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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to hear it once. all lives matter. >> danner: and police did detain someone too, not a student but a photographer for "time" magazine. annie andersen was there for it all. annie, tell us what you know. >> reporter: it actually happened really fast. security was escorting a group of political science students out of the rally when all of sudden everyone's focus was to this. >> get him out. get him out. >> reporter: now those were the students and this is cell phone video from someone at that rally. it shows "time" magazine journalist chris morris get into an altercation with one of trump's secret service agent. when journalist go to major events we are kept in one set area. before the event trump's media manager said we could leave the area called "the pen" until 20 minutes after the event started and we had to stay in there until trump left the building. i talked to morris and he said he took a few steps out of the pen trying to get a picture as
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out of the building. morris is heard cursing at an agent who grabs him and takes him to the ground. the end of the video shows morris reaching up to the secret service agent's neck. i asked him about that. >> i never punched him. i never touched him. at the very end i -- what he did to me and he said he choked me and i put my hand on him. that's when i was arrested. >> reporter: i asked him and morris said he is not going to press charges. trump's campaign hadn't heard of the incident but the media manager is the blonde right on the video just inches from where everything happened. tonight at 6:00, the nuts and bolts of trump's speech. live in roanoke, annie andersenlive in roanoke, annie andersen, abc 13 news. [chanting] >> danner: this was the scene after trump's rally. students were on radford's campus to continue to protest
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in the next half hour, your super tuesday preview, everything you need to know about voting tomorrow. that is next at 5:30. breaking this afternoon, jesse matthew is now expected to take a plea deal in the killings of hanna graham and morgan harrington. robert tracy says that matthew will appear in court. without the plea agreement, matthew could have faced the death penalty in the graham case if convicted. the 18-year-old disappeared and was later found dead in albemarle county in 2014. matthew faces first-degree murder charges in the 2009 death of morgan harrington. >> the latest on the tornado that hit appomattox. the sheriff's department is urging to you keep an eye out for your neighbor tonight. sheriff barry letterman said they have increased patrols in the 17-mile span wrecked by the tornado that hit wednesday. he says to be sure to keep an eye out for lights at night, as well as for people wondering around -- wandering around in
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if you see them, get license plate numbers and descriptions and report it. >> give us a call. let us come out there and check it out and see who it is. we haven't had any problems as of yet with anything, but it is not something that we are concerned about. >> danner: the sheriff said that law enforcement from surrounding counties are helping out there too. as families and volunteers dig through the rubble, they are finding mementos and other items that some really want back. that is about the lynchburg police department come in. they are now set up and ready to take those items so they can get them back to their original owners. kate skate live in evergreen with what you need to know about that new tonight. >> reporter: danner, lpg tell me they had 13 items turned in, checkbooks, driver licenses, birth certificates, and even a old year book. and setting up a lost and found for those things. it is important to organize
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missing things can check if they have been found. the today they say that a few people have stopped by searching for their driver licenses or special paperwork. >> we still have people out here going through massive cleanup process, getting debris out of their yards and stuff, and once they are doing this a little bit more they will be coming across more items of sentimental value that belong to people. >> reporter: lpd will be here throughout the week cataloging all the items that come in. if you were missing something important, come here to the evergreen baptist church between 10 and 6. look through that catalog and see if any of those items are there for you. live in evergreen, katie brookelive in evergreen, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> danner: thank you, katie. today we are looking into the appomattox county alert system. it failed to warn at least 3,000 people a tornado was headed their way. whitney delbridge met with public safety officials today. she is live in appomattox county.
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that alert was supposed to be sent to every verizon landline in the county and those who had h signed up for the alert on the mobile phone. the residents here tell me that warnings never game. public safety officer john vinoy said they are still investigating that failure when the county sent out a cellular alert to all deputyalert to all deputies through last week's storm, it went through just fine but the national weather service alert did not. >> the company has assured us they have fixed the problem. they are not sure how this happened. i just want it to work to let our residents know if a tornado or thunderstorms are coming. >> reporter: vinoy said a lot of people were out of their homes by the time that alert would have come down, and a lot of them would have missed it anyway. this is the first time the system has malfunctioned since being put in place a few years ago. danner. >> danner: thank you, whitney.
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the weather in the 60s. a beautiful day out there. chief meteorologist george flickinger has more on that. >> george: danner, many of us enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather. even a few 70s still showing up as we take you through danville. and right now we are looking live, 72 degrees in danville. lynchburg we are at 65. and roanoke also in the midand roanoke also in the mid-60s. the temperatures will cool down tonight and then you will probably want your coat in the morning. temps in the 30s so it will be colder tomorrow morning than we were this morning with temps in the mid-30s. coming up later we will update you when you will see rain, possibly snow returning to virginia. day one of the trial of the man accused of killing an elderly madison heights woman and beating her son just wrapped up. the second trial for edward marshal jr. after a judge declared a mistrial last year in the case. prosecutors say in 2015, marshal broke into the home of morgan jean and allen freeman and attacked them while they slept. mona kosar abdi is live outside
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mona, jury selection took more than three hours. >> reporter: danner -- danner, on the second floor of this building, the judge questioned 42 potential jurors. after three hours asking them questions like, if any of them were related to the defendant or the victim, but things got tricky when we asked if any of them had seen or read any media coverage on this case. that question alone eliminated 18 potential jurors after those individuals stated that they had already formed an opinion on edward marshal jr. at the end, the judge was able to see the 12 jurors, three men and nine women, two of which are african-american. those men and women sat through opening statements that the prosecutor sawed alan freeman was a giver and alex marshal as a giver who extorted their relationships. killed nor ma jean and nearly
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gift cards. the defense refuted that claim citing lack of evidence. you may remember that last week that edward marshal filed a complaint in federal court against the amherst county circuit court after judge gamble denied his motion for a change of attorney. i spoke with marshal's attorney, and he tells me that he believes that complaint won't affect this case. now coming up at 6:00, i will have more on the chilling call alan freeman made to a friend after the attack begging for help, mona. police release new details of the officer involved shooting and what the man did. 18-year-old kionte deshawn spencer ignored their commands to drop a pistol. the en valley high school student died at the hospital after being shot by police at the intersection of electric road and brambleton on friday. turns out the pistol was a bb gun. >> this was a deadly force encounter, despite the fact that we know now that this handthat we know now that this
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you saw what our officers saw in his hand. that is a potential deadly encounter. and at this point, our investigation in the case that our officers responded within their training. >> reporter: investigators say that two stun guns were deployed but they are still trying to figure fought they hit spencer. the officers are on administrative leave. someone called 911 reporting the armed man with a bandana over his face walking in a drug store parking lot. an accused cop killer faced a judge accused opening fire on prince william police and his own family. the suspect is charged with killing his wife, then a rookie officer one day after she was sworn in. >> i just want to be clear, do we have officers involved in a shoot something in. >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> danner: ronald hamilton in s in jail held after being
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according to authorities three officers were shot responding to a 911 call reporting abuse. officer ashley guidon did not survive. she was sworn in just the day before. the 28-year-old spent six years as a marine corps reservist and history dates back to 2011 when she interned with the police department. >> couldn't be any worse case than this in my opinion. a police officer -- i always call this an officer's worst nightmare to go to a routine call, and wind up dead. >> danner: her accused killer an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is also being charged with murdering his wife the two other officers are expected to recover. tonight's mommy monday is celebrating a special birthday. meet one of lynchburg's newest leap year babies. quite shocking actually, and looking to say -- but i am very grateful.
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>> danner: c 13ious with danner evans and weather with george flickinger. award-winning coverage you can count on. >> danner: a couple of nice mild days. a lot of playing in the yard in my neighborhood, that's for sure. >> george: nice to have the sunshine back and the puppies in the back yard playing and soaking it up. if you missed today, another day tomorr enjoy. another nice day coming up. we will take you to the heart
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beautiful weather and blue sky. right now we are looking live from our vista tower cam from the smith mountain lake. in danville looking to central boulevard. traffic moving along nicely. the sun is up. camera still bouncing around a little bit. breezy with all the wind. it is going to diminish some this evening. you still want your windbreak we are you. the blue ridge mountains in the distance over lynchburg. we still have temperatures in the 60s. right now we are at 65. we have seen wind gusts over 20 miles per hour today. wind will be a bit more comfortable tomorrow. we will have a south wind tomorrow, and the wind is not going to be as strong as today. the air is very dry, and we have very clear visibility. around the rest of the area 60s with 70s showing up toward south side. watching us from halifax. south boston at 70. danville at 72. and cooler toward blacksburg with temperatures in the lower 60s. now after tomorrow afternoon, we are going to see a few showers moving into our area. we will have a rain window,
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between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. can get rain. it is not going to be raining this entire time, but if you are going to get rain, that is when it is going to occur. most rainfall totals over a third of an inch and it is possible you may actually hear some thunder tomorrow, but we are not going to see any severe weather. when you wake up in the morning, you will be waking up to beautiful blue sky and sunshine. any outdoor plans you have in the morning and also into the afternoon. the weather will be quiet. also during the afternoon, you will see a few clouds moving inwill see a few clouds moving in. as we move in throughout the evening, here is the future cast at 11 p.m. you can see some showers making their way into the heart of virginia. again this will not be a severe weather event but it is possible could you hear some thunder. the rain going to move out very early wednesday morning at 6 a.m. on wednesday, the rain moving east and away. there will be some snow on the western sides of the mountains and then wednesday afternoon, cooler and drier weather for all of us. so your evening plans tonight is going to get cool,
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overall, not as breezy as we have been. in the morning lows in the 40s. lynchburg, 34. amherst, 34. appomattox, 35. also 35 for south boston and smith mountain lake. here is your hourly weather for your tuesday. we are going to rapidly warm up in the morning. so at 7 a.m., mid-30s. and then by lunchtime, temps nearing the low 60s. and highs tomorrow, actually a little warmer than we had today. it will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s. around the rest of the area tomorrow, amherst, 68. appomattox at 70. altavista and chatham at 71. 74 toward danville and upper 60s near 70 to smith mountain lake. the seven-day forecast, look at the scattered showers for tuesday night and wednesday morning. not all of us will get rain. not a 100% chance of rain. all of us will be colder for thursday and friday with highs in the 40s. it is possible that we could see some snow on friday morningsee some snow on friday morning. stay with us. we will keep watching the temperatures for you.
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for friday. >> danner: thank you, george. a lot of people are talking today about the oscars. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job.
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patrick harri definitely an interesting night at the 8 8th academy award. kit o'shea was there and has the recap. >> reporter: a topic that had to be discussed. the lack of diversity with this year's oscar nomination. host chris rock didn't waste any time hitting the topic head on calling hollywood racist. is hollywood racist? you damn right hollywood is racist. not what you have grown accustomed to. >> reporter: featured more black actors. >> to cure cancer before they even give her a tv movie. >> oh my god. >> reporter: the jokes continued. >> oh we are black. >> reporter: there were awards handed out as well. >> the oscar goes to "mad max:
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>> "mad max: fury road." >> reporter: a big night for "mad max" in between the "mad max" were performance including this performance by lady gaga you know how i feel. >> reporter: the big award 90 went to brie larson. best picture went to "spotbest picture went to "spotlight." and finally leonardo dicaprio won an oscar. >> leonardo dicaprio. [cheering] >> danner: finally won that. go look at our abc 13 facebook page and tell us your favorite moment from the show. you have a one in 1500 chance of being born on leap day. >> it's great. we thought it would be closer
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year bab i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers.
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which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. you know you are special when you only see your birthday every four years. in tonight's mommy monday, i have lynchburg's leap year babyhave lynchburg's leap year baby. first one at least. meet baby eli. he is from appomattox. first-time parents megan and austin tell me he was born at 5 a.m. weighing in at 5 pounds 7 ounces, 17 and a half inches long. eli's due date was march 8, so came as an early surprise and
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celebrate a birthday which comes around every four years. >> i guess we will celebrate it on the 28th and on the year that it does come around on the 29th, do something special. and on the 28, and then do something a little bit more special or -- on the 29th. two births every four years. >> danner: his daddy was pretty excited for him. at last check four babies born at virginia baptist in lynchburg on today. little eli is the first though.
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all these folks camped out in forest as the new zaxby location . the first 100 guests will get a free item each week for a year. this is the restaurant's second location in the area. the other on morris berry road. super tuesday is just hours
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virginia, a major factor in this election. what you need to know if you plan to vote tomorrow. lending a helping hand. who is stepping up to help those in appomattox rebuild today? plus, a navy seal is awarded a medal of honor. and his mom's first question. >> do you think i can come? that's so sweet. yes, mom, you are allowed to come when your son gets the medal of honor. >> danner: what eve rs byers jr. did to earn america's highest honor. . tonight, our local voters raj star's offices are preparing for the biggest primary turnout they had had in eight years. >> danner: super tuesday is just hours away. valerie bragg is finding out what you need to know if you plan to vote. she is live in danville with the latest. >> reporter: danner, i spoke to several local offices today, and many of them tell me that


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