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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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got the endorsement of all of these major south carolina figures, trey gouden, tim scott, nikki haley, senator lindsey graham has endorsed jeb bush, but those are the big four, i would think as far as endorse pts are concerned. there are no majorndorsements -- >> let's talk about the timing, because we reported just yesterday, that governor haley had said she hadn't made up her mind who she was going to pick. and 24 hours later, she has picked someone. do you think that she made up her mind in 24 hours? >> you know, i don't know want to pretend to speak or think for the governor, just very hard to say. i'm sure she's been lobbying hard by the candidates, for their endorse. . jeb bush, in fact, came out, yesterday, i believe and said really, it would mean something for nikki haley to come out and endorse him, and for him not to be endorsement -- i big days pointment for him.
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forward. >> a big weekend for jeb bush. we'll check back with you over the weekend, thank you for coming. and we are also going to go to chafin a little later tonight. thank you. an error in spartanburg county led to nearly 200 people receiving multiple ballots to vote in the upcoming primaries. and spartanburg isn't the only county where this happened. 7 news reporter looks into this. >>reporter: this mistake impacts absentee voters in charleston and spartanburg, all of them received two ballots in the mail. the voter registration office is asking people to return one and destroy the duplicate. >> there's the envelope for ballot number one that i have mailed. >>reporter: that first absentee ballot was the only one she thought she'd get. after filling it out with care and sending it back, she even put this sign in the window, to let door to door campaign
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but to her surprise, she got just days later. we took her concerns straight to the county's voter registration office, director henry lay, says contractor is to blame. >> we're one of several counties it. >>reporter: the mistake gave 187 spartanburg voters multiple l ballots, some even trying to make both count. >> had already logged in the first ballot, knew there was a second ballot, set aside and not counted. reporter: the office sent out this letter saying deer spartanburg vote e please return one of these ballots to the sxaufs destroy the other. -- office and destroy the other. the voter registration office was quick to fix the error, and in fact the letter explaining there had been a mistake came before her second ballot. the letter goes on to say, any duplicate ballots will be challenged and rejected. >> so i assure the folks of spartanburg county, we do are the measures in place to ensure
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>>reporter: doesn't mind letting you know she likes her politics blue. the race has been tight on her side. and she hope s this error doesn't allow anyone to be greedy or give a candidate reason to dispute the outcome. >> the closeness of iowa already, and the way things have been going, razor thin. one vote can make all the difference. >>reporter: all right, so it sounds like the good news here is that most of these voters received the letter, telling them that theres was going to be a duplicate before they actually got it. >> that was her scenario, you're about to get a second ballot, destroy that one. the voter registration office was very proactive and took care of this. >> of course, we'll keep you posted on what happens. remember, you find all of the voter information that you need to cast your ballot at wes also want your opinion about the upcoming primaries.
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the candidates and the issues in this election year. you can participate using the sdmu improved 7 news app. and we hope you take time to share your opinion with us. so nice outside today, a lot of us were strutting around without a jacket for a change. a big change from 48 hours ago. >> i know, it's's all relative, because if you're in the 50s after you've seen 30s. >> great, summertime. >> right. driving down the road with the windows done, sunroof open and everything else. tonight, looking for a quiet night. lit be cold, a steady cool-down is on the way because the sky conditions will be nice and clear. so lots of stars out there. right now, 55 in spartanburg. we're at 42 in asheville. by morning, we're going to be starting out near freezing, so want to bundle up. look at what happens from today into the weekend. a lot of warm air to the west with. it's going to make its home here in the carolinas by the weekend, into the 60s and 70s. if you're a warm weather fan, gordon is. >> i'm already thinking, you think the golf course will be crowded on sunday in my mind is
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>> a lot of folks will be heading out. thanks. it is 5:29. tonight, police are on the hunt for a murder suspect. they say they need your help to catch him. take a look here at 29-year-old garnet. police say he shot and killed a woodruff man on february 6th. and that he may be travelling to columbia or goosecreek. briana smith is live. they want closure we hear. >>reporter: absolutely, diane, i spoke with the police station here in woodruff and they tell me that the marshal's fugitive task force as well add s.l.e.d.'s fugitive team are looking for the suspect now. but they don't know what type of car he's driving or what he drove away from the upstate, which is making it hard. the family says they just want them to catch him so they can find out why this happened. . >> here it is, that's his signature. and then, he was -- first lady. >>reporter: to knkn cecil, all you have to do is see the signatures on the counter in his
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>> they always always put their name and when they were here. >>reporter: cecil and his wife creating this hang out for their friends, a place with so many happy memories is now filled with one of their worst. >> this was the area that it -- he came outside, and was standing and where it happened at. and over there is where he -- his body was. >>reporter: police say cecil was shot just feet from friends and family, by garnet. someone cecil new, since then, rumors have swirled that the last conversation cecil l had was about whether dpar net was his son. -- garnet was his son. but cecil's wife isn't buying it. >> i would like for him to explain to us the reason why he did it. i can't believe he did it because cecil denied him as his child. it doesn't sound like the cecil i know. >>reporter: ten children are left, waiting for justice for a man they knew as a husband, veteran and father. >> i'm not going to rest until that happens. >>reporter: just a lot of people
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went to lunch, we could hear the people talk about him as well. you know, wau we've talked to the police station this the, they say that garnet has family, the suspect has family here in the upstate, after the shooting he went and tried to seek refuge inside of their house. the family member s called the police and told them that he had to leave. he was gone before police got there. so they say, please make sure if you see him or know anything about where he is, to call them right away so that they can get this guy behind bars. live in woodruff tonight, briana smith, 7 news. something out of a rerun of a tv show green acres, look at this. sparks flying after police chase involving a backhoe. thousand police ended this -- how the police ended this chase. >> i'm amy wood, tonight on 7 news at 6:00, there's an effort underway to keep you safe on south carolina roads after an accident.
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7 news live at 5 is back .. with a police chase unlike 7 news live at five back with a police chase unlike any other. >> a man tried to ditch deputy thes on a backhoe, take a look here. the investigators say the man stole the equipment, then led them on a chase over a 7-mile bridge. >> you're not going to get away driving -- what are you doing? >> i know. deputies eventually threw spike strips but not before he caused a lot of damage there.
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a thief accused of stealing a little girl's birthday gifts. he sent the stolen goods back along with an apology note. once this story hit the air waves about the victim being a little child, the thief had second thoughts. >> too young to have a boyfriend. but it's like, he looks so happy. >> what do you mean? >> and it's just -- i don't want to break his heart. >> oh, my goodness. this youngster's heart to heart with her mom is going viral, you see why. >> that's great. >> the five-year-old girl talks about her boy troubles, how to let her boyfriend down easy. if she's on facebook, we suggest she change her relationship status to it's complicated.
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>> next on 7 news live at five, this year's daytona 500 may seem different for those who are at the race. we'll let you know why, just ahead. nice, quiet weather out there, a lot of sunshine and temperatures right where they should be for this time of the year. so what's in store for the rest of t while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters
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we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. welcome back to 7 news live at 5. the gamecocks' new head football 7 news live at five, the gamecocks new head football coach has quite a new place to call home. the state newspaper says will must champ has purchased this, 1.85 million dollar home on lake murray island. that is connected to the mainland by a short road. it's 9400 square feet, there is a separate guest house, if he invites you over. he says his family is moving to south carolina after the school year ends in auburn, alabama. sunday's daytona 500, people
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they're in a stadium used for something other than racing. >>reporter: they've got back to practice today and sunday's 500. but as big of a story around here, is from where the fans are watching the racing. >> after after 2.5 years and a 200 million dollars investment. 101,000 new streets. wifi everywhere. 40 escalators, 17 elevate tors. >>reporter: in building it, they did something previously taboo, he looked across the sports spectrum. >> we brought in a partner out of michigan, they designed ford field, soccer stadiums overseas. we sat down with him to understand what's going on in the sports world and can we talked about what's going on in the motorsports world. a nice opportunity to put those together. one of the key lessons we learned and se weren't offering the best -- we weren't offering the best hospital at a choices. so that was one lesson learned that we had to make sure we incorporated.
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many seats to they got rid of 50,000 can and that may be one reason why they have first sell out. 7 sports. so thank you, pete. nascar is all about speed, right, but for team drivers, the institute -- insurance institute for highway safety, recommending boring and slow, they released their list of best buys for parents who are looking to buy their kids their first car. like me. this year. the company says the best mid sized car for teens is the 2012 ford fusion, along with the 2015 chevy malibu. the 2012 buick regle and toyota avalon. they say the 2014 subaru forester comes in. the roads were dry and we will a very nice day out there, some sunshine, there's a live look at downtown p greenville.
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skies, for the course of the overnight. and we've got very dry air in place and light winds. and so it's going to be a cold night, but really not too far away from where we should be for this time of the year. across the mountains in north carolina, the lows are going to range from the mid to upper 20s by tomorrow morning. so from asheville down to brevard county, expect a light freeze and freezing temperatures over parts of the upstate by tomorrow as well. 31-34 will be the range on p the low. well here's the satellite map. we've got a few clouds across the upstate. they've been more concentrated towards the tennessee line. with the trend is going to be for a lot of the clouds to go away, we'll see a lot of stars out there and sunshine for tomorrow. clouds are more widespread across tennessee and up into kentucky. a little front that will stall and stay to the north. the ps is moving in, the -- systems is is moving in, the weather is nice and quiet. light winds and sunshine will
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now, get intoog the day on friday -- getting into the day on friday, mostly clear skies, you'll want to bundle up. we'll see the conditions getting warmer as winds pick up out of the south and plenty of sunshine will go along with that. so for the next few days, clear skies, a light freeze by morning, for a lot of folks. sunny and getting warmer, each afternoon into the eekd. and temperature -- weekend, and temperatures will be nice can warm this weekend with highs near 70 degrees, the next chance of rain will be by sunday night. as far as the temperatures go out there tonight, lower 40s in asheville, mainly mid to upper 50s across the upstate. and on into the northeastern part of georgia, your pinpoint planner, right now at 55 degrees. down into the lower 30s by tomorrow morning and we'll expect a high in the mid 50s. for the next 72 hour, nice weather is on the way. mid 50s for tomorrow. upper 50s on friday. a few clouds on the increase saturday. but overall a nice day. highs in the upper 60s. 70 degrees on sunday and shower
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rain comes into the picture sunday night and we'll look for active weather into the first part of next week. with a good chance for rain in the forecast. and can there's your mountain forecast, beautiful weather for the rest of the week, highs in the 60s in the mountains bizarre. >> thank you, christy. next on 7 news live at five. skunks as pets? that's what one state wants to do, so we're asking you what's the worst possible pet your neighbor could own?
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7 news "live at 5" is back with new 7 news live at five back with new details on greenville county's animal care valentine's day adopt event. a huge success. 160 dogs now have new homes. and that has freed up enough space at the shelter to have
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kennel. how cute are these dogs? that helpss keep the animals healthier and easier for potential adopters to interact with those. so dogs, of course, are pretty good. but we mentioned earlier in the show that tennessee lawmakers want to make it legal to own a pet skunk. >> we should say, this is a skunk that's been treated, in a way. >> destinked. >> but here to bring us some information on this is 7 news anchor tom crabtree. we said skunk, immediately hur. >> what's the worst here? . >> a big dog next door that bashes a lot. these possibilities, here's the worst ones. poisonous snakes, 70% of you say yes, an elephant? 14%. roosters, 14%. get a wakeup call. >> rooster was my suggestion. >> pigs, i grew up on a farm
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>> a neighbor in my community who has a pet pig, when there's one, they're fine. >> the venomous snakes, years a somebody had a petco bra in the upstate and it bit them and they took it to the hospital. who has cobras in people do. >> skunks, oh, my gosh. whether it's been destunk or not. >> seeing it there. who's going to let it get close enough to find out. >> thank you. >> next on 7 news live at five, he may be the most clever kid you ever meet. just wait until you hear all of the stuff this little guys know, straight ahead.
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thanks for joining forget "are you smarter than a fifth grader" .. kristen hampton has found one north forget, are you smarter than a 5th grader, kristen has found one north carolina boy who will
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smarter than a 4-year-old. take a look. >> so, like, this the president. >> washington. >> that's pretty easy. >>reporter: everybody knows the very first president, maybe the last dozen. >> look at what i'm doing. mixing them all up. >>reporter: there are 30 or so guys there in the middle that don't have the most recognizable faces. >> i'm good if you do it in order or not. >> okay. >>reporter: unless you're 4-year-old tommy johnston. >> this president is? >> miller fill more. >> a 4-year-old is here to take you to school. >> thomas jefferson. james madison. garfield. author. franklin roosevelt. >> whatever he can learn, he wants to learn. we have to double check him sometimes we don't think he's
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>> i'm going to go -- >> are you getting bored. >> no, i'm getting tired. >> yeah, i'm sorry, once you throw down the mike on him, where do you go from there. the 4-year-old won't just school you on president, he can name all of the presidents and the state capitols. stay with us, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. >> the game of dirty politics, in the race for the white house. the complaints tonight that several candidates are making. >> plus, a change of heart, from undecided to a definite vow of support, the candidate governor nikki haley is expected to back in their race for the white house. good evening, tonight, we begin with team coverage on campaign 2016, 7 news reporter addie hampton is in greenville for a town hall. >> we're going to start with our capitol reporter robert kittle in lexington county, governor nikki haley is about to endorse a republican candidate for president.
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>>reporter: that's right, amy, we're in chafin, outside of a business, and marco rubio had scheduled a campaign event here any way, but it's gotten more attention. governor nikki haley is expected to endorse marco rubio. she said yesterday, that she was not sure if she would endorse anyone, and she didn't tell us who, if she did have that idea then went -- if she knew then she was going to endorse him, the conventional thinking was she was going to endorse rubio, but also thought that she might endorse jeb bush. because when she was running for governor, he helped her out with her campaign, then when she won, the governor ship, he helped her get her administration started up, she had some questions and she called him and got some advice if him. so he was hoping to get her endorsement and he had said yesterday, that out of all of the possible endorse pts in south carolina -- endorsements in south carolina, hearse would be the most significant. we'll hear from her later today in a few minutes about why she chose him, over jeb bush.
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carry in that's hard to say. in 2012, she endorsed mitt romney and he did not win the south carolina primary. news. ted cruz give a tongue lashing to rivals donald trump and marco rubio, at a campaign stop in seneca today. this is following trump and rubio, calling out cruz and what tty call unethical campaign practices. >> cruz and rubio are crying dirty politics. 7 news addie hampton is live tonight with more on that. addie. >>reporter: well, guys, we're here outside of the cigar warehouse where marco rubio will face off against cruz tonight. but earlier today, senator ted cruz walked into a news conference carrying this letter, a cease and desist letter from the lawyers of donald trump. they are threatening cruz with legal action, if he doesn't take down their latest attack ad against donald trump.
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cried liar when he exposes their record. >> president trump banned partial birth abortion? >> i'm very pro-choice. >> but you would not ban it? >> no. >> or ban partial birth abortion. >> no, i am pro-choice in every respect. >>reporter: it's these words from the mouth of donald trump in 1999 that the cruz campaign is using for their latest attack, alleging that trump can't be trusted to make conservative choices, based on a supreme court nominee based on his record. >> life, marriage. >>reporter: cruz played that ad before revealing that the trump campaign has threatened him with legal action if he doesn't remove it. >> to mr. trump, you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life. >>reporter: cruz says it's trump's own words, trump's legal team says it's defamation. >> if you want to file a


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