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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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weather that will stick around for the week in a few minutes. thanks. of course, you can stay on top of the latest weather updates in the wspa 7 news app. you can down lead it free and there's a new update that lets you choose your location for the weather information. tonight, an upstate high school l is recovering from a really bad crash, two students died in this. >> two other students are still in the hospital tonight. the highway patrol says it happened friday on highway 211 in york county. coroner says 17-year-old dominic -- and 18-year-old sha march buyers were killed. all 4 students went to gaffney high school. dave jordan talked to the people on campus tonight. >>reporter: and tom, they are bringing in grief counselors and youth ministers to help these students cope with an overwhelming and unbelievable tragedy. tonight, two crosses mark the site of where two young lives
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been a routine friday afternoon drive. authorities say a car travelling south near irene bridge road, struck a tree and a fence, killing 18-year-old buyers and 17-year-old dominic. >> there's shock, just by the pure sense of it, and then, the tragedy and how it's affecting everyone else. >>reporter: assistant principal says rumors of the accident started to spread friday night at a basketball game. buyer was a member of the team. reality set in on monday morning when the students worst fears were confirmed. >> coming back to see each other, and then it really starts hitting home, not seeing those two guys here at school. >>reporter: his death is equally as shocking for the school and the community. 7 years ago, his brother, lance corporal ris fer, died in afghanistan. tonight, the school is asking for the public's prayers. >> we all need prayer, not only for the students of gaffney high
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suffered such a tragedy, i just couldn't imagine. >>reporter: and we're told tonight that autopsies were conducted on the bodies. those results along with toxicology results should be available in a few weekss. dave jordan, 7 news. thank you, dave, our hearts go out to the families of all of the students tonight. two other students were injured in the car crash, one of them is recovering in a local hospital, the condition of the other student is unknown. an argument ended in a deadly shooting in spartanburg county. the police in woodruff say -- wanted for murder. garnet is accused of shooting cecil multiple times f. you have any information on where garnet might be, you're being irjed to
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>> one of the most nor toirs officer-involved shootings in south carolina history, the orangeburg mass car. in february, 1968, state troopers opened fire on south carolina's state college. three unarmed black students were killed. 28 were injured. it happened during a protest of a segregated bowling alley. the tragedy was the first of its kind on any american college campus. fire at an apartment complex, all tenants face a frightens risk. >> the fire could have been a whole lot worse. the greenville apartment complex over the weekend. you may have spotted this fire at the huntington downs apartment complex, more than a dozen tenants lost their apartments. addie hampton is there now. >> what can you tell us about what happened? >> tom, so far we know that that fire was ruled today accidental, they haven't been able to pinpoint exactly how it started yet, just that it started on an exterior porch.
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through the roof here of this apartment unit. you can also see how the damage stopped, according to the fire marshal, he says that's due to smoke barriers, that were inside the roof. apparently, it slowed down the spread of the fire. this allowed the firefighters enough time to attack the source and to decrease the damage. without these barriers, the fire marshal says the fire could have spread across this entire building, it could have even been deadly, still, jeff nelson, the fire marshal, says all complexes new or old, need to take fire prevention up a notch, it's not enough to have smoke barriers or smoke deteshths alone. >> -- detectors alone. >> smoke detectors are part of the residential code now. and i think everybody knows that we need smoke detectors. they will activate and let you save your own life, where if residential sprinkle activates r
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>>reporter: there's a push by nelson and others to get sprinklers by code. it would be required for new buildings alone, he's hoping that in the future, if this goes through, there can be cost savings alternatives for older buildings that want to install sprinklers as well. in fwreenville, addie hampton, 7 news. >> thank you. whether you're a homeowner or a renter, one of the most important ways to protect yours is to invest in rebters insurance -- enters insurance. it averages about $15 a month. as world health officials work to contain the spread of the zika virus tonight, the cdc is rounding up medical experts. just last week, brazilian doctors con cluzed that in addition to mosquito bites, zika can be spread through sexual contact with an infected partner. and the cdc urges men exposed to the zika virus to use a condom
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abstain from sex t. virus is connected with a birth defect that causes the babies to be defects. in the race for the white house, tomorrow is the new hampshire primary, some candidates this could be it, make it or break it. nationally republican donald trump, still holds double digit leads. >> ted cruz and marco rubio are in a virtual tie for second place. the latest reports national telephone survey of likely republican voters places trump at 31%. followed by marco rubio with 21%, ted cruz with 20%. the rest of the candidates are in mid to low single digits s.. >> donald trump plans to return to the upstate for a campaign stop after the new hampshire primary, wednesday, speaking at the t ed garsen arena in pendleton. the event starts at 7:00, it is free, but you do need to register for a ticket. this weekend, the rest of
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scheduled to join trump in a return to the upstate for the next presidential debate. a banner went up in downtown greenville. we'll have full coverage of the event here on 7 news. bank of america stadium, fans are waiting for the carolina panthers to return following super bowl 50. and so is 7 news reporter aaron rogers who will have a complete report. the team's loss sunday, of course, disappointed, hadn't swayed the love of fans. cam newton is catching flak on social media for a lez than gracious reaction at a news conference after the game. >> just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> well, the denver broncos held a continuous lead and defeated the panthers 24-f 10, the broncos third super bowl win, the second for peyton manning,
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win a super bowl game with 2 different teams. well, next on 7 news at 6:00, under observation, or inpatient, if you're in the hospital, there is a big difference. why it's a question you can't afford not to ask if you go to the er.
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offered to you tonight in the emergencies often don't allow any of us to plan for, one of hospital. >> that can be expensive, but one couple had to pay thousands of dollars more because of a piece of paper that they signed unknowingly. after nearly 3 days in the hospital, on oxygen and under observation, richard was never admitted as an inpatient. as a result, medicare would only cover a portion of his hospitals services, a simple depail most people wouldn't think to ask about. >> we were confused. about the whole thing.
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about it because he was so sick. >> according to the centers for medicare and medicaid services, observation patients are simply a type of outpatient. essentially, you're assigned observation status if you're not sick enough to be admitted as an inpatient, but too sick to go to your doctor's office, there's a huge difference between the two. the lesson here, always check your status to inr ensure you're not blight sighted. if you own a mazda suv, this is a recall you need to know about tonight. the auto maker is saying a fuel filler pipe can rupture and rear end crashes. that can spark a gas leek and possibly a fire. this involves more than 200,000 cx 5 models. are you facing a child custody battle or going through a divorce? tonight in spartanburg county, the south carolina bar associati is giving you a chance to get some of those legal questions answered for free. this is part of an hour long public workshop at 6:30 this evening at the library in
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also a web chat going on right now where you can ask questions about any topic. you can look for the link on in the links we mentioned. buying a car, new or used, requires several key steps, straight ahead on 7 news at 6:00, important things that
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when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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new at 6:00, whether newly purchased or used, should your car be repossessed, there are clear laws that govern how this is supposed to be done. but sometimes the circumstances can create confusion. >> knowing the law works can save you money and frustration. >>reporter: when jerry bought a used car last month, he had no idea he would lose the car and the $500 deposit within two days, he admits he made one big mistake. >> did you know that driving without insurance was illegal? >> yeah, i knew you're not supposed to drive without insurance. so that's why i mean i didn't
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the house to try to get quotes and stuff to find which one i wanted to go with. >>reporter: what he didn't know is that repossession law allows the lien holder to take the car if don't have insurance. you'll get written notice and 20 days to pay it off. we showed the sale documents to john brown who represents dealerships. >> so is the dealership here in fault? >> the paperwork requires them to verify they have insurance. >>reporter: a concern we took straight to freedom auto in spartanburg. >> obviously, a reason for you to repossess, but is it a reason for you to keep his deposit? >> again, i point right back to that sign, every time. >>reporter: it says all deposits are nonrefundable. >> they're making it seem like they can let anybody drive off the lot with no insurance and two days later get the car and make the money off of it. >>reporter: he advises all dealerships to take the uninsured. >> i will let you drive off this lot with this automobile.
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>> yes, i understand exactly what he's saying, and yeah, that's probably -- i probably take fault on that. >>reporter: it's a mistake neither party will make again. in spartanburg, dianne lee, 7 news. >> 7 news gets result, the owner is now offering the buyer his deposit amount towards another car purchase. if you have a dispute with the dealership, the department of consumer affairs will look into that complaint. we have a link on you how you can find on all right. well, temperatures have been cool, the atmosphere has been cold enough for snow to fly, so far in north carolina. and it looks like the mountains have a lot more snow on the way. especially the higher elevations. and then for the upstate, it looks like it will be a fairly dry week for us. but it's just going to be very cold. winds are going to be picking up, they already are in some locations, that will bring in the cold, mountain snow showers, again, will increase in coverage, and intensity.
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wind chills will be a concern, and it looks like this cold pattern is going to stick around all week long. and even into the weekend. so find that heavy yoet, you're going to get good use out f it. the cold front that is helping to usher in the colder air is making its way through the western carolinas, that is bringing some parts of the upstate rain showers and again, we've had rain and also snow, in parts of north carolina. there's a closer look at what's going on, the snow showers moving west to east, activity here in jackson county, southern sebss is of macon county. into raven county as well. and then the atmosphere is too warm for any snow in the upstate, but it is increasing towards the tennessee line. you can see the rain that we've had socialed with that -- associated with that front the upstate. some of us have had to dwruz windshield mountains and others are saying the with the snow is coming down. -- winter snow coming down.
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forced up the mountains to squeeze out the snow. it will start to stack up near the tennessee line. the snow showers will be possible as far south as asheville. in the upstate, look for a mixture of sunshine and clouds, a cold afternoon, blustery throughout the day tomorrow. and the winds will stay up, into wednesday morning. so the snow machine will continue up in the higher elevations there. the upstate, look for a hard freeze to start the day, and then we'll look for less mountain snow as the winds start to subside. another hard freeze on the way for wednesday night. want to make sure you protect the pipes and also the pets for the next several days around here. as temperatures will be way below where they're supposed to be for this time of the year. as far as the possible snowfall totals again, hire up, 6-10 inches possible there, lighter amounts near asheville. more is possible, and then down into jackson county, macon county, 1-2 inches of snow there. mainly lower and mid 40s in the upstate.
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we're looking for tonight. upper teens to lower 20s in the mountains. and we'll see those lows dipping down into the mid to upper 20s by tomorrow morning. in the upstate. and again, with the wind blowing, it will feel colder than that. so bundle the kids up before they head out to school. 40 will be the high tomorrow. 21 tomorrow night. 39 degrees on wednesday. 42 on thursday, we'll keep lower and mid 40s into and through the weekend, the upcoming weekend, always in view, is looking dry, just cold. and there's your mountain forecast, look for the snow chances to continue through tomorrow into the first part of wednesday. down to 11 degrees wednesday night. and highs next weekend only in the 30s. >> thank you. todd summers will tell us why the women's basketball game will be like no other in the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement.
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where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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despite falling in super bowl 50, 24-10, a couple hundred fans are waiting for the panthers to arrive back from california. sometime within the hour. when it p cos to last -- comes to last night's super bowl, the panthers nearly doubled the broncos in first downs, had more rushing yards, more passing yards, led in time of possession and had the ball twice in the fourth quarter, with the chance to take the lead. now, the negatives. carolina, the top offensive in the league, scored a season low, 10 points. turned it over four times, two of those quickly led to 15 denver points. cam newton overthrew 10 receivers, sacked 10 time,
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interception. in the fourth quarter, trailing by 6 points, newton had the ball stripped on this play, and he looked at it and opted not to dive on it. very bizarre play. after the game, it got worse for the league's most valuable play eshg he seeped to pout and answer questions, with very short answers. >> anything denver defensively that -- you've seen them, stud did therjs pretty much -- studied them, pretty much what they've done on film. >> nothing different. we had our opportunities, it wasn't nothing special special, we turned the ball over. gave up sacks. than us. >> one of the top priorities this off season for the panthers is locking up, josh norman to a long-term contract t. greenwood native is one of the best in the league in his position. >> a women's basketball in
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tonight as 18,000 strong will be on hand, as second ranked and undefeated south carolina plays host to top ranked and unbeaten uconn. the lady huskies come in with a 59-game winning streak. 42 points an outing. isn't too bad. 75 points a game with 9 victories over top 25 teams, a 44-game home court winning streak, which they hope to keep in tact tonight. >> some media people out in the national scene, doubted whether or not we would be undefeated. we're still here to stand as the number two team in the country, playing on our home court, undefeated and making this as big as it is. >> a year ago, uconn, beat number one south carolina, 87-62. a repeat of the home team beating the top team will be a
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>> they fall from 25th to the first team receiving votes, 26th in the latest ap poll following a week in which it lost at georgia but beat 8th ranked texas a & m in college station. tonight at the well, we have clemson playing host to notre dame, 9:00 o'clock tip, notre dame is coming off a victory over north carolina over the week. clemson fell at virginia tech. can't wait for the panthers next season. i'm a big fan. >> let's check the weather. >> the weather is getting colder out there, for the upstate, things are going to stay quiet, by morning, we'll start out below freezing. 39 in asheville. holding on to 40s across the upstate. don't forget, the winter storm warning in effect until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for the tennessee border counties, for the snow will be starting to pile up later tonight into tomorrow. >> brrr. >> thanks for watching, a lot more coming up at 7:00. >> be sure to join us at 11:00, you'll find the latest on on the new and improved
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>> pelley: primed for the primary. >> you have to get out and vote tomorrow. >> tomorrow the eyes of the
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