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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the death of the waynesborothe death of the waynesburg police captain. plus. >> danner: we have new details from the court documents in the murder of a blacksburg teen that the second person in the case planned the whole thing. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: a researchers is in d.c. testifying on the flint, michigan water crisis tampa tonight, we go to our water treatment plant in lynchburg to find out how they test our water to make sure it is safe. anytime, anywhere, award anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, there is the abc 13 news. tonight at 5:30, the very latest in the murder trial of kevin quick. he's the waynesburg police lieutenant found murdered. >> danner: six people are on trial here. last year a judge declared a mistrial after one of the defendants took a list of jurors' names. mona kosar abdi is live in
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out of court, mona? >> reporter: danner, it has been a little over two years since waynesboro police reserve captain was murdered, and today we learned more about the events leading up to the super bowl weekend when police say it happened. after both sides presented their opening statements, the prosecution called their first witness to the stand, vanda quick. kevin quick's mother. gave an emotional testimony by recapping the last day she saw her son arrive. and quick said she and kevin went to the fire department on january 31. they were planning a surprise party for her youngest son. she said kevin told her that night he was heading to ablemarle is county to see his daughter and will be back around noon help her finish setting up. he never made it to ablemarle or helped with the party. the frantic 911 when vanda quickthe frantic 911 when vanda quick. they showed her a picture of his
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her to identify him. at this point she was sobbing heavily and vanda quick cried out, that is my son laying in the woods. coming up at 6:00, more on the alleged gang members that killed kevin quick and the string of robberyrobberies and burglaryrobberies and burglaries they say took place leading up to that murder. danner. >> danner: thank you. happening right now 13-year-old nicole lovell's family is at her visitation in blacksburg. this is a live look at the scenethis is a live look at the scene. right now lovell's body was found in north carolina after she disappeared last week. two people are charged in this case. and we have learned new tonight that virginia tech student natalie keeper also have a hearing tomorrow. court documents say that keepers here began planning the murder in early january. keepers had a hearing today. it was cancelled though because she already had an attorney. her classmate david eisenhaur is charged on -- jailed on charges of kidnapping and murder. in an arrest warrant he told
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free." >> i realize in the moment that i am doing things that other people wish they could be doing, and yet i still have goals for myself because there are people who are better than me. and i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> danner: that by the sway david eisenhauer a former track star speaking when he was in high school. nicole was active on social media with multiple facebook, instagram and kik accounts. that is where police believe she met david eisenhauer. i am will stafford. rainfall totals around the area today were rather impressive. the rain is finally starting to exit the area right now and here is a look at it on radar. not so much here in our area but just across interstate 95, a gusty line of some showers. probably heavy wind and maybe a few rumbles of thunder in that as well as that pushes out into eastern carolina. left behind, we will see low visibility. only seeing a quarter-mile visibility to the hill city.
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we will let you know what this week brings, a hint, a little birth sunshine all come nupingt full forecast. this is not a third world country! >> mark: today congress held its first hearing on the flint, michigan water crisis. they pressed state and local officials for answers. dozens of flint residents even made that trip protesting outside. since flint switched the water supplies in 2014 to save money, the city's water has been contaminated with toxic levels of lead. state environmental officials blame each other. michigan's governor announced he will spend $30 million to help those affected pay their water bills. the flint water crisis has run local communities around the nation and led folks wondering if our water is safe to use. priscilla keys officer digging with the lynchburg department of water resources. live in our newsroom. >> reporter: director of water resources said officials in flint dropped the ball well
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rounds of testing should have been done before the city switched from the detroit water system to the flint river. any city could be flint michiganany city could be flint michigan, reeling from a water cry sthais saw lead leach out of water faucets in thousands of homes. >> poor decisions made throughout the process. >> reporter: like possibly not testing for corrosion in the new water supply, which can become a real problem once it leaves the plant and hits your property line. >> houses that were constructed before 1986 have the potential if they have copper pipeif they have copper piping to have lead sauter. >> reporter: even then the city of lynchburg has a plan in place to make sure lead is stopped dead in its tracks. >> it involves adding a phosphate-based corrosion control product into the water before it leaves. >> reporter: on top of not being corrosive, mitchell says lynchburg has some of the
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>> we treat water to a level that is three times cleaner than aca.requires. we have been recognized by the state for how good our water is. >> reporter: put through a multiple filtration process and tested each month to make sure the ph and chlorine levels are right and to make sure it is safe for to you drink. >> we are paying attention to what is going on in flint michigan to make sure that nothing that we are doing could cause or contribute to any problems like they have in flintproblems like they have in flint. >> reporter: mitchell went on to say the city of lynchburg has never had issues with lead, despite still housing more than 100 lead service lines which are all in the process of being replaced. he also said after a pipe burst under the james river, there was no corrosion on the old water lines indicating the water isn't corrosive, but still they add phosphate to the water just in case. live in the newsroom, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> thank you, priscilla. there won't be a new boat
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now. altavista town councilmembers say the ramp would promote quality of life of who lives there. seven miles out of city limits from route 3. they requested that campbell county help them with grading. the county denied the request. the town, though, says they have secured land and they are working to get grants to help fund it. >> some of us feel that the quality of life is a big issue campbell county. our town is aging out. campbell county is aging out. we would like to create an atmosphere for our younger people to go off, get their education and perhaps come back one day and raise their familiesone day and raise their families. >> reporter: the town council chairman say why the board would like to see a boat ramp, the plan did not pass because they think any nonessential spending could be cut. breaking the last few hours, pennsylvania senator rick san for vum dropping out of the presidential race. according to cnn he is expected to announce that tonight and endorse a candidate. the third republican
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since monday. >> dropping like flies. >>. >> like flies. >> reporter: a different take to cut down on crime, and one city paying you not to be a criminal.
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drier weather is moving in. coverage count on. >> will: all right, today is the day we started off with light showers.
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the last few flames, we could see a little peek-a-boo clouds and sunshine. tomorrow will be a much pleasant -- much more pleasant day. temperature in danville. our dew point up to 60. a little on the muggy side. 93% humidity. visibility in danville is wide open. not the case other locations. the winds right now are calm in for danville. 53 in lynchburg. we are holding continue to 49 in roanoke. 56 56, martinsville. 59, farmville. and 54 over in hot springs. a majority of our area actually dry right now on radar. a lot of the real heavy rain is down toward the south. we have two river flood warnings up for halifax and to charlotte county. the heaviest of the rain just about ready to push off of bugeyeland lake and done for our area. where it is not done right now, continuing to rain actually rather hard in norfolk and cape charles up to williamsburg, wakefield and franklin and suffolk seeing heavier rain as the boundary continues to push off toward the east and a very
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down to panama city. a line of very nasty at least heavy rain and maybe even gusty winds, maybe a rumble or two of thunder and the rest of the country fairly quiet. an area high pressure kind of blocking things out. the boundary, we get into that influence of high pressure into the western part of the map. the area of high pressure continues to slide closer by. we will see those clouds decrease tomorrow and the sunshine increase on the way for friday afternoon, then we will be talking temperatures. temperatures actually kind of steady as she goes the next couple of days for that area high pressure. the model fairly accurate where the rain is right now. we that i is fairly accurate around 5:00. the rain moves out and clouds move out and skies trying to clear up a little bit. we will have patches of clouds and fog overnight and first thing tomorrow morning, the clouds will slowly start to decrease throughout the day. friday looking like a really nice day on tap. looking at mostly sunny skies to close out the end of the workweek.
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that is for sure. temperatures steady as she goes. 40s and 50s on the board that doesn't last too long rather because you don't have to go too far up the north of the hudson bay. 26 below zero. 11 below and 20 below. all of that cool air will come here. it will have some time to moderate, however, but in the seven-day forecast it turns quite chilly quite quickly. rain ending overnight. cloudy and cool. the overnight low temperatures back in the lower 40s. few mid- to upper 40s along the south side. tomorrow 49 in lynchburg. 54 in danville. 47 in roanoke valley and 45 in the new river valley. we mentioned at least the first half of the seven-day not too bad. sunshine and temperatures in the 40s and also the 50s but not too good. 39 on the way for tuesday and look at wednesday's high next week as that cool air really starts to get going. 33 on wednesday.
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home depot is on a hiring spree. it is hiring more than 80,000 seasonal workers nationwide for its busy spring season. the part-time and full-time jobs include cashier positions across
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what we are used to seeing and talking about too seems to be dissipating. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of unleaded gas is $1.78. who pays the most? that will be drivers in her hi. they pay around $2.63 per gallon of regular unleaded. are wedding bells ringing in your future? the personal finance experts at one key to cut costs down is location, location, location. the average couple spends more than $26,000 to put on their perfect day. wallet hub surveyed 150 biggest cities and the annual best and worst places to wed list. orlando, florida, las vegas, nevada, orlando, florida, tampa, florida, and springfield, missouri are the best places. >> danner: coming in at the bottom of the list, anchorage, worcester, massachusetts,
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and marina valley, california. >> mark: okay.
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trouble.not how my as we mentioned earlier we will finalally get off the temperature roller coaster and have seasonable weather around here for saturday and sunday. mostly sunny and a few more clouds will roll back in for a sunday afternoon, and we will tart to cool down by the end of that seven-day forecast. temperatures will start off in
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there is a lot of buzz about a new development in d.c. and get this, people are now going to get paid not to commit crimesto get paid not to commit crimes. d.c.'s homicide rate skyrocketed last year to 162. this new idea is part of an overall crime package. it was approved yesterday by the dc council and would allow at risk youth to be paid a stipend if they can keep a clean record. councilmember kenyon mcduffie believes the idea will work and points to a program in richmond, california. homicides drop there 77% in just seven years. the news has gotten a lot of reaction. >> might not necessarily be a good idea, but if there were other stipulations involved and see part of a program, that maybe it might be worth it. >> it is serious. people really try to do it. d.c. has a lot better places to spend their money. that is just silly
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paid people $9,000 a year if they completed behavioral training and stayed out of trouble in d.c., 200 people will take part in the stipend cost, about $460,000 a year. interesting idea.
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>> mark: what we learned from salem police have arrested a man who used a machete to threaten someone in the parking lot of a medical center. patrick brown of roanoke is charged with potential malicious wounding and possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon. a man got into a fight with his friend when he got out a large machete and put it to his chest and next. the man wasn't hurt. brown is being held withoutbrown is being held without bond. we want to take you live to blacksburg with more of the paijt nicole lovell's death has had on that community two minutes. also at 6:00, why city officials in lynchburg hope
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of a early spring really comes true. why one county's struggles
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