and k streets. then a 15-minute drive away near the d.c./maryland border on hunt place. police say all three robberies, the man gets out of the car, walks up vto thectim and he flashes a gun and demands their belongings before speeding off in a dark-colored suv. we are told he is in his 20s or 30s. if you know anything about these robbery d.c. police want your
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help and a10,000 dollar reward. go to the nbc washington app and search >>bbery. > power crews are woing to replace equipment at a substation in northwest washington. the bigger issue now, though, is the noise. for those of you who live in u street and shaw area, you may have heard the workers ov rnight. pepco hopes to be done sometime this week. here is a look at other top stories we are followith for you s morning. thousands of people turned out in gilroy, california, last night to remember the three people killed during a weekend shooting at an outdoores fval. a 6-year-old, a 13-year-old and 25-year-old were among the ctims. another 12 people were wounded. the gunman was shot and killed. d.c.ed police releas surveillance video of a man ooting four people outside of the howard theater and happened on sunday morning on t street t.
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northwe all four victims are expected to survive. no arrests have been made. this morning, we are working to learn more about a in southeast washington. last night, we knowni a juve was struck when shots were fired on t street. detectives aren't releasing many details but we know the child was taken to the hospital, conscious and breathing. the name of the child has not been released and no arrests have been made. 11-year-old karon brown was laid to rest yesterday. police say edown was kil by 29-year-old tony mcclam who is now facing second-degree murder charges. right now, police in prince george's county are asking four help. officers have been in temple hills in hopes of solving a murder. someone shot 31-year-old kirk lyles multiple times sunday afternoon. police found him on the sidewalk. he died at the hospital a short time later. there is a reward up to $25,000
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for any information that leado an arrest and indictment. you can help fightn crime the district and catch criminals in the act with a security camera. >> d.c.ur mayor miel bouser ehr talking about the plan. the mayor says everyone need to work together to prevent and solve neighborhood crimes. >> we are asking our business owners to think about their security, front and back, inside their establishment. >> the community can't truly prosper unless those within it feel and are safe. >> for the past three years, the pilot program has given out more than $2 miion in rebates and more than 15,000 cameras connected to the program district wide. still ahead, a new twist in g e case of two american teens
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accused of killinan italian police officer. jamestown celebrates 400 years today but an appearance by president trump ovehadow the rs o
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one the two california teens accused of killing an italian police officer say he  dseense. the associated press reports 19-year-old finnegan lee elder toldpolice he stabbed the plain clothes officer after he felt pressure on his neck and thought he was being strangled. were dge found no marks found on elder's neck. the officer was stabbed 11 times. official say gang violence inside a brazil iian led to
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violence. police say gangmbers took each other hostage and battled each other. happening now. rehundreds of evacuations under way in peru. >> ash spewed from a volcano last week raising safety concerns in that area. people were given masks and goggles. experts say the ash could be the start after lg-term e ruruptive >process. >>esterday, hundred of hot air balloons filled the skies in france at -- >> i don't speak french but th sounds yeice. >> ah. the hope was to put the most balloons in the air at once and then organizers said they had 500 hot air balloons aired up hailing from 40 countries.
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>> beautiful. but there arepeople in the balloons? >> i think you have to. >> have to? it looks so pretty. i don't know if i'd go up in one of thos things. >> the first one in those were the french. remember that from your history lessons? > no, but i'm glad you remember that, chuck bell! friday,ur saty, sunday looks like could be unsettled at the coastline as we get into the weekend. sunday is looking your foreca is coming up. controversy and celebration. president trump heads to jamestown, virginia, to help celebrate the00 anniversary. but will his recent word for a maryland congressman overshadow that event? stay with us.
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welcomeback. having an easy commute by car can be a impossible dak in the d.c. region and lines shut down have forced thousands of drivers on the road. >> adam tuesday detls how bad the traffic has become without metro service in the d.c. area. >> report: traffic is crawling at times because of metro's blue and yellow lines summer shutdown. >> the traffic has inccased beause the pressure on more people to have cars. >> reporter: city of alexandria just put out a report showing
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that travel times have gone up 4% across the city. but here is the kicker -- travel times usually drop during the summer. they don't increase. metro riders like ashley james are fed up with all of it and she does have a car but says she is not going to drive in sitting gridlock. >> i think this is outrageous and it's causing the issue. i've been going through nearly now. mmer >> it is inconvenient. no doubt about it. but our alternatives are very few. >> reporter: take a look ndt th ion the platforms were in and you're reminded why the work is necessary. in many decases, rirs were standing on platforms that were literally crumbling because they weren't maintained. >> taxpayers money so it's disgraceful. do your job or quit. >> reporter: the platforms are looking much better at the moment, and commuting struggle, that still continues and many still taking the shuttle service as the best way around. over 1 million trips have been taken on the shuttle since the shutdown started at the end of may but in this kind of heat,
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with shuttles not alwaysaround, patience can wear thin. >> the metro and the city of alexandria say they are confident the workll be complete by early september. >> if you take vri or a train you problem noticed delays lately. official from both systems say some of that is out of their control. transit agency tell "the timeington post" a big krirribut o performance is t freight congestion. for vre in april and may, over half hit their target. csx told "the post" its data is
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priori proprietary. >> celebrations will take place today the 400th anniversary of jamestown. >> also president trump will be there but his recent commentsut abo baltimore, qangmcongressman enj lijah cummings and the four congresswomen could put a damper on the celebration. reverend al sharpton, esident trump called him a con man and troublemaker and saying he hates cops. so the back and forth continuesn as pressure m for president trump to take the 40-mile trip up the roadct and aually visit
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ssltimore, the city h aend rode infested people want to talk to him there according to people we talked on the reet and leader and former leader in the area. unknown if the president will come y time soon but they are having annual meeting in baltimore in september and the president usually attend. the city of baltimore has come out strongly against the president's attacks. the county and the maryland state leader are pushing back. many say his comments are racist. governor larry hogan says they are, quote, outrageous, but former maryland mayor michael steele wants more an apology from president trump. >> the streets and neighborhoods are ready for you.wa folk to talk to you so just show up. put the tweet down, brother, and show up. >> bndrnie sa is also pushing aick agt the president. the presint said sanders
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should be labeled aci ra for equating baltimore to a third world country.we >> will dig into that now about bernie sander and his response to the president. he says that his comments about baltimore were taken out of context.r senato sanders said ed this in 2015 following the violent riots over the death of freddie degree stand police cuody. he noticed the damage and poverty in one nehborhood saying people who were walking m there not realize they were in a third world country. senator sander will take part in tonight's democratic debate. this is th t second time candidates will meet. this time it will happen in detroit. tonight's debate wl be the first of two and includes senator sanders and elizabeth warren and the rest you see re. on night two, here is who
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montgomery county says it has a problem. data presented at a county council committee yesterd shows aramatic increase in the number of drivers cit for illegally passing school buses. in the 2016-2017 school year, police citeded more than 16,000 drivers and next year the number doubled to more than 33 thousand though and the school year that just finished, the police issued more than 54,000 citations. police are skill adding cameras to the school bus fleet and all of the county's school buses should have them by mid august. this is a complete disgrace. if you see a school bus with a crossarm, there are children crossing and it's dangerous.
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i can't believe pass the school buses. >>ey need to start ticketing cars and give me your license. >> people will drive past a school bus at 50 miles an hour and come on, people, do better! >> no patience for that. and i don't even have kid! even i still stop for the school bus! we are in the heat and humidity again today. good news for those who do not like 95 andhumid, this is probably the last hot, hot, hot day the week. temperatures are going to trend downward as rinn chances ease starting later today and espially as we get towards tomorrow afternoon. view outside here on a tuesday morning. skies partly to mostly clear at this point in time. temperures kind of sticky out there. 79 degrees. southerlyind averaging 12 miles per hour. just a few fair weather cloud over the city this morning. it's all dry.
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storm team 4 radar not finding any clouds to impact you the erest of th day.5 7bu gaithers and 65 in fauquier county and 70 in point ro clouds and storm chances only 30%. not guaranteed to get you wet car washing forecast, you could take your chances for today but ncreasing rain chances tomorrow and on later intowehe means you may want to wait, depends on how much you likeriving that shiny car. rain for today just out to the west now. that is where the highest rain chances ill be today. west of the d.c. metro area, severe weather chance today are very, very low. good news. mainly focused up tur north. here is future weather. not a lot expected around the city. f ere will be bubbling up thunderstorms west of the blue ridge towards winchester and martinsburg and hagers town.
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i can't rule out an isolated shower around the city but highest hances of rain across the blue ridge. melissa, let'shalf of the weekend appears to be sunday. >> good to know, chuck. still ft lane getting by this rest area. not seeing too much of a delay but they are telling us to expect major delays throughout the area becahise of work zone. elsewhere, stafford. we go up to the toll road. beltway outer loop and inner loop dozen any big issues. "friends" fans have a chance
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to go in to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show's debut. >> some people wil down in history with that show. >> warner brothers is setting up a- pop entertainment experience in manhattan's soho district starting in septembly and on month. fans can explore the show through set re-creation and props and costumes andou cost 30 bucks to visit and advanced tickets are required. >> i have an onunpopular opini about that show. >> it's still on tv. it didn't do it for me. >> i'm with you on that. manys iconic athlete have graced the boxes of cereal boxes will you few to say they havth ir own cereal. >> one can count this another win. check out ovpos? alex ovechkin, can you imagine eating your own cereal and staring at your face on the box? it will come to stores closer to
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the hockey season.s cereal i a sweetened westbound toasted and everybody needs a individual box in my house. we are big cap fans. video of rescueperation on a beach in florida. five pilot whales beached ehemselves on reddington beach. they are being rleased into the gulf of mexico. others were taken to receive further care. pilot whales are social animals that live in groups so officials say it's a possibility if one of them is sick, the others would follow that whale to shore. >> i ve that when you hear about animals that want to be with each other and take care of each other. i hope they are okay. next on "news4 today," 100 million people have capital one
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credit cards and may have had heir information stolen by a hacker. how to find out if you're a victim. a warning before your childr go outside to play today. doctors are seeing an increase in case of illness spread by ticks. plus, 2,000 calories in just one sitting.e w reveal some of the items on ai new of the most unhealthy restaurant mls.
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it is about 00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's tuesday,uly 30th, 2019. we are helping to start your day. melissa mollet and your fast traffic will make it to your work on time. li mea, we will fill you in on the joke late. it was a good one. >> it must have been good. >> we were dscussing how professional we all look. yes. >> let's get to the forecast with cck bell. what are you seeing out there? >> fortunately, for us, all is quiet on a tuesday morning. weather worrieso get your day started today. a little on the humid side and sticky. 78 in washington and 77 inle col park. reston town center at 73. same in rockville. 74 in clinton, maryland. your forecast for your commute unaffected by raindrops at least for the first part o the day.
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at 6:08.m aeratures in the temperatures in the low to mid-90s for most of the aftenoon. therat least a slight chance for thunderstorms today highest rain chances from leesburg to frederick and westbound to the shenandoah valley and the mountain. show you future weather coming up. taking a look at saman still have this situation westbound before the manassas rest area. left lane is only thing getting by and delays at the work zone. stafford lanes are open and ramp around on the on ld be wrapping up pretty the soon. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big problems. guys.


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