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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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address the nondiscrimination ordinance. >> i'm scott wickersham. >> and i'm erica bryant. it does not mean the issue will be put on the back burner. >> reporter: opponents praising the governor last week for promising to intervene are criticizing him tonight for holding off on immediately calling a special session, but lawmakers are promising action is coming. >> reporter: as soon as the charlotte city council took this vote last week. >> all of those in favor, raise your hand. opponents waged war against them for passing the controversial ordinance that in part outlaws discrimination against members of the lgbt community in bathrooms they choose to use based on the gender they identify with. >> i think they crossed the common sense threshold of interfering with people's basic sense of privacy and security that we all expect. >> reporter: a special session was an option to address it
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put it on a ballot for voters to decide. today the governor announced he will not be calling lawmakers back early to rally right now, telling channel 9 in a statement my preference would be to wait from a cost standpoint it would cost taxpayers $32,000 per day to do it now. local lawmakers told me by phone tonight opinions are strong enough for it to wait. >> this will be one of those cases where legislation would be done very quickly versus what normally happens with the legislature because passions are so high on the issue. >> reporter: voters would like a say in the matter, too. >> i think it would be nice for people to be able to say their opinions about who would be going into the bathroom when they are in the bathroom. >> i have a right to decide. i'm comfortable with that. >> reporter: the ordinance will go into effect on april 1st, and lawmakers will go back to raleigh on april 25th for the short legislative session.
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state's potential action this is another in a line of attacks on municipal control and said voters will not forget this continued waste and overreach come november. that was from equality n.c. jenna deery. >> thank you, jenna. you can read our past coverage inside of jenna's story on the home page of hundreds gathered in raleigh this evening, hours after a police officer shot and killed a suspect this afternoon. >> tonight an estimated 300 people marched in a vigil through southeast rally for akeel denkins the officers said he was wanted for drug charges and police fatally shot him after he ran from them, but tonight, there's a lot of questions. >> black lives matter!
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black lives matter! >> these are some pictures from the event. they marched through the streets ending at a church. officers said there was a foot chase when they tried to arrest him, and at one point officers shot him. a gun was found near his body, but his mother says he was not armed. this one will not get away with what he has done today. everyone said he was running. he was not running towards the officer. he was running away from the officer. he tried to jump a fence, and the officer shot him seven times. >> now police say denkins was wanted for drug charges and had been in trouble in the past, arrested on charges of drugs, weapons, assault on a female and resisting officers, and just in the last 60 minutes
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officer involved in that shooting as senior officer dc twitty. he has been with the department since 2009. he's on administrative leave pending an investigation tonight. raleigh city council was set to hold a meeting on the use of body cameras by police officers today, but that event was canceled because of the shooting. new at 11, mayor jennifer roberts announcing ron carlee will stay on as the city manager through the 2017 fiscal year budget process. carlee said he would not seek an extension after city leaders questioned his performance and whether they would keep him in his job. channel 9 got a copy of a letter to unc charlotte students a about case of the mumps on campus. >> late this afternoon state officials said there's now a total of 14 confirmed and
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and of the five confirmed cases, three are in mecklenburg county. elsa gillis spoke to students who are worried it will continue to spread. >> reporter: uncc released this statement to the students on the one confirmed mumps case this evening, but students say because of the nature of the college campus and rumors of other people getting sick, they are nervous this virus could spread. >> i don't know. it's just concerning. >> reporter: unc charlotte confirming one student has the case of the mumps. that student lives off campus and has stayed off campus for 7 days, but students i spoke with said they have heard a lot of rumors, and they are nervous it could spread. >> i could see how freshmen and sophomores who live on campus could be concerned with the dormitory style of living. >> that sort of thing spread throughout the huge buildings, and it's a bit of a scary thought.
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says in most cases it's a mild disease, but it can be difficult to contain. >> it's hard because the incubation period is so long. >> reporter: anywhere from 12 to 25 days. >> thought of diseases you cannot even detect for like longer than 2 weeks is just -- that is terrifying. >> if somebody is infectious, and they are, you know a student, or somebody that is at a workplace that has a lot of people, the chances for spread are much greater. >> reporter: keener says the best way to protect yourself? do what you would to prevent getting a cold or flu and review your vaccination history. >> reporter: students told me some fraternities and sororities canceled their chapter meetings as a precautionary measure, and he would not be surprised if more cases popped up over next few weeks. elsa gillis, channel 9 eyewitness news.
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about an outbreak linked to the lowe's headquarter. two support workers tested positive for the mumps. they are now working to make sure the 4,000 people who work there stay healthy. for more information or to read the letter from uncc, go to it's believed a a medical problem caused a deadly accident. james nash was driving in the 4400 block of archer avenue tonight when he went off the road. police say the car hit a tree. he was rushed to the hospital where he later tied. >> tomorrow these three men charged with a shooting spree a lock from city hall will make their first court appearances, and tonight police still are not saying why these three fired between 40 and 50 shots along south caldwell street around 4:30 sunday morning, but it appears the shots were intended for a visiting
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parked outside of the hyatt hotel. two people were asleep inside of the van, but they were not hit. this is the third violent incident in 3 years during this weekend. the three suspects came to charlotte specifically for ciaa events it did not happen at a sponsored event, but city leaders are still concerned. they will double down on their efforts to work with unofficial events. a few more hours until supertuesday, with 12 states holding a primary or caucus, and nearly 1500 delegates at stake tomorrow. polls show republican candidate, donald trump and hillary clinton holding big leads headed into tomorrow, and clinton is already looking beyond sanders, now targeting trump, and trump is polling behind in texas, the biggest supertuesday state. >> i think that trump is going to probably win everything, and maybe trues will -- cruz will
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>> there will be primaries and caucuses throughout the next week and north carolina's primary is march 15th. supreme courts are still backing trump after more controversy, this time surrounding an endorsement from a former kka leader. david duke said he endorses trump, and trump was criticized after he did not immediately refuse that endorsement. when he was asked about it on cnn, he blamed a bad ear piece saying he couldn't hear the question. later he did go against the endorsement. watch for complete coverage of supertuesday tomorrow night on eyewitness news at 11. police sent us the mug shot of the person believed to have killed a beloved greenhouse owner. kevin dejesus was arrested in january, 2 weeks after police
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his home in lake wylie. dejesus used to work at the greenhouse, but police have not released a motive. tomorrow troopers are hoping to release more information about an explosion that killed an elderly couple in their home. the couple died after a truck crashed into their home last night, rupturing a gas line. one neighbor says he saw naomi moments before the explosion and warned her to get out of the house, but the couple could not escape in time. a charlotte man ripped off his electronic monitoring bracelet. mark belton has a laundry list of charges against him, including possession of a firearm by a felon, and carrying a concealed weapon. he was last seen at north trion and 28th street. the head of charlotte's department association is
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over the solid waste service. it could save millions of dollars by turning the services over to contractors, but that means many residents would pay more fees on top of their taxes. in a letter written to charlotte's mayor, the department association urging them to consider taking away the trash service and urging residents to pick up the cost. after a day of 70 degrees and sunshine, i have a future casto show you when the changes will arrive. clouds a chance of rain, and colder weather. new at 11, an inside look at a new tactic to take down isis. >> momentum is now on our side.
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litary plans to is. all new at 11:00, some of the u.s. army's most elite members are now preparing special operations to target, capture, or kill top leaders in iraq. >> u.s. army has 200 members the elite delta portion and expeditionary target force in iraq conducting the first operations against isis. the timing and locations of the
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we do know part of the plan is to not only attack the compounds and capture or kill isis members, but to gather their laptops and cell phones and anything else that can provide more intelligence. >> isl has to fear anywhere, any time, it may be struck, and the only thing i will say, the atf is in position. >> the defense secretary also focused on new techniques including targeting isis in cyber space and working to disrupt the command over its networks, and it comes as defense secretary carter is considering sending more troops for the upcoming iraq operation to retake mosul.
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hit the car as it was trying to go to a construction site. neighbor says with construction on the site here, they are very worried about more safety issues. >> it's bad enough now, and i can't imagine with all this extra construction how we are going to management. >> reporter: police -- manage. >> reporter: police have not released any charges in the crash. pageland residents are expected to pack into a council meeting hoping for answers about the suspended police chief, larry brown it will be held tomorrow night at 6:00. they will be able to answer questions about the council members about this. last week people left upset after the special meeting lasted for 6 hours and they didn't get any answers. chief brown has been off the job for 4 months while an investigation is ongoing against him. emotional testimony this afternoon from sports reporter
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cohost, erin andrews, testifying about the nude videos taking without her knowledge and published online. >> probably for like 3 months everyone thought it was a publicity stunt. the front page of the new york post said espn scandal. >> andrews is suing the marriott hotel and a man named michael barrett. he spent 2.5 years in prison after admitting to reserving hotel rooms next to andrews three different times and using the peepholes to take videos of her. andrews is seeking $75 million. the obama administration is stepping up efforts to make sure your water is safe after flint's water was contaminated with lead. the environmental protection agencies sent out letters to state agencies today to see if they are preventing corrosion in tap water, and they want sample results made public so everyone can see.
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carolina water services found lead in the river hills area near lake wylie. levels are back to normal now. they believe it came off the pipes that serve 35,000 customers. new at 11, federal lawmakers are taking another step to force hotel to show you the full price up front. missouri senator claire mchaskell wants to the federal trade commission to take more action against hotels that hide their fees. in a channel 9 investigation we showed you north carolina hotels accused of burying their fees until you book a room. steve udelson is telling us the downside to the weather today. we are seeing plenty of what is the end of winter. 74 in charlotte today, and a lot of things are in bloom.
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morning walk to see them in bloom. the trees are rapidly budding up and blooming as well. oak trees, the main pollen issue as we work our way through the next few weeks, that pollen count is rising quickly, thanks to all the wind that was blowing it around. overnight tonight, the winds have calmed down, temperatures by morning, seasonably cool. upper 30s to low 40s, and find your neighborhood. 41 in charlotte and monroe. 38 in hickory, and statesville, low 40s over the mountains, and wake up forecast again, early on, lower 40s, and rising to the 50s by the end of the morning drive. tomorrow, we start all the changes i talked about before the break, and you can see the clouds and showers to the west, and that will make a run at the carolinas, and by tomorrow evening, watch the rain chances, and the hourly rain chances are ramping up after the drive tomorrow into tomorrow night. this time tomorrow night, decent batch of rain pushing our way, nothing like we saw last week. and there's the future cast. by lunchtime, sunny for most of us, and the clouds are over the
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mountains, and a few scattered sprinkles may hit before the evening drive, but not much. confined to the mountains, and then we will watch the line moving through kentucky and tennessee. as far as temperatures go. mid-40s by 9:00 a.m. quick warmup. lower 60s by lunchtime, and unusually warm day. mid-60s tomorrow afternoon. up in morseville, talking about temperatures into the cool 60s. a couple of showers late day, and the bulk of it is tomorrow evening, and the better chance of rain as you move west into the mountains, still warm into the 50s, and a 50/50 chance by day's end. the showers are moving through this time tomorrow night, and i can't rule out the clap of thunder, but as i said, this system does not have the power the one we dealt with last week does. it's out of here quickly. we are talking about skies clearing by the morning drive on wednesday, and that's the first of two systems to come at us this week. maybe a clap of thunder, and nothing big, and as far as the
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warm day tomorrow, back to reality in the 50s as we head through the rest of the week, and then the second batch of rain will arrive thursday afternoon and thursday night, and it, too, is gone by friday morning, and we will destroy out for the weekend. >> that's good news, always looking forward to the weekend, even on monday. >> and it does look good. >> thank you, steve. the sales tax changes start tomorrow. the new services you have to pay more for and where the extra revenue is going. and police say a child witnessed a road rage shooting, and what led up lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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every day, for life. investigators say it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether charges should be filed in a road rage shooting. it happened sunday morning near a church with people inside. police say robert andrews shot ryan barrett after he was rear ended. barrett's girlfriend was driving, and their child was in the backseat. we asked the police why andrews was not arrested for the shooting. >> this appeared to be an isolated incident, and there wasn't any danger of any retaliation or any danger to the public. it was best to gather all the information we could possibly gather. >> reporter: at last check barrett is still recovering from his shooting injuries. this man is charged with a
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claims his car was stolen. police arrested lewis perez- rivera for the crash that killed a man on central avenue this morning. right after police responded to the crash, perez-rivera called 911 saying someone stole his car, but when police arrived the minivan was right outside his apartment with the front end damage. the u.s. justice department said the fbi cannot force apple
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a worn down body or anything like that i'm excited about the fact they talked about what they will try to do and the direction they will head be that situation. i'm optimistic. >> the tarheels were 4-4 and boasted their position in league play. they could leap to the top of the acc standings for the final day of the month with a win over syracuse. the seniors showed out marcus page with unlimited range, knocking down the 3- pointer. just 6 points tonight, but he contributed in other ways. the 1st half, the heels up by 4, and kennedy meeks with the steal. the west charlotte product going all the way in. finishes with the left hand. unc up at the half. page again in the 2nd half, and watch him wisconsin whip this in to hicks. 8 assists, moving him into the top all time assists at unc.
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brit will throw it away. takes it back, headed the other way, and right to the rim, and he lays it in. unc looking like they had seized control and led by as many as 13, but the orange battled back. it's a 4-point game, and michael knocks down the 3. he led all scorers with 17. it's a 1-point game, but the heels answer. 70 seconds left. johnson, offensive rebound, up and in for the bucket, and the heels win it. 75-70 the final. up next, the blue devils. >> yeah? >> and then you have conference tournaments. >> of course. >> all right, there we go. >> thank you, bill. sales tax changes will take
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have to charge the tax now as well. you have to pay the tax on the labor costs to fix your car. the changes are part of the effort to lower the income tax you pay by including more services you buy to pay sales tax on. >> we will do it, but i hope they make good use of the money. that's all we have to say. >> reporter: the state will raise $85 million in extra revenue. they say the money will be distributed ill be first tuesday new scratch-off tickets from the
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the two batches of rain coming our way? >> one tomorrow night and one thursday. temperatures will start to cool down, and it's never too early to look ahead to the weekend. it's worth the wait. temperature in the 60s by saturday. >> thank you for making channel 9 your choice for news tonight and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones.
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i had no idea people got so excited about leap day. happy leap day to you too. i hope you didn't forget to set your calendar back a day. welcome to hollywood where the oscars are over, the cleanup across the street is under way. did you know they make the losing nominees stay after to clean up? cate blanchett with a big bag of garbage this morning, very sad. it's a big shob job. we spent the day in our studio


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