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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and the racism question. >> i am the leastacist person there is anywhere in the world. >> tonight a new poll says more than half the country disagrees. >> the heat is on, but some major changes heading our way including a chance for strong to severe storms. i'll show you where. >> news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news >> and we begin with an update to a situation we've been covering shooting creating a major traffic issue in the district. >> yeah. this is the th street tunnel downtown now where the northbound traffic has been shud n for about three hours at this point. >> news 4's pat collins is just move the scene there. he's learninge about how this may have started in the first place. pat? >> reporter: doreen, it appears to be an act of road rage in the third street tunnel, an accident, an argument, a shooting, a man in critical condition, the third street
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tunnel shut down now for more than three hours. let's take look at this scene live right now. can you see they have removed a number of the vehicles and a lot of evidence here.l poe are still on the scene. there is hope that they could open this tunnel soon, but, agin, it's been shut down now for nearly three hours. this is what it looked like earlier. the focus here, this golen explorer. police say that the gold explorer ran into t backof a dark-colored sedan. the occupants of the dark-cored sedan and the gold explorer got out. thereto was an argument. a man from the dark-coloredpu sedan out a gun and shot the driver of the gold explorer, and then that dark-colored sedan took off. here now, here n-- hear now fro morgan cain,he first district
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commander. what do you make what happened here? >> this is actually -- i make that this was unnecessary. this is truly tragic, that a simple accident, vehicle accident, it's an accident, can escalate into a shooting. so that to me is very sad and heart wrenching and very unnecessary. >> reporter: you're looking live again at scene and wrappi up this investigation, again, the northbound lane of the third street tunnelas been closed for about three hours. now, police say they are working to -- to distribute a picture oe the susct car and hopefully earlier tonight. now, back to you. >> all right, let's hope they find them.p collins. pat, thank you. we're still following another traffur headache at this ho on hunter mill road this is in vienna chopper 4 showing you this tractor trailer. itok wtoo oundut up on its sid. hunter mill road is closed near hunti crest lane. now dominion virginia power is
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responding to deal with those er downed powlines. >> chopper 4 also over rockville where an suv crashed into the urban barbecue restaurant on norvak road. it happened a little before 3:30. it's cosmetic damage to the building and not structural. two people were inhethe car w this happened. nobody was hurt. let's turn to the weather and storms out to the west of us tonight. >> yeah, doug, sounds like got storm chances pretty much the rest of the week? >> yeah. guys, it's been on the dry side over the past couple of days right on into late last week. not much in the way of rain including over the weekend. now we'reto tracking ss out there. most in the western zones and continue to watch them into parts of fauquier county and loudoun county and clark county and moving right into the panhandle of west virginia. one warning left. this is around green county. this one right here was a severe thunderstorm and, t boy, is a real strong one but really has
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weakened considerably moving from marshall and now into northern fauquier county and southern loundion so if you're in bluemont watch outor shower activity. heavy rain around 66 and about to hit 50. middletown, rain is moving tprobably already range a your house and up towards leesburg and ashburn area. this is a wired picture showing what's a trough of low pressure meaning a better chance of storms tomorrow, some strong, possibly severe. i'll take you hour by hour emsin like we're covering a different data breach every week, than new one is a big one. call tapne is apologizing today to consumers after a hacker compromised the personal information of 106 million op pe. >> yeah this, case is among the largest security breaches of an american financialon instituti ever. nbc has the latest on the breach and the woman facing charges tonight. >> reporter: capital one working
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to notify more than 100 million credit card applicants in the u.ho and canada w personal information may have been i exposedthe latest massive data breach. >> this is the eighth largest data breach in terms of sheer number of accounts compromised. >> 33-year-old page thompson, a recall foresoftware engineer, is in federal custody charged with computertraud and abuse authorities say she accessed data through a server rent by capital one and then posted about it online. >> but i think what's interesting about this breach it's really more of a warning shot than anything else. fortunately it sounds like the alleged perpetrator was caught early enough that no data was actually sold on the black market. >> that information mostly comep fromeople and small businesses who applied for credit cards in the past 14 years and includes names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and portions of credit history along with 140,000 social security numbers thd 80,000 bank account numbers.
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>> the best g you can do is take matters into your own hands, freeze your credit, change your passwordsnd check your credit >> reporter: experts urging consumers to proactive following yet another> rit. we dknow what happened now. if you t bnk you might one of those victims, what do we do about it? our consumer reporter susan hogan is working with y for some answers and there are definite steps that we can take. >> absolutely. and to reiterate whatarah said, bottom line if you're trying to find out if the information was hacked, assume it was. credit.your have you to place the credit freeze with all three credit bureaus. equifax, transunion and experion. this prevents the bad guy from opening up any account under your name. sign up forree credit monitoring and it will offer
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ryentity theft protection services to ee. change your passwords and while capital one said log-in credentials were not mpromisesored, security experts still advise you to change your passwords and sign up for those push alerts on all of your bankac ounts. it will alert you of any credit card or bank activity. all of those are for both of you. this the advice is really for all of us. with all of the breaches, jst assume your personal information is out there, and u have to be proactive. jim and doreen, back to you. >> it can save you some big headaches down the sus thanks so much. doreen. >> as the democratic presidential debate tonight, there will be mainstream candidates on the stage who have called the sitting president a racist. that's not norm a.m. and in a nationwide poll released today one of the questions voters were asked is whether they believed the president was racist that's not normal either.
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and what should be stunning is the answer that voters gave. the quinnipiac poll found 51%, more thahalf, believe the support rates of. that includes majorities of black and hispanic voters as well aswo n. president trump directly addressed this issue earlier this afternoon and leon harris is in our newsroom with a look at what he had to say. leon? >> dore evening, what the president had to say on his performance and saying is not likely to change any of those leastno doubt saying he's rates of person anywhere in the world that. response coming after he attended an event in jamestown, virginia, commemorating the 400th anniversary of virginia's ut st legislative assembly, even before today several addemocratic lawmakers h announced that they would not be attending today's event citing mr. trump's presence and a state delegate from herndon who is muslim stood up and held a sign
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that read deport hate. dbrahim samira later writing on twitter he di not believe the ld president shobe partaking in an event that celebrates democracy and our nation's rahistory immignts. this event overshadowed by the recent attacks by the opinion on maryland's elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. today the president without offering any evidence accused cummings and the city of squandering, even stealing billions in federal funding. >> the most unsafe city in the country, in our countryis baltimore. it's received as much money -- it receives top of the line, billis of dollars. somebody said $15 billion over a short period of time. the if you look at what i've done for african-americans, it's more than almost all presidents. >> now, the baltimore sun lked to the president's claims that you just heard there about $15 billion being squandered or
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stolen, and they say that's going back a decade. the city has receivedne nowhere that kind of money. they just count asked over $2 billion, and "the sun" also say2 sin05 the city's inspector general's office has looked into nearly 1,300 allegations of fraud or waste and they reported recovering less than $10 million so the accusations and the charges just don't seem to add up. jim, back to you. >> some fact-checking there. leon harris, leon thank you. well, the second democratic presidential debate is just hours away. d this time it'setroit. up of two debates over the next couple of nights. a crowded field of iscontenders looking to separate himself from the pack. news4's jay gray is in detroit with a close look at what'st a stake. >> right now the spotlight is focused on the historic fox theater where for two nights 20 candidates will gather on the stage for what could be a political free forall. i expect fireworks. each of these candidates is going to have to distinguish
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themselvesone from the other. >> joe biden will likely be the primary target, the new quinnipiac poll shows the formen vice preshas a double-digit lead over the crowded field surging 12 points in the past month. >> you also worked with them to oppose busing. >> reporter: and after a rough first debate biden says he's, quote, not going to be as polite this time. the candidates may find somem comon ground when it comes to president trump's social media rants against representative elijah cummings calling his e baltimor district quote a disgusted rat and rodent-infested me. today he defended the most. >> people have called from baltimore thanking me so much, all that money spent over 20 years has been stolen and wasted by people like elijah cummings. >> the second dinbate is be held in the heart of the struggling midwest manufacturing corridor, a traditionally democratict region tha turned
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red in 2016. >> are you ready to talkbout revitalizing our state and the mid west all together? >> reporter: voters demanding answers in tonight's showdown here. jay gray, nbc news, detroit. >> well, if you are hoping to catch coco goff at the city open nextl have to wait for her doubles match, an upset today ended her run before it got started. we'll hear from fans who came to watch her work. plus an historic change atp top of the prince george's county fire department. the first everaf rican-american woman to serve of ad chief an her message for young girls. a fairfax county man is accused of murdering his wife and then shooting himself to try to cover all of that up. to cover all of that up. he's at trial thisweek and i switched from dodge.
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, i-395 north is back open after this road rage incident. police are looking for a dark-colored sedan that could have rear end damage. expect traffic tie-ups to continue the rest of the evening rush. >> with no end in sight to star holdout trent williams the redskins are making some moves. >> trent williams has been a hot topic, unhappy with the team's medical staff. >> today the redskins are bringing in some insurance at the all-important left tackle position. >> news 4's sherree burress joins us live from richmond with more on the newest redskin.
6:16 pm
sherree? >>ah, guys, donald penn is a 12-year veteran and according to multiple reports signing a one-year dealrr tomo. penn is a the-time pro bowler best known for his years with the buccaneers and raiders but was cut by oakland in march. if you're looking for cons, he's up there in age for the envelope in. 36 years old and played in only a r games last year due t leg injury. the pro, a he is pro. he's been one l of the bestft tackles in the game, one of the most important positions in protecting the quarterback. theedskins don't have much depth there, so with williams' absence pn should be a immediate replacement and added veteran presence, and if the redskins want to get creative, the 315-pound tackle has scored four touchdowns in his career, so, hey, maybe jay gruden and the coaching staff really can mix things up with their newest addition. back to you. >> yeah. he can double a qb, too, all right. he does it all.
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thanks, sherree. well,s we know it' hot, but everybody seems to have coco fever in this city open this year. the 5-year-old phenom playing her first tournament on post-wimblight here in washington. sadly in the last hour she lost to zarina diaz. we caught a quick glimpse of coco making her way back to the players village. is still in it in the doubles tournament and will play again tomorrow and tommy mcfly spoke with fans this afternoon whoare definitely going to show up toe ser. >> i love tennis, and i really like her. >> she's a rising star. >> that's true. >> it's nice to see thatre the new people coming up, absolutely. >> reporter: let's all remember, too, she is still just 15 years old and has a veryong career ahead of her. we've got more on the city open food and where to get a scene when you're there. just search scene on our nbc washington app sbrooirks a man
6:18 pm
accused of shooting his wife ane then hims in order to cover it up. news 1's drew wilder has the latest from fairfax county court. >> reporter: inside court y, tuesda the fairfax county man accused of murdering his wife sat in the room while the commonwealth made their case against him. here's what we know. donna and laszlo pentek's 13-year-old daughter came home in january 2017 toind her dad shot but alivein the bathtub. her mom shot and killed in bed. police recovered two guns, one in donna's hand and the other in the bathtub with laszlo. the commonwealth argues that based on how donna was shot in her headshe couldn't have shot herself. after a two-year investigation, a grand jury dropped a valtine's day indictment charging laszlo with donna's murder. the commonwealth says he shot himself then to cer it up. at trial tuesday the commonwealth's attorney played an audi recording of the first time fairfax detectives interviewed laszlo. still in the hospital, laszlo described he was in the bathtub
6:19 pm
and told the detective that i had sp in my eyes and i look up, and boom, i must have hit m head on the tub and passed out. there were voices and then i woke up in the hospital. when i woke up they said i had been shot. tuesday news 4 asked presidentek's lawyers to summarize theiren def and attorneys say they will do that in cexrt likely n week. reporting in fafax county, drew wilder, news 4. >> we're f getting airst look at an 18-month long congressional investigation into usa gymnastics. the investigion found groups that should have protected young female athletes from sexual abuse by the team doctor and failed to do so. pecifically the u.s. olympic committee, usa gymnastics, michigan state university and the fbi. larry nassar was accused of molesting more than 150 young women. he was the usas gymnastic national team doctor and a physician at michigan state. he's serving time now for convictions in a handful of
6:20 pm
grcases, some in coness describing the actions of some organizations as a cover-up.he >> t are also profiles in cowardice and concealment because people looked the oth way, and they put medals and money above more or less. >> cing up on "nightly news" at 7:00, nbc's blayne alexander will have details from the ouport including failures by groups that shld have been protecting young athletes. sa >> sexual asult allegations overshadow e hearing today for president trump's nomination for the pentagon's second hihest military officer. today general jo hyten denied allegations of sexual assault from 2017 as h asuser sat inide the hearing room. the in front of tv cameras, army colonel katherine spletsholzer said he lied. a lengthy investigation said they found insufficient
6:21 pm
information to charge the general and they also found no evidence that his auser was lying. >> i want to state to you and to the american people in the strongest possible terms that thesea allegations are fe. >> bottom line is he lied about sexually assaulting me. >> reporter: senator martha mcsale, a former fighter pilot anual assault survivor says she supports the general. the commit covote by the end of the week. a big moment todayn the progress of the purple line. transportation reporter adam tuss tracking the project that's already changing the landscape of montgomery and prince ge>>ge's county. and doug is tracking storms right now and for the rest of your week. nd out when we'll fise
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0 another hot one, butof som s are getting some rain. >> a little relief from the heat. baltimore set a record of 9 degrees. hot and humid side for sure today, and that only aids in the production of some thunderstorm activity. we have it to the west of i-95. take a look to show you where it is right now. most through northern virginia and parts of fairfax county and loudoun county down towards warrenton and culpepper. everybody seeing storms east of i-95. here's one of the areas that we saw a storm coming up, a pretty strong storm moving in towards fromds fauquier in towar loudoun county. really dnd off. ranto jefferson county west virginia and in through loudoun cothty and down ugh fauquier county. one area of thunderstorms is right over the airport now. this is where the doppler radar is right over dulles airport, and you can see some lightning associated with that. you're hearing it probably around the reston area and herndon, too.
6:25 pm
all developing north and east sn heads up aro sterling and herndon. mau see that move into your area. another strong storm around culpepper. this one is fired up, too. you could see very heavy rainfall around the culpepper area. severe thunderstorm warnings around madison county and the charlottesville area and another line of storms around blue ridge making their way north and east' we not totally done. again, most of these will stay west of i-95. however, the whole line is progressing off to the east and i still think theam nationals ge should be okay tonight but some ahing i'll be keepingeye out for you as we move through the rest of the night. because of the clouds andtorms to the west we have the shade now. 91 degrees at the airport. temperatures dropping from 15 to 91. 85 by 9:00 and 11:00 only arou 80 degrees. a very nice night for sure and 91 gaithersburg and 39 baltimore and 92 over towards camp springs. i think we're done with the 90s though. we may hit 90 tomorrow in the
6:26 pm
city. we're officially going 89. we may get there tomorrow, but most us will stay in the 80s during the afternoon. 60% chance of storms tomorrow and 60% chance on friday so a good chance torrow with severe weather. a chance on thursday but then a better chance of area wide storms on fray. not expecting much in the way of severe weather on friday and another chance of storms on saturday. talk about the rest of the weekend hed the rest of t ten-day forecast. see you back here in ten minutes. montious. g to look >> yeah. >> all right, doug, thank you. next at 6:30, baltimore is back ithe news with reason to cele ate. >> yea'll talk about many soft local hospitals that made the "u.s. news & world report" list of best in the nation. >> but the symbol of service and the sacrifice lost during a move that ended up on a business street. how a stranr went the extra mile to return it to its owner. >> a beam fit into place on a building. esn't seem like a huge deal,
6:27 pm
but it is for a major transportation project around here.
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hello....? if you live or work anywhere another the pple line construction going on in maryland you can see just how much it's changing the landscape in montgomery and prince george'county. >> remember this is a light rail line that will connect to the bethesda and new carrollton stations. it isn't scheduled to open for three more years, but as transportation reporter adam tuss shows us tonight, a big moment happened today. a momentous day a for very large construction project in this
6:30 pm
region. signatures and messages go on a steal rkam to ma the topping out ceremony with the main building of the purple lne. the final beam fit into place and the framework complete. >> i wrote my name w androte the initials of my wife and two boys who are 7 and 5. they support us. they support our time and effort that goes into here, that we spend here and without em we couldn't do this. >> reporter: a lot of workers here aren't just thinking about a building. >> i hope it's more j thanst structures and -- and others and numbers. i hope there's more people in the community. >> reporter: this a huge milestoner is project. make no mistake about it. this is ther nerve cente of the purple line. thisuilding here, two football fields wide. it will basically run everything along the project. >> in 90 days there will be a shell around this building, and in about a month we hope to lay the first track of the project, so it's coming together. >> reporter: now p theurple line
6:31 pm
which will connect betts did a to new carrollton is still years awayrom opening the optimistic projection right now is late 2022 and a late estimate for how much it will cost to ride is about 2 bucks, but at this moment it's a day for a lot of these workers to reflect on what they are accomplishing. one more thing, that evergreen christmas tree on the beam, we're told it's a symbol for safety. the evergreen nevedies, a reminder here that no one on the project will either. in riverdale, adam tuss, news e. >> nice. a dozen students and their school bus driver expected to be okay after this crash in potomac this morning. now the bus was taking kids to camp when a work truck crashed into it here at river road and persimmon tree there were 40 students aboard. again, about 12 of them had to be checked out at a hospital, but we're told it was just a precaution. a look at some of our other top stories.
6:32 pm
police jusrotowed an suv f the third street tunnel where traffic on the northbound side had been closed for more than three hours. it was just recently reopened. we're told a fender bender led to an argument between people in two vehicles and ended upith a man in one of the cars being shot of the investigators say they are looking for a dark-colored sedhat left the scene. we're workng to try to pull surveillance images of the vehicle in question. president trump interrupted during a speech celebrating 400 years since virginia's first legislative assembly in jamestown. a state delegate there from herndon standing up and holding that sign that read deport hate. his protest comes as a new quinnipiac university poll founn more thalf of voters nationwide believe the president is racist. the president laterelling reporters he's the letacist person anywhere in the world. >> democratic presidential hopefuls are gathered right now in detroit as they prepare for a second round of debate. the first ten candidates e set
6:33 pm
to take the stage in just a few hours. tonight's nlip includes senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren andth sou bend mayor pete buttigieg. a fire department first today for prince george's county. county executive angela alsobrooks announced chief deputyffany green would be the county's newire chief. ome will become the first african-american w to lead the department. news 1's tracee wilkins reports on this historic change. >> we camere with a strong reputation and we're leaving with a very strong reputation. >> reporter: today prince george's county fire chief benjamin barksdale announced he's retiring after nine years with the department, and three of the years as chief. >> what i enjoy here is about living here d being a part of the community and being the fire chief and being able to serve of the residents of prince george's county, and that's what it's always been about, service. >> reporter: the county executive is naming native
6:34 pm
prince georgian and fire desartment veteran ttify any green as the fire chief. she will be the first woman to lead prince george's county fire department in its history >> the truth of the matter is though she is a prince georgian sand a female she will be named t interim chief because she is qualified. >> reporter: green has been with the prince george's county fire departmen24 years beginning as a volunteer before becoming career. she's a married m with aut dear, and she believes there's a message in her rise to chief to other young girls and her nativt cou >> this is not a career that women would look at as something that they could do. it's absolute hi something they can do. they can be great at it and in 20 years they can be the chief. >> reporter: green will lead a department majority men, often divided by volunteer versus career, all something epat green says she's ped to manage. >> one of the benefits of being with this department is i've come up through the ranks. serve in d women who this department know me. they have seen me come from lieutenant all the way up to chief deputy. >> chief deputy green will be named interim chief after chief
6:35 pm
barksdale retires, and then there's a process she h to go through with the prince george's county council for final approval. tracee wilkins, news 4. >> a finalist for the next chief of montgery police is getting questions from the county is council th week. tonya chapman was not willing to talk with news 4's darcy spencer as she arrived for a meeting in rockville today that. meeting was withnt a c council member. chapman is the county executive's choice, but she comes with some controversy after she was forced to resign as chief in portsmouth, virginia. in a memo, chapman said bias, abuse of authority and racism were factors in her resignation last march. >> you were push out because you were making change and there was race involved. that's actually a qualification for me. i mean, think that's someone ho is not sdird confront the status quo. >> there's usually multiple sides to every story. i'm looking forwaan to having opportunity to talk about what happened there and in her previous jobs.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: chapman would have to be confirmed by the council. a public hearing is expected after the council returns from august recess. a new ranking by "u.s. news & world report" has one of our region's hospitals among topsn the nation. johns hopkins in baltimore ranked number three in the country just behind the mayo clinic in minnesota and massachusetts general. taking a closer look at our region, the nova fairfax hospital ranked number one for those in the dmv.ed m star georgetown university hospital ranked second for the hospitals he top for in the district just to the north holy cross and suburban ranked best for local maryland hospital. work still going on to fix two major sinkholes in our area. we've got updates from woodbridge and from the gw parkway on projects that are still weeks away from being finished. a vietnam vet is reunited with his family's lost americfl g. coming up, we'll tell you tish
6:37 pm
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on -- an update on a sinkhole causing a heavy pipe to break and forcing the road to cave in. vdot september out a picture of two concrete pipes being installed. the road is expected to remain closed between sadler lane and roundtree drive until at least late august, but that's not the only road being repaired from the sinkhole in our area. >> i'm melissa mollet with a look the a your first 4 traffic. a little update on the gw parkway sinkhole. months of lanelosures now expected to be over by early fall so some relief is actually in sight. the section of the northboundla s between 123 and the beltway did collapse and, of course, they have been working on them eversince. can you follow first alert traffic for updates on twitter or check out the nbc washington app for any changes.
6:40 pm
>> today is world day against trafficking in person. human trafficking is a global all do but we can something about it. as mark segraves reports tonight only on news 4 today, uber drivers d.c.tarted their day with some training to combat humanff traking. >> just a few years ago aner ub driver in californiaed spott a passenger he thought was a victim of human trafficking. >> she was being trafficked, and her parents were in the back of th car with her, and they were grooming her so to speak and teaching her what a to do keith was memorizing what he heard, memorizing where he dropped them off and then he made the phone call afterwards to law enforcement. >> that call led tole three peop being arrested. uber is now partnering with the polari project, a nonprofit that fights human trafficking and at runs the nnal hotline, polaris is offeringraining on how to spot victims and what to
6:41 pm
do. drivers like this. >> we need t know how to be safe. >> trafficking is a really hard crime to get data on. >> reporter: elaine mccarton with the polaris project wants more businesses to do what uber is doing. >> the entire private sector needs to be involved in tis fight. when it comes to human trafficking, we're looking at a $150 billion glob crime we need -- we need the resources and the reach of the private sector. >> the international labor organization estimates more than 40 million victims worldwide, most in forced labor. s for what you should look for if you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking. >> if someone lookssh ma like they don't want to be there ator somebody is treing them in a way that's in a controlling manner. >> if do suspect someone is being victimized do not call police, callolice or the hotline for help. in the district, rk segraves, ws 4.
6:42 pm
>> i'm tracking storm team 4 radar, tracking showers and thundstorms in our southern areas coming through culpepper county down around madison and green county. still some shower activity through leesburg and coming up towards frederick and starting to did i finish in this area. i'll let you know what this meansfor tomorrow. if you didn't get it today, a much better chance you'll see severe weather tomorrow afternoon. afternoon. i switched fm dodge.
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6:45 pm
how to protect yourself. >> reporter: it's yet another record hack, capital one this time, the credit card giant. it's 100 million people impacted. here in the u.s. 6 million people impacted in canada, and what was stolen we're tal ng about birth dates, addresses, names, email addresses and social security numbers as well, saying tal one is now they fixed it, but this continues to be a huge problem because so many people who are capital one customers still i don they were impacted, so tonight on nbc ou a ly news we'll tell little bit more about who is behind this, the fbi has arrested a suspect in relation to the case. what the punishment might be and also how you can protect yourself as the hacks just keep on coming. >> back to you guys. kept.'s jo ling look for her reporting just ahead the top of the hour on nbc nightly news with lster holt. >> a commitment to country and some good olfashioned police work led to a very special reunion of prince george's county today. news 4's corey smith was there
6:46 pm
as a family heirloom was returned tots rightful owner. >> the handing of theeremonial erican flag to a family of a fallen service member usually a somber moment, but not today. this is a joyous occasion. >> it's my privilege on behalf of this istitution and on behalf of mr. jarrett to return marcellus's hand flag to you. >> the man accepting the flag is a vietnam veteran who was given to his wife upon the death of marcellus harris and it's an air loom in the family tor moren 30 years that disappeared. distraught he couldn't tell his doubter what happened. >> caught me by surprise, and i said it fell off the truck. > reporter: might call it a coincidence that tom jarrett happened to find it. >> i didn't feel right just leaving it in my home just to, again, gath dust and s there. >> the flag was found along this busy stretch of central avenue in prince george's county.
6:47 pm
was foldedand in a shattered display case so jarrett speedily knew it was significant to is sd he he right thing and turned it in. at fate would have it, holly daughter saw a news report about a flag fnd and he we are today. >> we have to help others. we have to help the community and serve the community in every wa possible? no matter who you are or when you served, the commitment to your brothers in arms never stops. corey smith, news 4. >> that's going above and beyond the call of duty. >> it sure is. glad they were reunited. >> mm-hmm. >> soore heat and more possible storms. >> yeah. >> tomorrow, and -- and then on thursday, on friday, on saturday. i mean, this is the kind of pattern we're getting into. a dry pattern with the heat over the last couple of days and today we're introducing the storms. t only gets bigger moving into the day tomorrow. a strong to severe thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon.
6:48 pm
take a look. show you what's happening outside right now. storm team 4 radar. all of the significant weather so far has stayed to the west of i-95 and that's what we've been talking about all day today,ba stayin to the blue ridge and shenandoah volley and seeing the storms forming in those areas. bicktime storms, too, especially is one right here. this is a big one that just kind of died out and making its way into loudoun couty west virginia and frederick county and that now is a very weak area of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder or two but the strongest of that is over w.strongest storm now down around the culpepper area, not severe. we do have a severe thunderstorm down around the locustdale area. this area down to the south making its way through and madison county. culpepper county, no severe storm. right around culpepper and up to the north thiss a storm that has been dying out but still bringing some rain to places like leesburg and charleston. a good idea. need a little bitff rain your lawn, i'm sure and also
6:49 pm
some shower activity over towards herndon and falling on the very white side. this is from a frontal boundary and i'll show you this in as econd. going to give us a much better chance of storms tomorrow. a high tomorrow of 15 degrees and 88 out at bwi tying a record high temperature. winds out of south at 12 miles an hour, the clouds coming from aose storms that have formed off to the west i want to show you how they will be playing out by sock tonight. all out of here by 10:00 tonight. isolated parts into northern virginia. most of them out of the woods as far as rin concernsgo. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, no problem with the morning rush. you'll be able to get out a-okay. any 't think we'll seeing wet roadways out there but watch what happens early in the afternoon. 1:00 forming about the way theo st did today and the difference is these have been moving off to the east very quickly. by 3:00 area wide shers and thunderstorms, some which will be strong and possibly severe. by 5:00, can have, moving on through the area and poe fencely as a line o sts, so this is something that we're going to be
6:50 pm
watching really closely. tomorrow it could become a weather alert day so i'll be here tonight at 11:00 and we'll be here tomorrow afternoon with amelia draper tracking it all throughout the day. 89 degrees tomorrow. warm and humid. partly cloudy skies. a strongpotorm is ible tomorrow. the heat not quite there as it was today. not 95 but still 89. rather humid conditiost. you'll l feel that heat and humidity out there. the next couple of days where we'll be, 88 and 86 on friday and, yes, a chance of storms every day. the strongest will be on wednesday i think tomorrow. the most widespread. most likely on friday and then, of course, a couple of storms on thursday andaturday as well. sunday, looking dry. high temperature around 90 and ving back into the 90s as we head into the middle of next week. which also just happened to be the first week of august in this year's going way too fast. >> august actually starts on thursday, doesn't it? >> yeah. let me do the math. yes, it does. thank you very much for that. >> i don't mean to bum you out.
6:51 pm
coming faster tan you think, doug. >> way too fast. >> the grind ofni trai camp can be tough, especially when you're away fom your yu fei-month-ol>>daughter. redskins star ryan kerrigan opens up to b sherreerruss next. >> first here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news. request the. >> the the deadly workplaceoo shng at a walmart. a police officer saved by his bulletproof vest and the new firestorm over college missions and drastic measures so parents aremey,
6:52 pm
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let's start tngs off with sherree burruss from redskins training camp. there's a new teammate on the way and people are getting a little hot tempered down there? >> yes. things are getting a little heated down here, doreen, but first starting off the trent williams update. there is no update. he's still not here at camp so
6:55 pm
the team as insurance signing -- reportedly signing donald penn, a 12-year veteran tomorrow. but as for whatne happe here today at camp of fireworks, just five days into training camp for the first fights toreakut. they happened just minues after each other during a portion of practice that we can shoot. tlay's action is st a spillover from what happened over the weekend from sunday's practice after a drill.t tigh end jeremy sprinkle body slams mta nicholson. >> it wouldn't be camp if we didn't have fights. know people might not like to hear, it it's football, a nasty game and nothing nice about [ bleep ]. >> i think they want to fight b todayause we did good at the last practice and trying to get us back or whatever. >> is it worth to punch a guy in the he willet? not going to hurt him and it could break your hand and you'll be out for four weeks. in' do get it. some dudes, that's just how they rollie guess. >> yeah.
6:56 pm
kerrigan calling it self-preservation, not getting involved with fights during training cthmp. is past season he led the team with 13 sacks, making him a feared player by the oppose offenses this. season when he takes the field he's even more motivated playing for his wife and 5-mth-old daughter lincoln. >> her and my wife are all i think about now. everything i do it's for them and it's like that's how it's going to be from here on out. everything she does, i feel likr i'mdy to cry. every time she laughs it's like oh, my gosh. it's the most amazing thing. so much fun with the baby photos, especially now at camp with the baby photos. thank goodness for technology becausef i had to not see her face for three weeks i'd be a from us trade man. >> so it's super cute getting to see ryan kerrigan talk about his daughter like that. i canlightly relate. only have a cat but i have pictures of my nieces an nephews on the phone. you're a new dad so tell us if
6:57 pm
you have th album of everett on your phone. >> not only that, you can relay this message to ryan. if he ever wants to talk about diaper issues and things like that, we could bond over that. we could go on for days, just, you know. >> reporter: i'll get right to him about that. >> thanks, sherree. like sure. sherree burruss from richmond. appreciate that. you know what, fact i do find my kids so adorable i figured i'd dete the rest of sports to showing my kid, you know. >> is that? instagram i'm kidding, guys. i'll talk about some sports. a 15-year-old wimbledon phenom coco goff bringing the same excitement to the city open. after a historic wimbledon run the former first lady tweeted some love at coco. pretty cool there. coco cruised through the
6:58 pm
preliminary rounds and faces diaz. bottom of the screen. nice hustle to get to that one and neither net the slam. way to go there, but goff, however, would lose the first set 6-4. th story for coco unforced errors. she's in the far court and not net. hat was match point. 33 unforced errors today. diaz just eight and goff loses in straight sets. good news on the men's side. tiafoe advances. head coach jilll sis stepping down fresh off becoming the ac first coto win back-to-back women's world cup. she is tñe most successful american soccer coach all time arguably. coached moreewoms national team games than anybody, eight tournament titles and two world cups. just the right time for her and her family for her to step away. >> going out on top. >> for her. >> more baby photos at 11:00.
6:59 pm
>> okay. >> "nightly news" is up next. >> ratings. >> we'll see you at 11:0
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight, the deadly workplace shooting inside a walmart.a gunman identified as a disgruntled employee opening fire at the store, killing two coworkers. a police officer saved by his bullet proof vest. >> you get to the car, hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> tonight why police say they were especily prepared. breaking ns out of north korea, new word tonight of another missile launch, the second in less than a week. we'll have late details. president trump's explosive new comments on baltimore. he says residents there are living in hell and he claims many have thanked him for bringing attention to the city he called a rodent-infested mess. ts hoping to run against him clash tonight in their second presidential


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