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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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european countries remain on alert. the attack started with two explosions in the departures hall outside of an airport security terminal. and an explosion at the subway station close to a number of european union offices both attacked at peak hours. belgian prosecutors say the men in black seen here were responsible for the suicide attack at the airport. officials are looking for a man in white also as a suspect. the bombings occurred just four days after the arrests of the last suspect wanted in november's terrorist a ttacks. and the believe the same network carried out the attacks. president obama addressed the violence this morning. >> we . >> we will do whatever is necessary to bring to justice those who are responsible.
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do that an attack was being prepared in europe but they were surprised by the scale of the attack in brussels. >> today's violence is the seventh attack in europe carried out by or inspired by isa since 2014. this is a look at how the group has inspired fear. three people killed at a jewish museum in may 2014. in december, three police officers were stabbed in a french city. and in january, 11 people were killed in paris. five more were killed in the two days of violence that followed. in f ebruary 2015, a gunman attacked in denmark killing two people and injuring five officers. four months later, a man decapitated his boss and lots and attempted suicide attack in
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and another attack in paris injured 300 and 50 people. and one family changed their plans to be in brussels a few days ago. we spoke to them about how they felt when they discovered a - - learned about these attacks. >> the family did not want to be deterred by the threat of terror, but it managed to reach them anyway. >> reporter: robin and her husband took their 18-year-old on a dream t rip. they are defiant despite care concerns. >> we decided to come anyway. >> reporter: they planned to go to brussels but skipped the trip and went to paris in step - - instead. they got off the train and experienced a moment they would never forget.
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train they made the announcement, a lot of people fell to their knees and were crying. it was really sad. >> reporter: they said . >> reporter: they said they are already being smart about staying safe and avoiding motels and busy restaurants. but another decision steered them from danger. >> we are thankful that we are here. we are continuing to be cautious as we travel. >> reporter: the station was packed when they were there, not only because people couldn't get on the trains but because of a strike involving the airline which had more people traveling on the ground. in the meantime here in the united states got there are no specific threats but security is a high at transportation hub at airports in major cities including washington, chicago - - chicago and los
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and international travelers arrive here several times per day. mark? >> reporter: a handful of flights land in charlotte every afternoon and those flights are for the most part in righthtow. we caught up with some passengers as they made their way through the airport here several hours ago. we were there as passengers from london's airport arrived and had just cleared customs. the flight left early this morning, about the time of the bombings in brussels. they had not heard the news and they were clearly and visibly stunned when we told them. some of them told us that terrorism is simply a reality of the world today and christie told us she would not change her travel plans because of this. [ indiscernible ]
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as you can be. >> reporter: airport officials again declined to talk about specific security plans here. the tsa did tell us there is no specific threat against charlotte or any other airport or in the united states. we did see a lot of uniformed police and even police dogs working inside of the terminal this morning and this afternoon. mark, thank you. and a french ambassador was in charlotte for a world affairs event. he said battling terrorism is a long fight. and thousands are going to syria.
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- i go >> he talked about the need for a global response a global response to terrorism. and reaction to the attacks have quickly from members of congress and we have been talking to those who represent charlotte. jim, you found one influential member who is in europe right now. >> reporter: yes, a senator with the delegation visiting poland when this all to lace today as chairman of the intelligence committee, he tells me he has been getting briefings from the united states and also european intelligence official - - officials. many are appalled by the violence. as the scenes of terror spread around the globe today, the attack on brussels struck a a nerve. and a congressman told us in washington that he is appalled. >> it is a reminder that the terrorists think that we - -
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must remain vigilant. >> reporter: he told us more about what he feels about the attacks. the was there to reach delegations with poland. he says the governor has offered robust support. they . they will continue to track the events closely. and a senator told us by phone today the attacks were cowardly. >> all this does is steal our resolve that these folks must be found, captured, or killed, because they represent a a great threat to our nation. >> reporter: the country is already on high alert. and they said they want to continue developing better intelligence on terrorist networks. >> we have to identify what
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are trying to do. >> reporter: one thing the representative said is that he is continuing to follow the money associated with these terror groups and he believes if the united states could stop the money flowing to these groups, more attacks could be prevented. there are more than one dozen companies in charlotte that have ties to belgium. food lion told us all of their grocery workers in brussels are safe. they do not expect the attack to have a significant impact on their business. and you have been sharing thoughts and prayers for families impacted by the violence today. join the conversation and look for pray for brussels on facebook. we will be looking at the violence from every angle and we will bring you more pictures
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right here on channel nine. >> deputies say they have xers of the men who tied them up and robbed them at their home. this suv left a bowling alley in a parking lot minutes after the couple's stolen truck was ditched at that bowling alley. and she talked to us after the spent half an hour rummaging through her home. >> and another traveler at the airport try to get it done through security. . a handgun with 41 bullets and a magazine. they took the weapon and crawford was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on city property. they have seized 16 guns at the airport this year.
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monday, activists staged a protest outside of duke headquarters. they said they are upset that state officials say well water is safe to drink near the coal ash pond. a gorgeous day today, temperatures are warming up significantly. and we keep climbing through the week and we will pinpoint the timing of the next rain chance. >> we were the first to report that the x games are leading - - leaving often. >> this is truly a crown jewel.
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leaders around the world are vowing to bring down the terrorists responsible for the deadly attacks today in brussels. 31 people were killed and 250 were injured. some of those injured are americans. isis . isis has claimed responsibility for the bombings. stay on top of the latest developments and to search for
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responsible, watch our news at 10:00 and 11:00. >> a man said he made a citizens arrest but ended up being the one locked up in jail. he says he heard a rack near his home. he said that the men inside of the vehicle reeked of alcohol. he called 911 and one man attacked him when he tried to take a picture of their license plate. police say that he hit one man with a stick and just two of them and cuffed them with his personal handcuffs. >> i thought i was trying to be a good citizen and helping someone. >> reporter: he was released from the car and charged rose with false imprisonment. they couldn't prove either of the men violated the law. >> a woman a woman seen here was charged with having a gun
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they found her slumped over on the wheel of the car and they opened the door and found a glass pipe and a handgun. a man accused of eating two people to death is going to spend his life in prison. . he pled guilty to first and second degree murder. the victims were found badly beaten shortly after christmas. >> - - it has been years since charlotte was in the running to host the x g ames. we learned today that the games are sold out. so that could mean that charlotte could get a second a second chance at landing the events. john learned that the city has a good shot. >> reporter: if we opened the bidding process, process, it looks like charlotte is one of the front rotors runners
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we are used to hearing the sounds by the speedway. soon we could hear something different. >> this is truly a crown jewel. >> reporter: that crown jewel is leaving austin, the city that beat out charlotte. >> we were disappointed the first time around but we learned a lot. >> charlotte motor speedway spearheaded the bed. they hope to host many of the games at the dragway. >> it was a focal point the first time around and we have to learn more about what espn is looking for. >> they report sources are telling them that charlotte is likely going to get the games next year. the . the speedway tells us they have not got confirmation but they are talking. >> we have had very preliminary discussions about what the future could look like moving ahead.
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huge economic drive, and they estimate it could pump $70 million and the often economy. >> to get an event with such an international spotlight can take a lot of effort but it will bring a lot to the community. >> . >> reporter: we have no official timeframe for the - - for this decision. the other cities that were finalist last time include chicago and detroit. the x games x games will begin this june. >> and we are waiting for official confirmation and more international soccer is coming as well. we will see them square off with bank of america stadium. it's the third year in a row that charlotte will host a game like this. liverpool played in 2014 and chelsea took on st. germain last year.
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good weather four. we hope it is not far out cocky. >> we are looking at the march patterns and it will be dry and it will be mild. the last couple of weeks have been bone dry period watch closely. do you see the haze in the horizon? that is shrinking. smoke from a controlled a controlled burn, we've had a lot of reports for this. and the breeze from the southwest is drawing that in. there was a - - increased fire hazard. increased risks for brushfires taking shape. 66 degrees 66 degrees but the current temperature in charlotte. upper 60s in the mountains. we step down but not that quickly, mid-fifties through 11 o'clock, eventually, eventually falling to the lower 30s, 10 degrees warmer, and we are looking now at the foothills
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the 30s and the mountains, 40s south, another cool start but not very cold like we had today. by midday we are already into the high. a good warm-up, back warm-up, back into the mid-70s in the afternoon. all dry tomorrow covering chances come in thursday night and friday morning. and sunday will bring more organized weather makers to our neck of the woods. and thursday it draws away closer to about midnight and then sweeps through and adds about half an inch in some spots. it would be great if we could be closer to the edge because we need a lot of rain. march is the driest on record at this point and we need a lot of rainfall. sunday will give us a better opportunity for organized rain, we will keep you posted
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latest forecasts. just download our weather app. and the weekend is in view, view, 70s return tomorrow and stick with us on thursday. no big chill - - cooldown's for the rain chances. it continues saturday and sunday evening and pushes towards monday. >> we will keep an eye on it. and we want to show you a very serious rack on interstate 70 northbound. ambulances are there, first responders are on the scene. the camera is very shaky. . we apologize for that. you can see the entire highway is shut down, interstate 77 is shut down. stay with us, we will be right
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the hornets want to win a playoff but when the season opener tipped off they already made history. phil orbit explains. >> we can't tell you about his improvement. we can't fit it all on the screen. >> the first full-time female analysts - - analyst for a a broadcast. >> i am thrilled to be up - - the first but i am disappointed that it has taken until 2015 to have a first. >> reporter: she has broken barriers already. she was a coach, an assistant for greenville, greenville, the analyst role was the next logical step after serving 11 years as a courts - - courtside reporter.
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there are people watching that now have new professional goals and aspirations. >> the entire organization has been supportive of her ground is a different story. she like many high-profile women has attracted a a fair share of nasty comments. they mostly get ignored. >> i always say just be nice. that is my response. i find that it works. people who are really negative, they can be bubbly and fun later. >> reporter: she takes it all in stride. she does not feel the pressure of being a pioneer. >> i want people to think of me as someone who went after what i wanted and set goals professionally and achieved them and worked extremely hard to
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loved doing what i did and hopefully they will say and she was very good at it. >> - - coverage of the brussels attack continues
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's finger lickin tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly terror attacks in brussels. at the airport. >> stay down. >> and in the subway. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocketing the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to an urgent manhunt at this hour. what authorities have spotted in the surveillance photo. passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who pried the door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing agent. while here at home tonight,
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york city. amid questions about our own security. the tense moment at an american airport, the passenger jet met by authorities. and the fbi tonight. we ask, how will lone wolves are they tracking right now in the u.s.? we have team coverage. "world news tonight" guns now. from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight" with david muir. brussels under attack. good evening on this tuesday night, as this country and the world now reacts to another series of deadly terror attacks. tonight, the urgent manhunt right now, after the city of brussels is rocked with multiple explosions, at the airport and then in the subway. americans among the injured, among those trapped, and you'll hear from them tonight. authorities now putting out this image. three suspects at the airport, two of them believed to be the suicide bombers. the third man on the right they believe is on the run at this hour. we will analyze what else is in that photo.


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