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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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candidate's spl candidate's' split along ideological fight last night. let's get right to doug and amelia in "storm team 4." >> plenty of us are still seeing strong storms. what's the latest, yu guys? >> that's what we're telling you. a better chance of seeing them. to the north, completely out of the clear. >> we have a new flood warning until 9:00 p.m. from the heavy rain al a rainfall and a new warning for maryland. >> there's one through calvert and anne arundel county. a strong storm e saw a lot of trees around the fredericksburg thi incde arease in dar. krca.h and to the south. no longer under severe or thunderst watches now in that area, so that's good news.
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here's the extreme thunderstorm watch until 6:00. we're waiting to see if they do update this. heads-up right along route 2.nd ahen look at this storm. this storm continues to build into st. mary's mary's county under a severe thunderstorm warning. i'm watching this area this is going to continue to build here. watch out for some flooding in this region. ere's a flood watch or warning in effect for calvert county. we could see one to the south, back to the west. this is all norm rainfall. not much in the way of thunder or lightning. mayi a lle thunder around warrenton. that's about it. it was trying to make its way toward dc. krchl buts havc., bua hard time doing so. >> thank you.
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4. old town road in bethesda is closedfter a crash involving a car and a bicycle. >> you see the police have the southbound lanes closed to investigate, the bike resting on the outside lane by the sidewalk. we're stillni lear about what happened here. nusz 4's anarr yto s will have more. a driver was shot after a fender bender. we have more on this scary encounter. chris? >> reporter: well, jim and doreen, police tonight are looking for the gunman who shour a drivere in thel yesterday eve. this afternoon i spoke to a passenger who was riding with the driver who was shot through
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the neck. n that passenger, that witness says what seemed to be a minor traffic accident led to an hagument that turned violent. >> itened so fast, man. i don't know. >> reporter: this man says he was riding witthe driver who was shot. he says the brown path finder they were in tapped the vehicle in front of them. he describes a young woman jumping out yelling at the driver and lunging at him. then heys he saw a man emerge from the front. >> a man got out of the car. i'm thinking he's t going grab her out of the way and tell her to calm down. and before i know it, i heard the pow. >> the man fired the shot? >> yep. >> what happened? >> they jumped back in the car and left. >> the witness identified this four-door gray mazda aspa:m th
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involved in the shooting. he tells us something he only previously ared with police investigators. >> i tried to get the tag number but they had a bike on the trunk of the car, so i couldn't really see the tag. >> we have to stop guns from being in our city where minor incident incidents, minor disputes can erupt in gun violence. reporter: the driver who was shot is clinging to >>life. critical right now, but stable. >> reporter: the police chief says investigators are making good progress. the witness tells me he believes the car had maryland tag under the bike racck bao you. >> all right, chris gordon. thank you. turning now to presidential
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politics and even before they take the stage, this matchup is getting an awful lot of attention. joe biden and mala harris side by side for night two o the second democratic debate, but we could see more fireworks with other candidatesll potentiay challenging the av.p. current front runner in the polls. nbc's jay gray joinis us live from detroit. >> reporter: by most accounts joe biden had a rough first debate. this time around he won't be as polite. that seems to be the strategy foresall the candidat here, trying to gain some separation on what ia very crowded field. second of all, second of all -- >> you don't know that. >> i do know that. i wrote the damn bill. >> that is as disastrous as -- you might as well fedex it to
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donald trump. >> laborling them extreme. >> free everything and impossible promises that will turn off independent voters. >> the progressive senator. >> i get a little bit tired of democrats asaphr of big ideas. >> you know, i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we can't do or shouldn't fight for. >> the fightonight will include former vice president joe biden, the clear front-runner leading the field by double digits in most polls. >> as long as you're leading, you're the target. >> healtcare, immigration, trade, and the climate sure to be among the issues framing the discussion. t what democrats want answered is, you are playing into donald trump's hands. >> -- who is most suited to challenge the incumbent.
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>> everyone means to show theyv ha the stones ahe stones anntamo donald trump. >> the president has weighed in on these debates writing that the democrats will lead us into an economic sinkhole. l also believes joe biden w be the nominee out of this. >> jay gray from detroit. thank you, jeju the food and tr drug adminision is talking about plans for importing drugs from canada. the industry cal i far too dangerous, it quote. the lobbyist says there's no way to guarantee the safety of thes drugbecause they've not been reviewed yesterday. >> the burden is now on state,
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farms, andol whalers to let the cheaper inexpensive drugs come in from canada. >> therug industry has successfully blocked past efforts to allow prescription imports. >> governor ralph northam says medicate expansion is a success. since it opened back in november, more than 300,000 virginians now have coverage. >> nobody in the richest country in the world should have to make a decision whether they stay home, put food on the table or go see a proceed provider. >> reportr: virginia ublicans say it will impact the commonwell's physical h.
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hea >> the fedu annonced an interest ate cut this afternoon. the stockmarket finished the day today with a 1% slide, its woft day since may. this came off fed chair jerome powell announced a quarter point reduction in interest rate powell says this would not be the start of a trend. he tweeted this. powell let us down, end quote. i am certainly not getting much help from the federal reserve. >> well, it's a growing problem facing police departments across the country, and right here in our region. not enough demand for officers. >> they're all short staffed but as reported now, d.c. police are working to change that.
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>> for wil smith, choosing the police department for a breer wille easy. he wants to be i a copn the neighborhood where he grew up. d.c.'s mayor introduced them. bowser heard firsthand why thesp young peo chose the d.c. police didn't. bowser would like to see the officers sworn in. but right now they're at 3,800. there's the challenge amount e the. almost 300 are eligible to retire. bowser said m p.d. is in places
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you might not expect. >> getting into elementary schools, making sure they know police are here to help them and this is a great career. >> there was one person reluctant about his choice? of course. you know how moms are. ou whene passionate, you don't worry about it. you go for it and think about thingsth as come. > go to for more. e district. mark segraves, "news4." >> change is coming to virginia following an eyewitness investigation. up next, how testing is about to change to make sure cbd users don't get charged with cranes. >> reporter: an 84-year-old wan who say as what keeps her going is her garden. figurines like this up here hanging.
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thieves have been coming in the le of the night and taking her possessions. >> it's sickening. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. we'll tell you what she's doing to help police catch the suspect. >> most of the thunderstorm watch going. we have a couplevef sere storms in our southern zones. i'll let you kw whatno
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announcer: to take yourhe kids to and from school?y? announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. uring the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan, back now to the breaking news on old town road. a bicyclist was hit by a car.
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>> shomari stone just arrived. shomari? >> reporter: i just got an update from pete parringer. he was telling me there was a cyclist right across the stleet there. you can see there's a bicycle. it's tim over on old georgetown road. we're relatively, i'dfi say, blocks from the beltway. u can see the roadway is aosed on the southbound side. there was bicyclist and an accident in which a car hit the bicyclist. we don't know if the bicyclist lost control and fell into the roadway or if the car collidedit with police are on the scene. they're trying to talk to the driver who came into contact with the bicycle.
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there are a lot of people particularly during rush hour who are getting off work and they're riding their their destinations. we'll continue to bring you updates. gain, this bicyclist was transported to the hospital in critical condition. that's all we know thus far. yack to youn the studio. >> hope the pull through. >> we know this scene is very close to the suburban hospital, so that mayhelp. thank you, shomari. police officers in virginia are one stepo closer t being able to distinguish marijuana from cbd. >> today they recommended the officers use a new kind of field test. the "news4" i-team is the first to show you how it works and that the old test they often used wouldn't work. >> how this could keep innocent people out of jail. >> these new recommendations aim to elimate false positives on the field tests so people who
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use cbd don't get arrested for havingmarijuana. today the board that oversees it. >> it's going to continue to evolve. i'm sure there's going to be continued legislation around this issue. >> reporter: at wednesday's meeting, the head of science said officers should be able to tell the difference between league mann and illegal cbd. the field tests officers have been using cannot do that i'm isking a lot of questions because it complicated. >> herndon police chief maggie deford was interested. the i-team tested earlier this month and showed how florida enforcement has been rushing to order the test since
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their law changed in june. virginia's law changed in march ith low amnt s of it the commonwealth will now use grant money from another product to buy 5,000 for officers to use after conducting the older tests to see if any cannabinoids are sere. sheid the swiss tests aren't perfect either but they can tell if something is more cbd as long ads it's used properly. >> virginia is working on a training plan. >> the more we have, the better we can do our jobs out there efficiently. >> officersill soon be able to
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be verified and in cases where you know the exaun amo the state is working on developinga be able to do that too. jodie fleischer, "news4" i-team. >> thank you. you can watch the i-team's original report with the problem s and send us a story app as well. let's head back to doug and see ngwhat's happeniout there. who's getting wet out there? >> chesapeake bay. that's who's in severe warnings. all three counties along the bay hit very ard rightnow. i'll sole you what's happening around the rain now. this is all plain rain. no real lightningat or nasiou thunder right along the bay.
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this is what we talked about a little earlier this afternoon.ed we tabout this area of clourds. because of the cloud cover, this area was not able to see the instability we saw down in the south. plenty of sunshine in our southern zone. temperatures in th 90 degree mark. we only saw the sunshine for two hours in d.c. we've got them up through the east as well. northern calvert county now under a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00. it does include the diehl area. it's making its way. it does include northern portions. a lot of lightning with this, and storming in the area have had a lot of history with tes. the storm that's been making its way, making its way across the
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southern state area. this is an area hit hard over the last couple of rain. look what happened. it's completely died out.o it's n longer in our region. thid is a very good run for yolawn. the severe thunderstorm watch has been canced. the only areas assoated with the watch are an a rundy. they all got hit hard.ot we did n see the severe weather in our region. the whole weather sticks around. we have a chance for storms tomorrow. that could develop and produce strong winds tomorrow. we're not anticipating
6:22 pm
widespread. temperature around 72. nice and sunny tomorrow. huouid. up to ar 88 degrees. most of us are on the dry ide. i think you erie fine to do that. i'm not thinking severe, but it's something i'm tracking. that leads us to our next heed way. just amazing. christmas, 4 1/2 months away. >> stochl. >> getting in the holiday spirit. when we come back at 6:00, breaking the bottleneck. >> adam tuss tes a lako
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more than three dozen people are recovering after a fire rought out at an ex-only mekxxl plant in texas. it's 25 mides of houston. there's no word on what may have started the exxl said all of the peopl injured are expected ay be ojo an 84-year-old said she misses herittle red rideling hood. cameras caught the crooks in the act. the woman telling meagan tzgerald she's ready for the police to catch those thieves.
6:26 pm
>> i had a red riding hood. >> reporter: at 84-year-olds fern edwards is enjoys things like statues and figurines more and more. they give her joy and something to look forward to. >> they were precious to me. i dom have much at my age. after you get'old. lately she's had to lock up her gate, post signs and hide a hidden camera who's been swipini ms out of her garden. >> my goose was right there and my pelican. then somedy stole thiess large sized fairies. >> police are i callingt
6:27 pm
suspicious activity. >> kiss my goose. he got him on a rack outside the fence. he's already got him. >> so far they haven't calledh a suspect. >> if i had a can of spray paint, i'd like to spray him right in the famt. megan fitz jaurld," "news4. >> that's gist min. >> our severe weather threat moving out of the area. >> doug and amelia tracking it all for us. here's what else you can expect on 6:30. >> slow rope. we'll show you bad numbers and how bad it can get in our area. if you're a kid, your chances
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we're still tracking the storms. no longer under any kind of watches along thedom c. area. still seeing rain here trying to move into d.c. moving toward fairfax, manassas. this is a strong storm. it's moving right up from calvert in toward anne arundel. hends up toward annapolis. it's building your way. another storm developing in that
6:31 pm
area. a severe warning he until 7:00 tonight. we'll keep you posted with what's happening tonight and the uest of the weekend. >> thank yo now a look to ourtop stories. polie in d.c. still trying to find the shooter in a suspected road rage incident insiel the third street tunnel. an suv rear-ended mazda. the passenger in the suv told me someone in the mazda got out and started shooting. the driver in the suv is in serious condition. tonight's lineup includes lejoebi d diogitsen.wh the big questions, will he face attacks from kamala harris and cory booker and will any of the er polling candidates have a
6:32 pm
breakout? right now the south side of old georgetown road is closed. there's been an accident between a bicyclist and a car. the 17 has been taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. when a child is arrested, there's a high probability he or she will commit crimesn the future. >> it's called the school to prison pipeline andt often egins or snow balls it impacts teens and teens of color. how the county wants to break the cycle. >> i didn't care. i didn't care about nothing after the fight, she could have gone to jay, but an alternative
6:33 pm
program, it changed her life. >> now a senior in college was high school. now these volunteers. >> if they looked at me and called me all the different he labels ty could label me as, i would not be here. >> her office vowed to take a roll into funneling more juveniles through their program and that the community cares out them. we're investing our time and resources to give them success. >> reporter: prince george's ceo
6:34 pm
says ittarts by decreasing arrests within the plan. there's not a person who hasn't made a single mistaked had their arms wrapped around them and gotten there. 21% of the school ages children lived in prince george's county. 66% were african-american. the state attorney's program says it begins. the president trump's housing and u been development ben carson visitinghe city but it didn't end up kwiewell ther
6:35 pm
he compared baltimore to a cancer patient. >> you can dress it up and put a nice suit on it and try to ill nor is. . ben carson rose in decades on hit frame blame. >> is i-95 so bad it's impossibleto fix? state larms say there may not be enough resources to make things flow smoother. we have more on the notorious stretch. i-95 has so many problems there may not be enoughx funding to all of it. that is an assessment from state leader after a tip.
6:36 pm
the drivers, they adried. could be beyond hope. >> les wait for saturday, boom, sunday, boom, sunday dlrnb oom. in aqua, howsp dogtd dime. it's also showing some oer the largssues on 95 in virginia. 9 million take ore space. they take an average of about 24 million a year. the accidents, they're the worst part of the >> even when it's heavy traffic out, you can get to where you need to go as long as thanken.
6:37 pm
while expressne las are being sent to fredericksburg, they style still rely right now on background ts g around all of >> my wife is the now more stud before a final plan is reeven en. new york nicers or pulling a plug.n us later ihe afternoon the co-founder told he had to cancel the events plus the unhoward county said it not would hem is hose. it was going to be help at the mary ville fulfillment.
6:38 pm
earlier bigged a is like gary pulled out. they t k pat collins about this in koub ter, and h he was caught. >> am burresed. >> i would say >>so. plus a local service dog
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jeffrey epstein the wealthy financier accused of sexually assaultsed up age girls will not face trial for a year. epstein's lawyers say they need more time to mounten a d indicating they won't actually be ready until labor day next year. last week authorities found epstein unconscious in his cell reported will i with bruises on hi neck, but incourt today no
6:41 pm
visible injuries. >> just two after being seriously w injuredhile on duty, kai lee, the d.c.'s beloved search job is back on the job. >> thisis kai lee. >> she's super friendly. >> hi, sweetie. >> the 6-year-old was helping park police help conduct a search when she washurt. crews had to stop traffic the g.w. parkway to medevac her to safety. they still can't believe all the support. >> it's been a little overwhelming quite hestly. thousands of texts and emails, so the support has been incredible. >> now, kylie will be back o for her first search tomorrow.d anby the way, she is a rescue herself. she wasst adopted ju one day before she was supposed to be euthanized. wow. what a life she's having.
6:42 pm
>> and we're very glad she's okay. let's get another check on the weather forecast and the storms in the area. amelia, what's the latest? >> we have two. south of anpolis and one down in st. mary's county. both of these are in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight, trahing some sowers in the area. what you can expect this evening and the outlook on
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
said a man stole his wallet as he tried to bring a patient in the emergency room.
6:45 pm
pat collins talks about an attack that had a bizarre ending. only seen on "news4." >> when you go into a hospital there's a certain serenity about it that you feel sfe and i was absolutely shocked this happens on the grounds of the hospital. >> ambushed. >> i would say so. that's tim campbell. he's been a firefighter/paramedic for 34 years. 14 in new york, 20 here in d.c. now tim has seen a, but nothing quite like what happened last sunday at g.w. hospital. you see, tim was pushing a patient on a stretcher into the om here when he was approached by a guy, a guy wearing only red boxer shorts anred socks. quickly that encounter turned into robbery. how did it go? >> so the first one was a light shove and the second was a much more forceful shove as he grabbed my wallet. >> that's when you realized i've
6:46 pm
been robbed. >> i felt the wallet come out. >> you started yelling. >> stop the guy in the red shorts. >> the security guard saw him ic trip, pd up your wallet and kept on running. >> correct. >> in an attempt to escape, the suspect runs into the emergency room and flops down naked on a setcher like a patient. he told the cops he'd done some pcp which caused him to fall out. he said he woke up in the hospital, didn't have any clothes on, and was told he was under arrest. hear now from the police chief. >> nobody's immune from being the victim. i'm glad we were able to make a quick arrest in the case. >> reporter: as for tim campbell, he has this advice. >> i think all of my brothers and sisters in the ems and fire service need to be more alert 24/7, no matter how safe they ma be. >> reporter: charged in the 4
6:47 pm
case,9-year-old lucas. he's being held pendingg court hearmorrow. we've got an ale for those using an open antenna. starting tomorrow you'll haveo rescan to continue watching.i s not for those capable viewers. it's for those tching over the air. we've investigate a step-by-step guide you'll also find a phone numb i there you have any questions. back to doug and amelia in "storm center 4" with anupdate on this weather forecast. hey, guys. >> all of the weather stayed in the southern zones today. we didn't see any severe storms but we have seen some to the south of in toward parts of the northern neck and maryland right now. >> in parts of northern virginia it's plain rain out there right now. >> we're all uer a severe
6:48 pm
thunderstorm watch until 9:00. the national weather service canceled that. it's out there for anne arundel and other counties. no strong storms at all in through virginia. they're all toward the east. take a look here. look at. this cross over the bay. here's the bay bridge. eastern part of the bay bridge. anastern time storm. this is 50. right after you come over toward the rohn coke area. very heavy rain. this all part of the same system that's moving out of the actual warning though. this warning goes until 7:00 and shady side. you can see that storm there. another area of storms toward the south and st. mary's county, less severe. they've canceled the warning in that area. back to the northern west.
6:49 pm
fredericksburg, quantico, manna sass and continuing see plainr n there. seesere thunderstorm watch all up and down the east coast. amelia, we could see more severe storms over the next couple of days, but today by most as far as it's concerned. >> we can't rule out a few thunderstorms. but i don't want you to think washout. plenty of drying time. right one through th weekend we start out the day with plenty of sunshine. 72 degrees. a high tomorrow of 88. our high todayas 90, making it the 36th time this year we said 90 degrees or higher. that's our averag for the entire year and we're just closing out july. anyway, back to tomorrow's forecast. there.le bit humid out maybe a few isolatedth understorms around tomorrow during the and and evening hours. when we say isolated. that means you take ten people out there and only about two of the ten are going tog be gett
6:50 pm
rain. they're going to say,h tought it was going to be dry. when we talk scattered showe nd storms. that mes five of them are getting rain. half are saying, where's the rain. the other ice saying why me? here's you rain outlook through the weekend. scattered showers andr stoms on friday and saturday. we're keeping it mainly dry, but it's still feeling humid. >> if you're thinking of hittinr the pool o the beaches, looking pretty good out there. friday we could see cloudiness. saturday, more of the same. we all have a chance of storms, but that's most likely in the
6:51 pm
afternoon. the beach forecast looks pretty good.ri we'll be bing that tomorrow. the first full week of august, starting off on a hot note. let's throw ino some m 90-degree days out there. 50 90-degree days. 36. another two weeks of 90 to go. >> you're getting there. >> looking good for your. when we com right back, why d.c.'s former enemy
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>well, match making moves at today's deadline. >> we're going to start with sherree burruss. she's at redskins training camp. what's going on there today? >> reporter: well, doreen, it t
6:55 pm
look like redskins will be going into preseason games without their pro bowler trent. i called his agent, but he had . no commen they're bringing in a veteran donald penn. this morning he took his first practice with the team going off against brew tutt's brother. he said he's picking up the offense quickly. his 13 years in theeague issic maing the new addition a smooth transition. >> obviously replacing trent is never easy but having four-time pro bowler and his experience and the way he moves, he's goo >> he's a bright guy. he played for the raiders last year, obviously for my brother, so he'll have fmiliarity with some of the scenes. it won't take him long at all. >> williams and penn are friends, so listens carefully a to what the new player for your the redskins said about speaking with williams before signingh wite team.
6:56 pm
was he hinting at trent's return. >> trent's one of my good friends. i eached out befor sign and we had a good conversation. ge s taoee'lk watndre lead you ontoe he won't be returning any time soon. >> i'm won't get intoit too much. if they want me to be the swing guy, i'll definitely be the swin we'll see what's going to happen. >> reporter: pen need to know multiple plays before his return or multiple moves on the line. >> a very ambiguous comment from penn. big day in baseball. kiday marked the mlb deadline. the nats loong toim wovrs pre b. they're sending hudson from the blue jays and hunter stricklandw you might recognize that has hunler strickland as he
6:57 pm
some history with the nats. let's look at game one. he wes a member of the giants re. gave up his ball to bryce harper. wasn't too thrilled abo that. game two, harper did it again. he stard at him as he wasun rong the basis and that ended to this retaliation three years later, strickland targeting him with a 98-mile-an-hour fastball. strickland punches out harper in different way later on this season. well, there was an early y. wa first ioing nats d one. soto with the equalizer. his second straight at-bat. he had a home run last night.i super stylsh kid loves it. i love the fedora and i love juan soto dancing. the bases are load and it's camp day at the park and they love
6:58 pm
"baby shark" time.s tha pardo and he getsnto a double play. we're going to extra. free baseball in the tenth. doolittle fabering donaldson. go ahead and call him pa shark. he got the better there of doolittle. doolittle is like fiddle sticks. they take four o three and extend the nati lead to 6 1/2 games. later tonight wayne rooney repgt d.c. united and cocoa goff getting ready for her start. >> haley babb teetley baptiste. we googled the heckut ofher. >> she got her start with organ tennis organization right here. >> pulled off a huge upset against madison keyes. >> we've got highlights at 11:00.
6:59 pm
ex thanks for joining us. "nightly news" nt. >> have a good evening. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. wait, what? shhh. one hour. out of the question. one hour with the tablet, and my client will walk the dog. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes. one hour with the tablet, the dog will do the dishes. we got a deal congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. now let's talk about getting our ears pierced. no way. why? -please. that's simple, easy, awesome. switch to xfinity and get this great offer. click, call or visit a .
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breaking news tonight the chemical inferno exploding at an exxonmobil plant, dozens injured at the scene, residents ordered to shelter in ple, black smoel filling the sky just miles from america's biggest cities. the fighter jet crashing near death valley star wars canyon. the urgent search for the missing pilot. we have late details. your money, the fed cutting rates for e first time in over a decade, what it means for everything from your mortgage to your cret cards and your car payments. high stakes rematch, joe biden ama la harris facing hff again tonight afterer blistering attack in the first debate. biden vowing he won't be so polite this time. and the fireworks between the modates


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