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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 31, 2019 5:00am-5:53am EDT

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between about 2 and 8:00. noon at game starting at should be able to get to at least 3 or 4:00 p.m. before any rain delays. main threat for today will be gmaging windsts up near 60 miles per hour. but periods of brief, heavy rain and frequent lightning also expected with ese storms. the highest risk for severe weather is in this yellow zone here that extends from new york to philly to baltimore right down to the washington area. don't turn your back on mother naturceand that storm chan later today. have your nbc washington app ready to go and obviously news 4 will be on the air at 4, 5 a 6:00 p.m. live to track the troubles. 70s and even some 60s on the map on the way out the door this rning. it will be a hot one, upper 80s to near 90 degrees at lunchtime befor storms really get going. more about those lingering rain chances into the weekend coming up. melissa? >> thank you, chuck. brand new problemhat has quickly become quite an issue frederick, eastbound 70 as you're approaching 15 340 and 270 only the left lane is getting by the work zone there.
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so very quickly you started to get jammed here. as we're reaching00 a.m., about a three-mile backup right now. hopefully this work zone gets out of the way and everything sort of releases soon. boyds 117, buck lodge road at moore, lanes blocked there because of the sinkhole and wk zone. 270 northbound, southbound looks okay. outer loop at k,braddocleft lane is still getting by that work zone. little bit of a delay there on the screen. and fairfax westb66nd after 123 right lane blocked disabled vehicle through prince georges coty we look good. 95 and maryland no is tes. >>nk you, melissa. 5:01. the third street tunnel here in the district is open this morning after a gunman opened fire on another driver in the middle of traffic. >> police are still trying to find a shooter. news 4 justin finch is at the tunnel this morning with the latest on the investigation. justin, what are you learning so far? >> reporter: well, eun, aaron, this of course was a crash that turned into an argument that turned into a shooting that resulted in a three-hour long
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investigation. a man is now fighting for his life and police are now looking for a suspect and a shooter in this case as well as a vehicle of interest. i want to take you now over the tunnel. this is where it a happenedll yesterday just before 3:00 p.m. tuesday. that left the northbound lanes of 395 closed to tffic for hours. just under that third street tunnel right by the mass avenue exit is where this all took place. d.c. police saying a beige ford ex alorer rear ended dark colored sedan then parties from both vehicles got out and that's when police say the situation here escalated. >> both exited their vehicles. there was an argument that occurred on scene, on the scene of the accident. and a gun was introduced into this argument. and our complainantas actually shot. >> reporter: and back live, police now looking for that ca you seeing on your screen, a dark colored sedan that you will
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see has some heavy rear end damage. they're advising anyone who sees that vehicle not topproach but instead to reach out to police because they do believe the occupants of that car areda erous at last check there was a man and woman in that car. police do believe the woman was the driver of that car. as y can see, back live again, the tunnel is open. traffic moving just the way it should be. as for that victim, we understand he w t taken t hospital, conscious and breathing. he is said to be at last check in critical condition. back inside to youst >> juin finch for us, near the third street tunnel, justin, thank you. also new this morning in the district,it appears police have cracked a series of sexual assault cases all more than a decade old. 41-year-old le vie ruffin was charged with child sexual abuse possibly dating back to 1999. he's also charged to breaking into three different homes in the middle of night and sexually e saulting someone at kni point. those cases were between 2003
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and 2007 inth norst df. or the first time an african-american woman is set to lead the fire departnt in prince georges county. current fire chief announced hie irement tuesday then county executive angela introduced chief deputy tiffany green as the interim chief. >> the truth of the matter i although she is a prince georgen and a female, she will be named as interim chief because she qualified. >> gren has been with the department for 24 years. she says she hopes to inspire other young women to join the force. she'sit definly a role model for that. democrats running for their party's nomination took aim at president trump. >> it was the first of two nights in detroit. news 4 jummy joins usith a look at some of the ghihlights. jummy? >> this first group of t candidates took to the stage trying to stand out from the
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the onopic they could really lyowd. agree on was president trump. >> donald trump disgraces the office of president every single day. >> little kids literally woke up this weekend, turned on the tv and saw their president ca their city the town of baltimore nothing more than a home for rats. and i can tell you as your president that will stop. >> now t candidates didn't hold back on topics like health care, immigration, gun control, climate change and other hot button issues so to speak, but the key theme was making sure that president trump is not re-elected. >> the reason we are going to defeat trump a beat him badly is that he is a fraud and a phony and we're going to expose him for what he is. >> we'll callis racism out for what it is and also talk about his consequences. it doesn't just ofnd our sensibilities to hear him say send her back about a member of scongress because she' woman of color, because she is a muslim-american. >> now it is very early in the
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election cycle, we know. but for some of the candidates these two nights could really be make or break for their campans. we knowhe ten other democratic presidential candidates, including former vice resident joe biden, will take the stage tonight. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> jummy, thank you. it's 5:06. new this morning, president trump waste nod time hitting back against those who say he is racist. >> the president told c-span the word racist is overused. >> such a disgrace. and i can tell you i'm the leasc rst person there is in the world as far as i' and they use it almost when they run out of things to criticize you. he's a racist. he's a some cases it's true there are bad people, people who are racist, but with me, they have a hard time gettingaway with it. and they don't get away with it. >> meanwhile, a new nationwide poll is out from quinnipiac university, 51% of respondents acid they believe president trump is rt and 45% said they do not believe that.
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>> you can hear it there, the president did not get a warm welcome yesterday at an event meant to celebrate mocracy. the president was interrupted during his speech for the 400th anniversary of the first representativ legislative assembly at jamestown. virginia delegate held a sign reading deport hate. unite my family. he was b escorted out later tweeted no one should support racism or bigotry. >> there is nothing more american than raising a voice to authority. >> some virginia law make rs boycotted the president's speech and held an event in richmond held at the lmpkin save jail, a placeus notorioly known for 5:07 now. northern virginia congreswoman as joined the chorus calling
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for impeachment inquiry. jennifer wexton said, quote, i did not run for office with the purpose of impeaching the esident, but i did take an oath to uphold the constitution. wextonays she believes president trump would bef indicted obstruction of justice if he were not a sitting president. there are now more100 representatives in the house calling for an impeachment inquiry. bad news for metro riders who use the red singles match yesterday. we caught a quick glimpse of her. here she goes back to the
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players going back to the play's village after that loss. fans are very excited to see her take the court again. >> i lov tennis. and i really like her. >> she's rising star. >> is true. >> it's nice to see that there are new people coming up. absolutely. >> she's 15, remember, we keep reminding everyone she's very young and she has a very long career ahead of her. this is just the beginning. if you're heading out to see a match, be sure t check out our story on city open food and places you can cool off in the a.c. open the nbc washington app and search the scene. the open continues the rest of this week. >> and it builds character. you have to have a few losses to understand how valuable winning is. >> 1,000%. it makes youetter adversity many. >> she's so good. she is. next on news 4 today, a stranger's selfless gift helps a tolittle girl go back enjoying chiashood. >> i w just sitting here, oh my word, she's just running and ing a kid.
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af more on how makayla's world has changed er a life-saving nsung traplant. and passers-by look on in horror as a child dangles from a balcony. the miraculous rescue caught on camera. we'll show you the heart stopping video. chuck, how about? our weather storm team 4 weather alert day, severe weather possible today. if y're planning to go to the beaches this weekend, little unsettle friday and especially on saturday. planning on sticking around here for the weekend, rain chances will be highest on saturday, but i did have to put a precautionary note of a rain chancthere on your sunday ae s
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the quick actions of a community in china likely saved a 3-year-old boy's life. terrifying moments show ato ler clinging to the edge of a six-floor balcony. do you see him? this was on monday. neighbors sprung into action when they noticed he was struggling to get back up. they formed a circle and held out a blanket to break his a fall. the boy is expect to recover. they say he was home alone at the time when his grandmother went out to get groce'ses. itard to watcthat video of at toddler clinging for dear life. >> frankly it's amazing it worked that just holding that blanket six stories. >> it's a small child, the impact is -- i'm glad somebody was there to catch his fall. a warning now at 5:13 about a scam someone pretending to be a police officer has been calling people in our area demanding money. news 4 jummy is working for you and is in the news room wit more this out of northern
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virginia. >> in the last hour, people are trying to scam us everywhere. these scammers they are posing as alexandria police officers. they are calling people's homes and asking for donations. these are reports of people asking for charitable donations and also telling other people they need to pay money over the phone to stop an arrest warrantl ce say they don't ever call to ask for money. calls like this they're really nothing new. officers say there isn't much we can do to stop them, but to try to avoid these people, hang up right away when they call and don't call back. also don't send your driver's a license numberone claiming to be a police officer. you can report these suspicious calls oto the local police department or the attorney general's office. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you,jummy. we're working for your health this morning. older n who were born to parents tend to have better behavior. that's according to a new study connected in t netherlands. researcheed stu nearly 33,000 children between the ages
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of 0 and 12 and found ki with older parents were less likely to have aggressive or poor beh ior, however aparent's age did not affect ad' chil risk for anxiety or depression. also in news 4 your health, you may want to hold off on moving whi you're pregnant. researchers at the university of washington found that mothers who moved erelocated were more likely to have a premature birth. their babies were also more likely to have low birlt weight mpared to mothers who did not move. the physical and mental stresof moving may trigger premature birth. >> everything you do when you're pregnant, you're carrying this ychild. evering you do affects the baby in some way. organ donation isg allowin a 5-year-old girl to breathe r normally he first time ever. ♪ momma called the doctor and the dtor said ♪ ♪ no more makaylas jumping on the bed ♪ >> may ka lay crosby has cystic
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fie bro sis. up until now she couldn't run a lap around the kitchen island. bu after getting a new set of lungs she is now running and jumping just like all the other kids her age. she's notuite out of the woods just yet now. >> she could be fine the rest of her life or she could need three more. i think it's all depending on her body and how her body reacts to them. >> makayla has been taking more than two dozen medications each day to make sure her body does not reject these new lungs. she and her mom say it is well worth it,though. >> very happy for her. >> wish her the best. how about this one, 34-year-old maryland fishing record, it's gone. that is a 72.8 pound mahi mahi. lots of dinner. >> caught off the coast of ocean city. the man who caught it said it took 25 minutes to reel the fish in. the old record was 67t pounds se back in 1985. >> great story to tell. look at that great picture. >> for preservation, did they
5:17 am
tow itback? >> can you keep it? >> you can keep it. honestly it'he better for t ocean if you get the picture, weigh it, establish the record and put it back in the water. those mature fish are important. >> yeah, i think -- >> teach the younger fish that wisdom? >> there's two sides to this equation. i like a little grilled mahi marks hi. we areng watchi the weather carefully on yourwednesday. it's a storm team 4 weather alert day, possibility of severe weather roing in here during -- just in time to up the evening commute. the morning commute will not be affected by the weher in any substantial way. 76 degrees this morning. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour.en 60s in the shdoah mid 70s and plenty humid.o it will be plenty hot before the storms getgoing. i don't think we'll have any trouble reaching 89 to 90 degrees but a 70% chance of
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strong likely to have severe weather today right bullseye on the i-95 corridor from the washgton metro area rig up to 95 to philadelphia and new york. early morning thunderstorms moving away from us, so those won't be a problem, but we will see a quick development of thunderstorms later on into the afternoon hours. developing asas early about 12 or 1:00 p.m. west of the blue ridge into the mountains of west virginia all quiet around the washingtonarea. it's a 12:00 p.m. game between the nationals and the braves. o that game is likely to get started, but getting that game finished without a rain delay could be a trick. notice the chances for stng thunderstorms rolling into the d.c. metro area between 4 and 5:00 p.m. today. and then moving out towards the b between 5 and 7:00 p.m. that could really snarl the end of the game. things will settle down after about 8 or 9:00 p.m. this evening. have your storm team 4 weather apready to , your nbc washington app find and follow me on my social media pages. i'll be putting out any
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information about severe weather later this afternoon. doug cameron will be here as well. w, anoer hgh chan arrino tmorrrow but notmoto a severe weather threat, just an occasional t and miss scattered shower. the extra clouds will keep it cooler. 90 today, 88 tomorrow, 86 friday. another pretty high chance of stormy weather on friday. and then off and on showery weather for your saturday. we dry out a little bit on sunday, just an isolated rain chance and back up to 90 degrees. now let's gool to melissa mt and see how t ng,heinmorn cg fr eastbound 70 nearby 15, we are jammed. the left lane is getting by the work zone. that is there so right now it is very slow. allow some era time. take your favorite alternate if you possibly can. but that section is slow for about three miles. siver spring new problem northbound georgia avenue all lanes blocked northbound at this int becauseof fire department activity. your southbound turn lane is also shut down right now.
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117 and boyds and moore road lanes blocked for the sinkhole and that work zone. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway you can see no big problems. westbound 66 after 23 right lane still shut down disabled vehicle. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:20. next on "ns 4 today," are you feeling groggy this morning? your phone might be able to help. >> we're working for your help w to find out h sleep experts say you can get most out of apps designed to promote better sleep. >> at home this afternoon, don't miss keanu reeves on ellen. how about that? ellen airs at 3:00 p.m. on nbc 4 and stick around for news 4 at 4 lth pat and
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back at 5:23. if you struggle to get a good night sleep, you are not alone. a consumer report survey shows 80% of adults have trouble sleeping, at last one night a week. >> more and more people are turning to smart phones for some reli, but are they effective? >> news 4 is working for your health now getting some advice from sleep experts.
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although the science on isn't settled. >> while there has been some research on the effectiveness of sleep apps, it's preliminary at best. >> reporter: noise apps can help by blocking out the barking dog or street traffic. >> hi, and welco to relax melody sleep meditations. >> reporter: otherpps lead you through guided imagery, meditation and even hypnosis to calm your racing mind. ♪ >> reporter: but one of the most effective treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy or cbt where a trained therapis can help you fix bad sleeping habits. >> the american academy of sleep medicine says that cognitive behavioral therapy is the best first step ieating chronic insomnia. b thatause it can help you change the thoughts and ems. >> reporter: what about those sleep tracker apps that cla to chart your sleep patterns and
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how long you spend in deeper stages of sleep, even though some people swear by tm, doctors say they aren't reliable and shouldn't be used to diagnose sleep disorders. >> at this point, they can't yo tell when you should sleep. they can't measure deep sleep. they can't really adequately measure sleep disruption. be sure to keep your phone face down so the light that will also keep u you, keep your phone in an airplane mode so you don't get all the calls and texts that can disrupt your even the vibrating can disrupt my sleep. >> on the surface of the night stand or whatever. >> yep. still ahead, our coverage of last night's deeste continu with a look at a fiery exchange over health care. >> the two edeas being debat and what it would mean for your coverage. plus, someorgood news f a local vet who feared he lost a e family irloom forever. how about your weather, chuck? >> dog walking weather, get it
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done early today. another relatively hot daymi co up and more important than that, a likelihood of thunderstorms later on in the okternoon. lot this cute guy about a year and a half old his name is adam. maybe adam tuss should adopt this dog. i know they were in the market for a dog. we'll double check and make suth can adopt little adam there. 75 is the temperature for the walk this morning, up to around 90 by noon. but again, those evening walks are likely to b hit and miss with some thunderstorms around.
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>> announcer: news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. we're in for another hot and humid day ang we're watchhe potential for severe weather this afternoon. good morning, everyone i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. just ab t 5:30 rightnow. we're in weather alert mode this morning. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your first 4 tra ic. >> butlet's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look at the hot day ahead. chuck? >> yes, indeed. high teperatures. high humanity. high storm chances for your wednesday afternoon. that's the reason we are in a storm team 4 weather alert. could be quite stormy and severe
5:30 am
storms are likely to develop. the oindow ofortunity maximizes between about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon up to about 7 or 8:00 this evening., thenst back to hit and miss shower chances for thursday. going to have more strong storms on friday and more shower chances on saturday. so rather unsettled pattern here the next few days. your wednesday morningat temperes are mostly low to mid 70s. plenty humid outside this morning. we'll be up close to 90 degrees by noontime. then cool into the 80s because of increasing chance for thunderstorms today. 70% chance for storms during the evening commute today and the most likelihood for weather today does include washington all the way up towards philly and new york. that northeastegional service could be slowed down. speaking of slow downs and travel, let's go to melissa mollet. >> we do have some right inw. talk about frederick eastbound 70 near 15 left lane, four mile backup as you're headed inbound towards 270
5:31 am
towards 340 or 15 this morning, allow extra time. it is very slow through there. silver spring northbound georgia, all lanes blocked. fire department activity. this is a building fire.hb soutnd turn lane is also shut down because of that issue. southbound connecticut avenue just before the beltway left lane blocked because of a disabled vehicle. lanes blocked because of a work zone. no issues on 66r 95. aaron? >> thank you, melissa. developing in d.c. this orning, police are still trying to find out or trying to find the driver who shot someone after a car crash o 395. >> there were plenty of ne wites, but police still need help finding the other driver. news 4 justin finch joins us live now with the latest on the , good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. d.c. police tell us the victim in this case, a man who was shot, remains in critical condition. as you can see, this happenedth.
5:32 am
this was yesterday, the height of rush hour. police say a man got out, shot another person and left him out here after a bender at the scene here. this happened just before 3:00 p.m., a ford suv they say rear ended into the dark colored sa dan 395 northbound near the ma avenue exit after the tunnel, after the crash they say, all parties got outside of their vehicles and that an argument from there began. te suspects here pulls out a gun and shoots athe victim. >> this was saunnec, this is truly tragic asile t t achacident, vehicle accident, is an accident, can escalate into a shooting. >> reporter: and on your screen there a look at the suspect's vehicle here, dark colored four-dr sedan that should have some heavy rear end damage. police say should you see that car, do in the approach. ey do believe the occupants
5:33 am
here could be armed and dangerous. instead, give th a call so they can track down the people they say that are behind this incident here, a man and woman, last seen in that car. back into you. >> justin finch for us live near third stre tunnel, thank you. 5:33. we turn now to decision 2020. and a look at last night's democratic presidential debate. ten of theandidates hoping to secure the party's nomination were on stage for the first night of a two-night event. >> immigration, gun controld president trump's fitness for office were all discussed, but once again, the issue of health care caused amo split a the candidates. news 4 jummy is here to break it all down for us. good morning. >> good morning to you. all ten candidates agree that health care is a right and not a privilege and they want every american to be covered. but when it came to the discussion about how to accomplish that, the candidates seem divided into two camps. the first group suggests that medicare for all plan be put into place which would eliminate
5:34 am
private insurance and put everyone on the same governmentun plan. then the second group believed people should be allowed to keep their private insurance but that the government should also provide an option for those without surance. there was a disagreementr led exchange between former marylano congressman hn delanie and senator elizabeth warren. >> they're running on tf ling hale country that your health insurance is illegal. it says it right in the bill. we don't have to do that. we can give everyone health care and allow people to have choice. that's the ameran way. >> thank you, congressman. senator warren? >> so look, let's be clear about this. we are the democrats. we are not ab trying to take away health care from anyone. that's what the republicans are trying to do. and we should stop using republican's talking points in order in order to talk with each other about how to best provid that health care. >> senator warren was then asked deby motors if taxes would go
5:35 am
up for the middle class in order to pay for medicare for all. she said the cost would go to the billionaes and on corporatis, which she says aren't paying enough in taxest w. by the way, tonight's debate will feature senators cory bookeand kamala harris and the current front-runnor, fmer vice president joe biden. back toyou. >> jummy, thank yo 5:35 now. this morning a local lgbtqac tivist is speaking out after three robberies of transgender women in the police believe each crime was committed by the same man. theu sect was captured in surveillance photos you see here. the first robbery happened monday on second street northeast. the second and third happened within 30 minutes of each other near sixth and k streets and on hunt place. police say in all three robberies the suspect hopped out of a car, flashed a gun, demanded the victim's property and took off in a dark colored suv. >> we don't know all of the details yet, but it is good to see the police partnering with the community and reaching out r more information. >> the robberies happened just
5:36 am
ashe lgbtq is mourning the re nt murders of two transgender women. we are getting new details about a murder mystery in onirfax county. >> a man is trial accused of killing his wife and trying to cover it up. prosecutors laiout their case. they say he shot and killed hisd wife a then shot himself to try to cover up the murder. they say he staged his wife's death. prosecutors say their 13-year-old daughter came homeu and fo her father in the bathtub with a gunshot wound. she also found her mother shot and killed in bed. this happened in january of d017. prosecutors playe a recording of laslo talking to detectives while he was in the hospital. quote, i had soap in my eyes a i look up and boom i must have hit my head on the tub and i think i passed out. i heard voicere twere people there. then i woke up in the hospital. when i woked up, they sai i'd
5:37 am
been shot. next week the defense is expected to present its case. 5:37.he look at ottop stories this morning. northern virginia congresswoman jennifer wexton has joined the list of lawmakers calling f an impeachment inquiry. she said in part, i did not run for office with the purpose of impeaching the president. but i did takean oath to uphold the constitution. the final beam was put into place on the purple line yesterday,he light rail willnt evelly connect the bethesda and new carolton stations. it's still years away from opening. an optimistic projection right now is late 2022. the early estimate for how much it will cost to ride is about $2. alexandria police are warning that scammers have been posing as ficers and calling homes asking for money. police say sometimes the thieves say they're looking for donations. ther timey say you're about to be arrested and can avoid charges if you pay a fine. if you think a call that is coming to you is suspicious, hang up and call the police
5:38 am
department yourself. an 18-month congressional a vestigation into u gymnastics has revealed that the organization as well as the olympic committee and the fbi av should hdone more to protect young female athletes from sexual abuse. larry nassar is already accused of molesting more than 150 women. he was a usa gymnastics national team doctor and a physician at michigan state. he is serving time for convictions in a number of cases. some good news now for a local vietnam vet this morning. william holly has been reunited with the family heirloom that he thought he lost forever. his wife's unclein world war i. when he died the burial flag was given to them butou it fell of a moving truck two weeks ago. another veteran found it along a busy stretch of cenal avenue in prince georges county and immediately recognized its significance and turned it into police. lly's daughter later saw the
5:39 am
news that officers were searching for the owner. it was returned yesterday. so glad that story had a happy ending. >> absolutely. still ahead, a little more than a day after news brokef that capital one bank hack there are new suggestions for people whose information may have been compromised. >> we're working with you on details how to your info safe. plus, drama on capitol hill. a nominee for top military position defends himself against accusations of sexual assault while his accuser sits in the room. ehat she had to
5:40 am
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>> announcer: youatching "news 4 today." welcome back at 5:41. uber drivers are learning how to mbat human trafficking on the road. >> drivers across the country spent yesterday being trained on how to spot victims and what to do if they suspect one of their passengers is a victimvictim. >> uber is partnering with the
5:42 am
polaris nonprofit.ex erts estimate there are more than 24 million victims worldwide. there are signs to look for if you thinkomeone is a victim.rt expes do not -- they say do not intvene if you suspect someone is a human trafficking victim. that could make the situation more dangerous. instead call 911 or the hot line. find that number and more the nbc on washington app. just search human trafficking. storm team 4 weather alert for you on your wednesday. widespread thunderstormsct expe this afternoon. some of those will likely pack quite a punch. and this is the beginning of what will be a very unsettled at weather prn the next few days. pretty high chances for rain and thunderstorms off and on starting today and continuing oe to at st the first half of your weekend. ten-day forecast when
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dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham.ll ashley's meetingher in-la, about 10 minutes and she's about 10 minutes fr a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer thayou think. visit
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15 before the hour now. night one of theecond democratic presidential debate is over and it was a battle between the party's moderate and progressive wings. >> lower tierandidates spent the evening in attack mode. they blasted the front-runners, a strategy which led to some of the night's more fiery exchanges. >> that included this moment when ohio congressman tim ryan took on senator bernie sanders over his medica for all plan. >> medicare for all is comprehens ce, itvers all health care needs forenior citizens, it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses. >> but you don't know -- >> second of all --
5:46 am
>> you don't know that, bernie. >> i do know. i wrote the damn bill. second of all -- >> news 4 tracie potts joins us live now from capitol hill. tracie, the big tak aways? >> so one big take away you're a democrat watching this progress, you're watching this debate and we have 20 candidates all confused, well last night,er the we some clear distinctions. the message to democrats, you've got choices. there are ogressives. we saw elizabeth warren and bernie sanders there in the middle the stage. the progressive candidates and then several of the more moderate or middle of the road candidatest who were forcing things like medicare for all or free college for e.everyon we even saw distinctions on immigration. >> tracie, who is on the stage n tonight what should we be looking for in night two? >> right. so tonight we have jn bide and kamala harrs, that much-anticipated rematch after she went after him in miami.
5:47 am
the biden campaign says gloves off, that he's not going to be the nice guy in this debate, if someone comes after him. you can see the rest there, a number of candidates who are going to be lining up. this may be the last night on stage for some of them because the next debate in september has more stringent requirements to u ify. >> all right,tt tracie po live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thanks for that. and a reminder, tune in for news 4 at 11 tonight after the debate for a look at how the candidates did. you can alsoad downlo the nbc washington app for coverage any time. just search decision 2020. it's now 5:47. we're following breaking news in northernvirginia. firefighters are investigating an overnight fire that damaged multiple homes in ash burn. >> news 4an meg mcgrath just arrived on the scenefor us. >> reporter: this is a situation involving four single family homes all located right next to each other. now, it was abo a little after
5:48 am
3:30 this morning when the 911 calls began to come in. what i'm being told is that ut appears that the fire started in this one house that we can pan over to the right here. this house has extensive damage, nobody was home at the time. so it apprs that the fire was able to really get going here for a while unreported. then began to spread. it sp tad to home next door. there's extensive damage there. and then we are also seeing heat damage to the two homes on either side of the two that are in the center. so, a lot of damage here.tu now, fortely no major injuries. there was a firefighter who was injured on the scene, but we're told those injuries areno mi and that the firefighter will be okay. again, as i said, nobody was home at the two homes that had the most damage. so that is fortunate here. now, in terms of exactly what of started all his, we don't know yet. you can see still an active scene. we have fire crews at the front of this oneouse trying to
5:49 am
clear some of the debris and investigators will get inside and begin their work. drive here on mill stead in ashburn. the road is closed off as they clear off their equipment here. the fire, the flames are out at this point, but still a lot of questions in terms of what started this. but a significant fire doing major damage to two homes. we have one firefight had minor injuries and then we have that heat damage to two additional homes as well. back to yoot >> a of people impacted there megan mcgrath live in ashburn, virginia. megan, thank you. 5:49 now. drama played out on capitol hill during a confirmation hearing for general john eighten. he's the man president trump nominated to take over the second highest position in the u.s. military. >> general heighten was accused of sexual assault two years ago but yesterday he once denied those allegations while his accuser sat in the oom. army kernel katherine spoke afterwards. she accused him once again of lying. a lengthy air force
5:50 am
investigation found insufficient evidence to charge the generalt buhose same investigators also found no eviden that she was lying. >> i want to state to you and to the american people in the strongest possible terms that these allegations are false. >> ttom line is he lied about sexually assaulting me. >> senator mcsally, former fighter pilot and sexual assault survivor herself says she supportsl.he genera the committee could vote by the endthe week. we are working for you and staying on top of that capital one data breach about 100 us million comers were impacted and this morning the company is offering some tips on how to make sure your information stays first, fr your credit. that will help prevent hackers from opening up accounts under your name. you'll also want to sign upeor frcredit monitoring. capital one promised these services to everybody. be sure to change your pass words, too, as securits exper recommend that step, even though the bank says log-in dre den shalls were not compromised.
5:51 am
finally, sign up for push alerts on all of your banou accnts. that will alertou of any account activity that isn't you. we posted these tips for you ing the nbc wn app. it's now :51. let's turn our attention to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for a look at the forecast and this beautiful purple sky. >> yes, indeed. sun not up just yet, plenty of clouds out therehis morning. there will be a reasonably nice sunrise here in the next 15 to 20 minutes. no rain to worry about on the y first part ur wednesday. but a pretty high chance for strong to severe understorms later today. that's the reason for a storm team 4 weather alert today. t'll be with you all through the course ofe afternoon as the storms develop and then move into the area. 76 under a quiet sky for now, but do expect the stormy afternoon today and pretty high rain chances here for the next several days as well. currently 70 in rockville and reston, 70 at dulles airport, 73 at clinton, maryland now. planning out your day, temperatures will jump very quickly into the upper 80s and
5:52 am
many spots probably downtown washington get right up to about 90 today. then thunderstorms fire up very quickly after that. so, expect a cooler ride home, but with rain chances around, it will be wet. so, you can't really enjoy the coolest. so 90s today with a rou hu sterrostng ms thunstde today. the yellow area here, the highlighted zone, that is the highest risk area for severe weather today. not much going on yet, but there's already some rain showers out here across parts of the eastern, west virginiamo ntains all part of the weather front which once we have all that heat and humidity out ahead of it to work with, that will have no trouble turning into thunderstorms later on in the day. again, no more than rain showers until the daytime heating really kicks in. here is 2:00 p.m. thunderstorms from winchester to laray, moving towards manassas. more storms firing out ahead of that i the afternoon.
5:53 am
severe weather a possibility as early as 3 or 4 prm. those severe weather chances will continue through the evening commute and not have a chance to settle down until after about 7 or 8:00 this evening. could be a very busy stretch. seeing ab.t 2:00 p.min the afternoon and 7:00 p.m. in the evening. keep that in mind. stay with nbc washington on our app and, of course, at 5 and 6:00 p.m. this afternoon. high rain chances hit and miss back into the forecast for thursday, friday and saturday. stormy weather more likely again on friday. just hit and miss showers on your thursday. and no more than an isolated rain chance on sunday before we y out a bit and turn back into the 90s for most of the first half of next week. let's go now to first 4 traffiwh t's going on, melissa? >> good morning, chopper 4 showing a big problem in silver spring northbound georgia avensh down at reedie drive for a fire response. chopper 4 showing to seesome


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