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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 30, 2019 11:00am-11:50am EDT

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a majo announcement in prince georges county. what we're learning about changes in the fire department. we're live with details. a new target on twitter. i'm tracie potts, the latest next. we have some rain heedad i area. we have the timing on some thunderstorms headed our way coming up. good morning, welcome to4 news midday. we're going to get straight to storm team four meteorologist
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lauren ricketts. m we want to eat outside today at lunch, can we? >> you may want to. i don't know if there's going to be a lot of opportunities to do that in the coming days. we haveil da rain chances headed our way. h wee a chance of rain out there today. nothing out there right now, we have blue skies. a lot of that humidity building in. temperatures out there right now, 85 degrees. that southerly breeze is kicking up. we're seeing increasing humidity, it's going to increase throughout the day. we're going to have lenty of sunshine throughout the day today. as we continue through the late afternoon and into the evening. showers.a chance for they're mainly going to be west of the region, we're talking right along the i-81 rrcoor. as you travel closer to the i-95 corridor, the chance lessens a little bit. we'll hve some stormsut there, we're going to time those out for you coming up.
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hat's the frontal system headed our way, passing through as we get into your mid week and thursday. we'll talk about that rain and time out those storms coming up >> big day in prince georges county. a leadership change at the county's fire and ems lpartment. justin finch ise at the county administration building, he's in largo with more on this, justin? as of right now, the announcement not yet formally eeade, you can s behind me a lot of people in this room, several high ranking members in t fire department here awaiting that announcement. you mentioned the county executives set to make a hu announcement today. we're hearing from multiple sources that tiffany green will take over as the new chief of the prince georges county fire department. we have a look at her now on the screen here, she would replace the outgoing chief who is reportedly set to retire in a
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matter of months. green comes to her chief title with deces of experience in firefighting and emergency rescue experience here. as we come back out,ll you' see the police chief is here, among other notable names gathering for this big announcement day. tiffany green, the current chief deputy set to become chief in thefire department would be first black woman to hold that post here in prince georges county. that's theatest live largo, justin finch, news 4, back in to you. >> thank you, justin. >> it was a close call this morning for a family in southeast d.c. crews responded to a ft moving house fire. smoke dtectors were able to help the family escape, waking up a woman who was able to take her bedridden mother out of that bed and to the front door. you. >> get a report of aouse fire with people trapped.u' expecting dire consequences. fortunately in this home, they had an alarm system with,
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woulding smoke detectors, itid activate. >> aays a good reminder to check thosea beries and no word yet on what caused this fire. we have new video to show you. this is the m accused of shooting four people outside the howard theater, the suspected gunman was caught by a surveillance camera on sunday two peoe refused medical tatment atthe scene. all of them are expected to be okay. a 10-year-old ran for r mother gunshots. heard the mother says that's the new reality there forchildren in that area. those bullets hit a young boy last night. they're now searching for who puller.that trigge detectives have not released details. wasave confirmed a juvenile taken to the hospital conscious and breathing. >> i love this city, i was born and raised here. i'm scared to raise my children here. >> the shooting comes nearly two
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weeks after 11-year-old caron brown was klled by gunfire. rds mother had to bury that little boy yestey. the crowd was so big it overflowed into the streets. >> loved ones you know, people we grew up wipo. >> ce have charged 29-year-old tony mcclam with second degree murder for caron's presidenp expanding those attacks of his onmo baltire and on prominent black heaters some are calling those tweets racist insults. tracie potts reports there is growing pressure on trump to visit baltimore. >> mr. president, come on down. the streets are ready for you. the neighborhoods are ready for you. >> folks wantal to t to you. >> pressure is mounting for president trump to make the 40 mile trip from the white house to baltimore, a city he calls a
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disgusting rat and rodent infested mess. >> heee to fix what the problem is. >> the tweets target elijah cummings whose oversite committee is going after emls and texts. from white house staff including the president's family. president trump respon, cummings should investigate himself, and billions of dollars stolen or wasted in his own district. new tweets target msnbcost reverend al sherpton. t president calls sharpton a conman who hates whites and cops and a troublemaker. >> yes, i make trouble for bigots, he has a particular venom for black and people of color. >> the white house brought in nercity pastors, denying the president is racist. >> i find that hard to believe. things consider the that have been for the black community. >> one of the president's opponents is already on the ground. >> the guy is playing low ball,
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he'srying to divide this country. >> unknown if president trump will visit any time soon. republicans are scheduled to meet in baltimore inthseptember. e president usually attends. senator bernie sanders going to take part in tonight's democratic debate, it's the second time the candidates are going to meet this ime. tonight's debate will be the first of two, it includes senators sanders and elizabeth warren along with pete busttigieg. and e bullocks. they're going to get a chance to introduce themselves after they failed to qualify foe first debate. both candy dates have challenged the former vp's record on race issues. howard university hospital is going to soon be part of the adventist health care system. the two announced they're
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exploring p rtnership opportunities. while advent health care would manage the hospital starting this year. most recently, howard university hospital was run by paladin health care hospital. that agreement ended in march. two major hospitals in our area, the washington adventist hospital and the shady grove medical center. it's about to open a brand new hospital in white oak next month. >> one of the most talked about tennis players in the world is going to be playing in the district today. coco gauff is going to be competing in rock creek park. she won her doubles match last night. the two now advance to the quarterfinals. last night was gauff's first u.s.ppearance since she beat venus williams at wimbledon. for young tennis fans, she's quite the role model. >> no matter how old you your ethnicity, your gender it
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don't matter that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. >> this tournament benefits the washington tennis and education foundation. we're getting ready to clear the shelters in a few weeks. if you can't wait until august 17th, you are lucky. news 4's derek ward is live with totails on how you can add a new friend to your fy. derek? >> reporter: we are at the l sunriseiving center in bethesda. it's obvious something big is going on here. ma has everything to do with these a here. they teamed up with the humane rescue alliance. we have mert,muffin, earl, smoke and coco rico, he's in the orner, you can't see him. we have somethe other animals that are available for adoption. looking for a lvely home. these two sisters luxuriating in
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the shade. this tbull is already spoken for, but we understa she has some litter mates at another facility looking at her home. with me now is jennifer clark, jennifer is with sunrise senior living. these animals are so important foryolks here, aren't the >> they absolutely are. we've been serving seniors for 45 years. we care for pets. they make great companions for seniors,ach of our communities have a resident cat and dog. they provide an opportunity for social engagement, to remain ctive and provide a sense of purpose. >> you see the happiness in the people's faces and the animals u?ces too, don't yo >> yeah, absolutely. we provide a sense of purpose for our residents to really attach themselves to the community, cat or dog, they want to wake up in the morning, take it on a walk, feed it, a really just provide that sense of purpose. it's a sense o home.
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and we're thrilled to have everyone here. >> a couple folks have come by from the community already and are interested in some of the animals thatre up for adoption. you can come here until 1:00 today, or you can go to any of the facilities in the area here. we have a dozen or so facilities, through august 11th, you can find anni al, they'll make sure you and the animal are a good mix. there's a bit of a questionnaire tfill out. they want to make sure the animals find a good stable home and that the dog and the person or cat and the person are compatible. you can go to our website and click on clear theel shrs and find out how you can become a proud pet owner, a companion to onof these lovely animals. live in bethesda. >> who doesn't lo a cat named earl. 100 million americans, did you hear about this. could be a risk after a historic data breach at capital
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one. we're working for you, to tell t you how protect your information. that's when news 4 midday continues.
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cal tal one suffered a major data breach earlier this the comp says only a small amount of social security and bank account numbers were compromised. but the hacker also got information to access from credit card applications, such as names, addresses, and self-reported income. a suspect has been arrested according to court records. that person allegedly shared the dataatn a pr chat server. capital oneays it will provide free credit monitoring to the affected customers. you may not be a capital one seen er, but as we have
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with wells fargo, equifax, and others in the it can apply to all of us with bank and financial accounts. call the bank and cancel your credit andca debit and ask for new cards with new numbers. contact the three bigo canies and have them place alerts on your accounts. that will prinect you case someone tries to open a line of credit with your information. if you use online banking, change your password. with big breaches ke this scammers like to take ad be careful of any emails you get asking you to give your o information s that they can check to see if you've been impacted. going to always send you a letter. there are some new developments in that mass at shooting the california festival. authorities have now released the name ofhe suspect in the park wherepe it hapned remains a crime scene. miguel almagueras the latest
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from gilroy, california. he >> reporter: in small city of gilroy, an overwhelming feeling of soow, a few miles away from where so many came together overnight for a vigil.w livere ripped apart as gunre tore through this food festival. kayla sal dare, kirby was on the phone with his friend whenhots rang out. >> the next thing i know, i hear 15, pops hear sarah screaming. the line goes dead. >> the youngest victim 6-year-old s venromero, who was shot in the back. >> he was more a friend t me, than a son. who i will miss forever. investigators say the gunman used an ak-47 assault style
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rifle. purchased legal in nevada. the suspect identified. he was 19 yars old, in another post mentioning a book that advocated racism, sexism and dominance through violence. monday police raiding his home. bagging piles of evidence and searching his car. justin bates pushed sarah away from the gunfire. stories of survival, while a community mourns three young lives cut far too short. >> the part behind me remains cordoned off as inveueigators coheir work here. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> part ofhat work is to find a motive. some relief if you use the gw parkway. the national park service says thele sinkhole that's to months of laneld closures shou be fixed by early fall. you'll recall part of thatroad etween 123 and the beltway
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collapsed twice this year. there ha been plenty of traffic delays, especially dumming the afternoon coute as you know. if tat work continuhis pace, things may be getting back to normal a little sooner. >> trying to have an easymm e by car can feel like an impossible task in this region. metro's blue and yellow lines shut down this summer and forced extra dr ersout on to those s. ro adam is taking a look. that details just how bad the traffic has becomein partsf northern virginia that don't have metro service. >> traffic is crawling at times because of metro's blue and yellow line summer shut down. >> the traffic has increased because it put pressure on more people to have cars. the city put out a report showing travel times have gone up 4% across the city, here's the kicker. travel times usually drop during the summer. they don't increase. metro riders are getting fed up
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with all of it. she does have a car, but says she's not going to drive just to sit in gridlock. >> i think this is outrageous, and it's causing the issue. we've been going through this um since the ser now. >> it's inconvenient, no doubt about it, but our alternatives are very few. >> take a look theondition these platforms were in, and you're reminded why the work is necessary. in many cases, riders were standing on platforms that were crumbling because they weren't maintained. >> and it's taxpayer's money, s it'sdisgraceful, do your job or quit. >> we should say the platforms are looking much, much better at the moment. a commuting struggle that still continues. many still taking the shuttle service as the best way around. over 1 million trips have been tak on them, since the shut down starteddt the of may. with this kind of heat, with shuttles not always around, patience ca wear thn. metro and the city of alexandria say they're confident the work will be completed by
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early september. if you take either vre or mark, you probably noticed some delays. officials for both say some of that is out of their control. the transit agencies tell the washington post, the big contributor to this dop in on time performance is csx freight train congestion. the post says this month just 65% of the camden line trains were on time. vre in april and may, just over half hit their target. cx told the post its data is proprietary, they didn't believe there had been a year over year increase over volume. fewer athletes have been able to say they have their own cereal. now, one of the caps can count this as another win.
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alexandre ovechkin can say he has his own cereal. the russian machine never breaks, the cereal is a weeted toasted oat cereal with honey and toasted almond flavor. start your day with some ovi o's. when we come back, we're going to hear about a new lawsuit against the nfl over last season's controversial playo game. seeff yo yu know when you're at ross and you sce the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. thing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store pricesom for every rond every budget. at ross. yes for less. pass is incomplete, no flag. >> that play was a heart breaker for the saints. is officials didn flagit. some say that cost the saints their chance to win the game and move onup to the s bowl.
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now, aouisiana judge has ordered roger goodell and three game officials to court. an attorney has filed a $75,000 lawsuit saying the city of new orleans, the team and thens fa deserve to know whatap hned in that nfc there.ship game, so >> keep to the judges and attorneys, it will acild more beh houses for those. h >>i there, i never see you this early in the morning. itidn't seem that bad because it's morning, i'm in a k10:00, it'sind of morning. we're oking at the animals in
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the shade, younow what's up. >> we have plenty of suhine out there, it's going to through the e hot the day. temperatures mid-90y.s toda >> we're adapting at this point, aren't we? >> we better adapt to some rain chances, we're gog to ha rain chances today, and rain chances theth rest of week. >> a lot of things going on as we head to the first day of august. we do have isolated storms out there today possible. mainly west of the district, the humidi is out there, it's going to stick with us all the way through theweekend. daily chanc of rain sticking with us as well. look at our national harbor camera. this is not national harbor. >> it's sowhere out there. d.c. s somewhere in the area clearly. we have a camera out there, y can see it's a beautiful day out there, plenty of sunshine, blue skies out there. temperatures will continue to move right into the 90s today.
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d.c. coming in at 85 degrees. you can see the temperatures out there, 86 in gaithers berg, lees burg coming in at 88 degrees. factor in the humidity, thi what it feels like out there. already feels like the low to mid-90s in a lot of spots out th hre. pretty as we continue through your wednesday. feeling a ltle warmer with that humidity. showers and storms popping up across the region. could have a stray shower out there. the main takeaway, it's hot and humid. better chances of rain as we go throtomorrow. stray showers possible. most of those are staying along i-81, as far as your tuesday outlook goeif you're running errands, we have those storms lking good. even the evening commute. they're not going to be widespread storms. until tomorrow, when this moves into our area, so frontal system that's taken itseet time is going to go ahead and move into our region starting tomorrow. and then it's going t slowly pass by on thursday. but the thing about this front
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it's going to slow down a little bit, it's going to hang out in our region all the way into the weekend. so that's where we're going to get our daily chances of rain. o ahead of that front, mainly west, that's why it's going western suburbs, we'll see a chancfor showers and storms. a little disturbance is going to come out of that frontal system. better chances west of the district. a few of them could float east over the blueridgemountains, those are slimmer chances. tomorrow morning, the commute will be fine for those areas that receive some rain. ttcould have a bit of fog, we'll have widespread showers and thderstorms, some of which could be strong. tomorrow afternoon and evening. more chances of rain as we head into trsday. we're going to show you that 10-day forecast, that's coming up.
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welcome back at 11:30, a new leader taking over at the prince georges county fire and ems department. angela brooks is expected to announce the deputy chief tiffany green is going to be the new fire chief. the current chief will be announcing his retithment from department in the coming months. he's been chief since 2017. black ill be the first chief.o serve as fire in prince georges county. round two for the democratit presideial candidates. tonight starts theecond debate, it will take place over two nightson detrit with 20 candidates taking the stage. motoan radford talks locals about what they expefr to hear the presidential hopefuls. >> ahead of tonight's make or break debate in the motor city, oe biden is still dominating the democratic race.ew a quinnipiac poll shows the
11:31 am
former vice president with a double-digit lead over his rivals. surging 12 points in the past month. biden's closest competitor, elizabeth warren with 15%. followed bynators kamala harrisend bie sanders. for biden, it's a dramatic turnaround following his rocky performance in the first caught off guard when harris targeted his senate record. >> you also worked withh tem to oppose bussing. >> the former vice president says he's ready for a rematch. telling democratic donors last week, i'm notng goi to be as polite this time. >> i will express differences andte articulahem and certainly point out where we have differences of opinion. >> for tonight's debate, t location is just as key as the lineup. michigan is one of three critical swing stes that flipped for trump in 2016. voters here say they want to
11:32 am
hear about the economy. >> you bring in more jobs, at a local gym, an historically black neighborhood. cendidates shouldn't take their votes for granted. >> what do you think detroit needs to hear from these democratic candidates? >> think we are more concerned about hearing not just the middle class. but the black middle class. >> we are the motor city. >> even those jobs are decreasing, so it's like what's next. >> that was morgan radford ofporting. the trial rapper asap rocky got underway in sweden. his mother and lawyers were seen arriving at co rt. he's facing assault charges. he's been jailed in stockholm since thehird of july. you will recall thatsweden's prime minister did refupr ident trump's request to get asap released from jail. he was in stockholm for a er
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conc david ortiz sharing his first social media post since he was shot in the dominican republic. hetiz confirming he's been released from tospital with a trio of photos showing tasty food, t former red sox slugger said being at home is priceless, added, too bad i can't crush food yet. more than a dozen people have been arrested in connection with that shooting on june 9th. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. cheers from the crowd at national's park last night. as the world cup champ threw out the first pitches before the nats/braves game, they bothre th to the wrong catcher, at least they did it togethean d had some fun with that afterwards. > the president of u.s. soccer says the women's team makes more than the men. it comes as his organization is facing a gender discrimination lsuit filed by female players.
11:34 am
u.s. soccer released a letter with numbers to show the women earned about $8 million more from 2010 to 2018. the women's team says those figures aremisleading and nglse. we're gettieady for our annual clear the shelters event coming up on august7th. but if you can't wait until then, let's head back to news 4's derrick ward live in bethesda. details on how you can add a nu er member to your family today. >> that's right, a new member with four legs. even eight legs if you're being adventurous. we are with the humane rescue alliance at sunrise senior living. thse are some of the cats up for option, merlot, muffin, coco erico,l and smokes, who is hiding. there are dogs here as well. lots of things for people to seme and and find out if
11:35 am
you're a good match for the animal. with me now is jennifer clark here with sunrise senior living. jess anderson, you're with the humane alliance. let's talk about what these animals mean to the folks here at sunrise. >> animals make great companions, that's especially so for seniors, that's why we have cats and dogs, each of our communities and we're excited to adopt nearly 10 pets throughout the next two weeks which we're super excited about. animals provide amazing benefits to seniors,owering blood pressure. this partnership makes a lot of sense and we're super excited to be a part of it. >> you have a program - called >> boomer buddies. the animal is over the age of 5 and the person is over the age t of 50en the adoption fee is waived. to encourage people not to look over these older animals. >> you take steps to make sure the animal and person are a good match, right? >> yes. >> the person has to meet the
11:36 am
animal first. >> do they have slots and things like that, will people be responsible for that if they do pn adoption. >> everyone is u to date on age appropriate vaccinations. >> it's a great opportunity to come down here, we've already had a few folks in the neighborhood come by. you can come here to this facility in bethesda until 1:00 this afternoon, then and any of their other facilities in the area, through august 11th, ct cor >> correct. >> go to our website and click on clear the shelters. make sure your home is a lite happier. >> it's bet sr to have aweet little animal in the house. thanks, derrick. doctors are seeing more and more casesic of born illnesses, we're working your health for more information how quickly you needto remove a
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a health warning as you head out to do your hiking, biking or relaxing in this heat. tick borne illnesses are on the rise, they can be quite serious. there's a tick you may not have hrd of, and it's bite can make you allergic to animal protein. red at. doreen gentzler explains. >> summertime is prime time for ticks, and this year, an added warning as health officials report a record number of tick born diseases. limz disease gets the most n,tention, that's not the only cause for concer because ticks can transmit a variety of different illnesses. symptoms include aches and pains, fever, fatigue, and
11:40 am
uscle weakness. the lone st tick, its bite can cause an allergic reaction to meat. the white female has a white dot on her back. these ticks can be found along the east coast and south. >> an anphelactic response, you have difficulty breathing. >> the best advice is prevention. be sure to use a bug repellant and wear sho to keep ticks from crawling up pants legs. >> after you've been outside, you need to check your family's clothing, your hair for and take a shower to reduce your risk. a tick needs to be attached for 36 hours to transmit lyme disease. >>abin case you're t to go out and enjoy the weather,
11:41 am
relax. >> i don't know how anyone -- >> i was i sline drive climbing stoney mata mounin yesterday. it's fun, you can do it in around hour. >> that's the area w will have storm practice today. >> if you're around that area. those will be the regions we could have heavy downpours later on. highly isolated storms out there today. you can see blue skies out there now. we've got this southerly wind help bringing in that midity as well. it's a beautiful looking day, it's muggy and warm out there. to the west torms as advertised, we will have a likely chance of seeing storms for everybody. erybody will have that chance for widespread showers or thunderstorms, hit or miss rain on thursday.e we hav a 30% chance, and up it
11:42 am
to a 60% chance on friday. >> these temperatures are going up. 85 is our temperature in the district. 90 in les urg, 91 in baltimore. you factor in the humidity. this is what itik feels l outside. pool would be perfect today, maybe you're not going to the erol, headed to the city open this afton. it's going to feel like the upper 90s at 3:00, with the temperature inheid-90s. it's going to be hot 23 you're sitting in the sun. the sun goes down at 8:30. hopefully we get that wind today, plenty of sunshine. again it's going to be hot and humid, and that heat index is going to make it feel warmer. it will be muggy. i think we're going to stay dry, not only for the city open, but the nats game. >> we have small chances of rain mainly to the this fal system is headed
11:43 am
our way for tomorrow.t tha why we're going to have widespread rain. out front it's going to stall out across the area, that's going to enhance chances for your thursday, friday, saturday and into sunday. >> here's a few isolated showers out there today. we head into tomorrow morning, and the dry commute, maybe a little bit of fog inome spots, ad ll have widesp rainshowers tomorrow, some of those could be strong bringing lots of rain to our reon. a smaller chance on friday, we up that chance -- smaller chance on thursday. up that chance on friday. 90 for tomorrow, warm and humid. partly cloudy, about a 60% chance you'll see storms where you are. t's talk about the weekend. t's talk about the weekend. i'll give you the percen when i was diagnosed with breast cancer, i went straight to ctca. after my mastectomy,
11:44 am
a major hotel chain is cracking down on the use of plastic.
11:45 am
intercontinental and several other brands will remove the 200 millionlastic toiletries each year by 2021. the company says it's already stopped provimsing those ite in a third of its hotels, last year, intercontinental announced it would stop using plastic straws by the end of 2019. land week coke a pepsi said they we breaking their relationship with the plastics association industry, which is a plastics lobbying group. that's good. we have to get the plastic outo ur environment. it's a big mass in the middle of marine and it hurts our life. >> i was literally just having this conversation with somebody yesterday. we ok down and we have so many condiment cups.f deitely good thoughts there, and good thoughts if you're out on the pool side today. maybe gb that hydroflask or
11:46 am
that yeti to hydrate.em tratures are feeling warmer than 90 with thehumidity. oming our way. that conould seep into the shenandoah valley over the hi mountains, t front, the main front not arriving until tomorrow, it's going to slow down a little bit, scattered showrss and thunrms west of the district as we continue into the afternoon and evening hours today. some of those could pack a little bit of a punch, about 60% chance tomorrow. h we'llve a 30% chance as we get intors your thuy and friday. let me see if i can wind p this out for you guys. we have a 30% chance on thursday. a little disturbance on friday, that will bring us another chance for rain on friday. then we have chances of rain saturday into sunday, because that frontal system still kind of hanging out.
11:47 am
it's going tto start return north as a warm front saturday and sunday. that's why the temperature goes e as we get into sunday. finally, we'll start talking about next week andin start dryg out. that's it for news 4 midday. lauren and i going to the pool now, we'll be back on the air this afternoon firstat and you can get ne weather updates any time with the washingtonapp. i will see you at news 4 at 5:00. have a great one, continue to enjoy your summer, we'll see you enjoy your summer, we'll see you in a couple hours.
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i just paid my electric bill. novec. power you can trust.
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. we are live. five, four,three, two, one. >> you get a car, you get a car, you get a car, you get a car. cheers ] everybody gets a car. >> this does not get old. i can't believe it, it is eight years since oprah scienigns off should she bring it off? >> y'allan't seem


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