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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we are finding moisture moving in, the snow machine will be cranking up in the mountains. the snow is flying there. i think we've got a camera that we're going to show you now, we've seen some snow on the cameras up in north carolina, and there's snow falling at the biltmore estate in asheville. that's where we're going to find most of it, the tennessee line. in the upstate, weave had rain in greenwood county. in north carolina, the advisories are in effect, a winter storm warning in effect for the tennessee border counties, winter weather advisory in effect for buncombe county and jackson county. travel will be difficult there. still 42 in asheville. we'll track those temperatures and much more on the forecast in a few minutes. >> we're always worried about ice. >> it will melt, in the 40s, so refreezing will be a concern in
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heavy hearts in an upstate high school tonight after two students died in a crash. >> four students were inside when their car hit a tree. dave jordan is at gaffney high school tonight to find out how students are coping. >>reporter: well, they're coping through grief counselers, they brought in grief ministers. the assistant principal here telling me that is t school is in shock, disbelief over the sudden loss of those two high school students. those students are 18-year-old buyer, and 17-year-old dominic -- they were both killed near that road in york county. we're told that the vehicle they were in ran off the road, struck a tree, and also hit a frens. two other students are still in the hospital recovering from their injuries. their conditions are not known at this time. now, at gaffney high, flags were lowered to half-staff in honor of the deceased. again, a difficult day for the
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>> we all need prayer for the students of gaffney high school, the families have suffered such a tragedy, i couldn't imagine. >>reporter: yeah. and again, there were two other students who were in the car, one of them we got late word, her condition is has been up gaited to serious, the other condition as i mentioned, unknown. that kid is a minor, it's likely that the parents don't want them to release the information at this time. back to you guys. >> this is the scariest thing in the world, absolute nightmare. any idea what caused the crash? >>reporter: we don't know at this time. right now, we are told that it's still under investigation by the york county coroner and the highway patrol. they did do autopsies, they're waiting on toxicology reports to come back, that could take a few weeks. gordon. >> dave jordan, thank you. we're getting information tonight about a car crash early
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david ash died after running his bmw off the road and hit a tree. the they are doing an autopsy to determine what caused ash to run off the road. >> pat mccrory was in a fender-bender, someone rear rebding his car. he did complain of some minor pain, but did not need medical treatment and able to get into another car. we have in new details in the greenville apartment fire at huntington downs on roper mountain road. addie hampton joins us live. addie, the fire mal marshal says this could have been a much worse situation, tell us a bit more about that. >>reporter: well, dianne, now, that the fire is out, the smoke is cleared, we're getting a better picture of what damage was left behind. i want you to take a closer look for yourself. my photographer will zoom in a little bit.
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ripped through the roof of some of these apartment a units, but you can also see where it stopped. according to the fire marshal, he says that's all thanks to smoke barriers, that he says saved lives. >> could have been a lot worse. >>reporter: when the fire marshal came back to assess the damage monday, he could see the invisible line that seeped to stop the saturday morning blaze in its track, thanks to quick action by the boiling springs fire department and smoke barriers in the roof. >> if it had not been for the smoke barrier, it would have travelled from one end to the other end of this building. killer. nelson says the barriers over her apartment home sloed down fire. >> we're down to 11 units now that were affected by fire, smoke or water. >>reporter: amazing, he says,
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the smoke barriers were required by code as they are today. all new complex, old or new need to take fire prevention up a notch. they aren't fail safe. >> i think everyone understands that we need smoke detectors. if a residential sprinkle activates, it save your life for you. >>reporter: he and others across the state are pushing for residential sprinklers. he is hoping for cause saves r or grants for existing homes. for now, as he looks at the outcome of this fire, least he's glad it wasn't worse. many people have come by, checked out the damage today. as of this evening, 14 people are still displaced out of these 1 affected unit -- 11 affected units. they are still receiving help.
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wanted to stay off camera, who say they feel lucky to be alive. addie hampton, 7 news. >> ironically, what might have saved these people, the barriers, and other construction is because of the history of fires at this building. explain how that played a part. >>reporter: well, there was a fire about six years ago, lightning struck one of the buildings, it was a total loss. they had to start from scar ch, rebuilding -- scratch, rebuilding, putting in things up to the current code. they installed the sprinkle systems, this apartment complex has been e a leader in the community for bringing things up to code. >> thank you. we want to show you new video that we got into the newsroom showing an armed robbery at a greenville pizza place. she was closing up saturday night, when these three guys rushed her, there they are, you can see the trio, dressed in hoodies and masks.
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police. they did get away with cash, if you have any information, that can help identify the three people you just saw in this video, it's 23-crime. jury selection underway for the man accused in the death of a child. two-month-old child was found unresponsive in his home. officials say he was carrying for the girl, and then she died at the hospital. edwards is now facing a charge of homicide by child abuse. spartanburg county jail has a new way to monitor inmates with medical conditions and illnesses, they started using electronic monitoring devices to see what an inmate is doing from outside of the cell. the new system is more reliable than the paper checklist they were using. new technology costs about $30,000. you're getting a chance to weigh in on police body cameras tonight. the public meeting will be held from 6:00 to 7:00 at unc asheville. buncombe county sheriff's
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asheville police won't have them until this summer. both departments will be on hand tonight discuss their policies and privacy issues. happening now, you can get answers to your legal questions, for free. the sc bar is hosting an ask-a lawyer-web chat to 7:30 p.m. find the link for the free one-on-one chat with south carolina is attorneys. and a free legal clinic nont our area, if you have questions about family law, divorce, custody and child support, head to the library in woodruff. they will give a brief overview and start taking questions. let's go to our campaign 2016 coverage, you're going to notice changes in downtown greenville, the gop candidates are coming there soon for a big debate in south carolina, the banner you see here went up today. the petition center. the republican presidential candidates will be here saturday night for as you see, a cbs news republican debate, that means we'll have full korng of the
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of the event here on 7 news. candidates are focused on new hampshire, ahead of tomorrow's first in the nation primary. in all, the candidates from both sides have 35 events skej youed today. -- scheduled today. donald trump has a large lead in the polls, the polls were pretty wrong in iowa. ohio, texas senator ted cruz are in a tight race. leading on the democratic side, not by as much as hes was as recently as a few days ago. all the candidates hoping for help from mother nature, snow is in the forecast and that might impact voter turn out in new hampshire. along with polling locations, and important election dates on you'll go to the news tab on the web page and look for the special elections and politics section. a not so super ending for carolina panthers fan, they lost to the broncos last night. >> a bummer, right?
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highlights from last night's game, including the hits and misses of super bowl ads. >> starving students, it's a
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counun 7 news live at 5:00 with post super bowl slumping here, and we know and we're calling you out. a lot of you watching this newscast did not bother going to work today. >> you're not alone. don't feel too bad. a new survey says 1 in 10 people called out today. health experts say there is a reason for that. most of us went to bed late, others suffering from head and stomach ach aches. the best way to get back on track is drink lots of water. >> do you suffer from that?
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>> it twhaunt good of a game. -- it wasn't played that well. how cam newton is handling the loss. >>reporter: super bowl 50 was golden. for denver broncos fans. >> it's all about the broncos and manning. that guy is an awesome man. >>reporter: peyton manning and the broncos defeated the carolina panthers, to win their third super bowl. budweiser tonight. >>reporter: the 39-year-old quarterback appeared on cbs this morning and said he has not made any decisions yet about retirement. >> i really haven't spoken with anybody about it yet. i've been celebrating all night with family and friend, i'm very much at peace with whoever that decision will go down. i'm at peace about it. >>reporter: fumbles ended up plaguing the panthers. >> we played terrible. it wasn't our team. >>reporter: cam newton didn't seem as gracious as his fans. >> they just played better than
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i don't know what you want me to say. >>reporter: seats were expensive, some went in the thousands of dollars, but the fans say it was worth it. >> so well-deserved, they have worked so hard. >>reporter: the musical acts didn't disappoint, either. lady gaga sang the national anthem. beyonce and bruno mars assisted cold play at half time. making it a big win on the field, and for the millions watching at home. cbs news, santa clara. >> and the carolina panthers are expected to return to charlotte around 6:00 tonight. >> they did want to cause chaos at the airport, which it could be, they're asking the fans who want to come tonight at 7:00 o'clock. >> everyone is talking about eli manning's reaction. >> the this is great. does he seem excited for his brother. >> as he watched his big brother peyton lead the broncos to a super bowl victory. peyton defended his brother on
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alike in the way that they analyze the games. >> is he analyzing the game? >> he's exciting there. >> really? >> the commeet was more on the facial expression before they won. he was pretty worried. but any way, his brother was saying he's never resting until l the last second has ticked off the clock. >> does not look excited to me. social media also buzzing about last night's ads, turns out, this one from quicken loans did not go over well, blowing up on twitter. the online lender promoted rocket mortgage, completely online, many complained ii was promoting a lending environment just like the years that led up to the housing crash and the great reseths in 200 -- recession in 2008. it says all of the rj months are fully under written. viewers are raving about this ad, according to the usa today's ad beat e hyhyndai's first date commercial is being called the best of the night.
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keeping an eye on his daughter's date night. pretty funny. he ends up being at every single location. by the way. >> stalking a little bit. >> i would say in that ad. this year's advertisers pay add $166,000 per second for r air time. >> you know, we always talk about how great the ads are going to be. did you think they were great? this one was good. there were a couple of other good ones. >> honestly, there weren't many that blew my mind. i think part of the problem, if it is a problem, is that many of these are released before the super bowl. >> maybe that's it. >> okay. >> maybe there is no surprise. believe it or not, these guys usc students, take an entire class on super bowl ads, this is the 13th year advertising students get together for the big game. they're holding something in their hand, evaluating the commercialss using the clickers to rate on them on like blt, persuasiveness. >> opened my eyes to what i
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in my career after graduation. where do i want my ad to stick out, what do i want my ad to say? >> this year, the students picked steve harvey's t-mobile ad as the best, it was funny. next, they'll continue to study sales and consumer reaction to determine if the ads were really effective. all right. well, today, we had a lot of clouds out there, of course, breezy conditions, and also cool temperatures, but it's about to get a lot colder around here, we're tracking a big round of cold air that will stick around for the whole week, we're going to be tracking gusty winds, low wind chills will come with that and even some snow. a little bit of everything from for a lot of folks today. it will get colder tomorrow, and we'll keep it there. so you'll want the heavy coats for sure. strong wind, mountain snow will be around for wednesday, focused up near the tennessee line, a few of the snow showers will be
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south, closer to asheville, for the upstate, no snow in the forecast for us. the cold pattern will stick around throughout the week. and even through the weekend. so it's winter, supposed to be cold and lit be cold, below average, and this front is help hadding to usher in the -- helping to usher in the cold air tonight. we've had rain shower as head of the front, still looking at rain showers over the southern part of greenwood county, and then into western north carolina, you can see little spots of white, those are snow showers, we've also had rain showers at times. as temperatures in the mountains today have been in the 40s, snow falling here in haywood county, eastern section of buncombe county and also into jackson county and then there's a look at the southern part of the upstate, we've had rainoving through, still coming down, but that's going to push out. overall, the upstate will look for a quiet night. as we go through the overnight hours, we'll continue to find those winds picking up out of the northwest, that's going to force the moisture up the mountains, squeeze out snow showers and again up towards the
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elevation, is where we'll find the higher snowfall amounts. tuesday, 4:00 p.m., we'll see sunshine and clouds, very breezy conditions. and much colder weather for the upstate. meantime, the snow machine continues going into wednesday morning, a hard freeze area wide. still quite cold in the afternoon hours. but with lighter winds, by wednesday evening. we'll start to see the snow trying to wind down. how much snow we could see, the tennessee line, 6-10 inches through wednesday. points farther south into jackson county, macon county, 1-2 inches possible there. as you can seeshg not much around -- see, not much around asheville. buncombe county a better chance of picking up a couple of inches. that would enable travel to be difficult. winter storm warning in effect for the pink counties until 7:00 a.m. tuesday. and a winter storm advisory until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. a look at the next 72 hours, in upstate, fairly quiet conditions, as far as the precipitation goes. but it's going to be windy and cold tomorrow.
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a lot colder. 21 tomorrow night. 39 is the high on wednesday. thursday, dry, high of 42 degree, notice the low temperatures. getting down into the teens, wednesday night, and we'll keep it cold, a lot colder than it should be for this time of the year, even tli your weekend -- through your weekend. the weekend will be dry. and there's your mountain forecast, a high tomorrow and wednesday below freezing in the mountains. and so travel will become more difficult and also more dangerous especially in those higher elevation, closer to tennessee. back to you. pull out those hat and dmrovls again. chipotle closes the doors at lunchtime to retrain the customers. how you can score free food. >> here's a look at the closing
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live at 5:00 continues now with this 7 news consumer watch. you mht have showed up to eat at chipotle for lunch today and said, why is it closed? the company shut down every one of their stores from 11:00 to 3:00 this afternoon for a meeting about food safety. the sales have plunged in the wake of the e. coli and norovirus outbreaks. chipotle is offering free food, text rain check to 888222. starbucks is debuting new drinks, just in time for valentine's day. chocolate beverages on the men view. >> i love coffee and chocolate. perfect. >> the molten chocolate latte, also the molten chocolate frappuccino. did i say molten enough? >> it's molten. >> sunday is of course valentine's day, so you're running out of time to get your
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>> we're conducting a poll -- i've bought nothing at this point -- to find out what the ladies want. head the to, ladies, please helps us out. vote on what you most want to receive this valentine's day. candy, flowers, jewelry, leave a comment on our facebook page, if you left out what you really want. maybe it's a great idea that some of us can steal. look for the results at 5:45. the very first votes in new hampshire's primary will be cast at midnight tonight. by tomorrow evening, might have a shake up in the presidential campaign. >> plus, buy a box, field a child. hungry children need your help and we'll show you the low-cost way to pitch in. >> a live look outside, thanks
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