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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 10, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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lot of american housewives. chelsea clinton, due this summer, also campaigned this week for her mom, hilla >> at a time when bone donald trump and hillary clinton have a hard time connecting with everyday people and everyday voters their daughters and particularly the prospect of their grandchildren does help them connect. >> ivanka and i talk about everything. >> chelsea and ivanka, children of political rivals are friends. chelsea discussed it with kevin. >> i'm so grat she's my friend. i think she's a great woman. got to see this. ivanka's dad just spoofed by johnny depp. >> get the wout. >> releasing 1980s throw back movie starring dtrump, parody based on trump's book "the art of the deal." >> do you know this is the second best selling book of all time. >> trump talked about his success with nichelle. >> became the best selling book of all time on or just about. i think it was.
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reporter could say one book sold one copy more. no i think the number one of all time. >> it was big hit. and spent 51 weeks o new york times best seller list. >> it was huge. n breaking news about janet jackson. just in today, new video, first time we have seen her since the surgery that forced her to postpone her world tour. >> janet today in london after nearly four months out public eye. miss jackson staying mum on her health. in december she asked for prayers saying she needed surgery. no reason given. days later a report that doctors found a growth on her vocal cords. janet denied cancer ru janet's now in europe prepping to resume her unbreakable tour next month. more music news,kany ae new rant. giving thumb's up inyork. recording studio ahead of tomorrow's album release. yesterday sending off a storm on twitter posting this. bill cosby, innocent.
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sarah silverman, kanye, he can't be for real. 50 women. >> while cosby maintains innocence, kanye wasn't done on twitter. also lashing out ascompetition, puma, over reports they wanted kylie jenner to be a spokeswoman. 1,000% there will never be a kylie puma anything. never try to divide the family. >> kanye was with family. kendall lending him a hand and glimpse baby body. showing it off today too. mrs. west posting those that rant together, this as she went off on the daily mail, for their diet exile headlines. really? she responded. isn't it just called maternity leave? the site then changed it to this, kim approved 1. >> kanye is launching season three of his fashion line fashion week. all going down tomorrow night at madison square garden. >> his sister-in-laws, kendall and kylie, have their fashion
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but they were joined by mom, kris, at zoolander 2 premier last night. cameron mathison was there and this is not your normal premier, cam. >> no. no way. nancy, this featured a show with real models led by gigi hadid, justin got in the action but only had eyes for one beauty, his wife, jennifer anston. >> a date night for jennifer. this is how we always go to the movies. put on tuxedos. >> clearly this valentine's weekend. plans? >> yeah. her birthd falls like three days before. so it's like, i'm just wearing out my krid ut card. . >> from couple gossip to lots of big sta the premier opened as 10-minute fashion show. real life models, gigi hadid, even bradley cooper's girl, joining ben stiller, penelope
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all as zoolander all thor egos. >> did you see the break dancing, by wa >> i did see the break dancing. >> did you break dance? >> right before i got here. >> privately. >> i love dragging you into interview. >> i know you do. >> fun seeing will call out jen but i got to say, ben's 10-year-old quinnland, totally stole the show, giving his best blue stee this family moment, including 13-year-oldsister, ella. >> last year you celebrated 15th wedding anniversary. what's the secret to successful marriage in hol tz? happy is good. >> that's not what samsung sweepstakes winner super fan correspondent blake seeker found out. >> what it like working with your wife? >> with my wife? >> yeah. >> it is great. i get to tell her what to do. then life is usually the other way around. >> we teamed up with them to
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selfie scrap book. including a samsung selfie station which raised 200 k for the stiller foundation and kristin wiig told us about the perfect pose. >> if you remove the back teeth you get more of hollow look. that's what the models are doing, i hear. >> really? >> yeah. >> just a few teeth out. >> well, all except for the front four. >> fantastic, right? jennifer will go to her own premier very soon joined by other fabulous women. julia roberts, kate hudson, starring in mother's day. we have your first look. >> hey, you know no junk food for breakfast. >> dad lets us. >> he also lets you go to school without underwear. >> jen is a single mom. >> i'm here for a job. >> julia, ambitious author.
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>> all this mother's day stuff and i think about how i haven't talked to mom. >> directed by gary marshal, who also did "pretty woman." julia's wig remind us of the blonde number. hector was the snooty hotel manager. then julia's lau kate s seemed to have a good teem posting these pics as everybody's storiesinterwine. >> she was adopted. >> i alwa wondered. did she just throw me away? what you have to do is find your mother. who should i make it to? >> hello, atlanta. happy mother's day. >> julia's fourth movie with gary marshal. she also did "run away bride cotsbride", "valentine's day" and of course "pretty woman." >> coming up, i will tell you about my new project. so tough to keep this a secret from anyone. >> plus we open the "e.t." vault
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couples you won't even remember. >> he thinks i'm cute, too. >> then we meet th new faces behind this year's si swimsuit issue. >> and better call is back. will we see breaking bad cameos in season 2? >> this is amazing. >> stop me. >> that's next.
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by -- provided (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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tomorrow on "e.t." oprah exclusive. inside her closet.
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>> i saw a future, our future. >> we've had a future until you destroying it. >> oh, my goodness, that looks good. that's your first look at the new tr for "house of cards." robin wright left the end of last season, but it looks like they will clash big time. hitting netflix march 4th. >> another binge watching favorite is coming back amt. and fans are hoping we're going to get to see lot more breaking bad kpamcameos. how cool would it be to see walter white? christina aguilera. up next, where she dished from bob odenkirk. >> this is amazing >> stop me! >> confirming you will be seeing more of your favorite breaking bad characters thisseason. >> if i can blow up this deal ovbucks.
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>> it's really crazy how much cool stuff characters are finding their way into this world. in a very organic way. >> albuquerque is a city. but it's not as big as l.a. or new york. so the characters are here. they're goin each other. >> there's another secret. look at where our set vi took us in albuquerque, new mexico. bob and rea e at a hot dog stand. >> eating about 14 chili dogs until about 4:00 in the morning. >> will he actually eat the chili dogs? >> have to. on the 14th one i not be as excited. >> but as much as fans think they want to know everything -- >> i think mos fans of better call sal or breaking bad have the same phenomenonof, tell me
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i want to know, oh, i don't want to know, wish i could know. >> exactly how i feel. better call sal is streaming right now on netflix. >> curvy newmodel, her emotional interview about the progress of plus size women in fashion. >> then we good behind the scenes of gwen stefani's big grammy surprise. plus, pregnant gwen in our flash back. >> this is my big tonight. >> biggest s and a moment we have never aired before. >> hey.
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>> all next. oh, god. >> look at those tears. that is the moment ashley graham found out she would be a "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. a plus size we were with her in new york. >> what was your reaction when you found out? >> should tell you the cool part, or tell you when i actually >> we got the first peek at her photo. >> it's really good. >> oh, my god. okay. >> 23, from serbia, and a guess jeans model vet. barbara also 23 is from hungary and modelled for ten years. >> you guys have specific diet and exercise? >> don't take any diet.
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>> that brings us to ashley graham. the plus size model we met many times. but there is first si photo spread. >> this is huge. this is phenomenal. th has broken down a huge barrier. "sports illustrated," if you hit fans on the 15, same night as the grammies. five days a away on cbs monday night. a big night for gwen stefani. she doing something nobody else has ever done and only letting you in on it first. >> this is so tough it keep this a secret from everyone. we've been putting all the pieces together for months. and i'm so relieved with can finally talk about it. >> talk about a new music video. sure. see it? not so much. that is the first video ever to be created live on tv duri four-minute grammy show commercial break. >> it is such an amazing opportunity to do like live art, know. i've never done anything like
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>> gwen, standing together in prayer, and with gold red and black graphic, a hint of t multiple sets and costume changes for the next single "make me li you", brought to you by target. practicing costume changes, just making sure that monday's show is seamless. >> a big night for gwen. it is great to have her a part of the grammies. flash back a decade. how about one? with her on the red carpet when she was pregnant with her son kingston. we have so after covering biggest nights over 30 years. check out "e.t.'s" greatest moment. >> are you having more fun walking the green carpet pregnant or snn. >> this my big award tonight. >> "e.t." has more cameras than anyone at at the grammies. >> justin bieber. >> headline and memories that come out of music's big east night.
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brought brooke shields and emmanuel lewis in 1984 in nicholson an ross? and how about a throw back to when mariah looked like this in '92. ? did you eat yet today? >> no, i'm starving. >> when ways a teenager i was miserable. i was contemplating, you and now just think of it. if i wasn't here, i would have missed out on all of this stuff. >> there are grammy couples that have lasted, others that doesn't. and some we forgot were ever even an item. >> we have a very special bond. i don't know what it's called. but it's fun. >> we have a chemistry together. i think he's cute. i heard through the grapevine that he thinks i'm cute too. >> hey, come on in. >> from shania to marc very have in nervous nomineees. even with a 22-year-old whitney houston and her parents in 1986. >> i don't know.
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holding up pretty good. >> but the back stage moments with the winners that really stand out. >> you never get used to being back stage. to see the excitement, people getting ready to perform. >> harmonize a little for me? >> sure. >> then there's that second when you hear your name and it registers -- that's just the ultimate that's musical orgasm. >> and when winners that grammy gold in the photo room, things happen. in fact, beyonce dropped hers. >> i saw that. >> oh, yeah. >> she thinks i'm -- >> over 35 years, we have so much goodstuff. some never even aired. like that time in 2005 when john mayor did an impromptu american idol audition for paula abdul.
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i have the talent, drive, a born performer. you are the sunshine of my life . >> and then this happened in 2009. we call this when "e.t." met adele. she had her eyes on not one but two fellow musicians. jt and joe-bro. >> i love them. like a peta bar throw, the little one, nick. he is like 16. 16 and legal in the uk. >> oh he let's move to the uk right now. >> justin timberlake. i went into his dressing room today. it was rude. and then i'll see you later. even though i didn't have to go, i was nervous. hallway,congratulations. >> and for adele, friday night concert, only 2300 seat, a very intimate affair. >> birthdays, scream queens,
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and is it leah, tiki or emma rob snerts roberts? >> also, nancy made a super bowl
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multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chanceto multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling >> exclusively on, joan shares her lesson of having cancer with oprah. plus what she tells her kids. family secrets are dangerous. >> and is duck"duck dynasty" star sady ron inson ready to get married? she is 17 but chatting exclusively with us about marriage and kids. >> i'm going have too many. i'm going to have so many kids.
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the by -- welcome back, as many of you know out there, nancy iscertain, sure as the day is long, tha the panthers would win the super bowl p. that led to this with bryan cranston on thebowl. >> you want to put a wager on that? let's not use money. something embarrassing on camera. pz. >> he is a voice kung fu panda 3. if nancy lost she had to do part of "entertainm tonight" dressed as kung fu panda. >> okay, i didn' actually fit
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i'm a little tall. but i did get meimei from the movie to be here bryan said i had to read on "e.t." news item. bryan cranston, i'm going to get you back for this. birthday, which scream queen wanted to be a dlallas cowboys cheerleader when grew up? that's emma. she turn
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[ crow caws ] frankie: everybody knows you're much cooler if you're running with a posse. even brick. [ school bell rings ] yep, things were going well for my kids. brick had a group of fri we did it. they approved us. we're officially roommates! [ both screaming ] ...sue finally got the roommate she'd been dreaming of, and axl was proving himself invaluable at his first foray into the business world. what are you doing, intern? okay, maybe not exactly invaluable. hole-punchingquarterly reports to put them in your binder for you, sir. mr. kershaw. sir. ah. taking initiative. going the extra mile. much better idea than using three-hole-punch paper! well, on the plus side, if we ever have a party,we've already got confetti. yay. [ laughs ] come on, let's go.
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