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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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trump, ted cruz or marco rubio's gamble in nevada will pay off. hillcat country how the deal approved tonight by city leaders keeps the ball club in the area for years to come. little dreamer -sot.. tc: 10:11..."to have the support of so many people who are praying for our family means so much." meet the youngest college football player in the area 3 3 mark3 tonight a live look at a polling station in nevada where voters are making their choice in the republican race for president. donald trump goes in as the favorite.. but will that be enough to hold off rivals ted cruz and marco rubio?mark tight lauren lyster has been following the very latest.. we're going to her live in
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lyster abc live3 3 3 gop voters lined up to caucus here in nevada? choosing who should represent republicans in the race for president. sot - mos1 the reason i'm really for trump is that he's saying what everyone is thinking." sot - mos2"ted cruz!" sot - mos3"well, there's only course." back in 2012 - it took three days to find out who won? this year, everyone's hoping for a faster verdict. nats -- donald trump made his final push with nevada republicans - while hurling insults at rival ted cruz sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate"this guy ted cruz is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life. i mean it. // now i've met much tougher people than ted cruz, he's like a baby compared to some of the people i have to do...he's like a little baby." and cruz responded... sot - sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate"frankly
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daughter's future with donald trump." cruz telling abc news he thinks trumps insults are a barometer for how rattled the frontrunner is...cruz, taking jabs of his own. sot - sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidatethe truth of the matter is, if donald became president, nobody knows what the heck he would do, he doesn't know what the heck he would do."marco rubio escaped trump's attacks? but did launch a few of his own.sot - sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate"i didn't just become a conservative like a year and a half ago when i thought about running for president."ben carson and john kasich -- both still in the race, too -- despite low poll numbers. nats - kasich already looking towards super tuesday -- campaigning in georgia. lauren lyster oncam close: there are just 30 delegates at stake here tonight -- but this is the last chance for candidates to prove their strength before next week's super tuesday when 11 states vote. there will be nearly 600 delegates at stake then. lauren lyster, abc news, las vegas.3 3 mark vo box a massive storm is slamming the south.. and about to move up the east
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have touched down. at least 3 people are confirmed dead with dozens others injured. a state of emergency has been declared in mississippi and alabama.nats a tornado warning in this area, take shelter now. extreme threat. mark a louisiana sheriff says.. 2 of the people died after a tornado ripped through an r-v park. dogs are in the middle of searching piles of rubble left in the wake of the storm.. to find anyone else still missing. 7 people were critically injured. about 300 residents live in this r-v park. meteorologists there say.. at least 7 tornadoes hit louisiana and mississippi. 3 3 mark and just in the last 5 minutes -- the national weather service confirms a
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florida.3 3 forecast: occasional light showers will continue this evening across the heart of virginia. rain coverage and intensity will increase tonight mainly after midnight. temperatures won't change much, we'll remain nearly steady in the mid 40s through wednesday morning.occasional rain, heavy at times, will occur thru wednesday afternoon. additional rainfall totals of 0.50" to 2.00" will be common. flood warnings are possible to likely across southside including near the dan river. 3 mark box the pulaski police department is investigating social media threats made on facebook.. officers say they got an anonymous complaint where death threats were made to individuals online. in all- they identified 5 potential victims. investigators made contact with a person of interest in the 500 block of monroe avenue. soon after- police arrested michael johnson and charged him with 5 felony counts of death threats by written communication. he's being held without bond in the new river valley regional jail. 3 mark tight the fate of the 6 people charged in connection with the kidnapping and murder of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick.. is now in the hands of the jury. deliberations followed 12
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arguments. jurors have 34 different charges to decide on. a racketeering conspiracy charge is the big umbrella charge. if the jury finds the 6 defendants not guilty for that.. then 2/3's of the charges will go away. and the firearms charges can stand on their own. 3 mark tight salem police are investigating a sexual assault report first received by the roanoke county department of social services. julio deleon the 2nd.. is charged with 2 counts of rape.. 5 counts of aggravated sexual assault.. and 1 count of indecent liberties with a child. investigators say.. the child in question is under the age of 13. but her mother says.. she and deleon were in a relationship. the mother also told police that deleon was living with her and the child when the assault took place. deleon is currently being held at the roanoke county/sale jail without bond. 3 mark box in richmond.. an effort to give inmates in virginia who may have received inflated sentences a shot at parole.. has stalled. the
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of inmates who potentially were unfairly punished.. because their juries weren't informed that virginia had abolished parole in 1995. the bill had been narrowed to apply to only.. non-violent crimes. it passed the senate this month. 3 mark also- virginia could become one of the first states to allow and regulate online fantasy sports betting. bills passed in both the house and senate. online fantasy sports have become big business.. but have also created big controversies. new york and illnois have accused sites like fan duel and draft kings of being sites for illegal gambling. now it's being tackled in virginia. sen. ryan mcdougle (r) hanoverfantasy sports have become very popular in my district and across the commonwealth. over a million individuals play fantasy sports now just in virginia. mark the new bill would require companies to register.. have state audits to ensure money invested by consumers is being spent they
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prevent employees from those companies from participating. opponents say.. the gambling could lead to people seeking out bookies. 3 3 mark tight new tonight.. abc 13 learned that the lynchburg city council is giving its blessing to the group buying.. and promising to keep the hillcats here. council voted 7 to nothing.. on a lease deal between the lynchburg baseball corporation and the new owners.. the elmore sports group. it means the hillcats minor- league baseball team will stay put for at least 10 years.. with additional 5-year renewals. stadium, field and parking improvements are part of the deal. 3 mark box tonight.. the popular energy drink maker.. "monster".. is under fire.. for reports it targets children. doctors are warning of "life-altering" effects involving monster energy drinks. this follows several lawsuits that were filed against the company for targeting children.. and for its "proprietary blend" of ingredients *not* regulated by the fda. among the 23 ingredients in monster that pediatricians are most
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taurine, and guarana. "it can cause cardiac problems. so, there have been cases in which children end up in the emergency room. if not, i've actually heard of a recent case of a child dying from a caffeine overdose."mark box it can result in over-stimulation, dehydration and insomnia, appetite changes and worsened anxiety in children. doctors say.. talking with your children about energy drinks should be right up there with drugs and alcohol. 3 3 mark the cdc is investigating new reports of the sexual transmission of the zika virus. right now.. 14 cases involving pregnant women are being investigated. the cdc adds.. the new reports suggest sexual relations may likely be a way zika spreads. however, the most likely way is through a mosquito bite. zika has been confirmed in 21 states and d-c. the world health organization says.. up to 4 million people will be infected in the next year. 3 mark tight next week, lynchburg city officials will have an update on the downtown
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project. construction is set to begin in april. improvements scheduled will include.. replacing old underground water, sewer, and storm drainage piping. crews will also add new streetscape features like.. sidewalks, crosswalks, landscaping, and lighting. the meeting is next tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the holiday inn. 3 mark plasma tonight -- the liberty flames football team has a new member.. nats chanting nathan nathan.. but it's been a long journey just to get here.// plus, a patrol officer watched a truck pull away from giving him a ticket -- and was shocked by what happened next.// and, police are scratching their heads on how this plane ended up in the middle of the road.//
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3 every kid has a dream. whether it's to become a police officer, doctor, pro football player.. whatever. well, tonight.. a local kid is on cloud nine. he's the newest recruit on a college team. marissa parra is here with nathan norman's story.marissa intvu norman is a little boy who's been battling cancer almost as long as he's been alive. and today.. he had some dreams come true. you can call him a member of the the liberty flames football team. 3 3 nathan forman is all smiles- he's got a big day ahead of him.dawn norman, nathan's mother: (00:05:17 - 00:05:22) "they are having him officially sign to be an lu flames football team member." a special honor for a special kid.nathan norman, child cancer warrior: (00:24:29 - 00:24:32) "how old are you?" "9" his 9th birthday was nothing short of a miracle. he's spent the last 7 of those years battling
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"he took chemo this morning and he'll take it again tonight." dawn norman, nathan's mother: (00:09:50- 00:09:56) "the other day he went to get out of bed and started crying because his back was hurting so bad." dawn norman, nathan's mother: (00:17:09- 00:17:17) "we've always tried to preserve the best quality of life for nathan and just allow him to enjoy each and every day. which is exactly what makes this moment so important. turner gill, liberty flames head football coach: (31:57:29: - 32:05:00) "nathan norman is going to a national letter of intent, here at liberty university's football program. congratulations nathan." in the face of such an ugly disease... there's hope and happiness.3 it's a welcome distraction from chemo and hospitals.dawn norman, nathan's mother: (00:00:11- 00:00:18) "we want nathan to just enjoy life, this just allows him to enjoy it a little more." that's the magic of belonging to a team.
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thanks to team impact, an organization that matches up child superstars battling illnesses. and i'm no football expert, but it sounds like the liberty flames recruited a real star today. live in the studio, marissa parra, abc13 news. 3 mark tomorrow -- it's expected to be rain boot weather. and some areas could even see a flood warning. but chief meteorologist george flickinger is tracking it so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go
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switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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3 mark plasma it's a habit many of us wouldn't be able to quit..once you remove it i think we all realize that it really can become an addiction. mark but a woman in d-c is determined to
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3 a train collided with a tractor trailer.. and it was all caught on video. nats
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mark minnesota state patrol released this dash-cam footage of the accident that happened last month. in the video, you see the truck driver pull-off after a routine police inspection...then onto the train tracks. while the rail-crossing lights flashed and the train's horn blew.. the driver continued straight into the train's path. police say.. the train dragged the truck for a quarter mile down the tracks. the 67-year-old driver only suffered a minor cut to his eye. 3 mark a single-engine plane crashed on a city street in california.. although the plane hit several parked cars on the ground and broke into pieces.. the pilot survived and didn't complain of injuries. the pilot was the only one on board and nobody on the ground was hurt. and the crash happened about a block south of the airport. right now- the faa is investigating. 3 mark box so- how are you doing with your new year's resolution? a woman in d-c vowed to give up social media for a whole year..darla bunting/quitting social media
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moment. i'm not as easily distracted. when i'm at work...i'm fully present at work. mark darla bunting says.. she used to spend hours going down the rabbit hole on facebook, instagram, and twitter. but she does say.. there are disadvantages.. like the information that is readily available on social media. according to a study by web design and resaerch firm "go globe,".. social networking accounts for 28 percent of all media time online. the study says.. people between 15 and 30.. spend 2 to 3 hours a day on social media. bunting says.. now that she's removed it, she's realized how much of an addiction it really is. 3 dennis tight sports is next...we've got lots of high school tournament hoops, including action from brookville, heritage and v.e.s. and take a look at this boston college dunk. could they knock off tech at
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ahead.3 3 dennis the hokies
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tonight, tech hoping to improve to 7-and-8 in the acc, b.c. winless in the league coming in at 0-and-14. any road win is a good one in the acc, shane henry slams in the early seth allen miss to put the hokies on top. that's a good dunk but this one's better. garland owens flying down the lane for the one-handed jam for bc, that's a man's dunk right there! tech, though, led by 13 at the half 40-27 and pads the margin after the break. justin robinson scores here, allen led tech with 14. hokies win 71-56 and improve to 15-and-13 on the year. 3 first-round odac tournament play at randolph, the wildcats hosted washington & lee, a team they beat by eight on saturday. the generals came out strong, andrew franz poured in a game-high 26. and when nicholas george knocked down a three late first half, washington & lee led by seven. senior zach desgain helped bring the wildcats back, he
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the 'cats got within three at the half, josh freund chipped in 14. and randolph rallies to win 71-65. the wildcats advance to play roanoke friday at 8 in the quarterfinals in salem. 3 also in the odac tournament, hampden-sydney got 14 from mike murray, 10 from mitch owens in a win over bridgewater. and emory & henry had seven in double figures in a rout of shenandoah. big south women regular season action, jaymee fisher-davis scored 17 to help lead liberty past high point 73-68. and janayla white scored 16 as radford rolled over winthrop. 3 dennis high school regionals, number one in our full court press girls poll brookville hosted number 4 lord botetourt in the region 3a west quarterfinals. bees up by 6 at the half, they come out firing. the feed to kiela marshall, they layup and the foul! next series, megan dray's three finds nothing but the bottom of the net! part of a 9-0 brookville run to start the
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hang - jenna alam fires from long range for the three. the bees, however, pull away. alexis rosser down low for the easy two. hannah young with 24 points, brookville wins 56-39. they'll play spotswood in the semifinals thursday. 3 boys region 3a west at heritage, the pioneers faced the warriors of western albemarle. tight game the entire way, caleb snead drives in for two of his 16 for heritage. later, the pioneers force the turnover on the inbounds pass, elijah davis feeds cj rosser for two of his 16 and heritage leads 53-49 with just over two minutes left. but the warriors hit a bucket, then chris mcgahren steps back and drains a go-ahead 3, mcgahren led all scorers with 17. jordan hamlette's 3 at the buzzer to tie hits the rim but stays out. western albemarle knocks off heritage 56-53. 3 at v.e.s., the lady bishops battled the flames of eastern mennonite in round one of the blue ridge conference tournament. 2nd half, bre
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and stays hot! next possession, jefferson driving, and gets the layup to tie it at 20. the bishops keep firing - gracie thompson gets the runner to fall. next possession, she drives for the hoop and the foul! career high 25 points for thompson.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones.


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