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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 17, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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>> it's the barbie dream house! >> it's the exact same b hours building last week. we see some brutal crime on this show. this one left me with my mouth hanging open. this woman in ecuador is walking down the street with her sister and her 16-year-old daughter when suddenly her ex runs up behind her and pours acid all over her. >> oh! >> no! >> psychopath, man. >> yes, he then runs away and you see the woman holding herself in pure agony. suddenly, another person comes running into the frame, they chase the man down and tackle him until police come. >> how heartless that he would do this in front of her sister and daughter? i mean, how? >> he was going for maximum impact there. >> yeah. they say it's the result of a domestic dispute that they had. she's been hospitalized. half of her body has been
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>> oh, just this ridiculous, psychotic behavior. >> in front of your daughter. moving over to russia at a gas station, you see a few people in there milling about. one of them is a security guard. when three masked men approach the gas station, they fall bat in hand. this gas station has been hit numerous times. you see the security guard jump up bashing and dashing. there's a special film on the doors because they have been targeted so many times, but the security guard has none of it. back. he starts to run after them with a chair and the crooks run off. >> it is not as soft soft a target as it once once. they took measures to reinforce the windows and hire security. maybe that's enough. >> looks like it paid off. >> exactly. when there's been open ek flooding in hernando, mississippi. and you are a creature stuck in
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a southerner, because they are some of the friendlyiest people you would ever want to meet. >> one possum right here. there's another one in the woods right here. better go save him, too. >> let's just say that frankie, and joe rescued three possums and an armadillo. they are out there and want to rescue any creatures that they find. >> lookout. >> that's the first of several falls for joe. >> oh, man. are they rescuing these possums or shopping for dinner? >> no, they rescued the possum, you guys. >> this one has his mouth open. >> see, that's why i run away from possums right there. >> oh, they are sweet. >> they spot another one.
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arm dill lowe armdillo. it's time for a commercial. >> thank you, cabela's, if you have watching. >> thankfully armdillo's don't run that fast. >> awesome possum. >> they don't agree. >> stop! >> you're not even near this possum and you're worried. >> my skin is crawling. >> they can't find the armadillo, where is it? >> be quick about it. >> tell them the armadillo is in the water. what's going to happen? it rams the boat. that's what the the armadillo thinks about the rescue attempt. >> falling down and go get him. >> they are going to need a rescue. >> finally, there's a team change. >> you stay with the boat.
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>> wonderful rescue. they rescued all three possums and the armadillo, although the armadillo capture wasn't caught on video. glorious words to describe pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. we are going to be doing it once, not twice but three times. >> a trifecta. >> the first one starts in australia with paragliding. look at him twist, mayday, mayday! >> i think the person with the camera fell more than the paraglider. you went hold the shot when you think the guy is going to detonate and run for cover. >> we'll never know. second video, atvs are a glorious machine. it's also absolutely bloody -- the first one, yea, that was awesome.
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the third one -- that is why they learned maybe next time not to go through the puddle. >> don't go through the puddle? what kind of blood-sucker are you? get back up and go again. >> in this viral video from the u.k. he's all up into it, he's got enough speed and he's about like evel knievel and then -- >> oh! in your mind you are evel knievel and just end up being a little weeble. >> he didn't have enough speed. look, we have all been there. >> i disagree. speed is not the issue. watch, he was sitting down and didn't use any spring in his legs to jump to get himself up. >> dust yourself off. you can be a great teacher. >> try again, that's the only way to learn. whoa! yes, a frantic woman on the
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you see what she's reacting to, looks like electrical sparks accident happening across the front of the building and flames from the ground floor. there are people inside and she's frantically trying to wake them and get them outside. the nearby car horns start joining in on the ruccous. soon after, you see people run right past that inferno making their way to safety. first, a couple come running out. but then you see women, children running past those flames. fire? >> not yet, but thankfully, it looks like everyone was able to get out. many of them running past the fire that was trapping them. you can see smoke and soot on the hands of some of these people as the fire trucks pull up to help out. we have been able to translate, everybody did make it out of the building. over to australia where alarms are being raised at a police station when this man walks through the first set of
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appears to be a molotov cocktail. the second set of doors doesn't open and he turns around and froze the firearm at the doors. five police officers inside the station at the time. >> it is unbelievable to me somebody would be able to do that at a police station. >> the guy clearly covered up over his face. you can see it's very difficult to get a description from the guy, but police are saying the breezeway did what it was supposed to do and kept the man out. they are investigating and looking for clears in the nearby field where the man was seen running away. a driver's not into sharing the street. >> this lady is so mad that those cyclists are on the road. >> how dare they riding their vehicles on the place where vehicles should be? >> why her rage is far from
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one day closed captioning provided by -- minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. you have an issue with your car dealership? well, you're in china and you are this guy. this is how you show your frustration. >> w whrks ohoa! is he returning the car? >> back to the showroom, showroom condition. >> he was trying to return it after taking it back under warranty and trying to get it fixed because it had issues that never would go away. after he couldn't figure out how to fix the issues, he ended up taking the dealership to court.
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claims the dealership threatened to send ten guys to do stuff to his wife. so then he did this. >> i probably would have done the same thing. >> he ended up causing roughly $30,000 worth of damage. and yeah, he's not just going to be able to walk away from this. he's going to be facing pretty serious fines. in the end, this is not how you deal with situations. in this next video, this is dash camera from someone in new zealand being driven by someone with a short temper. [ bleep ]. >> this lady is so mad the cyclists are on the road. >> how dare they ride their vehicles on the place where vehicles should be. >> legally, i think you and i are thinking the same thing. >> you're not supposed to be four-wide blocking the whole lane! >> i will tell you what it looked like, they were maybe two cyclists next to each other.
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[ bleep ] i'm going to lose it! hit the brakes! what am i [ bleep ] supposed to do right now? >> at one point, she goes up to more than 60 kilometers per hour, so they are going pretty fast. >> yeah. >> what the [ bleep ] is wrong with you? >> right about here that car finds a way to get around them. now it's just this lady and the cyclists. she apparently did speak after this video say inging, outside of the car, she was really nice. >> and they believe that. this is lindsey, she's an athlete and used to play rugby. after looking for a new challenge, she won a burpie
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one-month free atcrossfit. >> that's the workout of the day. that's what everyone is being pushed through, but this is incredible. all the people say they can't get into the gym today. this is your gymspiration for life. >> this video went viral. she takes a video at crossfit because they wanted her to critique their form. they posted it to their facebook page. people are calling her inspiration. she says that it is proof that you can do anything that you set your mind to. you see she has the straps and she's doing the burpiesees and the lungs, she has most definitely proven the theory. >> i'm getting the tickles now i'm so inspired. >> part of me wants to point out, she's no different, a human being with a competitive spirit just like many of us. and it doesn't matter that her arms or legs may be a little
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she's still there as a gym participant and any other day. >> she's just adapting. >> that's it. >> in 2012 she received the international rugby award. you can't count people out if they don't look the same or talk the same. but there you have it. that dog is making a cake. >> that is amazing. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, collin ferrs is all fired up because -- see why his explosive idea will blow your socks off. plus -- >> can i open it? >> the story behind the big
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standing by for fun. jelly belly jelly beans. the original gourmet jelly beanin fifty true-to-life flavors, like toasted marshmallow. get real. get jelly belly. this little girl is celebrating her birthday and it looks look right here at the beginning of the video she received a bike. but there's another gift she's about to receive. >> what's this? >> can i open it? can i open it? >> oh, my gosh, it's a big box! she gets so excited. in fact, dad posted this video on our facebook page. >> she starts tearing it up, she's already screaming, what is it? >> is it a barbie dream house? >> it's the exact same barbie dream house that i just spent
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>> that is forever, man. >> she's so excited about it she can barely speak! >> do you like it? >> i love it. >> that's when she realizes it still has to be built. >> do you have to build it? with nails and screws? >> like there's a pause, a huge pause in this moment. she can't play with it until it's built and it's going to take dad how long? >> like four hours. >> to build it. >> yeah. >> so dad has to start bargaining with her. >> if it doesn't get put together tonight, tomorrow while you're at school, i will put it together, okay? i promise. i will let you stay up later tomorrow night to play with it, okay? >> okay. >> what sucks is they put all 17 pages on one page and you have to do this. it was great. my daughter was so happy. >> the world is watching, daddy,
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facebook page once it's done. as usual, collin ferr's day starts with a bucket full of win. >> yeah. >> yeah, nick. he's built himself a rocket lawn cher. pretty simple, just put the final thing in there. you bushpush the button, the fuse comes through and -- >> look at the cut in the back. >> it is inspired by one you can actually buy on a game, "grand theft auto." >> but fail after fail. he tried to shoot his buddy in this tent -- dad is so close. >> so it went around? it was like a -- >> this continues as he tries to hit the truck.
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ammunition. >> he hit something! >> but then his next idea will blow your socks off. literally. >> you guys love collin ferr. what else can we do with the rocket launcher? i know, a sock. people are just loving this ridiculousness to see what he comes up with next. soccer star christiano rinaldo is ready to enjoy some tea but -- >> people readily start going up
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french toast together with peanut butter and jelly. >> oh, man, here you go making us hungry, gayle. >> it's this channel's fault. they posted this. >> i hate seeing these things so simple and i just never thought of it. it makes me feel really dumb. >> this looks like a decon strucked monte cristo. >> seriously, my mouth is
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you could do some of those -- the beatles. pickles. you could do some of the sweet pickles, too, that you add peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. >> yes, like sweet relish. sweet relish and peanut butter, it's not -- >> you ruined it! the next alicia keys. >> kind of a big name when it comes to soccer. >> i may have a man crush on that guy. >> he is in madrid now.
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tea with his buddy. it's very busy. people are starting to spot him. >> well, no surprise, he played for real madrid, probably the most famous guy in the city. >> people really quickly start going up to him. >> no photo. ciao? >> he's always got time. >> this lady was the one that broke the ice. and it is downhill from there. they are actually keeping a tally, a tea tally, how many sips of tea he had to how many photos. three photos, two sips. >> no, no. >> a lot of guys are desperate to do it, too. >> i'm a barcelona fan. >> the women are a little more aggressive, but it doesn't take very long for the dudes to start
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>> what is he up to? >> i think it was just to show how it is. >> everybody is so obsessed with wanting to be famous or have fame. and you have to understand the other side of the coin. the inability to go have a cup of tea. >> that's his job to take a picture. >> you have to get the manager in there to put a picture up on the wall of the cafe. >> he can't comment on the tea because he hasn't had a chance to drink the tea. >> i think the lesson here is next time just have an espresso. >> done. hope you enjoyed our show today. plenty more content at
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the "insider" counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, anna duggar in tears after seeing her husband in sex rehab. >> just got from seeing josh. i look forward to the future. >> but isugar-coating his past? >> the wrong choices that joshua made --


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