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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, road rage in the 3rd street tunnel. >> it's heart-wrenching and it's very unnecessary. >>o driver sht, a gunman on the run. new details tonight about the t.ooting that caused commuting chaos tonigh the democratic candidates
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for president of the unite states. >> debate night. ten democrats return to the stage. who stood out and who could be forced to drop out before the next big night? and storm team 4 trackng a good chance for some strong to potentially severetos tomorrow. i'll take you hour by hour in minutes. >> announcer: news 4 starts now. first tonight we're getting ready for a wet wednesday heading our way. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim haa dly. few of you may have seen some showers tonigat but this look future weather shows we have a lot more coming our way tomorrow. ief meteorologist doug kammerer is here. doug, what time should we start seeing these storms? >> this isot going to be a washout of a day for your wednesday. but we are talking about a good chance of storms during the afternoon tomorrow. so you want to take tumbrella when you head out the front door. that's for sure. we're not going to be seeing any storms early in the morning but these will come in after the the noon hour and i think a little bit sooner than they did today.
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storm team 4 r5idar sti tracking some rain and some storms down around spotsylvania county, culpepper this is an area that has seen it for the last couple of hours. but evident of us have been dry all day. we did see a couple of severe stormsa eier and we are tracking this unsettled pattern right now. you see packets of storms areawide. tomorrow everyone gets in on the action. severe storms likely tomorrow. we may have to make tomorrow a weather alert today. tomorrowck morning chuell will have the latest for you on that. humid tomorrow. and then tracking rain chances and storm chances all week. we'll talk about that too. and yeah, we're taking you hour by hour for tomorrow. when you step outhe door to when you get home. we'll see you back here in just a minute. >> here we go, doug. thank you. tonight the 3rd street tunnel in northwest d.c. is back open. it was closed for hours today after a man was shot in an parent case of road rage. >> right now police are still searching foal the gunman ong that busy stretch of road that runs right under the heart of downtown d.c.
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>> news 4's jackie bensen s live at the scene and she has some new details about the getaway car. what are you learning, jackie? >> reporter: doreen, we have some pictures of the shooter's car. e looking for it right now. the are actual images of the hoa sedan involved in a terrifying incident in the i-395 ound lanes of the tunnel just before the massachusetts avenue exit about 3:00 p.m. a witness who did not want to appear on camera says it started with a rear-end collision. this ford suv struck the honda, causing significant damage to the smaller car.>> oth exited their vehicles. there was an argument that occurred on scene, on the scene of the accident. and a gun wasnoduced into this argument and someone was shot. >> reporter: the northbound lanes of the tunnel were closed for hours as police investigated. detectives requested a police p canine to hith the search of the scene. there were a number of witnesses
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to the original collision an the shooting. aaa mid-atlantic released a statement cautioning driverso ab road rage saying don't risk escalating a frustrating situation because you never know what the other driver mightdo. now, the person who was shot is described as being in critical condition. if you see that honda sedan c ll police right away. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 437. >> trch tt aaalls us washington drivers rate aggressive driving as the number one threat to higay and personal safety on our local roads. night one of the sofcond round debates is over. ten people on the stage.yi tr to get america's attention. no knockouts but the candidates weren't holding back. >> and people from around d.c. were tuning in. we stopped by a watch party in southeast washington tonight. leon harris joins us now from the live desk with a closer look at the debate that played out t tonight in it. leon?
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are. >> reporter: well, jim and doreen, it kind of felt like it was more like about policy rathr than personality. the topics, health care, the economy, student debt, immigration, gun violence, climate change. the theme the underdogs trying to seize their moment. they were more pointed and eassertive than they wer in the last debates. they took aim at the front-runners, sanders and warren tonight. both of the more progressive candidates didn't hesitate from pushing back and takiof control though.akes, their exchanges made for some of the biggest moments of the night. tim ryan said that sanders' promises for medicare for all were wrong. sanders shot back at him. and then warren seemed to have enough of her rivals taking a more moderate approach to change. take a listen. >> you don't know that. >> second- of all - >> i do know. i wrote the damn bill. >> you know, i don't understand why anybody goes to all the taouble of running for president of the united ss just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. >> mre electricity tonight came
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when the candidates spoke about race relations and theynd comned the president's comments on baltimore. lower polling candidate marianne williamson had a big momenak there speing about race and reparations. take a listen. >> we need to recognize that when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites in america it does come from a great injusticeerhat has nev been dealt with. >> reporter: and it appeared that she won the room with the rest of that answer tonight.g it's goin be interesting to see if the lower tier figures in tomorrow night's debate learn from what they saw in her is going to f ra be a focus of tomorrow night's discussion as well. we'll see what happens then. jim, dorey, back to ou. >> all right, leon, thank you. ts president mp's name came up at tonight's debate, his appearance earlier today in jamestown, virginia wasn't welcomed by everyone. the president was interrupted by delegate ea virginia
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dr. ibrahim samyra today. it happened during mr. trump's speech for the 400th anniversary of the first representative legislative assembly at jamestown. samyra later tweeted sying no one should support racism or bigotry, adding "mr. trump is unfit to take part in a celebration of democracy." myra was not alone in protesting trump's appearance. virginia's legislative black caucus boycotted today's event. new tonight, arlington public schools will have a new interim superintendent in about a month. the arlington school board appointed cynthia johnson to that position d. johnson is currently the assistant superintendent of administrative services. she'll take over september 1st when superintendent patrick murphy retires. johnson is fluent in spanish and has 35 years of experience in education. a search firm will be hiredhis ll to find a permanent superintendent. an already at risk community appears to be under attack in
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our area. we tolt you las night, three transgender women were the recent victims of armed robbery. >> that's in addition to the murders of two other transgender women earlier this year. tonight news 4'shomari stone spoke with an aocate about the danger and how you can help. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: david mariner is the executive director of the d.c. center for lgbt, a community cente heeaks out about the recent armed robberies against transgender women. >> we don't know all of the details yet. but it is good to see the police partnering with the community and reaching out for more information. >> reporter: police say the suspect was captured in surveillance photos. they tell us he is suspected of robbing three transgender women with a gun about a week the f robbery happened last monday just before 4:00 in the morning on 2nd street in northeast. the second and third robberies t happenedn 30 minutes of each other last wednesday. near 6th and k streets and on hunt place.
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police say in all three robberies he hopped out of a dark-colored suv, flashed his gun, demanded their property, and once they gave it up he sped off. >> i really hope that anyone who knows any information from the videos can report it. >> reporter: mariner says the lgbt community is mourning the rders of zoe spears and ashanti carmen. >> i think it sparks a renewal of a long-standing conversation support we can best the transgender community in d.c. >> and you can support by giving uslice any information you have about the spect in the photo. shomari stone, news 4. a road is still shut down, the power still out in parts of vienna tonight after this tractor-trailer crashed and took out some power lines. take a look, chopper flew over hunter mill road near hunting crest lane earlier tonight. fairfax county police tell us it will be shut down for an extended period of time.rg dominion eney says it hopes to bring power back on to those who
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lost it by 8:00 tomorrow morning. meanwhile, in parts of northwest d.c. tonight you mayn ed earplugs or a sound machine to get to sleep. petco tells news 4 that workers are making some noisy repairs at the florida avenue substation. a transformer there malfunctions you may recall on saturday night leaving 35,000 customers without co says a new transformer will be installed there tomorrow ight. ajor milestone for the purple line. the final beam was put into place in the main building today. the light rail line will entually connect the bethesda and new carrollton metro stations. it's still years away from opening. an optimistic projection right now is la2022. the early estimates for how much it will cost to ride is about $2. still ahead tonight on news 4, have trouble sleeping? you're not alone. >> i'll be laying in bed, and my .ind is going a mile a minute.
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>> smartphone apps some of them promise better ep sle. tonight we're working for you with a look at some of the best ones for your bedtime. plus -- >> and it'sec elified the ground. >> coco crazed. the teen tennis star knocked oust singles play but your nhace
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. it is time to take actiot we d you last night the mclean-based bank was the subjective a major data breach. well, tonight we're working for you with tips on how to protect your privacy. first and foremost freeze your credit. that will prevent hackers from opening up acunts under your
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name. now, you'll also want to sign up for free credit monitoring. capital one has promised these services to eveone. be sure to change your password. security experts recommend this step even though the bank says lo-in credentials were not compromised. finally, sign up for push alerts on all your bank accounts. ihat will alert you of any account activ that isn't you. confusing. can be so we posted all these tips in our nbc washington app. doreen? now to thetruggle to get a good night's sleep. it's an issue so many of us have a hard tme with. and a growing number of people are turning to smartphone apps for relief. but how effective are they? >> i'll be lying in bed and my mind is going a mile a minute. >> reporter: she's a working mom who s uggles to fallasleep at night. usually she gets abo four hours of shuteye before her alarm goes off. >> i just can't getto sleep.
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and i've tried everything. >> reporter: ovethe-counter medications helped her in the past but doctors agree those shouldn't be used long term. according to a survey by "consumer reports," 80% of adults reported trouble sleeping at least once a week. a and many turning to smartphones for relief. sleecp apps have bme a booming business with downloads increasing as much as 20% over the past year.le an app cald sleep as android has beenre downloaded mo than 1m mi since 2010. although the science on this isn't settled. >> while there has been some research on the effectiveness of sleep apps, it's preliminary ate . >> reporter: noise apps can help by blocking out that barking dog or street traffic. >> hi. and welcome to relax melodyep sle meditations. >> reporter: other apps lead you througguided imagery, meditation and even hypnosis ton
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calm your racmind. but one of the most effective treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy, or cbt, where a trained therapist can help you fix bad sleeping habits. >> the american academy of sleep medicine says that cognitive behavioral therapy is the best firstat step in tng chronic insomnia. that's because it can help to leayou the change the behaviors that lead to sleep problems. >> they work best after several in pes on sessionth a professional. and what about those leep tracker apps that claim to chart your sleep patterns and how long you spend in deeper stages of sleep? even though some people swear by them, doctors say they haven't reliable and shouldn't be used to diagnose sleep disorders. dr. danny lewin is the associate director of sleep medicine at children's national health system. >> at this point they can't tell you when you should sleep. they can't measure deep sleep. they can't reall adequately
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measure sleep disruption. >> none of those fitness trackers or apps aroved by the fda, just so you know. if you decide to try a sleep app, be sure to keep your phone face down at night so the light doesn't bother you and put it in airplane mode so you g won'tet pestered by calls or tst those could certainly disrupt your sleep. health experts say adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep every night. less than that can increase your risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. we probably should have -- >> when ise last time ouu had nine hrs, doreen gensler? >> i don't know. it's been a while. >> it has been a while. we all need it, and it feels good when we get it. >> and also the older you get the harder -- the more yoeep issues u develop. >> well, today this is the story of the day. vietnam veteran william holly was reunited with a lost family agirloom. the burial fl givens to his
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wife's uncle, a world war i veteran. two weeks ago that flag fell out of holly's truck while he was moving. navy veteran tom jarrett foula the f along a busy stretch of central avenue in prince george's county. jarrett immediately knew it was significant to somebody because it was folded in shattered display case. he turned it in to police. holl s daughter learned about the flag's discovery through news reports. happy ending there. >>er god. nice he tat family reunited with something so important. so tomorrow morning soundsl we'll be okay. >> actually, you'll get about nine hours of sleep. take the umbrella out with you. take the umbrella tomorrow morning. you will not need it in the morning hours. you probably won't even need it for lunch. that means you can probably get lunch outdoors. but you may need it by the time you're getting home and taking the kids home o. ake a look at what's going on
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right now. take a look at this. chopper 4 was up over parts of montgomery county. >> look at that. >> ac sally shot thisrm up in york, pennsylvania. thanks chopper 4 for getting that for us. that was a nice lightning bolt right there. out there right now high temperature 95 degrees in d.c., 97 at dulles. 98 baltimore. bwi actually set a record today, tied the old record of degrees to hit it again today. 97 -- or 99 in n,warrento 97 fredericksburg. is it was hot today. we're not going to be nearly this hot tomorrow but the heat and humidity are stillthere. and that means we have a good chance for strong storms. look at the temperatures now. 82 degrees. winds out ofhe southwest at only six miles per hour. around the rest of the area 60s back to the area where we didee some rain earlier. 71 in culpepper, also reported some rain but 84. and annapolis right now.y
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so a ver warm night. we have some showers in our southern zones. most of us are on the dry side.' once again w not seeing much here. these are al around fredericksburg, spotsylvania county, culpepper area. that's about it. y take a look at the wide area, you notice this line, this unsettled weather, this is a frontal boundary moving down across our region. this is a trough of low upressure. yo can see the jet stream moving down to the south and back up to the north and around our region. that's going to give us the health to provide us with those showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. some of those could be strong, possibly severe. we may be weather alert tomorrow. chuck bell will be in with you tomorrow morning starthd a 4:00 a.m. with the latest on this. as we run through 4:00 to 4:30, as we move on throu the day tomorrow through noon no problem. we're high and dry right on through the noon hour except foi areas west virginia and petersburg. around 3:00 we start to see those storms devels and they're ong. already severe at this time in parts of the area coming through
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the metro area around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. of course during that evening so watch out there. of course i'll be with you all afternoon on twitter, on fiction fbs. download the nbc washington app. you'll get an alert right to your phone as well. ameliaraper will be joining me tomorrow as well. by 9:00 this is all out of here and we start to set up for the next couple of days. how about the big impact? wind. we're not talk a severe weather day tomorrow but it is something we're tracking for you all day tomorrow. we're not anticipating much in hail or tornadoes. next couple of days, though, just about each day about the biggest weather day i think tomorrow and then again on friday. but still some storms in there thursday and saturday. as we make o i way toward next week we're saying hello to the heat again. temperatures in the low 90s as we make our way toward the middle of next week. >> lots of showers in that forecast. >> we actually need them now. we've been a little bit on the dry side. could use them. >> thank you, doug. coming up, a local makes an impact at camp. plus the nats struggle without
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> that was a deep d hole to yourself out of. >> sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, you can't climb out. so here's the s.thing, guy at tonight's democratic debate no candidate addressed washington's biggest issue. the that joke courtesy miff pducer heather right there. the worst bullpen e.r.a. in awful baseball. the nats pulled within 4 1/2 games of the braves last tght, hoping make it 3 1/2 tonight. but you know, that old digging yourselves into a ditch thing. if only we could have kept the braves cool today.
11:25 pm
second inning wild pitch, inciarte aores. thwas a big inning of a very rough night for freedie. two on for .inciarte he that's a bases-clearing double. the braves up five and they weren't even close to being gne. next inn josh donaldson facing fetywap. three run homer. fetty gives up nine runs over 3 2/3 innings. the nats ralliedn the sniennint but they stillell 11-8.ds rekins training camp continues today. not sure if it's the heat, the position battles or if the guys were jt getting in an argumentative mood to prepare for tonight's debate, but temperatures were flaring in richmond. sherri burress explains. ng the rter: it tok a week intou
11:26 pm
iontr ng of practice we can't shoot. but while e cameras were rolling two rookies during duking it out for starting positions. rookie quarterback dwaynns haski starting to feel more comfortable, connecting wi robert davis after a severe leg injury. another rookie standing out, jimmy moreland. this his second inrception of theday. the jmu rookie drafted in the seventh round admits he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. >> they probably didn't know what i was capable of doing. ove ovemonut i j mnhe ti'is luset velusre jt to. and get better. and come in on great defense, secondary like i said. preparmyself. little things. y leverage arm. i just work on everything. little things day by day. i just get better. look for -- josh norman calling
11:27 pm
moreland special. sherri burress, news 4 sports. >> thanks, sherri. 15-year-old phenom coco goff in the ma draw. first set coco's at the bottom of your screen. look at her chase out thisshot. then slams it away. nice play there but not enough moments like that. goff dropped the first 6-4. too many unfoersed errors for her. 33 including here on match point. she loses but she's still alive inctoubles an.s that'on the court tomorrow afternoon for nap also today prince george'sve county na frances tiafalo as well as d.c. native baptiste who knocks off madison keys. a lot of dmt representation still. elena daladon hosting theni phoe34erkry fourth elena doing what she does. season high 33 points for e.d.d. also big night for her fellow
11:28 pm
all-star christie tolliver. 25 points. mysts go on to win their fourth straight. 99-93. tuo gtheg fact she's still playing. >> she's got a future. >> and great to see so many young people, so many kids. >> absolutely. inspired by her. >> coming out to watch her play. >> new generationof fans. >>
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