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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> thank you so much. >> cate blanchett turned heads at the golden globes in the gown by given which i. while she was absent from some of the other awards show, she graced the red carpet at the baftas in this custom alexander mcqueen groun gown. brie larson sparkled at the golden globes, dressed to win in this custom calvin klein gown. for the sag awards she went with this, from versace. at the critics' choice awards, saoirse ronan went for a pale blue column gown and stuck with that designer for sags, choosing a pink dress. jennifer lawrence went with a black pantsuit by stella mccartney.
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was red hot in over 150 carats of chopard diamonds. i know you've seen jennifer lawrence's transportation over the years. what makes her so special on the red carpet? yu tsai: brie always dresses in what she feels and then she excesses that on the red carpet. roshumba: for me it's got to be jefferson lawrence. she tarted -- jennifer lawrence. she started out as a bleachy blonde and now she's a clever fashionista. george: a korean superstar, the young actor will be taking the stage tonight as the first korean star ever at the oscars. tell me the sense of pride you feel right now. >> yeah, i heard i'm the first
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invited to this oscars. it's very honored for me as an actor. because this is a great time for me and it's going to be memorable for me. george: we're live right now in asia. what would you like to say in english to the fans over there? >> i'm so happy to be here as an actor. i've been dreaming of this actually. but dream come true. george: perfect and you have "the magnificent seven" coming out later this year. what can you tell us about that without giving too much away? >> it's an amazing story. actually, it's a remake and antwan fuqua directed that and there are a lot of great actors like denzel washington, ethan hawke, and they're amazing. it's a very good action movie, i think.
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tonight at the oscars. that's byung-hun lyrics everyone. we are here at the oscars fan experience with a very energetic crowd. wow! and we are here front row at the red carpet with one of the winners of the abc 7 eyewitness instagram contest. yo landa won a ticket here. who are you looking forward to seeing? >> chris evans and mark ruffalo. >> we'll have much more here coming up. george: all right. actor sylvester stallone is up for best supporting actor for his work in the movie "creed" and he's taken to instagram to talk about it. in an instagram quote recently he said on my way to the oscars,
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sly returns to the rocky series for reprising his role of rocky balboa. he serves as a trainer and mentor to adonis, the son of apollo creed. back in 1976, the original "rocky" movie was the highest grossing movie of the year. it won for best picture but that year the award for best actor went to peter finch for "network." will sylvester win tonight and what kind of speech might he give if he does? looking forward to seeing that moment in the show. right now, i'm tossing it back to our fashion posse. >> oh, my goodness, fashion, posse, i love it. and george, you are so dapper, by the way. sylvester stallone, we found a
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that's stallone from the 1977 academy awards. roshumba: oh, my goodness -- he was wearing this same outfit backstage during the shows in the 1990's. oh, my goodness, talk about a past -- blast from the past. color. that is tom ford before tom ford. caller: oh, my goodness. he is such a good actor, he can probably get away with anything. if he rocks that tucks and color tonight, he'll be fine. roshumba: please don't. >> i can't wait to see best supporting actress nominee alisha have i canned ratchet and see the -- vikander. and our collusive virtual
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on george: welcome back to the red carpet at the 8 th annual academy awards and the youngest presenter is on his way right now. we'll look at an instagram picture from jacob tram ballet, the young star of -- tremblay, the young star of "room." he's been a champion this whole
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always thrilled to be hanging with brie larson at the oscar luncheon. he was introduced to jennifer lawrence. jacob really making a name for himself with this one picture this big role in this movie that is nominated for best picture of the year, "room." now let's see what's going on in the fashion room with yu tsai and roshumba and kristen. kristen: thank you very much, george. we're having so much fun this year. you know who has blown up this year, alicia vikander has been having a fantastic awards season. roshumba: she's like the perfect mix between magazine and hollywood. she's doing it the right way. yu tsai: still keeping it young, i love it. kristen: let's look at some of her choices throughout the
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the golden globes, alicia vikander went with this apron style gown from lowery vuitton. a week later she went with a darker pal let, by mary tricas nsu. for sag she was back in lieuy vuitton. this was flashy but still fist sophisticated. at the oscars luncheon she wore this louie vuitton. but she kicked it up again here. look at this. we have our fashion gap looking at alicia vikander just arriving then red carpet. roshumba, what do you think of her ensemiable? roshumba: i love that bright, pop-up color. that yellow is amazing. and the cool thing about it is, that's what young hollywood does
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the picture. it's jewel embellished. yu tsai: she also made sure she didn't wear a train that was way too low that she didn't step on in a crowded space. roshumba: fashion, on trend. i love it. kristen: the color yellow, is that going to be a trend we might be seeing more on this red carpet? some of the pastels? roshumba: i'm thinking more of the jewel embellished trends. bright colors, darker colors, but also a jewel embellish there. yu tsai: she stood out on the red carpet in that yu tsai:. you can spot her from across the street. i love it. roshumba: you know what, that yellow also goes well with an oscar. kristen: we're going to be rooting for her. over here, george. george: thank you very much. it's getting very crowded on the red carpet.
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to talk with oscar winner louis gossett jr. and look who's here. whoopi goldberg, who won the oscar for her work in "ghost." whoopi , of course, one of the pan lists on tv's "the shoe." always fun to talk. to we hope she can make her bay to us. drive grohl posing on the red carpet. robin roberts is behind me. kelly ripa. there's dave grohl. he'll be performing on the show tonight. this is the time when everybody kind of starts to arrive at about the same time and they have to wait in security tents to walk out because not everybody can come out at the same time or the still photographers would be screaming loud and none of the stars would know where they needed to look when that time came. right now we're going to take a
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more "on the red carpet at the oscars." >> alisha is here, whoopi , louis gossett jr., dave grohl and will yellow be the color of the day? for breaking oscar scoop follow
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brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. the stars are all showing up now. we have jenna roland showing up. mindy canceling is here. they're all on that red carpet. if you want more live fashion camera, check in with otrc's tina malave and allison mcnamara, who are streaming live on hi, girls. >> hi! we're having a party up here. we're checking out everybody as they arrive from above and from a different angle and we're having some behind the scenes talk. >> we're talking major girl talk with alicia vikander. all about her gorgeous outfit we just saw and many more stars are arriving. >> pop onto your computer and log on to grab a cocktail. and this is for the fashion fab
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all day long. george, what do you have going on down there? george: we're joined by one of tonight's oscar nominees, sam ships -- smith, who did a song for the latest 00 07 movie. you must be thrilled. how's this? >> it's incredible. i feel so lucky to be here. george: but luck has something to do with it maybe but talent -- talent too. did you know this song belonged to you the first time you sang it? >> i just know they love working with this man and whenever we get in the studio together it feels magical for us. george: what is it about sam's music that you know works for you? >> sam has the voice of an angel so it's always a privilege to write with him. i play piano and when we got a chance to write a bonds song it
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and to be here is like a cherry on a cake. george: have you dreamed about what it would be like if they called your name when they opened that envelope? >> not really. i try not to think about it. but just being here and performing on the show is incredible and i'm just enjoying that. if anything else happens it would be an incredible bonus. george: sounds like you're going to have a great night either way. i look forward to your performance. sam smith, jimmy, thank you very much for joining us "on the red carpet at the oscars." kristen: this is such an exciting thyme. star after star keep arriving. this time we're getting a better look at her. she copes floating on that red carpet. roshumba: this is like young hollywood at its best. this gorgeous volume news bolster. incredible. yu tsai: i got a chance to work with her as well and her
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look at her. she's having so much fun. kristen: that's amazing. all right, we have george down there now. jim: we are here with an oscar nominee, alicia vikander from the movie. "the danish girl." i should tell you right now that we are live in sweden so if you'd like to say anything -- [speaking in native language] george: what does that mean? >> hi, everyone. i haven't seen you in a long time. george: they're probably the proudest people on this red carpet. i've watched you on your journey during this awards season. you're so elegant and been having such a good time. and it always goes back to the work because i think you care more about being an actress than being a star. >> i think that's why we're all here. it all comes back to the fact
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back and tap on the shoulder the best one to go back and hopefully continue the good work. george: i hear worlds from you that sound like you realize that being nominated means you've won, that the academy has accepted your work and loves you for it. >> it's the most, you know, incredible and surreal recognition so i'm just so happy to be here tonight. i'm already -- no, i'm in a party mold. george: is there anything you'd like to happen tonight aside from just taking the stage? >> maybe the obviously things of not falling down, not get too drunk. you know. [laughter] george: why don't you sape goodbye to sweden right now? native language] george: thank you very much, alicia vikander nominated for best supporting actress for "the danish girl." >> do you have a passion for fashion?
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cags cam -- fashion cam live on
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goodyear. george: all right, welcome back to the red carpet and look who just walked up.
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i have to say i don't know that i've ever seen you look more beautiful. >> i think that happens with age, babe. i'm getting better as i'm getting older. george: when you heard you were coming i was really glad because i know you don't like to fly. >> no, i don't but you kind of knew they had to come, right? it's like tell me to stay away and i have to be here, you know. george: is there anything you would like to say about this year? >> you know what, this year is going to happen again. it's going to happen periodically and this is what it is, that folks are noticing now, that maybe we can get folks to rehire or hire more folks. not just black folks but asian folks and maybe this will start the conversation again. i hope this goes beyond tonight. george: you're not one to miss any hot topic. >> no, but i've seen this a couple of times and now i hope
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something about it. george: i hope you're right and i think the academy is making great strides. i need to point something out. look at whoopi 's hands. she's wearing an octopus. >> yes, from a wonderful designer from istanbul. i know i sort of look like an adult but i wanted to have something that felt like me as well and this does. george: you take comedy stages in clubs and on television. you're taking the world stage tonight. >> you know, i've done this before. george: hosting and the whole she bang. >> i love to be here. it's a great time and people wait their whole lives for this one moment. george: i'm going to toss it over as i give whoopi a big hug.
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wow, we're still talking about whoopi 's jewelry. roshumba: beautiful, beautiful. kristen: stunning details. kelly ripa has arrived on the red carpet. we have footage of her working the carpet. what do you think of her sequins? roshumba: amazing, black strapless. i love this gun metal bead embellishment. yu tsai: we're seeing a lot of that. elegance of old hollywood. short in the back. she looks elegant as walls -- as always. kristen: on the red carpet you hear the terms out couture, custom. what's the difference? roshumba: out couture can only be made in paris. custom is made all over the world. this is custom. kristen: are you rocking that. of course the fashion continues here at the oscars. >> can you feel the excitement? hollywood's biggest night has begun. the stars are arriving and we're
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on the red carpet waiting to chat with them.
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miss something. >> live from the heart of hollywood at the dolby theater, this is "on the red carpet at the oscars." orge: we are live on this red carpet and the stars are starting to come out of the security tent and pose for the print press and take pictures that go all around the world. we're going all around the world too and right now we're talking
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the year, 9-year-old jacob tremblay from "room." you're at the oscars, can you believe it? >> no, no. george: you're also going to take the stage and present. >> i'm presenting best live action short. george: you also are a big "star wars" fan and you're wearing "star wars"-related clothing. >> this? uh, falcon cuff links and darth vader socks. george: you're a darth vader fan over the other one? >> i just like darth vader because he's pretty cool. george: have you told j.j. abrams you need to be in another "star wars" movie? >> i told colin. he's doing the next "star wars." george: what is your next movie? >> i have four movies coming out.


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