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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news,good night. now from the news team covering the carolinas. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00. >> this week brought record breaking heat to charlotte, but in just a matter of hours, the temperatures will plummet and they could even bring some snow into the mountains. good evening, everyone, i'm erica bryant. >> and i'm allison latos. our team of meteorologist les tracking the major changes headed our way. vicki graf is pinpointing how cold it will be in your
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>> and the cold is going to arrive slowly as we head through the weekend. first, it's going to be the rain and that unsettled weather will stick around through the entire weekend, but you will really notice a difference between the temperatures tomorrow. about 10 degrees cooler than where we were today and as we head towards sunday, even colder. we are also tracking the threat for some showers. that's all ahead of this system that is starting to push into the carolinas. already throwing clouds our way and waking up tomorrow morning we'll be in the upper 40s, upper 30s to low 40s in the mountains, but we're not going to warm up a whole lot as we go throughout the day tomorrow. overnight, the clouds will stick around, waking up to some showers early tomorrow morning and keep the threat for rain in and out throughout the day tomorrow. but then even colder air arrives for sunday and that could switch rain over to snow in the mountains. i'll show you how long the unsettled weather will stick around. that's all coming up ahead. >> remember, you can always track the rain as it moves through your neighborhood any
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radar. you'll find it under the weather tab. a decorated south carolina police officer on the force for nearly five years. shot and killed in the line of duty. >> we first brought you this story as breaking news earlier at 5:00, new at 11:00, greenville police are patrolling that neighborhood nearly 12 hours after the shooting. >> and tonight, we're learning more about the officer killed in the impact he had on the community he was trying to protect. >> this is everyone's worst nightmare. >> tonight, a community in shock. 28-year-old officer allen jacobs gunned down by a 17-year- old self-described gang member. jacobs was a decorated iraq war veteran and father of two with another child on the way. >> our hearts go out to that family. to his wife, his children, his parents. >> greenville's police chief said jacobs and other officers simply stopped to talk to
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took off running behind a house. >> mr. mackey fled. we gave pursuit and without demonstrating any force and without exacting any force, our officer was shot and killed and mr. mackey took his own life. >> mackey reportedly fired hitting jacobs multiple times. chief miller says jacobs didn't draw his weapon. his body found with his gun in his holster. mackey had time to shoot and alert his mother he intended to commit suicide. >> mr. mackey made a phone call indicating he was going to take his life and did it. >> not before calling officer jacobs leaving the city with a huge void. >> it's a sad day for greenville. and it's a sad day even more for his family and for our family in the greenville police department. >> now the preliminary investigation shows that none of those officers fired their weapons.
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terrifying moments in a popular community just minutes away from the south park mall. police say a man was robbed at gunpoint right in front of his home. new at 11:00, the victim told eyewitness news reporter he was so scared, he even gave the suspect the pizza he was holding. dashawn. >> allison, the victim told me what shocked him most was the time this all happened. police say suspects robbed the man around 10:00 last night. he told me he has always been in o his neighborhood much later than that, but he's always felt safe. shocked and scared, that's how this 31-year-old south charlotte man described the night he won't soon forget. >> i was in a state of shock for some time. i have not seen this before. >> around 9:30 thursday night, vinka was robbed at gunpoint. it happened along the 4,000 block of kings gate place in the strawberry hill community.
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he always felt safe. >> i couldn't react. the only thing i thought, let me do it to them. >> much of his routine leading up to the robbery was slightly different. he says he came home later than usual and went out to get pizza when he normally order in. >> i was coming to the providence road, no one was behind me. but when i took a left, i knew someone was behind me. >> two men were waiting at his door when he got out of his car. >> i saw the gun, it was pretty big. so, i don't take any chances. >> police say the men took his credit cards, cash, even his driver's license. it's an illinois driver's license. he just moved to charlotte weeks ago. >> i'm not hurt, that's the important part. >> and in the last hour, a spokesperson here at cmpd tells me police have yet to make any
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reporting live from cmpd headquarters, dashawn brown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks. we're breaking news out of train transylvania county. the students found the body about 6:30 tonight in a wooded area behind a maintenance building. authorities have not said if the body is that of a male or female or if it's a student. brevard police and the fbi are investigating. also breaking right now, a passenger jet crashed as it was landing at an airport in southern russia killing everyone on board. russian state news reported that 55 passengers were on board fly dubai flight 981. along with a crew. the plane was traveling from dubai to russia. right now, officials are trying to figure out what caused the crash. we will stay on top of breaking developments overnight and update you on the latest tomorrow on eyewitness news saturday morning starting at 6:00 a.m. we're following a
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tonight as right now, attorneys are pushing for the immediate extradition of a paris terror suspect. salah abdeslam spent four months on the run. police captured him today. a lawyer representing attack survivors says he needs to be extradited to france quickly. abdeslam was shot in the leg during the arrest today and that could slow down the process. >> we just checked and charlotte's disgraced former mayor is still in jail in mecklenburg county tonight. officials brought him here to face sentencing on voter fraud charges earlier this week. it's not clear when he'll be bussed back to a federal prison in west virginia. channel 9 learned it costs more than $157 every day he stays in the mecklenburg county jail. some major changes are coming to the job applications. board members voted unanimously to approve an initiative called ban the box.
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to take that box off of the job application that asks if a person has a criminal record. county commissioner says the county will still perform background checks, but she says this move is really about second chances. >> we're going to be welcoming to people and we're not going to be judgmental and not going to let bias prevent us from hiring someone. >> the changes will take effect right away. tonight, we're asking about possible charges after a fire was intentionally set in a school bathroom causing students to evacuate. it happened early this morning at walter g. byers middle school. the hallway quickly filled with smoke and more than 500 students were evacuated. at this time, cms is only saying it was a liquid thrown on the floor that caught fire. a s.w.a.t. team that was training in a hickory neighborhood jumped into action when a man approached a woman's car
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daughter was sitting in the backseat. chang quickly backed out of her driveway and got on her daughter's school bus down the street. she told the bus driver someone was trying to kill her. a s.w.a.t. team was training nearby. they jumped in to help search for the suspect. >> i was so scared, i can't remember if he said, get out, get out, i got a gun, or get out, get out. >> an hour long man hunt, deputies arrested wesley wright. charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. >> a major company coming to charlotte bringing hundreds of jobs. >> and expected to bring a huge economic boost as well. elsa gillis is here to break down this multimillion dollar investment. >> papal has ten other operation centers and reported $9.2 billion in revenue last year. this is a successful company that hopes to expand further. so this decision is big for the
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>> 400 new jobs right here in charlotte, north carolina. >> i think it's great for the city. >> this is something that was part of what we moved here for. >> after a national search, papal chose charlotte to open its 11th operation center. >> we are here because of the engineering talent and labor pool and the opportunity the economic opportunity that is here in charlotte. >> new positions will include customer service, risk operations, engineering and technology. the company plans to advertise for jobs in late may or early june and start training in september. >> we're going to develop software for our payment system. we are going to manage risk from a cyber security perspective. >> papal will bring 400 new jobs and a $3.6 million investment by the end of 2017. st announcement comes as the jobless rate is up in charlotte. it rose to 5.3% in january. from 4.9% in december. one area resident told us papal's investment shows the overall economic outlook is promising.
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the markets have been so volatile. >> clearly, papal sees there's an opportunity for them here and this is a work force that has a lot of skills that they can leverage. >> and papal plans to move into its new facility, which is off wt harris boulevard and 85. at the beginning of the summer. reporting live in uptown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> a major milestone in u.s. cuba relations as president obama will visit the island this week. it's the first visit by u.s. president since 1928. the president is expected to meet with raul castro, the country's leader. he will also meet with cuban human rights activists. the president will remain in cuba until tuesday. now earlier this month, channel 9 learned american airlines wants to operate daily flights between charlotte and cuba. the airline applied for 14 daily flights into havana. most will fly out of miami, but
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american hub hear in charlotte. >> morrisville residents will have the chance to voice their condition concerns about a retail development on monday. the project would include a sporting good store, a costco, and six other businesses. some neighbors have signed a petition against it worried their home values will susuer. >> pollen counts have been very high. i'm tracking rain on the way. i'll show you when you'll see some relief from your allergies. >> neighbors told their water is safe to drink. say they don't believe it.
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didn't take that has them didn't take th tonight, people living near coal ash ponds in belmont are asking the governor to help make their drinking water safe. >> neighbors gather today in belmont to call on the state to retest their water. last year, the state told people near the duke energy, allen steam plant not to drink their water because of elevated levels of heavy metals. but this month, the state sent out letters saying those levels are not dangerous and the water is safe to drink. neighbors say no one ever
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>> the only thing that changed was the state's willingness to protect us. how do you expect us to erase a whole year of fear in our water? >> people there have been using bottled water from cooking, cleaning, and drinking ever since last year's order came out. and say they will keep doing so until they are convinced the well water is safe. we reached out for comment and in a statement, they told us quote, science has consistently shown ash basins have not influenced neighbors wells. water in these wells is just as safe or better than the public water supplies millions of people rely on across the nation. meanwhile, neighbors have two chances to meet with the state department of environmental quality during the next few weeks about the coal ash concerns. this tuesday, deq will hold a hearing at 6:00 at gaston colleges dallas campus. there will be another hearing
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valley community college in hickory. you can find all of our past coverage on tonight, a durham community is trying to make sure a teenager is not deported this weekend. federal immigration officials detained a senior high school student in january. his friends and family held a vigil today calling on u.s. congressman, gk butterfield to stop the process so the student can have his day in court. you might remember here in charlotte, accusing ice of targeting teenagers who are on their way to school. it was in february that officers arrested 19-year-old, jeffrey sorto as he walked to a bus stop in west charlotte. immigration officials told channel 9 they don't target people in sensitive areas like schools or churches. >> on monday, cornelius police will honor four officers involved in a shootout with a suspect. police say a teenager shot an officer when police responded
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coachman trace last may. cornelius will honor that officer and three others who responded for their actions above and beyond the call of duty. the ceremony is monday at 7:00. an american airlines plane made an emergency landing in iowa because of smoke in the cockpit. the plane was flying from chicago to phoenix with 200 people on board. it landed safely and everyone made it out okay. officials are still looking into what caused that smoke. while we enjoyed warm temperatures all week, folks in the northeast will welcome spring with a healthy dose of snow. more than 6 inches of snow is possible in some parts of new england. on sunday, washington, d.c., philadelphia, and new york could see snow as well. meteorologist vicki graf joins us over in severe weather center 9. we have the chance of wet weather and dropping temperatures. could we see snow in our mountains? >> we do have the threat for some snow. that's not going to get here
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first, it's about the clouds and the clouds have already started to build in. still on the mild side here in charlotte. 63 degrees. and it will stay warmer as long as we have winds coming in from the south. that's going to change tomorrow and we'll start to see more of a northerly wind. that's going to tap into cooler air. so 61 in shelby. 51 in lincolnton and upper 40s for the mountains. as we head through the overnight hours, it's going to stay on the mild side. waking up tomorrow morning if you are heading out for a walk, you might not be in store for a longer walk due to the rain. keep the rain gear handy, low 50s all morning long. it's not going to warm up throughout the day. in fact, by lunchtime, 55 degrees. and we made it to 74 degrees today. tomorrow, we'll barely make it out of the 50s. and this is going to be much cooler than average. tracking showers in and out throughout the day. your neighborhood forecast for boone, we will keep the clouds around, it will be cooler as well with highs only in the mid 40s.
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for showers off and on throughout the day tomorrow. not expecting snow tomorrow in the mountains, but there will be the chance as we head towards sunday. on live early doppler 9, you can see the clouds moving in and the storm system out to the west. this is going to stick with us all weekend long. starting tomorrow morning off with some showers passing through. just watch the conditions as you are heading out. if you do have plans outside, it won't be an all day rainy event, but make sure to keep your wsoc tv weather app with you handy so you can track the showers. if we get a break, it will be mainly toward lunchtime on through around 4:00. then by the evening, another batch of rain pushes through and then we will still keep the threat for showers as we head towards sunday. the rain will start to switch over to some snow in the mountains. by sunday, as that real cold blast of air moves in. to time it all out for you on future cast, waking up to cloudy skies, can't rule out a sprinkle, might see a few snow
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as we go throughout the day on sunday, it will stay cloudy and cooler. tracking the threat for some showers in the mountains, mixing in with snow flurries and here in the charlotte area, we'll see a batch of rain pushing through sunday night and along that frontal boundary and that's going to bring us the cold air for next week. likely seeing freezing conditions early monday morning as well as tuesday morning. in fact, here's a look at the temperatures as we head towards monday. waking up close to the freezing mark in and around the charlotte area. may see frosty spots as well. as we head towards the middle of the week, we'll start to climb into the 70s with more sunshine. your five-day forecast shows it is going to be an unsettled weekend ahead. if you are heading out tomorrow. keep the rain gear handy, christine will be tracking the latest updates. she'll have more at 6:00. but we will keep the cooler weather around through sunday and gradually warming back up into the 70s by wednesday.
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now it's going to feel like winter. >> we were spoiled. >> for two decades, people pushed for a public beach in mecklenburg county. now it's becoming a reality. the major impact on lake norman and how much it will cost you to visit. >> a charlotte road project far behind schedule and an eyesore for neighbors. 9 investigates what is taking so long and when hundreds (avo) after 50 years of designing carsfor crash survival, subaru has developed our
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a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand.
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, ever you'll soon be able to take advantage of the first public beach. it's set to open memorial day weekend. lake norman officials have been pushing for years to get a public beach there. >> we need to offer the opportunity for everybody, not only those living here, but those in charlotte and our
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>> to access the beach, people will have to pay $3 per vehicle to park. >> construction to fix a potentially dangerous leak along independence boulevard has been canceled this week, d.o.t. crews were set to fix a leaky water main in the inbound lanes near sunny side avenue and i- 277. charlotte water tweeted this afternoon that unforseen circumstances forced crews to cancel that work. now crews closed this spot twice last month because of seeping water that iced over. it created some hazardous conditions for drivers and several accidents, especially during the morning commutes. like us on facebook to follow the latest breaking news, top stories, and weather. to join in on the conversation,
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on the facebook icon at the top he facebook ico the final score may seem deceiving. just one at the half before finally snapping out of it in route to a 16 point lead. he's been doing it all year. bryce johnson led the charge in the second half sparking carolina. now the senior scored 18 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and tallied 8 blocks. johnson says the turning point is when he got fouled and scored a basket letting out a big roar, firing up his team the rest of the way.
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we played and that's what i do. i mean, usually after i get a play like that and the momenenm was swinging and the first win i got, i let it go. just had to let it go and coach knows that's what i do. >> carolina will play providence tomorrow night at 9:40. duke advanced with an 8 point win over wilmington and battle yale tomorrow afternoon. the blue devils beat yale by 19 points. coach k. says yesterday was thanks to the great play by marshall plumly. afterall, marshall is a red shirt senior that haven't fully developed yet, including brandon who will most likely turn pro after his freshman year. >> they may be talented, but they are 18. you know, so we won because we had a 23-year-old. when he plays well, we have a chance. if he plays just okay, then we don't have a chance. >> the upset of the day comes
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blue raiders hot from beyond the ark. raymond from way downtown and the foul must be living right. michigan state going home early, losing 90-81. big south champs ashville squaring off with two seed villanova. trailing by 7 in charlotte. he had 6 points coming off the bench. just too strong in this one, over five seconds to play. unc ashville one and done. nova wins. on the women side, one seed south carolina hosting jacksonville. the pride of providence day, tiffany on fire, she nails the three. mitchell with 11 points as south carolina rolls to a 77-41 victory. while it's playoff time in college basketball, they may maim some noise in this year's nba playoffs. walker and jefferson had 21 points and a big win over miami last night.
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behind atlanta in the southeast division. right now, they are the 6th seed in the playoffs and they'll be back home tomorrow night hosting denver, but normally tip time 7:00 p.m., it's going to be 6:00 tomorrow night. so write that down. >> you don't want to be late. >> thanks, lawrence. it's been years. a construction obstacle course in the middle of one charlotte neighborhood.
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even close an action 9 investigation uncovered that a charlotte road project is way behind schedule tonight. >> it's the university city boulevard extension project. it started in 2013 and was supposed to wrap up last spring, but almost a year later, it is still only 30% complete. >> it's unexpected. we just don't know what's going to happen from day-to-day with the construction. >> the city told action 9's jason it couldn't get the
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the city finally fired them last month. i'm tracking rain and
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change. >> change is on the way. i've been looking for any good news with the rain heading this way, and it's going to wash some of the pollen away. it's going to be cooler. mid to upper 50s. rain will stick around through sunday. >> always looking on the bright side. thanks for making us your
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>> get the latest >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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