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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we still have a little bit of activity showing up into anderson, sections of greenwood, even a few snowflakes in downtown columbia. in the mountains it is near the tennessee line. that will be the case through the evening. the highest total i can find is mount mitchell with eight inches of snow there. a winter weather advisory continues until 6:00 tomorrow morning and so that means there will be icy roads out there. there is your forecast for the evening for the up state. down below freezing and in the 20s by 11:00 with a few snow flurries left over. >> 20s, ouch. thank you. we have live team coverage on the weather. that is dave jordan in henderson ville which we are told is a ghost town. >> we are guessing that's because it is too cold to be outside right now. >> reporter: we are pretty much one of the only people out here right now. i can tell you that this is what hendersonville looked like downtown most of the day with
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their places, not want be to be out here for an extended period of time. the people we did catch up with say they're taking the cold weather in stride. perhaps mother nature forgot it was supposed to warm up during the day or maybe this was her version of warm. the weather clock said 27 degrees, a reminder this mailman didn't need. >> you just get used to it. >> reporter: danny rice ventured out for his afternoon walk, one that came with a word of caution. >> it is not good to get used >> anybody can get clothing. >> reporter: that's why the rescue mission has been busy gearing for the influx of people seeking shelter from the homeless. >> some people come into the shelter tonight and tomorrow who maybe have a home but don't have the means to heat their place. so we always have some folks who come in and wait out the cold weather. >> reporter: the mission can see upwards of 60 people over
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in bunk am county, schools were closed as emergency management kept close tabs on the weather and roads. >> a lot of it depends on time of day. as long as people are able to get home from work before the roads get bad, then we shouldn't have problems. >> reporter: for those working in the bitter cold elements, preparation is key. >> it's tough. you just gotta layer up. wear the thermals, jackets, the hats. >> reporter: that mailman obviously is living up to the creed of what they're supposed to do when the weather gets this cold. we did speak with emergency management. you heard her in the piece. dispatch told us they were monitoring the conditions as well. overnight there were a couple accidents because of icy patches on the road. they're hoping that doesn't refreeze. that's the same situation here in henderson ville.
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it looks awfully cold out there. >> it is. >> thank you. christy, today being outside, it was the wind chill. >> tonight as temperatures get to the teens and 20s and with a breezzholding on as wind chills close to hendersonvel will be close to zero. there will be some black ice around. >> the wind just goes right through you. >> lighter winds tomorrow afternoon. >> oh that is a bright side. track the changing temperatures and any weather in our area with our app. it's updated so you can customize it for your area. it will give updates on school closings or delays. it is free. download it today. in greenville county a burglary put several schools on lock down this afternoon. three of the suspects have been
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the run tonight. our 7 news reporter addie hampton is live with the very latest. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this manhunt did put three area schools on lock down. the area around jacobs road was on high alert. we want to show you air 7 video from the scene earlier today. this was the area right off of i-85 near exit 44. greenville county deputies as well as k-9 teams took to the ground while helicopters searched from above. one of the four suspects captured went to the hospital for a dog bite. deputies have not released their name or two others that were arrested. all of this couldn't have happened without a witness who told police about the men running from the crime scene. earlier today i talked to that man. he didn't want to speak on camera fearing some sort of retaliation. but at 6:00 we will tell you much more about his very brave act trying to stop the burglars in their tracks. reporting live in greenville
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>> thanks. the reporters are really bundled up. it is cold. gun sales are breaking records in south carolina. the state ranks 11th in united states for percentage of people who own guns. that's about 44%. background check requests in south carolina went up 25% after the charleston church shooting. by december, a record 48,000 requests were filed following the san bernardino shootings and president obama's executive order. overall, 2015 saw the second most background checks ever in south carolina. the number is 327,000. the fbi has 72 hours to complete one of the background checks before there is a sale made. one gun seller says the charleston church shootings show how deadly it can be if the check isn't done. >> they have dropped the ball. they're not finishing their job. they want us to uphold our end. we do. it's time they uphold theirs. to nine people, that would have
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>> fbi says there is no law forcing gun shops to sell a firearm to an individual if a background check has not been done after three days. that sale is at the gun shops discretion. voters across new hampshire are heading to the polls for the nation's first presidential primary. there is expected to be a record-breaking turn out in fact. republican donald trump, democrat bernie sanders were heavily favored in polls but we won't know the real winners untt after the polls close tonight. we will go live to new hampshire to get an update from the polls in ten minutes. south carolina's primary is next. candidates will be heading here starting tomorrow. voters will get a chance to learn more about republicans during a debate this saturday. a local history professor is predicting illegal immigration will be a hot topic at the event, especially for cruz, trump, and rubio. you may also hear them talk about more local issues that year. >> it will be interesting to
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happened with the charleston shootings. i think that will be an issue that they will address. will the confederate flag issue come up? there are some e people that feel that the flag should not have gone down from the state grounds. i am curious about whether that would be an issue that will come up. >> the professor says candidates will likely try to distance themselves from issues. three judges announced a ruling that may effect the march primary. they say that race was a factor in drawing some of the state's congressional districts. there is a map on your screen. the judges ordered that the state redraw those lines by next friday. but absentee voting is already underway and state leaders worry making changes now would be confusing for voters. so they are asking for more time. >> we can't control when federal courts do what they do. all we can do is to work within the system.
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out a year ago. that would have helped everybody. >> supporters of the judges' decision are pushing to keep next week's deadline saying any would be illegal. prosecutors say they'll seek the death penalty for a people. 23 year old pierre griffin ii is in jail after investigators say he shot des and king before dumping thee bodies in a river. deputies say griffin also killed johnson at an apartment complex before leading them on a chase across three counties. no trial date has been set. a former greenville county deputy will be on probation for nine months after pleading guilty to charges tied to a gambling investigation. david hayes was fired last year after a convicted gambler told the fbi he got tips about upcoming raids in exchange for cash.
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profoundly sorry i am for my actions and the humbling and humiliating experience that this has brought about for me and my family. but most of all, my heartfelt apology to the court for my actions. >> a second sheriffs official major shea smith was charged. a warning for greenville water customers. the company says they've had reports of a phone scam targeting you. somebody is calling around claiming to be a greenville water employee. they tell customers the bill is overdue and you have to pay over the phone or lose your service. folks, that is a scam. greenville water is not going to ask for your personal financial information by telephone. if you get one of the calls, report it. next at 5:00, the presidential primaries are underway in new hampshire, the first in the nation. we will take you er live when we return. >> later we will tell you about
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breaking into your homes. tonight, a very different perspective. you will hear from the crooks about how they go about getting your stuff so you will know what to watch out for. that's at 5:30. >> we are asking you to weigh in. do celebrity endorsements influence what you buy?
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facebook page to we are back with a 7 news immediate 8:00 watch. chipotle blames two sick employees for the noro virus out breaks experienced last year and thinks tomatoes are the culprit behind the salmonella outbreak. the company says that is one reason they will no longer dice tomatoes in their stores. chipotle representatives are not sure about what caused the e coli outbreak. mosquito control workers are in georgia figuring out how
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they're lining up labs that can screen mosquitoes for it and preparing to hunt and destroy mosquito breeding spots along east coast. they say the species spreading the virus are tough to fight because they hang close to people's homes and that's a hard place to do the spraying. hugh jackman revealed another bout with skin cancer warning fans to wear sunscreen. the 47 year old says a basal cell was found on his nose. that's the mildest form of cancer the australian actor has been treated for and that happened at least three times for skin cancer. tomorrow vice president biden will make a visit. biden is heading a task force with the goal of curing cancer completely. he will stop at duke's school of medicine to discuss the issue. it's a cause close to his heart, son beau died from brain cancer last year. >> our coverage from campaign 2016, voters are polling in for
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and a lot of cases they're fighting through the snow. good evening at home. we are at a christian church in new hampshire, one of nine wards where they're voting in the southern portion of the state. we are seeing folks come in after work. the parking lot is getting packed as they're coming to participate in the democratic and republican primaries. we're expecting record turn out in new hampshire. let's look at some video we shot earlier today. on the democratic side it's going to be an early night. bernie sanders has been leading in polls in new hampshire over hillary clinton, former secretary of state, 20 points or so. outliers, polls that had her closer had it as seven, eight, nine points. the question is how big is the margin?
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will pull out a win. she'll head to south carolina and the key there is the african-american support. sanders has been behind her in the area and we'll have to see how it turns out. we'll catch to secretary states. donald trump is expected to win on the republican side. polls had him up 10 to 15 points. we'll see if he outperforms or underperforms like he did in iowa coming in second when first in the polls. second is the key here, whether it is kasich, bush, or rubio. they're claiming they will get a ticket out of new hampshire and go to south carolina. john kasich is saying he is taking a big plane to south carolina tonight with a press core hoping for a big night tonight for him in the granite state. >> it sounds like kasich is optimistic tonight.
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margins. do you think early we might be able to call some winners? >> reporter: well i suspect that we are going to hear on the democratic side a call rather quickly on the sanders clinton race. on the republican side, i suspect we might see an early hold up. i think what we will be waiting for is the cluster of second, third, and fourth which is the key. the reporting i have been hearing about today from other folks in the field and from political advisors here in new hampshire is if rubio comes in fourth that's a problem and the gop establishment will be worried. if he is second it may turn into a race between trump, cruz, rubio as they head into south carolina. >> depends how crowded it will be in south carolina. thank you for the reporting. the president is proposing a $4.1 trillion spending plan in his final white house budget. that includes nearly $3
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over ten years from health, tax, immigration reforms. there would also be more deficit reduction from spending tax benefits or from reducing tax benefits from high income households. congress could advance parts of the budget without having to approve the entire thing. just before i came down to the studio, i got a call traveled viewer on the anderson county abbeville county line. he said tell christy i see flurries. >> we have had some. it s no accumulation but it is pretty to look at. it is really cold and just getting coder. we are seeing the coldest air we have had so far. another round is on the way for the weekend. to continue. you may find a few up state flurries through the evening morning. we are not looking for accumulation because the trend will be for all of that to go
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see more sunshine and less wind. wind chills will be less of a factor by the afternoon. it looks like this cold pattern will stick around for the rest of the week and all the way through the weekend. here is a look at the satellite and radar review. you see the areas of white indicating snow showers. we've got more of that happening now traveling from the west across the lake lands and really greenwood, southern laurens, into northeast georgia. you will continue to find flurries moving in from the west. into greenville and spartanburg, a little quieter not many. snow showers are confined in north carolina towards the tennessee line. a big dip in the jet stream will stay put for the next couple days. that's going to keep our temperatures cold and disturbances coming from the northwest will continue to keep the snow showers in`the forecast for the mountains. for the up state tomorrow, much less of a chance of that because we are going to get rid of most of the cloud cover. the mountains will have the
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still a bitterly cold start to the day area wide. the winds will be blowing. some wind chills in the mountains will be close to zero and higher elevations, minus five to minus 15, so a wind chill advisory is in effect for elevations above 3500 feet. less winds and sunshine tomorrow, still cold in the afternoon. a colder start into thursdayay because winds will be lighter with mostly clear skies and temperatures are going to try to rally just a bit getting into the afternoon but staying below average. we are at 25 in asheville, 36 in greenville. when you factor in the wind here is what it feels like. 14 in asheville. the wind chill is 26 in greenville and feels like 28 in spartanburg. the temperature there is 36. we will get to around 25 for a low and we'll expect a high temperature near only 39 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. here is what to expect for the next 72 hours. cold tomorrow night, down to 20, up to 44 thursday. not bad friday but we are
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that will come down over the weekend and cause temperatures to go back down. we'll be down to 16 by saturday night, 41 for a high sunday. we are tracking a system that looks like it has the potential to bring us some snow on monday. we will continue to fine tune that but monday is your day to watch. there is your mountain forecast. snow showers continue into tomorrow but diminish for the afternoon, high of 28, 16 tomorrow night, upper 30s thursday. >> thank you. talk about a rough day on the job. watch this. next on live at 5:00, there were workers caught in this canopy collapse and they have lived to tell about it. >> a fast food customer turns an animal that he found on the weapon. we'll explain how he gave this wendy's worker quite a fright. >> the story is something. from wall street today.
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right after this. something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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7 news live at 5:00 is back with a heroic rescue on camera. watch as an officer arrives at the scene and runs to help. he was able to pull the woman totosafety with the help of another person just before the car burst into flames. >> yes, behind the banner. >> yeah, the woman suffered serious injuries by the way. police say she crashed because another driver ran a red light. officers tracked down that man and arrested him. if you thought your day was rough, look at this. this is part of the roof that's about to collapse on your screen. at achevron gas station in california there were two workers on the canopy when it collapsed. they were inspecting cracks and obviously the cracks got bigger. one did get to safety in time. the other ride was along for the ride but only had minor injuries. amazing.
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home, you have to think like a burglar sometimes. >> next, we are talking to a career criminal. hear what inside secrets most thieves are hoping you never know. >> let's take a live look
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it's 5:29. we are taking a live look over spruce pine, north carolina where they have been seeing winter weather all day. they aren't the only ones. some areas in up state also saw a few flurries. >> i saw them in greenwood, a report out of laurens. >> the border of abbeville and anderson county. >> all over the up state. >> you will no the go skiing with the flurries in up state
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because we've had five to eight
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