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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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he is posting it online and getting a lot of shares. live in clemson. you talked to the professor today, he says it was a test. >>reporter: he called it a test, not necessarily to provoke anybody, but to point out a cycle of fear that he believes have been sparked by the trump campaign. doctor -- he's not a practicing muslim, but last night, he wore this traditional head scarf to the trump rally to stand in solidarity with groups that he believes have been marge l liezed by the trump campaign, he says he was respectful, standing and sitting during the event, but he did not try, quote, act small in his behavior. he says it exposes the flaws in the way that certain minorities are treated by this campaign. >> i think that this sends issss a message in some way, that if you
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democratic process, be small. be inconspicuous, don't stand up. sit down. if you're told to leave, don't ask why. >>reporter: today, i spoke to the trumum campaign, as well as the anderson county sheriff's office, the trump campaign say they are looking into the issue. the anderson county sheriff's office tells me that they were asked by the trump campaign to escort this man out of the arena last night. but they say it's not because of how he looks, but because hes was quote, continually blocking the view of other people that were in attendance. i'm reporting live tonight in clemson, addie hampton, 7 news. >> i wonder if you've heard push-back on this video today, because i watched the unedited video online, and i heard the deputy saying the rally was over when they escorted him out. was the rally over at that point. >>reporter: he said that the speech was over. we can vouch to the fact that mr. trump did stay after to sign
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autographs, there was a large number of people surrounding him, 2-400. the event was completely over, but there still was things going on. addie hampton, thank you for that. some experts say south carolina, of course, an important state for candidates, not just because it's the first in the south primary. >> the real key is our state's democrat graphics, charlie james has covered political events since the 90s and he believes south carolina has a strong track record for selecting the gop and democratic nominees, because of what he calls our melting pot culture. >> whereas in ohio, new hampshire, you don't have the -- you really don't have the african-american vote, you have the hispanic vote, south carolina is a very diverse state. >> james thinks the south carolina primaries will represent more of hah the average american wants in a president. but only if the people get out and vote and that's why you see
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carolina this week. pawleys island and florence earlier today. >> sop of them have campaign stops this afternoon, there are local restaurants who have a reputation of being political hot spots for these candidates. now check with brianna smmth, she is at the beacon. that's a hot spot. >>reporter: yeah, i've got your order in, gordon. chile and cheese plenty. candidates are looking to talk to those regular folks to make sure that they can get every vote in for the primary, and you're probably going to see them here at the beacon or tommy's ham house in greenville. it's the folks that tommy stephenson talks to every day. >> how is your lunch? >> real good. >>reporter: that mean the most to the man behind the restaurant, you've seen in stops. >> local people, and people who eat with us every day, they're number one.
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wasn't big for big wigs, but for banquets and good food. >> you've never had fried skraush? >> is it good. >> yeah. >>reporter: it created a snow ball effect that couldn't be stopped. >> from then on, it's been a place that the politicians like to come, because when they, you know, announce they're coming, we can be ready for them, and have -- can accommodate them. >>reporter: it's the same way at the beacon, pick you are whichs line the wall of candidates that have made an impact on the upstate and the employees. >> he has his arm around me and we're stabding at the -- standing at the cash register. >> food a plenty is always ready, an ideal location for a politician that could pop in at any time. >> political people come in, and they know that they're going to meet everybody, through any kind of work, blue color worker or
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to meet all different types of peoples. >>reporter: and the memories line the wall, it's the every day patrons that lied the seats. >> just another day at my office. >>reporter: i tell you what, after spending all day in those restaurants, we are to roll back to work, with all of the food, it was delicious. you're going to see a lot of candidates in the next couple of weeks. tomorrow won't be a candidate, but glenn beck will be at tommy's ham house. back to you guys. >> brianna, i'm sure that the restaurants never mind the actual political crowd they get or the extra patrons that come in, are there any other restaurants in the upstate that are also of note? >>reporter: they were saying it's so fun for them, because they're on the national map, and it really brings in people. the beacon says they got people
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seen so many news articles out about it. but we learned about mama pen's in anderson, and gene's in greenville. on your radar if you want to see the candidates. >> thanks for that. and another way the candidates reach you, the voter, is through debates. republicans will be at the piece center in greenville for a face off this saturday. and as you can see, the banner is up and there's a lot of equipment outside. as the event organizers set up amy wood decided to get a closer look this morning. >> talked to the folks behind the scenes. >> i got past the security, it was kind of hard to do, let me tell you. they've got a secure zone there, set up at the peace center. they were talking about what it takes, everything arrrrves in a box, they all have been here since monday and this is a look at the setup in charleston because cbs partners with youtube and google on some of these debates and in this case, it's going to be a google debate, this is the youtube in charleston. this gives you an idea. they're going to set up, of
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a bigger room space where the candidates will come in. >> what it sounds like. >> you and i are going to be. >> looking forward to all of that. >> the other thing that was interesting, i met the guy that is going to be live editing during the show, the highlights of the debate each break, it will be a crazy thing, he's the guy that does the eye opener on cbs this morning, he's here in greenville for that. >> very cool. amy wood, we'll talk more about this in the next couple of days. cbs news coverage begins at 9:00 p.m., 7 news will be on the air at 7:00. face the nation, also broadcasting live from the peace center sunday morning, gop primary saturday february 20th. the state department is offering to release more e-mails from hillary clinton this weekend. this after a federal judge criticized them for delaying the release. the e-mails were taken from a private server used while clinton was secretary of state. the state department has released 85% of the e-mails but the final batch is said to
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hackers use stolen personal data, in a cyber attack, on the irs website. about 464,000 social security numbers were used from outside of the irs to create fake log ins, the fooefs were trying to general -- thieves were trying to get them. no personal taxpayer data was compromised. many americans could save millions soon, today, congress voted to permanently ban taxes to access the internet. senator ron widen wrote the ban in 1998. passed 11 types since then. what's different this time, is the ban would be permanent. there are some concerns on capitol hill that that would mean some funding losses for state and local governments. >> the former mayor and state legislator, i understand how important sales tack revenue is to state and local governments for maintaining schools, fixing roads. >> under this proposal, all internet taxes will be banned by
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expected to sign that bill into law. airlines have been squeezing more and more, passengers into coach, us giant people have noticed that. the average distance between the rows has gone from 35 inches to 31. in the past few decades. now, there's a tennessee congressman saying enough is enough. he wants the faa to put an official limit on how far airlines can shrink seats, citing health and safety issues which brings us to the 7 news poll. what is your biggest pet peeve when you fly? head to, go to facebook and weigh in, share your travel reporter story, some of them on there are amazing already. we'll go through those. happening today, home owners in pickens county will get another chance to weigh in on a controversial l coal ash land fill. dhec approved the plan, but county leaders say it violates an agreement with the company.
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today, you may notice it looks a little off, that's because yellow dye leaked into the river. they say it does not pose any threat can and should clear in the next day or two. the industry that uses manufacturing color rants, but further testing is needed. it's easy to figure out what women want for valentine's day? >> is it, is it easy? >> jewelry, candy, flowers. >> i'm not going to claim i can read women's minds on anything, but us guys deserve something, too, next we'll help you find out what men want for
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>> you'll want to stick she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. valentine's day is almost here ... and a lot of you may valentine's day is almost here, and a lot of you may have no idea what to give. >> that's a fact, i have no idea whwh to give. as tough as it is for us guys,
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because what do you give men in. >> our robert kittle tried to find out today and got ideas for you. >>reporter: candy is usually a safe bet for everyone, but when it comes to buying valentine's day gifts for men. >> i have no idea frnts we do have a lot of women coming in, wondering what am i going to get them. >>reporter: plenty of ideas, a bottle of wine boxes for some, maybe a monogrammed toiletry bag. this glass is a pint glass that has a bottle opener in the bottom. and then it has your pint glass on the front and then we can personalize these here. >>reporter: just like jewelry works for women, it can work for men, too, like these cuff link, a barbecue apron with a pocket cooler that holds a beverage and a built in bottle opener. >> my wife got my garth brooks ticketss. >>reporter: most men would love to have a sports car for
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outside of the realm of most people's finances. it's the thought that counts, right? and men, might not be so different after all. >> i think that they probably just want what everyone wants, that someone cares about them. >>reporter: 7 news. >> last woman had it right. >> she did. >> were you fooled by robert's car. >> that was a real car and i do want a sports car for valentine's day. that. >> most men also love electronics, sports equipment, golf stuff is nice, gear for whatever else he might be into like camping or fishing is all good. >> what about heading to a shooting range? like this one in texas, hoping couples will do that. instead of normal targets, customers shoot teddy bears. >> okay. i don't know, but this -- people might this is a little twisted. >> you never know. they say it helps with heartbreak. the money goes to a good cause, all proceeds benefit the houston police department for the canine unit.
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an idea for anyone who is feeling heart broken this valentine's day, asking the customers to donate their ex's stuff. unloading those things will help you enjoy the holiday -- >> emotionally chargeded waffle iron? >> goodwill has stickers printed up. >> we used to have waffles together. >> and they say i donated my ex's stuff. >> if you're looking to get serious, consider this, sharing is caring when it comes to binge watching, more than half, 51%, say sharing a netflix account with their partner was a very big step towards a serious relationship. nearly a third said, liking the same show is important for couples. >> the netflix original series, house of cards, by the way, is coming back to the upstate. >> the owners of henry's smoke house say they are setting up a fictional restaurant.
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it will be right next to grill marks in downtown greenville. and henry's food will be served on the inside. and they'll be filming tomorrow night and saturday. well, you know, it started out very cold around heeshg but it's been a beautiful afternoon, with mostly clear skies, across the region. you can see in that live picture of downtown greenville, folks are getting around town just fine. skies are nice and clear. we do expect another cold one tonight. but a lighter freeze is on the way, with mostly clear skies olding on for the next several hours. with a disturbance that's going to quickly move through, might be able to squeeze out a few snowflakes in the upstate, a better chance of flurries this the mountains and mostly dry for the rest of friday. we'll be getting colder for the ekend, we'll be tracking another arctic floont will head south. -- front that will head south. you can see that we've had cloud
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overall, lots of sunshine across the area. and we were able to make our way up to 50 for a high this afternoon. after a low of 20 degrees. and with clear skiing right now, we'll cool off quickly, after sunset, and then we'll track this next system to the northwest, this one is producing snow shower activity over the western part of iowa, back into northern sections of missouri, that will help the clouds to increase overnight. 7:00 a.m., mostly dry conditions, there is a possibility of snow flurry or two. by the time we make our way to 4:00 p.m., back to mostly sunny weather in the upstate. mountain snow shower s continuing there. then our main cold front sweeps on through the area and it looks like saturday is going to be a windy day, overall t the weekend is going to be quiet, just a lot colder out there. breeze e and cold to start saturday, and breezy in the afternoon. now, of course, we're tracking yet another system that will be moving through the area especially monday evening into early tuesday, and here's how it
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it's going to start out as some snow, most likely monday morning. and the details will change, but there will be a change over from freezing rain over to rain, a cold rain. and there could be a lot of that going into tuesday morning. so, again, a lot could change, but your main time window to watch is going to be monday afternoon, monday evening into tuesday morning and then the whole system begins to push out of the area. right now, we're at 38 in asheville. 50 in greenville, 52 degrees is the current temperature in greenwood and a nice evening out there. next 72 hours, look for a high of 46 tomorrow, 25 tomorrow night. only up to 40 with windy conditions on saturday. mid 30s for the high on sunday. there's that active day monday, going into tuesday. when rain will be likely, can and then warmer weather next week for the most part, highs in the 50s, and there's your mountain forecast, 41 tomorrow. only 27 for a high on saturday. christy, thank you. next live at 5:00, a burglar in the buff. wait until you hear what the
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you're welcome to the white box. delayed the trial for the man accused in last yee's charleston -- year's charleston
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>> here's a look at wall street. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. 7 news "live at 5" is back 7 news live at 5:00, back now with shocking dash cam video. watch this, this is an oklahoma highway patrolman, you're going to see him get hit by an suv. officials say the driver lost control, here it come, look at this. yeah, we hid that for a reason. it's an icy road, this suv swerves into the median, after the wreck, people went to help this guy, his name is trooper jason richardson. it happened last month, richardson is still recovering from injuries to his legs, and head. the guy driving the suv, not cited.
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baring it all, a neighbor caught the unclothed criminal breaking in. >> come on, man. >> he's hit multiple homes in the area recently. during the middle of the night, in fact, got everyone scratching their heads. >> i would be interested to hear the story and to hear who it was, and why he was naked this the dead of winter. >> yeah, it's a little cold. the police are hoping someone will be able to recognize the man in the video, and help them stop the birthday suit burglar. >> a little creepy, don't you think? a bizarre twist in north carolina burglary, after being caught on camera stealing a package, the suspect went back to the house, apologized, gave the package back. that, by the way, did not stop the homeowner by calling the police. the man had left by the time they got there. investigators hope these surveillance pictures will help identify the man. >> next on 7 news live at 5:00, they lay their lives on the line to protect us. >> and some of them don't get to come home. how one sheriff's department is honoring the fallen, straight
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>> can and our coverage of campaign 2016 will continue. we've got a look at the wr the candidates are stopping in south carolina and the democrats as well.
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cross anchor, cherry live from the news station, 7 news live at 5:00 continues. it's 5:29, we are watching the weather. you may have to bundle up, but otherwise, turned into a really nice day, as we bring in christy, it was nice to feel the warmer temperatures this afternoon. >> i know. when you go from 30s to 50s, that's not bad. we had all of the sunshine to go with itful we'll keep the clear skies for most of the overnight. we're at 50 in greenville, 52 in greenwood.
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the evening hours, the clouds will increase after midnight. 27 degrees, dry weather for the morning commute. most of us will be fine. we are tracking a system that might bring just a few flurries again, not much at all. don't panic, just a quick-moving disturbance. the big story will be the cold air for the weekend. >> don't buy bread yet. >> exactly. >> thank you. ten spartanburg county officers over the yeaeas have been killed this the line of duty, and tonight, the sheriff's office has tried to honor those who have served with a ground-breaking ceremony. 7 news reporter standing by live and explaining exactly what it is they're breaking ground on. >>reporter: hey, gordon, yeah, they're building a memorial, and this memorial is going to change the way the spartanburg county sheriff's office looks right in front of me, here, if you can imagine it, there's going to be a large wall and that's going to have the names of all ten officers who have been killed. over here on this side, is going to be a big seating area and this is all going to have new,
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go along with it. deputies say it's going take a few months to complete, but it all started today, symbolically, digging the shovels into the ground. >>reporter: one by one. >> kevin copper. spartanburg county sheriff's office, february 27th, 2007. >>reporter: the ten names of those killed were read. for these men and women, kevin's name is the most difficult to hear. many of them knew him personally, and saw him every day before he was killed in 2007. >> kevin was one of those peerjs he'd do anything for you -- people, he'd do anything for you. i miss him, i miss his smiling face and pray for his family, his kids are growing. >>reporter: this is the night, almost nine years a deputies say he was shot after chasing a driver who ran off during a traffic stop. one bullet was stopped by his vest, the other went through his sleeve, hitting him in the


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