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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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spread out from the low country to the upstate and all set to converge saturday night for the next debate. >> many of those stops are happening in our area, including a stop today by florida senator marco rubio. >> he campaignee for votes at the spartanburg marriott downtown, 7 news reporter spoke with rubio during the rally, here with more on what he had had to say. >>reporter: front t runner donald trump walked away with an impressive win in new hampshire, last night, kasich followed closely. and then it was kind of a tight race between cruz, jeb bush, and rubio, for third. even though rubio still finished in the top five, he wasn't afraid to admit that he's disappointed with that. he's pretty sure he knows why the voters didn't seem to be there. >> marco rubio. >>reporter: before he walked in to hear the roar of this spartanburg rally, florida senator marco rubio had a humble moment with media. saying he's disappointed in himself, after a weak performance in the last gop
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>> probably cost us a couple thought votes of undecides at the last home. so that was on me. that won't happen again. >>reporter: after the debate, critics called rubio robotic. >> we're here to see marco robot, is he inside. >>reporter: several robots followed rubio, taunting him in spartanburg. >> we thought the robots could come down. >>reporter: the robots aren't the only thing working against rubio. other critics clap he's too young -- claim he's too young. publicly endorsed jeb bush, he said, quote, i think marco rubio will be president of the united states one day, i think he's one of the most gifted people i've ever met, i like him a lot, i just wasn't ready to be president atat4 end quote. you hear a lot about rubio's age brought up in the campaign, but voters say it's not a concern for them. >> i don't think age makes a difference. maybe we need somebody young to put in that time.
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rubio focused on trying to stay united within the party. >> listen, none of the republicans are a socialist. none of them is under fbi investigation. >>reporter: he says if history is any indication, the palmetto state plays a much bigger role than new hampshire. >> other states have helped win the field, but it is south carolina that has picked our nominee. >>reporter: rubio says he'll be in greenville tomorrow, and simpsonville friday, leading up to saturday's debate, he's of course hoping after that debate, he can shake those rubio robots. to robots. tom. >> happening now, the wife of candidate ted cruz is rallying support in spartanburg, a live event going on right now, going on at summit point. senator cruz is not attending the event, he was in myrtle beach earlier today. coming off the big win in new hampshire, donald trump is turning his focus here, trump is expected to land at any time in greenville as he heads for an
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this is a live look at the airport as we wait for the plane to taxi in and make the touchdown. addie hampton is waiting for him, as well as a big crowd. addie, how is it going there? >>reporter: well, bigger, the doors opened about 5:00 o'clock, this is the crowd already, filling up, every seat, people here, really supporting donald trump. of course, w w have seen this in virtually every appearance he's made in the upstate, four so far, packing it out, wearing the make america great again hats, and so what we're really hoping here, at least therump camp is hoping here, is that that new hampshire win is enough of a push to take it here in the palmetto state. the difference between new hampshire can and south carolina, according to many experts is the diversity of the voters here, and that can be problematic for some and they're hoping that anything that they
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wide range of voters. while we don't know what trump has on the docket tonight, for what he has to say, it should be interesng, people here say, they're going to vote for him no matter what. reporting live tonight in pendleton, addie hampton, 7 news. we learned this afternoon that carly fiorina is dropping out of the race for republican presidential nomination. the former technology executive announced on twitter, that she has suspended her cam pine. fiorina had several strong debate performens, but she struggled to get support. also today, chris christie, cancelled all of his south carolina events, after finishing out of the top five in new hampshire, christie said he was going home to new jersey to take a quote, deep breath. he's expected to announce soon that he is dropping out of the race. meantime, many of the other gop candidates are in the state, jeb bush has been to the low country all day, started out in mruf ton, mount pleasant and in murrells inlet.
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pleasant and charleston and ben carson held a private event in charleston. >> you can learn more about these candidates saturday night during the debate, in downtown greenville. the debate begins at 9:00 o'clock, you'll see here it on 7 news and cbs, our special
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to stand out from the crowd, and with all finding ads in some of the most nontraditional places. for example, on pandora, internet radio. >>reporter: doctor jonathan of limestone college, says this has been interesting because of the outsiders that have gained traction during the race. >> an incredible mix of people that are not engaged in the process. that's the reason why there's been so much attention on this. >>reporter: lack of support is now forcing more candidates to drop out. on the south carolina state election commission website, their names are crossed out. but in some cases, you'll still see them on your ballot. >> and as the candidate count starts to dwindle, we asked what this means now, for their messages. >> every word tt the
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magnified 1,000 fold. there's not a lot of run for mistakes at this point in the game. >>reporter: with south carolina's track record of almost always picking the eventualgop nominee, you can count on all of the candidates to make a strong state-wide push before the primary. in spartanburg, laura thomas, 7 news. the south carolina state election commission tells us it will have signs in place on election day letting the voter know which candidates have dropped out of the race. right now, at, we have a link to a sample ballot for the upcoming primary. voters will head to the polls in a week from saturday, it's the first in the south primaries, with the republicans casting their ballots saturday the 20th and the democrats a week later on saturday the 27th. south carolina has open primaries, which means you vote in one or the other regardless of what you are politically affiliated with party wise. new details about the case of a deadly police shooting in seneca, we could find out soon
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last july, an officer killed zachary hammond, ruled self-defense the, attorneyings for the family are asking for all e-mails sent by a public relations firm the city hired after the shooting. a judge said today he will look two weeks. next on 7 news at 6:00, lawmakers debate the big issue of improving our south carolina
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discussion pee dee got funding before others.
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highway should receive priority before we have a secondary road in a rural area being funded by infrastructure bank. >> one of the main parts of the road's plan is to restructure the d.o.t. and possibly the infrastructure bank, you'll have a better idea where your tax dollars are going and why. a state lawmaker is fighting to raise the minimum wage in south carolina. representative hunter created a bill increasing the rate to $10.10 an hour, nearly $3 higher than the current wage of 7.25. we heard from many of you upset after a dog was found shot in the head and starving and now we learned that no charges will be filed against the own. >> angry parents weighing in tonight about a possible school
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elementary-aged kids, new at 6:00, an anderson pet owner responsible for a dog found shot and left for dead
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we told you about amara last week, public outcry for justice. >> this ruling has made a lot of the same people upset. christine brown took a deeper look at why this decision was made. >>reporter: after amara was found blind, emaciate asked with a gunshot wound to the head, her new caregiver offered a reward. to find out wha happened. >> uncalled for. no dog deserve s this. >>reporter: deputies then received a tip that led to the dog's former home. the owner told them he was shocked to found out u the dog was still alive, after noting be able to find her new home, he attempted to euthanize her because of aggressive behavior. >> this area for many years has been agricultural in nature. >> deputy presented the case to a magistrate judge who ruled that no criminal charges would be filed.
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according to county leaders the ruling falls within county ordnance. >> i hated to see that happen and it looked horrible, but it's not anything that a county law can cover right at this time. >>reporter: and with state law. >> we can't supercede state law, and legal according to state law, and that's what the magistrate go by. >>reporter: the best option is to bring your pet to a shelter. deputies say information she gathered show she became emaciated three weeks before she was found: it is getting notoriety out there and that's what we need. we want people to be more aware. >>reporter: in anderson county, christine brown, 7 news. >> amara is expected to recover. the anderson county sheriff's office has sent out a recommendation for pet owners following this case, they say, you should contact animal
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with a dog's behavior, or you no longer want the animal. all right. well in the winter time, we expect it to be cold, but when you're 20 degrees colder than you're supposed to be for this time of the year, it bites through you, especially when the wind bloes, of course, wind chill has been an issue as well. we'll look for r lighter winds in most areas overnight. wind chill advisory for higher elevations, a hard freeze is on the way again for tonight. make sure that the pets have a warm place to stay, the faucets drip so that your pipes don't bust in the morning. a milder afternoon tomorrow, getting in the 40ss, that's going to feel nice and then, looking ahead to the weekend, the weather is going to be on the quieter side, we have another round of arctic air that will push in and so temperatures will actually be getting colder on saturday. and especially into sunday. so just when you thought it couldn't get colder, it's going to to. here's the satellite map
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across the upstate. cold and beautiful day. western north carolina, is still holding on to some cloud cover, especially up near the tennessee line. not much as far as snow shower activity goes in the higher elevations, you can see the clouds have thinned out t. potential is there for snow showers overnight and there is snow coming down to the west with a disturbance riding on the western side of the big dip in the jet stream that has caused the temperatures to be so cold. did and the snow is falling over the middle part of tennessee, and some of that will work its way into extreme western parts of north carolina. northeast georgia, and possibly a few flurries later nont the extreme western upstate. the trend will be for that to dry out. most of us will see mostly clear skies for the majority of the overnight. starting our day tomorrow with bitterly cold temperatures, we'll expect snow showers in the higher elevations. overall, a nice afternoon and milder than today. we'll be tracking an area of low pressure at the surface that will move by to our south, getting into friday morning, it
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cover, right now, it looks like wooelg stay mostly dry, we are too far to the west of the system for it to have a impact on our weather. but if we've got a little more moisture, it is possible there could be a few snowflakes in the midland. sunshine in the afternoon. cool temperatures, next front will arrive on saturday. here's where we stand right now. in asheville, the temperature is 24. down to freezing in part and gaffney, laurens -- spartanburg, gaffney and laurens. with the breeze that's still out there, it feels like it's 134 in asheville -- 14 in asheville. i mentioned the wind chill advisory, in effect for all of blue above 3500 feet until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, the wind chills could range from minus 5 to minus 10. it is dangerous cold, not just at the ground, but higher nup the higher mountains as well. there's your forecast for tomorrow. a beautiful day after a very cold start to the day.
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work their way into the 40s in most areas. colder and windier on saturday with the next front into sunday, our high will stop in the mid 30s. sunday by the way is valentine's day, just a friendly reminder there. a system on the way that could bring us rain or snow, tracking the details on that, but monday into early tuesday will be the time frame to watch for the next round of active weather. and there's your mountain forecast, 38 is the high, 40 on friday. over the weekend, highs are back down to freezing on saturday. roy williams is talking about shaking off last night's episode, and when he'll be back to work. >> and the gamecocks prepare for
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could pr the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us.
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unc spokesman says roy williams vows to return to his schedule. he had to leave last night's game, because of a bought with vertigo, something he's had h in the past. good evening, everybody, a big night for the gamecocks, a big week as a whole. they take on sec front runner lsu tonight in columbia, followed by a visit from kentucky. they come tauf huge win at -- off a huge win at texas a & m. lsu, followed by south carolina, and kentucky. and also, a & m, which each have three losses, that's the key area to look at. but looking at the standings at this poiblt, certainly en-- >> my first years as were 8-12. i kind of paid a toengs that, i went back and i kind of felt good about it, wow. how about we're leading the big
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we got 6 games to go. we've got a chance to win this thing. we lost four in a row. >> try not to get into it and try not to get excited because you can always change, we can always go in a slump, and things, momentum switch. so we try not to get ourselves big headed or anything like that. we try to stay in the moment. >> you're so proud of your guys and few you feel good and got this figured out, and then, yesterday morning, and you're like, okay, let me get coffee, put this computer on and you start watching ben simmons and blakeny and quarterman, and hornsby, and you're like, my god. what do we do? >> we're going to try to stop simmons who is up there in league scoring at 19.4 a game. third there and fourth in the nation with 12.3 rebounds a game. what a season he's had. on the koushths last night, burns getting the victory against wade hampton, lane
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school's first region two, 4a in quite a while. were shack davidson out of gaffney plans to transfer to ufc. brian bicker will be the replacement driver for tony stewart in an announcement on friday. in oakland, having been in the bay area, the warriors are all the rage, check out steph curry, the pass ahead, and a bucket as the warriors are able to pull ahead of the houston rockets, steph score, but he gets the assist, too. >> we have breaking news right now, air 7 is headed to spartanburg, where there's been a report of a fire at mary black hospital. >> these are live pictures for you, we don't have details of exactly what has happened. but we were seeing black smoke from them earlier, a live shot of the emergency responders on the scene there right now, we do know that skyland drive, the moment. there's been a tremendous emergency response out th, nboie depae gone to the scene.
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local news at 7:00. tune in and get the latest information at 7:00 o'clock. >> our weather. >> things are cooling off, down to freezing in spashths into tomorrow morning, with -- spartanburg, into tomorrow morning, in the lower 20s, hard freeze on the way once again. >> we thank you for watching, we'll keep you up to date through the 7 news app through the situation at mary black hospital. >> we are always here for you on and the sdmu improved -- new and improved news am.
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>> thank you! >> pelley: one taste of victory, and trump is hooked. >> will you win south carolina. >> oh, i'm going to win south carolina. >> pelley: also fresh from his new hampshire win, sanders takes us to his brooklyn roots. what hardship formed the character you have now? a cbs news investigation, dubious medical tests unapproved by the f.d.a.
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