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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 30, 2019 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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you in mclean. >> reporter: some believe that capital one official don't believe that the information that that was hacked was used abroad or wildven out but the bank is acutely aware its customers want to know what happened. the bank is reporting 100 million american ctomers are impact here. 140,000 social security numbers were compromised and 80,000 bank account numbers. the bank reporting itppears that credit card account numbers and log-in credentials at this time are going to be also commised here, applications to capital one from 2005 to early th year, as well as credit card applications, data, credit scores, credit limits, as well as repayment history and fragments of transaction data. as for who is behind this, capital one and the fbi saying a
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seattle-base turned hacker in this case. capital one also saying in the wake of this breach, they have strengthened their cyber defenses. >> jummy olabanji is working for what you need to >> this is one of those thing even if you're not a capital one customer, it's something to pay attention to because in recen year, we have seen these breaches with wells fargo and equifax. if you think you may be impacted, call the bank and cancel your credit and debit card numbers and request new rds with new numbers. you can also contact the three big credit reporting companies and have them place alerts on your account. that way you're protected in case someone try to open a new line of cred with your information. if you do use online banking, which many people do these days, go ahead and change the password on your account.
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one last heads-up here. when the big breaches happen, scammers try toadake ntage. you may get an email in the coming weeks saying you may have been impacted and put in your personal informatiee to s if you have been impacted. ignore those. the bank will typically always send you an official letter in ise mail. there a government website idtity has a lot of good information as well. family, friends, and neighbors gathered last night for a vigil for the victims in the gilroy, california, mass shooting. these three were killed in that hooting. dozens others were hurt. >> the alleged shooter has en identified. he was shot and killed by police sunday evening. police do not know t whether a second suspect was involved. >> we are no closer to
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determining whether there was or was not a second suspect. and if there was, what involvement they may have. >> invesgates say the gun that was used in the shooting was ak-47 type assault rifle he bought egally in nevada earlier this mon. they say th shooter posted a online aboutneonazi manifesto but they say the police have not been able to come up with a motive. we have video of a man accused of shooting outside of the howard theater. the video shows the man near the scene on t street northwest. twoictims treated at the hospital and two others refused medical treatment on td e scene. anall are expected to be okay. esidents in southeast washington say gun violence is a rynew normal they face eve day. one mother described to news4 how her 10-year-old ran to her after hearing gunsho. police say though bullets hit a young boy last night. detectives have not released
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details. but a juvenile was taken to the hospital conscious and breathing. they are searching for a residents say it's difficult to see an end to this violence. >> i love this area but i'm scared to rse my children here. >> the shooting comes nearly two weeks after 11-year-old karon r. hundreds of p the funeral to try to support her. he crowd was so large, it with overflowed into the street. >> loved ones, people we grew up with. >> police have charged 29-year-old tony mcclam with gree murder for karon's death. maryland lawmers are security grants will help stop the next mass shooting. the state is giving $3 million ve houses of worship to cor security costs. it could be used for things, including training, cameras, security personnel, and
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lighting. organizations can begin to apply next year.ey good news for people who use the george washington parkway. the national park service says the sinkle that has led to months of lane closures there should be fixeby early fall. you'll recall route 23 and the beltway collapsed twice thiy year and plen of delays there and especially in the afternoon. if the work continues this pace, things are set to be back to normal soon happening today. virginia marksin00 years the settlement of jamestown. it is considered the first american democracy established in america. the celebration could be overshadowed by president trump attending the event. earlier this month a group of virginia democrats vowed e boycott thent if the president attended. state lawmakers accuse the en presidt of using, quote, racist and xenophobic rhetoric.
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trump first tweeted that a group of minority female congresswomen should goack to where they came from. then he blamed decades of trouble in baltimore city on maryland congressman elijah cumming one of the most talked abouh players in e world will be playing in d.c. today. coco gauff will be competingatn a singles this afternoon at rock creek park. she won her doubles match last t mcnally. the two advance to the quarterfinals. last night was gauff's first u.s. appearance since beating serena williams i wimbledon match. for young fans, she has become a role model. >> no matter how old you are, your ethnicity or your gender, it don't matter. that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. >> the tournament wnefits the hington tennis and education foundation. she is a superstar already and only 15ears ol her future is so br ht! >> it's awesome what she is doin for little kid who look up
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to somebody close to their age. >> jacob, too, he'll be a star. next on "news4 tohey," we are lping you get back to school with information on free vaccinations and where parents in our aa can go to make sure their child's shots are te up-to-da. also, the most unhealthy meals in america are out. we are looking at breakfast item that will give you days worth your week weather forecast is coming up. stay with us. we are so ready to clear the shelters at the shelter in bethesda. we are got details on how you can take a pet home today. it's pet adoption day today here. here. that story is coming up next on i switched from dodge.
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nice. cheers from the crowd at nats park last night at world cup champions rose lavalle mallory pugh threw out the first pitches from last night's nat game. they threw to the wrongat ccher but that cots. and they are world cup chances. >> that is hard to do! there you go.
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back-to-school is a busy time of the year for our local families. fairfax county is trying to make it a littleasier for you. they are offering freely physicals and vaccineto kids who don't have health insurance and the clinics are put on by nursing students from george mason university and they are getting practice as well. parents say it's helpful. >> i just got a new job, so i don't have health insurance yet. so why i came here to this clinic they offer what is amazing. >> eight free clinics located around nthern virginia. so far, they have provided almost 2,000 free physicals for local kid. virginia does allow parents to opt out of those immunizations but you must submit the required waivers to do that.o back tyou. >> thank you. ancer survivors are not just left with emotional scars. may have had to live with
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physical ones too, until now. plastic surgeons sayhey are doing more reconstryctive surge than ever. plastic surgeons are helping survivors get rid of visle holes in ace like their noses ands lipom removing cancer. doctors say social media is increasing the command for surgery. >> i've had multip patients they are always taking selfies and looking at cameras and these heunger people are looking at themselves in te cameras a lot more often. >> a big positive in all of sa this, doctors they are likely to catch skin diseas in cancer survivors as plastic surgery becomes more popular. we are gettorg readily f our annual clear the shelters evt in a few weeks. >> if you can't wait until august 17th,
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. 14 of your facilities this is happening the next few weeks ? >> right. we got a link at our website for people to know where to go. jess derson is here with the humane dog rescue alliance. we are partnering with them for news4 forhe big event. we love it. talk about why it's so important and jiggly puff's story. >> jiggly puff came to us when her mom came to us. a pregnant mom who came hre and she gave birth in the shelter and she had a couple o issues and came to us. we have so many animals that come to us through the disaster relief program and they really need help. we need the community to support us. >> reporter: we have got more informationncoming up o our website about today's event and
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a big, big presentation coming up at 6:55. we are ready to clear the shelters here! ba in t you. >> cute puppies. thank you. >> if yoult are feeling guiy about having a o muffin sugarya cerel for breakfast this may alleviate sme of that guilt. >> 2019 extreme eating award are out. ranking the unhealthiest restaurant meals in the country. the cheesecake factory cinnamon roll pancakes, they clocked in ak 2,000 calories for one dish! in response to ming the list, cheesecake factory said this might be a good dessert to share. >> also on the st are these doughnut holes and come to 1,900 calories. ey are from top golf. that is the equivalent of four double cheeseburgers and one large coke. >> you're supposed to eat breakfast like king. lunch like a prince. and dinner like apo er. eat your big meal earlier in the day. >> works for us.
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>> it would work for everybody, technically. st our dinners are at 3:00 p.m.! >> exactly! another day.wa you may nt to cut back on your caffeinated dnks for today again because calf fear helps promote dehydration,o lower caffeine amounts andower alcohol amounts on days it's ad hot ay like today. 95 is ourec expted high temperature this afternoon. there isur next door neighbor in the northwest, the national n cathedral wa for more sunlight out there. another cloud cover. sun is up but enough cloud cover he dim out t sun first thing thorpg. we will have more than enough sunshine to bring temperatures t of the 70s. few spots even in the 60s. leesburg 68 andas manass 65. for your commute for today, mid-70s early. we should be above 90 degrees before lunch time today and temperaturese will hover in th low to mid-90s for most of the
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afternoon. more than hot enough togenerate a couple of thunderstorms. not a big chance for today. but higher rain chance move back into the foreca for tomorrow. take your chances on getting your car washed today. you can also use your nbc washington app and we have an iv intera radar feature there so you can track theshowers later on today. high chance for rain is west of the washington area in the shenandoah valley. parts of northern and western maryland in the mountains where the highest chances are. anybody could get a raindrop. here is 2:00. nothing going on on around towne but shos and thunder and lighti lighting there on the virginia g and west viinia line. frederick and leesburg and warrenton there getting close but not a lot of progress into the city. sort of drying up. any late evening chances for rain appear to be to our west and drying out tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon a much higher chance for everyone to
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get a thunderstorm. herests that five-day foreca on the beltway outer loop before university boulevard, chopper 4 showing you sme slowdowns opini slowdowns.
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be remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. next up, uptick in ticks. >> doctors are seeing more case of tick-borne illness. we ar working for your health with information how quickly you need to remove a ck before it can make you sick. if you're home this afternoon, courtney kardashian is on "ellen" at 3:00 and tn watch theh
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when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought about was my family. i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress, the medicine has progressed right alongside it. trying to maff medications more adable is important, but if washington isn't careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is hope.
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welcome back. we have a health warning as you head out today to perhaps hike, bike, maybe relax outside. tick-borne illnesses are on the rise with cases reported in every date. >> also a tickou may not have heard of and itsite could make ou allergic to red meat. news4 doreen gentzler explains. >> reporter: summertime is prime time for ticks and this year an officials report a number of tick-borne diseases. >> you wan to avoid ticks at all costs. >> reporter: lyme disease gets the most attention but a doctor with the mayo clinic says not the only cause for concern because ticks can transmit a variety of different illnesses. symptoms pains, fever, fatigue, and muscle weakness.
6:23 am
watch kt for the lone star tic because its bite can cause an allergic reaction to meat. the adult female has a white dot or lone star on her back and o these typesf ticks can be found along the east coast and in the south. >> an anaphylactic response as people have when they are allergic to bee stings and your throat closes down and you have difficulty breathing and your lip and tongue swell. >> reporter: be sure to use a bug repellant and spray your shoes to prevent ticks electric crawling up your pant legs. doreen gentzler, news4. after being outside check your clothing and hair and take a shower to reduce your risk as well. a tick need to be a36tached hours before transmitting lyme dees but other tick bites can be transferred inouminutes. >> yhave to check right away. still ahead this morning the d.c. power outage that impact thousands of people over the
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weekend is over. pepco has another warning that to linger all week. three armed robberies and police believe each was pulled off by the same man. we have details on the crime and the specific type of person that may be targeted. chutk, how abohe weather? > here is a dog that would be great for your walk and he is available at humane dog rescue alliance. get your miles walked early. pavement and air will be plenty hot later on this afternoon. locally-owned novec has the most reliable power in the region. and we all know how ab important being reli is. novec provides electricity from
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multiple renewable sources. groovy man! and will soon include even more solar. yeah! and novec offers convenient 24/7 online services. i just paid my electric bill. novec. power you can trust.
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heat, humidity, and the chance of storms is the temple around the beltway. a beautiful look outside from chopper where have we heard about the hot weather? after a feud of beautiful weather in the d.c. reon, it appears that we are going back to those hot, high temperatures we haveeen so much of already this morning. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. on the gin with a check
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forecast and the commute. melissa mollet is stand with our first 4 traffic but we begin withte storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look outside. >> this is the national cathedral here in washington ana alre sunshine on the eastern facings of some of the buildings down there. sun came up 10 minutes aer 6:00. 77 degrees and sticky outside anaround the metro area with temperatures mid to upper 70s and more comfortable in thes nandoah valley where temperatures in the mid-60s. hot one today. 95 the forecast. 94 yesterday for comparison. today's rain chance is there. 30%. but i think the higher rain ro chance today the blue ridge to the shenandoah valley and mountains of west virginia. i'm not too worried about a rain chance around town. if yougae heading to the tonight the nationals and braves first pitch 7:05. a tiny chance for shower but i think they will be able to play that game this evening and it will be humid evening with temperatures in the low to mid-80s toward the end of the
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game. not so hothe rest o week but much higher rain chance. melissa, more about that with the ten day ahead. >> thank you, chuck. outer loop near georgia avenue, volume there but nothing to worry about too much at this point this morning. near university a disabled vehicle on the ride. aaron? >> thank you, meliss g wback to the breaking news we have been staying on top of this morning. that data leak at cpital one. a seattle woman is accused of hacking into the company and stealing the names and information of about 100 million people here in the united states. that breach mainly affects consumers and small business
6:30 am
that aflipplied for a capital o credit card from 2005 through early 2019. capital one refer to as transaction data. capital one first learned about this breach on july 17th and contacted the fbi. 100 million american customers were affected and 140,000 social security numbers were, quote, compromised. 80,000 bank account numbers were affected as well. capital e says no credit card account numbers or log-in credential wer stolen. in a few minutes, justin finch will have a live report from capital one headquarters in mclean. in the meantime, you can open the nbc washington app and search capital one if you think you've been affected. update this morning on a murder case. a 17-year-old who admitted to stabbing his own father to death will take a psychological evaluation. the decision was made yesterday by a judge. it came after the son said in court that his father was
6:31 am
controlling his mind. detectives say he stabbehis father as he was driving, forcing him to crash his suv near allen pond park. bowie.ened in we are following some developing news in northeast washington this morning. police are trying to find the person behind several armed abbberies. >> news4 jummy olji is in the newsroom with details on the crimes and the people being targeted right now. good morning. >> good morning. police say the man they believe behind these robbery appears to be argeting transgender woayn. officers se is targeting them overnight each time after about 2:00 in the morning. all of this started about a week ago before 4:00 in the morning last monday. that incident happened on second street northeast you see the location on your map. we with want to show you all three places the robberies have occuoned. the secand third robberies happened within 30 minutes of one another last wednesday near sixth and k streets. the third about a 15-minute drive away near the
6:32 am
d.c./maryland border on hunt place. police say in all three robberies, the man gets out of the car, walks up to the victim and he flashes a weapon and demands their belongings before speeding off in that dark-colorearsuv. we told he is in his 20s or 30s and a black man. if you know anything about these robberies, d.c. police want your help and a 10,000 dollar reward. we posted more details on the w nbchington app. just searchro eries. >> it's 6:35. power crews are working to replace equipment at a substation in northwest washington. malfunctioned, leaving 30,000 t customer in the dark. the bigger issue now, though, is the noise. for those of you who live in u street and shaw area, you may have heard the workers t. overni pepco hopes to be done sometime this week. montgomery county says the number of drives illegal passing school buses is increasing.
6:33 am
we are seeing thenlan now i place to keep those buses and the children who ride them safe. >> news4 derek ward is joining us lier from silvpring with what officials have in mind. derrick? >> reporter: well, good morning. it's all about safety. it won't be long before you start to see these vehicles out on the streets en masse with their precious cargo and a lot of things done to make sure they are safe, not the o least which is the cameras mounted inside and outside the bus. but montgomery county public school officials have seen an alarming trend. vlating the law, that is passing one of these school buses when the red lights are flashing will net you a $250 ticket. but they have seenhe t number of tickets going up the consecutive past three school sessions. next school year that ended in , 233,000 citations issued and the school year that just
6:34 am
ended saw 54,000 citation issued. they are expand the program and putting cameras on all of the bues and that should happen by the beginning of this school year coming up. they do want get the word out the safety thing is the issue. but despite the revenue th these tickets are generating, they say it's not about revenue, it's about keeping kid and adults safe on these bus. when you see flashing lights, you are supposed to stop. will net you a ticket if you don't. we are live in montgomery county, derrick ward. back to you. >> thank you. ahead, a new twist in the of case two american teens accused of killing an italian police officer. news4 molette green is working for you in the community this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to y . it's all falling in love with jiggly puff who ise ready to b adopted and have a wonderful life like max here who is rescue pet. max where a mohawk. we are ready to clearhe
6:35 am
shelters. more coming up how you can adopt a pet today at the sunrise senior center here in bethesda. you ready to clear the shelters? >> woo! >> details coming up and a entation.r good tuesday morning. hope you didn't just have one but we know that sleepless nights can be but can se sleep apps that are popular really help you get the shut eye you need? >> i can't get to sleep and i've tried everything. >> we are working 4 your health and showing you
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one of the o california eens accused of killing an italian police officer say he did it in self-defense. the associated press reports 19-year-old finnegan lee elder told police he stabbed the plain clothes officer after he felt pressure on his neck and thought he waseing strangled.
6:38 am
the italian judge found no marks were found on elder's neck. cer was stabbed 11 times. h undreds of evacuations are under way aer an active volcano inperu began to erupt. ash spewed last week from the volcano raising safety concerns in that area. people were given masks and goggles. experts say the ash could be the start of a long-te e ruppi eruptive process.rupp eruptive proceseruptive process.we >>re still awaiting world on whether a world record was set in france. yesterday, hundred of hot air balloons filled the skies in france at an air ball.on festiva the hope was put the most balloons in the air at one time. then the organizers said they had 500 balloons going up hailing from 400 different countries. last record was set in
6:39 am
2017. here is your cnbc report. good morning. i'm kate rogers. tel chain is cracking down on the use of plastic. intercontinental will remove the 200 million plastic toiletries used each year in its nearly 850,000 hotel rms by 2021. the company has stopped providing those items in a third of its hotels and they will stop using plastic straws by the end of r 19. with youbc morning report, i'm kate rogers. good morning. rain chances are low today so any threat for severe weather today is mainly to our north. rain chances tomorrow and details coming up. delays on 66 eastboundfter brand-new crash causing slow downs and other problems. i switched from dodge.
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15 before the hour. today marks 400th anniversary in
6:43 am
jamestown. president trump is expected to be there but could it overshadow the celebration. >> the president has done little tond the rift and stepping up his attacks yesterday. hallie jackson is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: there is more fallout this morning. the controvey still raging on over president trump and his attacks on prominent african-american democrats like congressman elijah cummings. the president met privately at he white house last night with a group ofat he describes as inner city pastors in a long scheduled meeting on the heels that the president describing the oity of baltim as infested by rats. language his opponents have described as racist. cummings, whose district includes part of baltimore, is the chair of the powerful house oversight committee. that committee is handling multiple investigations into the trump administration. whe house aide argue th president trump is fighting back against an antagonist in the congress and i wondhe if
6:44 am
president has more to say about this when he refers to the jamestown speech you're referring to happening later on this morning. we will have much more coming up on "today." >> see you then in a couple of minutes. thank you. 6:46. e> breaking n concerning a data breach at capital one. >> this morning, a seattle woman is accused of hacking into the company and stealing the personal information of 100 million people in the u.s. >> news4 justin finch isive at capital one headquarters in mclean now with what you need to know. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, we are learning more about these suspected hacker in this herf is behind bars now. we are learning, too, how big this breach is. we have learned that capital oni sa this seattle-based where an engineer, turned hacker, was able to access application to capital one between 2005 and
6:45 am
early as 2009 including credit card applications data and credit scores and payment history. now at risk is 100 million american capital one customers, 140,000 social security numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers and capital one reporng it does appear that credit card account numbers and log-in credentials are safe. what may come as alver lining to some is that capital one does not believe that information accessed in this b ach wasle to be used for fraud or widely given out. as for the suspect in this case, she is behind bars, awaiting another appearance in court later this week. capital one apologizing and dosaying it will more to make this right and tightening up its cyber defenses. here is a look at the other top stories we are following for you ts morning.
6:46 am
family, friends and neighborhood gathered last night for the victims in the gilroy garlic fe a gunman opened fire at that festival on sunday. these three were killed in that shooting. another 12 were the gun bhman was shot and kille ave video of a man accused of shooting outside of the howard theeoer. the vidhows the man near the scene on t street northwest. no arrests have been made and victims are declared tosurvive. shots were fired on t street and detective are not releasing many details but a child was taken hospital consciousnd breathing and the name has not been released. no arrests have been made. hundreds of people showed up for the funeral to try to support her. jaron was shot and killed.
6:47 am
d.c. mayor is tout ago program to help you pay for the ainformation of security camera. ro>> the idea morerties have cameras the better chance of catching criminals in the act. it's called th private security camera incentive progra and it thprovides rebates for e purchase and installation andis regtration of security cameras on your home or business. >> we are asking our businesow rs to think about their security, front and back, inside their establishment. >> communit however, can't truly prosper unless those within it feel and are safe. >> for the past three year, the pilot program has given t"more n $2 million in rebates. the sunki it up and wor hard, chuck. >> it's working on putting us back above 9gr dees later today. today will be the 35th day of
6:48 am
above 90. probably 95 degrees today. this july, warmer than average and wetter than average. but not quite as wet asar last last july, one of our wetter jules on record. 9.73 innies, the beg of a long stretch of crazy rainfall around here that broke the all-time record for a calendar year in rainfall. 77 degrees and sun shining in hi waston. 65 manassas and warrenton. 73 poolsville and 72 beautiful frederick county, maryland.h 80 by t bay and annapolis. your commute is not going to have worry about rain for the morning or the early parts of the afternoon. thereeould b an isolated thunderstorm or two tn ride home later today. omorrow, though, much higher rain chances and not quite as hot. we will be in the mid-70s tomorrow morning. high around 9as opposedto the 95 today and rain chances double tomorrow from 30% to 60%. this boundary of showers and
6:49 am
clouds across pthets of the ohio valley now will be ming slowly in our direction. todas rain chances will be highest west of the blue ridge into the mountains and shenandoah valley and only a couple of drops down there. rain chance not down to zero around here. could be isolated shower or two. on the future weather, maybe a pop-up or two around 3:00 but much more coverage of those rain shower and storms today out in the western of the news4 nation. averyone gets alf higher chance hfor rain tomorrow. of> many iconic athletes have graced the covers cereal saboxes will you few can they have their own cereal. >> check this out. capal star alex ovechkin can e
6:50 am
breakfast in style and look at himself while he eats breakfast himself while he eats breakfaeb himself while he eats breakfaat at himself while he eats breakfasreakfast in style and l at himself while he eats breakfast. we are getting rey for our annual clear the shelters event in a few weeks. >> molet green is live in bethesda how you can add a new friend to your family fooped. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here this morning and having a good time here.. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here s morning and having a good time here. we are ready to clear the shelters, right? >> woo! >> i want to pnt out kirby and 14 year old. what does kirby mean to you? >> he is my xocompanion and my
6:51 am
soul mate. >> ok at max. max's owner thought he was? >> a fox. >> you thought he was a fox? >> i think hes looks justike one. >> reporter: i love the mohawk. big pet aoption day is coming up three hours so we will give you more information. we show some of the cute pooches around here and especially jiggly puff. megan loveland is here to talk about why today is so special and what you want to do as you join forces with the humane rescue alliance. all of this leading up to w ne's big event august 17th. megan, this is really important. pairing up these pets with
6:52 am
seniors and also having an impact on the community too. getting the community to come hereto y. >> absolutely right. pets are such a important part of our social lives and really giving company to our residents here. in fact, we have a number of rescued animalsn our sunrise living senior communities so we uret to do our best to make these rescue pets get rescued today. we are very pleased to offer this check to the humane dog rescue alliance. $2,500 to make sure the pets find homes. >> look at that! jiggly puff is so excited. >> this is awesome. thank you so much. this will help us provide critical care to animals in our facility and fund our community programs. >> reporter: i love it. can we give it up for the s sunrise senior living in bethesda and leading up to clear the shelters. more information that is on the
6:53 am
screen. today's event kicks off at 10:00 a.m. in bethesda. come on by and take a pet home today. somebodyike max! back to you guys. we are readyo clear these elters. >> yea! >>an thyou, molette green. four things to know. virginia will make 400th anniversary of jamestown today the colony tis considered the first representative of colony of america established in america. president trump will be on hand to speak and some are concerned the trhe president's recent controversy could overshadow the debates. > here is a look at who is appearing tonight in the democratic debate. stay tuned to "news4 today" for complete coverage. one of the m t talkout tennis players in the world is competing in d.c. today. 15-year-old phenom coco gauff will be at rock creek park.
6:54 am
she beat venus williams in wimbledon. find out how she does today by downlocating the nbc washington app. a seattle woman is accused of hacking into capital one and stealing names and information about a hu in the united states. stay with the "today" show for the latest on that breech. ten-day forecast here. isolated shower or thunderstorm posble today. high rain chances on friday and satrday. >> chuck, thank you very much. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up for. >> "today" is next.5 see new 2minutes for weather, traffic, and breaking news. unt y then, enjoyour day. >> make it great tuesdaer ody.
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good morning. good morning. honoring the falle ♪ remember all the time >> thousands come together at an california gil in after the mass shooting at a food festival and new stories of survival emerge. >> this morning, the father of the youngest victim, just 6 years old, remembers his son and
6:58 am
the latest on the suspect and the search for answers. exposed. the personal information of 100 g after a hack attack sk this against banking giant capital one. one of the largest dat breaches ever. just ahead, the woman now under arrest and what you need tono


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