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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 31, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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making it easier and more affordable for women. plus thief in the garden? >> nobody's ever stolen anything like this from us beforer @r(t&% >> a local woman said she's bees robbed five t in recent weeks. the pictures she wants you to see. >> "news4" begins with "storm team 4" weather alert. we begin first at 4:00 with a weather alertre for seve storms. >> you see them right now popping up.te "storm 4" radar. flash flooding is a big concern with these and so is damage with any troung w get. ts we might >> as thes stormkick out there, we're working for you. three hours of live team co'serage. lettart out with doug and amelia. 'here are the storms right now. >> th all around us to the north and west, down to the south and the d.c. area. much of the area under a severe storm watch. much of the airy is out for a
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flood watch. >> most of us are under that un severe thrstorm watch until 9:00. >> where we're seeing the rain, it's coming down al severe thunderstorm warnings down around this area. i'll take you to the north. this severe thundstorm area is through west virginia. look at the line that's formed right now. it's going to make its way through frederick county, virginia, over the next hour or so. more rain to the south and even farther down tothe south. we're looking at page county, madison county, severe thunderstorm warning and flooding concerns toward the charlevoix area and toward st. mary's county looking at strong storms along the northern neck and the potomac as it enters out into theak chesapebay. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect forhe areas in t pink all the way up the east coast as a result of this front that's kind of meandering around our region. it's g next couple of days.
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a good chance for strong thunderstorms and strong flood watch as well. fairfax, parts of montgomery, d.c., arlington. any flooding that does develop could produe very hy rainfall. any storms could produce any rainfall and the potential is leon.for flooding, we're going to be watching out for it. anything that happens, we'll be he first to bring it to you. >> based upon what you're seeing an how quickly it's moving ho through, w got the potential to see the worst of this? >> i want to go back a couple of slides because as we look at at's going on in d.c., baltimore, and frederick, nothing's happening right now. os've had cloud cover m of the day. we've had a system moving through. that's bringing this area, this cluster here off toward the east. so i think it's going to be long and south of 56 and 50. also back toward the winchester area over the next hour or so. we'll ba watching th t farther to north.
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>> good deal. we'll get back to folks ay close to us. wherever you go, the app is free. you'll have access to your forecast in your neighborhood right there in the palm of your hand. >> we're hearing reaction from a man who was inside this gold suv involved in the shooting in the tunnel yesterday. the driver was shot after an argument with another driver llingownd f aere on the scary encounter. chris. >> reporter: well, pat, the driver who was shot in the third street tunnel yesterday remains in critical condition. we want to show you video of the police investigation here. it started wth an argument
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after a traffic accident. a driver of a pathfinder was shot in the neck. he had a passenger in the truck witness. now, we're not identifying that witness by name. i spoke with him just a short while ago and tells me it began when their truck hit a gray mazda in front of it and a young woman jumped out and confronted the driver. >> all i know is he the little girl's truck. she jumped out the truck and she's screaming at him. we're both sitting in the truck. all of a sudden she starts to grab him and starts swinging on him, so the next thing i nknow guy got outof the car and i'm thinking he's going to grab her out of the way and tell her to calm down and before i knowit, i heard the pow.
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>> the man fired a shot? >> yep. >> and what happened? >> they jmped back in the car and left. >> reporter: now, the driver is wanted for assault with intent to kill and leaving the scene of an accident. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00 the witness tells us something he noticed about the getaway vehicle when he looked at the license, a detail he's only previously shared with investigators. we'll hear about that tonight at he:00. that's tatest from the third street tunnel. pat, back to you. >> that's a pret frightening story. chris. u, breaking now at 4:00, woodstock 50 is not coming to howard county afterall. we just got word about this a short time ago, folks. "news4's" erika gonzalez joins us from the live desk to tell us why the county is pulling the plug on this. >> you know, everybody was so excited about this, the 50th
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anniversary of the iconic festival was coming to our region. it tus out that ice not going to happen. the feature is up in the air ill. in a facebook post, festil promotors couldn't fulfill their obligations. they couldn't secure the acts. we previously reported that -zolks like j had pulled out. woodstock 50 was going to be at the meriweather post pavilion in columbia. right now we're workingar to le if promoters will search for a new venue or maybe at this point maybe they cancel the whole thing. a developing story, and as soon as we learn re, we'll be back with you. >> a big disappointment. it was going to be free. >> and huge for the county. we'll keep you posted. >> thanks, erika. turning now toe th20 race, we're just about four hours of night two of the second democratic debate. >> it wasa clash between
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progressives and moderates. tonight includes a rematch of joe biden versus kamala harris, but with the v.p. once again far ahead in the polls, we could see others on stage targeting him. nbc's jay gray is live in detroit with more. all right, jay. tell us about it. >> you're absotely right, leon. by most accounts, he had a rough first debate. he says this time he won't as gentle. all of the democrats seem to be using the same strategy, trying separate themselves from a very crowded field. >> second of all -- >> you. on't kn >> i do know. i wrote the damn bill. >> that is a dister. you might as well fedex the election to donald trump. >>de motes calling out bernie sanders and elizabeth warren,
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labeling them. >> it will turn off independent voters. >> reporter: the progressive senator. >> i get a little bitired of democrats afraid of big idea. >> standing their ground. >> you know, i don't understand why anybody goes to the trouble of running for president of the united states just to argue about what we shouldn't stand for and fight forrt >> repo: the fight tonight will include former vice president joe biden, the clear front-runner leading most contenders by double digits in mostpolls. health care, immigration,trade, climate sure to be among the issue again framing the discussion, but the question most democratic voters say they want answered is -->> you are playing into donald trump's hands. >> reporter: -- who is most suited to challenge about the incumbent. >> everybody has to show they have the stamina t toke on
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donald trump. >> reporter: you know, president trump has wighed in writing the democrats will lead us into an economic sinkhole. and he believes joeiden will be the ultimate nomination. last night pete buttigieg briefly mentioned d.c. statehood during the debate. system of the other democratic h candidatee talked about statehood for the diourict. y can take a look at their most recent comments in our nbc washington app. now stick closer to home here as redskins c trainingamp continues. the team says hello to a new face, but could they be saying good-bye to a familiar one. "news4" "news4's" sheree burruss has more. >> according to it --
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>> it looks like they've been working hard. i'm trying to -- you know, keep working with em. >> reporter: so you saw there that is donald penn, the redskins bringing in an offenve lineman practice with the team. he said he spoke to trent williams, a guye' replacing and a guy he's excited to be filling in for. he said he talked with trent williams, and coming up on "news4" at 4:00, sharing part of the information with the guy he's replacing. >> it's not done yet. trent in or out, right? that's the who thing. we don't know whether he's in or out for insure correct. >> reporter: we still do not know. the players are hoping he comes back, but still up in the air,
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son. >> you can hear tund of fingers crossing all over the region. thanks, sheree. 'll get back to you. >> we're tracking this storm here until 4:45 making its way soth and east. another one moving in toward frederick county, virginia. more down toward the south. we'll continue to keep you posted. most of us under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. then going nh for cheaper drugs. soon you may be able to save on your medicine by shipping it frod cana we'll explain. first, a new i way women our area can get their birth control. and you don't have to make a trip to the doctor's office to get it. doreen gentzler here i 90
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weather alert. doug will be here in a few minutes to take us through the nine hours. you don't want to miss that. >> there is a landmark law inyl mand that's making it easier for women to access birth control. >> yeah, but a lot of people dot even know the service exists. "news4's" doreen gentzler tells us how itworks. i didn't know about this. i'm sure a lot of people do not either. maryland joins a handful of states to bypass a ctor and
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get birth control straight from the pharmacist. it makes it more accessible and affordable. forget about the ssle to take time off from work or waiting weeks to get a scheduled appointment with a doctor. pharmacists are now able to prescribe birth control. >> if they want it, the pharmacist can do a full consuation and the patient can leave with the medication in hand. >> reporter: safew is one of the first to offer the service. >> patnts who for whatever reason are not able to afford a physician's co-pay or maybe they don't have insurance, we have seen new patients, transplants to the area, in influx, coming from work, not able to get in to their physician's office.
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>> the process is simple and you don't need to make out an appointment. m e customer fills out a f and has their blood pressure taken. the pharmacist reviews your medical history and discusses birth control options. you leave with the medication whether it's theh, patc the ring, the pill, or the shot. in terms of cost, there's a $35 consultation f and insurance typically covers the cost of the medication. >> it's really about getting it to the patients who need it and making it affordable and more accessible. >> expandingo access t birth control is the goal here. research by the gut knocker institut shows that nearly half of the pregnancies in the u.s. are not planned. our region i higher in maryland and virginia, both at above 50%. and in d.c., 62% are unintended. >> we want to make sure we're
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meeting the ne wherever possible. >> pharmacies are open late and on weekends when doctors' offices are usually closed. that makes it easier for women struling with their work schedules. anyone can take advantage of the service no matter what state you're in. therere no age restrictions. it's up to a pharmacist toes prcribe birth control to a minor or refer them to a physician. we posted a link to the safe way pharmacies taking part. search birth control on our website for a list of locations. this is certainly not limited to safeway, but they happen to be one of the bigger operations hat iceice's got pharmacists trained to do this. >> do you know if this is going to be available eventually at all pharmacies?
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>> i don't know the answer to that. iato know th d.c. has passed a similar law to what is already in progress in maryland. it's not yet to be ilemented in the district. the pharmacy has to go through the process. look for this. it's going to be available in d.c. >> it will be a lotr easier fo women. >> you know, s ite will be, yeah. >> thank you. all right, now. let's get back to the severe weather and your forecast for he evening. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is on it in the storm center. what's the word, doug? >> we've got a lot of severe weather out to the west. not much at all. around the d.c. metro area, we're under a severe thunderstorm watch. it does not include our northern counties here. we're trking a couple of strong storms. a severe thunderstorm warning.
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this goes until 4:45. big-time storms between culpeper and charlottesville. just plain rain. lightning around another m right here. it's been severe in west virginia. it's moving in toward the this is the border between west virginia and virginia and it's going to move toward frederick and portions of shenandoah in the next 45 minutes. a lotli of tning with this. more storms down to the south. calvert county. down toward the nern neck. but we've got them area wide now. once again the area inside the d.c. metro area is not seeing the storms. we saw cloud cover for a good portion of the day and that's helped to keep a lid on the atmosphere. that being said, we're waiting for these to push out toward the west. we're seeing sunshine here. we may see some of these storms
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moveth in from the snd west in toward our area later on this evening most likely 00, 7:00 right now we're dealing with a hot day. 87 degrees. not nearly as hot as yesterday. it was nearly 95 with a heed index of close to a hundred. yes, we're dealing with a little bit of humidity. we tihave00 that includes fairfax, montgome montgomery, fairfax and portions of the district. 92 in huntington, 88in fredericksburg. 64 down thwart stanton. kind of amazing what's happening with the rain. g it's allng to push our way as we move on through the rest of the evening tonight as i said earlier from 66 and 50 down to the south. that's where we have the best
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chance of seeing the torms. tomorrow this system remains. it's fairly unsettled. but i'm not expectingmuch rain. a chance of 35%. friday's an interesting day. have a little system early in the morning. it could give us showers but inhibit owunderstorm threat. more of a threat on saturday afternoon but more of a threat of 89 degrees. looking dry o saturday. now, any new warnings that come in, we're expecting more as we come on through, i'll continue to keep you posted through the storm center. >> thanks, doug. the 84-year-old woman said thieves arerg taing her yard and they're goint after her hana decord lawn ornaments. later we share her message with whoever's taking her shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? l that's yes foress. ross has the brands you want for back to school.
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months. the hack exposed personal information for up to 100 million customers and capital one admits data did include some social security and bank account numbers. >> this afternoon loudoun families are coping with the loss after some house fires. they believe it started in one home and spread to the others. two of the homes are a total loss. two are heavily damaged. fortunately no one was in any of the homes when the fire began. rapper cardi bsaid she wasn't taking any chances after canceling her show last night because of a threat. she wascheduled to take the stage last night in downtown indianapolis at bankers life fieldhou . that's theme of the pacers. she was there for a sound check. but the policeohut that d to investigate the atthre. cardi b ler said, my safety and your safety first.
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the show has been rescheduled for september. looking around here, never too early to make plans, plus e' thers things to see and do around the area. if you know "news4's" tommy mcfly, he knows what's going to be a great time. today he checked out a few outdoor concerts, and they're free to you. >> reporter: if you saw the study out of the uk, it says if you go to concerts, you live longer livres. the are so many opportunities for live awesome local music all around our region like the thursday night concert at veteran rings and next week at the siff iks seciviccenter. also here there's a concert absolutely free. if you work downtown, att lile lunchtime live at the reagan
4:26 pm
building. they have live music through th lunchtime ough september with a whole bunch of different geres, eclectic mooch. we love keeping you updated. sea h our sceneon the n washington app. i'm tommy mcfl "news4." >> that's one of the great things about living in this region. there's always a great variety ofentertainment. >> that's true. >> fo all ages. >> and nothing makes 95 degrees outside feel bette than hearing some good music. >> you're ght about that. >> all right, folks. new on news at 4:00,c a loal paramedic robbed whileng wheeli someone in to the e.r. pat collinstalks with him and the man who attacked him. plus a new plan to pay less for your prescription drugs. how they could benefit you.
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>> of course, doug is tracking theareas.
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we're under a weather alert right now at 4:30. "storm team 4" is tracking severe thunderstorms in the airy. >> let's check in with doug an get the latest on that. >> well, guys, right now some good news going around our area,
4:30 pm
because of the clouds we saw se thunderstorm watch in effect, but the clouds have helped us to keep things stable. t we're seeingse storms down to the west making their wayn dowward the south and you can see where the storms are. it's toward culpeper county. these are pretty strong storms moved down to the south and east. a few into st. mary's county. these storms have been severe but now no longer sere. they're going to allow the storm warnings to skpiefrmt it's moved into parts of frederick county. notice this here. it's coming from the north to south and may put a kibosh on the storms to the west. could w still see storms in our area, absolutely, behave a severe thunderstorm watch. the wider severe thunderstorm watches all the way up the east coast all the way from boston toward the area.
4:31 pm
any more warnings, i dot expect many over the next half hour or. >> all rotht. you've gt. thanks. a major move that uld save you some big bugs onesour pription drugs. the trumpio administrat says it will allow drugmp its from canada. nbc's craig boswell joins us live from capitol hill and what this means for you. big sea change. >> yes. the move is preliminary. the government says skyrocketing drug prices forces millions of americans to ration. these two have taken another road. they drive to canada. >> you went downhe t that day. >> reporter: today the trump administration outlined a proposal that would allow
4:32 pm
americans to get their drugs in canada. so the plan is to approve and let cheaper drugs come in to the united states from canada. they put it out there as a big idea and it never follows through. >> reporter: a kaiser family foundation poll shows 60% currently takes a prescription. 80% say one of thes way to save is to buy in canada. >> why should other nations pay much less than us. >> earlier this weeknbernie sars crossed the border to buy insulin. >> here in canada, it will cost 35 or 40 bucks, one tenth the price. >> reporter: pharma calls it a dangerous sche and says the drugs may no have gone through
4:33 pm
it will not happen soon and both parties are looking at legislation to rin in drug costs. back to you. >> it's t beginning of the debate season. we'll hear more about this. >> no doubt. and more about itht tonig >> no dow. pat, over to you. it was just 24 hours ago that part of the expressway was cloed due to a shooting. a man was left injured inside of the third street tunnel. the traffic accident that turned into a dispute and then a shooting is heart-wrenching and very unnecessary. whur's taylor thomas is with us now, and i don't think anyone would disagree,as that absolutely unnecessary. your listeners are among those. >> absolutely. they wereed and saddened, at surprised th thisdj!y would happen.
4:34 pm
well have taken the third street tunnel. i do every single day. to think that a fender benldr coead to a fatal or someone being shot or injured reallyho sok our listeners up. they said they really want us to nice ack to being kind an to people. last week we kicked off pay it forward thursday where you reach out and do somethg ce. we went to the elementary school and gave them a big surprise. we asked one of those smart young kids what it means to be >> what it means to me is if we want to have a good world, we need to all be kind, and kindness to me means helping otherst and respecti ining as well. >> it's an elementary thought but a nice thought, getting kinder to one noochlt the question is how do you get back to that
4:35 pm
>> lots of suggestions.e peoplgoing back home, talking to yourpouse and children. a greato surks l at yourself. howu do yo react to others when y have a bad day. we opened up the phone line and this one comment from sh e shar. thought-provoking. >> we need to put our computers and phontj down, going out and connecgang with people a. going to restaurants and parks td social gathering places and reconnecting with human again. once that happens, think they will allow us to form better s connectiond being kind to each other. >> pretty good point, huh? >> simple, right. >> at a time when people seem more disconnected than ever. thanks so much. >> i don't think we can ever get that genie back in the bottle. coming up new on "news4" at
4:36 pm
5:00, a stark look at the challenges facing local police departments and keepingtheir recruitments up. how leaders are, woing to turn things around there. t first a woman's ovbel lawn ornaments stolen right off her lawn. we'll show you the person the po tce want to talk as soon as possible. >> we track thunderstorms across the area. there's rain tonight and potentially morrow. here's the latest. most is west and south of washi
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new numbers show alaska has recorded 95 days in a reof temperatures above normal. amelia is here now to explain the impact of this. amelia. >> well, pat, i think to europe who's wrapping uptheir second extreme heatwave f soar this year. alaska much like europe doesn't have air conditioning like our homes here. homes are built e keep the h in. 95 dys above normal means fks are sweltering. in addition to that, alaska as far as the humidity is concerned feels like ourre area he. july, by the way, al ka, the hottest month ever on alaska there. it's also not been below freezing since june 28th. this has had over 300 recording sites. this is the longest time ever in record-keeping history for that longof a stint.
4:41 pm
anchorage hit 90 degrees for the first time ever. and in addition tothat, sea ice north a east of the state is 41%er low than the previous record low ice amount. so, pat, by every metric that we can gauge, a is running extremely warm on land as well ads in the water? and, amelia, we know so much of the fish caught in this country comes from alaska. how is all the warmth affecting marine life. >> you think of alaska and immediately you think of sand. so with these warmer waters out there, the warmer waters that are coming out of alaska are causing salmon to die off as the temperatures warm up according o climate central. so a lot the salmon there are actually dying off. we're not seeing as much oxygen in the water. so it's having big impacts on the marine life as lwe coming up.
4:42 pm
we're tracking weather storms there. doug and i are breaking down the storms tonight and through the weekend. >> okay. thanks, amelia. taking on juul. just ahead, connecticut launches an investigation into the vape maker and how it tiezs on the front. it says juul crosses the line. first, an elderly couple from maryland robbed five times from maryland robbed five times in wee we are sisters. and we just ved in together. why alissa and aleah chose fios.
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i'm erika gonzalez. if you're just joining us at 4:45, let's get you caught with the four things to know. first a weather alert for "storm team 4." you can see why. we're monitoring these severe thunderstorms and chces for flooding tonight. we're going to have an updatedas forect in just two minutes. police are l trying to find a shooter in an apparent
4:45 pm
road rage incident inside a third street tunnel. the suv rear ended a car. both got out and started arguing. the one got out and shot at the drive of the suv. they got back in and took off. the driver of the suv still in serious condition. >nvestigators within on the scene of a major fire in loudoun county for most of the day and they're trying to figure out what started a fire that guted two homes. thiss in ashford. investigators believe it started in the house where the owner is out of the area. >> and the secondround of democratic presidential hopefuls takes the stage in just a few hours. tonight's debate lineup includes former vice president joe biden who's leading in double digits.
4:46 pm
the big question will he face kamala harris and cory booker. thereer will there be a breakout moment? we'll have to see. an 84-year-old woman said thieves continue to target her >> sing lawn ornaments of home. all things. >> these need to be painted again. >> reporter: when you're 84 years old likeern edwards, your things -- >> he was like about this big, real nice humpty dumpty. >> these are my friends. my things are my friends. there's what i do. and it keeps me occupied. >> they give her joy. but lately she's had to lock up
4:47 pm
her gate, post signs and even a hidden camera to catch an unusual thief who's been swing items from her garden. >> they took everything. >> reporter: these pictures show suspicious activity. this man is a personof interest, but so far they haven'tet called him a suspect. meaganfitzgerald, "news4." >> wow. >> to thk that you have to put up hidd cameras in your yard. >> toroi text your -- >> that i just so foul. >> figurines aren't the onlyt hings that have been stolen from her yard. >> coming up at 5:00. she talks with megan. >> it's a crying shame. t le get back to doug and amelia with another check of thc forast and possible flooding
4:48 pm
out there. >> tracking severe thunderstorms. i think that's the best chance of them today. south and east of 66. that is a big threat. not just the thunderstorm wind damage but flooding still a threat. >> yeah, but speaking of the thunderstorm and wind damage, we have a new thunderstorm warning in effect for calvert county. >> let's take a look at it and show u what we're dealing with out there right now. here it is, severe thunderstorm watch in the pink. auchl the stormshe are to t south and back to the this the brand new warning. this is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. you see a lot of lightning associated with this. this goes until 5:30. ads you move on through the area, it's going to continue right on through, in toward the chesapeake bay. new storms forping down to the south as well. heads-up, s thern maryland. i think yu oar going to see a
4:49 pm
couple of rounds toward the calvert beach are you see where this storm is. this is right around the prince frederick area. a lot of lightning out of this. this just blossomed. this is out toward the chesapeake and back toward the west. this one for culpeper county until 5:30 and madison county. a lot of storminess here. this isg movin toward botsylvania andack farther to west virginia and virginia and shenandoah county. nothing going around the d.c. metro area as this sy tem. we still have a thunderstorm watch, emilia. watch for sh flood most of the area until 8:00 tonight. >> a flash flood watch for most of the area due to a cold front
4:50 pm
and upper vel front firing off. all of the areas in solid green are under that flash flood watch until 8:00 p.m. tonight. remember, you never want to drive through a flooded roadway. turn around, don't drown. we start out with plenty of sunshi. 72 degrees at 7:00 a.m. around lunchtime it's in the 80s. humid. not oppressive. igh of 88 and 80. if you like thunderstorms out there during the late afternoon and evening hours, but the weather tomorrow having aretty ow impact on the day. it's a go reminder when talking about isolated. two of th areetting rain and those people are sayi i thought it was supposed to be dry out there. as we move into hfriday, weve
4:51 pm
scattered shors and thunderstorms in the forecast. doug, out of ten people, five of them are saying where's the rain or why . widespread means just about everybody is dealing with rain. we have rain in the forecast for saturday. >> we do. those are me of the scattered variety. right now, tracking the storms. a few showers each day. 80 tomorrow. 86 on your friday because of the cloud cover and chance of rain. is that could be early.we 're expecting severe weather. saturday, a chance of severe thunderstorm thunderstorms. 89 ourchld alnday on the radar picture. remember, prince frederick, if you're in this area, stay indoors, wait till the storm passes you by. severe thunderstorm warning there until 5:30. ic >> real qu who did emilia get to model for those little
4:52 pm
figurines she was using. they lookike some of the folks in our newsroom. >>we can't take whohey were, but we took random pictures. >> very nice. nice touch. >> thank you. an update for you this afternoon about news4 clear the shelters initiative. >> we first showed you this adorable pup named jiggly pup. we can now happily say he's been adopted. >> that's right. he was one of many dogs adopted. we can tell you he's got plenty of adorable friends who also need some loving homes to go to, folks. >> don't forget to join us august 17th for clear the shelters. our adoption event. all of the details are in ourto washi app. love those guys. those puppies go fast. >> by the way, chuck bell and a bunch were at the humane
4:53 pm
rescue alliance in the district. we were shooting th promos. oh, my gosh, the animals, the little dgs andat are there now, if you don't want to wait till the 17th. >> how many did you want to take home? >> i wanted to take home like seven of them. aisle become one of thos cat ladies. >> exactly, exactly. >> give them a look. new tonight at five, an an emt assaulted as he was wheeling a patient into the e.r. anyone who's driven on i-95 n relate to that. >> transportation reporter adami tusk d into the issues that plagues one of our busiest
4:54 pm
roadways. look at that. hat's the problems that t cars are a problem. >> that's coming up a 5:00 in just about six. there was a pothole. >> where do we begin,
4:55 pm
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if you're justng joini us, "storm team 4" declares a thunderstorms. radar lit up with
4:57 pm
storms right now. doug and emilia working for you with their forecast. new trouble for the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. >> this comes a week after a criticalon congressi hearing and just a day after the release of a new study sounding the alarm of the dangers of e-cigarettes. >> nbc's sar dallof reports. >> reporter: they take aim by launching an investigation into the e-cigaret company. if they're making a claim that juul is a smoking device is that deceptive and if they make the claim it's not amo sng cessation device,hat in itself is deceptive and unclear because it's not clear what they're saying rpz. > reporter:fs; in a statement y
4:58 pm
says they're designed to help smokers switch and andalt are not intended to be used as cessation products. this comes after the cofounder was on capitol hill last week. >> we are looking at your actions, and they are deeply troubling. >> the last thing wewanted was to be confused with any national tobacco company. >> reporter: also founded were unexpectcals. juul responded in part the study failed to take into account woal rld accounts. july on the defense as criticism of the ee company mounts. sara dollaf, nbc news. live at 5:00. storm team radar lit up in the
4:59 pm
airy. >> these storms could be slow moving and be dumping a whole lot of flan the places they've hit. that means we'vegot a big concern about storms and flooding. doug and amelia, what's happening there? >> we saw a lot of cloud cover in the d.c. metro area. we were looking at this all day. instability through the area. to the south there hitting pretty good. >> for the most part we think the most action is going to be south and west of washington. but right now, doug, calvert county getting hammered. >> under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30. this is a very dangeus storm, another coming in toward spotsylvania county. nothing around d.c. look at this storm right here. there is a ton of lightning.
5:00 pm
this is a line that's forming now. around prince frederick through mechanicville, watching this right t hers area, this no, portion. watch out in this region. i think we're going to see a lot of storms. most of this just steady rain. the severe weath down south and then you can see up to the north we have a pretty strong storm coming in. i expct this fizzle out. once again, i do th we'll see some action, but most will stay down to our south.ll ontinue to watch this as we move on to the rest of the night. this severe thunderstorm watch goesot just through our area but up toward the boston region as this front medersrou our region. what we'll need are little


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