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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 30, 2019 5:00am-5:41am EDT

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at 6:08.m aeratures in the temperatures in the low to mid-90s for most of the aftenoon. therat least a slight chance for thunderstorms today highest rain chances from leesburg to frederick and westbound to the shenandoah valley and the mountain. show you future weather coming up. taking a look at saman still have this situation westbound before the manassas rest area. left lane is only thing getting by and delays at the work zone. stafford lanes are open and ramp around on the on ld be wrapping up pretty the soon. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big problems. guys. >> thank you. we are following breaking ns this morning. rews are battling a house fire
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right now in southeast d.c. on n street. a family wasti inside at the of the fire. >> news4 derrick ward is on the scene now with the latest from fire official. good rning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. crews have been the scene here since about 3:30. we are in the 3500 block of street southeast. the good news, both occupants of safely.use got out and how that all happened is sort of a tale about the importance ofthings like smoke widetectors. th sme is veto. you had it was a smoke detectors that made this is not intaed as it could have been? >> sure. when you get a call at 3:30 in the morning about a fire alarm, fortunately they had working smoke dettors that activated. the daughter was able t get to her mom and drag t herthe safety of the front door and we
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helped them out the rest the way. >> wend the fire was containene to ooom in this house? >> it was contained to one bedroom. the investigators searching for thecause. we have evaluated both occupants medically and they are fine and eclined further medical treatment. we have got the red cross coming to assist them. >> excellent.or this is a sty that could have been a lot worse than it is. they are searching, we yunderstand, for a familet that is unaccounted for at this point. the family will be staying with neighbors unti they get assistance and highlights the importance of smoke detectors. . derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thank you. >>re we a also following more ldeaking new that cou put you at risk for identity theft. >> another data leak and involving people wh accounts with capital one. 100 million customers may be victims of a hacker in seattle. we are working for with you team coverage this morning. jummy olabanji will explain what you should do if yothink you
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may be a victim. justin finch, first, is outside of capital one lawyers in mclean. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this was a wide skilled andating back to march and covering this month. at risk potential capital one pital one urrent customers alike. take a look at your screen. a breakdown. 100 million american cusmers impacted here. 140,000 social security numbers compromised and80,000 bank accounts numbers compromised. at this time capital one saying credit card accou numbers and log-in credential appear to be safe at this time. however what was accessed here is talki about applications from 2001 to earlier this year. credit card application data, credit scores, credit limits, payment history, and also what they are calling payment of transaction data. as you mentioned, this trace to do a seattle woman with a
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background in software engineering here. she hasn arrested as recently as yesterday. she is due soon for another hearing and she was caught thanks to the helphe of t fbi. capital one's ceo saying they will work to make this right ani apolo to all customers who were impacted. justin finch, news4. back to you. >> thank you. >> if you think your identity has been compromised, there are a couple of things nu do. >> news4 jummy olabanji is working for you and she is here with our team coverage on wh you need to know. >> we want to say this is good information not just for capital one customers but anyone out there with an account as we have seen with wells fargo and equifax in the past. here is good information for you. call your bank andancel your debit and credit card numbers and request new card with new numbers be issued. contact the big three credit reporting companies and have them place alerts on your ro account and pct you in case
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someone tries to open you a new line of cred with your information. if you use online banking change your password if you can. big breaesike this happen, scammers are trying to take advantage and you may get email saying you may be impacted by this latest breach with capital one. put your information to see if you've been impacted. don't do that p.. the bank will typically send you a letter in the mail.i ident has good information to protect your identity as well. >> thank you for those reminders. family, friends and neighborhood gathered last night for the victims in the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting. a gunman opened fire at that festival on sunday. these three were killed in that shooting. dozens others were hurt. >> the alleged shooter has been
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identified as s identified. police do not know about whether a second suspect waskñr involv. > determining whether there was or was not a second suspece and if thers, what involvement they may have. >> investigates say the gun that was used in the shootin was ak-type assault rifle he bought legally in nevada earlier this month. the police chief said aey have not e to come up with a motive. we have video of a man accused of shooting outowde of the hard theater. the video shows the man near the scene on t street northwest. two victims treated at the hospital and two others refused ctllion treatment on the scene and all are expe to be okay. es rents in southeast washington sa gun violence is a new normal theyve face e day.
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one mother described to news4 how her 10-year-old ran to her after hearing gunshots. police say though bullets hit a young boy last night. they are searching who pulled the trigger. detectives have not released details but we have confirmed a juvenile was taken to the hospial, conscious and breathing. >> i love this area but i'm scared to raise my children here. >> the shooting comes nearly twy weeks after 11r-old karon brown was shot and killed. >> karon brown's mother had to bury her little boy yesterday. hundreds of people showed up for the funeral to try to support her. the crowd was so large, it overflowed into e street. >> loved ones, people we grew up. >> police have charged 29-year-old tony mcclam with second-degree murder for karon's death. maryland lawmakers are hoping security grants will help op the nextass shooting.
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the state is giving $3 million to houses of worship to cover security costs. organizations can apply over the next year for the money.n it cabe used for things including training, cameras, security personnel, lighting. good news for people who use the george washington parkway. the national park service says the sinkhole that has led to months of lane closures there should be fixed by early fall. you'll recall route 23 and the beltway collapsed twice this year and plenty of delays there and especially in the afternooco if the work ntinues at this pace, things are set to be back to normal soon. the president of the fairfax county naacp resigned. copon posted on facebook while others are promoted to dedicating equity, i no longer believe the overall culture nature of the naacp prioritize the schools. he also said his resignation is linked to former confrontation with the former president. sent a series of angry text
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messages after she had he was too confrontational when dealing with police. happening today. virg since the settlement of jamestown. the colony is considered the first representativera democy in america. one of the attendees today is president trump. earlier this month, a group of virginia democrats vowed to boycott the event if the president attended. state lawmakers accuse the president of using, quote, racist and zenophobic rhetoric. trump first tweeted that a group of minority female congresswomen should go back to where they came from. then he blamed decades of trouble in baltimore city on congressman elijah cummings. david ortiz is sharing his first social media post since he n s shot in the domini republic. ortiz confirming on instagram he has been released from the hospital in boston with a trio of photos showing some pretty good looking food here.
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the former red sox slugger said being at home is priceless and added, e,qu too bad i can't crush food yet. more than a dozen people have been arrested with that june 9th shooting. police say was a case of mistaken identity. >> i hope he gets to eat a big, fat steak soon. o onethe most talked about players in the world will be playing in d.c. toay. coco gauff will be competeing in a singles match this afternoon at rock creek park. she won her doubles match last night with her partner katie mcnally. the two advance to the quarterfina quarterfinals. last night was gauff's first appearance since beating serena williams in the wimbledon match. for young fans, she has become a role model. >> no matter how old you are, your ethnicity or your gender, it don't matter. that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. >> indeed. the tournament benefits the washington tennis and education foundation. city open is so fantastic. you get a lot of names and maybe
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even if you don't recognize them now, youemwill recognize th. >> the potential for inspiration there like this young person. >> wonderful. nokes "news4 today," plastic surgery is growing in popularity, but it has nothing to do with vanity. why more young people are going under the knife. >> we are helping you get back to school and information on free vaccinations. where some parents in our area can go to make sure thots are up-to-date. his of the most and healthy meals in america are out. we are looking at breakfast item that will give you days worth of calories in one meal. >> they taste good. >> and look good. tastes is worst for you awfully good oftentimes. beach forecast,ould be stormy into the first part of the weekend if you're going to beach. if you're staying at home, sort of the same story. i'm optimistic most of your sunday plans will not tge
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nice. cheers from the crowd at nats park lastig nht rose lavalle any pugh threw out the first pitches from last night s nat game. esn't matter if they threw to the wrong catcher. the two laughed about it afterwards. world cup champs. good for them. this had to be a new one for tsa officers. some of the screeners found a missile launcher in a man's luggage at bwi marshal a military-grade weapon. checked bag was whe they found it. it was not a live device.
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still. you can't carry this thing on to a plane. the tsa said the man carrying is it is an active military member and was coming home from kuwait and wanted to bring it home for a sounir. tsa reminds you militarye weapos ever allowed in any luggage! >> even active militarymb mer. they have to find other ways to find memories. >> stick to t-shirt, magnets, at sort of thing. we are working 4 your health this re cases of the measles have been reported. according to the cdc, majority of cases are in people who have not been vaccinated. new york continues to be the hardest-hit state, the state of emergency declared in land county during the height of the outbreak was lifted last wethk. this is worst measles outbreak in the country in 27 years.
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before you know it, summer will be over and school will be back in session. as part of preparation, you should make sure your child does have the proper immunizations or a health waiver. jummy olabanji is here with yod what you nee know. good morning. >> good morning. back-to-school is a busy time of the year for our local families. fairfax county is trying to make it a little easier for you. they are offering freely physicals and vaccines to kids who don't have health insurance and put on by nursing students from gorse mason university and they are getting practice as well. parents say it's helpful. >> i just got a new job, so i don't have health insurance yet. so why i came here to thisff clinic they what is amazing. >> eight free clinics located around northern virginia. so far, they have provided almost 2,000 free physicals. virginia does allow parents to opt out of those immunizations but you are required to submit a
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waiver to do that. >> cancer survivors are not just left with emotional scars. many have had to live with physical scars too. until now. plastic surgeons are helping survivors getid of visible holes in place like their noses and lips. is ors say social media increasing the command for surgery. >> i've had multiple patient say they are always taking selfies and looking at cameras and these younger people are looking themselves in these cameras a lot more often. >> a big positive in all of this, doctors are likely to catch skin diseases inivancer survs as plastic surgery becomes more popular. if you're feeling guilty for having a muffin or a sugary cereal breakfast, this might help you. >> 2019 extreme eating award are out. ranking the unhealthiest
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staurant meals in the country. the cheesecake factory cinnamon roll pancakes, they clocked in at 2,000 calories for one dish! three teaspoons of sugar. so good p.m. yum yum. in response to making the list, cheesecake factory said this might be a good dessert to sha. >> get 15 of your close friends together! >> each one have one tight. >> also on the list are these doughnut holes and come t1,900 calories. that is the equivalent of four double rgcheeseburs and one large coke. >> cinnamon roll thing they serve one rll to one person. thelf goall thing much easier to share.
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>> congratulations. >> help yourself to alf go ball but don'tmy touch roll. a hot day in washington. no surprise there. weed reach4 degrees yesterday afternoon and every bit that hot again today. i'm forecasting 95. technical one degree warmer than that. souther to hold temperatures up overnight. 78 at national airport and some spots still at 80 degrees or higher. 79.apolis 81 and quantico mostly in the upper six in the shenandoah valley. winchester, front royal and leesburg and martinsburg, the favorite areas for the afternoon thunderstorm chances today. 30% for rain. most of that is concentrated west of the i-95 i couldn' out a stray shower around town or if you're going to be basebagame this evening. unlikely to have a rain delay but it will be hot as you're heading down to nats ballpark. big game, big series against the
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waves. they last night and hope we have another win on the record today. you can see the broken line of showers now that extend all the r f oayom ohio dokentucky and tennessee and overall pattern is coming our directi n. today thest rain chance will be in the western half of the news4 nation. tomorrow, rain chances up for everybody. here is 1:00 this afternoon. all dry around town. there is a tiny little chance of a shower orbu two most of the better rain chances today will be focused on the terrain from leesburg and hic freder westbound so keep that in mind if you're traveling today. when it thunders, it's time to get inside. melissa mollet, what is going on? >> arlington 395 at rkgw paay left lane and on ramp blocked by a brand-new accident so delays as you head there.
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ttom the beltway looks good and the top if you're heading to i or 95 and noish northbound or southbound. next on"news4 today," uptick in > ticks. >doctors are seeing more cases of tick-borne illness. we are working 4 your health how to quickly remove a tick before it can make you sick. if you're home this afternoon, courtney kardashian is on llen" at 3:00 and then watch the new at 4:00.
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at this time, capital one saying it appearshat credit card account numbers and log-in
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credentials are safe. capital one saying a tt sea-based software engineer turned suspected hacker was arrested in this breach on monday thth help from fbi. this leak was uncovered just more than a week ago. however, it is said to date back to march. capital one saying they stepped up their cyberdefense into respo this leak. >> justin finch, thank you. updateo a murder case. a 17-year-old who admitted to stabbing his own father to death will take a psychological evaluation. the decision was made yesterday by a judge. detectives say he stabbed his father as he was driving, forcing him to crash his suv near allen pond park. we are following some developin news in northeast washington this morning. police are trying to find the person be nd several armed robberies.
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>> news4 jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with details on the crimes and the people being targeted right now. good morning. >> good morning. police say the man behind these appears to be targeting transgender women. officers say he is targetinm theovernight each time after about 2:00 in the morning. all of this started about a week ago before 4:00 in the morning last monday. that incident happened on second street northeast. the second and third robberies happened within 30 minutes of he one anotlast wednesday near sixth and k streets. then 15 minute ay by car near the d.c./maryland border on hunt place. police say in all three robberies, the man gets out of the car, walks up to the victim and he flashes a gun and demands their belongingbefore speeding off in that dark-colored suv. we are told he is in his 20s or 30s and a black man. if you know anything abo these
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robberies, d.c. police want your help and a 10,000 dollar reward go the nbc washington app and sear robberies for more information. it's 5:35. power crews are woing to replace equipment at a substation in northwest shington. over the weekend the equipment malfunctioned leaving 30,000 the bigger issue now, though, is the noise. for those of you who liven u street and shaarea, you may ave heard the workers overnight. pepco hopes to be done sometime this week. be. 5:35. here is a look at other top stories we are following for you this moing. thousands of people turned out in gilroy, california, last night to remember e three people killed during a weekend shooting at an outdoor festivaly ar-old, a 13-year-old, and 25-year-old were among the victims. another 12 people were wounded. the gunman was shot and killed. d.c. police released surveillance video of a man
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shooting four peoploutside of the howard theater and happened on sunday rning on t street in northwest washington. ed toour victims are expe surviv no arrests have been made. this morning, we are working otto learn more about a sg in southeast washington. last night, we know a juvenile was struck when shots were fired on t street. detectives aren't releasing many details, but we know the child was taken to the hospital, conscious and breathing. he name of the juvenile has not been released and no arrests have been made. 11-year-old karon brown was laid to rest yesterday. hundreds of people attending. the crowd was large, it overcrowded into the street. police say brown was killed by 29-year-old tony mcclam who is now facing second-degree murder charges. 5:37. ahead anew twist in the case of two american teens accused of killing an italian police officer. jamestown celebrates 400 year today, but could an appearance by president trump overshadow the celebration?
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one of the two california teens accused of killing an the associated press reports 19-year-old finnegan lee elder told police he stabbed the plain clothes officer after he felt pressure on his neck and thought he was being strangled. the judge found no marks were found on elder's neck. the officer was stabbed 11 mes. official say gang violence inside a brazilian led to ea ddly riot. at least 54 were killed. police say gang members took each other hostage and battled each other. happening now. hundreds of evacuations are under way after an active volcano in peru began to explode >> ash spewed from a volcano
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last week, raising safety concerns in that area. people were given masks and goggles. experts say the ash could be the start after long-term eruptive process. we are still awaiting world on whether a world record was setce in fran yesterday, hundred of hot air balloons filled the skies in france at an air balloon festival. the hope was t puthe most balloons in t air at one time. te?i the organizers said they had 50 gballoonsng up hailing from 400 different countries. >> french have the first hot air balloon from brothers. ♪ >> chance for storminess today!
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your ten-day forecast is coming up! >> that was the more you know chime! >> right, right! >> you should have your own chime, chuck! controversy and celebration this morning. president trump head to jamestown to help celebrate the 400th anniversary but wills rhi recent words for a maryland congressman shadow the event?
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16 before the hour. a big day in virginia. today marks the 300 anniversary of jamestown which was the first representative democracy in history. celebrations will take place today in the williamsburg. >> plsident trump w be there but his recent comments about baltimore, congressman elijah cummings and four democratic congresswomen of color have some concerned his controversies could put a shadow on the celebrations. "news ttoday"racie potts joins us live withmore. >> reporter: good morning. the latest controversy is with civil rights leader and msnbc al
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sharpton. he say that the president has a particular dislike for black americans and for anyone of color. president trump still getting a lot of heat from what ed about baltimore being rat and rodent infested and disgusting. people in baltimore saying come up and take a look. u it's justp the road and no word ife'll do tt. we do know republicans are set to meet there in sepmber and the president usually hatend t annual reap treat. >> tracie potts, thank you. city of baltimore had come out strongly against the president's attacks. even the county and the maryland state l are pushing back. many say his comments are racist. governor larry hogan says they re outrageous and former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele wants more than an apology from president trump. >> the streets and neighborhoods are ready for you.
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folks want to talk to you so just show up. put the tweet down, brother, and show up. >> bernie sander is alsong pushi back against the president. the president said sander should be labeled a racist for equating baltimore to a third world country. sanders says those comments about baltimore were taken out of context. senator sanders said ed this in 2015 following the violent rerts ovhe death of freddie degree and police custody. he noticed the damage and poverty in one neighborhood lkying people who were waing ot there may nealize they were were not in a third world country. s part in tonight's democratic debate. this is the second time the candidates running for president will meet and this time it happens in detroit. tonight's debate will be the nd first of two ancludes the following. on night two, here is who we will see. >>
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> anyone who drives in thison regi knows commuting by car can feel impossible sometimes. a lot of traffic.ue metro's bl and yellow line shut down this summer has forced thousands of extra drivers out onto the road. >> adam tuss details how bad the traffic has become without metro service in the d.c. area. >> reporter: traffic is crawling at times because of metro's blue and yellow lines summer shutdown. >> the traffic has increased because the pressure on more people to have cars. >> reporter: city of alexandria just put out a report showing that travel times have gone up 4% across the city. but here is the kicker -- travel op during the summer. they don't increase. metro riders like ashley james are fed up with all of it and she does have a car but says she is not going to drive in sitting gridlock. >> i think this is outrageous and i think it's causing the
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issue. i've been going through nearly the summer now. i it is inconvenient. no doubt about but our alternatives are very few. oo>> reporter: take a lat the condition these platforms were in and you're reminded why the work is necessy. in many cases, riders were standing on platforms that were literally crumbling because they weren't maintained. >> it's taxpayers money so it's disgraceful. do your job or quit. >> reporter: the platforms are looking much, much better at the moment, and commuting struggle, that still continues and many still taking the shuttround. over 1 million trips have been taken on the shuttle since the shutdown started at the end of may, but in this kith of heat, wi shuttles not always around, patience can wear thin. >> adam says that metro and the city of alexandria are confident the work will be complete by early september. that will be a big relief.>> > if you take vre or a mark train, you problem noticed delays
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officials froth systems say some of that is out of their control. transit agency tell "the ng washin post" a big contributor to drop in on time performance is the freight congestion. for vre in april a may, over half hit their target csx told "the post" its daar is propriet. a spokesperson did not believe there had been a year over year increase involume. >> mr. bell is here with more on this hot and humid weather. i'm used t it. >> but we are almost there. tomorrow is the last day of l that means two-thirds of the summer will be over just like that! bam! >> i want summer last a few more months. >> it will last another month and a day. two if you count today. now is seem like summer all over the place. o cl skies for some and clear sky for others in d.c. 34 days and 90 degrees or higher thiyear and today will be the 35th for sure.
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our july has been both warmer than average but nowhere near as rainy as last july. last july was the beginning of what was ancredible stretch of rainy weather around here. 3 inches more than we have now and this is double average for july. 78 degrees. southerly wind this morning with fair weather cloud over washington. 72 now in rockville. 74 in gaithersburg. manassas 68. 81 by the bay. planner for today plenty of sunshine the first half to s three-quarterf the day. it will be hot and humid. there will be a chance for some thunderstorms today. chance today only 30% soou you c probably get away with a car wash today. rain much more likely for tomorr m and manye high chances for rain between now and the weekend. all part of this weather front hanging back out to our west for now. doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with so, as a result, there won't be a big threat for
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severe weather today. that risk is mainly across parts of pennsylvania. tomorrowroith that f making more progress and at least be a little higher chance of stronger storms tomorrow afternoon. for today, best chances for rain will be west of the d.c. metro area. i couldn't rule out an isolated shower in montgomery county and fairfax county but more coverage for the thunderstorms today out west of the blueidge into the shenandoah valley and by 4:00, maybe a pop-up shourp around the city, but you can see the trend there. after the sun goesown that all settles down. tomorrow with a front closer, it will be a higher rain chance but not bes a hot. 95 today. rain chance only 30%. high tomorrow only 90 with a 60% chance for rain and friday and saturday also come with high rain chance before we dry out in sunday to the early parts of next week.d goomorning. right now powder mill road at cherry hill, chopper 4 coming up on a problem. apparently have lanes blocked so we will take a look at that
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and let you know the next a couple of minutes. looks like perhaps we are pulling u on the scene and everything might be actuly be in the gas station parking lot. we will kt youw if that changes.


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