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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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celebrating freedom. released from prison after four decades in solitary confinement for a crime he didn't commit. and real-life star wars. virgin galactic unveils its new spacecraft designed to take passengers far, far away. >> the price of a ticket to ride and look who we found in the driver's seat. captain solo himself.eryone. on a momentous and multilayered day in american politics. >> in south carolina, the republican primary which is really been a nasty race at points, donald trump is hoping to pull out his second win. meantime, what jeb bush said last night that has people
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but over if he doesn't finish strongly in south carolina. >> in. nevada, a tight race against bernie sanders for hillary clinton in the caucuses today. >> another political layer to all of this. president obama is spending the weekend studying that binder full of potential nominees for the supreme court. even though republicans in congress say they may block anyone that the president puts forward. >> we're covering every angle of these fast-moving intertwining stories this morning. we're going to start with abc's tom llamas in charleston, south carolina. good morning. >> reporter: the polls are open here in south carolina and the gop candidates are looking for a boost. because in just two days, they head to nevada for voting there and right around the corner, super tuesday. the question this morning, who can catch donald trump? this morning, donald trump trying to make it two in a row. trump hoping south carolina voters make him the big winner tonight. >> all these thousands and
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get out and vote. because we have a movement -- we have something very special. >> reporter: pre-election polls front-runner. turn his with the pope. >> and then with howard stern. >> did you invade iraq -- >> reporter: one of trump's major campaign points he opposed the war before the u.s. invaded iraq. >> i was against the war in iraq. i said it's going to totally destabilize the middle east. >> reporter: in south carolina, trump trying to explain. >> then, i started looking at it, before the war started. i was against that war. >> reporter: as trump fought his personal battles. senator ted cruz and marco rubio battleing to be the next in line.
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because -- >> no pressure. we feel a lot of momentum. you know, it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands. >> reporter: a super pac supporting ted cruz. sending out this robocall cruz responding to the criticism that he's running a dirty campaign. with humor. we want to mention cruz campaign and that super pac operate ind pently. a strong moment in south carolina. two nights ago, ben carson and senator cruz met backstage at a event here talking about what happened in iowa. that dr. carson was dropping out, that's not true. they had their secret meeting inside of a closet. when i thought of it, i thought of dan harris, that's where he
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upset with people. >> i heard the meeting didn't go so well. that's an interesting thing. you couldn't make this stuff up. now, to nevada, where the democrats will caucus today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been running neck and neck. so much on the line for both of these candidates. and abc's mary bruce is on the story from vegas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as caucusgoers get ready to vote in a couple of hours. hillary clinton is hoping the luck will be with the lady tonight. as she looks to take back the luck from bernie sanders. joined on stage by chelsea and bill clinton. hillary clinton made her closing argument at a late-night vegas rally. >> let's make sure our country stays on the path to freedom. >> reporter: clinton counting on
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>> imagine a tomorrow where we finally pass comprehensive immigration reform, which i will work on from my first day in office! >> reporter: but as bernie sanders crisscrossed the state, he was confident that high turnout can propel him to victory. >> people will look back on what happens in nevada and say, this was the beginning of the political revolution. >> reporter: while nevada is neck and neck, clinton is already looking ahead to south carolina where she holds a commanding lead. she got a big boost friday winning the coveted endorsement of jim krshg lyburn. >> my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> reporter: she's also enlisting the help of a famous voice. her latest ad narrated by actor
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>> about breaking barriers. so would her presidency. >> reporter: now, it's so close here that the party is actually distributing deck of cards like these to break any ties. the high card wins. dan and paula. >> classic nevada, mary bruce, thank you. let's get more withof this with matthew dowd. is trump heading to an easy win and how important is the silver medal tonight? >> well, i think trump is headed for a win but it think it's going to be closer than many people think. in south carolina, it's win -- the important spots are win, place and show. the silver is really important in this. competitive race between marco rubio and ted cruz. because of momentum, i think marco rubio pulls out second.
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momentum here. >> you don't want to finish out of the podium. speaking of which, jeb bush, something that he said at rally last night at a high school. here it is. >> thank you very much for allowing us to close out campaign here at your high school. god bless you. >> he said close out our campaign here at this high school. does that sound like he's going to call it quits on the trail? >> jeb bush has sent all kinds of cues if he doesn't finish in the top three he's probably out of this race before the next vegas caucuses which are on tuesday for the republicans. my guess is if that happens he's out sunday or monday. >> huge stakes. >> vie va las vegas or fear and loathing. >> for somebody. for some of these candidates. >> thank you very much, matthew
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want to remind everyone make sure get all of the best analysis for the race to the white house tomorrow on abc's "this week." now to the question, providing a provocative backdrop to this race. who should fill the seat left vacant by justice antonin scalia. this morning, a funeral mass will be held for scalia, one day after thousands filed past his casket inside the supreme court's great hall and abc's devin dwyer is in washington with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. 4,000 family and friends of justice scalia and more than 100 clergy expecting to fill this basilica. the mass will be celebrated by the justice's son, paul scalia. a final farewell to the father
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justice antonin scalia lying in repose in supreme court. today will be laid to rest. sidewalk memorials to the justice, adorned with jars of apple sauce alongside candles. president and mrs. obama among the thousands who have paid respects. armed with research, the president's today is preparing for a nomination battle. >> the president will be dedicating a significant portion of his weekend digging into that information. >> reporter: likely on the list, all appointed to the federal bench with support. >> the republicans have a right what the philosophy of the nominee. they only get to dispose. the president proposes. >> reporter: senate republican leaders said the president's pick is dead on arrival and that
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until a new president in 2017, writing in the washington post, the american people rather than a lame-duck president should be afforded the opportunity to replace justice scalia. and among the attendees, vice president joe biden will represent the obama administration. justice clarence thomas will deliver a scriptural reading. and ted cruz of texas, says he'll attend today. >> devin, thank you. we want to move now to battle between two giants. the government and the apple. apple still refusing to unlock a cell phone. battle has moved into the political arena and abc's eva pilgrim joins us with more on what's becoming a very fierce battle. >> reporter: the fight continues. personal privacy versus national security.
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department. this morning, neither side is backing down. in a new federal filing prosecutors slamming apple for publicly repudiating a judge's order to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone. presidential candidate donald trump now calling for a boycott until apple complies. >> boycott apple until such time they give that security number. i just thought of that. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook said it won't create a back door because helping to unlock the device would be circumventing some important features. >> it's not about us trying to get a back door. i don't want a door, i don't want a sliding glass door. >> reporter: apple executives saying they tried helping the feds.
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found sigh yaid farook's phone, they reset the pass word removing apple's about to access the phone remotely. now the only way into the phone, cracking the numerical pass code. a risk that the feds aren't willing to take when there are thousands of combinations. >> just because it's easy to do doesn't mean you should do it. >> reporter: apple acknowledges it has the technical capability to it. but still rejecting because it will put privacy of thousands at risk. the fbi doesn't need apple to do this. offering to have his team hack into syed farook's cell phone for free for the fbi. he said it would only take him three weeks.
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why the county went in there and changed the pass word. >> still don't have answer. we posesd that question. >> all right, eva, thank you. lot of other news this morning. we get it over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, everyone. we begin overseas with breaking news, a serbian foreign ministry saying that two serbian embassy workers held hostage in libya are believed to be killed in an u.s. air strikes in that country. an isis operative responsible for deadly terror attacks in tunisia among dozens killed in that attack. happening right now, fiji is in the middle of one of strongest cyclones to hit that island nation. the category 5 storm is packing winds 100 miles per hour. one of the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. to hawaii, where the navy was to help recover the helicopter that made that
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occurred there. the tour helicopter plunging into the water on thursday. a teenager in that chopper in critical condition. the pilot identified as a former pilot ryan roern. a teenager if in a tennessee juvenile detention center -- after the beeting, the teenager is seeming to pull the trigger but the gun was not loaded. the 16-year-old managed to escape the facility barefoot. manhunt is under way. and the case against a so-called affluenza teern ethan couch, has been transferred to an adult court in texas. he and his mother fled to mexico
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december. now, to the death of harper lee, the famed author of to kill a mocking bid. the novel about a white lawyer defend a falsely accused black man. lee said she didn't expect the book to sell well. it sold over 40 million copies and counting. she was 79 years of age. dramatic rescue in the frigid waters in new hampshire friday night. rescuers pulling a woman from the fast-moving merrimack river. the woman was hospitalized for hypothermia. now to our galactic finale. the unveiling coming less than 18 months after his predecessor broke apart. spaceship 2 named unity will carry six passengers and
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miles high above the earth. the price of the ticket, $250,000. and here's -- >> return flight included? >> hopefully. >> you get pretzels -- >> the best seat available right now, harrison ford, hans solo himself was at control of the "unity." >> forget the peanuts. i would need a cocktail. >> i would want paula to go first and then me. >> very nice of you. >> i want her to test the peanut and you're just being a gentleman, letting the woman first. >> she always cover for me. wave. >> a gorgeous day out there. a friend in chicago, see twitter yesterday or facebook yesterday, lighting up. per hour.
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but it started to turn dangerous. streets evacuated. debris falling off the buildings out there. people were without power. today, a milder day for them. and the east coast as well. mild moving in for one day. it's going to feel like a saturday. temperatures, look at this. last weekend, we were feeling seaboard. 30, 40 below. not this weekend.
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the upper 50 >> we want to be couch potatoes. today is not a day for onesis or sweat. >> every day is a day for onesis or sweat. now, we're going to talk about the news regarding those hoverboards, one of the most popular under the trees this christmas. this morning, a stung announcement from the federal government. safety officials saying all of the hoverboards sold in the u.s. are unsafe. >> reporter: they have spontaneously come busted, in malls, and park path and it's on fire! >> reporter: then blamed for house fires and banned on airplanes. this morning, the government cracking down. >> it's irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hoverboards that they know do
7:19 am
>> reporter: not a single one has been certified safe, the cpsc warnings that consumers risk serious injury. 52 boards have been burned since december. this nashville home reduced to fire. risk. >> reporter: it was the hottest item on many christmas lists. e-bay at one point selling one every 12 seconds. chairman, would you let one of your own children ride a hoverboard? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the first thing to do is take these away from your kids and go to your retailer and demand a refund. amazon is honoring refunds. swagway offered a statement. saying we have an actively working with the cpsc on the
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hoverboards. we're continuing to work on improving our product features including enhanced safety, which remains a top priority for us. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you to matt. coming up here on "good morning america" -- freedom for a man held in solitary confinement for more than four decades for a murder he didn't commit. why he's released now. plus, how a simple oil change turned into a disaster for one customer and how the abc news fixer got her back on the road. and magic makeover. how i found extra space in my house. >> you looked so concern. >> because i'm in a closet. >> with dan? "good morning america" is brought to you by walt disney world resort. come join us as "star wars
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hometown trivia time. we're recognizing our columbia, south carolina n honor of the south carolina primary today. affiliate, wolo, channel 25. ready. let me finish the question.
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the ground by union troops under the commander of this famous general. >> robert e. lee? >> she said robert e. lee. >> dan got that one correct. >> geez, sara. you never know. okay, this university of and poet -- >> i missed the first part. >> -- he wrote this novel became a hugely popular movie -- dan, you know the answer?
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i'm first we took you into the fire. then, into the ice. now amy journeys across the planet, taking you into africa's garden of eden. right in the midst of the great migration. like never before. tuesday, "good morning america" on safari live. "good morning america" on safari live. it starts tomorrow with our own amy robach. it's the epic event. trabs port all of you at home to one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world. >> this looks, as horrible as that sounds, this looks really, really cool. tuesday on "good morning america," for the first time in network history the viewers
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will be able to choose their own adventure. amy robach joins us live tomorrow morning from tan zahn ya with more on this. >> giraffe. >> lion. >> hipppos are very aggressive. >> hippos frighten me. >> they should. abc news fixer taking on a case, a woman went in to get a routine oil charge, it botched. she needed an entire new engine. the man waking up to freedom this morning for the first time after spending more than 40 years in solitary confinement in a notorious prison in deep south. >> he served his time and was
7:31 am
his case is now making headlines around the globe. abc's marci gonzalez is here with the story. >> reporter: he was in the louisiana state prison names angola. his attorney said he spent more time in solitary confinement than anyone else in america history. today, he's starting his first full day of freedom. this morning, waking up free man after more than four decades in solitary confinement. >> how does it feel? >> i really haven't decided yet. >> reporter: yesterday, one of prisoners as the angola three celebrated his 69th birthday by walking out of a louisiana jail. after taking a plea deal, he's now starting life outside of his 9 x 6 prison cell for the first time more than 46 years.
7:32 am
trying to adjust to being free. >> reporter: convicted of murder murdering prison guard. the men claiming the crime was pinned on them because of their involvement in the black panther party. >> we were framed for murder. >> reporter: they were sentenced in ind definite solitary confinement at the louisiana state pen ten tear. along with another inmate who was serving time for an unrelated crime. >> everybody was fighting to survive from day-to-day. >> reporter: wallace and king were previously released and warfox had his conviction thrown out twice because of inadequate representation. he pleaded no contest tolesser charges. if you can go back to that day in april of 1972, what would you do?
7:33 am
there's not a lot you can do. >> reporter: warfox has maintained his innocent and said he only took the plea deal because of concerns about his age and his health. he has filed a civil suit over his extended time in solitary confinement. >> he'll have to lot to deal with. >> for sure. let's send things back over to indra petersons. >> warm weather again. outside of boulder, colorado, this may look like a tornado. look closer. notice the fire on the bottom edges. this is what we call a firenado. gusty winds and incredibly low humidity. the good news, no damage reports from this ar. it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend out there. i'm going to be the bearer of
7:34 am
watching a low moving out of the plains. new pattern here for the jet stream. it makes its way into the northeast. a mix of rain, snow, where this system goes is still very early. we'll have to monitor closely. there's a change coming this way. enjoy the air out there. because the cold air will be moving in quickly. >> this weather is brought to you by aha. it springsfeels like spring. >> spring and pancakes.
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how a seemingly easy trip to jify lube. a super saturday for you. number 14 kentucky taking on texas a&m at college station at 6:30 eastern on espn. and 8:30, warriors battling chris paul and the clippers. we'll be right back. brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients
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welcome back, everyone. keeping your ride in good shape means maintenance. especially with those oil changes. >> what happens when you try to do the right thing but it goes wrong? that's when you call the abc news fixer. check it out. >> we're always on the go. >> reporter: a single working mom of two, jennifer is pretty good about getting oil changes for her vehicle. 2007 hyundai santa fe that she adores. she stopped at this jiffy lube.
7:40 am
it was a disaster. >> reporter: the tech drain the in. >> it kept knocking and shuttering. it would shut off constantly. it wrecked the entire motor. >> reporter: jiffy lube toewed it away. something was really wrong. jennifer took her santa fe to out. >> the moment they took the cover off, they saw it was a sonata engine. >> reporter: that's right. the shop used by the local jiffy lube had replaced jennifer's engine with own of a totally different vehicle. >> they were very angry. >> reporter: after she got the runaround, she contact td our fixer. >> hi, i'm stephanie, the fixer. >> reporter: it was time for our fixer to rev her engine.
7:41 am
corporate involved and contacted the franchisee. >> it took months of calls and research. but that shop apologized for jennifer's troubles and agreed to have her mechanic rebuild her enj gin with the proper cost at $19,000. proving that squeaky engine does indeed get the grease. >> it's fixed. thanks, abc news fixer. >> if you have a consumer problem, contact stephanie at abc she'll help fix your ride.
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in today's weekend download. how you can expand the space in your home without tearing down any walls. we all have one. a room at home that's only purpose is for accumulating junk. for me, it's this laundry room/coat closet. i call my friend francesco bilotto to see if he can work his magic. oh, francesco. >> oh. >> i'm so glad you're here. >> how are you? >> hi, trixie. this is my problem area. it's a mess. >> it is a mess. let's take your mess to maintain.
7:46 am
tip for redesigning a space -- think outside a box. >> what we can do is turn this from a laundry room into a command center. we need to look for a up cough things on pint rest. and some pretty stuff. number three, shop your home. >> i gave francesco free rein of my opportunity to find items i already own. after heavy lifting we check the final tip off our list. >> tip four, add items. >> reporter: i'm ready to put it to good use. sara haines, command center. >> your closet looks amazing. >> he changed another closet into a baby-changing room. >> can i steal him?
7:47 am
francesco is pretty talented. what's coming up in "pop news." >> we're popping with some mary poppins news. it's a sequel we have been waiting for. ron? he's going to spell that through the commercial. >> we'll be right back. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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"good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel tooth paste. well, we hadve sara haines out of her command center with "pop news." we begin with some casting news that's even sweeter than a spoonful of sugar. emily blunt is in talks to play mary poppins.
7:52 am
producing a sequel to the julia andrews with new songs. of course, blunt and marshall worked together on "into the woods." let's keep our fingers crossed. that the english actress signs on tohe dot tedded line. in the meantime, we'll be practicing how to spell supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. i'm excited to see what we do with that. that music. you can't change that. >> she's incredibly talent zbld emily blunt is amazing. but julia andrews, come on the actor who played chewbacca is giving star wars fans something to -- about. >> was that chewbacca -- >> i love that in the tell
7:53 am
prompter off sara's reading from. >> it says mating call. >> i don't want to ask questions. >> it's the not an elephant. >> but peter is posting pages of his original "star wars" script saying it will all lead up to a big announcement. fans are going crazy wondering what it was. there's speculation that mayhew may be hanging out his furry suit suit. >> that was -- we're going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. one more time. >> ron said -- >> all day long. >> ron said you sound like an elephant in mud. >> okay, there's no mating going on in this call.
7:54 am
athletic brands can boost your fitness. designer gymwear has an effect that increase performance. subjects using a gulf putter to sink balls on a golf course. using the exact same putter, those who thought they were using nike performed better. however, the same can't be said with professional athletes they nailed it every time. so, the study did not work. >> we can go shopping. >> i do work out better when i look cute. i can kill it on the treadmill. the placebo effect, i'm extrapolating -- >> yeah, whatever. one more, kids. australian comedians are going
7:55 am
called the parent fantasy hot line. dan, i think you'll understand their inspiration. >> having enough e sleep? >> i just woke up. i had no sleep. i was bored of lying around in the bed. >> oh, my god. >> how many hours of sleep? >> nine, ten. >> oh, my god. oh, oh. >> love it. hilarious. thank you. good morning, america. hey there, i'm nicole briscoe alongside kevin connors. we got some sports. that's what we do at "sportscenter." >> that's what it says back there. >> the golden state warriors started friday night, 48-4,ing of course, the best record in nba history. they ran into the buzz saw
7:56 am
who had 51 points. 137-105. lillard and the blazers win. thunder/pacers. dontey ellis putting up the three at the end of the game. the pacers outscored the thunder by ten in the final 3:00. 101-98 your final in that one. nba sunday coming your way. first at 33:00, cav lers against russell westbrook and the thunder. catch both games on watch espn and the espn app. >> andy dandy espn app. enjoy your weekend, everyone.
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announcer: jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." 70% of our planet is covered in water, and most of it is still unexplored. today we're gonna try and fix that. just like in the movies. whoo-whoo! diving in fiji... i've never seen anything like that in my entire life. the great barrier reef... these colors down there are incredible. and the caribbean sea. sue: you just felt like you were one with them. that's what i love so much.
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week. 6 unbelievable undersea adventures, next on "wild countdown." i want y'all know it's me. this ain't no stuntman, this is jack going in the water. ohh! we tried to leave our tents. not even to go to dinner. we couldn't get to dinner. the lions were everywhere! golly day! [dogs barking] help! a dolphin, right there! holy mackerel! [roar] just like my life is devoted to the animal world, nationwide is devoted to their members, protecting what's important at every stage of their lives. that's why nationwide and i have been partners for over 30


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