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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  ABC  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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vicki graf, you have been tracking the system bringing cooler temperatures our way. >> you'll notice the difference as you head out the door this morning. temperatures running 10 to 15 cooler than it was this time yesterday. charlotte. 40 in salisbury. 37 boone. it is palm sunday today, but it day. cloudy as well. here you can see the temperature difference from this time yesterday so about 16 degrees cooler in charlotte. 16degrees cooler in salisbury. up to ten degrees cooler in the mops. rain pushed through last night, that since cleared out, but another system heading this way. throughout the afternoon, can't rule out a few sprinkles but i'm tracking heavier rain for tonight. i'll break it down to show you when that arrives coming up. thank you vicki. >> you can stay on top of the changing weather conditions
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download our wwl-tv app for free and stay informed even with weather alerts. breaking news this morning. north carolina highway troopers are investigating a deadly crash on i-4 85 near providence road. it happened around 2:00 this morning. just two lanes were closed overnight with traffic passing through on the median. around 5:15 this morning, the lanes were reopened. we're asking for more information on the victims. two homicides in charlotte, both happened in busy areas yesterday including next to a ymca filled with children and families. central avenue in east charlotte. then hours later police were called to a deadly shooting on donald rouse road. elsa gillis has the latest information on the victims. >> reporter: police are still searching for suspects in both of saturday's shootings. as they continue their
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latest homicides, people we spoke with say this violence has to stop. >> it is always somebody killing somebody. >> reporter: police were called to east charlotte where they found the 49-year-old jeffrey johnson with multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there were restaurants and people going about their day concerned about the nearby violence. >> my niece, i have her all the time. i used to be in the streets. >> reporter: hours later before 2:00 p.m., another deadly shooting in west charlotte. 27-year-old jacorei davis was also pronounced dead at the scene. for hours, the police collected evidence. the west charlotte shooting happened next to a ymca where families were coming and going all day. >> i was like going into the building and a lot of police
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>> they could kill innocent child or somebody trying to get their child. it is bad. it is bad. >> reporter: area residents want the violence to stop. >> i have two. it is frightening. >> reporter: police say the shooting in west charlotte was not a random act of violence. reporting from cmpd headquarters, elsa gillis, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> >> the increase in violence across charlotte has the police chief asking for more help on the seeds. the chief asked the city council for 125 additional police officers and 80 support staff positions. it is a $17 million request. city council members are still putting together a budget. they have not determined how they would pay for it. they are searching for an attempted murder suspect that
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officers are looking for this man, christopher crittenton. he cut off his monitor last night. he was ordered to wear it on a condition of his pretrial release. along with the attempted first- degree murder charges he faces robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges. 7:04 right now. police responded to an armed robbery in that same area last night. cmpd told us it happened at a speedway gas station on university city boulevard. this morning we're asking if anyone was injured or if police have any suspects of the >> troopers are investigating a crash in shelby that killed a 16-year-old girl after the car she was in broke down in the middle of the road. officers say the teen and a passenger got out of their car around 1:00 yesterday morning. troopers say the two were standing outside of the car when two other vehicles hit them. the passenger was taken to cm c in charlotte. we're asking if the other
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>> this morning, power is back on at a south charlotte apartment complex after a car slammed into it. a neighbor told channel 9 he heard a car engine racing last night at the complex on shady oak frail near south boulevard when he looked out the window, the car crashed into the bidding. medic took the driver to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. people in greenville held a vigil for a police officer who was killed last week. residents turned allen jacobs' patrol car into a shrine. he was shot and killed friday by the 17-year-old deonte mackey. they say jacobs was questioning mackey about a gun purchase when he fired at jacobs. allen jacobs was an iraq war veteran. president barack obama will travel to cuba.
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breakthrough in relations between the two countries which includes an ease on travel restrictions. this is the first time a u.s. president has been to cuba since 1928. the u.s. economic embargo is still in place which only congress can lift. president barack obama will meet with the nation's leader. new this morning, u.s. hotel company star wood signed a deal to renovate and run three cuban hotels. this means u.s. chains will be back on the island for the first time in more than 50 years. this deal signed yesterday puts a major u.s. corporation into business with the cuban government. star wood said they will invest millions into the ren no station. they are lee minding the president and other officials of the risk of the zika virus in cuba. they are adding the island to the travel notice about the
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it has not been a factor in his travel decisions or in the future. zika is heavily impacting the caribbean and pregnant women are most at risk because there can be serious birth defects and it can cause adult paralysis. there are six confirmed cases here. it could have been pilot error or mechanical failure as possible causes of a plane crash in russia. we told you about this as breaking news friday night. investigators had suggested bad weather could be the primary reason the flight crashed killing 62 people. they now say that if the crash was not from a mechanical failure, it may have been caused by the pilots not handling weather conditions properly. all 62 people on board were killed when that plane crashed
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the victims include 55 passenger and 7 crew members. officials do not believe there were any americans on board. right now they are investigating a body found on the college campus. we learned an autopsy is set for tomorrow. the body was found behind a maintenance building friday night. right now police, the chief there does not believe the person is a student, el ty or staff member at the college. >> political experts are making this predicts after they won in the primaries. the two campaigns have already raised more than $13 million combined with cooper raising the most so far. experts also expect the race to be tight. a judge could decide if lawmakers have to redraw district lines in the state. insiders told channel 9 to
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right now district 12 is mostly mecklenburg county but after another legal challenge, the lines could change. experts say the uncertainty could cause confusion during the june 7th special primary. >> we could find out if he will call for a special session to try to overturn charlotte's new nondiscrimination ordinance. about 50 people pro tested outside the government center in uptown. their biggest concern is the part of the ordinance that allows transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. we have been following this heated debate for more than a year. to hear more about both sides of the issue, head to you'll find our coverage under the news tab. taking a live look outside, you can see a cloudy start there. meteorologist vicki graf has an update on your forecast and
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>> good sunday morning. it is a cloudy start to the day, but dry for now. however, we're going to keep the threated for some sprinkles throughout the day today. to show you our hour-by-hour forecast, by 10:00, best chance for rain in the mountains and foothills and snow flurries will accumulate in the mountains. towards lunchtime can't rule out a sprinkle here in the charlotte area, but we're tracking a steadier batch of rain that will roll in from the mountains. today it will be much cooler than average, close to 50 degrees. i'll have advance future cast to show you when the steady rain arrives and how long the chill will stick around. 7:10. the white house says two americans were killed in a suicide bombing in turkey. they were among five people killed and dozens more injured in the attack yesterday. we checked overnight and their identities have not been released. there is no immediate claim of responsibility.
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bombing in turkey in the past year. developing this morning, a closer town council member against a proposed 180-foot cell tower is trying to show residents how tall that tower would be. he put up balloons at the south edge of town to show what is would look like if a cell tower was built there. it would go up on walnut street and neighbors worry it will be an eyesore and hurt their property values. the hearing begins at 11:00 thursday in york. shocking video from university of the north carolina at greensboro. several students got into a fight at a school event. at 7:45, the precautions police took to prevent more fights. protestors continue disrupting president candidate donald trump's rallies.
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>> the fights we saw break out this weekend including a tussle involving a campaign official. first police are trying to figure out who convinced a cleveland county 4th grader to share a nude video of herself with strangers.
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7:14 right now. investigators are trying to figure out who convincend a local 4th grader to share a nude video of herself with strangers. the girl was on the app musical .ly when she came across porn fog fi. that is when someone contacted her and told her to switch to the popular app kick. once there, strangers convinced the young girl to record herself and share it. the video is now online and
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not be able to figure out who the stranger was. >> this is a lesson learned people have to understand, technology is getting to the point where some things we just cannot get a conclusion to especially if they are using certain type of internet access. >> the sheriff's office said the girl is doing okay. her parents contacted law enforcement after discovering that on the phone. developing this morning, the only surviving suspect accused in the deadly paris attacks is starting a legal fight against his extradition to france. he faces charges of terrorist murder and participating in a terrorist organization after he was captured friday during a raid. he told belgian officials he wanted to blow up himself at a soccer stadium in the city november 13th but he backed out at the last minute.
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charges. victims, themselves. they want and will ask to have an answer. they have a lot of questions. >> terrorists killed 130 people during the attacks. france has issued a new european arrest warrant with more charges to speed up his extradition. some south carolina residents are dealing with a new problem following last october's historic flooding. the state news paper said they are now dealing with mold. some victims say they are finding the moldy after affects of the storm are just as troublesome as the flood itself. they have little to know help from fema or homeowners insurance. >> today is the first day of spring but not feeling like. >> it will still feel like winter. we have freezes watches and wars in effect. this goes overnight tonight.
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overnight hours, waking up tomorrow morning, temperatures at or below freezing. it will be cold. it is chilly this morning. we're in the mid to low 40s now. this is 15 degrees cooler than where we were this time yesterday. the mountains are in the mid- to upper 30s. throughout the day today, it is palm sunday. grab the jacket. by midday upper 40s. highs today struggling to reach 50 degrees. we will keep the threat for a few sprinkles as we go throughout the afternoon, however, the bus chance rain not until later tonight. your neighborhood forecast, cloudy and cooler. close to 50 degrees there, but some spots might not make it into the 50s today. later this evening, that is when we're tracking a better chance for showers. by 7:00, upper 40s. mid-40s by 9:00. as we head to 10:00, 11:00, steady rain and then it clears out overnight.
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they are now hugging the coast of the carolinas. i'm tracking the next system of the way. that will bring us the showers and colder air overnight. by 9:00, maybe a few spotty showers here and there. could start to see some snow flurries in the mountains. as we head towards midday, the best chance for seeing rain in the mountains and foothills and mixing in with some snow. by 5:00, steadier rain and snow in the mountains. this will make a run towards charlotte by 9:00, 10:00 tonight. this won't be producing heavy rain, but that is when the best chance for showers will be. this will where out as we head through the overnight hours. still could see snow flurries in the mountains. it next half-hour i'll break down your neighborhood forecast for boone where we we are going to keep the threat for it during the day. a low threat for showers. we won't see storms out of
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colder air on the way as we head out the door monday morning. your wake up weather tomorrow at or below freezing. mountains in the mid 20s. we're going to see the threat for frosty spots as well tomorrow morning and then by the afternoon, more sunshine. mid-50s. still well below average but a warming trend is going to be on the way towards the middle of the week. here is your five-day forecast. it is the official start to spring but not quite done with winter just yet. close to 50 today with a threat for rain later tonight. then over the next several days sunshine returns, mid-70s. looking ahead to next weekend which is always in view, we could see rain by friday, but i believe it will clear in time for saturday and sunday. we'll be updating you throughout the afternoon. we'll look at data later today. it will be a good day to stay
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then next weekend easter is beautiful. today is palm sunday. this is video of the vatican city. the poem was going through the crowds earlier. lots of people in vatican city this morning celebrating palm sunday. we'll continue giving you updates for vatican city throughout the show. a charlotte woman is trying to change it. stephanie maxwell shows how her fighting spirit is giving her a national platform to inspire others. >> reporter: everyday she gives her upper body a workout because in her words, she likes to look good, but she struggles to tell you about it herself. five years ago she had a seizure and stroke and lost 80% of her memory. her talking is limited. >> when she first started out,
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to see how far she has came is truly a blessing. >> reporter: she is a fighter who spent countless hours in physical therapy. now she won't let anyone help her get on the exercise machine. there is no lift in her two- story home. this is how she gets down the steps. that is why she is also passionate about a career in modeling. someone noticed her modeling pictures online and that led to this moment. miss heels for wheels, a pageant for women in wheelchairs. >> she always wanted to have a crown. >> with this larger platform, she has an even bigger goal. >> i want to be the first wheelchair one. >> reporter: she wants to inspire others just like her.
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can't be crowned as a queen or that you're not beautiful. stephanie maxwell channel 9 eyewitness news. >> >> cell phone cameras captured several fights breaking out at unc greensboro this weekendn't take a look at this video. at 7:45, steps police took to prevent more fights. >> officials say if you were hacked last year, be sure to watch your taxes this year. at 7:30, the steps you can take to prevent being hacked again. >> first, chester county officials want the state dot to do a traffic study after this
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next, ly crash. good morning. we're taking a live look front our charlotte cam. you can see lots of clouds out there. we're starting off quite a bit cooler than we did yesterday morning. we're going to check in with vicki to learn more about just how warm we're going to get. i'll tell you, not too much. that is coming up in a bit. >> they will vote on a new d.o.t. study for the area nicknamed dead man's curve. there have been deadly crashes. this was on march 7th. a work van crossed and hit a logging truck head on. you can see all that damage. the d.o.t.
7:26 am
the meeting is set for tomorrow night at 6:00 on main street in fort lawn. roughly 40, 43 degrees right now. how much warmer are we going to get for the first day of spring? >> we're not going to warm up a lot more today. the clouds will stick around. can't rule out a few sprinkles but the best chance for rain is in the mountains and foothills and we'll see some snow there. but the steadier rain will push through charlotte later tonight so keep the rain gear handy. highs today almost about 15 degrees cooler than average. happy spring. >> thank you. police are investigating college students now after several fights at unc greensboro this weekend. you can see the chaos in this video. >> somebody got real beat up real bad. >> at 7:45, the events that
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and the precautions police took
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it's gotta be d's. d now channel 9 eyewitness news sunday morning continues. chaos at donald trump's rallies continuing this week went with protestors blocking cars on a highway. the responses from trump this morning and why protestors say they just keep showing up. this morning, you are waking up to temperatures in the 40s right now. the warnings and advisories in place for those in the mountains and when we are going to see rain here in charlotte. good morning. happy first day of spring. i'm brittney johnson. let's check in with
7:30 am
too bad it doesn't feel like spring. >> it will feel like winter throughout the day today. you will want to bundle up. mid to low 40s right now. we're not going to warm up a lot flew the afternoon thanks to clouds and a northerly wind. we're in the mid- to upper 30s in the mountains. temperatures about 15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. showers that moved through last night have cleared off to the east but we have a threat for a few sprinkles throughout the afternoon. here is a look at your hour-by- hour forecast. temperatures it upper 40s, barely reaching 50 in the charlotte area. the mountains won't make it out of the 30s this afternoon. now tracking the threat for rain on the way. i'll take you through the latest future cast for the best chance to see rain in your neighborhood and the mountains have the potential for snow. we're following breaking news this morning. north carolina highway troopers
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crash on i-4 85 oust ter at providence road. it happened about 2:00 this morning. two lanes were closed overnight for several hours and reopened around 5:15. we're asking troopers what led up to the crash and who those victims are. donald trump, his campaign is responding to claims his manager appeared to grab a protestor by the collar in arizona last night. it shows what appears to be his hand reach ing for the man's collar as security officer also grabs him from behind. sources told cnth that protestor had been asked to leave prior to the altercation. this comes against push back about trump continues. elizabeth has the latest on the
7:32 am
>> reporter: a protestor wearing a kkk hood sparked a fight during donald trump's rally in tucson, arizona. >> the other guy is wearing a ku klux klan outfit. he thinks it is wonder fell. she's are bad people i'm telling you. >> reporter: people in phoenix blocked the road leading to the rally, some chaining themselves to cars. >> in new york thousands of protestors clashed with trump supporters outside the trump tower. >> he represents the worst parts of america and he is bringing out all the garbage. you know the expression, to be the future of the republican party you have to go through trump, right? >> right? >> reporter: ted cruz is trying to put the brakes on the trump band gan gone. >> we should appeal to the values that bring us together that we believe in. >> reporter: john kasich still
7:33 am
>> i don't care about polls. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders dismissed any talk of the democrats uniting behind hillary clinton. >> some of the largest things in this country states like california or states like new york state, oregon, washington state, they have not yet cast a vote. just two weeks ago deputies say a protestor at a trump rally was hit boy a trump supporters. they walked him out of the rally after he punched him. investigators say a group of deputies saw the attack, but didn't do anything. three deputies were demoted and super spended without pay for five days. two others were suspended without pay for three days. you can catch up on the latest information on our website at you will find all of those stories under our news tab. this week we'll find out
7:34 am
a candidate demanded a recount. only 28 votes separate incumbent state representative and his challenger. officials starting recounting the votes. it is expected to be done by tuesday. the race may have been close because of the i-77 toll lane fight. davis ran his campaign on a no tolls program. jeter first threw his support behind the project but has since changed his mind. dozens of people marched it streets of charlotte hoping to call attention to an 18-year- old in jail. protestors believe u.s. immigration officials waited until he turned 18, targeted him and then arrested him at the school bus stop. they said he is working with members of congress, attorneys and hopes to petition against his removal. one of the challenges is that many of these youth were
7:35 am
immigration court, they didn't have appropriate representation in court. a judge ordered his deportation and said officers picked him up outside his home. >> in 201 they found his daughter not breathing at a motel. he asked the judge friday to delay the trial, but the state argued against it. the medical fam ner and officer who responded to the scene both testified friday. 7:35 right now. new this morning, officials are issuing a warning on tax fraud saying if your return was hacked last year, you have to be cautious this year. now, it is happening to victims not once but twice. last year hackers grabbed michelle quinn's returnfide on turbo tax. they diverted it to a bank account that did not belong to her.
7:36 am
return using her name before she could file. >> how much is this happening where someone is a victim not once but twice? >> nobody is sure yet because this is a new and unfortunately growing area. this month the irs suspended pin numbers for fraud victims saying it found 800 fraudulent returns using those very pins. officials say to protect yourself by using long and strong passwords and don't fall for phishing scams that ask for personal information or a phone call saying it is from the irs if you have been the victim before, you can sign up for a sophisticated credit monitoring program that will track when your identity is being used. this video here showing a massive brawl during a school event. at 7:45, what witnesses say happened. >> then the precautions police
7:37 am
watches and warnings as temperatures drop below freezing. i'll tell you how cold it will be in your neighborhood as you
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7:39 am
morning. onday morn %c1 good sunday morning the the time right now is 7:40. it is a cloudy and cooler start to the day on the start to
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here is a view from the tower camera. you can see the clouds hanging over the uptown skyline. that will be the trend through the afternoon. it is palm sunday. we're in the mid to low 40s right now. we're not going to warm up a lot here it charlotte area. the mountains in the mid- to upper 30s. again, we won't reach 40 today in the mountains. >> throughout the day today, by lunchtime r upper 40s, mostly cloudy skies. keep that jacket and the rain gear handy. we have the potential for a few sprinkles throughout the afternoon. otherwise it is going to be cloudy and cooler, a few showers especially later tonight and freezing overnight. i'll pinpoint how code cold it it will get. >> season pass holders can see the arena, the world's first
7:41 am
the 2016 season kickoff starts on friday and lasts through the weekend. there are several events planned for this season. to find a complete list of the events click on a south carolina teacher is suing after a student found naked pictures on her phone and posted them online. >> the reasons her attorneys filed that lawsuit. >> first, police are trying to
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this massive fight at this good sunday morning. your time is now 7:44. just take a look at the view from our cam. you can see we have a cloudy start to the day. we're also starting off about 15 degrees below average temperatures for the start of spring, about 42 degrees right now. we'll get an update from vicki graf on how much we'll warm up and rain chances coming through in a bit. new this morning, police are investigating multiple fights at unc greensboro this weekend. this went viral. it was posted on social media friday night. the fights happened during a social school event on campus. the school said there were two aggravated assaults, one happening inside the gym and the other in the parking lot.
7:45 am
only shows part of the what happened and that a student was knocked out. >> apparently somebody got beat up real bad with chairs and stuff and they got injured real bad. it is real sad it happened to him. >> reporter: it is not clear what caused that chaos but police had to close four streets to control the crowd. they didn't go on a lockdown or call for an emergency alert to be issued because the situation was contained. they are now trying to identify the suspects involved. new this morning, some local store clerks helped york police catch a woman of running a scam up and down the east coast. our partners at the harold says betsy joseph had different sets of identification with different names. she was using credit cards from egypt. police say she did this in
7:46 am
joseph is on probation in the state from a 2015 conviction for obtaining property under false pretenses. at least two men not caught are allegedly part of the scam. the teacher who resigned after a student shared naked photos of her is suing the district. we told you authorities said the teen got ahold of his teacher's cell phone and posted those photos online. the attorney sued for breach of contract and slander. the student is charged with computer crime. 17,000 students in new year city need to be tested because of lead in the drinking water. officials are testing faucets at all public schools in the city of newark. parents are outraged that thousands could be exposed to toxic water. the city said a teacher alerted the district about discolored water and further testing
7:47 am
>> i don't want people thinking there is something like on the scale of flint or that level. it is nowhere near that. >> a usa today investigation found alarming lead levels over the last four years in 42 states including some counties in north and south carolina. this comes days after a planner slammed michigan's governor and chief for the flint water crisis. e-mails showed the top staff new of problems for months before taking any action. it follows government's decision to switch the city's water source temporarily to walter from the flint river. we just got a view from a tower cam. it is a cloudy, gray start out there. >> that will be the trend throughout the day today so not as much sunshine as we did see yesterday afternoon. it will be much cooler, as well. we did have some rain that pushed through last night. that is pushing off to the
7:48 am
i'm tracking our next system on the way and this is going to throw the threat for showers, even snow in the mountains as we go throughout the afternoon. to time it out for you, by 9:00 if you're heading out to church, grab the jacket and the rain gear as well especially if you're north of charlotte. we could see a few sprinkles. throughout the day today, best chance foreseeing rain in the mountains and foothills. it is not going to add up to a lot, but that is where we'll see the threat for snow in the mountains. by 5:00, tracking this batch of steadier rain going towards charlotte by 8:00, 9:00 tonight. if you have plans tonight, keep the rain gear han different. snow continues in the mountains and then as we head through the overnight hours, this rain will clear so it will be dry tomorrow morning, but colder. now as we head throughout the afternoon, snow is possible in the mountains. we're not expecting a whole lot though. about an inch in some of the higher peaks. otherwise, though, a light
7:49 am
we're not going to see a lot of rain either. not a lot of moisture with this system. as you head out the door this morning, though, you'll notice the difference of temperatures compared to this time yesterday. we're in the mid to low 40s now. mid to low 30s in the mountains. you'll need the layers. it will stay cooler. by 9:00, mid-40s. toward midday, 47 degrees. keeping the clouds around throughout the afternoon, can't rule out a few sprinkles, not going to add up to a lot. highs today barely reaching 50 degrees in charlotte. we should be around 64 this time of year. your neighborhood forecast for boone, we'll stay cooler and cloudy with a threat for some showers missing in with snow. upper 30s going through the day and it is going to get colder tonight. as you wake up tomorrow morning, as the kids are going
7:50 am
freezing mark here in charlotte. stom frosty spots are possible tomorrow. lots of sunshine but highs in the mid-50s. a a fraud yual warm up under way by midweek. >> >> it is the official start to spring but still feeling like winter. highs close to 50 degrees. it is also palm sunday, grab the jacket. we're going to keep the threat for rain in charlotte mainly later tonight and you can track that as it approaches with our interactive radar with our weather app at the app store and google play. we warm into the 70s by wednesday. staying dry by the end of the week. could see showers by friday. neck weekend, partly cloudy, mid-60s but it should be nice for people in their easter dresses next sunday with the sunshine and hopefully staying dry. >> and all the easter egg hunts. great weather for them. >> time is 7:51.
7:51 am
about thieves posing as utility workers. they received calls during the people are claiming to be city workers and trying to get in their homes. there is no reason a city person would check the water there. they will have a chance to meet with the state's department of environmental quality this week about coal ash. near the duke energy plant, do not drink the water, because of elevated levels of the metal toxins. there will be another hearing on march 29th at 6:00 in hickory. >> >> crews in york county will close a road tomorrow to start construction on a new traffic circle. columbia avenue between constitution boulevard will shut down until the circle is complete. a date has not been set on when
7:52 am
the circle will connect constitution boulevard and white street. they will hear reports about having cameras in special education classrooms as an added safety measure. parents asked asked for this. he will recommend further study to the board at tomorrow's meeting. >> a number one seeded tar heels pulled off a win against number 9 province.
7:53 am
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it's gotta be d' late saturday night the north carolina tar heels had a chance to make their 37th birthth with a win over providence. talk about a performance by both. carolina too strong down the stretch. everyone scored. tar heels will play the hoosiers in the sweet 16. the reigning national champs duke one away from reaching the sweet 16 for the 29th time in program history battling yale. they had under ten to go. allen goes around the defense for the land. blue devils in cruz control as yale struggled shooting. the 18-year-old drains the three. duke leads by 23 points at the break, 48-25.
7:56 am
different story as yale battles back under 12 to play. mason driving. he can't get the basket to go but there is justin sears cleaning up the mess. a 15-0 run by the bulldogs. 54-47. when the going got tough, duke flexed their muscles. he nails it. ingram with 25 points in this one. duke advances with a 71-64 win, their third sweet 16 appearance in the last four years. i told my staff at halftime, i said, you know, you know, we have kind of like fool's gold a little bit in that we think we're playing better defense than we are. the weight of the world was on our kids and for a young group, we both a heck of a team. >> luke starts hitting his first shot. i hit my first shot and it can go like that for us where guys can get hot.
7:57 am
off each other when we're doing that. tomorrow single game tickets for the first round of the 2016 nba playoffs will go on sale. you can you can buy tickets on the team's mobile app or at the box office. dates and times won't be set until the end of the regular season, but those tickets go on sale at 10:00 tomorrow. vicki, the weather kind of shapes up tomorrow. what we have going today is a little dreary out there. >> that is right. it will stay cloudy and cooler throughout the afternoon for the official start totospring. we do have a threat for some sprinkles. the best threat for showers it mountains, foothills and that is also where we'll see some snow. rain pushes through the charlotte area tonight so grab the rain gear. for highs today close to 50 degrees so that is 14 degrees cooler than average. more sunshine tomorrow, but still on the cooler side. we have to wait until midweek
7:58 am
>> you'll definitely feel the difference when you walk out the door this morning.
7:59 am
making us your choice for news king us your choice good morning, america. new overnight. fists fly. violence breaks out at this donald trump rally. protesters pounded.
8:00 am
get physical? plus, the blockade to keep him from his own rally. and the march right in front of trump tower. the rising tensions just days before the next primary. destination cuba. president obama's historic trip. the first president to visit in nearly 90 years. where he'll stay. who he'll see. and where he'll go. the visit that could be a game-changer. rollover wreck. >> oh, sweet jesus. >> the horrible highway bus accident. members of a high school basketball team injured when their bus is run off the road. >> we've got parents and cars all over the place. >> as we were flipping, bodies were ricocheting off the bus. >> motorists rushing to the scene to help. what another driver was doing that may have caused the crash. and meet the other first family. the bald eagles dubbed mr. president and the first lady


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