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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the year, 9-year-old jacob tremblay from "room." you're at the oscars, can you believe it? >> no, no. george: you're also going to take the stage and present. >> i'm presenting best live action short. george: you also are a big "star wars" fan and you're wearing "star wars"-related clothing. >> this? uh, falcon cuff links and darth vader socks. george: you're a darth vader fan over the other one? >> i just like darth vader because he's pretty cool. george: have you told j.j. abrams you need to be in another "star wars" movie? >> i told colin. he's doing the next "star wars." george: what is your next movie? >> i have four movies coming out.
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"book of henry," and then boot book of henry," and then "book of henry," george: and two other ones. >> and shutin and -- george: very good. have fun presenting at the oscars. this kid knows more about hollywood than i do and he's 9. kristen: i don't know about that but what a cutie he is. i am kristen aldridge and we are stationed here at our exclusive vantage point overlooking this red carpet. i'm joined by supermodel roshumba williams and celebrity photographer yu tsai. we are talking all things fashion. sofia vergara is a star that keeps bringing the gorgeousness. we have video of her arriving on the red carpet. what do you think? roshumba: she looks amazing. wearing this blue, fitted on the
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the dropped ears, i love it. kristen: all right, george, over to you. george: all right, look who's with us now. it's the team behind "mad max: fury road," editor margaret and writer and director george miller and producer george mitchell. i think we got it right. irked get something for that. >> no need to do another take. george: george, when this movie came out it was immediately thunderously applauded by audiences and you might have been thinking what just happened to me? >> yes, you don't know what it's going to be like and suddenly you're getting all this approval so it makes you feel good. you know, you work hard on the movie and now -- george: i've told you before that i can't believe the visual that i see here and i know you're responsible for a lot of that. i would love to see your cutting
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>> you know -- you mean all the other 46 hours? there was nothing worth using. jim: i don't believe that. doug, you're part of this team. tell me what the teamwork is like when you're shooting not on a hollywood sound stage? >> they're brilliant people. george i admire immensely for his creative generous and margaret. we'll be making 400 sequels i would imagine out of the remainder. but it's a pleasure to be here with them. george: max hollywood boulevard for the next one? >> hey, there's something there. george: you have lots of nominations. i happy to see "mad max" on that stage tonight. thank you very much. and now let's talk about mad fashion. kristen: ooh, i like the way you think, george. it's getting exciting down this i love it.
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on the fashion, we're checking out social media. star of abc's quantico -- look at this. roshumba: i love her. that's the way you show it off. yu tsai: nobody knows this but she an amazing singer and was a model at one time. i know all about her. kristen: absolutely stunning. phenomenal actress as well. george, over to you. george: thank you very much. one of the most popular nominees tonight is leonardo dicaprio, up revenant." we first met leo when he was a kid starring on tv's "growing pains." we've seen leo really just grow up in show business to become an adult who's been honored by this academy in many, many times.
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leonardo dicaprio has redefined his career. leonardo dicaprio's groundbreaking bone-chilling role in "the revenant" took him into uncharted territory. >> in the context of making movies, this was definitely one of the most difficult ones i've ever done in my life. jim: to truly become the revenant, a man who returns from the dead. leo had to redefine his approach to the part. >> there was not a lot we could do beforehand other than understand the basics of survival and where these people came from and then kind of forget all of it and live it and that living it, i think is what you end up seeing up on screen. george: that on-screen performance has so far earned leo bafta, critics, choice, globe awards and sag awards for best actor.
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to see that type of cinema. jim: "steve jobs" stars kate winslet and michael fassbender are both up for oscars but she's abandoning ship, throwing her support to former on-screen fling. >> you can very much feel that's going to be leonardo. i don't feel bad in that conversation. everybody is saying it's going to be leo's area. george: that buzz doesn't seem to bother his fellow nominees one bit. >> no, leo's my friend. i'm happy for him. >> i think he's extraordinary and deserves it all. jim: if you'd like to talk about leo, join the conversation online with the #red carpet redefined. we've seen some of the stars of "the big short" arrive and
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we have some video of the star of abc's hit series "quantico." kristen: the red carpet is as crowded as a southern california freeway at rush hour, minus the road rage. check out our 360 video available on lucky the stars on the red
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redefine style.
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there's a logjam on the red carpet and even getting out to the red carpet. olivia wilde, and others are posing right now for the print press and from our limo cam we have a very special guest. there's free yand -- priyanka posing. she looks fantastic. she's one of the biggest stars in india and a big star now in america, loving every moment of it. let's look at our limo cam. oscar winner j.k. simmons arriving. he won for "whiplash," and he's having a great run right now, making movie after movie. he's told me he's gotten more offers than ever before and it's great to be able to just read scripts and pick and choose. right now on the red carpet, eddie redmayne is posing with his wife. eddie is nominated for "the
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right behind him is saoirse ronan, nominated for best actress for "brooklyn." saoirse ronan is posing. i interviewed her when she was a little girl in the movie "atonement." she sat in our newsroom lobby and was coloring. she was a polite little girl from ireland and now she's a polite young lady from ireland up once again for an oscar. the director of "the danish girl" has also arrived. let's toss it up to fashion right now to see what they have to talk about. kristen: thank you, george. brie larson is earning so many accolades for her role in "room." yu tsai: i love brie. roshumba: she is a style star on that red carpet. let's look at some of her red
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kristen: brie was ready to take home gold at the globes. she dazzled in this hand-em broidered custom calvin klein gown and for the sag awards, she went with this blue atellier versace gown and complimented the look with jewels. brie explained how he chooses her dresses. >> i feel like the way i've been able to understand clothes and fashion better is it's a great way for me to express what's happening on the inside. my goal has been to try and reflect what my soul looks like, which is far more complicated than any dress could ever be. kristen: it's a tough choice to choose a favorite. yu tsai, what makes her such a winner? yu tsai: i can't wait to see
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i had a sneak peek. beautiful. especially her lip choice color. george: we're we're with "quantico" star priyanka chopra and we're also broadcasting live to india. >> hi, india. i miss everyone. i miss home. george: what is it like to be here? >> i'm very excited, especially so soon after my show aired. it's just been about six months. i'm very happy to be here. everyone is excited and looking sunny -- stunning and it's a beautiful, balmy day. george: what's it like to hear your name called by so many print press members? >> i know a lot of them now and the fact that they can pronounce my name right. george: is there one performer or movie that you're crossing
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>> i loved spot spot and i'd like to see "room" win something. george: thank you so much for joining us here, priyanka chopra. kristen: we saw her most on social media earlier but on the red carpet totally working it for the photographers. what do you think? roshumba: that's a very romantic look. the trend now seems to be this embellished lace. we saw that all over the fashion runways in paris and new york. yu tsai: and a bit of peek-a-boo. you can see something, romantic, sexy but not over the top. roshumba: i love the strap. that seems to be a trend. we saw that on sofia and now here on free yanke. this may be something we see further down the red carpet. kristen: the action continues here on the red carpet.
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make sure to follow "on the red carpet at the oscars" on instagram for all the snapshots
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performers and presenters. >> the otrc fashion camera is brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. we have oscar nominee eddie redmayne with his beautiful wife hillary.
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wilde and jason sudeikis and sophie turner. we are streaming the fashion camera live uninterrupted on let's check in with tina malave and allison mcnamara. >> it's crazy up here. we have baby bumps. >> we have everything. >> we have sofia vergara. >> oh, we have her. we're talking everything fashion. >> who's been your favorite so far? >> let's find out who george is talking with right now. >> all right, who am i with? olivia wilde and she has a big stake in the oscars tonight. she's the executive producer of "body team 12" a documentary short that's nominated and the buzz is it could win. >> that would be nice. we're very hopeful. it's exciting that it's even here. jim: you go -- do all this glitz and gamor and then you take on
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what's the driving force behind your involvement? >> i think documentaries a driving force and can really make a difference. particularly the shorts. a lot of times people will give 15 minutes and they can learn a lot in that time. so i'm very proud of this film and i can't believe that ebola is going to be mentioned at the oscars. hopefully the last time it's ever mentioned at the oscars. joifpble what's great is you come here for a serious reason tonight but it still is a celebratory evening in hollywood and you get to be a part of it. >> i'm going to present. i'm going to try not to trip. it's really nice. i'm excited to meet chris rock and excited to see all of these really worthy nominees win something. george: you speak like a true lover of movies. >> i am, i am. george: go enjoy your night here at the oscars. >> thank you.
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i've never seen her look bad. what about you guys up in the fashion gallery? >> i have to totally agreement i think that olivia wilde is pretty i credible but we have footage from the red carpet. >> it does not work. too many elements going on. origami on the dress. front boobs, side books. a platinum choker with these earrings. roshumba: i don't agree with you. yu tsai: i love everything about her. with side boobs, i would show it. roshumba: keep it simple. this is the oscars. classier is better. if you're going to have an sclave gant dress, keep the hair and the jewelry special. yu tsai: i love her. kristen: we have saoirse ronan heating it up. roshumba: -- yu tsai: she's showing us she has beautiful skin.
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her pale skin radiates from in dress. roshumba: she is getting her fashion groove on. look her character who was discovering america, i felt she was discovering her fashion. she found her wray. yu tsai: the earrings are a little distracting for me. it's bothering me. yu tsai: meanwhile the red carpet continues. you guys are so cute. >> it's the biggest night in hollywood. fashion hits and misses.
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there's still more to come. george: we can't say goodbye to
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oscar winner j.k. simmons and his beautiful wife. j.k., you've had the best year in show business. what is it like now strolling this red carpet once again? >> more relaxed. better weather. we're here having fun. been there, done there -- that george: i don't know if you're a show biz life or not because you valley. what is it like for you? >> it's fun. everyone is here for good reasons and everyone is here enjoying themselves. this year it's especially relaxed because we're sitting and he's presenting. george: you were telling me the other day you've gotten more script offers than ever. you actually get to make choices. >> i was a little choosier before but there's no volume now coming up, including the lady on my right directing that we'll be shooting next month.
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>> "steve's umbrella." george: ok, we'll look for that. as we wrap things up, common has just stepped out on the red carpet, the writer of "room" and what's happening in the world of fashion? kristen: that's right, george, the stars keep arriving and we're looking at naomi waltz wearing a fabulous gown. she looks pretty amazing. roshumba: this is how you do it when you wear a lot. you keep it simple. a simple dress is a statement. yu tsai: what i love about her the most is the makeup. the impeccable eyes and lips. i love it. roshumba: everything is impeccable. kristen: george, we're going to take the necklace. in the meantime, back to you. george: thank you very much. our conversation is ending right now but the conversation is
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go to and we'll keep plugging away with information and arrivals and fashion and everything you want to see related to all things oscar. people still walking onto the red carpet right now. just saw olivia munn. there are lots of stars to the rights of me. the bleacher people are being very quiet until they see a big
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here, thanks so much for joining i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. icing paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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"scorsese finally wins." "could you double check the envelope?" "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is like a box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get." "we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." good evening, everyone. i'm robin roberts. welcome to the biggest night in hollywood! we're live on the most famous red carpet in the world. taking you every step with us. here's a view you don't usually get to see. tonight, the biggest stars in the universe are here for the 88th annual academy awards. you can see the photographers are. and so is michael strahan.
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>> it is great to be here. and you look amazing. >> thank you, thank you. we're going to have a great time. because, this is hollywood, super bowl and the excitement starts right now. >> life is full of dreamers. some dream of falling in love. others dream of changing the world. but there's one night we all dream in gold. >> on this one extraordinary night. dreams come true. >> no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid. >> exhilarating. breathtaking. >> thank you so much! >> wow! >> and right now, with all the world watching, this is where stars dare to dream in gold. >> and the oscar goes to -- whoopi goldberg! >> since i was a little kid, i wanted this. >> thank you!


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