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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 31, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this is a line that's forming now. around prince frederick through mechanicville, watching this right t hers area, this no, portion. watch out in this region. i think we're going to see a lot of storms. most of this just steady rain. the severe weath down south and then you can see up to the north we have a pretty strong storm coming in. i expct this fizzle out. once again, i do th we'll see some action, but most will stay down to our south.ll ontinue to watch this as we move on to the rest of the night. this severe thunderstorm watch goesot just through our area but up toward the boston region as this front medersrou our region. what we'll need are littlels impu along there.
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tomorrow we don't have one. there's only a couple of chances for a storm tomorro tomorrow a very good chance for storms. not anticipating much in the way of severe weather andt continues into the day on saturday. we'll be talking much more about this coming up. all eyes on these toward the west. down toward the culpeper moving on lin. >>right. thank you, doug. we have some new on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday. e'oiwo gng tgeto. tat hinside third street tunnel. he remains in serious kchbl chris gordon is going to be working that story. coming up shortly, the driver of the gold suv was shot after a fender bender with another car. >> today we're hearing from his cousin who saw the entire thing unfold.
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>> reporter: well, the driver who was shot here in the third street tunnel yesterday evening has life-threajuning ines. now, i spoke with his co-worker, a friend of his, who was the passen igevehicle, and he says they tapped -- t used word tapped the car in frontof them, leading to an argument that turned violent. this man says he was riding wi the driver who was shot. they were in ar bn -- brown pathfinder. the driver jumped out, lunged at the driver like she intended to strike him. >>nd then the passenger got out and i thought he was going to get her out of the way and tell her to calm down and before i know it, i heard the pow. >> the man fired the shot. >> fv@2yep.
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>> then what happend? >> they jumped back insidee th car and left.he >> reporter:itness tells us this detail as he previously shared with atinvests. >> i tried to get the tag number, but they had something on the back of their car and i couldn't see the tag. a this is example of why not everyone should own a gun. >> op have to st guns from being in our city where minor incidts, minor disputes can erupt in gun violence. >> the gun man who drove away is wanted for assault with intent to consider. investigators are making good pros in this case. they believe it will be closedt n arrest. that's the ck to you. >> thank you. d.c. police believeey th may have cracked a series of sexual
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assault cases aft m a allegedly assaulted people in the northwest. it goes back 20 years. >> the suspect was already incarcerated at the time we were ble to identify him as being involved in theseases nch we were able to get an indictment. >> they charged him with burglary, child sexual assault, and sexual abuse. d.c. police say all of the attacks happened in the neflt. investigators say in some b instances heroke into homes in the middle of the night, sexually assaulting his vtims at knifepoint. when a teenager is arrested, there is a high chance they'll commit crimes in the future. it's cled the school to prison pipeline. it snowballs io a juvenile ecord and it's a dispthing of .
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one woman saidshe's going to break that cycle. >> i just don't care. i didn't care about nothing. > reporter: she could have gone to jail but ane program changed her life. >> my grades got better. >> reporter: shania yates, now a senior in college was also spared a juvenile record with a program. now she runs one. >> they put me here. >> reporter: this woman announced her office will take a role in funneling more juvenile defenders into these programs instead of jail. >> what we want the young people
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to know is the young people care about them and we're giving them the best possible chance for success. it's not in the system. the syst does not breed success. >> reporter: a number of police departments, not profits are partnering with the effort. one said it starts by decreasinw arreststhin the school system. >> i guarantee you there's not a single person in this room who's made a mistake. >> reporter: between 2015 and 2016 in the stare of mand, 21% of the children who were arrested live in prince george's county. 66% of those were there.
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the inversion begant oday. the state attorney says while there are juveniles that need to be pros indicated kat t the fullest extent, it's the nex bowie state and howard university are also partnering in this effort. >> you y soon be able to import prescription drugs from canada. a proposal from the trump administration would allow stat, pharmacists, and wholesalers to import drugs. the agency will work on safety o guidelines r drug manufacturers who want to import a any. however, these drugs would not include hiv drugs or controlled substances, and that includes insulin. in fact going to canada for
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insulin is a popular choice for some americans. it costs about $4,000 if you don't have insurance. but in canada, the price for a 90-day supply costs just over 300ll dors and it's. getting this medication is a ottter of life and death. >> you've to. when your incident is ought inch. i h enough to last me that day in my pump. >> 70 million americansave to take ins slin to manage their diabetes. >>k woodstoc0 organizers say they're pulling the plug on their event.
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we told you an hour ago they would not host the event at meriweather in columbia. it's one of the world's most consequential eventsbut they struggled to find a venue and big named acts like jay-z starting pulling out. new trouble for capital one. the suit is alleged capital one failed to take reasonable care in protecting the student's personal information. capital one admitted it didcl inude social security and bank account numbers. only on nbc 4, we hear fra a paramic who was assaulted and
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robbed while pushing a patient into the hospital emergency right. it's an event he would not expect. >> it happened on ther gnds. >> am wished. >>. >> trying to to steal a woman's lawn ornaments. and right around prince w n. this storm moving up toward st. mair. this time toward spotsylvania and orange county. this is moving southde of fcks inbird.
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flash flood warning for this
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evening. "storm team 4" tracking the orms to our west and south, which means they're packing a lot of water. doug is back in a couple ofes mi with this forecast. this is a growing probl and it's interesting. it's facing police departments across the country and in our region. not en gh recruits toep up with the demand for ne officers, and in our area, the four largest police departments all short-staffed. but "news4's" mark segraves is about to tell you, d.c. police is w change that. >> reporter: if you want to be a police officer, there are dozens of departments in our region to choose from. that's part of the problem. local police departments competing with each other for re uits. just a few weeks ago prince george's county showed up in the district where d.c.'s mayor was speak trying to lure officers to maryland. mayor bowser heard firsthand why
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they chose this police department. she would like to see m p.d. reach its goal of 4,000 swo officers, but right now they're just under 3,800 officer. many people have a negative look at police. >> that could play a role. we're in a retirement bubble. >> reporter: that retirement bubble is significant. of 800, almost 300 are eligible to retire. m p.d. isit recrug in places you might not expect. >> getting into elementary schools and making sure that our youn people know that the police are here to help them any, this is a great d,nd career. >> reporter: for smith, it's easy. he was to be in the neighboood where he grew up. if you want to see the staffing
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lels for your po department go to nbcwashington.comand search police staffing. in the district, mark tonight is the second and final night of the democratic debate. you may have seen it. ten candites took the stage with health care as the main focus between the party's moderates and lib rats. tonight's big topic could end up being race with cwith kamala arris and cory booker challenging bernie sanders. we're joining by mark murray. there was a lot of deba about what themocrats should stand for. who do you think made the most convincing cases? al> ly tuweac> con ivincing cases on both sies. having bernie sanders and elizabeth warren leading, they're getting most.
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at the other hand, you end up having people th came from the w pragmaticing of the democratic party talking about the john keyynys,former maryland congressman and hickenlooper, the former colorado governor, pete buttigieg who came from the lemidd oer area.leftr to me this is the fundamental divide in the democratic party and will make the debate. there will be more attention with joe biden taking the stageo ght. >> let's talk about tonight. kamala harr kamala harris stole the night from joe b en ine previous round a few weeks ago. who are you watching to challenge the front-runner tonight? >> cory booker. kamala harris is going to beon side and cory booker on the other.
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he's beenin telegraph he wantes to go after biden's bill. as you mentioned, kamala harris, i wouldn't be sewer prized if we wouldn't d up seeing an act 2-a2. so it's not going to be easy for joe bideds he n a better debate performance tonight. but flanked by both booker and harris, he's going to haves work cut out if him. >> thanks so much.l there wil be more later and at" ws4" at 11:00. let's get to the area and the rains. some have been kind of dramatic, doug. >> get choked up about it.
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>> what's azing, you look at the pink. you notice around the d.c. area, severe thunderstorm watch, but no storms around. they're down to the south now. calvert county seeing a pretty good storm. severe thunderstorm warning for spotsylvania. i talked about this as soon as i ame in with amelia draper earlier today. cloud cover arou d.c. this was around 2:00. this helped with the instability around the d.c. metro area. we did not see much sunshine at a until after 2:00 or 3:00. sunshine to the south. sunshine t s theth earlier and that helped to produce the thunderstorms and that's why wem have th outside right now. let's take a look and show you rmere the heaviest storm is. look at this sto an incredible amount of
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lightning right now. then another one. if you livelong prince frederick and this is route're . this is moving in toward the chesapeake. it's moving very, very slowly and dumping a lot of rain. look at this storm. look at all the intense lightning here. a i'll zoom into this areo. this is coming right toward spotsylvania and it's going to clip the city of fredericksbug. you may already be seeing some rain. most of the -- the strongest part with the strongest winds will be just to the south around spotsylvania. it's going orosser on i-59. -- i-95. more rain possible in this area.
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but more back toward shenandoah valley area. this has weakened. this is alldo moving to the south. i don't see much if anything in the d.c. metro area over the next couple of hours, but i'm going to be tracking it just in case we see these storms develop more toward the mrth. e storms as a result of the frontal boundary area. meander around the region for the next couple of days. that's why we have a chance r right fohe next few days. here's something else going on. we have a flash flood watch until 8:00 tonight. i think they cancel this. if they don't cancel this, i'm not expecting much at all in this area. we're seeing ssible flooding down to the south but no more in the d.c. area. i think the threat is going on. temperatures tomorrow, 88 degrees. partly sunny. relly i'm only going with a 30% chance of storms. most of us should remain on the dry side during the day
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tomorrow. 86 degrees on your friday. 66% chance of storms. 46% chance on saturday with af high o 87. right now, sunday looking like it's going to be on the dry side. the biggest threat today and again the da watching for seve weather on saturday. >> all g, thank you. she's already somewhat of a sh fa meonghan markleants to do more. about 're learning today a new clothing line that she is launching. plus wealthy parets accused of cheating the system. of cheating the system. how they're making en was the last time u
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it's time to uncover that feeling again. with the compassion and strength of a name... most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dam to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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wld you about that bombshell college admission scandal where rich parents pay to get their kidsnto top schools. a recent investigation found some parnls cheating the system to make school more affordable. the investigative journalism i organizat propublica reports wealthy parents are basically giving up custody of their kids by transferring guardiahip to a friend or family member. this allows students to declare themselves financially independent whic makesthem eligible for need-based scs,larships and grant and this is all legal. 40 of these cases were discovered in the chicago area alone. now, womenn i the workplace
5:25 pm
can be as fashionable as the duchess of sussex. meghan markle announced she would be announcing her own clothing line for charity. all of the pieces f clothing will be women's rkwear and for each itemc pursed, one will be donated to charity. the collection is expected to er launch lat this year. the message is look before you lock, but not all parents are doing that, and the results ecan be dly for children. how one automaker is trying to change all that. >> an 84-year-old woman who says what keeps her going is her garden, and figurines like these here hanging. ut lately a thief has been coming in the middle of the night and takingr hered possessions. >> it's awful, you know. i can't stand this it's sickening. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. coming up, we'll tell you what
5:26 pm
she's doing to try to help police catch the suspect. this is paramedic jim campbell. this is his wallet. it went missing at the hospital after wh you might call a shove and grab. the story coming up. >> and this just in. we're under a severe hunderstorm. we have a severe thunderstorm warning now fore parts of calv county until 6:00 p.m. tonight. we're getting reports of numerous trees wn. again, you have a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00 p.m. more on t
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i'm tracking this storm right now. numerous reports of trees down in and around the prince frederick thow extends into portions of anne arundel territory. i'm tracking it south of annapolis. it's right along route 2 and up route 2 and into anne arundel and across the bay. d.c., yeah, i think we're going to get rain here in the next couple of hours. this is around the fredericksburg area or south of fredericksburg.
5:30 pm
you see the st mmoving in and around fredericksburg watch out. you're going to see the storm moving your way verying very soon. any more srms popping up, fredericksburg, and stafford county could be next. >> nasty. we have an update to a story from earli this week. a d.c. paramedic was on the job. >> a manpe jum him as he tried to bring a patient in to the emergency room. >> this evenin he's talking with our pat collins about this rre robbery. this is a stoing you're only going to see on "news4." s when you're going to the hospital there'certain serenity about it that you feel safe and i was absolutely shocked this happened on the grounds of a hospital. >> ambushed. >> i would sayso. >> that's tim campbell.svyñ
5:31 pm
he's been a firefighter/paramedic for 34 years. 14 in new rk, 20 here in d.c. now tim has seen a lot, but nothing quite like what happened last sunday at g.w. hospital. you see, tim was pushing a patient on a stretcher into the emergency room here when he was approached by a guy, a guy wearing only red boxer shorts and red socks. quickly that encounter turned into robbery. how did it go? >> so the first one was a light shove and the second was a mh more forceful shove as he grabbed your wallet. >> i felt the wallet come out. >> you started yelling. >> stop the guy in the red shorts. >> the security guard saw him trip, picked up your wallet and escaped. >> correct. >> he goes into the emergency room and flops down naked on a
5:32 pm
stretcher like a patient. he told the cops he'd done some pcp which caused him to out.l he said he woke up in the sp hoital, didn't have any clothes on, and was told he was under arrest. hear now from the police chief. >> i'm glad we're able to make a quick arrest. >> as for tim mpbell, has this advice. >> i think all of my brothers and sisters in the ems and fire service need to be more alert 24/7. >> charged in the i ka, 49-year-old lucas. he's beng held pending a court hearing tomorrow. at g.w., patnscolli "news4." >> just bizarre. well, a flamingo, goose, ev humpty dumpty. thieves swiped those lawn ornaments from an 84-year-old
5:33 pm
prince george's county woman. she hopes police soon catch the crooks. >> i sit up on the porch and paint them and put them back out. >> reporter: for most people as they g older, doing the simple things become more enjoyable. >> he was like this, a big egg-shaped humy dumpty. reporter: at least that's the way it is for 84-year-old fern edwards. these figurines and statues mean the world to her. >> they were precious to me. that's my life. i don'tucave mh at my age. after you get so old, you don't have much, but they were my pleasure. >> reporter: but lately she's had to lockup her gate, post nd signs aven a hidden camera to cat an unusual thief who's been swing items in her garden. >> my goose was right here and my pelican was over there and
5:34 pm
then somebody stole i think it was fairies, large size fairies. >> reporter: these pictures from her hidden camera capture what police are calling activity. prince george's county says this man is a person of interest, but so far they haven't called him a suspect. >> if i had a cannes of spray paint, i would like to spray him right in the fern says she only feels that way but she is hoping the police w bringsever is stealing her things to >>justic oh, my goodness. >> my goodness. that's so 'so mean. prosecutors say a company was misleading homeowners, doing shoddy wor
5:35 pm
racine accused the home contracting company of a pattern of illegal behavior. that includes breaking contracts, retaliating against stomers not satisfied. the attorney general is seeking money for the victims and for the city. no response forcity. this area is opened up again this evening. 2-foot sinkhole has been repaired. crews rked all night to get it patched up. now let's go to first 4 traffic with an update on the g.w. parkway sinkhole related to the closure. >> i'm melissa mollet. some relief is actually in sight. a section of the northbound lanes between 123 and the beltway did collapse and they've ween working on them ever since.
5:36 pm
you can follo "news4" updates on twitter or check out the nbcp washington a for any changes. so you park your car, turn off the engine. is the baby in the back seat? too manyeams drivers have forgoen as we know, and often it is tragic. just a couple of weeks ago ai baby d after being left in a hot car down in richmond. well, now, hyundai is joining the list of cars with rear seatm rernds. will be a standard feature with most new models by 2022. coness is working on the hot cars act that which would standardize it in most new cars. after suffering a eeason-ending injury, we're joined with th story of one player back and ready for some o redem ben carson returns to the cityeof baltimore where h practiced medicine for 30rs yea. the comments he madem kicked of
5:37 pm
property. i'm erika gonzalez. we're keeping an eye on a crash involving a cyclist and a vehicle. it appears it happened on old jordan beaver avenue. if you know this area, it's orth of the ymca in that area. we can tell youis is affecting trachk. you've good the sthbound lanes closed now. we have a crew headed to the scene. it appears that the striking vehicle did stay on the scene, but the signicyclist has been transported to the hospital in very serious conditionis at thoint we're not exactly sure how this happened. we're still trying to get details. we'll keep working s thetory
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this just in. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning for spotsylvania as well as the city of fredericksburg. severe under a thunderstorm watch. this storm is producing very heavy rainfall. damaging winds u gustingp to 60 miles an hour. here's a wider look. most of the rain in northern virginia and down into southern maryland. the d.c. area could getky luc and stay dry. much more on what you can expect
5:41 pm
tonight as well as storm chances coming up at 5:45. after the president went after baltimore, thecity's youth responded. teens were making mals like this one in two neighborhoods. they worked with local artists to beautify the city. they should leave the ci with five brand-new murals when it is over. oday hud secretary ben carson visited baltimore. he worked there for years as aic pedianeurojury son. what he said today is making helines. >> reporter: what you're looking at is the surprise before the surprise, a last-minute chaine. he case, the white house trying to change the narrative in the war of words that started saturday morning on twitter.
5:42 pm
the president attacking the city and its rep and congress. today secretary carson called for unity. >> i talked to the president over the past couple of days about what can we do for baltimo baltimore. he's very willing to work with baltimore including elijah cummings. >> reporter: he talked about chi and tokyo and compared baltimore to a cancer patient. >> you can put a nice suit on it and try to ignore it, but that cancer is going to have a devastating effect. >> reporter: dr. carson who spent more than 30 years practicing in baltimore was called out publicly by many city leaders includi brandon scott. >> dr. carson to compare a city to a cancer patient is utterly
5:43 pm
disrespectful, but sinc we're using that analogy, what we nee fromthe federal government and his administration is not try t ma feel better. we want to cure the disease. tempers flare, fists fly. the massive brawl on t baseball diamond. >> reporter: i'm adam tusk. how do we fix i-95. i present the dily grind. i'm going to show you some new numbers on just how bad it gets coming up jo and we've got an alert for those of you who watch over an antenna. starting thursday afternoon, you'll have to rescan your n televisio in order to continue to watch thsn't for viewers who have cable of satellite tv. it's just forhose who watch over the air. s >> with tho antennae. we've got a step-by-step guide on how to rescan. you can find thatat you'll also find a phone number you'll also find a phone number if you have any questions.
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if a doctor was diagnosing a prognosis on i-9 the prognosis would notg be d. tonight adam tuss is looking. he's looking at some of the new numbers.ey the not good, i bet. >> reporter: not good at all. terrible prognosis from the doctor. it's because most of the time it does not matter what time of day, so many cars stacked up along i-95. but we're beginning to learn the why of why this road is so bad. take a look. i-95 has so many problems, there may n f be enough funding to all of it. that one assessment from state
5:47 pm
leaders after a new study launched about solutions along re codor. drivers, they agree. it could be beyond hope. >> i try to program my time, wait for the traffic to die. boom. le eats wait for saturday. boom. sunday. boom. there's no time i can go up and down that road. >> reporter: right here in the stafford area, this is one of the worst spot further up in occocquan, how about there where the speeds can drop regularly to 10 miles an ur, and that happens every this new study is showing some of the larger issues on 95 in virginia. 9 million trucks take up space along the road every year. there are more than 3 rkds 700 incidents per year that take an average of two hours to clear. and over a fore-year period, iaer 21,000 crashes along a section in virgin i-59. the accidents are the worst part of it. >> even when it's heavy traffic, you can get to wheree you to
5:48 pm
go as long as there's not a crash, which is usually the reason it's awful. >> reporter: take a lo at this as well from vdot. 87% are recurring, meaning it's congestion day after day in the same places. some families solely rely on back roads to get around. >> my wife is the strategi when comes down to it. >> you're the planner. >> reporter: solutions before a final action is released next year. time is money. all this traffic, a this congestion is contributing to delays for truckers. things likethat. it's estimated $200 billion worth of goods comes through this corridor on i-95. so it's got to keep moving. back to you. >> all right, adam. thanks. all right. time to talk storms once again.o long are we in for this stuff, doug?
5:49 pm
>> well, guys, the good news as we've beeng tell you the past couple of hours, in d.c. we don't expect much. the national weather service h dropped some of those in the severe thunderstorm watch. >> we're seeing some heavy rain south of washington. >> let's get to "storm team 4" radar right here. you can see loudoun county was put in that warning. fauquier was put in that thunderstorm watch. they've taken out most of northern virginia except right along i-59. again, aas to the west of this no locker under that threat. again, that's what we've been saying. even d.c. and fairfax, we're not seeing them. look at this e. big time storm right along the anne arundel and calvert. watch this area south e di. a lot of lightning there back down to the south.
5:50 pm
an extremely strong storm here. this is moving to the north. it has a lot of rain associated with it. this is one of those areas where we could say rain and flash flooding. fredericksburg, spotsylvania, i'i ei'll zoom in on it. fredericksburg, you're seeing rain. just rain. fauquier, it's moving toward the metro d.c. area. orelia, they trimmed back the severe thunderst watch. they also trimmed back the flash flood watch as expected. now, it still has d.c. in it. we're not worried about dchl c. at all. >> no, but dchl c., arlington, and alexandria remain under a flood watch. for instance, prince georges and
5:51 pm
anne arundel under this flash flood watch. all of the areas here. everybody is noting the humid. our official line today was mak higher. that's the average for the entire year. we averaged about ten 90-degree august. the month of we're told by experts early morningatering is the best time for watering. theyhave the best time to absorb it and not much evaporates.
5:52 pm
sundays looking dry. we're in a stormy pattern, not a rainy pattern. >> yeah, that's exactly rigt. i wouldn't cancel any plans out there. some days would be better for the pool out there. temperature tomorrow around 88 degrees. friday, not at the best day to head to the pool. moreloud cover. nothing too heavy. sarkd a high temperature of ound 87 degrees. afternoon storms again. so you can go to the pool early on saturday. sunday, high tempere of 89. the temperatures start to get to head thwart s we next week. a little bit of a heatwave as we head in to the month of august >>is sum e the heat of it. thank you, doug. hard toelieve we're a week away from the redskins first preseason game and the trent williams saga continues. sherree burruss gives us a look
5:53 pm
at a live report and what we should be keeping an eye on for next thursday. sherree? >> yes. the onlysighting of ted williams in training camp is a picture when you first walk in. they're gaining interest in a trade involving a pro bowl lineman. as of now it looks like the redskins will be taking the field next week without williams. one guy eager to get back was roger who suffered an injury last year.n back ohe field, redskins a training cmp is a place wher robert davis questions whether he'd ever return. he tore three ligaments in his knee and broke his leg at practice. time, i year around this wasn't able to do what i wanted
5:54 pm
to do. >> it happened before he faduated. >>ast forward to today. the receiver is connecting.p his sd and hands are just fine. >> it feels good. i don't even think about it until yu say something. >> it's hard to say i'm surprised given what happened during off-season.e to see th time, the video, the time spent, i wh i could share it with you all. the kid's put some work in.>> i know him as a person. he's dog, so he's going to pull that every day. >> he's a guy living hisdream, still has that fire after a tough injury. i'm thankful for that. i didn't have any background on him before he got here. he's big, he's strong, he's really fast. he completes every rep. >> it's a blessing to be back out here, emotional. last year this time i didn't know if i would be able to play
5:55 pm
again. so just being out here is a blessing. >> that injury was so
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right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive fire in ashburn. it damaged numerous homes. >> reporr: chopper 4 shows the extent of the damage, four houses all in a row on mill stred drive in ashburn. the two in the middle, complete loss. >> the back doesn't exist, the roof doesn't exist. it's a total destruction. >> his son owns this home. he was working out of the country.ot > it's n as bad as it could be. thank god nobody was in there. they didn't have any possessions in the house. >> reporter: next doorthey weren't so lucky. their belongings including a car were inside the bushing jess liv across the street. >> both homes were on fire.
5:59 pm
it was scary. >> reporter: the 911 calls began cominin just after 3:30 this morning. investigars believe the fire started in one house and then spread to another. a drone was brought in to get a bird's-eye view of the damage, but the cause is still unknown. one firefighter was burned on the neck while battling the blaze, but he's said to be okay. in ashburn, megan mcgrath, "news4." the s severerm threat easing up for d.c., but it's not over yet. good evening. right no00 at 6:, who is seeing those strong winds and heavy rains tonight and what's coming the regt of the week. all.m team four tracking it plus a front row seat to the shooting. the passenger who saw his cousin get shot talks to "news4." and part 2, eat toect from tonight's presidential debate from do it after the
6:00 pm
candidate's spl candidate's' split along ideological fight last night. let's get right to doug and amelia in "storm team 4." >> plenty of us are still seeing strong storms. what's the latest, yu guys? >> that's what we're telling you. a better chance of seeing them. to the north, completely out of the clear. >> we have a new flood warning until 9:00 p.m. from the heavy rain al a rainfall and a new warning for maryland. >> there's one through calvert and anne arundel county. a strong storm e saw a lot of trees around the fredericksburg thi incde arease in dar. krca.h and to the south. no longer under severe or thunderst watches now in that area, so that's good news.


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