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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tt2w rg)_s po d @3cd tt2w rg)_s p!!dk @4@\ tt2w rg)_s p4!d @5ux tt2w rg)_s px#"&`+;(( tt2w rg)_s pt#b'`+/(l tt2w rg)_s pt#b)`+$h( tt2w rg)_s pp#b*`+3s4 tt2w rg)_s pp#b,`+r)t tt2w rg)_s pl#".`+[ x tt2w rg)_s pl#"0`+@60 tt2w rg)_s ph#b1`+w"\ tt2w rg)_s ph#b3`+at< tt2w rg)_s pd#b4`+"w( tt2w rg)_s pd#b6`+4!h now at 11:00, rain is moving out of our area but the cold is here to stay. it's the first day of spring, but we didn't even get out of the 40s. i'm liz foster. >> it's only going to get colder when you wake up. some neighborhoods are under a freeze warning. >> we're worried about areas north of charlotte, places like alexander county, catawba county. and we're getting a lot of questions about the road conditions with all this rain we picked up and the temperatures dropping downment yes, there is a -- dropping down. yes, there is a concern. if you're
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valley, harmony, stoney point, we might have a black ice situation overnight t. rainfall is still coming down in charlotte. it's less than it was. heavier out to the east. now pushing making more progress up to the east. and norwood, that's going to be the next spot between now and midnight. we're finally starting to see the edge of this rain move on and advance a little more, so that will be moving on orrnight and -- on overnight. but with these temperatures dropping down, we are going to fall down to or below freezing just north of charlotte. the areas i would be concerned about a hard freeze will be in upper iron dale county. it is not our first brush in with freezing temperatures over the next couple days.
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one coming up. meteorologist christine will be tracking the temperatures overnight. a gunman is still on the run after a former cmd dispatcher was found shot in charlotte. >> he was near businesses and restaurants. today eyewitness news reporter elsa gillis talked to neighbors about the friends they lost. >> friends are shocked and sad. he was a happy person who never looked for trouble. they want whoever did this to be found immediately. >> he was a really goodman. shirt off his back, help you any time, drop whatever he's doing. >> reporter: friends described jeff johnson as a true friend who loved music. >> he has a lot of friends in the community. like i said, he brought different types of people together and that's what i loved most about him. >> reporter: neighbors and
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process his devastating death. he was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the 4900 block of central avenue. close to several stores and restaurants and the neighborhood where he lived. people who live right near the crime scene told me they heard gun fire around 2:00 is the morning. >> i know he doesn't go out and look for trouble or anything and that's very upsetting, because he's just like a normal person, so that's difficult. >> reporter: friends of johnson say he would often go for walks in the neighborhood and was a night owl, but they're baffled by what's happened >> something like this there's no words for it. >> he's a loving person and it's just sad. >> reporter: his friends tell me he worked for the charlotte mecklenburg police department before going into security. as far as we know, no arrests have
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reporting live from cmpd headquarters elsa gillis. in west charlotte police say jacorei davis was found shot to death on donald ross road. investigators don't think it was random. the shooting scene was right next to a ymca where day. no one was arrested in that case. channel 9 is dedicated to staying on top of both of these investigations. go to history in havana just hours ago president obama arrived in cuba. his trip marks the fourth presidential visit to the country in nearly 90 years. the president will be there for 48 hours. the triple focus on potential trade and business opportunities and booking
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>> for the first time ever air force one has landed in cuba, and this is our very first stop. so this is a historic visit and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. and agreements and commercial deals between ties with our two. >> paypal ceo is one of the visitors invited to join cuba. the entire first family is with the president and took in some sightseeing. the president will not be with his brother fidel. charlotte may soon get a direct flight to cuba and american
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leaders hope to head back to raleigh to respond to charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. that ordinance is set to take effect in less than two weeks. it prevents businesses in charlotte from discriminating against customers based on their sexual preference or identity. the controversy is over a part of the law that allows people who are transgender to use public bathrooms based on the gender they identify with. after protesting in charlotte friday, the coalition plans to head to raleigh tomorrow to push governor mccrory and lawmakers to hold a special session and take immediate action on the ordinance. on friday, house speaker tim moore told channel 9 republican legislatures are working on a bill to reverse the ordinance. if a special session is called, the cost falls on taxpayers. calling lawmakers back would total $42,000 a day. we have followed every new development on this story that
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you can find all of our past coverage at south carolina has paid about $40 million since 2010 to settle road claims and lawsuits against the transportation department. many of those claims involve damages caused by potholes. the number of claims average 2600 during the past two years p. officials have said it will cost an additional $1.2 billion a year for nearly three decades to bring the state's road to bridges up to excellent condition. we have new information tonight about a deadly wrong-way crash on i-485. 25-year-old victor castillo was killed when louis manacho struck him. he was also kicked. north carolina
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they're up 34%. many cases involved alcohol. tonight state troopers are searching for answers after a local shelby high school student was hit and killed. >> investigators say the 16-year-old and her boyfriend were standing in the middle of an intersection on board ers road around -- on boarders road around 1:00 yesterday morning. >> reporter: orange paint at this intersection shows a terrible chain of events. >> it's tragic. 16 years old in a relationship down the middle of a roadway. >> reporter: ken etdz moore arrived -- kenseth moore arrived at the scene. >> both doors open, car was running. >> reporter: lying in the road was 16-year-old nicia copes, a student at shelby high school and her boyfriend, 24-year-old devonte parks.
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said both had been hit by an oncoming car. >> they were standing in the middle of the roadway. >> reporter: parks survived, but copes was pronounced dead at the scene >> i just got home and heard all the ambulances coming in. >> reporter: this man lives nearby and said he drove near the intersection minutes before the crash and didn't notice anything unusual. he like others in the community are sad by a loss. reporting in shelby, alexa ashwell, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> investigators plan to interview the boyfriend once he's well enough to speak. right now he's at a hospital in charlotte. the sad story in south carolina tonight where a firefighter was killed on the job. conway fire chief said christopher ray was hit and killed by one of the department's fire engines while out on a call. the south carolina's highway patrol is investigating that accident.
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wills and event will be held for the greenville police officer. a gang member shot and killed him friday when jacobs and other officers attempted to question him. police say the suspect later shot and killed himself. last night the greenville community held a vigil for officer jacobs. they left behind flowers and other tributes. he was a decorated war veteran married with two children with a third on the way. his funeral is set for thursday. an indiana sheriff deputy is recovering tonight after his partner was killed in a shoot out. a suspect started shooting this morning when 207-year-old deputy -- 27-year-old deputy tried to serve a warrant this morning. the deputies returned fire. coontz and the suspect died at the scene. buckley's condition has not been released. belgian officials say the
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may have been planning a new attack. abdeslam salah was captured alive in brussels friday after five months on the run. he told investigators he wanted to blow himself up at the soccer stadium in paris back in november, but backed out. investigators say they found a lot of weapons during a raid on friday and uncovered a new network of people abdeslam was working with. a continue certify yeah retail -- controversial retail tomorrow, will include a supporting good store, a costco and six other businesses. some neighbors signed a petition against it where their home values will suffer. a clover town council member will propose a 180 foot cell tower wants to give residents an idea of how tall it will be. he flew these balloons at the height of the tower. you can see high above that building and
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lives across the street from the appropriate posed site has filed a lawsuit against the town. a hearing on the suit is scheduled for this thursday. a bus carrying a high school basketball team rolled over in a crash. that bus practically flattened. >> it's god's will i happened to be driving by at that time. >> tonight the north carolina doctor who stopped to save the stranded victims is talking to channel 9 about the chaotic scene. spring begins, but it seems like we're going backwards. the
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back on . it's a miracle everyone survived. this school bus flipped over on an indiana highway yesterday. its roof crushed. and inside that bus, an entire high school basketball team, coaches and students. >> one north carolina doctor drove up on the scene and immediately jumped into action. new at 11, he told eyewitness news reporter desean brown it was meant for him to be there. >> reporter: dr. mark kadowaki was shocked at his timing. he told me it was extremely rare that he would be on that road in indiana. and somehow he was.
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for kadowaki. >> i didn't get up and say i was going to drive down the road and look for a school bus overturned. this. >> we have parents and cars all over the place. >> reporter: kadowaki on an emergency trip to bury a friend. he was in the right place at the right time to do what he felt was right. >> when i first got out of the car, it's hard to imagine that anybody could have gotten out of that bus okay. you could tell from a cross way it was flattened. >> reporter: police say the driver of the car involved sideswiped the bus after spilling a drink in her lap and losing control. kadowaki scoured the scene in search of those severely hurt and said he wasn't alone. >> people, were offering blankets or band-aids they had in their cars, many people
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>> reporter: all 27 people survived, which including the boys' basketball team on its way to the state semifinal game. this video captured by another driver shows the moments after the crash. one this doctor says could have ended another way. >> this was god's will that i happened to be driving by at that time. and that's the surreal part. what is just happened. >> reporter: doctors said he stayed on the scene for about two hours. and when he was done, he got back in his car and kept driving to wisconsin. i'll send it back to you. the union county board of education will hold a special meeting tomorrow to talk about the search process for a new superintendent. dr. mary ellis announced her retirement after serving as the superintendent for the last four years. dr. mike webb just announced his retierpt last week.
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retirement last week. their retirement comes after the sbi and district attorney announced no charges will be filed against either ellis or webb. eyewitness news discovered back in november both officials and another district administrator have a company. they employed a sales executive from a computer maker lenovo. state and local investigators found no wrongdoing. meteorologist john ahrens is tracking a threat for a freeze overnight. >> those showers are going to be coming through. the temperatures will be dropping and we'll focus in on those freezing concerns. still coming down across most of charlotte, maybe not as heavy as it was, but some good soaking showers over east charlotte through shamrock and over to the south down independence and matthews and then further down into parts
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to the east we're getting more rainfall out there. waynes borrow, you are next -- waynes breaux, you are next. this is the back edge of that rainfall over across taylorsville. so we're going to be quieting down in the next couple hours, but we'll worry about -- let's go north of highway 64 for maybe some of that moisture to freeze on the road or black ice. it would be spotty, very patchy, but you just want to take it easy on the roads. if you're traveling let's say in harmony, love valley tomorrow, up across alexander county, this is where the temperatures will be sub freezing. a freeze warning for you up in statesville and hickory as well. but my biggest concern is north of statesville,
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here's your future cast for tomorrow and we'll clear out the sky pretty quickly. we're looking at a nice day, a bright afternoon just more so in the wintertime to roam, not so much spring. the temperatures are going to stay in the 50s with mosley sunny skies. but it will be brighter. very nice day compared to the clouds that we saw today, right? your neighborhood forecast, no snow to worry about. mostly sunny skies. highs will be in the lower 40s. up across chester we're going to stay down in the mid 50s. those kind of numbers make it susceptible for the threat of freezing temperatures again overnight into tuesday. this is where freeze warning will be in effect for york tuesday morning. that's where you want to bring in those plants for sure if you live in charlotte. so that freeze will be late into early tuesday. we're going to keep the pollen
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it will start to become more of a problem later on. you can track the current conditions right on your iphone and android. meteorologist christine wrap is going to track those cold temperatures tomorrow. here's your five-day forecast. we'll get back into the mid 70s later on. your weekend always in view. easter weekend, sunday there's a small chance, but i think most of us can be okay. >> so some rough mornings, but afternoons look pretty good. nascar looks as though kevin
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. the good old nascar boys were turning circles in the desert inn california. the race so far this season has been down to the wire this afternoon at the auto club speedway was no different. harvick, a bakersfield, california native, he's your leader until it's a bird, it's a plane, no just jimmy johnson flying right before the car of harvick. his second win this season.
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be his 7777th win. denny hamlin finished third. >> had a great run off, got a shot at this thing which i didn't expect to have. i cleared him and kind of got away. so we saved our best for last for sure. i told everybody i'm going to kick batman's butt and it happened. >> johnson referring to his teammate darrel earnhardt jr. talk about a bad luck for kyle busch after leaving yesterday's race, bush's tire blew. now he led every lap but the last, today same thing today, he blew a tire with two laps to go. he finished 25th overall. both duke and north carolina men find themselves in the sweet 16. see what they have to say about advancing. meanwhile on the
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c wealth management team. . it may have taken more that i a hat to pull away providence, but they showed the national championship team solidify. this game was rounded up at 41 in the second half. that's when the tarheels responded with the 8-0 run. he led the tarheels with the 21 points, 10 rebound performance. in the second half out scoring the fryers. 51 to 36 in the final frame. carolina advances to the sweet 16 for a 27th time. >> in the second half they score the first six points of the half and then we were really good. i thought bryce scoring inside and rebounding blocked some shots. i know we didn't have 8, only had 2 today, but thought he was effective.
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job of rotating and just everything the coach always tells us and teaches us on defense. so think the other day we forced them into one shot and got in transition which helped. >> they'll play the winner on thursday. duke was led by grace and allen's 29. it's the 25th time in school history duke will play in the sweet 16. the win over yale marks the 90th tournament win for coach kay. >> i've coached a lot of -- more ncaa games than anybody, and i tell you what, i don't know if you probably shouldn't watch me very much, but if you did, you'd see a very excited and emotional coach.
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of providence day tiffany mitchell, south carolina takes the lead and never looks back. mitchell 20 points on the night. later in the first one of the rare misses, but her teammate. 73-47. >> the charlotte hornets may see its losing streak with three games at home. the san antonio spurs with the high of tomorrow night. the hornets drop back-to-back games. the latest coming last night versus denver, 13 games below 500. charlotte looked flat at times. it's something that should be a cause for concern as the hornets are deep into the race to host the playoff series. they're currently tied for the fifth spot in the playoffs with boston. >> played tired. it was our third game in four nights, and we put ourselves in the big hole. in the second half we played better.
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the four spot, which means they would host the playoff series. just have to, you know sweep
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. it's spring but you may want to get your winter coat for tomorrow morning. >> we're down to 33 tomorrow morning, but the rain will be gone. we can say good-bye to the allergies for a day or two. sunshine tomorrow afternoon, highs in the mid 50s. warmer after that. >> thanks for making channel 9


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