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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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with their flashlights, looking at a field of debris between a black vehicle and a dump truck. video earlier you can see much, much closer the damage to the black car, significant damage to the front end, the windows have smashed in and there is a dump truck to the right of the car. right now police tell us it appears the car hit the become of the dump truck but they are actively investigating. they told us they expect that to take some time they are going to be out here for hours. it is already having an impact on drivers as we can see traffic picking up a bit. anyone trying to turn in this direction or go straight they are being sent in another direction. we'll continue working to get details on this investigation. traveling through the area right now as britney mentioned it is the outbound lanes that
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looking for our camera, here's the dump truck reportedly involved. police investigating this fatal crash on the brookshire. outbound brookshire is blocked. use bell haven toward mountain island lake. of course we'll let you know as soon as that completely reopens. one accident down to the south was reported earlier near providence road west. no big delays through the area. john? >> another big story is the weather. i'm in severe weather center 9. >> all this teal is under a freeze warning for the next couple of hours until about 9:00 this morning. off to the east rockingham, lancaster, you are under a frost advisory through the next couple of hours as well. we have completely clear skies, we are at 37 degrees right now in the charlotte area.
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i mentioned those temperatures are chilly. 29 in lincolnton, 32 in shelby. rock hill also in the 30s. this afternoon i'll have more on your forecast coming up in just a minute. we are continuing follow breaking news in brussels, belgium .10 people are dead and many others hurt after explosions at the airport. another explosion happened at one of the city's subway stations near the headquarters of the european union. the city has closed the entire subway system. we have video just in, you can see the scene, this is the airport. you see a lot of people standing outside on the tarmac. they were evacuated. also a lot of people evacuated through the terminal. it is very chaotic right there. the explosions happened just after 3:00 a.m. our local time 8:00 brussels time. abc news is reporting those explosions happened in the vicinity of the american airlines desk. right now there is a perimeter set up around the airport
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all flights in and out of brussels have been canceled. in fact belgium's interior minister has just raised the country's terror level to maximum. all this comes just days after the prime suspect in the terror attacks salah abdeslam was arrested in brussels. no one has claimed responsibility for the explosions happening right now. count on channel 9 we will bring you updates as soon as we get them on air and also online at a major story we will be following throughout the week. tomorrow north carolina lawmakers will need to take on charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. they are holding a special session. it is expected to cost $42,000 a day. governor mccrory says at that price the ordinance should be the only thing lawmakers address. senator jeff tart told us he
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fix the ordinance that was approved two weeks ago. mayor jennifer roberts disagrees. >> they are the ones that took $18 million out of the charlotte budget last year without giving us a means to replace that i don't they weren't careful and i'm quite comfortable billing the city of charlotte. >> the ordinance is currently set to take effect on april 1. it allows members of the lgbt community to choose a bathroom based on the gender they identify it and channel 9 has been following every development surrounding the ordinance. you can find all of our past coverage on our website at wsoc- another story we are following for your day ahead. it is expected to be a busy night for cms board members as they have several topics to cover. a few things they will be discussing include changes to how the district measures certain areas of student performance. they will look over the capital
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correlates with the education division and core beliefs. they will recommend extending contracts that expire in june. the oversight committee will meet in a few hours. two weeks ago we told you cms leaders want the county to put a bond on the ballot to pay for construction projects. they want to reason vivofit older schools and build new schools to alleviate crowding. corporate sponsors are helping pay for the first five years of the $55 million project meant to improve academics in west charlotte. the cms board still needs to approve extending the initiative. charlotte city leaders have now cleared the way for construction to begin on new apartments in the belmont neighborhood. last night the city zoning committee aproved the plan for
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parkwood avenue. this comes as council members have been looking at ways to make the area safer for drivers. nearly 200 crashes have happened in that area over the past five years. channel 9 is continuing to follow stories for your day ahead. today voters in several western states will be heading to the polls. >> caulk cusses are being held in utah, arizona and idaho. the latest poll numbers show front runners donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in that state. yesterday trump made his first public appearance in the nation's capital since primary voting began last month. trump met with some republican lawmakers at a prominent law firm in washington d.c. one reporter questioned him about top republican leaders who were not at the meeting. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell and paul ryan didn't know about the meeting they said they weren't invited.
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>> not at all. we are very inclusive. and frankly jeff and the other people just invited a small group. hundreds of rabbis are upset with trump he said he won't commit to continue financial support to israel. >> the pool of candidates vying to support mecklenburg county in congress is still growing. yesterday trisha cog sham filed and malcolm graham plans to run, as well as incumbent alma adams. the special primary election will be on june 7th. meanwhile this we can a judge could decide if lawmakers have to redraw the congressional district lines once again. lines were redrawn last month
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ones were racially biased and unconstitutional. charlotte-mecklenburg police have two people in custody after a chase in north charlotte last night. officers say they got an armed robbery call on sugar creek road near i-85 around 10:00 p.m. they spotted the suspect's vehicle nearby and went after it. a short time later the people inside jumped out and ran away. we are working to find out if people were charged. michelle hill was last seen getting into a white car after a doctor's appointment last tuesday, she is 5'8", 170 pounds and was wearing jeans and a blue shirt. her family says she has medical conditions. if you have seen her, call police. here's christine rapp. it is colder this morning. >> it really is. a live look from our charlotte cam this morning, we have completely clear skies and that is why temperatures are so cool this morning.
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temperatures starting off in the 30s in most locations, 31 in statesville. 35 in boone. 38 in hickory. a bit of a temperature change here between the two cities. 37 in charlotte. 34 in monroe. 32 in gastonia. it depends on where you are waking up this morning. most of us in the low 30s as you head out the door. make sure you are bundled up. you won't need the extra layers. temperatures by lunch time already making it into the mid- 50s. mid-60s with lots of sunshine expected for the day ahead. i'm tracking 70s soon to return. a chance for rain in that 5-day forecast. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. traffic team 9's mark taylor is busy tracking a very big accident on 485. >> we continue to monitor a deadly crash.
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police are investigating right now. you can see the dump truck reportedly involved in this accident scene. if you are heading out the next couple of minutes what is closed is the outbound lanes of brookshire. if you are heading toward mountain island lake we'll get you around the closure. if you are heading in bound, no big issues here. you are almost 50 miles per hour. 14 minute ride coming in from mountain island lake. john? a newton couple says they were robbed. channel 9 was there. >> i know how the police work. i'm working on it. >> reporter: ahead at 55:00 the reason officers arrested the couple, even though they are not charged with robbery. three people are behind bars after a shootout inside a busy mcdonalds. the online conversation police
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victim that brought them to the restaurant. a north carolina man faces federal charges after
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we are staying on top of several breaking news stories. first in northwest charlotte the brookshire at 485 is shut down as police investigate a deadly crash. live pictures here of the scene, police still on scene there. it happened around 3:00 this morning. but the road is expected to stay closed here for several hours. also in brussels belgium within the last two minutes we have learned at least 13 people are now dead, many hurt after two explosions at the airport there. we are learning of at least one other explosion at the city's subway stations near the headquarters of the european union. that city under attack. they have closed their entire subway system. we are getting new information by the minute, going to have that for you right here on channel 9. this former north carolina broker is accused of steering investors in the wrong direction.
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hood in the title that took money from unsuspecting investors. in court documents prosecutors say he steered people away from legitimate investments toward companies he controlled. experts say it is further proof you should be skeptical and smart about how you invest. >> no one should be investing their personal funds without first asking their accountant or attorney to take a look at it first. >> prosecutors say sack el went to great lengths to get rid of evidence, even throwing a laptop into a fire pit. he will appear in court in charlotte on april 1st. police hope this surveillance video will lead them to the people who tried to break into a south charlotte store. look at this.
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yanking at the front door of la market. the city is going to be updating and answering questions about how the city plan to deal with growth and travel. topics include the cat system. the silver line, charlotte bike and his walks. you can drop in, anytime between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. at the grady cole center. the light rail will exit the north tryon median by traveling beneath north tryon and on to unc charlotte's campus. channel 9 will be there today. health concerns are pushing up the price tag on an artificial field for a high school. we told you back in october the panthers gave smoky mountain high school a $200,000 grant for the field. since then the board voted to
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instead of a plastic fiber field. this will cost an additional $200,000. if the money cannot be raised the whole project will have to be scrapped and the panthers grant given back. it feels like winter, not lick spring. >> if you have planted flowers or plants, you'll need to cover them up i can't you can put a degrees protection. this time of year that is all you really need. >> my neighbor's is all covered up. experts say some cold this time of year can actually be good for them but growers don't want the temperature to drop below 28 degrees for very long because then they could start losing blooms. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. >> reporter: hopefully if you have plants outside you covered them already.
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temperatures at a touch near freezing. lower 30s this morning. a live look from our speedway cam. it is right at 32 degrees right now in concord and salisbury. 31 in statesville as you are waking up in the mountains. 37 right now in charlotte but 30 in lincolnton and low 30s in atlanta cast and chesterfield. we have a few freeze warnings and frost advisories that go until 9:00. we'll be in the low 40s by 9:00 this morning and this afternoon mid-60s expected in the charlotte area. it will be a nice day once we get rid of these cool temperatures this morning. it is a day when you want to have the jackets this morning, sunglasses all day long. in salisbury temperatures in the mid-50s by lunch time. our neighborhood forecast in shelby keeps temperatures in the mid-50s around noon. 64 this afternoon for a high. 50s and 60s across the
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a threat tracker for today has cool temperatures this morning. by this afternoon we'll be where we usually are by this time of year. no rain today or tomorrow. allergies starting to creep up the next couple of days. our sixth warmest march and right now we are at our number one driest march on record. we have a couple of chances of rain. and that includes during the weekend. looking at your weekend always in view, dry conditions on saturday. temperatures not bad mid-60s. but if you have any plans to be out and about on easter sunday, make sure you have the umbrellas on hand. we will have that chance of rain throughout the day today. not just on sunday. thursday night into early morning hours on friday, we have a couple of chances in there to pick up on much needed rain across the carolinas.
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for wednesday and thursday. again as i mentioned mid-60s chance of rain sunday afternoon. weather and traffic every 10 minutes at 5:00 a.m. here's traffic team 9's mark taylor with an update. >> an accident that has the closed at i-485. this is from your live shot right now, crews are investigating the accident that took place earlier this morning. we are expecting to be blocked on the outbound side. you can access 485 from 16. if you are heeding toward mountain island lake take roswell's ferry as the alternate route. 77 southbound from north lake to uptown you are moving at 64 miles per hour, green conditions, no issues, less than 10 minutes to led into charlotte. stephanie? police are investigating after a couple says they were robbed while house hunting.
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house located that way, that was for rent and that is whenever he grabbed the money and took off. >> ahead at 5:45 the arrest officers made and the reason the homeowner refused to let officers inside. narrow lanes are one of the challenges drivers face as they maneuver through this construction zone on 77. ahead the changes they are making. lawmakers are considering changes to food labels to let you know if your food has been genetically modified. checking wall street
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a food labeling night in congress could cost you more next time you go grocery shopping. it that you would in the u.s. senate last week. some call it a win for consumers, who want to know if their food is genetically modified. but creating state by state labels would be expensive for food companies.
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by more than $1000 a year for families. >> it will soon wreck havoc on the flow of interstate commerce of agriculture and food products in every supermarket every grocery store up and down main street of every community in america. i can't the environmental group aargues labels are changed all the time. the county's economic development group says project orange would help an unnamed company invest 5 to $7 million and add 30 new jobs with an average wage of around $36,000 a year. the hearing will be at the commission's april 4th meeting. two people shot, three people arrested after a shootout inside of a busy mcdonalds restaurant. next and new this morning, the online ad police say started the fight. we have freezing temperatures as you head out the door this morning.
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looking at a seasonal day ahead. another look at your 5-day forecast, coming up in the next half hour. a fatal crash shut down part of brookshire boulevard
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i' right now we are following multiple breaking news stories from overnight. first cmpd is if he scene of this deadly crash at the brookshire and 485. and right now, airports and rail operations shut down in brussels after two explosions at the airport and another in the city's metro station. we are monitoring all of the overseas developments as officials work to find out who is responsible. god tuesday morning to you, i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. drivers are going to face serious delays on the morning drive. eyewitness news reporter britney johnson is live along
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are police making any progress reopening that road? >> reporter: they are still actively working on this scene right now. in fact more officers have made their way closer to where it appears this crash happened. i'm going to move out of the way, but i'm not going to zoom in because they appear to be doing sensitive work near one of the efficacy involved in the crash. we have video to show you it is a black car. there is significant damage. the windows smashed in. we do know this was a deadly crash. authorities did tell us that it appears that that car hit the back of a dump truck that is also still here on the scene. there is a lot of debris scattered in the road just before the overpass and again, officers are out here, they have their flashlights, they have been taking photos and have been working to piece together this investigation. we have watched as police have worked to help drivers who have been confused about how to get
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have to part of brookshire near 485 blocked off. take it over to traffic team 9's mark taylor so drivers could learn more about how to get around this. >> folks heading outbound that is blocked. you can still access i-485. but if you are heading out toward mountain island like you can't get through. unfortunately, it is expected to be that way for a good chunk of the morning rush. keeping tabs on the other interstates, 77 looking get, no issues. dry and clear this morning, no accidents or stalled vehicles coming out of iredell or york county. i'm updating twitter with this new information as well. you can get those updates. clear skies across the carolinas. we have had it all night long. you can see clear skies across the southeast and that is leading to chilly temperatures
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just a few clouds in our far northern counties here this morning and again, as i mentioned, make sure you are bundled up. we have a freeze warning in effect, temperatures below freezing in some locations. 30 right now no lincolnton and statesville. 37 in charlotte and 32 as you head out the door in rock schill. throughout the day again, not tracking any weather issues. you may have sun glare, you may want to grab sunglasses. we'll talk more about the mid- 60s returning for your afternoon highs as well as temperatures warming back into the 70s. i am break in the breaking news center continuing to follow news on the explosions in brussels belgium. we learned at least 13 people are dead, 35 others seriously injured there a short time later there was another explosion. it was reported about 25 minutes away at a subway
5:33 am
and this is new video from the brussels airport. there are passengers who had standing outside on the tarmac. you see the emergency vehicles, there are the passengers. we also saw when we were looking at video of the terminal, you can see shattered windows on the side of the terminal. european union officials say people are told to stay indoors and police have told others to remain where they are. a statement from brussels says the threat level has been raised to a four with special emphasis on transport hubs, airports, transportation and nuclear plants. abc news is reporting that explosion at the airport airlines desk. all flights in and out of the brussels airport are canceled. people in the area are being evacuated. there is a perimeter set up that is right around the airport. now once again, the interior
5:34 am
country's terror level to its maximum level. things are changing there by the minute. we will continue to bring you new information here from the breaking news center as soon as we get it on daybreak. channel 9 learned state transportation leaders are making changes to keep drivers safe as crews work on the i-77 toll lynn project. i rode along with a truck driver through the construction zones. you can see with the dangerously narrow lanes there is no room for error. the truck driver told me the rumble strips only made the situation worse. >> it is rough. and there is grooves in it. and it is dangerous to be honest with you. >> that was one of the car drivers i spoke with. the d.o.t. yesterday said they will be lowering the speed limit to 55 at different times throughout this construction. they are also adding a 250 understand enhanced fine so
5:35 am
of other fines for speeding. a catawba county judge is expected to decide whether to drop the possible of the death penalty for a man accused of triple murder. that is according to our partners at the hickory daily record. yesterday attorneys for everett hewitt claimed important evidence had been lost or took years to find, including a taped interview and a map a witness drew of the murder scene. hewitt is charged with three counts of murder in the deaths of susie blevins, connie miller and wade sigman back in 2011. one of the family members has waited five years for justice. >> i want to know why. and i haven't got no answer yet. it is hard. i have been wanting justice. we have been let off four different times to get justice for this. >> the justice ruled there are
5:36 am
the case. the trial is supposed to start next week. next week a man accused of robbing the same east charlotte store twice is due in court. police say rodriguez walker walked up to the store in january and earlier this month. the warrants show a worker at the store during both robberies recognized walker in the second crime. she ran out of the business and went next door to call 911. walker faces robbery charges. police seized walker's phone as part of this investigation. new this morning, doctors are treating two people shot at a north carolina mcdonalds. three men showed up at the restaurant in fayetteville yesterday to finalize a craigslist deal. the buyer was already in the restaurant but during the deal there was a shootout in the
5:37 am
one seller. this all unfolding near families. the police chief there says there needs to be a change. >> we have some work to do as a community. i think we have work to do as a country not to restrict gun ownership but to restrict gun ownership from people that don't need to be carrying guns. >> no bystanders were hurt and there were two people who were shot but they will be surviving. police took all four into custody and say none of them are old enough to have a gun. health officials say they have confirmed two new cases of mumps at unc charlotte. that brings the total confirmed cases at the school to four. several of the cases linked to lowes corporate headquarters in mooresville. officials say it is hard to prevent the spread of pumps because it can take up to 25 days for symptoms to appear. leaders say the state budget will include $400
5:38 am
won't offer that every year. they are trying to figure out a way to fix the state's crumbling roads but they say in order to offer $400 million every year they might have to cut back on essential services. later this morning president obama will continue his historic trip to cuba by speaking directly to the cuban people. he is scheduled to subpoenaing to a crowd of thousands in -- to speak to a crowd of thousands in havana. the president says while they have serious differences on democracy and human rights those difficult conversations will clear the way for closer ties in the future. but in an exclusive interview with abc news, he says there is still a lot of work to do. >> i do not believe president castro wants to up end the ruling party or the system that they have. >> reporter: castro says lifting the trade embargo is
5:39 am
that would require congressional approval though. a bill extending the faa's powers and programs through mid- july is now waiting on president obama's signature. congress passed the bill yesterday giving lawmakers more time to work on a longer-term policy. the current authority expires march 13 '31. here's meteorologist christine rapp. you will need a coat or jacket when you head out the door this morning. >> maybe even the gloves and scarves, it is chilly out there this morning. 37 degrees right now in the queen cities. light wind at about 5 miles per hour. as soon as we get the sun up, official sunrise around 7:30, it will start to improve our temperatures. 40s by 9:00 this morning. sunshine through the lunch time hour. maybe lunch outdoors with a light jacket. temperatures in the hid 50s by lunch time and this afternoon
5:40 am
this is where we usually are for this time of year. our normal high 65. this is the beginning of another warming trend. temperatures 10 degrees warmer by the middle of the week. more on the 5-day forecast. it is now 5:40. mark? >> so monitoring the deadly crash that is under investigation this morning, northwest charlotte still a very, very agotive scene. you can see all the police are still monitoring it and investigating exactly what happened. we are learning that as well. our crew gathering more information. outbound brookshire remains closed at 485. you can still access 485 from the outbound commute. but if you are heading toward mountain island lake take bell haven as the alternate. other interstates are moving fine. 85 coming in less than 20 minutes. an injury crash on beatties ford road. coming up next. a 3-year-old found wandering in the street at 2:00
5:41 am
al new at 6:20, the alert worker who called police and the surprising move officers made after they took the child home is that neighbors who have complained about this dangerous section of road in chester county hope a recent tragedy can be used to save lives. ahead at 6:15 the four specific factors the d.o.t. will look at. only channel 9 was there as newton police arrested two people during a robbery investigation. i was trying to get his medications and they put me under arrest.
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d we are staying on top of several breaking news. stories. police are investigating a deadly crash the brookshire at 485. starting to see traffic pick up in that area. this happened just before 3:00 this morning. we are told the road is expected to be shut down for several hours. we'll have alternate routes for you ahead. now to brussels, belgium. 13 people are dead at the airport there and sky news is
5:45 am
metro station after explosions at both places. several others are reportedly severely hurt. the city has closed the entire subway system. we'll bring you updates from this breaking news throughout daybreak. a young couple looking for a home to rent near newton says they were robbed by someone in the neighborhood. >> deputies spent two hours trying to get the suspect lorenzo washington to come out of this home. washington's wife told deputies she didn't want anyone going inside. she was charged with obstructing the officers. washington denies robbing the couple. >> they came into my house and i'm not sure. >> reporter: you weren't involved in any kind of robbery or anything? >> no. >> reporter: washington is charged with failure to appear in court. the couple told us they have no intention of living in that neighborhood now. today the city of morgan tonight will host a parade for the freedom high school girl's
5:46 am
the lady patriots won the state championship this past weekend. today's parade starts at 6:00, in downtown morganton. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. a lot of nice sunshine today in preparation for the parade. >> reporter: a gorgeous day not the warmest of mornings across the carolinas. here's a live look. the sun doesn't come up if an hour and a half to two hours. but we have clear skies as you head out the door this morning. with the clear skies temperatures had to drop. we had freeze warnings and frost advisories across the region until 9:00 this morning. all the counties include charlotte and mecklenburg county. under a frost advisory where temperatures have once again touched near freezing. 32 in lancaster and chesterfield. up in the mountains the warmer spot we have a few clouds filtering in.
5:47 am
36 in jefferson, 37 in charlotte. throughout your day today here, let's plan it out for you. temperatures warming into the 40s and 50s. 95 in charlotte. mid to upper 50s for lancaster and chesterfield and albemarle. a nice day, even by lunch time. we'll tack on a few more did degrees. mid-60s across the carolinas. going to be a great night if you want to akin they are out on the patio. should be a great one, including if you are heading to the app state. temperatures going to be comfortable in the upper 50s around the first pitch, but it will be cool as we head into the evening. 9:00 temperatures in the mid- 50s here in uptown. jackets still necessary but overall throughout the day, not going to be too bad. the good news is, once we get past this morning, the next couple of days we are going to stay on the warmer eyed for those warmer conditions.
5:48 am
those will be some of our warmest days in that 5-day forecast. if you are a fan of last week the 70s and 80s, that kind of weather will be back as we head into wednesday and thursday. we'll bring back a chance for rain. definitely we need it in the carolinas. thursday night into early morning hours on friday. a few showers not going to add up to much but at least the chance of rain. saturday temperatures in the mid-60s. so a couple of things to watch here the next couple of days. make sure you are bundled up. >> wet easter egg hunts? >> yes. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> monitoring a partial road closure outbound brookshire still blocked at i-485 because of a fatal crash under investigation.
5:49 am
roadway reopens. you can still access brookshire to 485 in either direction. you'll have to take bell haven to 16th as the alternate route. on 12th street, storm drainage work was scheduled to close 12th completely but looks like one lane is still open. this is scheduled to last through friday so right now no alternate route is needed. frustrated homeowners in belmont plan to confront duke energy about the quality of water in their wells even though the state says it is safe to drink? a teen rescued two children. ahead at 6:00, what a witness saw one driver do before the crash that could help investigators figure out the cause. a killer convicted of two
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
a third conviction he is convicted of killing two women and charged in a third. the district attorney announced plans to retry danny hembree. channel 9 has been following this case for years. hembree said his right to a speedy trial means prosecutors must try him in six months or dismiss the charges. >> i have a right under state law. >> the judge disagreed. the district attorney said he has five murder trials to hear before hembree's trial for the 2009 murder of heather catterton. a charlotte school ranks among the worst in the nation when it comes to disciplining minority students. the report from a group at ucla says crossroads had the second highest rate of suspensions for
5:54 am
of students were suspended at least once. cold out there this morning. >> absolutely. we have freeze warnings that continue for the next couple of hours. we have completely clear skies. your neighborhood forecast and elizabeth showing temperatures warming into the mid-60s this afternoon. mid-50s by lunch time, 60s this afternoon and same in the blowing rock area after a cool start this morning, a comfortable afternoon ahead. we'll talk more about the rest of your tuesday forecast coming up in the next hour. >> reporter: outbound brookshire still closed near 485. a live update on this, and talk about alternate routes. we are also heading to an accident scene on beatties ford road just north of the brookshire. john? stay with channel 9 as we continue to follow breaking
5:55 am
explosions have shut down air and rail services in brussels. police are blocking a part of brookshire boulevard this morning, investigating a deadly morning, ilife's morning multitaskingfor a growing family, and drawers with many layers,to show exactly what you need.
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and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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we are following two major breaking news stories this morning. europe is on alert right now after terrorist attacks at the belgian airport and subway stations. explosions killed more than a dozen people. dozens more are hurt. we are hearing from witnesses as they describe the horrifying moments. but first part of the brookshire boulevard is closed near 485 right now.
5:59 am
we know one person died in that crash. it happened around 3:00 this morning. >> police have the northbound lanes shut down while they investigate. britney johnson is live with the latest. >> reporter: this road has been shut down for hours now police tell us it could be several more hours while they investigate the deadly crash. you can see right there, there are still two vehicles, a black car and i dump truck. police have told us they believe it appears the truck hit the back of the dump truck earlier this morning. we have video that shows you what the damage looks like a little bit more up close. you can see the front end of the block car is smashed in. also the window smashed in as well and the dump truck is to the right of that vehicle. there is also a large field of debris in the road. investigators have spend a lot of time looking through the pieces of the car that remain
6:00 am
they have had this part of the road blocked off just before the overpass since 3:00. it has caused quit a bit of confusion for drivers in the area. many have stopped to ask police which direction they should go in. they are sending people on the interstate when people are trying to go straight through. so we are going to send to you traffic team 9's mark taylor to give you more information on how you can avoid this. >> reporter: we are looking above this. you can see the police presence in the area and the road is complete lie blocked on the outbound side of the brookshire right at 485. folks can still access 4:85 you just can't head up toward mountain island lake. take bell haven to 16 for that alternate route. beatties ford we have an


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