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tv   Eyewitness News Midday Weekend  ABC  March 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we told you about this crash last night at 11:00. they got out of their car around 1:00 saturday morning when two vehicles hit them. alexa ashwell is in shelby. you find out the two got out of the car and you find out why. >> reporter: well, right now investigators are still looking into that, but they believe the teen and her boyfriend may have gotten out of the vehicle because they got into an argument. the orange paint indicates where the car was stopped. frap% say they both walked out in the road and were hit by a car traveling in this direction. the 16-year-old girl was killed. i want to give you a better look of the intersection. this is where they youred. troopers were called around 1:00 in the morning on saturday. they found the car stopped at the stop sign, both doors were open.
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she was pro mentioned dead at the scene. the 24-year-old man we believe to be her boyfriend was rushed to a hospital in charlotte. troopers are on their way to talk with him and find out exactly what happened, why they were standing it road. this morning we saw a number of drivers either stop or slow to see what happened. one man lives nearby and he said he heard the ambulance sirens. >> you hate for a kid to get killed, it is bad enough for a grown up but when you're 16, they are just a kid. >> reporter: troopers told me the 16-year-old was a student at shelby high school. we're working to learn more about her as well as what happened here. i'll have the latest on eyewitness news starting at 6:00. for now reporting live in shelby, alexa ashwell.
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two people died in a wrong-way driver accident when a wrong- way driver hit another vehicle around 2:00 this morning on 485 outer loop near providence road. the wrong-way driver died as well as the driver of the other >> >> taking a look outside. you can see the clouds. they are sticking around. it is a pretty gray day out there. meteorologist vicki graf has been tracking the system and bringing in much cooler temperatures today. >> that is right brittney. we're under the clouds and cooler temperatures all afternoon. it is the first day of spring but winter is holding on longer. 43 in concord. 46 hickory and mid-30s in the high country. we're not going to warm up a whole lot through the afternoon. you can feel the difference compared to this time yesterday. almost 25 degrees colder here in charlotte. as we go throughout the day, highs getting close to 50 degrees. charlotte.
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i'm tracking the threat for showers. maybe a few sprinkles here and there: best chance foreseeing rain will be in the mountains this afternoon. that will also mix in with snow flurries. that line of rain will head toward charlotte later this evening. eel tell you when it arrives coming up. police are still searching for suspects after two shooting deaths just hours apart. it started yesterday morning when jeffrey johnson was found with multiple gunshot wounds in east charlotte. hours later, police were called to a deadly shooting in west charlotte. jacorei davis was found dead. this shooting happened right next to a ymca where families were coming and going all day. >> it is a continuous thing. >> does it scare you? >> yes. i have two. yes, it is frightening. >> reporter: cmpd said davis' death was not a random act of violence.
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in charlotte this year. the increase in homicides is having the chief asking the city council for 125 additional police officers and 80 support staff positions. it is a $17 million request. city council members are still putting together a budget. they do not know how they would pay for it. it is searching for an attempted murder suspect that cut off his electronic monitor. officers are looking for christopher crittenton. they say he cut off his monitor around the university city boulevard area last night. he was ordered to wear it on a condition of his pretrial release. along with the attempted first-degree murder charge, he faces robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charles. there are new developments in the fly dubai plane that crashed in russia. specialists say the flight
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just take a look at nis. you can see right there. the snowy conditions crews work in as they gather evidence. the runway remains closed. bad weather could be the primary reason the plane crashed killing all the 62 people on board. carolina held a vigil for a police officer that was killed in the line of duty last week. it shows how allen jacobs' patrol car was turned into a shrine and they left flowers and other tributes. he was shot by a 17-year-old deonte mackey, a self- proclaimed gang member. allen jacobs was questioning him about a gun purchase when mackey took off and fired at jacobs. a body was found on the campus. the body was found behind a maintenance building friday night. right now the police chief does not believe that person is a student, faculty or staff
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the sb i is investigating. later today president barack obama will arrive in cuba for a three-day historic trip. this is the first time a u.s. president has been to cuba since 1928. you can see they are getting ready with signs and trading cards. thousands of cubans are expected to greet the president. he will be in a home built by the franklin roosevelt administration just before world war ii. he will meet with the cuban people and give a nationally televised speech. he will meet with raul castro but not fadal. he will take in a baseball game. the tampa bay rays will play the national team. they are hoping to call attention to an 18-year-old who is in the mecklenburg county
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until he turned 18, targeted him and then arrested him at the school bus stop. he says he is working with members of congress and attorneys to petition against his removal. >> one of the challenges is that many of these youth were unaccompanied minors and when they went to court, they didn't have appropriate representation in court. a judge ordered his d'ortation and said officers picked him up outside his home. uproars at trump rallies. bringing traffic to a standstill. the chaos that unfolded this weekend. >> next, a terrifying bus
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student's res tomorrow the chester county council plans to possibly vote on a new south carolina dot study looking at a deadly stretch of highway 9 nicknamed dead man's curve. there have been several crashes on that stretch of road including this from march 7th. a work van crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a logging truck head on. it would look at how many vehicles travel that road everyday, crashes and deaths. the meeting is set for tomorrow night at 6:00 on main street. authorities say a woman trying to grab a spilled drink caused this base carrying a high school team to rollover in indiana. that bus was carrying the griffith high school basketball team to a game in lafayette
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part of the bus was flattened. >> as we were flipping, bodies were ricocheting off the bus and when the bus finally slowed down and stopped flipping, everybody was screaming. >> you can see the bus came to a rest upside down, its roof crushed. many stopped to help the students and one of them a surgeon from north carolina. >> there is frankly a moment of panic and fear but i think fairly quickly you flip into the mode of there are patients that could be hurt here. >> more than a dozen people were holt lied including a coach who had to be airlifted from the scene. they are all expected to be doing okay. protestors continue disrupting donald trump's rallies. he literally represents the worst parts of america. >> why trump is defending him today. we're stuck under cloudy
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d see another brawl at a donald trump rally. this time trump's manager appeared to grab a protestor by the collar. to day's trump's campaign is defending that manager. people protested that rally as well. they blocked a major road in arizona. protestors took to the streets in new york, this time outside trump's hotel. mary bruce has more. >> reporter: overnight violent score mischs in tashfeen malik as a protestor being escorted out is pulled to the ground, punched and kicked. officers led him out. trump's campaign manager confronts another protestor and
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collar. as seen here, trump's campaign is defending him saying the individual he was sneaking with was pulled from behind and that mr. trump does not condone violence at his rallies. they used their own cars to bring traffic to a standstill. >> three of them are in jail. >> in charge of security, the sheriff. >> they think they are going to intimidate you and the next president of the united states, it is not going to happen. not in this town. >> reporter: in new york, thousands of antitrump forces gathered in front of the trump tower, donald trump not even there. rising tenses two days before the next primaries. the win all state of arizona. >> we're going to build the wall and stop it.
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>> reporter: sim brakes is taking center stage on both sides of the aisle. the immigration problem we face today at this particular moment is a trumped up and exaggerated problem. >> reporter: that was abc's mary bruce reporting. the battle over the north carolina governor seat could be the most expensive country. this is after pat mccrory and primaries. the two campaigns have already raised more than $13 million combined with cooper raising the most so far. experts expect the race to be tight. this week a judge could decide if lawmakers have to redraw congressional district lines again in the state. they said to expect a decision soon. right now district 12 is mostly mecklenburg county but after another challenge, the lines could change.
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could confuse voters during the june 7th primary. residents can voice their concerns about a retail development. the project would include an academy sports store, costco and six other businesses. some neighbors signed a petition against its worrying their home values will suffer. town officials are expected to vote on that project tomorrow. we told you last week a pastor is opposed to the shopping center because there would be a full-scale gun shop at that store and just yard ag way from a church. it would violate against big box stores. pope francis marked palm sunday with thousands of christians in st. peter square this morning. it commemorates jesus into jerusalem with the waving of palms and it is the official start of holy week and last sunday before easter. >> it may not feel like it is
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it came at 12:30 this morning. directly over the equator. i certainly wish we had a little more sun this afternoon. >> up fortunately we're not going to see much sunshine so it feels like winter here. cloudy, cooler and snow in the mountains. we have some watches and warns in effect as temperatures will drop below freezing for several hours. we could see frosty spots as well. rain pushed through last night. that has cleared. i'm watching this system right here. this is starting to spiral to the west. this will bring us unsettled weather later today. to time it out for you, the mountains have the best chance foreseeing rain even snow this afternoon. it might see a few sprinkles here in the charlotte area, but this line of steadier rain will
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by 7:00, still making a run through the mountains and foothills and then the tonight. as you wake up tomorrow morning, the rain will be gone and we'll see the clearing of the skies, but a much colder start to the day tomorrow morning. a low threat for rain. not going to see that push through until later tonight. don't have to worry about storms but the cold air is settling in. today. we're going to have the threat for snow in the mountains up to an inch in the higher peaks but otherwise a lighter coating. this will clear out by monday morning, as well. right now temperatures are in the mid-40s across the carolinas. 47 shelby and hickory. if you're heading out, grab that winter coat. i forgot it earlier and it is cold enough that you'll need
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temperatures running 25 degrees colder than yesterday. >> close to 50 degrees today. we might not even get here. it is well below average. the rain is not going to get here until tonight so if you have plans make sure you grab the coat, rain gear and take our weather app with you so you approach. tomorrow morning, a cold start to the day. as you head out and as the kids are heading to the bus stop, you'll need the layers. it will be funny. mid 20s. very windy tomorrow. even though by the afternoon we'll see highs in the mid-50s it will feel colder when you factor in that the >> not the nicest start to spring but there is a warmup on the way that won't get here until midweek. it will be a cold start and barely reaching 40 degrees tomorrow afternoon. keep in mind it will be windy, as well.
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shows it is going to be a cloudy and cooler day today for the official start to spring. as we head through the overnight hours, the rain clears out. it is going to be cold monday morning, highs in the mid 50s. by wednesday, highs in the mid- 70s. looking ahead to next weekend, right now we should stay dry, but john will have more on that system as we get more information later today. >> we know people will have easter activities outside. we want good weather. >> it is still a week away. tomorrow single game tickets for the first round of the 2016 playoffs go on sale. you can buy them for the first three potential home games for the hornets on the team's mobile app or at the box office. playoff opponents dazed dates
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beauty in to see a charlotte woman is working to change opinions about beauty. a health scare. it shows how her fighting spirit is giving her a national platform to inspire others. >> reporter: everyday she gives her upper body a workout because in her words she likes to look good, but she struggles to tell you about it herself. five years ago she lost 80% of her memory, she can no longer walk and talking is limited. >> when she first started out, she was more like a vegetable and to see how far she has came truly a blessing. >> reporter: she is a fighter who has spent countless hours in physical therapy. now she won't let anyone help
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there is no lift in her two- story home. this is how she gets down the steps. >> that is why she is also passionate about a career in modeling. someone noticed her modeling pictures online and that led to this moment as she was crowned 2016 miss u.s.a. heels for wheels a pageant in a wheelchair. >> she always wanted to have that crown. >> i wanted to teach the beauty industry what they think beauty is. >> she has an even bigger goal. >> to inspire others who are just like her. >> because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean that you can't be crowned as a queen or that you're not beautiful. >> reporter: stephanie maxwell channel 9.
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she started modeling to fight stroke and epilepsy. you can learn more about it unchilding a summer 5k. go to and look for stephanie's story on the family page. clouds, they are hanging around this afternoon along with much cooler temperatures.
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look at graf this is really some start to spring. >> i know. i think we were spoiled by the 80s we had last week and now winter is reminding us it is going to make a comeback today.
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tracking the threat for showers later today.
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how a 106-year-old woman is inspiring a new generation with her dancing. . hot topic starts now. welcome. we start tonight with a story that is raising eyebrows. a woman is caught shoplifting, but that woman was a nun. >> i was shocked, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the 78-year-old brought in her own red grocery bag, the scene when used by the store. she loaded up $23 worth of snacks and toiletries and wheel them out wheeled them out the front door. they trashed her tracked her car back to the convent - - convent. some teachers are in hot water after shopping for


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