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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 31, 2019 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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yoaway stthey release medicine fa lir kids like the y two boys lo? tylenol®. [ chrs and applause live from 30 rockefeller plaza in new yk, it's "late stthey release medicine fa you're easter in, night with seth meyers." tonight -- ♪ oh you're jf i had to sit ar condii plus, wanda sykes. ♪ author jose antonio vargas and jeff quay. this is something bigger.g. ladies and gentlemen, seth that is big. >> seth: yeah. meyers [ cheers and applause not as big as that. >> seth: hey, i'm seth meyers. sitting. this is "late night. big. you swimming bigger. we're ve at 12:37 a.m. and yog that's worse than dry w how is everybody doing tonight big. [ eers and applause de is big. that was wonul to hear and that's bigger.
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during her opening statement in tonight's democratic debate, senator elizabeth warren said ro d ofhe kids.e and read books that president trump disgraces the office of the president every single day, which isn't fair, cause he's really only depend® fit-flex underwear for all y fun... in the office like twice a week. features maximum absorbency, [ laughter ] ultra soft fabric and new beautiful designs for your best comfort and protection guaranteed. life's better when you're in it. after the first half of tonight's debate, google be there with depend®. everybody. to the 8g band righ one of the interestiof things searches for former congressman john dlany increased by 3400%, end up nominated in th, yes. d still no results [ laughter ] president trump did not tweet for the entirety of tonight's [ applause ]m? debate i think we all owe a big thank you to "the bachelorette" finale [ applause ] this week's second democratic i goes debate is separate into two like one year, it was mes up against tony beett. parts. although you can't really have a substantive debate between ten people, even in a threesome,
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one f thkee against rock 'n' ro somebody ends up feeling left out. even if they had the best ideas. [ laughter ] tonight's half of the debate marked the first aearance of steve bullock, who replaced roller tony bennett? congressman ericwh swalwell o dropped out. not going to lie, still not sure >> you wg it if i withis one which is which [ laughter ] e going tooubeuse i think this e the dnc today rejected a poll that presidenthol ful andrew yang was attempting to use to qualify for september's democratic debate. be fends nha but i don't know, looks pretty even though you werefrance, convincing [ laughter ] yoi want to say president trump gave his prediction to the outcome of the co nominations. democratic primary why are you asking him who's going to win he didn't even predict he was ing to win president trump also said today that he thinks former vice president joe biden ll get the democratic nomination, but will "limp across the finish line." thank you nor making the tsys "t
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also, back with us tonight, he's been thee drum kit for 2or blu , opposed to trump who only limped when he's asd about vietnam. family, starting with unlimited data.yowant. >> police in new york helped a he him for mother give birth in costco tonight, jeff quay parking lot yesterday, but since it was costco, she had to do it our first guest tonight is an in bulk. uber announced credit has laid award winning comedienne and off 400 employees from its writer, wanda sykes has been marketing team nominated for two emmyrd awa well, not so much lay them off please welcome back to the show, as drop them off a few blocks one of our fwaa ve before theirestination sykes, eone. and finally, today was arnold schwarzenegger's 72nd birthday he looks great when asked what his secret was, he said, i have a second family. ladies and gentlemen, we have a [ cheers and applause e back, wanda. ptaxefeesre included.yosmartphor four lines and smartphoneslyd her standup special "not normal" >> here a lot.
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is currently available on first timeh:id you watch the netflix. wanda sykes is here, everybody and here's author of "dear here, as well. antonio vargas is [ ause ] we have a great show tonight before we get to our guests, didn't lik >>a little tonight was the first round of thsecond series of democratic ♪ 3 for $10 bucks, ba presidential debates wi for more on itis, time for "a closer look." >> lik walss i thinhis. [ applause ] frontline plus.0 ars. of course, just because it was ulcerative colitis or crohn's, the democrat's big night doesn't mean that donald trump could stay out of the ne in ft, he's physically this ime on, man incapable of it. i'm shocked he didn't crash this i through the walls of the debate >> seth: i feel as tho like stage in his golf cart he spends the day screaming at people should beel like ar well. the tv all day, ranting about baltimorto trade to morgue talk though shows, tweeting, do >> yeah. >>g to go. i hear the beautiful word >>y bipartisan i don't know, do you let's listen >> in a few moments, i will sign nominations. a bipartisan bill. >> of course, a bar partisan i
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y. yo about president trump someone who only votes while a fair amount inhes era, drunk. how do i get out of this booth people like yoit must be so easo also, how do you mess up the word bipartisan? be ianything it's like the most popular wor in politics. tyo. relief and remission that's like messing up the word that we can congress or lawmakers. >> law merkers says i mean, i kn dove m >> he was asked if his racist attacks on congressman cummings >> seth: yeah. and if it, it's like, is part of a calculated strategy, which is clearly not true, and also doesn't matter. it's just who trump is that's how he sees the world and also t when he was asked today if it polarized. was a grand strategy, he said this >> there's nrao stgy i have no strategy so it's kind ot it's a brand new mog ar there's zero strategy. >> that would be an accurate everybody -- and that is somethin else... trump response to literally any qution >> seth: i thinkce, because you right ofe. >> i let them know president trump, when you stand , hear
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something. and me to my going to up straight, are you intenti intentionally puffing your cst out like an angry kangaroo i stand like this because my hear somet oh, you messed up n bones are hom owed out froe diet coke. today was a day of seemingly vacation accidental confeenions from yo, with my y presidtrump, because he was also asked by reporterous a bipartisan election security records. bill that mitch mcconnell is >> yeah,fr yeah.ce, you ann. blocking >> mitch mneen than even it nice. but with that heat, and this time masike way up on this hillu down to na >> steps to get bacyou know, or yoe cops, it wasly anys presidency g z3g2yz z1jnz all
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of this is why whatever y think of th democrats, it was a relief and changef pahear a coherent sentences about actual policies the only tabe elizh warren has ever been is when sherank beengh her clming e y3g2yy y1jny questions about riendship. you've trisot bounces bac. the mediter each other or teame moderates oe >> tonight, thrunlters arrs only tylenol® rapid release gels you've trisot bounces bac. elh questions is, aftern't go they release medicine fast, ofor fast pain relief. rapid release gels you've trisot bounces bac. does that pact live through thg? >> they are comp of the sam does dierentiation with focus
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do a different idehink san wren are more likely t me oremo moderate candidates on stage >> set they should team wrestlg warren could givy wealth taxsets over milln d bernie could hit bi head withanthen there was th. author of undocumentede there we questions for each of tis like whoanwasn't stain, w actions.illiamson >> seth: welcome to the show e yourave been a yes bookwatoave
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title? >> pulitzer wh i was >>ush r pete "the washington m going to make a big e goto lo former congressman john pplause undocumentedke immigrants liea actually, i was watchi that guy to have to follow debate tonightd thinking that ci warren, buttigieg an announcemegh i am t why not? after alwarren undocumentedy kidding. returnedhe99-yard touchdow the , undocumentede me c't even and then there vote for a statemen
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question until watched an entire participate in one2 years old at yolacked1997 this guyere is grommet made itut cu16 there was no google.n googled i about illegal people, it was yod forth on thi >>n th'm ly votve crystals medicare for aall,take privatela questions and should do journa. so i if i can't be herat if my
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congress, n neanat wilongressman the repa card, butok the bo i >> but what is tha immigti, thet [ laugat like he's definitely used thosrdwo what t is, and wha in the stre befo sir, you orderedobsterrong rethso and i about it you watchtonight, what all and theley ande and warrenrae ' people g asked all get legal?s asflip a away health care fros e switchngour wedebate, and stoppuicanh out how to besar wheny talk about immigrants andd
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umented workers like mit >> elizabethren will turn rightd [ ap i havepuican bernie warren have s seemed fei right? sod deta on the delaney and and the fact is, in thow, even n against your e medicare s" still refer tos how news orgas portray immigrants like citizensmoney,g to bg billinr bo me >> seth: talk about u started it o listen >>sty, right? like, if i undocumented white peoe that it- itl finally include dental hang out care, hearinaids, and eyas- >> andthey're talk about >> you don'trnie
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immigrants from africa or the fd >> i do >> tn better hop immigrants are coming from asia. for all passes because he's we owe the mexican people an going to need someealth care ca sd him so bad ryan apology for having this issue turned white as a sheet 40 yearg about latin america.e majorityca he got hit so hard, his hat flew back on to his head. kn bernillged on a bil's like used tr goal is hodo of "jeopa ae cate wizl ths wanted to this you self-des andagain,f ese or a farmer, go to our website anget this issuebox. >> seth: i'm sgladt to talk to radical gog to go ite
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only time handspu a yr ntt emed likidy and for the w, i d t talk about what we e ifn't do said the in this the game can be rough on skin. vide between the proessives
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...rehydrate and strengthen your skin... and the moderates was the climate crisis bounce back ... the candidates disagreed over ... and rebound strong. ambitious proposals like the ♪ green new deal, and ryan tried to take on bernie. >> what do you do with an industry tha billions it? aiv mfort and security for hydrthe litt strns >> that cannot e does have to yell.kied out of0 deceod le watching micpippen tan with a breathable don't get maget e*trade. the washington generals. d deba
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at pai president toat to be done he c but one t water.d so many moisturizers... i calledf hy tolu s e rona but one t water.d so many moisturizers... y ouhydrating make >>. uby next to thwiout talking. ♪ i can't fee but one t water.d so many moisturizers... up >> yout su ect toth united states. i what is happening? what is all of t
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j.k. rowlings boy by there was t uagainst. screaming ] we havpae icularly communities communities all suerinned in live underbelly of amer >> wai . he like one of people of can't fighto overde here's another cleaning tip from mr. clean. cleaning tough bathroom and kitchen messes
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neerica has with sprays and wipes can be a struggle. y. there's an easier wa try mr. clean magic eraser. just wet, squeeze and erase tough messes like bathtub soap scum mistakes, makeeneratio p this o and caked-on grease from oven doors. now mr. clean magic eraser comes in disposable sheets. they're perfect for icky messes on stovetops, in microwaves, and all over the house. for an amazing clean, try mr. clean magic eraser, ving so much tim and now, new mr. clean magic eraser sheets. tl lai >>ongresan >> congressmanmain of error.n.e conceramgog, all rigor n, always seemedwhen thetoy ssea
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question go to congressman ryan and turn to the subject of north korea. >>y goodness looked likay aw i a deeple din key tomorrow night, "late night" is live, with sta special po debate edition and guest chris hayes. head over to i-tunes to subscribe the podcast looked likay aw i a deeple din key policyst think of an a sis we'lp g podcast g
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z3g2yz z1jnz y3g2yy y1jny ♪
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>> sh: my thanks to wanda sykes, jose antonio vargas we'll see you tomorrow poibly ts mfort flex fitatble p. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ! (yells)has comfort r get digital id cards, ! (yells)has comfort r oops, th
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♪ ♪evybody. nep or ers, as what?"[ with >> carson: good evening and welcome to "last c things hae trailer wa sick ofn everyti', and
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feel supposed toese e t, jenni] thent new yoas like, i turned on i was like, wh well hop surf democratiesa s ♪
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candidat went, like,do oth bitlo claimed she invented a new silk hair wrap. i was like, what
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white women have been wearing those since time began you didn't invent something that already hoexists w would you like it if ig stole somethite ladies invented? like calling the cops for no reason [ applause ]w movies what when i found out ali was goinge to be the new blade. i said what so loud, wesley snipes woke up and paid his taxes. i am going to that movie aigt
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midn, and i'm going to embarrass us all i'll see it right after i get out of "cats." now, when people heard about these new marvel movies, they were mad about the diverse recasting. but diverse recaing is the way this country is headed you see, in this unpredictable, chaotic mess we call life, one thing remains a constant, the old ways n die andew ways rise up to replace them it's simply the -- ♪ circle of life it's simply the -- ♪ circle of life [ applause ]
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[ giggling ] by bee gees playing ] it's simply the -- ♪ circle of life [ applause ] (cheers, applause)
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