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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> nice and quiet. >> reporter: but he said he lived here for more than 40 years and is concerned about their peace being interrupted. >> just younger people. >> reporter: police say it happened with multiple party who is knew each reading and despite her injuries, the victim was able to cooperate with police. >> hopefully, things will get better. >> reporter: police don't want to release the name of the suspects, not to jeopardize the investigation. brittney johnson, eyewitness news 9. and this video has come to light showing seven cmpd officers and a trooper surrounding malcolm elliots t. in the video it looks like an
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this all happened after a chase, and we're pushing this forward at 6:00, and tina teary is -- terry is checking into the next step. kevin dejesus was denied bond today when it was revealed in court that dejesus was placed on an immigration hold because his legal stat us is in question. police say that dejesus killed jesse campbell in his lake wylie home in january. he worked with campbell at the greenhouse in south end. tonight, several suspects in the death of a lake wylie couple could be sentenced as soon as this month. 12 suspected members or associates of united blood nation gang were indict immediate 2014. and court records today found that four suspects took a plea deal.
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ed for attempting murder. here is a picture of markevius harper. police say that he shot a 21- year-old man outside of a home on 14th street. police say that the two got into a fight before harper grabbed the gun and shot the man. the victim is suspected to survive. a man accused of using a knife to rob two gastonia stores in one weekend is behind bars. steven wilson's bond is set at 1 dln00,000. police say this video shows him robbing the express mart on garrison boulevard. police say he robbed that store and the family dollar on back to back nights. both stores caught images of the suspect on surveillance. and a man accused of firing 50 shots in uptown is said to
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alexa? >> reporter: scott, they made their first appearance in court after a barrage fired over ciaa weekend, and this report lists six victims, but tonight, there are claims that reality tv stars were victims in the attack. right now, love and hip hop atlanta stars are trending on social media sites like facebook. blogers claim they were in charlotte for ciaa weekend and among the victims who escaped the shooting early on sunday morning caldwell street. we reached out to the show's production company. they couldn't confirm this information but cmpd said they could only confirm what was on the report and the couple was not listed as victims on the report. the suspect, we will continue to follow that investigation as it continues to develop. >> alexa, thank you.
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all the damage estate sprinter van on and coverage on our home page. super today, the biggest voting day of the 2016 primary is going on right now, 12 states and a u.s. territory are deciding on a party nominee. there are 1610 delegates at stake and the candidates have been all across the country hoping to sway voters. ted cruz is in texas, his home state while marco rubio was in minnesota and john can kasich was in virginia. on the democratic side, hillary clinton was in minnesota and bernie sanders was in his home state of vermont where he past his ballot. north carolina's primary is just two weeks away, and it will be the first one where the new voter id law will be enforced. it's the subject of say the and federal lawsuits that are pending.
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bring a photo id to the polls. it will help to guard fraud, but some are saying it keeps the elderly and minorities from voting. many are concerned about the republican candidates and the bickering and bullying between them. next at 6:00, eyewitness news reporter jim bradley has a look at how the name calling campaigns are changing the race to the white house. a new north carolina tax started today that could drive business to south carolina. it means that car repair shops would have to charge more for work. the goal is to reduce the state's reliance of income tax from your paycheck but it may also impact car repairs and home improvement projects. >> it would definitely impact the customers' decisions on where to buy and get the
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>> jewelry and shoe repairs are included but hair care and lawn service are not. the fbi said they did not find any wrongdoing in a case involving a morgan ton city employee. there were united nationses that the recreation director misused public funds. the manager said she is pleased that the investigation is complete and allegations are unfounded. the attorney general has spoke with local students to combat human trafficking. preventing human trafficking has become a key issue for alan wilson. he launched a task force to create the blue campaign with the department of homeland future to inform and bring people to justice who exploit human lives. debris is scattered across this cleveland county property.
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into the house and hit a propane tank and ignited the explosion, and the couple inside were killed. liz foster went to find out more after finding out that the town was trying to prevent a tragedy just like this. >> reporter: flowers placed along a fence and debris everywhere, even in a tree, and now, neighbors are begging the department of transportation to make improvements. neighbors along this busy stretch say that vehicles speed around the curve which has led to several vehicles running off the road and crashing. 1 of those rashes led to this devastation. sunday night, a truck crashed into the home and ruptured a gas line. the home exploded and killed naomi and jb newton. >> we lost a valuable couple in our community. it's heartbreaking.
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across the street from the newtons and is one of several people who has requested the north carolina department of transportation to study this road. in 2010 and 2015, it did and crews installed these signs warning of a curve, but weaver wants a flashing light to get the drivers' attention. >> what is the cost of putting a flashing light here compared to the devastation? >> reporter: i asked a d.o.t. spokesperson, and she said traffic engineers will investigation the crash history, design of the road, speed limit, and warning sign but that they make months. >> take all that data and compile it together and from that comes a recommendation about whether the road itself could be improved. >> reporter: a spokesman told me that the crash is still under investigation employed when complete, troopers will sit down with the district attorney to decide if the
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face charges. in cleveland county, liz foster, channel 9, eyewitness news. six years ago, one of the victims, jb newton, went to the town council meeting and said he wanted a guardrail on his property after four vehicles crashed through his yard in three years. the state would have to add 1 because it was a state-owned road, he was told. we are covering the carolinas county by county. mecklenburg county officials working through a backlog of gun permits. a new log requires the clerk of courts to release mental health records to the sheriffs' office. the sheriffs said that new paperwork is slowing down the process. they are working as close as possible but it will take longer to get a permit.
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looking for book donations for inmates, gently used soft cover and paper back books, fiction and non-fiction. we have more on just look under the latest links on the home page. and a school board member in chester county has resigned. the candidates can file to run for the spot on march 14. a battle brewing in north carolina's governor's race are the new steps to stop lgbt bills. i'm tracking rain and
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>> it's called civil for if i civil for if i for feiture. the government could take your possessions and property. >> reporter: since 1997, this store has been his livelihood. but in june 2014, the dream was nearly crushed. the irs swooped in, seizing his business's bank account, more than $150,000, the money that the then-59-year-old planned to use for retirement. the government seized the money because they said they suspected that he had broken the law doing something called structuring, a common extra of drug dealers withdrawing amounts below $10,000 trying to
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seized his money without charging him with a crime through civil forfeiture. >> that's just not american. they take the basic american principle of innocent? - - innocent until proven guilty and turn its on its head. >> reporter: among individual states, north carolina receives one of the best scores in the country, a b plus because agencies can't access the money they seize but south carolina ranked among the worst, d minus. critics say a high portion of money seized goes to the law enforcement agencies in the fate, an incentive for authorities to take more money.
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drug task force and they did 215 seizures last year. why should people think this isn't a money grab by law enforcement? >> it is to a certain degree but the drug dealers don't like it. >> reporter: brown said in new york county, people are given ample opportunity to get the money back including a court hearing but the burden 7 on the person to prove that the money was earned honestly. >> you have to be careful and follow the law and do it exactly as the laws we have to do it. >> reporter: after two years of fighting, the business owner got his money back and federal agencies have scaled back from seizures, but critics say they could easily ramp back up. >> blake contacted the irs for an explanation of what happened
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wsoc has raw video from some of blake's interviews. look at 9 investigates for his stories. all of a sudden, the sun is back and it's turning out to be a beautiful sunset. most of the clouds have broken up in charlotte and an initial band of showers breaking up as well. mountain view and hickory now and moving to claremont in about 10 minutes' time and across caldwell and wilkes county. and the temperatures? a taste of spring all day, 70 from charlotte south and east and upper 60s in lincolnton and in the 40s and 50s across the mountains, not bad for the first of march but rain is on the way. grab an umbrella this evening.
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up by 8:00 or so with the raindrops rolling in. the rain and thunder over the southwest mountains and extreme northern mountains. charlotte will stay dry until about 9 or so when he leading edge of the rain rolls in and along that leading edge we may see gusty winds and locally heavy rain and it won't last long. as people were saying earlier at lunchtime, it will just roll out of here with the winter coats. 40 or so early on. don't look for a temperature rise tomorrow. amazing how quickly you get used to the warmth. the last to you days in the 70s. tomorrow, sunshine all day long and we'll struggle to get out of the courts to low 50s. not only that, but the futurecast picks up the wind tomorrow especially in the mountains and even in charlotte adding to the chill. the neighborhood forecast uptown, sun and chill.
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wadesboro, middle 50s before we cool down and again, the futurecast on thursday. fast-moving changes. that's the theme for the month of march with the clouds rolling back in and rain to the west and that rolls in thursday night and the good news is by the time we hit the weekend, the sun is back. putting it together for you, a lot of changes. rain tonight and another batch of rain on thursday and temperatures, a lot cooler. four straight days in the 50s, and by sunday, back to 60. >> yeah, but the rain coming in overnight, that's a good time. >> it is a good time and it will wash the pollen out. 52 a lot of people suffer. it's taking care of that. thank you, steve. a police chief and crash on winding local roads. only channel 9 spoke with the suspect who ran off. at 6:00, the real reason police say he tried to get away. >> it's super tuesday and republican race for president
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see wh the fight over charlotte's lgbt ordnance has reached the north carolina governor race. >> roy cooper spoke out against pat mccrory and lawmakers trying to stop it. joe bruno has more on the battle and how people across the state could be impacted. >> reporter: charlotte's controversial anti- discrimination ordinaries nance is making its way to raleigh. >> we don't want to see this spread around the state. >> reporter: tim moore said about six lawmakers are working on statewide legislation to prevent someone from using a restroom of the opposite sex. it bans discriminating against
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orientation and gender identity but many parents are worried it would make it easier for sexual predators to prey on children. >> there are certain things we learned in kindergarten, and this makes zero sense. >> reporter: while the governor is opposed to the ordnance, the man running to take his seat, roy cooper, said he is in favor of it. cooper said that raleigh should spend more time on other issues and mccrory said that cooper is, quote, failing children and families across north carolina but speaker moore said it's important for the ordnance to be discussed. >> this was a problem created by the action of the charlotte city council. while we're dealing with other things that are clearly priorities, we will have to deal with this as well. >> reporter: some parents say they share moore's concern but don't think that they need to
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something as simple as a bathroom. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> you can see governor mccrory's full statement on our home page. the south carolina senate started where it left off with senator lee bright taking over the filibuster that senator davis started saying that south carolina can find money to fix roads and bridges without raising the gas tax. the debate has paralyzed the senate. it can't look at any other roads issues. more than 100 documents seized in osama bin laden's compound were released including his will revealing his fortune. he claimed he had $29 million in personal wealth. the handwritten will shows that he wanted to divide some of it
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of it spent on jihad or a holy war.
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po breaking tonight, seven punches in 10 seconds, was this excess. force at the hands of a cmpd officer or a legal arrest? that's the question that investigator are working to figure out after capturing this eye-opening arrest. >> it doesn't take much to look at this video and see this is too much. >> tonight, cmpd said that the video shows officers moments
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away. i'm scott wickersham. >> and i'm erica bryant. officers say that the officer who was punching the suspect comply. tina terry takes a closer look and the next step in the case. >> reporter: erica, cmpd's internal affairs department is reviewing the video and interviewing people would saw what happened. >> it doesn't take much for someone to look at this video and see this is too much. >> reporter: the 9-second video has neighbors at this apartment house in mathews outraged. in the video recorded by a neighbor here, seven cmpd officers and a highway patrol trooper surrounding the suspect, malcolm elliott. you can hear officers tell elliott to put his hands behind his back and one officer
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>> this video makes me very upset. the officers are repeatedly hitting this man. >> reporter: officers say that elliott hit another vehicle and kept going. a highway patrol trooper went after him and cmpd officers responded and found the blue mazda 3 he was driving at this apartment complex. >> and started running this way, and then to the other exit. >> reporter: officers say that he resisted when they tried to put him in handcuffs, and now, internal affairs is investigating whecter -- whether they used excessive force. elliott had a small scar on his arm but did not require medical attention nor did he request any. >> tina, do we know anything about the officers? >> reporter: so far, c mpd has


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