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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> when you mention possibly a high of 35 on saturday is that near a record? >> not record cold but some of the coldest air we've had so far this season. it's a cold wave that people have to watch out for. make sure you check on people, pets and pipes. >> thank you, christy. >> worse kind of wave s to catch. the snow created a challenge for drivers this morning as it fell hard along the interstates in greenville county. same true in spartanburg county. i shot this video from my phone as my photographer and i were headed down 26 to columbia this morning. you can see the roads a little too much for some drivers. watch this on the left. there were some big back ups on 26 because of it. laura thomas found some people that were able to have some fun and enjoyoyhe winter weather. hey, laura. >> reporter: hey. there is a little bit of snow out here still. you u n see little patches along the sidewalks here in downtown spartanburg. here's
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left behind. when i say a little bit here. for a window of time this morning people did have a chance to get out and have some fun. >> this is my second time ever seeing snow. i left class it's snow. who doesn't want to come out and play. >> some couldn't wait to see the snow and take pictures. >> it's for my mom and family and enjoying ououelves. home it's 90 degrees. quite a day for a college visit. >> i think it's a sign i should come here because i always wanted to live somewhere where it snows. i've been living in that -- whole life. it would be nice to get some snow. >> i've never seen it fall like this and it's so pretty, campus looks. it's really pretty.
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blowing the snow out of the way to make sure students could get to class. some shovelled snow off the pathways in downtown. others picked it up for a sisterly snow ball fight. >> it looked pretty coming down. >> spartanburg saw a coating of winter white. >> it's magical actually. >> a surprise site for many who will have the photos to remember. >> last time it was all ice. this is like real snow. i already have, like, date to go and do sledding and stuff by the athletic building later on today. i hope it stays. >> reporter: yeah, not too sure about those sledding plans. you see the sun shining. tonight at left. this morning people were able to enjoy it while it live in spartanburg, laura thomas, 7 news. >> you showed these people
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they could have just waited it out. how long was it actually on the ground in that area? >> reporter: it was snowing for at least a couple of hours out here. where you saw people shovelling were in places where students needed to go to class and get in the stores and restaurants here. i think they were just doing that to help people out. >> thank you. >> our inbox was flood ed with snow pictures and videos. tina sent in this shot of snow at spartanburg community college. the school decided to cancel today's classes because of the snow. students at hollis elementary school in greenville didn't get as lucky. trey sent in this video of snow falling at his home. you can send us your pictures from where you are by using the report it feature on if you haven't
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time with more winter weather possible on monday. we updated the app so you can customize the forecast for where you live and get the latest on school closings and delays. >> pretty mild today. we got through that just fine . all eyes are on the upstate this weekend for the next presidential debate. >> it's being held at the peace center in greenville. you can bet downtown will be crowded with valentine's weekend too. >> reporter: gordan, there's the debate, there's valentine's day, there's also a third reason people are coming in. take a look behind me. this is frank underwood's campaign for president. now, of course he is a fictional candidate but the producers said up shop here hoping to capitalize on the interest behind tomorrow's debate. politics is local and apparently it's >> it's been said all politics is local and apparently it's marketable.
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early friday to get a glimpse inside the headquarters of a fictional candidates from gaffney. >> it's wonderful. the it's a great time to be -- it's a great time to be in greenville. >> it's great with this event and the debate tomorrow. >> the gop debate is what has the nation's attention. millions are expected to tune in to watch the candidates face off. all of this playing out in greenville. >> i think it's good for greenville and good for south carolina. it's going to be an interesting weekend. >> it's also gearing up to be an interesting and crowded weekend in the downtown area. scores of donors and political watchers will be in and around the peace center. it's also for lovers. valentine's day celebrations are underway with cupid refuse together play second fiddle. that has businesses scrambling to accommodate the extra crowds. >> we're going to be booked. we have the gop tomorrow, valentine's day. we're looking forward to a busy weekend.
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city that some believe was just an after thought 20 years ago. >> it's just a beautiful place and everybody likes to come here. when they visit the first time they like to come back. >> reporter: back here live if you want to come down here and got some of the fictional swag from the campaign of frank underwood you can do that tonight. this closes at 11:00. they'll open tomorrow at 8:00 and close at midnight. for the actual debate, this is the gop debate at the peace center. you can see it right here on channel 7 tomorrow night at 9:00. >> thank you for that, dave. you know, one of the thin gs diana and i were talk before the show began is how much money it will bring to downtown greenville. are you getting a here? >> reporter: i am. i spoke with the greenville tour ist board and they were telling me that in comparison to other cities they're not expecting a huge windfall.
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direct sale to businesses was about $531,000 opposed to milwaukee the other day when their economic impact was $8 million for the democratic debate. there is going to be money making down here. it's also valentine's day so that may add to all the revenue that they're expected to reap by this very busy weekend in downtown greenville. >> thank you for that dave, jordan. with all this going on in downtown greenville this weekend there will be road closures. >> emily henning has the latest on what drivers need to know. >> i'm emily henning and i want to let you know about roads closed tomorrow. it will be between 8:00 a.m. saturday morning until 2:00 a.m. on sunday. this is for the republican presidential debate at the peace center. broad, main and lauren street will be cloetzed for -- closed for that event.
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a deadly crash in spartanburg county on highway 290 at moore road in duncan just after 6:00 in this morning. highway patrol said a van went across the center line and hit a car head on. here's a picture of the crash. both people in that car were killed. they've been identified as nicholas and manie mara of moore. tonight we're bringing you the latest in a woman found dead in spartanburg county. >> this story has been developing all day. brianna smith is live from the detention center. >> reporter: good evening. autumn rain hunt was first reported missing on the 3rd of february. her burned car was found on reedville road behind a tree there. she just returned back to town when she was last seen. today we heard at a bond
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two suspects are connected to her murder, alfred caldwell and akeel lowkello -- akello jeer e of jeter. they were arrested for a where are -- for a robbery. they found a shell casing in the car that matched the shell casing by her body. they found her after locating her with technology friends said they're shocked to hear the news. >> it really like shook me up. like i checked the link like several times to make sure it wasn't some sick joke that people were playing. i mean, it's just really rough on everybody. >> reporter: a lot of people saddened by her death. she was a 2015 graduate of spartanburg high school. she was very active right now including the
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have a full statement from the high school on our website, back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, brianna. another body was discovered today as crews were searching for a missing north carolina man. jeffery turner was last seen in haywood county on monday. they found his body in the big bend area just before noon. it's not clear what caused his death but we'll let you know when it's released. next live at 5:00, a closer look at some of the way candidates are trying to win your vote. >> many gather in the same place today for an event in greenville. >> they're wearing the badge but should they be? a 7 news investigation looks into
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serious police officer shortage 7 news live at 5 is back with our coverage of campaign 2016. the let's get back to our coverage of campaign 2016. >> the democratic presidential candidates are dead even so far. hillary clinton and bernie
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to make the case that they are the better choice to win against republicans. both are campaigning hard to african-american voters who make up a large percentage of south carolina electorate. >> in america today in our economy a whole lot of those poor people are african-american. >> the affordable care act has helped more african-americans than any other group. >> i should say the electorate. the primary is february 27th. republicans preparing for a debate of their own. >> some of them took the stage today for a faith and family forum at bob jones university. addie hampton is still there and been there for some time today. any differences among these candidates there today? >> reporter: lots of differences in fact. all have the one main goal of earning that highest office in the land, that big job that they want your
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earlier today we heard from dr. ben carson, governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio. that event is not over yet. let's take you back inside where just a few moments ago senator ted cruz took the stage for this forum. he's standing alongside attorney general allen wilson and family counsel president oron smith. they're asking each candidate questions from public prayer, planned parenthood to gun control. each candidate was given 40 minutes to talk about these issues surrounding faith and family. carson said he hopes to be a voice for the common man where a message that centers on prayer before action. bush paid tribute to his family. marco rubio focused on the democrats references that sanders supporters should move to socialist countries. all got a chance to address voters on why they are with the best man for that highest office in the land. >> i have to think about our
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this is the first generation expected to do worse than their parents and it's going to be the same with the generation after that and every generation going forward and they say it's the new normal. there's nothing normal about this and there's no way we should accept it. >> i've served as governor in a state, a swing state, where a lot of things happened. i was true to my beliefs, my backbone was solid, my hard was big, i had a brain to figure out how to save problems. >> the 21st century has a chance to be the greatest era in our history. the america dream won't just survive, it has a chance to reach more people and change more lives than ever before. history will say that we too did our part. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 you're going to hear more from senator ted cruz as he finishes up on stage here at bob jones university. reporting for
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addie hampton for 7 news. >> thank you. let's talk about governor john kasich, one of the few candidates not at that forum today. he's campaigning here in columbia this afternoon attending a chamber of commerce lunch. he told the crowd he expects his up beat approach to out shine what he calls the darkness of other negative campaign strategies. he finished second in new hampshire. forget kissing babies. donald trump is sign them. look here. he was caught on camera autographing a baby's hand with a sharpie. donald was surfing the crowd at a baton rouge rally yesterday. the child did not mind. he was seen sucking on a bejewled trump pass a pass -- pacifier.
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more under the campaign section. many got to see a little snow today. sunshine came back and temperatures were able to rebound. they're about to go downhill again as an arctic front is on the doorstep and that will bring in colder air for the weekend. check on you're neighbors and make sure everybody stays warm. make sure the pets have a warm place to stay and protect the pipes. we have another system on the way for monday. right now it looks like it's going to try to bring a light mix and then mostly rain through monday night into early tuesday. here's the satellite and radar. notice how quiet it is now after it was busier earlier this morning where a disturbance that came in from the northwest. it's the same one we tracked in iowa and missouri yesterday that was able to move through the western carolinas, create lift and produce some snow not just in the mountains of north carolina but across the northern part of the upstate. we're still holding onto some cloud cover but a lot of us got into a little sunshine and that helped
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get above freezing so that road conditions were able to dry out. here's about where that arctic front is located. it's making progress to the east and southeast. ahead of it 50s and 60s. it's 22 in chicago and 30 degrees in st. louis. so in the morning we'll expect windy conditions behind that front, very cold temperatures. it's going to feel colder than the readings out there. could find some high mountain snow with the breezy winds as well. it's going to last through the course of the afternoon hours with temperatures 15 degrees colder than where they should be for this time of year. sunday morning some cloud cover. cold conditions through the course of the afternoon. now, that area of high pressure is going to build further to the east and our winds will pick up out of the northeast and the east by sunday night. that's going to set us up for a chance of a wintery mix going into early monday. you can see the beginning of it there forming just out to the west.
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what looks like the most likely scenario on how all of this is going to play out. a wintery mix on monday along and north of i-85. that changes over to rain by afternoon, most likely by lunchtime. from that point on it's all rain and there could be a lot of it monday night going into early tuesday. this could be more of a wet system rather than a wintery one. 37 in asheville, 40s and 50s across the upstate. for the next 72 hours it's going to get cold around here with the wind. it's going to feel colder than 38 for a high tomorrow. down to 17 degrees tomorrow night. 37 the high on sunday. there's that good chance of rain during the day on monday into early tuesday. we get warmer, the mid to upper 50s for most of next week. we could get up to 60 by friday. there's your mountain forecast. a high tomorrow only in the mid 20s. it's going to feel much colder so bundle up if you're out. 13 tomorrow night.
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-- freezing on valentine's day. forget the candy and flower us. we're looking at the more interesting gifts state by state. wait until you hear what south carolina love birds are getting. >> college tuition is not cheap. they may be negotiated. information that can help you save coming up around 5:45. >> take a look at the closing numbers from wall street. live
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this. this valentine's day isn't just about chocolate and roses. the real estate blog .. es so this valentine's day isn't just about chocolate and roses. >> the most popular and unique gifts googled for each state. in south carolina most searched
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north carolina it's sterling silver jewelry. in georgia satin jammies. some states we're watching you. one indiana man is setting the bar for other husbands out there. patrick sullivan honored his wife with a billboard for valentine's day. that message on the sign reads pat and patty forever. 27 years and counting. you complete me. love pat . the pair has three children and just welcomed their first grandchild. there's a shortage of police officers and it's turned into a frenzy for recruiting. does deserve it?
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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it's 5-29 .. and we're
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it is 5:29. we're watching the weather tonight. it has been a wintery day. our four cameras catching a lot of snow falling around the upstate earlier today. blink and you may have missed it. things have cleared up. everything that fell earlier melted away. that doesn't mean that we're in the clear. >> you can see meteorologist christy henderson joining us. isn't that the best snowstorm of all, it comes down and is gone. enjoy it and it's gone. >> people did enjoy it. they got worried but they didn't need too. we told you how the temperature would go up. he said a lot of parents were showing up trying to pick up their children at school. it turned out okay. there's one thing that's sad. >> awe. >> pay no attention to that 12 degrees. that's from a different graphic. there's no more.
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arrive monday into tuesday. we expect a light wintery mix monday morning that could include some snow, freezing rain and sleet and then a change over to rain. if the timing stays the same that's going to happen by midday monday. there could be some heavy rain monday night going into tuesday. right now this system is going to be a big one. there's a good chance it will mainly be a wet system rather than a wintery system. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk about what to expect with the arctic air. >> thank you, christy. any time there's snow there's a lot of buzz. people were terrific in spending in their videos and photos. you've done a little home work. >> i'm not going to lie, the producer here, jennifer, does a great job. she saw the obvious choices. many, many pictures were great. we had to pick just a couple. the students in this case at a school, the principal couldn't resist letting them have a little fun. watch what happens.


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