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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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that its protection is for biological steps. the mayor will respond, and we should know how the city will proceed whether to repeal whatever the city does through a lawsuit, and they may try and slip in other agenda items. the version of the bill we have strips cities and counties from being able to pass stricter labor laws and passing their own higher local minimum wage. and we'll watch from charlotte and raleigh to get reaction on locally. >> as jenna mentioned, we obtained a draft of the bill look inside the star on -- story on our home page and jim bradley is live tweeting the session from inside the statehouse.
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and turning to the other major story, the world wide hunt for this man, one of the three main suspects in the brussels terror attack that killed nearly three dozen people and hurt more than 250 others. authorities in brussels announced that they have another man in custody in connection with the attack and his role is not clear. elizabeth huv in new -- hur is in new york with the stories of survivors. >> reporter: this morning, a moment of silence across belgium, a tribute to those killed and injured just 24 hours the blast. >> kind of like a whirlwind, almost like a tornado had gone off inside, and i was stuck and when the explosion went off, he was pretty much on top of me and threw me on the ground.
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bombers were identified as brothers khalid and ibrahim bakaoui. >> he said i don't know what to do. i'm on the run and people are looking for me. >> reporter: the brothers had criminal record but nothing related to terrorism. and they are now looking at tracking down this fugitive. >> the explosive detonator, which is the most important one. >> reporter: the manhunt is continuing on the air and on the ground with police arresting two overnight, one since released and the other questioned. abc news learned that the searchs and arrests are provided to police by a taxi driver who told investigators
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picked up men with big bags. york. and we are seeing tributes from around the globe. vine joe biden signed a condolence book in washington, d.c. for the victims, and the u.s. is prepared to support belgium in fighting and preventing terror attacks. homeland security said there is no specific threat against the u.s. but it's concerned of copycat attacks. channel 9 will continue to follow the search for the suspects tied to yesterday's attacks and all the other developments out of europe for continuing coverage starting at 5:00 on eyewitness news. you can share your thoughts and prayers for the families impacted. share our pray for brussels badge on the wsoctv facebook page. new at noon, police arrested a man accused of raping and robbing a 64-year- old woman in a southeast charlotte part in broad daylight saying that he hit the
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sexually assaulted her on tuesday afternoon. he faces first degree rape, kidnapping, and other charges. and channel 9 is asking police for more information about the crime. bold break in attempts at two gun shops in charlotte just hours apart. you can see the scene here after the would-be robbers rammed a car into the building. and we spoke with the manager about the security feature that is foiled this break in. >> reporter: and the security measures here are exactly what the owner and manager said kept the suspect from getting away with anything. take a look at this video we just got an hour ago. you can see the damage to the back of the gun store and family dollar. the white bumper left behind is from the car that the suspects used to ram into the doors.
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left the white oldsmobile and had a get away car. this is just the latest in a rash of gunshot burglaries. the of -- staff are just happy no one got anything. >> when guns get into illegal happens, through theft and gun for anybody. those people are prohibited from within the system from purchasing guns if are a reason. >> reporter: and this is just one of the shops that suspects tried breaking into overnight and the other on north tryon. i'm asking police if they who hit both shops. i will have more tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00. liz foster, channel 9, eyewitness news. and we have followed several robberies and breaks in at gun shops across this year, and we reached out to the atf
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of pineville for a theft there and have not heard back. and a run in the new district 12 now includes most of mecklenburg county with incumbent alma adams, and on the republican side, leon threatt filed last week. law makesy redrew the districts last month, saying that the old lines were based on race. and the naacp claims that the new lines are unfair, too. and a bizarre turn in the race for the white house as candidates jump on the brussels train. >> what donald trump, they -- and ted cruz are suggesting is not only wrong but it's dangerous. >> the claims that they are making to sound tough on terror, and a new shake up at the pageland police department, the permanent change in just two weeks.
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warm, dry, and windy leading to an enhanced fire danger threat.
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i just got new da stocks are dropping this mid day as oil prices fall once again. the dow is down more than 52 points. the nasdaq is down about 37. more permanent changes are coming to pageland's police department. chief larry brown announced he'll be retiring april 6. he was on leave for four months because of a sled investigation that is still open. officials have still not said what the investigation about despite our questions. the city did name county
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police chief and brown has been working under brooks. a company plans to layoff 123 workers at the plant in rowan county after nearly 30 years. all 123 employees will lose their jobs on may 9. rowan county nc work center said it will work with the employees to find new jobs. new at noon, a union county student is facing felony charges accused of setting fires inside of sun valley high school last week. deputies say that jayce kear set two smile fires and one in a trash can. investigators tell us that kear was also in the fire academy. they say a crime stoppers tip led to his arrest. another big night in the race for the white house, the new feud among the two big winners concerning their wives. plus, a charlotte neighborhood has not been getting their mail
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it was a huge night in the race for the white house after a delegate-packed night in western states. the big wins and new feud over candidates' would haves.
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delegates -- . >> i'm very proud to take the state of arizona. >> reporter: no victory party or news conference for the billionaire, just a tweet, and idaho and utah went to bernie sanders and republican ted cruz sweeping up the delegates in utah. the election night took a back seat to the terror attacks in brussels. trump reignited his push to make torture legal. >> he may be talking but he'll talk a lot faster with the torture. >> when donald trump, ted cruz, and others are suggesting is not only wrong. it's dangerous. >> reporter: but the 2016 race
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a pro-cruz group used a near nude image of trump's wife. >> she is way out of his league. if he wants to get in a character fight, he should stick with me. >> reporter: this morning, cruz picked up a key endorsement from jeb bush, and there will be caucuses in alaska, hawaii, and washington wash state on saturday. >> a new poll released today shows that donald trump could make it harder for north carolina sitar richard burr to get re-elected with a narrow lead now. he will support whoever becomes the republican nominee for president but there is a large drop if he supports trump. new details this mid day, an assistant fire smash -- marshal is in the hospital
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brought to you as an accident this morning. the suv driver involved also went to the hospital. we are waiting to hear back from the post mast where an east charlotte neighborhood will get mail delivered again. we learned that the post office has not delivered to parts of foxford lane more more than a month after a dog attacked a mail carrier. we talked with an 81-year-old vet who said his medicine comes in the mail and he has trouble driving to the post office to pick it up. >> i can't get out and do things like other people. i sacrificed my body for this people. at least they can deliver my blessed mail. >> the dog's owner said that the dog ran away from the day of the attack and hasn't been seen since. charlotte city leaders are discussing a plan to turn part of the old eastland mall estate site into a school. they want to build a k through
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last week, city leaders decided to delay voting until april. turning to weather, we have a gorgeous day and temperatures, they're nice and warm. vicki graf is here with a look. that's right and if you can, get outside and enjoy the sunshine today, the warmer temperatures because changes are on the way. right now, not so bad. temperatures just updated in the past 15 minutes. 68 in charlotte and lincolnton and 69 in rockingham and 64 in jefferson. you don't need to worry about the layers as we go throughout the day today. we will make it to 76 degrees, well above average thanks to a south southwesterly wind from 10-15 miles per hour and if you have stepped outside, you will notice that it's windy. current wind speeds up to 15 miles per hour and as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon, we could see wind speeds up to 20 miles per hour and wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and with the stronger winds and dry winds in place, that's making for an enhanced
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tracking changes thursday into friday. if you have plans this evening, maybe heading out for a walk or a run, 7:00, upper 60s and some clouds will build in later and 9:00, mid-60s. things are quiet on the doppler, but it will be a different story this time tomorrow with more clouds moving in and then the threat of rain. the neighborhood forecast tomorrow for mint hill, starting off in the low 50s, another warm day and highs in t he mid -70s but tomorrow night is when we are tracking the potential for showers. so to time it out on futurecast, this is the latest update. tomorrow, sunshine and some clouds. but as we go throughout the evening, we're tracking a line of steadier rain that will push through the mountains first and this delays it more and that may not get there until 9:00 tomorrow night and then it will push through charlotte closer to midnight on friday and we could see another batch of rain
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so by 7:00, waking up to rain- soaked roads, possibly a rumble of thunder, and this will clear out by friday afternoon. so going to your threat tracker thursday night into friday, an isolated storm or gusty wind but the threat is low. and you can track the rain as it arrives with our wsoc tv weather app available through the app store and google play. we'll get a break in the rain on saturday and for sunday, easter, we are tracking showers but the rain might not get here until late in the die sunday. your weekend, always in view, saturday looks good, and there are a lot of the easter events going on around town, you will be fine. and sunday, tracking the threat for showers and they won't get here until later in the day, possibly sunday night into early monday, and monday looks unsettled. check in later on eyewitness
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update on the timing of the rain but as for easter, looking good with the threat for showers by the evening. the 5-day forecast shows it will be a nice afternoon today and tracking showers tomorrow night into early friday and then again another chance by sunday. >> not bad next week. >> it is spring. >> nice. a new way to help teachers make sure that kids are ready to succeed without costing
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the project they are using th millions drawing. . just in the past five
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wrapped up, and the judge began deliberating the fate of a man accused of killing his 6-month- old child. todd broderick asked the judge to dismiss the case against him and the judge agreed to consider lowering the charges from first to second degree murder. his daughter stopped breathing for an entire day before he called police. a new website can help your teacher get much-needed classroom supplies without teachers paying for them. a website, one teacher in forsyth county said that the website has helped her tremendously. >> i'll spend $2700 on my classroom. just this year, i've had three funded for novels and one for technology. >> and teachers say besides easing the financial load t allows teachers to off students
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a diverse range of books. you can donate by searching for a teacher, school, or a zip code. new at noon, ride sharing company uber is offering big bucks for hackers to break into their app offering $10,000 for critical issues found. other companies have similar programs but uber pays more than most. state environmental leaders are going over comments made by belmont residents angry about a nearby coal ash pond's risk level. they want it classified as high risk to get it shut down more quickly. >> anything less than a complete clean up of this toxic
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>> neighbors say that disiewk looking at -- duke is saying it's faulty science and that the water is safe. a warning out there for pet owner this is mid day. fromm family pet food is recalling dog food that could have too much vitamin d, 12- ounce cans of gold can dog food from pate, chicken and duck, and chicken and salmon flavors. woo we have more information including the case numbers on wsoc tv's website. it's a great day to take your dog for a walk. absolutely. i think i will take a walk after the show, nice and sunny and 10 degrees warmer than average. mid-70s so enjoy it because we'll see a couple of changes for showers thursday night into friday and sunday for easter
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thank you and thank you for
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